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The Road To Good Grades

[Warning - A Very Lengthy Post]

A fellow student of mine wrote this when for my batch when we entered high school, and I thought I should share it with you ❤️ it’s been edited to make it more universal to you guys :D

Intro: Having the Courage to Study.
When we fail academically, we tend to point to two causes: stupidity and laziness. It’s so easy to say that we’re not smart enough, or that we just don’t want to try because it doesn’t really matter. But there’s another factor involved: fear. So many students have the strategy of not studying or not studying properly for an exam. Why? Because if you put low effort into something, then you should expect a low result. So many of us are afraid of trying and failing that we don’t even try. “What if my best isn’t good enough?” We’re afraid of giving our best because once we know our limits, we feel that much weaker. But life in school isn’t about not trying, it’s about accepting those limits and breaking them.To survive and ultimately thrive, you must have the courage to reach your full potential.That courage, that vigor, that strive to be better is what will keep you alive, not just in school but in the real world.

- Sleep and Eat well.
We often lose sleep or skip meals in order to survive the rigors of life.But keep in mind, those choices in the rest and nourishment you receive have consequences. Having the energy to focus throughout the day is vital. Nobody wants to be tired, nobody can afford to be sick.

- Pay Attention in Class.
There’s a difference between passive hearing and active listening. Letting the teacher’s words wash over you like a warm shower is NOT the same as paying attention. Teachers are human beings, capable of expressing emotion and emphasis in their words and actions. There’s a reason why you learn from them rather than from a book or the internet. Catching what they’re trying to say is a skill that takes effort to learn.

**The skill of listening is one of the most important ones to develop because a teacher’s words are your last resort in an examination. If a quiz catches you by surprise, your memory of the class is the difference between A+ and an F.

- Take USABLE Notes.
Normally, humans are not capable of memorizing lessons entirely in their head.That’s what notes are for. Keep in mind that notes should be USABLE, they are not things that you make for the sake of looking or feeling productive. Each person has a specific style of learning and their notes should reflect that. Notes that are too long/elaborate, too short/simple, unreadable, or illogical are detrimental. Good notes should be aids in studying, not justification for carrying notebooks.

- Save time by using abbreviations or acronyms.
- Rearrange/reconstruct words or phrases for convenience.
ex. Famous Authors of America –> Impt. American Authors.
- Avoid copying verbatim unless necessary (quotes).
- Write down examples, esp. in science/math related subjects.
- If notes are incomplete, supplement them via reliable sources or your teacher.

- Practice.
There is more to studying than reading/note-taking. Practice is essential. This is especially true for Math-related subjects. Reading your notes before a Math exam is not really going to help you understand the problem or protect you from careless mistakes. The only way to improve in the subject is by doing the exercises and learning from both your success and failure. Memorizing definitions isn’t as important as using them. Being able to analyze, compare, and contrast is vital to survival.

- Review a Little Bit, Regularly.
Slow and steady wins the race. Students tend to read a ton of material before an exam. However, the human mind requires time in order to fully grasp ideas and concepts. Taking 10-20 minutes to read your notes after school daily can help in memorizing lessons, understanding themes, and recalling important points. Taking every subject’s lessons day by day will prevent you from being overwhelmed.

- When reading through your notes, picture yourself in the classroom with your classmates and teacher. The human mind is like a web, connected by images and sounds. Doing so can help you recall things written on the board or things mentioned by the teacher.

- Learn to Plan and Cram.
Working for the long-term and rushing for the short-term are two opposing ends of the spectrum. But if you don’t master both, you will suffocate in requirements.Time and energy are limited resources and the best scholars know how to get the most out of them. You can’t expect to be able to plan assignments weeks or days in advance the same way you can’t expect to make “academic excellence” in 30 minutes or less like a pizza delivery service.

- Periodic Exams, Long Tests, and Projects REQUIRE planning and coordination.
- Teachers can take up to 5 minutes setting up. Exploit the time.
- Lunchbreak, and the 20 minute breaks are the normal “"cram periods”“.

- Don’t Think of Difficulty.
“Easy” and “Hard” are relative terms. They mean different things to different people and ultimately, they should mean nothing to you. Feeling scared of a “tough” exam is harmful, as is feeling smug about an “easy” one. Study well so you can approach every test with confidence. Remember: it’s just as possible to perfect a difficult test as it is to fail an easy one.

- Don’t Compare Yourself to Others.
The world has approx. 7 billion people. There are always going to be people who are better than you at a given skill, the same way that there will always be people who are worse. Don’t consider them. Your life is your battle, and you’re going to have to fight it for yourself. Being discouraged by your friends’ high scores is as illogical as being encouraged by their low scores. There’s no reason to be proud of 1/10, even if it’s the highest score in the whole class.

- Don’t Blame Teachers.
Not all of your teachers are going to be fair or good at their jobs, whether you like it or not. Regardless, you can’t control your teacher’s incompetence or harshness but you can control the effort you put into their class. Read in advance, find other of info sources, and predict their requirements. The odds may be against you, but as a student you’re expected to beat them.

- Consult.
There’s no shame in asking for help. If you have difficulty in a subject, it always helps to consult with a teacher. Not only does it help in resolving any misconceptions/mistakes, it shows that you’re willing to take the time and effort to do well. To most teachers, that spirit is just as important as the final grade. Note: if a teacher knows that you have difficulty in their subject, they’ll probably take note of it in class which may be to your benefit.

- Find Your Own Strategy/Work Smart.
No single study strategy works universally. Everyone has their own specific style of learning and it’s up to you to find yours. If skimming through readings works for you then go ahead. If you’re the kind that needs to take notes, fine. It’s all about working both hard and smart, giving the most energy but finding the most effective way of using it. Humans are creative creatures. You might find that the best solution is one that no one has thought of before.

- Be Liable.
You need to be proactive in academics. Many students have the tendency to be caught off guard by a surprise quiz. They’ll often argue with the teacher, using the retort “Ma'am, you didn’t announce it!” as an excuse. Shaking off responsibility through ignorance is suicidal in this school. If you’re willing to take the risk of coming to class unprepared for the sake of being lazy, go ahead. Just be prepared for the consequences of your actions.

- Keep Moving Forward.
You’re human. Humans make mistakes. Learn from your errors but leave them where they belong; in the past. Everyone wants to get an A+ but you’ll never go that far with the weight of your failure hanging over your shoulder.

Conclusion: Don’t Take Academics too Seriously.
It seems counter-intuitive to end this guide with a statement like “Don’t Take Academics Too Seriously” but it’s something that everyone should remember. No matter no hard you try, you will fail at something. You’ll reach an obstacle that will knock you down to the ground and it will hurt like hell. You need to have something to fall back; friends, family, a hobby, an interest, etc. You don’t want to graduate and realize that you’re only good at earning numbers in a system.You could graduate this high school with the highest average in history but it won’t matter to anyone if you don’t know how you got it. Life is just like math, it’s not all
about the final answer. Your solution is just as important.

**Ultimately, your success as a scholar isn’t measured by a number on a piece of paper but in the difference you make in people’s lives. We’re not going to carry facts and theorems with us, but an attitude of trying to give our best no matter what the cost. That’s the most important lesson you can ever learn in school, but you’re not going to learn it from one subject or teacher. You’re going to live it everyday through every requirement and every grade receive.


An anon requested this tutorial and I only got the chance to film something today. I also wrote it up and included screenshots below the read more just in case the video is hard to follow.

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Writing in A Bad Mood

While I’d like to write every day, some days are significantly more difficult. Whether it’s stress or something more traumatic, there undoubtedly will be days where you really feel like you can’t possibly write anything- let alone anything you’d want to read again later and work on. On those days, maybe you don’t want to write, and that’s okay. It’s best to remember that there are other ways to still actively work on your project while not actually writing. 

  • Like editing. Someone once told me that it’s easy to write in a good mood, it’s easy to edit in a bad mood. It’s true. When you’re upset, you’re more critical. You think everything is terrible - you might need to tone it down a little to edit effectively. Avoid big picture edits, look at small scenes and try to figure out how you can improve them. Are there better words you could be using? 
  • Or do research! So say, your story is set somewhere you haven’t really been to all that much. Time to look it up. Google search is your new best friend. You could find picture of the setting or clothes or whatever and make a mood board. The point is that you’re still actively thinking about your project in a way that your mood is not going to hold you back. You might even feel better in the process.
  • Plan. So if you like what you’ve already written (or you liked it when you were in better spirits) plan ahead. Start thinking about where the plot is going. Consider how every character plays a role. (Remember minor characters do not think of themselves as minor characters - that is always where I start, because my first drafts are riddled with characters I’ve forgotten about.) 

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First, LOVE the animatic!!!! Second, how did you edit it? I've been wanting to do something similar but don't know where to start.

Thank you! I used the program Video Win Movie Maker. Pretty easy to use and figure out. Hope that helps! Good luck! =)

reducing dark artifacts and noise on edits with a fill layer on photoshop

see all those artifacts on her coat? the little uneven chunks of black pixels? let’s get rid of those.

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It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")
It's Over Isn't It (Tom "Cover")

Not sure if this one will work… for some reason Tumblr doesn’t want Tom to sing this </3

But if it does work please don’t judge how terrible my audio editing skills are. I tried to make it sound like Tom from the beautiful original song so it may or may not have worked. I tried <3 

Either way, I hope you all like it!! <3 

PS: If you plan on sharing this or putting it in an edit or something like that, just please credit me. This wasn’t entirely easy so just tag IG| svtfoe_af or my tumblr blog. I’d really appreciate it <3 <3

Demigods RPG basics

As promised, here’s the basic info on the Percy Jackson-inspired demigod RPG I’m working on.

The game uses the same basic mechanics as Dungeons and Dragons. A bunch of features resemble 4th edition most, since that’s when I had this idea, but I might change some of them to reflect 5e better, since it’s a bit simpler overall. Savage Worlds, another RPG system, is something else I’m going to take inspiration from, as it’s easy to pick up and fun for both newbies and serious players.

The first unique feature is character creation. First, choose whether you want to be a Greek or Roman demigod. This grants several unique bonuses and dictates which pantheon you choose your divine parent from. Said parent selection is next. Your divine heritage is like your class in D&D; it provides you with a basic set of powers that scale as you level.

Next, determine your physical characteristics: Strength, Agility, Vigor (toughness), Intelligence, and Charisma (persuasion/charm). These choices may be influenced by your divine parent, but not necessarily. Some gods give their children a stat boost (Strength or Vigor for Ares/Mars, Charisma for Aphrodite/Venus, etc.). Those that don’t mean you have extra points to boost your stats; those gods will also often have slightly more powerful abilities.

Finally, select what tasks you’re trained in. Depending on the task, training indicates proficiency (ex. fighting with a gladius or horseback riding), or the ability to do it at all (ex. giant eagle taming). I’m thinking of a classic spend-points-to-buy-proficiencies system, with some costing more than others. Without the option of alternate races D&D provides, this allows for character customization outside of divine parentage.

This is what I have worked out so far. If you like it or have ideas to improve it, just say so. I’m always open to new input. I’m currently figuring out the combat and rest mechanics, so those’ll be up within a few days if all goes well.

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ya should read The Messy Tales Of Corine Gerenag on Wattpad, if you like messed up, quicker stories. I've been working on it for ages 😅

Oh, cool! I’ll be sure to check it out!!
If you poured your heart and soul into it, it’s probably amazing!

Anyone who wants something to read, make sure to check it out too! Support!

Edit: GUYS. It’s really good!! The plot is really interesting! Anon, I must say, I’m impressed!!

What Neurotypical people don’t get is that when I’ve just sat down and begun a task or, heaven forbid, am in the middle of a task (especially if it’s writing/school related), and you want me to do something RIGHT NOW, it is NIGH IMPOSSIBLE for me to return to that task.

When you have any type of executive functioning disorder, starting a task is bad enough.  But to get started on it and then be interrupted just breaks you.  I CAN’T go straight back to it.  I can return to the computer and look at the document and maybe go through a couple of motions (if they’re easy and they don’t require thinking, like basic editing for spelling) but I can’t go back to any real difficult work that involves my brain.

It’s sort of like a wind-up toy.  This probably isn’t the best example, but if I’m doing something, say revising an essay (and I don’t mean basic editing, I mean rewriting bits), and you make me get up and do something else, you’re essentially winding up my brain.  I can’t go back to that essay until my brain has wound itself completely down from the other task, and usually by that time something else will have wound up my brain and whelp, there goes the essay.

On a good day (minimal distractions, minimal anxiety, minimal functioning issues), I may seem to be able to go back to the task immediately.  Usually because there’s enough minor stuff to do that my brain can reset and I quickly get back on task.  But if it’s something that I’ve been anxious about, or a bad day function wise, or maybe just a lot of background stuff going on: I need a break.  And yes, it seems ridiculous that I would need a break when I’ve been working for like two minutes.  But I essentially used up a spoon to START the task, and now that you interrupted me, I need to use another spoon to begin again. 

I just wish NT people got this.  It’s so frustrating.  I know it looks like I hardly made any progress, but even just sitting down was progress.

The steps to edit my essay:

  1. Sit down at computer
  2. Make sure computer is on
  3. Minimize other windows (or at least ignore them)
  4. Open up word document
  5. Read it
  6. Try to get back into that particular mindset
  7. Read comments
  8. Do basic editing based on comments
  9. Go back and try to do the more complicated editing/re-writing
  10. Open up email
  11. Start a blank email
  12. Write a couple of sentences and address email
  13. Send essay to professor

When four other things are going on at once and I keep on getting interrupted before I can even sit down, do you see the problem?

To get to step 8 and 9 is wonderful!  All I have to do is do edits and I’m nearly done.  These edits shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Except you broke me out of the mindset and now I have to restart at 1, oh and it’s taking me a lot longer at Step 7 now because I have to refocus myself.

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hi i saw in an old post something about a map editor? i was just wondering where you got that map editor :) thank you!

AH yes

SDV’s maps are .tbin files, which are opened/edited with tIDE Tile Map Editor

In order for it to work however, you’ll also need to extract all of the “tile sheets” and .tbin files out of the necessary XNB files, using a version of XNB Toolkit.

It sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is eheh

Basically, say you want to edit Sebastian’s room. You’d need to:

  • extract (unpack) “SebastianRoom” “paths” and “townInterior” XNB files in XNB toolkit (they should be in “Maps” in your SDV “Content” folder)
  • open up SebastianRoom.tbin,
  • edit away!
  • compress (pack) all of the files again and replace them in “Maps”
Which Haikyuu!! Character Should You Fight: Karasuno Edition

Hinata Shouyo | Who wins: Hinata
Okay, first of all, why would you want to fight Hinata? Hinata is literally joy personified. Do you also go around kicking puppies and spitting on old ladies? If you’re just doing it because it’s an easy win, think again. Hinata might be small, but he has the willpower of a sports anime protagonist. You could literally beat him with an inch of his life and the kid would just stand up, stare at you with that scary face he makes sometimes, and say something about how he’s going to nationals. He’s too stubborn to defeat. Also, he’s fast as fuck and has canonically jumped over Ushijima before. At some point he’ll scale the wall and then drop kick you from above. Don’t fight Hinata.

Kageyama Tobio | Who wins: You
Kageyama looks really intimidating, but don’t be deceived. He’s only making that face because he’s confused. Remember that time Oikawa was about to punch him in the face? He just stood there and let it happen. He is completely unable to recognize and respond to danger. You could probably beat the shit out of Kageyama before he even realized what was happening. However, are you really gonna gain any satisfaction from that? Kageyama doesn’t want to hurt you. Kageyama just wants to play volleyball and aggressively drink milk. You just beat up an innocent nerd. Fight Kageyama if you want.

Nishinoya Yuu | Who wins: Nishinoya
Nishinoya is extremely small, but remember that time Aone aggressively pointed at Asahi and Noya had to be physically held back from punching him in the face? Aone is a giant wall of meat and Noya showed no fear or hesitation. That kind of confidence does not come from nowhere. He also sorta smacked the vice principle that one time? Noya has no concept of fear, consequences, or chilling the fuck out. He will show no mercy. Don’t fight Nishinoya.

Tanaka Ryunnosuke | Who wins: You
Okay, Tanaka enjoys threatening to fight people, but have we ever actually seen him in a fight? All he really does is make weird ass faces at people from afar. There’s no way that kid actually has any idea how to fight. Just punch him in the face while he’s yelling and trying to be intimidating and you’re probably good. Also, getting the shit beat out of him would probably be a good experience for Tanaka. Do it. Fight Tanaka.

Daichi Sawamura | Who wins: Daichi
Good lord. Why would you fight Daichi. Have you seen Daichi? The guy has tree trunks for legs and arms that come second only to Iwaizumi and Bokuto. He also spends all day watching over a bunch of volleyball-playing toddlers, so he has a shitload of pent up rage just waiting to come out. If you really have that much of a death wish, there are much less painful ways to die. Do not fight Daichi.

Sugawara Koushi | Who wins: Nobody
If you make an attempt to fight Suga, he’s not going to retaliate. No, he’s just gonna give you that really nice, wide smile, pat you on the shoulder, and give you life advice. You will be rendered stunned by the fact that you are speaking to a literal angel and will completely forget that you ever intended to fight him. However, the life advice you get from him will probably make you a better person, so go ahead. Try to fight Suga and grow as a human being.

Asahi Azumane | Who wins: Nishinoya
Okay, you can 100% take on Asahi. I’m aware that the man is large, but he’s a complete baby. He will probably burst into tears even thinking about the concept of fighting someone. He does not have the mental strength to handle a fight. However, as covered earlier, Noya was ready to throw down when someone pointed at him, so actually try anything and Nishinoya will spontaneously appear out of nowhere and beat the shit out of you. And he will show no mercy. Do not fight Asahi.

Tsukishima Kei | Who wins: You, but at what cost?
Alright, Tsukki is really tall, but he is also incredibly skinny and he spends his spare time playing with dinosaur toys and learning about very specific types of fish. You can definitely beat up Tsukishima with little to no difficulty. However, he will retaliate later by finding all of your deepest insecurities and weird traumatic middle school social blunders and then following you around and mocking them. Tsukishima will destroy you mentally until you are a pile of self loathing. Can you really handle that? Think carefully before fighting Tsukishima.

Yamaguchi Tadashi | Who wins: Not you
Could you beat Yamaguchi in a fight? Maybe. However, after you have beaten Yamaguchi in a fight, he is going to go back to volleyball practice and all of Karasuno is going to see that someone has harmed the most innocent, pure, undeserving of pain member of their squad, and they will come after you with a thirst for blood. Shimada will probably tell the entire Neighborhood Association that someone beat up his sweet little student, so then they’ll all come after you too, and Tsukki will tell Akiteru about it and he’ll join, and Bokuto and Kuroo will probably also hear about it from Tsukki and they’ll join in for shits. Also, me. I will personally come after you if you try to harm Yamaguchi, you absolutely monster. Do not fight Yamaguchi unless you can beat a literal army of angry volleyball players.

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Heey... Its ok if u don't want to answer but did u delete ur insta?.. Or changed ur name or something? I was looking for one of ur edits and couldn't find u anywhere... Sorry for bothering

You’re not bothering at all! Yeah, I deactivated my Instagram because I really need a break from people hating on me 24/7 for minding my own business by making MY fandom edits. I’m really easy to break like I’m pretty sure I don’t deserve any of the hate I was getting … maybe i sound like a drama queen right now but i really can’t handle hate. I know it’s only online and it probably shouldn’t effect me this much but it does. Badly. It upsets me SO much and I feel like my depression gets from 80 to infinity. But I’ll be okay. Thanks for caring! :)


As a rebellious teenager, I wanted to do anything but acting, I just wanted something different. I come from a very bohemian family. All pacifists. I grew up in Stockholm: a very urban environment. Definitely nor surrounded by trees. At that point, military service was technically still mandatory but very easy to get out of it. But I felt, well, this could be an interesting challenge.

Hey guys, so apparently I’m not gonna have my laptop for a few days bc I’ve been paranoid about my charger sometimes not charging and I wanted to just replace it before warranty was up and they had to take the whole computer ??? They’re saying three to four days so probably no?? Replies (unless they’re like text threads or something cause the chat is easy to edit) but I will be around on mobile so!!! Hit me up on ims or skype (i will probably post it again) so!!

comic edit tutorial

i thought i’d make a tutorial on my method of making comic edits. the thing with making comic edits it that it takes patience! so if you want to start making comic edits best to have some background music or something cause it will take a while at first but once you start getting used to it, it will be a breeze.

for me it usually takes around 5-10 minutes to do a one edit, it really depends on the panel itself. for this edit i thought i do one that is both easy on some parts but hard on other parts. 



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