but i wanted to focus on the knight knights

Of Fears and Insecurity

Summary: The first time she caught a glimpse of him, he was being praised by her father and somehow, that made it all the more worse. – Zelda, Link and a little bit of insecurity. Oneshot.

Relationship: Link & Zelda (BOTW)

FFNET Link: x

Notes: Have some zelink first meeting before calamity ganon strikes because why not? This is also crossposted on fanfiction.net, if you wanted that kind of format.

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yes i want you to play shovel knight sooooooo bad

I’ll see what I can do!!! Right now I think I’m gonna try and focus more on finishing ongoing series’ more than starting new ones but I love Shovel Knight so I wouldn’t doubt it’ll happen eventually!

What The Team Wanted for Christmas (as Kids!)

Genji: Whatever Hanzo got. It was mostly just to annoy him- he’d usually steal them or switch the labels the night before Christmas. It was only when Hanzo started getting books and practice bows that Genji started really asking for his own gifts- usually new video games, high-tech figurines, all lavish things.

McCree: Toy guns. But it was a secret wish. Since he grew up so poor and had a relatively short childhood (see my McCree headcanon here) he never really got any gifts, and he knew why. So he never asked for them. 

Pharah: Transformers figurines, toy guns, and/or model planes. (She was always a fan of flying and wanted to be a pilot when she was very young.) Nobody every questioned why she always liked the ‘boys’ toys more than the ‘girls’ toys- Ana never let anyone get in Fareeha’s way like that.

Reaper: He, like McCree, also grew up pretty underprivileged, He just wanted his home to be heated every year, and to have enough food to feed all of his family. When he didn’t know any better, he used to stare longingly at the action figures of movie heroes in shop windows- he wanted to make a difference, too. 

Soldier76: His parents gave him everything he earned for Christmas, so he never set his hopes higher than he dared to achieve. His most memorable wish was for his school’s varsity jacket his senior year, when the Omnic Crisis was really starting to get out of hand. He never did get that jacket, though. 

Sombra: She loved calacas dolls throughout her childhood. She would often strip the ones at home of their paint and repaint them herself, to fit her own color scheme (purples, pinks, and neon green.) Her mother never knew why she loved them so much. 

Tracer: Toy planes and a new pilot’s costume, every year. She had model planes all over her room, and hanging from the ceiling. 

Bastion: Birds. 

Hanzo: as a child, he usually asked for gifts he thought Genji would like because he knew that his brother always stole whatever he got anyways. He’d ask for toy swords and action figures- neither of which eh cared much for.  When he started getting older, his elders started ignoring his ‘Christmas list’ and started getting him things that would be actually useful to him, like books and laptops and practice bows- which he was grateful for. What he always really wanted, though, was a dog. 

Junkrat: He loved those kids’ chemistry sets that could actually blow up in your face. Jamie was pretty much born a pyromaniac, so take that as you will. 

Mei: Books, books, and more books. They were usually fantastic up until she turned twelve, which was when the “I wanna be a scientist” bit of her brain turned on. She also loved stuffed animals, especially polar bears and penguins. 

Torbjorn: Toy toolboxes and the souls of the innocent

Widowmaker: Amelié would always ask for new dancing shoes, and nothing else. Even as a teenager, all she ever asked for during Christmastime was new pointe shoes. She liked to keep her requests simple, so she could focus more on getting gifts for everyone else. 

D.Va: Living on the same road as McCree and Reaper, she never really had much of a childhood. It was only during her teenage years that she got into videogames- as a young girl all she ever wanted was a warm bed for her family and food on the table. She’d steal these gifts if she had to. 

Reinhardt: Toy knights and figurines. If there was a knight costume for his dogs (i headcanon that he always had a dog or two in his household. He just seems like a dog-loving kinda guy), then he would beg and beg for it. One year he asked for a horse to ‘ride into battle’- his parents got him a German Shepard that was about four times bigger than him instead. It worked out just fine. 

Roadhog: Mako was a big reader, just like Mei. But he loved the classics. He’d always ask for thick volumes of Shakespeare plays- tragedies and romances were his weakness. He also loved poetry. 

Winston: Baby Winston just wanted his own glasses, okay? LET THE BABY SEE

Zarya: Like Pharah, she always beelined for the boys’ toys. What usually ended up happening, though, was her giving away her Christmas present to some poor child down the block who she felt needed it more. 

Ana: She never asked for anything for Christmas. She never felt like she was the one who needed gifts. 

Lucio: He always wanted new instruments, but this often never came to pass, because when he’d go around the block with all the kids in his neighborhood begging for money, he made them split it so each child had enough to buy the toys they wanted- except for himself. His gifts were always the most expensive, unfortunately.  

Mercy: Her earliest memory paints her as asking brazenly for a stethoscope while at a winter checkup. Imagine that- a babyfaced, skinny, blonde toddler of a child boldly asking her doctor, “Can I have your heart-listener for Christmas? Please?”

Symmetra: She was taught to never want anything, ever. Even now, she views the traditions of Christmas gifts to be somewhat confusing. She never asked, she was never given. That’s just how it was. 

Zenyatta: To bless others with peace and tranquility. From day 1, really. 


You’re Alive

For the lovely anon that requested that I wrote an Arkham Knight x Reader, this is for you! Hope you enjoy/like it :)

It has been a year since you were kidnapped and presumed dead, except you didn’t die, you survived. You were far too stubborn to give up and let yourself die. Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t as lucky to see the same fate as you did. As soon he found out Joker had taken you, he made it his personal mission to bring you back home safely. His love for you made him do that, loving you is what got him killed. The others try to tell you that isn’t what happened but you know deep down that Jason would still be alive and well if he didn’t go looking for you by himself. Now you have to live with knowing that. 

What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, is what they say. It is partly true. While your experience with the Joker made you stronger as an individual, proving that you can protect yourself in difficult situations, you still feel like a part of you is broken. The same man who took you took away the one person you truly loved and it crushed you completely. So, in essence, your strength is your greatest weakness. What crushes you the most, however, is the fact that Jason died before he could ever know if you were alive and well. That he died firmly believing that you were gone and that the Joker was responsible. That is what is hard to swallow. 

You can’t think of that right now though, there are bigger problems to worry about. It is Halloween and Scarecrow has unleashed his fear toxin into the city, warning the citizens of Gotham that something terrifying is coming. Many got out before it was too late, the GCPD helped set up evacuations to get them all out of Gotham safely. Gotham may no longer be your home but by duty, you are bound to protect it when the need arises. Those that remain are either trying to fight and take back their city, the others are criminals (some of the worst among them) and militia under the command of Scarecrow’s mysterious new partner. Barbara managed to do some digging in order to help you understand just exactly who this guy is or who he could possibly be. She didn’t find much but one thing most agree on is his name; the Arkham Knight. His personal vendetta he seemingly has with Batman can be no coincidence, this is someone Bruce has clearly had grievances with. It is difficult to determine who he is because of the tactical visor on his mask and the voice modulator. Whoever this guy is doesn’t want any of you to know who he is just yet. 

Things just seem to be getting worse by the hour, everyone is doing the best they can, especially Bruce. The night itself is getting longer and longer. Despite being sleep deprived and famished, the city needs you all, no matter what condition you are in. Every little counts right now. 

You are doing your bit by trying to get to the bottom of Arkham Knight’s true identity. It was not asked of you but you are doing it anyway. Dick is dealing with the lower level criminals and some of Gotham’s most wanted, he can handle himself. Tim is at the studios working on a cure for those infected by Joker’s blood, he’s safe as far as you know. Barbara is back at GCPD so you know she is safe where she is too. Knowing that allows you to get on with your work. This will involve every bit of your detective knowledge and intelligence. Unfortunately you are pushed for time so have to think fast.

From what you know he is six-foot tall and estimated to weigh two hundred lbs. You do a quick run through of every Arkham patient that fits this description, doing a quick check on the list it gives you on the database. One by one you cross your way through the names, none of them so far have enough motive or hatred towards Bruce to pull this off. It is more than just a hatred towards Batman, whoever Arkham Knight is knows him well. Tonight has proved this as he seems to know most if not all his tactics and weaknesses. 

“Come on, y/n, think!” you grow frustrated with yourself. 

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Hi, is there any way you could give me a reading of my past, present and future? I would greatly appreciate it. I am hoping to make it in my own business of craft dolls. Thanks so much

Hi! for you i pulled Knight of Cups, Strength and 7 of Swords

The Knight of Cups is an optimistic card, this one often comes bearing messages. Usually these are the kind of good news that we all like to hear. In general the Knight of Cups tells you that things are going to be going well for you. With work in mind this card means that things are likely to move ahead in a positive way. You should be proud of your accomplishments and contributions.

Strength indicates the importance of mind over matter, and reminds you to focus on what you want rather than what you dont want in your life. Its main point is that you have the ability to harness your thoughts and to use them for your highest good. Its also important for you to make some time to meditate and contemplate and spend some alone time. Do not allow yourself to spend time in preoccupation and fear. Its important to keep your head on straight. Work should be going well and there is room to move upward, dont hesitate to negotiate for what your worth. You might be surprised at the positive reception that you get!

The 7 of swords can point to someone who is behaving with less than ethical intentions. If you sense someone is spying on you, you may be right, but resist the impulse to dig through someone else life. also if youre going to be in any upcoming competitions you will want to keep a close eye on any cheating. this can range from something silly like a game of checker to someone framing you at work. Make you youre covering your tail, make sure you are doing things the right way then youll have nothing to worry about. In the contect of work this card could mean that someone is looking closely at your work and conduct very seriously. Keep your shoulder to the grindstone, and make sure your work is above approach. And dont be afraid to talk to people to help you gain some footing in your work. 

i think if you work hard your craft dolls will do good, just watch out for people in the future cause not everyone has your best interest in mind. Also i would love to see your craft dolls! Ive always loved craft dolls and art dolls so im really interested to see what you make!

What’s up with me and AUs?

I mean of course everybody likes a good Supernatural AU just like everybody likes good crossover of some fandom with Supernatural but I guess I just always take it to the next level, huh?

I mean, I know I should focus on the stories that I have to write and upload but…

…Maybe, just maybe, my brain refuses to co-operate and won’t stop coming up with ideas. Though…


Oh, a good classic Medieval AU for Supernatural is just what we all, me on top of all, need! But anyway, look at that cutie up there! 

Wanting to protect his princess with his life and falling in love with her.



THE FORBIDDEN LOVE BETWEEN A KNIGHT AND PRINCESS! (Is it really very much forbidden?)



THE LOVE! (Let’s all admit, Knight!Dean confessing his love to his princess while jeopardizing his life to be with her is the absolute romance!)


And then…


Yeah, my brain refuses to make it easy on that man. I love him to death but in no ‘forbidden-love’ story have I ever made it easy on him. 

With whom though? I had an idea about…

I- Yeah, I think I am crazy after all!

But, come on! It’s Tom Hiddleston! There are fans of him here? No? No. Okay.

I better shut up now.

Embracing Vulnerability, for 1001 Knights

Graphite, sumi ink, & digital

I am so excited to finally share my piece for 1001 Knights, a 3-book, people-positive anthology with feminist overtones. I chose to focus my piece on strength, a common virtue ascribed to knights. I wanted to specifically deconstruct the mythology surrounding what it means to be strong and redefine strength in reaction to the narratives of power and violence.

Being strong doesn’t have to mean possessing power. It can mean embracing your vulnerability, learning to love yourself, and being resilient. For my character and for me, it also means letting go of your defenses (and offenses) and loving yourself and others as fully and as openly as possible. 

Go check out the 1001 Knights Kickstarter and be a part of this wonderful experience. And a HUGE thank you to Annie Stoll and Kevin Jay Stanton for making this a reality for inviting me to be a part of this!

This is War - an Arkham Knight playlist, about Jason’s journey from Arkham Knight to Red Hood.

You always told me, Bruce. Focus on what I want to achieve and it’ll happen. Well, you wanna know what I want now, huh? I want you dead.

1. This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars | 2. City by Hollywood Undead | 3. Payback by Juicy J | 4. Staying Up by The Neighbourhood | 5. State of My Head by Shinedown | 6. Novocaine by Fall Out Boy | 6. Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead | 7. The Devil Within by Digital Daggers | 8. The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy | 9. Mansion by NF | 10. Thief by Imagine Dragons | 11. Mercy by MUSE | 12. Believe by Hollywood Undead | 13. Love Wide Open by Manafest | 14. Doubt by Twenty One Pilots | 15. I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons | 16. I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young | 17. High Hopes by Kodaline

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Reine des Fleurs - slight summary + screencaps (prologue, part 1)

This game’s too pretty not to share. But then I have to explain things. But no time. …Will do my best. (I sort of wrote way too much plus there’s like 50 caps under the cut, so you’ve been warned.)

Reine des Fleurs is an otome game released on August 20th for the PS Vita. It is centered around the world of Solvieux where the goddess’s power has begun to fade away, condemning its residents to decline as the world slowly decays. It is the duty of the Reine (Violette) and her four knights to rejuvenate the land. Also, if you couldn’t tell, this game is insanely, insanely gorgeous.

Not really any spoilers since this just covers the beginning/introduction of the characters. Same with the caps, most of which were already released online. Onwards!

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Just my opinion #su spoilers

Pearl showed some very, very dependent aspects in today’s episode (Sworn to the sword). 

I’m already seeing people calling pearl abusive or saying they dislike her because of how attached she is to Rose, or because of how she projected these feelings she had/has for rose onto connie.

Now, while you’re entitled to your own opinion, your opinion sucks and is wrong.

I just got done watching it again (and crying a little bit again) so it’s fresh in my mind. 

The episode is about how Pearl teaches Connie how to fight with a sword. However, things begin to turn very serious. Pearl seems to be pushing Connie very hard, not only teaching her how to use a sword, but how to be a Knight- someone dedicated wholly to a cause, and a person. 

Now, at some point in the episode, Garnet talks about this- about how dedicated Pearl was for Rose. 

“Back during the war, Pearl took pride in risking her destruction for your (steven’s) mother. She put Rose Quartz before everything. Over logic, over consequence, over her own life.”

Garnet clearly showed concern for Pearl’s dedication to Rose, seeing it as unhealthy. Which is… true. It is unhealthy. 

After this, Steven goes to intervene, to show Connie that this type of thinking, this type of self-destructive behavior, is not a good path to follow. 

“But if you’re the one protecting me… Then who’s the one protecting you?” 

Steven shows he cares about Connie as well, and is willing to protect her as well. 

Pearl becomes upset with Steven for interfering. Pearl and Steven go back and forth arguing, until-

Why won’t you let me do this for you, Rose?

At this point… it’s obvious now that Pearl had completely imprinted all of her feelings of dependency for Rose onto Connie and her feelings for Steven.

Pearl essentially projected her feelings for Rose and her dependency and all those entagled feelings onto Connie, because she saw herself in Connie. She saw that Connie likes Steven, and, because Steven is sort of… Rose? In a way? (It’s still really uncertain at this point, but Steven is at the very least Rose’s child), she saw Connie’s feelings for Steven as an extension of her own feelings for Rose.

I’m a person with DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder). I can tell you firsthand that the things that Pearl did, the feelings she expressed, are all absolutely things one with DPD would do for a depended. A depended is a person who you essentially imprint upon and become dependent on. It’s clear to me that Pearl essentially felt this way about Rose. She became infatuated with simply the concept of protecting Rose. She became nothing without Rose.

In her words, “Rose made me feel like I was everything.” 

Pearl has shown very strong feelings for Rose in the past, but it’s never been clearer to me than it is now that Pearl was dependent on Rose. When she gave up her physical form, well… Pearl was left with a gaping hole in her heart. She felt abandoned by the one person she loved more than anything. The person she would have given her life for. Clearly, losing someone like that, someone that means that much to you- it’s bound to get to you. 

At the start of the episode, Pearl is reluctant at first to teach Connie. Then, Connie begins to explain why she wants to learn to use a sword:

“But if something dangerous comes along, I don’t want to be a burden- I wanna help! I wanna be there for Steven, to fight by his side! The earth is my home, too. Can’t I help protect it?”

After that, Pearl makes this face:

This is where it begins… Pearl sees in Connie everything about herself. She begins drawing connections between Connie’s relation to Steven and Pearl’s relation to Rose. 

So… Where does this leave us? I’ve been going on a tangent here, let’s recap a few things:

  • Pearl shows some characteristics in this episode that are very clearly reminiscent of DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder).
  • Pearl projects her dependency for Rose onto Connie and Connie’s feelings for Steven.
  • Steven shows concern for how hard Pearl is pushing Connie, and how she is imprinting a very unhealthy mentality onto the impressionable Connie. 
  • After saving Connie from a Pearlbot, Connie comes to her senses, and decides to fight alongside Steven as opposed to protecting him. 

Alright, so what now? Well, that leaves us at the end of the episode. 

After Pearl blew up, she goes to sit down. Steven and Connie come to talk with her, realizing now that all of this was due to all the pent up emotions Pearl had regarding Rose. 

Pearl tears up talking about Rose, and how much she meant to her. She shakes her head, coming to her senses- 

“I see now how deeply you care about each other. That will make you both great knights!” 

Pearl overcomes her feelings, and decides she will teach both Steven and Connie how to be knights. The episode ends the same way it always does, a star shrinking down to a single focus then popping away. 

Pearl’s treatment of Connie was not okay. Steven realized this, which is why he intervened- he saw how unhealthy it was, and wanted to protect Connie. After an argument with Steven, Pearl came to her senses, realizing the same- this way of thinking was unhealthy, and it was a mistake to have pushed this onto Connie in the way that she had. Steven and Connie forgave her, because they’re kids and that’s what they do I suppose… But where does that leave you, the viewer? 

Personally, I forgive Pearl. I forgive Pearl because I know exactly how she feels. I’ve been there before. When you’re someone with DPD, you would do anything for your depended. Anything. No, it’s not healthy. That’s why it’s called an illness- a mental illness. The fact that Pearl came to her senses and stopped pushing her way of thinking onto Connie shows that she has compassion. She is not an evil person for making a mistake in the way she did. She is not inherently bad or terrible for her mental illness. She makes mistakes like all of us do. Pearl is not perfect and flawless like she’d like to seem to everyone. If you can’t forgive Pearl for her actions in this episode, maybe you need to rethink your morals a little bit. 

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on this episode. Feel free to reblog, share your own commentary, etc. DPD pearl for life

TL;DR: Pearl’s actions in today’s episode are reminiscent of something someone with DPD would do, and anyone who dislikes her because of what she did can take a hike cause Pearl is mentally ill and I love her

Wait……why are Tim Drake and Babs in a relationship in Arkham Knight? The only relationship she ever had was with Dick Grayson and Tim was with Stephanie Brown….

Did they just want a former Batgirl and Robin to be together and not care about the like…ten year age difference…

Sailor Knight III

Super Sailor Mars Battle Armour.

For Sailor Mars, I wanted to pay homage to her Shrine Maiden roots, and I’ve always liked how Rei had this special bond with her crows, Phobos and Deimos, so I decided to focus on that instead of giving her a trademark bow and arrow.  Basically, I built her whole design around her swords and the idea that she would have to be a more close range fighter.

I’d like to showcase all their weapons in a separate post sometime because they’ve been really fun to design!

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury