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The Road To Good Grades

[Warning - A Very Lengthy Post]

A fellow student of mine wrote this when for my batch when we entered high school, and I thought I should share it with you ❤️ it’s been edited to make it more universal to you guys :D

Intro: Having the Courage to Study.
When we fail academically, we tend to point to two causes: stupidity and laziness. It’s so easy to say that we’re not smart enough, or that we just don’t want to try because it doesn’t really matter. But there’s another factor involved: fear. So many students have the strategy of not studying or not studying properly for an exam. Why? Because if you put low effort into something, then you should expect a low result. So many of us are afraid of trying and failing that we don’t even try. “What if my best isn’t good enough?” We’re afraid of giving our best because once we know our limits, we feel that much weaker. But life in school isn’t about not trying, it’s about accepting those limits and breaking them.To survive and ultimately thrive, you must have the courage to reach your full potential.That courage, that vigor, that strive to be better is what will keep you alive, not just in school but in the real world.

- Sleep and Eat well.
We often lose sleep or skip meals in order to survive the rigors of life.But keep in mind, those choices in the rest and nourishment you receive have consequences. Having the energy to focus throughout the day is vital. Nobody wants to be tired, nobody can afford to be sick.

- Pay Attention in Class.
There’s a difference between passive hearing and active listening. Letting the teacher’s words wash over you like a warm shower is NOT the same as paying attention. Teachers are human beings, capable of expressing emotion and emphasis in their words and actions. There’s a reason why you learn from them rather than from a book or the internet. Catching what they’re trying to say is a skill that takes effort to learn.

**The skill of listening is one of the most important ones to develop because a teacher’s words are your last resort in an examination. If a quiz catches you by surprise, your memory of the class is the difference between A+ and an F.

- Take USABLE Notes.
Normally, humans are not capable of memorizing lessons entirely in their head.That’s what notes are for. Keep in mind that notes should be USABLE, they are not things that you make for the sake of looking or feeling productive. Each person has a specific style of learning and their notes should reflect that. Notes that are too long/elaborate, too short/simple, unreadable, or illogical are detrimental. Good notes should be aids in studying, not justification for carrying notebooks.

- Save time by using abbreviations or acronyms.
- Rearrange/reconstruct words or phrases for convenience.
ex. Famous Authors of America –> Impt. American Authors.
- Avoid copying verbatim unless necessary (quotes).
- Write down examples, esp. in science/math related subjects.
- If notes are incomplete, supplement them via reliable sources or your teacher.

- Practice.
There is more to studying than reading/note-taking. Practice is essential. This is especially true for Math-related subjects. Reading your notes before a Math exam is not really going to help you understand the problem or protect you from careless mistakes. The only way to improve in the subject is by doing the exercises and learning from both your success and failure. Memorizing definitions isn’t as important as using them. Being able to analyze, compare, and contrast is vital to survival.

- Review a Little Bit, Regularly.
Slow and steady wins the race. Students tend to read a ton of material before an exam. However, the human mind requires time in order to fully grasp ideas and concepts. Taking 10-20 minutes to read your notes after school daily can help in memorizing lessons, understanding themes, and recalling important points. Taking every subject’s lessons day by day will prevent you from being overwhelmed.

- When reading through your notes, picture yourself in the classroom with your classmates and teacher. The human mind is like a web, connected by images and sounds. Doing so can help you recall things written on the board or things mentioned by the teacher.

- Learn to Plan and Cram.
Working for the long-term and rushing for the short-term are two opposing ends of the spectrum. But if you don’t master both, you will suffocate in requirements.Time and energy are limited resources and the best scholars know how to get the most out of them. You can’t expect to be able to plan assignments weeks or days in advance the same way you can’t expect to make “academic excellence” in 30 minutes or less like a pizza delivery service.

- Periodic Exams, Long Tests, and Projects REQUIRE planning and coordination.
- Teachers can take up to 5 minutes setting up. Exploit the time.
- Lunchbreak, and the 20 minute breaks are the normal “"cram periods”“.

- Don’t Think of Difficulty.
“Easy” and “Hard” are relative terms. They mean different things to different people and ultimately, they should mean nothing to you. Feeling scared of a “tough” exam is harmful, as is feeling smug about an “easy” one. Study well so you can approach every test with confidence. Remember: it’s just as possible to perfect a difficult test as it is to fail an easy one.

- Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.
The world has approx. 7 billion people. There are always going to be people who are better than you at a given skill, the same way that there will always be people who are worse. Don’t consider them. Your life is your battle, and you’re going to have to fight it for yourself. Being discouraged by your friends’ high scores is as illogical as being encouraged by their low scores. There’s no reason to be proud of 1/10, even if it’s the highest score in the whole class.

- Don’t Blame Teachers.
Not all of your teachers are going to be fair or good at their jobs, whether you like it or not. Regardless, you can’t control your teacher’s incompetence or harshness but you can control the effort you put into their class. Read in advance, find other of info sources, and predict their requirements. The odds may be against you, but as a student you’re expected to beat them.

- Consult.
There’s no shame in asking for help. If you have difficulty in a subject, it always helps to consult with a teacher. Not only does it help in resolving any misconceptions/mistakes, it shows that you’re willing to take the time and effort to do well. To most teachers, that spirit is just as important as the final grade. Note: if a teacher knows that you have difficulty in their subject, they’ll probably take note of it in class which may be to your benefit.

- Find Your Own Strategy/Work Smart.
No single study strategy works universally. Everyone has their own specific style of learning and it’s up to you to find yours. If skimming through readings works for you then go ahead. If you’re the kind that needs to take notes, fine. It’s all about working both hard and smart, giving the most energy but finding the most effective way of using it. Humans are creative creatures. You might find that the best solution is one that no one has thought of before.

- Be Liable.
You need to be proactive in academics. Many students have the tendency to be caught off guard by a surprise quiz. They’ll often argue with the teacher, using the retort “Ma'am, you didn’t announce it!” as an excuse. Shaking off responsibility through ignorance is suicidal in this school. If you’re willing to take the risk of coming to class unprepared for the sake of being lazy, go ahead. Just be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

- Keep Moving Forward.
You’re human. Humans make mistakes. Learn from your errors but leave them where they belong; in the past. Everyone wants to get an A+ but you’ll never go that far with the weight of your failure hanging over your shoulder.

Conclusion: Don’t Take Academics too Seriously.
It seems counter-intuitive to end this guide with a statement like “Don’t Take Academics Too Seriously” but it’s something that everyone should remember. No matter no hard you try, you will fail at something. You’ll reach an obstacle that will knock you down to the ground and it will hurt like hell. You need to have something to fall back; friends, family, a hobby, an interest, etc. You don’t want to graduate and realize that you’re only good at earning numbers in a system.You could graduate this high school with the highest average in history but it won’t matter to anyone if you don’t know how you got it. Life is just like math, it’s not all
about the final answer. Your solution is just as important.

**Ultimately, your success as a scholar isn’t measured by a number on a piece of paper but in the difference you make in people’s lives. We’re not going to carry facts and theorems with us, but an attitude of trying to give our best no matter what the cost. That’s the most important lesson you can ever learn in school, but you’re not going to learn it from one subject or teacher. You’re going to live it everyday through every requirement and every grade receive.

Turns and Steps, Explained (2/2)

Hey guys *cheerful wave* Wimbledon is over so my tennis obligation is done with and now I’ll resume my full-time figure skating follower status. I’ll kick things off with the second part of this turns and steps explanation. This post will touch on a couple of concepts we’ve discussed in the first part so you might want to check that one out before diving in: here it is.

The ISU technical handbook defines 6 types of steps: toe step, chassé, mohawk, choctaw, change of edge, and cross roll. Out of these 6, the only step that is considered difficult is the choctaw. Now if you recall from the previous post, the ISU also defines 6 types of turns (twizzle, bracket, loop, counter, rocker, three-turn). Among these 6, only the three-turn is considered basic, the other 5 are all counted as difficult. At this point I guess you’re naturally wondering why there is such an imbalance between turns and steps. Well, that is because a turn, by definition, must be done on one foot, while a step would normally involve two-footed skating, and that is something we don’t want to see too much of. In fact, the ratio of one-footed to two-footed movements is one of the most reliable indicators of a skater’s skating skills.

That said, let us check out what each of the 6 types of steps looks like. This time, to switch things up a bit, I’m going to use Seimei as illustration.

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TL;DR: get nice fluffy leaves by forcing all your leaf planes to be shaded as if they’re facing outwards from a central point.

I had a bit of time this afternoon and wanted to figure out how to make fluffy, witness-style trees. A couple of other people also wanted to know this, so here’s a little tutorial about it. As always, this is blender3D specific, but there’s probably a way to do it in your preferred software as well (I think it’s called something like normal thief in maya EDIT: try normal thief in 3ds Max, and transfer attribute in Maya. Thanks to @mellowTama for pointing this out!).

The trunk is pretty simple, just an extruded cylinder:

More interesting is the leaves

It’s pretty easy to guess that there’s a ton of transparently textured, semi-randomly placed planes in there and the shader’s nothing special - just unity’s standard standard+fade material,

with a pretty substandard leaf texture made with the airbrush in gimp.

And a bit of lighting foolery to make it look better.

BUT most importantly is normal editing on the leaf planes. Without, they look like this:

Not good.

The general idea behind normal editing here is that you want all of the normals to be pointing more or less “out” of the tree. Normals are normally (hah) the vector that lies perpendicular to the plane on which any given polygon lives; that’s what being a normal means. Changing them in this way more or less makes them be lighted as if each plane is on a sphere around the center of the leaf cluster.

The easiest way to do this in blender is to add the Normal Edit modifier like so.

And here we are! Nice fluffy leaves

Game Of Thrones Characters Season 7 My Edit


I love the Lannister’s they be are some of the most problematic siblings on GOT but they are incredibly engaging to watch and I love their storylines and can’t wait to see where it leads.


The Starks are a very easy family to root for and not many people don’t enjoy them as they are all so incredibly different, there is usually something for everyone. Like Sansa once a naive little girl now becoming a strong politician who knows she needs to protect herself and cherish the home she once wanted to leave, Arya a trained assassin with empathy for innocent people who seeks revenge for her family, Bran once a cripple and now full of magic and incredible feats but also a incredible burden.


The Targaryen’s are also a incredibly problematic family but it’s easy to see why these two are so vastly popular. Both incredibly different from the rest, big protagonist’s on a different yet greatly paralleled journey that’s going to converge with each other very soon. One thinks she’s the last of her family in the world who feels incredibly alone and fights to make the world a little brighter and for people to have their own free will, as she had to fight and struggle for her own independence her entire life, the other always been a outsider in his own family not knowing his actually a Targaryen and always trying to be just and honourable like the man who raised him and fit in somewhere even though people are constantly bringing him down. They need each other which is why I can’t wait for Jonerys to meet.


The triangle I never knew I wanted, Brienne and Jamie had a rough start but have become one of the most moving relationships on the show, their feelings for each other are pretty obvious but he needs to leave his toxic relationship with his twin sister if there is any hope for him not just for Brienne but to be a decent human being. Tormund respects strong independent women unlike the lords of Westeros who would laugh at Brienne, so his another good option for her as he wouldn’t try and make her something she isn’t but his flirting needs some work and a bit of toning down if he wants her not to be so freaked out by him lol.


All these women were abused by selfish men but now they are confident powerful women all in their own rights.

Like Missandei stolen as a child to be turned into a slave for years getting abused her entire life and having her free will and dreams stripped away, Dany having a abusive brother who only admitted he loved her once and thinking he owns her to sell her away to a man for his own agenda, then before adjusting to the Dothraki culture being raped every night before she had the courage and strength to get her husband to respect her by learning Dothraki and showing a more dominant side, Sansa having her hopes and dreams crushed when her Prince Charming turned into a monster who tormented her with her dead family and had his knights beat her, then marrying another monster who raped her every night and made her a prisoner in her own home.

From what all these women have been through, it truly is a inspiration to see how much they have risen up from the ashes of their despair. 

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What made you decide to do the no cut confessional video? Not that it was bad or anything like that, I'm just curious what made you do something different? (Also sorry if someone already asked this)

I wanted to try something different, and I felt like I had a good topic that would fit the format. Interestingly, it was not less work. The edit, obviously, was very easy, but the ‘writing’ took just as long and the filming took several hours.

I also felt like I had a made a lot of videos about the world lately, but not very many in which I talked about my own issues. I think talking about my issues is helpful because people realize that we all have them, and also I do occasionally like to remind people that I am a human. Otherwise I see a lot more vilifying or…whatever the opposite of vilifying is. Hero worship?

So I wanted to break down some of the barriers…at least for one video.

PWS MAD (Member’s Appreciation Day)

photo: Gerardo @photosbygerardo / edit: Heiko @heterotopian

In this experimental MAD, I decided to do something different and maybe got a little mad. Gerardo gave me a fantastic landscape to work with and I had it in my mind to change it completely. Of course that should not happen as the essence of the picture stays the same, but I wanted to intensify the colors and made them more artificial. Not sure if I succeeded and let you decide.

As a general note, it’s not that easy to edit another person’s picture but if you have someone to work with, give it a try. It’s fun. 

PWS MAD - Heiko

My first reaction when I looked at Heiko’s edit was  Wow!

I gave him one of my standard foggy landscapes with a lake and some trees and he managed to transform the atmosphere completely. Instead of a cold foggy winter landscape he gives us a lush and tropical scene that feels like coffee and rum. It is so inviting,I just want to sit there on the shore and immerse myself  in the mood.

All that is left to do is to find out how he did it, because I would like to see how this edit works on my  other landscapes

PWS MAD - Gerardo

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i love your website!! :D i'm gonna need one for myself soon. how did you build it?

I used Squarespace this time around, actually!  I built the last version of my website from the ground up, but it made updating it on even a semi-regular basis a total pain – editing the html, cropping thumbnails, adding alt text, etc.

I’m so swamped with work right now that I just can’t afford the time it would take me to build a new website out of whole cloth, and heck – people want to see my art, not my web design, so I figured I’d much rather focus on something that lets me keep my portfolio fresh and relieves some of the stress. :)

Now that Squarespace lets you use your own domain, it was a great fit for me – super easy to customize, gave me the navigation complexity I was looking for, and it’s drag and drop for whenever I want to add new work. I am a walking podcast ad right now.

(My buddy @chelseakenna just set up her portfolio with Wix, so that’s another option as well!)

I wanted an easy reference for which weapons every class could use/collect, and since I can never seem to find anything satisfactory I decided to make my own

[minor edit: druids can transmog off-hands after all, they just weren’t showing up for me originally in the collections tab!]

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How did you get that blood on the outsider edit? That's freaking amazing


i’m really sorry this ask is like two weeks old or something!! but i wanted to answer it when i had motivation, lol. 

assuming you have knowledge of how to make gifs already [if you don’t, this tutorial changed my life with this super easy method], it’s actually pretty simple

(i don’t have the original psd for the above, i’ll just make a sloppy version)


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Jealous Eth? Heck me up. Tyler being super busy one week and not getting the time to even say hello in the mornings despite the fact that they live together. And Eth just gets so lonely by the last day of the week that he literally catches a bus and walks the rest of the way to Mark’s place, where he and Tyler are shooting a video.

Eth barges into the session and just immediately kisses Ty on the mouth because he misses him so much, which is obviously interrupting the video and Mark is like, “Dude, what the hell?!” Because Ty and Eth haven’t told anyone about their relationship and also they were fILMING goddamnit. But Ty is just super silent and concerned and Eth is like, “Sorry if I missed my boyfriend, he’s been gone for seven days.”

Ty just looks more worried and holds Eth’s hands while Mark is like, “Hello? Does anyone know what the fuck is going on here?” And gives up when he doesn’t get a response, walking out of the room. Eth and Ty don’t really have to have a huge talk, they both already know what the other wanted to say. But what Ethan does say is, “Sorry for messing up the video, Ty. Can I make it up to you?” And instead of saying something romantic Ty is just like, “You can do my editing for a few days.”

Here’s finally the requested (age/gender)bodynaked meshes with sexyfeet & smooth hands for all ages and both genders. 

*download default bodynaked+sexyfeet+smoothhands

warning: since these contain both sexy feet and smooth hands they’re rather high poly, for example the default adult female is 1930/1266 and edited 8316/5121 so don’t install these if your game struggles with anything high poly!

To be honest, I’m not sure if the game uses these files for anything, when I tested them with the true-nude bodyshop model the only one that showed change was the toddler stage so these might actually be completely useless, unless you want the toddler of course. If you have something else that already replaces any of the age/gender-bodynaked then you can open the file in simPE and simply delete the unneeded age(s), their names should be easy enough to tell apart. :)

How to make Irene Adler's beauty look from "A Scandal in Belgravia" - Easy/poor student edition

If it’s something I realised when I started doing cosplay about one year ago, it’s how expensive it can be. As a “poor student”, it can be difficult to find both the time and the money to do the look you want in the quality that you want. Many tutorials today also use many different tools and expensive makeup. Of course the result will most times be better with high quality makeup but I think that you can create quite a good look without professional skills and without super-expensive makeup. Some days ago, I decided to do Irene Adler’s characteristic hairstyle and makeup for the first time and I realised during the process that you can do quite much with quite little resources. So here is my easy and “poor student” friendly tutorial about how to turn yourself into The Woman.

Part (1) - The “Before” picture

So let’s start with the obligatory “before” picture. This is me in all my natural beauty. Or well, not quite. My hair is dyed in a darker colour since 1,5 weeks ago. The colour might be called “Dark Chocolate” but I call it “Sherlock/Evie” dark after the hair colour of my two favourites right now. I should probably add Irene Adler to that description too.

Part (2) - Irene Adler’s characteristic hairstyle

When Sherlock first meets The Woman, she has perfected her beauty look into the smallest detail. That includes her hairstyle which will be the first step in the process of recreating her look.

Step (1) - Tools

What I need to create my Irene Adler-inspired hairstyle is basically a lot of hairpins and a great amount of hairspray. I use a basic spray with strong hold and recommend you to use something like that. It depends on the quality of your hair but my hair is, though not so long, very… VERY thick so I need all the hold I can get.

Step (2) - Hairstyle in the front

Start by parting your hair slightly to the side and grab the front/upper piece of your hair on the short side. Spray! (You can never get too much hairspray).

Form this piece of hair into a slight curl, make a bun out of it and then secure it with hairpins. The loose hair is no problem (it will be included in the French twist later) so don’t try to thug it into the pun or anything. One good advice is to secure the pins with the entry of the pin pointing towards your face. The hold will become stronger and it’s easier to hide the pin in your hair.

Next, take the front/bottom piece of your hair and twist it loosely. Spray and then secure with the pins necessary. Irene has her front/upper piece of hair ending up in a large curl but as I don’t own a curler and that is an exceedingly more difficult move to do by yourself, I do it in this way instead. Of course you can try out that curl yourself!

Irene’s hair is slightly asymmetrical and the other side is not split into the same two parts as the first side. I do a simple version here again and twist the whole side up and end it slightly above my ear. Be careful with twisting it too hard. The aim is to make the hair look more effortless than it really is. Spray again and secure with the pins necessary.

Step (3) - Hairstyle in the back

So, now the front parts are done. It’s now the magic happens when it’s time to secure the back of the hair. I first use plenty of spray in the rest of the hair to make it easy to work with. I then backcomb the hair slightly to give it even better structure. Then take all of the hair from the start of the neck and twist your hair into a French twist. In this particular picture below, I did the twist slightly lower than I would have wanted it to be so keep that in mind. Secure it with all the pins necessary and don’t be afraid to use even more hairspray. If someone else is doing the hairstyle on you, you might need lesser spray but as I do it myself, I need all the help I can get from the spray.

Step (4) - Admire your hairstyle

And voilà! I have now turned my hair into an easy version of Irene Adler’s. When you’re done with the hairstyle, make sure one more time that it’s properly secured with hairpins and spray. Time to move on to the next part!

Part (3) - Irene Adler’s characteristic makeup

One thing that the audience got a good look on in “A Scandal in Belgravia” was Irene’s makeup as she is getting ready for her first meeting with Sherlock (while Sherlock is getting ready for meeting her by provoking John into hitting him to the ground). Without the makeup, it’s not really Irene Adler. The first time I did this look on myself, I realised that my features looked a lot more like hers than I first thought. This makeup is therefore adapted to my face and you might need to use different methods. I use the makeup I have at home and if you have better tools and brands, just use them! This is, as I have said, an easy tutorial for those of you who are “poor geeks” like me. Anyway, let’s take it away!

Step (1) - Tools

I have bought all my makeup in grocery stores. Some of the brands are slightly more expensive but never above 13,00 £. I recommend you to foremost use what you have at home. The only thing I have bought especially for this look is the blue eyeshadow.

Step (2) - Foundation, cover and highlight

Irene has pretty flawless skin so let’s start with a covering foundation. I use my regular one which is liquid and very light with the colour Ivory Rose to cover my whole face. The methods of applying it can differ but I use my fingers. Be sure to apply some more on the upper part of your cheekbones to make them slightly lighter.

Next, I use a bronzing powder to finish the foundation. Apply with a brush and start by the chin. Then apply on your forehead, the sides, under your eyes and the nose. Apply very sparsely on the cheekbones as you want them light for the next step.

Now, Irene has prominent cheekbones and if you don’t have them yourselves, you need to highlight them. I do this in a very simple way, by using the same browsing powder again and with a smaller brush, applies a thicker layer just below my cheekbone. If you are good at highlighting in general, this step won’t be a problem for you. If you are not, like me, just be sure to keep the upper part of the cheekbone light and the bottom part darker. I recommend you to watch a tutorial on highlighting in that case because of my own limited skills.

Step (3) - Eyebrows, eyes and lips

Now we are done with the foundation and it’s time to do the details. First, the brows. I actually just do them the way I always do them and just fill them in. Start a little bit wider and then make them thinner. If you have thicker or thinner eyebrows than me, paint them in the way you see fit. As my eyebrow pen is out, I use a thin eyeshadow brush and fill them with a black eyeshadow. Maybe not the best solution but it works if you have dark hair and nothing else at home. Sometimes, we must use our imagination to save money. Be careful with the black shadow though as it can become very thick looking if you apply too much.

The next step is Irene’s gorgeous eyes. I first use a brown eyeshadow to highlight the eyelid. Take a small brush and apply lightly across the lid. It’s no problem if it’s slightly outside at the end of the eye that points to your ear. Blend with another brush in the way you find fit. This step is just for making the look a little bit more well-rounded.

Now it’s time for the eyeliner. I first apply some black eyeshadow to the bottom of the lid to give it a smoother transition to the mascara later. Apply slightly below the bottom lashes at the corner of your eye too. Be careful though. This black shadow eyeliner shall be just that: a shadow. OBS! In the picture below, I haven’t applied the bottom lashes eyeliner yet.

Now for a characteristic step: the blue eyeliner. I use again an eyeshadow for this step and a thin brush. Paint the lower part of the lid with the eyeshadow until you have a firm, but thin, eyeliner. Apply just slightly to the corner of your eye below the bottom lashes too. This one shall not in any way be as thick as on the eyelids. Just a little splash of colour.

The final step on the eyes is the mascara. I use one with a rubber brush, which I love. If your lashes don’t curl naturally like mine do, use an eyelash bender to achieve that. Next, apply the mascara to your upper lashes and make it cover all the lashes as much as you can. Also apply mascara to the bottom lashes at the corner of the eye but not further in.

The final part of Irene’s makeup is also the truly transforming part of it: her characteristic red lipstick. If you are in a mood, you can try to reshape your lips but I don’t have the tools for that so I just put it on. I’m using the lipstick I had at home which has the colour Cherry Sparkle. Cover your lips with an even layer and of course you can do it way better than I can.

Step (4) - Find the right Irene Adler attitude in the mirror

And with that we’re done with the makeup and now the transformation is almost complete. Time for the final touches!

Part (4) - Irene Adler’s nails and jewelry

Irene has many different accesoaries in her closet, from the Louboutin high heels to the diamond ring on her finger. I have chosen to highlight some of them.

Step (1) - Nails

There are some pieces in The Woman’s beauty look which are more characteristic than others. Important are her red finger nails. I paint mine with a regular red nail polish. These can of course also be done in a much more advanced way. Do it the way you like them! The most important thing is that they are the dark red that we want them to be. I bought my nail polish at the grocery store for about 1,00 £.

Step (2) - Earrings

Other accessories are her earrings and like I said earlier, the ring on her finger. I don’t have such a ring that looks like the one she has but the earrings are easily managed, even on a small budget. I use a pair of stones that I had at home which are something that I bought for about 1,00 £. Take what you like but if you want it in Irene Adler’s style, I recommend no colour but just a regular white/silver stone.


And by that, we are done and you have your cheap and easy Irene Adler look! As I have said during this whole process, this is my way of doing it and if you have better suggestions yourself on how to mimic Irene’s beauty tricks: use them! It’s just the imagination that sets the limit! Now follows some finished pictures of the look with four different outfits! The pictures and the editing are also perfect for a small budget. I took the pictures myself with my phone and the editing is done with pixlr.com.

Outfit (1) - Sherlock’s coat

So as I don’t own a riding crop but I do own a violin, this is the story: The Woman got a hold of Sherlock’s violin and now… Well, I don’t know where it goes from there.

Outfit (2) - Battle dress

Grey characters are always the most interesting ones, I think.

Outfit (3) - Classy dress

This dress is clearly not looking like the one Irene Adler had but I love it and thought it was in the right style. And the attitude does it!

Outfit (4) - Battersea Power Station outfit

I know Irene had black leather gloves to this outfit but mine was just too thick.

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*Curtsies* What do you like about vinyls as opposed to CDs or mp3s, in terms of how it sounds, etc.? I've never heard music from a record player before so I'm curious about the difference.

*Curtsies* Well, it depends not only on the medium but on the quality. For instance, a cheap cutesy record player with built-in speakers you can buy from Urban Outfitters for fifty bucks isn’t going to sound noticeably better than your cell phone plugged into your iHome or whatever. So that’s the first thing to keep in mind. But if you have decent equipment–a good turntable, a good receiver, good speakers, and records in good shape–the difference in the quality, texture, and depth of the sound is absolutely unbelievable. It’s transcendent. The best way I can think to explain it is that vinyl (when played properly with decent hardware) makes music three-dimensional. Listening to vinyl on a good stereo setup, I hear things in songs I’ve listened to a thousand times digitally that I never heard before. You hear it in layers. You hear every single note and tone and instrument individually, instead of it all mashing together in one flat, encompassing sound–which is the feeling I often get with digital music. The other thing about vinyl is that it’s by far the best listening medium for anything recorded prior to about the 1990s (if not later) because music made without all the bells and whistles of a 21st-century recording studio just has a raw, vibrant, real quality that a lot of music made now lacks (imo), and that gets flattened when you convert it to digital. Everything made now is auto-tuned and digitally corrected so that a song is less a song than a thousand correct moments, notes, syllables, etc., all cut and pasted together into something technically perfect. To me a lot of it sounds too clean. It’s unnatural, it’s predictable, and it’s a bit boring. Technology sometimes makes music so easy that it feels less like art than product. Had “Rock and Roll” been recorded today in a studio with click tracks, it wouldn’t speed up the way it does, and that’s half of what makes the song so fucking awesome. With digital editing you can scrub out the sounds of a guitarist’s fingers on the strings but where the hell’s the fun in that? I want to feel like what I’m listening to was made by musicians, not computers. For that reason a lot of my favorite music was made like twenty years before I was born and was made with vinyl in mind, so that’s just far and away the best way to listen to it.

All that being said, I’m a bit of a music junkie and a baby audiophile, so this shit is weirdly important to me, worth investing in, and actually fun. Like, don’t go buy a cheap all-in-one turntable thinking it’s going to blow your mind, because that’s not how it works. Urban Outfitters et al aren’t selling cheap turntables because the sound is actually better, they’re selling cheap turntables because people like the aesthetic.That’s fine, but it’s a little misleading, and it’s not going to make a huge difference unless you really put the effort (and yes, the money) in. However, this is not one of those stupid things where you should feel like you HAVE to get into vinyl if you want to call yourself a music lover. Nah. Get into vinyl if you want to spend a whole week manually balancing a tone arm, stripping wire, and grounding speakers, and if you want to then spend another ten years picking through grimy bins of records in used CD shops hoping you strike gold. If you just want to rock out and you’re not super worried about being able to hear errant airplanes over Headley Grange or Jim Morrison breathing between lyrics, it’s not something to spend time or money on.

sentence starters: “YMS” youtube series

  • ❝ I was just, y’know. The main cause of all this. ❞
  • ❝ Yeah, that’s subtle. ❞
  • ❝ It’s really easy to get taken advantage of by people that are smarter than you. ❞
  • ❝ That’s karma, bitch. ❞
  • ❝ Oh babycakes, you so crazy. ❞
  • ❝ Wow, what a surprise, it was an incomprehensible piece of shit. ❞
  • ❝ I would probably NOT want to risk her getting scared and shooting me. ❞
  • ❝ Just because I say something doesn’t mean I actually mean it. ❞
  • ❝ There was no way I could edit that music out, I’m sorry you had to listen to it. ❞ 
  • ❝ So then everything starts blowing up for some reason. ❞ 
  • ❝ Is this a universe where people don’t get extremely uncomfortable when they silently stare at each other for long periods of time? ❞
  • ❝ So two people were found dead. Somewhere. That happens all the time. ❞ 
  • ❝ Do you not need to breathe? Aren’t you gonna get a little cold? ❞
  • ❝ Turns out she stops hating him as soon as she needs him for something. ❞
  • ❝ Nah, we won’t enjoy ourselves, but let’s just do it anyway. ❞
  • ❝ Spoiler alert, they die at the end. ❞
  • ❝ God damn it, I wasn’t gonna but I can’t say no to that stupid fucking face. ❞
  • ❝ I’ll fucking strangle that little shit. ❞
  • ❝ If I wanted to watch an idiot gawking at a computer screen with their mouth open, I would just turn on my webcam. ❞
  • ❝ Holy shit, just calm down and let him piss. ❞
  • ❝ When you’re not falling for it, it’s really fucking boring! ❞ 

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How did you come to choose Chrome Canyon for music and how did you explain to him what kind of music you wanted to match Infinity Train?

A few years ago I went to go see a showing of Metropolis with a live score by Chrome Canyon. I didn’t know him then, but I listened to his album before going and was instantly into it. Elemental Themes is now one of my favorite albums. His score for Metropolis was great too.

I’ve listened to a lot of his music and remixes and thought he made very good choices. There are times when you’re listening to music and you kind of expect it to go one way, but he would go a different way while keeping in that vein. His music didn’t sound like a lot of the neo-new wave you hear now, it had funk to it that really differentiates him from other music that occupies a similar space. Every time I heard him make a choice in his music I thought it was brilliant, so I had him contacted to see if he would be interested in working on my pilot.

I said I was looking for something similar to his album (https://open.spotify.com/album/4fj97cLxzCukISxiqea0in ). I mentioned I wanted something similar to John Carpenter, Lazerhawk, and Vangelis, but without any dance-y drums or anything. I also sent him this playlist I had been putting together for like a year with all the music I had thought fit the tone I wanted: https://open.spotify.com/user/1211483742/playlist/6446Z7QALslBTuq8QwhhMJ

He saw the edit, he read my show bible, and said yes! He’s pretty cool and very easy to work with. It was fun because we both have such similar tastes and because I make my own music, that it was really easy to describe what sort of sounds I was looking for, even down to like instrument settings on a synthesizer. It’s really weird being a position where you get to meet people you admire and work with them, but it’s preeeeetty cool.


Hey! People here often ask me about commissions and requests. So I decided to write a post. First of all I want to say, that I do no commissions, sorry.
But I’m opened for requests! To request an edit from me, please, follow these easy steps:
1) Your screenshot must be from Aion, ffxiv, BnS, Tera or RO.
2) I made a special side-blog for requests.  You can “submit a post” there. Then you should add your screenshots (as many, as you want). And, if it’s not difficult, attach, please, fullsized screenshots (one by one or in archive).
3) You can leave a message under the screenshots with your general wishes, for ex: “Leave the hair short /make the hair long, please” or “I want something light-romantic” and so on. You can also submit as many posts as you like.

That’s all you need.

P.S. I’m very busy person, I often have no time or inspiration to edit. So I will choose only those screenshots, that truly inspire me. But it doesn’t mean, that someone’s characters are worse, than others! There are thousands ingame outfits to make wonderful screenshots. I like the most good quality (pleaseT_T) shots, portrait or half-body. Good, when using emotes, actions. Good scenery is important too.

If I choose your screenshot, I will decide, if I do a lite-edit (hair + color and textures corrections) or full edit. I can’t guarantee, that I follow all your wishes, exept the hair-length. I’m not a professional artist and a lot depends on screenshot quality and inspiration. So that’s it:3