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Small Rant

Pressures of being a content creator

Most of you may not have any idea what it’s like to be stuck in something. I love the Underswap comic I’ve been dubbing, but it also keeps me from doing other dubs. You have no idea how badly I just want to focus on the dubs I want to make, but I’m not able to. I love the Shovel Knight comics I’ve seen, but my first Shovel Knight dub did worse than any of my shitposts. But people just keep asking over and over and over for Underswap, and it starts to get to ya.

Like at first I didn’t get the concept, cause people kept bugging me for Asriel’s Awakening. Which is fine, I love making it, and people are fairly patient. But then it comes to Underswap and people “need” it right away. I get now why Starbot gets so tired of people asking for Drunk Chara. We all know it’s a great comic and love it, but the pressure from fans, at least for me, makes me want to do it less.

There’s so many great comics out there we wanna dub, but if it’s not what people want, we have to put it on the backburner. This goes beyond Undertale, beyond Overwatch, beyond any big fandom. So I just ask everyone this:

If a content creator uploads something for a fandom you’re not in, or if it’s something that you don’t think will interest you, watch it anyway. You never know what you’re going to discover. You may find a whole new game to play that you’ll come to love, or a whole new fandom you may become a part of. I didn’t know shit about 17776 until Starbot told me about it, and now I absolutely love it. It sucks to see that their video only has that many views. So give just a few minutes of your time to try out new things when it comes to these videos.

queerrobbiereyes  asked:

Do you think Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar because she felt trapped as a Stark? Ned seems to be more lenient towards his children in terms of having the things they want, like Arya and Needle, he talks about Lyanna's willful spirit, but it seems to have been hindered a lot by her gender, there's also the tale of the hedge knight in ADWD.

Her father sighed. “Ah, Arya. You have a wildness in you, child. ‘The wolf blood,’ my father used to call it. Lyanna had a touch of it, and my brother Brandon more than a touch. It brought them both to an early grave.” Arya heard sadness in his voice; he did not often speak of his father, or of the brother and sister who had died before she was born. “Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.”
“Lyanna was beautiful,” Arya said, startled. Everybody said so. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya.
“She was,” Eddard Stark agreed, “beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.”

–AGOT, Arya II

Many people who theorize why Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar – not why he might have wanted her, but why she chose to go with him – focus on this scene, yes. Lyanna’s “wild, willful” nature could be a reason she ran away, or why she didn’t think through what could happen if she ran away. (As well as the fact that she was only 14-15 at the time.) Some think that perhaps Rhaegar told her things that made her believe she’d be free to do as she wished if she went with him – especially since he had found out about her being the Knight of the Laughing Tree. (I assume that’s what you mean by “the hedge knight in ADWD”.)

However, there’s another Lyanna scene that’s also often cited:

“Robert will never keep to one bed,” Lyanna had told him at Winterfell, on the night long ago when their father had promised her hand to the young Lord of Storm’s End. “I hear he has gotten a child on some girl in the Vale.” Ned had held the babe in his arms; he could scarcely deny her, nor would he lie to his sister, but he had assured her that what Robert did before their betrothal was of no matter, that he was a good man and true who would love her with all his heart. Lyanna had only smiled. “Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man’s nature.” –AGOT, Eddard IX

So it’s not just that Lyanna wanted to do things girls don’t normally do, like fight with a sword, and was trapped because of her gender, but she was also trapped in a betrothal to a man she believed would not be true to her. She wasn’t willing to live in the enforced role of a Westerosi submissive wife, to allow that “men have needs” and bastards are only to be expected (as long as they don’t live with you). Lyanna didn’t necessarily want to be free of the duties of a Stark, or free from the duties and rules of her gender, she wanted to be free of Robert.

Note, the above quote is also one of the strong hints to R+L=J, as Ned’s memory of Lyanna comes while he’s meeting one of Robert’s bastards, a child born to a young prostitute… and in that same chapter, right after Littlefinger lists all of Robert’s many bastards that he knows of, Ned thinks:

For the first time in years, he found himself remembering Rhaegar Targaryen. He wondered if Rhaegar had frequented brothels; somehow he thought not.

The contrast between Rhaegar and Robert, especially in reference to Lyanna, is very deliberate.

Mind you, the fact that Rhaegar cheated on his wife to be with Lyanna (and after he crowned her at Harrenhal everyone in Westeros believed he’d chosen her to be his mistress), and Lyanna died from complications of childbirth after having been trapped in a tower for more than a year, far away from her family… well, that’s just one of those little romantic ironies, isn’t it.

Ned Stark thought of pale blue roses, and for a moment he wanted to weep. –AGOT, Eddard XII

All My Idols Ch 15: The Video

Sorry if this is too cheesy…I already know it is…..

The lights are bright, so bright I can’t even see the crowd at first. A large hand in mine draws my attention away from the lights to see Seungri with his classic handsome smile, that is always contagious, a smile spreads across my face.

“Everyone say Hello!” Seungri yells into the mic as he holds my hand up, turning back to fully face the crowd. I’m surprised when they all shout back a very loud hello.

I automatically bow deeply to the crowd, I almost considered getting on my knees if I wasn’t in a dress. Though I yell hello as loud as I can, not many people can hear me. Seungri hands me his mic and gestures for me to try again.

With a deep breath I say, “Hello I am Charlotte.” Again, I bow.

“Aigoo, our princess is so nervous,” Seungri teases but his grip on my hand tightens comfortably.

“Should she be nervous everybody?” Youngbae’s voice seems full of playfulness but not a single person misses the threat in it too.

The crowd yells, “No!”

“Good!” Youngbae smiles wide, “Now we know a lot of you guys will be upset with this news. But let me clarify that Charlie is not dating any us, she is just a friend. Say it with me,” He holds out the mic expectantly, the crowd echoes his words.

“Can I say something?” I ask the boys quietly. They smile and nod, staying silent for me to speak. “Hi, I’m sorry if this upsets any of you but I just want to say thank you for not rioting or something, I was really worried about that.” My erratic heart beat calms down a bit when the crowd responds with a laugh. “As a fan myself, I understand if anyone is mad, I would be too if I found out some strange girl was spending time with my oppas. But please don’t be too mad, I would be really thankful it if you all you could see that I’m not some girl who weaseled my way into their life. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to run into Top oppa who introduced me to everyone else and things just got kind of crazy from there. I have no intentions of dating anyone, though if some asked me to marry them, could you blame me for accepting?”

I grin when the crowd cheers, all the faces I’m able to see are filled with smiles or at least not frowning.

“I will try to stay out of the way as much as possible but for the few moments you might see me, please take care of me.” To say the least, I’m surprised when the crowd boos.

Seungri grins at me, “I think they like you.” He says loud enough to be picked up by the mic. The crowd cheers.

“This is going much better than I thought it would,” I say honestly.

“Lets see how much they really like you,” GD beams at me and to the crowd, “for all those who would like to see the princess crowned please cheer as loud as possible, and for those who do not,” He pauses as the bright smile fades from his face, “leave.” The iciness in his voice makes me cringe. “You have a minute to decide.” We wait as the crowd chatters amongst themselves. I watch as some leave the crowd, while others move closer. When their minute is up, the crowd didn’t seem much smaller, and I can’t help but feel a little proud of myself. Grinning wide GD yells, “Who wants to be a knight to the princess?”

The crowd cheers loudly, and the boys all turn to me with child like grins at their success. Suddenly Fantastic begins to play and the groups from earlier flood on to stage to join in on the performance. BTS, Ikon, Seventeen, Got7, and Twice get to me first, while the other groups try to get to me as well. Still holding my hand Seungri begins jumping and thrashing around to the music. Too excited to not join along I follow his crazily stupid dance moves. I’m passed around stage as the song goes on, both the crowd on the floor and the crowd on stage dance like maniacs. When the song is over Daesung pulls me center stage. The other groups stand around us with grins. GD appears with a gorgeous golden tiara. He easily places it my hair, adjusting it just right before stepping back to stare at his work.

I stare at him with a small smile, “How do I look?”

Looking to the crowd GD repeats me question, “Well everyone? How does she look?” The crowd screams.

“As a little gift for you we asked all of your knights to make a little video for you,” Top says a the people on stage part to let Bobby and B.I, who are carrying a large throne like chair, through. They set the chair down with the back to the crowd, facing the massive screens on stage. Bobby sits me down in the chair before leaning on the back. I sit there and stare up at the screen nervously.

The dark screen suddenly flashes and all of Ikon is staring down at us, all except Bobby, who I’m guessing is holding the camera. When his voice comes over the speakers, my assumption is confirmed, “As the princess’s first official knights we are in charge of getting a message from all the other knights before the corination. Are you ready to accept your mission?”

“Yes!” The six other members yell out.

“We will go first,” B.I smiles awkwardly into the camera. “Noona we just want to say how much we appreciate you and all the hoops you have jumped threw to spend time with us.”

The focus goes to Jinhwan, “Hello my little dongseang and to the amazing crowd who stayed in support.” The crowd cheers and I find myself cheering along with them. “I just want to say thank you for being so accepting of our princess and I hope you decide to join our brotherhood of knights.” After the others go Bobby begins wandering down the halls of back stage, stopping when he finds BTS.

“Say hello to the princess!” He yells to the confused group of boys. “This is the video that is going to be played at the show so stay classy.”

The whole stadium laughs.

Jin steps forward first, “To whoever is watching this-“ Poor Jin isn’t able to say much before J-hope cuts him off.

“Hyung, you’re making this seem like your last words. Be fun!” J-hope hops into view, being his normal derpy self. “Princess! Since I am your bias I should be the one to leave the message. We love you very much!” He makes a heart with his arms as he continues his dance.

“You guys suck at this,” Bobby groans as he leaves the room, ignoring the very loud complaints from the group of boys behind him. Down the hall he spots more groups; Girls Generation, Twice, Red Velvet, and Mamamoo all give their adorable greeting with perfect smiles. As Bobby travels farther he runs into Seventeen, Monsta X, Topp Dogg, and a few others. Though their messages aren’t long I feel warmth growing in my chest as I resist the urge to cry at such happiness.

When the video is over I can’t help it when a single tear rolls down my cheek. Looking over my shoulder I see lots of fans already bawling or on the verge because of their idols heart filled messages to all of us. The video doesn’t end there, the camera turns around to show a very unflattering view of Bobby with a silly smile making me laugh.

“There a lots of people who wanted to be here but couldn’t so they recorded a video earlier,” He explains. “I hope you enjoyed this, I love you all!”

The screen switches to the whole AOMG crew making me grin like a maniac when Jay starts talking, “Hello there Princess! Sorry we can’t be there as much as we wanted to. But we still want to hope that you had an amazing coronation. We can party it up when we get back from America!” In the back round the group of guys, Loco, Gray, Simon Dominic and a few more are screaming like maniacs and running around. I can’t hold in my laughs at such a crazy sights. When they are done I want to scream when EXO pops up, all nine of them standing there in their outfits for playboy looking absolutely breath taking.

“Congratulations Princess!” They all yell together, making me grin bigger then ever before.

“Sorry we could not be there due to scheduling but I hope you know we wish you well! We will see you at the next award show, hopefully we can become closer!”

A Semi-Long Meta about Kylo Ren, Power, and Idealization

I really feel like I don’t see enough talk in the fandom about Kylo’s power. Childish and emotionally-stunted as he may be, his abilities with the Force are at an expert-level, judging from his ability to stop a bolt mid-air from the blaster-pistol Poe fires at him, and then have it stay frozen in place for several minutes. In addition, there’s his ability to delve deep into people’s minds to excavate the information he needs. Rey is an exception because she retaliates with her own Force abilities, but even then, it takes a lot of effort on her part. He was still able to see snippets of what was going on in her head. It’s pretty impressive, simply put, and his influence in the Order is not a fluke; you know he gets a private audience with Snoke and has his own unit (the Knights of Ren) because of his abilities.

Let’s talk about the Knights of Ren for a moment, too.  I want to specifically focus on the use of the word knights. Knighthood as we know it is most often associated with European knighthood in the Middle Ages, where to be a knight was considered a prestigious social rank of the lower nobility. Knights were esteemed because the title was associated with chivalry, gallantry, and heroism. They were well-respected and idealized. 

It’s an interesting term to use, given the antithesis of the technologically-advanced Star Wars universe and the Middle Ages, which are primitive by comparison. How did the First Order even come to use the term? The unlikelihood of knighthood existing as we know it in the Star Wars Universe leads me to believe that the use of the title “Knights of Ren” has less to do with the literal meaning, and more to do with the symbolic meaning. That is, more to do with the ideals of knighthood.

This is important to note, because it ties in oh-so-perfectly with Kylo Ren’s own proclivity for idealization. For a man that worships a grandfather he never met, as well as the actions of said grandfather, specifically the actions that only reflected the Darth Vader identity and not the Anakin Skywalker identity, it is clear that idealization is Kylo’s weakness. The Knights of Ren fit in perfectly with his narrow, rose-tinted view of the First Order, Snoke, and the Dark Side. In his mind, being a Knight of Ren is chivalry, gallantry, heroism. He believes he is fighting for the right side because he values those things, and those values are reflected in the First Order in his eyes. Of course they are only reflected on a superficial level (such as giving his unit the title “The Knights of Ren”), but since he has been under Snoke’s influence since birth, he doesn’t need much convincing and never questions the fragile structure his beliefs are founded on.

For the sake of making things come full-circle, you can now understand how he came to be so skilled with the Force. His ideals make him a perfectionist of the Dark side. He strives to be the best Dark Sider he can be by trying to cleanse himself of the Light. 

“Your son is gone,” Kylo tells Han. “He was weak and foolish, like his father, so I destroyed him.” 

Destroying Ben Solo = cleansing himself of the Light side.

But when Kylo doesn’t meet the standards that he sets for himself and fails the First Order (the paragon of the Dark side), he explodes. 

An example of this is his temper-tantrum when Rey escapes. He was responsible for her capture and for restraining her, and he was the only one who knew she was Force-sensitive, so, naturally, the blame for her escape falls on him. When he destroys her prison cell to crisps with his lightsaber, he is having a moment with himself. He doesn’t take his anger out on any Stormtroopers or demand who was responsible for letting her slip between his fingers. He likely deduced how she escaped on his own, realized his mistake in not keeping her better-guarded, and lashed out. 

He sees the call to the Light as a weakness in much the same way someone might see being tempted by one of the Seven Deadly Sins as a weakness. He reprimands himself for being tempted, going so far as to pray to the essence of Darth Vader as if he’s in a freakin’ church confessional. He wants to be pure like a true, devoted follower of his religion. The reason he ends up doing morally-reprehensible things is because the First Order’s definition of purity includes them: wiping out the Jedi and the Republic, destroying planets- those are the means by which the Light side he sees as dangerous can be defeated. Kylo Ren takes an active participation in it all, because he sees himself as a knight fighting for the greater good.

Aaaaaand I’m back in again. TT_TT

Just as a heads up, I’m going to try and keep my distance from tumblr. I think it’s one of the reasons why I find it so hard to focus on my studies. I really want to continue my comics but my education comes first.

If anyone messages me or has something for me please don’t feel bad if I don’t respond. I promise to be back soon.

Of Fears and Insecurity

Summary: The first time she caught a glimpse of him, he was being praised by her father and somehow, that made it all the more worse. – Zelda, Link and a little bit of insecurity. Oneshot.

Relationship: Link & Zelda (BOTW)

FFNET Link: x

Notes: Have some zelink first meeting before calamity ganon strikes because why not? This is also crossposted on fanfiction.net, if you wanted that kind of format.

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its-me-that-guy  asked:

hey man, mind doing a knight of rage? i really like your blog! your pixel art is stellar!

Aw, thanks! :3 I’d be glad to!

Classpect analysis: The Knight of Rage

A Knight is a resourceful, powerful, and creative warrior of their aspect. They use it in unconventional ways as both a weapon and a tool, to solve problems and fight enemies. The aspect of Rage is about anger, confusion, passion, focus, ignorance, reduction of possibilities, and determination.

The Knight of Rage is likely quick to anger, and when they’re angry, you really want to watch out – because a Knight of Rage doesn’t go into a blind fury like most people. They’re focused, determined, and impossible to sway from their target. They use Rage to their advantage, both others’ Rage and their own.

A Knight of Rage might be a highly manipulative person who uses the Rage of others to lead and/or mislead them towards the Knight’s purposes. When they need something accomplished, they might be able to whip up everyone around them into an angry mob bent on reaching the Knight’s goals.

When the Knight of Rage reaches god-tier, they’re able to instill anger in people, and use this anger to manipulate them or make them easier to convince of something. They would be an incredibly dangerous fighter, able to ignite their own Rage in a matter of seconds when they need a power boost, and they’d be nigh unstoppable when they’re at their full power.

Much of this is my own speculation and inference, but this is what I think a Knight of Rage would be like. Hope this was helpful!


You’re Alive

For the lovely anon that requested that I wrote an Arkham Knight x Reader, this is for you! Hope you enjoy/like it :)

It has been a year since you were kidnapped and presumed dead, except you didn’t die, you survived. You were far too stubborn to give up and let yourself die. Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t as lucky to see the same fate as you did. As soon he found out Joker had taken you, he made it his personal mission to bring you back home safely. His love for you made him do that, loving you is what got him killed. The others try to tell you that isn’t what happened but you know deep down that Jason would still be alive and well if he didn’t go looking for you by himself. Now you have to live with knowing that. 

What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, is what they say. It is partly true. While your experience with the Joker made you stronger as an individual, proving that you can protect yourself in difficult situations, you still feel like a part of you is broken. The same man who took you took away the one person you truly loved and it crushed you completely. So, in essence, your strength is your greatest weakness. What crushes you the most, however, is the fact that Jason died before he could ever know if you were alive and well. That he died firmly believing that you were gone and that the Joker was responsible. That is what is hard to swallow. 

You can’t think of that right now though, there are bigger problems to worry about. It is Halloween and Scarecrow has unleashed his fear toxin into the city, warning the citizens of Gotham that something terrifying is coming. Many got out before it was too late, the GCPD helped set up evacuations to get them all out of Gotham safely. Gotham may no longer be your home but by duty, you are bound to protect it when the need arises. Those that remain are either trying to fight and take back their city, the others are criminals (some of the worst among them) and militia under the command of Scarecrow’s mysterious new partner. Barbara managed to do some digging in order to help you understand just exactly who this guy is or who he could possibly be. She didn’t find much but one thing most agree on is his name; the Arkham Knight. His personal vendetta he seemingly has with Batman can be no coincidence, this is someone Bruce has clearly had grievances with. It is difficult to determine who he is because of the tactical visor on his mask and the voice modulator. Whoever this guy is doesn’t want any of you to know who he is just yet. 

Things just seem to be getting worse by the hour, everyone is doing the best they can, especially Bruce. The night itself is getting longer and longer. Despite being sleep deprived and famished, the city needs you all, no matter what condition you are in. Every little counts right now. 

You are doing your bit by trying to get to the bottom of Arkham Knight’s true identity. It was not asked of you but you are doing it anyway. Dick is dealing with the lower level criminals and some of Gotham’s most wanted, he can handle himself. Tim is at the studios working on a cure for those infected by Joker’s blood, he’s safe as far as you know. Barbara is back at GCPD so you know she is safe where she is too. Knowing that allows you to get on with your work. This will involve every bit of your detective knowledge and intelligence. Unfortunately you are pushed for time so have to think fast.

From what you know he is six-foot tall and estimated to weigh two hundred lbs. You do a quick run through of every Arkham patient that fits this description, doing a quick check on the list it gives you on the database. One by one you cross your way through the names, none of them so far have enough motive or hatred towards Bruce to pull this off. It is more than just a hatred towards Batman, whoever Arkham Knight is knows him well. Tonight has proved this as he seems to know most if not all his tactics and weaknesses. 

“Come on, y/n, think!” you grow frustrated with yourself. 

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Hey everyone,

So I finally bit the bullet and created a side blog dedicated to Vampire Knight. There’s a number of reasons why I decided to do so, but mostly it’s because this series hasn’t been the focus of my main blog for a very long time and I kind of wanted to separate it from the series and also give myself more freedom to discuss it at length. 

Since there was no announcement of the series ending, it seems that we are at least guaranteed one more volume after the next chapter. I will be posting the remainder of my meta for Vampire Knight Memories and the original Vampire Knight series on this blog. If I happen to get asks at my main blog still, it’s not a huge deal, I will answer them like usual and redirect people here. :)

I’ve also permitted submissions on this blog, which I believe I had turned off (or at the very least hidden) on my main blog, so anyone is welcome to make use of that feature as well if they’d like. 

As time goes on, if there is anything you guys would like me to tag, let me know. 


~ Jess (aka Sky) 

What The Team Wanted for Christmas (as Kids!)

Genji: Whatever Hanzo got. It was mostly just to annoy him- he’d usually steal them or switch the labels the night before Christmas. It was only when Hanzo started getting books and practice bows that Genji started really asking for his own gifts- usually new video games, high-tech figurines, all lavish things.

McCree: Toy guns. But it was a secret wish. Since he grew up so poor and had a relatively short childhood (see my McCree headcanon here) he never really got any gifts, and he knew why. So he never asked for them. 

Pharah: Transformers figurines, toy guns, and/or model planes. (She was always a fan of flying and wanted to be a pilot when she was very young.) Nobody every questioned why she always liked the ‘boys’ toys more than the ‘girls’ toys- Ana never let anyone get in Fareeha’s way like that.

Reaper: He, like McCree, also grew up pretty underprivileged, He just wanted his home to be heated every year, and to have enough food to feed all of his family. When he didn’t know any better, he used to stare longingly at the action figures of movie heroes in shop windows- he wanted to make a difference, too. 

Soldier76: His parents gave him everything he earned for Christmas, so he never set his hopes higher than he dared to achieve. His most memorable wish was for his school’s varsity jacket his senior year, when the Omnic Crisis was really starting to get out of hand. He never did get that jacket, though. 

Sombra: She loved calacas dolls throughout her childhood. She would often strip the ones at home of their paint and repaint them herself, to fit her own color scheme (purples, pinks, and neon green.) Her mother never knew why she loved them so much. 

Tracer: Toy planes and a new pilot’s costume, every year. She had model planes all over her room, and hanging from the ceiling. 

Bastion: Birds. 

Hanzo: as a child, he usually asked for gifts he thought Genji would like because he knew that his brother always stole whatever he got anyways. He’d ask for toy swords and action figures- neither of which eh cared much for.  When he started getting older, his elders started ignoring his ‘Christmas list’ and started getting him things that would be actually useful to him, like books and laptops and practice bows- which he was grateful for. What he always really wanted, though, was a dog. 

Junkrat: He loved those kids’ chemistry sets that could actually blow up in your face. Jamie was pretty much born a pyromaniac, so take that as you will. 

Mei: Books, books, and more books. They were usually fantastic up until she turned twelve, which was when the “I wanna be a scientist” bit of her brain turned on. She also loved stuffed animals, especially polar bears and penguins. 

Torbjorn: Toy toolboxes and the souls of the innocent

Widowmaker: Amelié would always ask for new dancing shoes, and nothing else. Even as a teenager, all she ever asked for during Christmastime was new pointe shoes. She liked to keep her requests simple, so she could focus more on getting gifts for everyone else. 

D.Va: Living on the same road as McCree and Reaper, she never really had much of a childhood. It was only during her teenage years that she got into videogames- as a young girl all she ever wanted was a warm bed for her family and food on the table. She’d steal these gifts if she had to. 

Reinhardt: Toy knights and figurines. If there was a knight costume for his dogs (i headcanon that he always had a dog or two in his household. He just seems like a dog-loving kinda guy), then he would beg and beg for it. One year he asked for a horse to ‘ride into battle’- his parents got him a German Shepard that was about four times bigger than him instead. It worked out just fine. 

Roadhog: Mako was a big reader, just like Mei. But he loved the classics. He’d always ask for thick volumes of Shakespeare plays- tragedies and romances were his weakness. He also loved poetry. 

Winston: Baby Winston just wanted his own glasses, okay? LET THE BABY SEE

Zarya: Like Pharah, she always beelined for the boys’ toys. What usually ended up happening, though, was her giving away her Christmas present to some poor child down the block who she felt needed it more. 

Ana: She never asked for anything for Christmas. She never felt like she was the one who needed gifts. 

Lucio: He always wanted new instruments, but this often never came to pass, because when he’d go around the block with all the kids in his neighborhood begging for money, he made them split it so each child had enough to buy the toys they wanted- except for himself. His gifts were always the most expensive, unfortunately.  

Mercy: Her earliest memory paints her as asking brazenly for a stethoscope while at a winter checkup. Imagine that- a babyfaced, skinny, blonde toddler of a child boldly asking her doctor, “Can I have your heart-listener for Christmas? Please?”

Symmetra: She was taught to never want anything, ever. Even now, she views the traditions of Christmas gifts to be somewhat confusing. She never asked, she was never given. That’s just how it was. 

Zenyatta: To bless others with peace and tranquility. From day 1, really. 

What’s up with me and AUs?

I mean of course everybody likes a good Supernatural AU just like everybody likes good crossover of some fandom with Supernatural but I guess I just always take it to the next level, huh?

I mean, I know I should focus on the stories that I have to write and upload but…

…Maybe, just maybe, my brain refuses to co-operate and won’t stop coming up with ideas. Though…


Oh, a good classic Medieval AU for Supernatural is just what we all, me on top of all, need! But anyway, look at that cutie up there! 

Wanting to protect his princess with his life and falling in love with her.



THE FORBIDDEN LOVE BETWEEN A KNIGHT AND PRINCESS! (Is it really very much forbidden?)



THE LOVE! (Let’s all admit, Knight!Dean confessing his love to his princess while jeopardizing his life to be with her is the absolute romance!)


And then…


Yeah, my brain refuses to make it easy on that man. I love him to death but in no ‘forbidden-love’ story have I ever made it easy on him. 

With whom though? I had an idea about…

I- Yeah, I think I am crazy after all!

But, come on! It’s Tom Hiddleston! There are fans of him here? No? No. Okay.

I better shut up now.

Reine des Fleurs - slight summary + screencaps (prologue, part 1)

This game’s too pretty not to share. But then I have to explain things. But no time. …Will do my best. (I sort of wrote way too much plus there’s like 50 caps under the cut, so you’ve been warned.)

Reine des Fleurs is an otome game released on August 20th for the PS Vita. It is centered around the world of Solvieux where the goddess’s power has begun to fade away, condemning its residents to decline as the world slowly decays. It is the duty of the Reine (Violette) and her four knights to rejuvenate the land. Also, if you couldn’t tell, this game is insanely, insanely gorgeous.

Not really any spoilers since this just covers the beginning/introduction of the characters. Same with the caps, most of which were already released online. Onwards!

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Forsyth & Conrad: C - A Supports

(Requested by @aerodynamic157)

C Support

  • Masked Knight: If you dare lay a hand on my sister, you’ll feel my wrath!
  • (slashing sounds)
  • Forsyth: Impressive! Sir Conrad’s fighting is almost equal to Sir Clive’s!
  • Forsyth: And such focus! I simply must speak to him.
  • Forsyth: Sir Conrad!
  • Masked Knight: Hm?
  • Conrad: Oh, Forsyth! Did you need something?
  • Forsyth: No, I simply wanted to compliment you on your fighting.
  • Conrad: Thanks. I’ve been training a lot ever since–
  • Forsyth: L-Look out!
  • (attack sounds)
  • Conrad: Whoa! That was close. I guess I got a little distracted. Sorry.
  • Forsyth: O-Of course…
  • Conrad: Well, back to the battle.
  • Masked Knight: Watch your backs, evildoers!
  • Forsyth: What just…?

B Support

  • Masked Knight: Ho! Forsyth!
  • Forsyth: Sir Conrad! Well met.
  • Conrad: I just realized I forgot to thank you for saving me the other day.
  • Conrad: So, errr… Thanks.
  • Forsyth: I don’t understand…
  • Conrad: Huh? Did I say something wrong?
  • Forsyth: N-No! Of course not. It’s just… When you wear that mask, you’re calm, focused, and mature… like a proper knight.
  • Forsyth: And when you take it off, you’re… err… well…
  • Conrad: I’m what? Wait, hold on.
  • Masked Knight: I’m what?
  • Forsyth: N-Nothing, sir. Forget I said anything, sir. I’ll get back to battle, sir.
  • Conrad: Hey, wait! I was just kidding!

A Support

  • Conrad: Hello, Forsyth!
  • Forsyth: S-Sir Conrad! I’m very sorry about the other day, sir, I was–
  • Conrad: Please, don’t worry about it. I may be royalty, but on the battlefield, we’re all just soldiers.
  • Conrad: If you can’t be honest with me, then how can we trust each other as allies?
  • Forsyth: O-Of course, sir.
  • Masked Knight: Now, let us return to battle. For Valentia!
  • Forsyth: …Even his voice sounds different. How is it possible…?

This is War - an Arkham Knight playlist, about Jason’s journey from Arkham Knight to Red Hood.

You always told me, Bruce. Focus on what I want to achieve and it’ll happen. Well, you wanna know what I want now, huh? I want you dead.

1. This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars | 2. City by Hollywood Undead | 3. Payback by Juicy J | 4. Staying Up by The Neighbourhood | 5. State of My Head by Shinedown | 6. Novocaine by Fall Out Boy | 6. Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead | 7. The Devil Within by Digital Daggers | 8. The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy | 9. Mansion by NF | 10. Thief by Imagine Dragons | 11. Mercy by MUSE | 12. Believe by Hollywood Undead | 13. Love Wide Open by Manafest | 14. Doubt by Twenty One Pilots | 15. I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons | 16. I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young | 17. High Hopes by Kodaline

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