but i wanted to focus on the knight knights

So I just messed myself up imagining an established relationship Scriddler, post Arkham Knight main arc. Eddie, locked in with the others, trying not to focus on the fact that a wrecked and cowering Jon is mere feet away.

What’s up with me and AUs?

I mean of course everybody likes a good Supernatural AU just like everybody likes good crossover of some fandom with Supernatural but I guess I just always take it to the next level, huh?

I mean, I know I should focus on the stories that I have to write and upload but…

…Maybe, just maybe, my brain refuses to co-operate and won’t stop coming up with ideas. Though…


Oh, a good classic Medieval AU for Supernatural is just what we all, me on top of all, need! But anyway, look at that cutie up there! 

Wanting to protect his princess with his life and falling in love with her.



THE FORBIDDEN LOVE BETWEEN A KNIGHT AND PRINCESS! (Is it really very much forbidden?)



THE LOVE! (Let’s all admit, Knight!Dean confessing his love to his princess while jeopardizing his life to be with her is the absolute romance!)


And then…


Yeah, my brain refuses to make it easy on that man. I love him to death but in no ‘forbidden-love’ story have I ever made it easy on him. 

With whom though? I had an idea about…

I- Yeah, I think I am crazy after all!

But, come on! It’s Tom Hiddleston! There are fans of him here? No? No. Okay.

I better shut up now.

Wait……why are Tim Drake and Babs in a relationship in Arkham Knight? The only relationship she ever had was with Dick Grayson and Tim was with Stephanie Brown….

Did they just want a former Batgirl and Robin to be together and not care about the like…ten year age difference…

This is War - an Arkham Knight playlist, about Jason’s journey from Arkham Knight to Red Hood.

You always told me, Bruce. Focus on what I want to achieve and it’ll happen. Well, you wanna know what I want now, huh? I want you dead.

1. This is War by 30 Seconds to Mars | 2. City by Hollywood Undead | 3. Payback by Juicy J | 4. Staying Up by The Neighbourhood | 5. State of My Head by Shinedown | 6. Novocaine by Fall Out Boy | 6. Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead | 7. The Devil Within by Digital Daggers | 8. The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy | 9. Mansion by NF | 10. Thief by Imagine Dragons | 11. Mercy by MUSE | 12. Believe by Hollywood Undead | 13. Love Wide Open by Manafest | 14. Doubt by Twenty One Pilots | 15. I’m So Sorry by Imagine Dragons | 16. I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young | 17. High Hopes by Kodaline

Listen here

The Yumes are at it again, I see. I joked that they would say that Hino was wrong about her own story, but lo and behold, they have actually done it!

 I’ve seen that other Zeki’s have managed to cover all the other points, but I really wanted to focus on two, because one is simply not romantic, as indicated by the very panel it is said in, and the other is simply not true, and I wanted to discuss some examples.

-she told zero to his face that she belongs to kaname

Look at the expression she is making. There is not a hint of joy here. If she had been telling Zero this because she was in love with Kaname, her expression would not be so fucking miserable. Hino would have made it clear that she was happy about the betrothal, but she didn’t want to hurt her childhood friend. There would be a hint of happiness as she speaks of it. And I know it has been said, but if she had been speaking romantically about it, she would have said “I belong WITH Kaname.” Not to. The use of language is very telling.

long story short, in the manga, yuuki has been shown countless times to always put kaname first, to always choose him no matter what. 

Long story short, Yuuki has been seen time and again putting Zero above Kaname. She always puts Zero first, no matter what. I’ll pull two examples from the first arc, before Yuuki has realised her feelings for Zero, and when her affection was most focused on Kaname. I’ll also pull one from the second arc.

My first example is way back in volume two, when Yuuki first offers her blood to Zero. She knows that what she is doing is forbidden, and she knows for a fact that Kaname will disapprove. This is the man whose approval and love she has been seeking for years, yet when Zero is in danger and suffering, she puts his needs first, before Kaname. She chooses to help Zero despite knowing that she could lose favour with Kaname. She chose Zero over Kaname.

My second example is in this choice that Yuuki is given by Shizuka in order to save Zero. You may be thinking, oh, but she chooses to sacrifice herself, not Kaname. Yes she does. But it takes her a WHOLE chapter to make that decision. Isn’t she so deeply in love with this man? So why does it take her so long to make the decision? Furthermore, she only comes to said decision AFTER she’s danced with Kaname. She looks so torn because she IS considering killing him for Zero’s sake.

Anyone knows that if you are in love with someone, you desire their happiness above all else. If she had been putting Kaname first, she would have instantly come to the decision to sacrifice herself. But she DIDN’T. She is, as always, putting Zero first.

My final example is near the end of the manga, when Yuuki clings desperately to Zero, drinking his blood, and erasing his memories. This scene actually links nicely back to the end of the first arc when Takuma asks Kaname in his mind “when did you stop looking for alternatives?” Yuuki has reached out to Zero once more by telling him about her fantasy, and he has rejected her once more, as he doesn’t believe she loves him.

This is the moment that Yuuki stops looking for alternatives; when she has no option to be with Zero, when it is an absolute impossibility in her mind, is when she decides to end her life for Kaname. She doesn’t want Zero to suffer without her blood, so she seals his memories to ‘free’ him from her. She is once again putting Zero first, above Kaname.

Basically, Yuuki has ALWAYS chosen Zero first, even in the first arc. She thinks of Zero more than double the amount of time that she thinks of Kaname, even though she is supposed to be deeply in love with him.

Yuuki did not make the choice to go with Kaname. But even then, she was thinking of Zero. She made the vow to keep running from him to give him a reason to keep living. Because his life was so important to her, that she was still thinking prominently of him after a year of being apart.

Embracing Vulnerability, for 1001 Knights

Graphite, sumi ink, & digital

I am so excited to finally share my piece for 1001 Knights, a 3-book, people-positive anthology with feminist overtones. I chose to focus my piece on strength, a common virtue ascribed to knights. I wanted to specifically deconstruct the mythology surrounding what it means to be strong and redefine strength in reaction to the narratives of power and violence.

Being strong doesn’t have to mean possessing power. It can mean embracing your vulnerability, learning to love yourself, and being resilient. For my character and for me, it also means letting go of your defenses (and offenses) and loving yourself and others as fully and as openly as possible. 

Go check out the 1001 Knights Kickstarter and be a part of this wonderful experience. And a HUGE thank you to Annie Stoll and Kevin Jay Stanton for making this a reality for inviting me to be a part of this!