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“I don’t miss the travelling every day but I do miss meeting & seeing you all. Music has always been the way I felt connected with the world. I’ve enjoyed some of my time off but it has been really difficult sometimes to be honest. I hope I emerge as a better, balanced person who has her health in check. I’ve been suffering from fatigue for a long time and I’m just starting the process of getting to the bottom of it. Just wanted to write to those of you who follow my music to say that I am songwriting, (always am) but I take breaks in between writing trips to rest and do other stuff (Um… Did someone say FLORISTRY course?) I’d really like to write a blog post about some other topics but it’s a big one so I’ll leave it for another time. Lots of love + luck. You all give my life joy and it’s an honour to be a small part of your lives. 🌷Marina xxx” (via Instagram)


you think fairy tales are only for girls? here’s a hint-ask yourself who wrote them. i assure you, it wasn’t just the women. it’s the great male fantasy-all it takes is one dance to know that she’s the one. all it takes is the sound of her song from the tower, or a look at her sleeping face. and right away you know-this the girl in your head, sleeping or dancing or singing in front of you. yes, girls want the princes, but boys want their princesses just as much. and they don’t want a very long courtship. they want to know immediately. -david levithan and rachel cohn


In honor of Five Friday Faves MSR edition I want to share some of my favorite PG13 msr after dark drawings. @megdoesart is a brilliant artist. I could look at her drawings all day long! (Especially the rated R ones 😘). Thank you to the brilliant artists for your beautiful work. @storybycorey you included ❤️

Teenage Love Affair [Archie Andrews]

Plot: [Y/n] and Archie are a little late with curfew
Word count: 400+
Status: Edited

[Y/n] giggled as Archie wrapped his arm around her, pulling her body into his. His other arm carried a picnic basket he had brought along for their date night. 

“That was fun,” She commented. She glanced up at the night sky which had just set in. “I really don’t want this night to end.”

“We could always go back and just spend the night there,” Archie jokingly suggested.

“Yeah because sleeping in the almost exact spot they found Jason Blossom’s body sounds like real fun.”

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for @armatise and her favourite kink of ‘platonic bdsm’ lol

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Sorry about asking when the ask box was closed but hopefully your okay with doing it now! Headcannons about Sidon taking care of his warrior s/o by dressing her not so serious wounds? (Female, if that's alright)

No worries! It was my fault, I had no idea how to edit that. However, blade-of-nyamora (a delight of a human being who runs a lovely rp blog for Galra Keith and Galra Lance who I heavily suggest following) showed me how to, so hopefully in the future I’ll be able to edit that and avoid confusion.

As for gender, no worries. I usually do gender neutral only when people don’t specify, so no worries if you want a specific gender. 

-Mod Pinks

Dressing female warrior s/o’s wounds (Sidon)

  • Mom lectures. Mom lectures for days
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’s overjoyed that they came back to him, safe and in (relatively) one piece.
  • And he’s very proud of his s/o for following her calling of warrior, few people have the personal will power to do so. 
  • But dang it, don’t they know how much they worry him when they greet him as if nothing happened and they’re covered head to toe in blood?
    • It’s not mine, I swear?”
    • “Why would that make me feel better???”
  • Once he finishes his mothering of her and dressing her wounds, he needs cuddles
    • He needs to feel her in his arms, close to him while she still can be, just to make sure she’s still alive.
  • Very protective over the course of the next few days

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"she could never get a pet/ she would just smush it" okay but imagine Kara really wanting a puppy or a kitten and wanting all of the cuddles but cos it's so cute she gets excited, she has to learn to control herself, asked sits her down and tells her perhaps it's not the best idea, but she really wants a pet, and that's how Krypto gets on the show as a present from Clark

YES!! i have thought about it before i just imagined puppies climbing over her licking her (like in that video) and she’s just giggling away because she’s too afraid to touch them incase she smushes them. 

If Alex and Maggie ever have a kid Kara would be way too afraid to to hold it. Sometimes she rips the door off the fridge when she’s excited to eat, she doesn’t know what she’d do if she were holding her niece/nephew.

Surprise to Kara: they adopted an alien kid so she couldn’t hurt it unless she really tried. they didn’t just get an alien kid for kara’s sake though. Alex can barely hold onto an orange juice carton could she really be trusted not to drop and break their kid?


y’all remember Leah right

i changed her hair and outfit and was trying to to hook her up with one of the male sims i dl’d but um… after this risky “sexy pose” he freaked out so yea that’s .. thats not gonna happen :/ i thought they had a good thing going on too but.. guess not :( i’m a tad sad lolol BUT SHE’S ADORABLE RIGHT?? i love her, i really do.

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We need more sin

Ya want sin?

Here’s some double sin for you- a snippet from the beginning of my smut fic and also such terrible writing it should be considered sinful. 

Anyway, if you wanna read me trying and failing to write romance and sensual feelings, check out below. (I haven’t edited really so it’s probably a higher quality of trash than normal)

Also here’s a gif I found that is surprisingly perfect?? 

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Omg i love ur short storys so much!!! They just give me life. By chance could u do a short diddy on sidon and his pregnant s/o (probably like 6 or 7 months in) fighting over baby names? I can imagine sidon wanting to name his daughter mipha after his sister. But s/o is sorta reluctant cause they believe the name should belong to his sister.

Awww thank you lovely! I’m glad you like them!

And way to request something that is both fluffy and heartbreaking, ywouch.

I’m assuming since the s/o is pregnant they are female (she/her), but if they identify with different pronouns, please tell me and I’ll edit the pronouns.

-Mod Pinks

Names for babies female s/o(Sidon)

“I’m not letting my child have the word ‘net’ in their name, it’s silly.”
“As opposed to having a name that sounds like it has ‘ow’ in the last half of it?”
“Fine. Anzio”

“…Why don’t we come back to boys’ names later?” (Name) said as she leaned back against him, the list of names tossed aside in favor of warming her back with his chest.

7 months had passed already, and her bump had grown with so much time. With the birth just a few months away, Sidon had brought up the topic of male names, in case it was a son, and well… It was a heavy debate.

“What about girl names? There is a chance we have a daughter you know.”
“There’s no debate there, I have the perfect.”
“Oh?” She twisted her neck up to look at him, smirk on her face. “What name is that?”

“Mipha.” Sidon didn’t even have to see her to know she had tensed significantly. “Do you not like it?”

“No no- I mean, yes- uh-Isn’t that your sister’s name?”
“Yes… Is that a problem?”

Oh explaining this was going to be walking through a field of bombs. Invisible bombs.

“Not a problem. It;s just… that name belonged to your sister. Is it really right to give it to someone else?”

Sidon hummed in thought, hands protectively on her stomach. Silence surrounded them as he went quiet, scratching his head for an answer, before settling for on.

“I understand your apprehension- it is a heavy name to inherit. But it is one that I have no doubt she would bring great honor to. But… if you do not think it is wise, then so be it. All I ask is that you give it some thought. Please?”

“Of course.” This… this was going to be a doozy of a decision to make. 

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you know how to stay positive as a snowbarry shipper and caitlin stan? dont go into tags. avoid WA nasty posts. dont follow people having something to do with them. its so much easier and you will be so much happier. i know that we should defend cait/danielle but we cant win. sometimes its better to be the bigger person. stay safe! :)

But that’s the problem anon. I want to go in Caitlin and snowbarry tag to see new art and manip. I dont go in the flash tag and barely into grant tag because of them. But Cait is my baby and I want to see all the things related to her.  It’s been a while since I went in the tag and I missed some awesome fan art and edit because of that. Even if I follow them I dont see all their post because it would be impossible, I would have to be awake 24h to see all the post of the person I follow.

Most of the time, I just take their name and block them to not see their post in the tag anymore. But that post about fake feminist was in the tag right after I blocked 3 Iris stans for bitching on Caitlin in HER tag. I just saw red. I couldn’t stop myself from reacting. 

I try to be a positive blog most of the time. Believe me, if I would react to all the shit they posted on Cait lately, I wouldn’t reblog or post gif and edits anymore.


“Minako-sensei is a ballet instructor. When I was younger, I used to spend more time at her ballet class than at home. I even started skating because Minako-sensei urged me to. She’s always cheered me on, but she likes to meddle, too.”


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.