but i wanted to gif iggy so

First things first I’m a reader

That’s right I’m a real book needer

And I’m still in the fiction business

I could write your death like I’m giving lessons in physics

You should want a bad book like this

Pick it up, turn the page

Just like this

Shelf of Brooks, shelf of Rowling, shelf of Fisk

Yoga pants & something on Netflix is my bliss

Taking all the series straight, never chase that

Library like we bringing ‘88 back

Bring the books in, where the stories at?

Pages turning, you should read that

I’m so fancy

You already know

I’m in the bookstore

Grabbing books that I want to own

I know, I know. This is the second time I’ve changed masterlists now, but I promise this is the last time. I decided PERMANENT ONES would be better, so here it is. I’m finished. Underneath is a super, super long list of all permanent calls for each muse. Feel free to LIKE as MANY AS YOU want, as long as we’re mutuals but please make sure to like their SEPARATE STARTER CALL, not this post. Then, I’ll know who wants to interact with who for starters, memes, etc. Much love.

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