but i wanted to draw them a picture for their anniversary

Hello! I didn’t actually expect that many people to request this and I was going to make this anyways soooo… Let’s get to it!

 Before we get started to actually making the spread, you first need to answer the following:

  • Do I want to follow a theme?
  • If so, what theme do I want? 
  • What are the things that motivate me?
  • Are there certain people that motivate me?
  • Do I want to plan my weekends? 

 My weekly spread isn’t the same every week and I change some things very often because I feel like it’s necessary to do so but I’m not one to change my over all color scheme very often although there are some studygrams who change theirs every week. It’s hard to keep on changing your theme if you are a studyblr so I suggest to stick to one for a long time. It’s not necessary to have one but it makes it more neat and pleasing in the eyes and makes it look more organized. I don’t know what they’re originally called, but I call them ‘space-fillers’ mainly because they fill up space (duh). To sum it up, these are basically little things you can add to your bujo to make it more handy and useful. (* - my favorites) Some examples are: 

  • Weekly Playlist*
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Count
  • Thought of The Day (TOTD)*
  • Quote of The Day (QOTD)
  • Daily Mood
  • Weekly Expenses 
  • What I Eat in a Day* 

 I want to make this clear, because I live in the Philippines, I don’t really have access to expensive stationeries that you could always see on tumblr and instagram such as Tombows, Muji pens, Artline Stix, and Mildliners. I know that there are some MUJI branches in Manila but it would mean climbing Mt. Everest, crossing the Han River, and spending your life savings. Not worth it (in my opinion because I’m like 14 who basically depends on her parents). So, learn to use what you have and supplies are just supplies. Expensive stationery don’t equal to immediately having beautiful lettering. I just use the Faber Castel ones but depending on where you live, these might not be available for you. I use it because it’s cheaper and does the job. Although the tips do fray overtime, you’re still getting more than what you paid for. So definitely a must-try.

 Before we start. Checklist (* - optional) 

  • Bujo
  • Markers 
  • Glue 
  • Ballpen 
  • Ruler 
  • Highlighter* 
  • Washi Tape*
  • Colored Paper*
  • Photos* 
  • Music 

(I didn’t list any specific brands because you can always substitute supplies)

 Okay and now we can finally start! 

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The time is now! The day is here!

What is this about?

The 2012 Les Misérables film is 2.5 hours long. However, Tom Hooper’s original director’s cut included almost 4 hours of footage. What happened in all those scenes that were excluded from the final version? Many of us have been wanting to see them for years, but neither Hooper nor Universal Pictures have expressed their intentions to release an extended cut anytime soon.

And how do we plan to make them change their mind?

We are going to make them see that many people are still interested in the release of an extended version. We want to prove to Universal Pictures, their producers, and Hooper that they would profit from releasing a longer version of the film. But we need your help. Let’s not give them one reason, but thousands. Specifically, 24601.

Count me in! How can I help?

Just tell us why you want to have an extended version! Are there any of the cut scenes from the movie which you would like to see restored? Do you have a favourite character that you would like to see more of? Or did you just like the film so much that you would happily watch a longer version of it? Any reason is a good reason! It can be as simple as a sentence or you can write a very long paragraph about it, it’s up to you! Send your reason to lesmisextended@gmail.com, adding your first name and your country. For example, this could be your message if you were a certain writer very interested in details:

“The sewers definitely deserved more screen time.” (Victor, France)

Why do you want to know my name and my country?

This is a worldwide petition and we want to show Universal Pictures et al. that there are real people from all over the world who would buy an extended cut. Your name and country alone won’t be enough to identify you if you don’t want anyone to know who you are, that is why we are not asking for anything more specific such as your last name or city. Your reason will be published in a similar format to the example above and we won’t share your e-mail address or any other personal information with anyone.

Can I write to you in any language?

Since we’re going to contact people whose first language is English, we encourage you to write in English because that way we will be able to send them your reason exactly as you wrote it. However, if you don’t feel confident enough to write in English, you can use any of these languages and one of our collaborators will translate it for you. (Don’t forget to tell us in the subject line what language you’re writing in!)

And how are you going to send our reasons to the people who have a say in this?

We are going to collect all your reasons on a huge document and send it to Universal Pictures on the 25th of December, the movie’s fifth anniversary, with a letter explaining this project’s purpose. Since the document may be too large to send via e-mail (and since the people who check the company’s messages may not open attached files from unknown senders), we will probably upload it on Dropbox or a similar platform and send them the link so they can read it there.

We will also be sharing your reasons or some fragments of them on Twitter (@MisExtended) and on our Tumblr blog (lesmisextendedversion.tumblr.com) and we are contacting the press to make sure our voice is heard in as many places as possible.

Is there anything else I can do to help?

Sure, there are plenty of things you can do!

  • Do you have a Tumblr or Twitter account? Share this petition with all your followers!
  • Do you know anyone who would like to join us but doesn’t use the internet? Tell them about us, find out their reason and send it to us if they’re okay with it!
  • Can you speak any language besides English? Join our translation team!
  • Are you good at drawing? Share your art with us!
  • Do you know any press/media that might be interested in our campaign? Tell us about them so that we can contact them!

Write to lesmisextended@gmail.com and share your ideas with us to help us reach more people!

Married Life

Derek wakes up to the birds chirping outside and the sun shining on his face, as a soft breeze blew in from the open window. Stiles must have opened it this morning to get some fresh air into the house. Derek rolls over searching for his husband only to find empty sheets that seemed to have been vacant for quite some time. He frowns sitting up, he searches around the room trying to find his better half, so he can drag him back to bed for some anniversary sex.

It was their four year anniversary and Derek intended to make love to his husband all day. He gets out of the bed slipping on his robe and stepping into his slippers. Stiles always teased him for having a robe and slippers calling Derek an old man before Derek pinned him to the bed showing him what this “old man” could do. He walks over to the open door their dog following close behind him. He notices a sticky note on the door and takes it off the door, he chuckles softly when he sees that it says, “Happy Anniversary!” on it.

Of course Stiles would do this on their anniversary. He follows the arrow on the sticky note finding another one on the bathroom door.

“Four long years we’ve been married” Derek reads. He rolls his eyes biting his lip to keep himself from smiling so hard. He follows the directions given on the note finding one on the closet door.

“I can’t believe I used to hate you!” It says. Derek laughs at this remembering how they used to argue whenever they saw each other. He goes down the stairs finding one on the banister. He picks it up reading it.

“Sorry I got you arrested…”

Derek snorts looking over at the other banister like the note told him. He finds another one picking it up.

“You make my world ten times more brighter!” he reads. He smiles looking at the little sun Stiles drew. He follows the instructions to go to the kitchen and finds a note on the toaster. He picks it up feeling giddy.

“Sorry I burn the toast…”

Derek laughs at the sad face remembering all the times Stiles attempted to make toast, but always ended up burning it. He looks at the cabinets and sees another note reading it.

“And break plates…”

He chuckles remembering when Stiles dropped a plate the other day and started crying. He made sure the Stiles felt better by buying him the biggest chocolate milkshake at their favorite ice cream place. He heads over to the counter like the instructions said and reads a note.

“And put the dent in the counter…”

Derek snorts remembering when they first started having sex and slamming Stiles onto the counter leaving a huge dent in their counter. He smiles following the instructions to go to the dining room. He sets the other notes down on their table reading the one left at the edge.

“I love it when you make pasta…” it says. He looks where the arrow on the note was pointing.

“Or make me coffee in the mornings.” he reads as soon as he finds the note. Derek grins at the blue coffee cup Stiles drew that was like the one in the cabinet right now. He continues to look in the same direction finding another note.

“You have no idea how much I appreciate you!” he reads. He feels his cheeks heat up and his chest swell. He follows the instructions of going to the living making sure to take all the notes with him. He finds a note on the back of the couch picking it up.

“I love watching those boring documentaries with you.” Derek reads. He smiles remembering how Stiles spent most of the time whining and complaining about how they were boring, but continued to watch them because he knew Derek liked them. He reads the instructions and heads over to the bookshelf and picks up another note reading it.

“You’re so peaceful when you read.”

Derek blushes and follows the arrow over to their DVD rack where they kept all the DVD’s they’ve collected over the years. He finds another note in the superhero section picking it up.

“You have a horrible taste in superheroes!” he reads. He laughs shaking his head, only Stiles would argue about that. He follows the instructions on the note and walks over to the coffee table.

“But you always make it up to me.” Derek reads. He smirks remembering the countless times he’s had Stiles on the coffee table, as Derek gave him a blowjob while they watched another Batman movie. He picks up the note looking where it was pointing at and heads over to his study. He finds a note on the door.

“I admire how hard you work.” it says. He smiles walking into the study spotting a note on the computer. He reads it’s chuckling.

“Thanks for letting me play games on here.”

He smiles following the sign that points at his bookshelf. He grabs it biting his lip.

“I love that you have an endless amount of amazing books!” he reads. He smiles looking at his bookshelf, picturing Stiles running his hand along the spines of the books as Derek works on his latest project. He follows the arrow to his desk seeing a note on one of his latest designs.

“You’re drawings are truly amazing Derek.”

Derek smiles picking the note up he looks around his desk looking for any more. He sees a note on the drawing he has been working on for years for the Hale house. He picks it up and reads it.

“Someday we’ll have the perfect house.” he reads. Derek gives a soft smile tracing a finger over the small, blue house. He chuckles at the instructions telling him to keep looking in the same direction. He finds another one next to the drawing seeing the same blue house.

“The perfect place to have children.” it says. He lets out a low growl his wolf going wild at the thought of having pups around the house. He looks at the two hearts close to the house, one heart blue and the other pink. He frowns wondering why the other one was blue, he walks out of his study following the instructions to look for the dog. He finds the note on the dog’s collar.

“You’re so loving even to the smallest things.” Derek reads. He smiles petting the dog fondly. The dog showed up at their house 2 years ago hurt and cold. He didn’t want to keep the dog, but gave in when Stiles gave him the puppy eyes Derek could never say no to. He reads the instructions and heads to the front door peeling off the note.

“And caring!” he reads. He smiles looking at the hearts surrounding the word caring. He follows the instructions to look at screen door opening the front door. He finds another note with a heart.

“Words cannot express how much I love you!” it says. He feels his chest swell at the endearing note, he walks onto the porch finding a note on the stairs.

“You’re so brave Derek.” he reads. He gives a small smile looking around for Stiles, but only sees more notes on their walkway. He walks down the stairs picking up the first one.

“You have the most amazing smile!” he reads. Derek chuckles shaking his head, only Stiles would be this cheesy. He walks over to the second note and picks it up.

“I get lost in your eyes every time I look at you!”

Derek snorts cringing a little at how corny it was. He walks over to the next note bending down.

“I love you to the moon and beyond!” Derek reads smiling fondly. It was Stiles’s favorite saying even though it was supposed to be a joke. He looks at the big stack of sticky notes in his hand smiling, this was way better than his idea. He finds the next one not too far away almost at the end of the walkway. He picks it up and reads it.

“This is where we first kissed and the moment I realized I loved you.”

Derek bites his lip remembering the day Stiles kissed him for the first time. How his heart was beating out of his chest and the way Stiles looked at him. He follows the instructions and heads to the woods finding a note on the tree that leads into the woods.

“I’m sorry your family is dead. I would do anything to them back to you…” Derek frowns as he reads the note confused on why the sudden change in the mood. He continues on finding more notes on more trees.

“I’m sorry you’ve struggled for so long…” Derek reads. His frown continues as he reads more notes.

“I’m sorry people say mean things when they see us in public…”

Derek starts to panic. He hurries to the next note trying to figure out what was going on.

“I’m sorry I can’t get pregnant.” the next one says. Derek adds it to his pile and heads for the last note smelling Stiles’s familiar scent.

“I’m sorry for ever making you cry.” the very last note says. He follows Stiles’s scent the notes balled in his fist. He’s interpret them later, but right now he needs to be with Stiles. When he finally reaches Stiles he pulls him into a hug breathing in his scent. Stiles giggles hugging him back.

“What’s wrong is everything alright?!” Derek asks checking for any cuts or bruises. Stiles laughs and pushes him away.

“I’m fine Derek,” Stiles says fixing his shirt. “What makes you think anything is wrong?”

“The notes.” Derek says frowning. Stiles laughs again and shakes his head.

“You’re forgetting the most important ones.” Stiles says. He points at the note on his shirt. Derek peels it off reading it.

“I can’t wait for you to be a father!” he reads. He looks at Stiles confused. Stiles gives him a smile and lifts up his shirt to reveal a small baby bump with a sticky note on it.

“A father to a beautiful, baby boy…or girl.” it says. Derek looks up his eyes wide. He drops to his knees pulling the note off Stiles tummy. He sets his ear on Stiles’s stomach listening to Stiles’s heartbeat and one more. He looks up tears pooling in his eyes.

“How far along are you?” Derek asks.

“Three months.” Stiles says running a hand through Derek’s hair.

“How did I not know?” Derek whispers. He rests his head on Stiles’s stomach again.

“I had Deaton help me hide it,” Stiles says. “I wanted it to be a surprise for you.”

“I thought-I thought that we couldn’t get pregnant.” Derek says. He kisses Stiles’s stomach listening to the small heartbeat again.

“Deaton found this spell book and I found something about pregnancies, so I figured I’d try it.” Stiles says. Derek continues to rub his stomach the tears flowing down his cheeks.

“I’m going to be a dad?” He asks shocked. Stiles laughs continuing to run his hands through Derek’s hair.

“Happy anniversary babe.” Stiles says. Derek stands up and kisses his husband with as much emotion he could pour into a kiss. This truly was the best anniversary gift a man could possible get from his spouse.

(Just a little thing I did yesterday nothing too important. There were also some baby hints in there see if you can try and find them except the last two they just give it away. There’s a couple!)

Picture Purrfect

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Marinette’s pencil brushed lightly across the page as she shaded the sketch of Chat Noir, sitting casually on her balcony’s railing.

“How’s it going?” he asked.  She wasn’t sure how he managed to stay so still, in the same pose, without altering his expression.

“Almost done.”  Catching the pencil in her teeth, she rubbed at the graphite with her thumb to blend it better.  "Just need the last few touches on the background.“

"How do you do that?”  The cat was definitely curious.

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Rye & Lies

Originally posted by gotjimin

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Angst & Smut
Word count: 3,592

Summary: You don’t know his name and he doesn’t know yours but in this moment you could care less. He was gorgeous and you were desperate to be touched.

A/N: Let’s not talk about the title, okay. I’m not good with titles.
SURPRISE ! Here’s a Hoseok smut that no one asked for except for me!! Because that man is making me feel some type of way even more so than usual. 

He believed you didn’t know.

Thought he was sly and a good liar. That you were oblivious and naïve to everything that was happening behind your back.

But you knew.

You could smell her on the collar of his dress shirts when he’d draw you into his chest. Taste the flavour of her lipstick that lingered on his lips.

He hid a smile full of secrets behind the rim of his coffee cup when he replayed the way her body felt beneath his fingers. Thoughts of her occupied his mind from morning to night and with each new memory of her; ones of you faded away.  

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anonymous asked:

Lmao "KUBO SAYING ICHIRUKI WAS NEVER ON HIS MIND" When? Just reading the manga proves he had ICHIRUKI on his mind all the damn time. If he didnt ever have IR on his mind why would he give us the honeymoon spread, all those poems and FTB? LOL for someone who never had IR on his mind kubo sure gave us a lot of Ichiruki content unlike Ih who have two panels and one sketch he drew only bc he was asked to by his sister in law. Hes the one that drew Rukia next to Ichigo when asked to draw only Ichigo.

Them ignoring all that Kubo has said and done for 15 years, that clearly shows that yes Ichiruki was on his mind, is why I will never take IH seriously.You can’t ignore this

Look at that matching outfit with a long scarf that probably is shared by both of them. Matching outfit, sharing a scarf two shoujo thropes.

And this? Rukia wanting to eat Ichigo’s meat? A clear sexual innuendo, do you think we are delusional for thinking this? Look at Renji he is thining the same thing, and every mangaka knows what drawing something like this means.

Look at this don’t you feel that sibiling love? No? Must be the werid form that palm three and those stones have. The fact that it was Ble/ach anniversary and Ku/bo choose to draw these two alone, on a beach, with a bottle of wine/champagne whatever it was, with Ru/kia wearing resort clothes and them looking at each other in that filtry way, there is no way to see this in a platonic way, just no.

Like how can you say this poem is not romantic, like how??? Even if we didn’t have all the other 1500 proofs this poem alone screams romantic to me. The picture already had the “time goes on but this bond doesn’t break” but a bit later we got this poem too, how can you say that time stops when they part is not romantic? You can’t.

Do you want to take a look at the manga?

Ru/kia never said something like this to anyone, only Ichi/go this sounds so much like a confession is not even funny.

and look how happy he is after she says that.

Ichi/go never looked at someone like this, just Ru/kia and to make the point even more clear Ino/ue was so jealous and hurt by it she had to look away.

That goodbye was  already so extra but Ku/bo had to put shoujo bubbles too, SHOUJO BUBBLES, that shit was romantic as fuck and he knew it. 

This is not even half of it, there is still so much more, how can you deny all the things we got and say ichiruki was never on his mind ??? Meanwhle your ship got near to nothing and was one sided for the whole manga and say it makes totally sense? Like no just no. I don’t know what is Ku/bo’s deal but he clearly has problems because what he says and what he does is inconsistent af.

Can you believe there are 4,000 people following us? That’s amazing! We are so thankful for each and every one of you who keep up with Daily Victuri. We would not be here without all of your love and support for our blog. 

That being said, we decided that we wanted to celebrate, and what better way than with our first official fic rec list? Writers are some of the biggest unsung heroes of the YOI fandom, and our love for Victuri writers reaches far and wide. We wanted to use this opportunity to highlight fics from all corners of Victuri fandom, so we reached out to you guys for suggestions and recs. The response was overwhelming! From you guys, we were able to create a list of fifty-five fics. We tried to compile a combination of fandom favorites along with some lesser known (but still wonderful!) ones, and we all hope that this will help you find your next favorite read. 

All fics are being listed below the cut and are sorted into categories based on length. 

xoxo, your Daily Victuri Admins

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Okay, this is the first mini-masterlist. It will be linked to my new main Masterlist once all the other smaller ones are posted!


Stay Awake (DeanxReader, Angst, Fluff)

Rudely Interrupted By Scruff (DeanxReader, FLUFF)

Burning Up (DeanxReader, Fluff or Angst? Not sure, I think it’s more fluff!)

Demon Hunters (DeanxReader, Fluff)

It’s Me, Sweetheart (DeanxReader, Angst?)

Fleeting Moments (Dean x Reader, FLUFF)

Warmth Mini Series

Dean x Reader series where the reader has to share a bed with him on a hunt.

Two Beds

Two Shirts

Two Keys

Two Rooms


(I decided to put these under a cut because there’s so many of them!)

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First, this, unfortunately isn’t the real “Selfie” prompt. I was supposed to post it with the rest enven though I made it before -

As I said last night I didn’t finish yet. Six photos out of 12 (or 13 idk) are done but at 6am I was dead and couldn’t properly see what I was doing XD Right now I’m busy and can’t continue so for now I wanted to post at least this one, with a photo I made at work…(there’s a huge amethyst behind by the way, I’m disappointed it can’t be seen because it’s beautiful…but it’s not the subject anyway)

(Also boop @lapidot-anniversary-week , @luclipse85 , even tho it’s not the complete prompt, I still wanted to post something today)

I’ll post the rest anyway because I spent several hours taking good photos, and several hours drawing on half of them, but is it still okay if I post them tomorrow ? I really wanted to make this but have been too slow T_T"

It’s basically the same type of pictures, but…with more cuteness XD ? Edit : Just saw it in the tags so I just wanted to add : the lapis bracelet isn’t dyed, I just played with the lights and filters a little too much XD

Captain America 76th Anniversary Celebration Post

The very first Captain America comic has a release date of March 1941, so in order to celebrate the 76th Anniversary of our beloved Steven Grant Rogers, I have asked Tumblr users to submit their favorite Cap comic panels, art, quotes, pictures, meta, gifs, and/or write-ups on what Captain America means to them. And here is what Cap’s fans have to say… (please feel free to reblog and add your own favorite Steve Rogers moments, etc. to this post).

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" Kaylor fandom is outing Taylor" (or, please kill this idea forever)

The idea that Kaylor fandom exists (or desires) to “out” the girls is a common misconception, but it’s one I’m tired of seeing.

First: Kaylor fandom is what it is because Karlie and Taylor helped build it. The girls follow Kaylor blogs, interact with Kaylor sm accounts, and keep the pulse of the fandom to a ridiculous degree. I’m on mobile so I can’t link here, but there are numerous examples of this.

- Karlie’s father and sister frequently “liking” Kaylor content on social media
- Taylor bringing the camera around to focus delightedly on a “Kaylor” banner at her Chinese concert, then bringing those fans to Loft89
- Taylor following blogs with names like “Gaylor Swift” and liking posts such as “I can make the straight girls gay for a weekend”
- Taylor wearing a t shirt with naked girls all over it
- Karlie posting a Valentine’s Day quiz which draws HEAVILY on her and Taylor’s answers to the Vogue “Best Best Friends” feature of 2014 … but is explicitly romantic. Oh, and the love interest is kept carefully gender neutral in all the questions
- A man appearing at random in Taylor’s “73 questions” Vogue video, to ask her where he should take his wife for their anniversary - and Taylor immediately telling him “Big Sur”
- Taylor and Karlie taking three pictures of themselves embracing at Drake’s birthday party, with only the top picture visible. Fans speculated that the pictures got progressively more “couple-y” and then some weeks later the second picture was posted - sure enough it was an embrace and kiss on the cheek, the first picture we’d ever had of Taylor kissing Karlie, instead of the other way round
- Kaylor fandom speculating about bts pics from their Vogue shoot since 2014, and vocally unhappy with Taylor’s birthday post for Karlie in 2015. Fast forward to 2016, and what’s Karlie’s birthday post? A bts snap from the 2014 Vogue shoot.

There are many, many other examples of the girls interacting with fandom in this way. You can dismiss it all as coincidence if you like (and that’s your right) but for many of us there are just too many coincidences. If Taylor doesn’t approve of Kaylor fandom, why “reward” us by giving us things like the bts Vogue pictures? We know she lurks, and it’s not as if she doesn’t have many, many other pictures of the two of them. If she or her team didn’t want to “feed the monster” , it wouldn’t have been hard to choose something more platonic. (And not caption it “I LOVE YOU KARLIE”. But I digress.)

And then there’s the obvious: that we simply don’t have the power to “out” Taylor. Like the Larry fandom, we’re ignored or considered total crackpots by everyone from the mainstream media to the rest of the fandom. Even casual fans are likely to write us off as crazies. What influence do we have? Who actually listens to us beyond our own fandom? The truth is, it’s vanishingly rare for those who don’t believe in Kaylor to even treat us with basic respect.

anonymous asked:

What do you think Stiles and Lydia's house would be like as adults?

Okay I hate how specific my head canons for this are. 


  • Yellow house
  • Small
  • Deep red door/shutters. 
  • There’s a small backyard patio that Lydia literally makes Stiles do all the work on, so like they have a deck with a grill and a big table (bigger than their kitchen table) and Lydia sits out there grading papers and bossing Stiles around while he does literally all of the gardening and heavy lifting, 
    • He wants to hate her for it but he gets very, very nicely rewarded. 

Living Room:

  • Stiles gets to pick out the couch, that’s his one job, and Lydia builds the rest of the room around it. 
  • One of her art pieces is hanging up above the couch. Stiles does it when she’s out of town, and at first she’s mad but she grows to really like it and it actually inspires her to paint more, which it turns out is really amazing stress relief for Lydia. 
  • They have nerdy-ass throw pillows. 
    • Like, one of them has Shakespeare on it. 
    • One of them has the periodic table of elements
    • One of them has the cover of Stiles’ favorite book that his dad used to read to him when he was growing up. 
    • So on, so forth.
  • There’s candles everywhere, which they totally intend to use but once they get a dog they’re banned from lighting them because suddenly everything in the house is a fire hazard. 
  • Lydia’s got cozy blankets hidden behind the couch and she likes to wrap herself up in them when she’s got a cold. All you can see is the top of her hair and a red little nose. 
  • There’s really fancy, expensive looking art/photography books on the coffee table for guests and Stiles always puts his coffee cups on them. Which, one one hand, yay, coaster, but on the other hand Lydia payed $80 for that book when they were in Paris??? Like???
  • They have an alcohol cabinet in the living room that they rarely ever touched but Stiles keeps stocked. He always knows what people want when they come over, due to his bartending days in college, which makes him an excellent host. 


  • Pretty small
  • Stiles whines about lack of counter space frequently but then Lydia has to sit really close when he’s cooking so like. What’s the real loss, here?
  • There’s a small circular table that comfortably seats two and less-comfortably seats three. They keep saying that they’re going to get a bigger table, but they never do because they ultimately not being able to host stuff. 
  • (If they do people over, it’s in the summer, on the back patio, but other than that, their house is their space and they like it that way. They go to Scott’s for most holidays, anyways.) 
  • The fridge is covered in a collage of their lives. Postcards from Isaac, magnets from Kira, pictures of the pack members printed out and lovingly stuck on there. 
    • There’s a really nice picture of all of them together on the little table next to the front door, where they keep the mail and put their keys in the little dish next to the fake flowers, but this is where all the lovely, goofy pictures are. 
  • The window is perched over the sink, looking out into the backyard, and Stiles likes watching Lydia’s face in the morning sunlight as she washes their plates after breakfast on Saturday mornings. 

Lydia’s Office: 

  • Almost everything is white or soft blue
  • This is her sacred room, it’s very soothing to her 
  • There’s shelves and shelves of books, a desk made of black wood, and an extremely comfortable chair that goes with it. 
  • There’s pretty and simple art on the walls so that it’s not completely bare, but not nice enough art that Lydia feels distracted by it while she’s working. 
  • It’s usually very neat but also covered in stacks of paper, upon which Lydia keeps her reading glasses. (Whenever she can’t find them, they’re always in her office.) 
  • Stiles is rarely allowed to come in, and if he is in there, he has to sit on the white couch and be quiet. 
    • Same goes for the dog. 
  • It has a window seat, which is why Lydia loves it, and she’ll frequently just go read on the window seat on the days that she doesn’t have much to do. 
    • She sketches Stiles from memory on rainy days while she sits in the window seat. She is on a quest to get his nose right– feels like she can never quite capture its spirit
    • She’s A+ at drawing his mouth though, probably because she has a very intimate knowledge of it. 


  • Light wood, no carpet. 
  • There’s black & white pictures in dark black frames leading all the way up the stairs. 
    • Lydia is very proud of the way they’re arranged. 
    • She thinks they’re very aesthetic. 
  • The stairs are lined with pictures of the most important people– Stiles’ mom and dad on their wedding day, Lydia’s mother holding baby Lydia, Scott and Stiles as little kids, Scott and Stiles as teenagers, Allison laughing and wrinkling her nose as she holds a dandelion, Malia, Kira, and Isaac posing together at a long-forgotten Christmas party, Mrs. McCall hugging Stiles around the middle at his college graduation, Stiles and Lydia and Scott at Lydia’s thesis defense, Stiles and Lydia sitting with his dad at the kitchen table on Thanksgiving, several pictures of Scott’s little girls, together and separately, and finally, at the very top, Stiles and Lydia on their wedding day, a candid that Kira had caught with her expensive camera that had somehow come out better than anything their official photographer had snapped of them. 


  • Their bedroom is the room of the house which had taken the most compromise. 
  • It’s a soft white color with gauzy white drapes that blow prettily in the breeze whenever the windows are open. 
    • Stiles says it reminds him of the veil in Harry Potter. 
  • There’s a very tall king sized bed with a very simple, modern bed frame and a dark headboard. 
  • The duvet is deep, dark blue. The sheets are white. The large decorative pillows that they throw over the bed are another shade of blue. 
    • Lydia loves these. Stiles hates them because it makes it harder to leap onto the bed with finesse at the end of the day. 
    • He usually ends up taking them off when he comes home from work, kicks his pants to the floor, and settles into bed to do nothing. 
  • There’s two bedside tables with matching lamps. 
    • Lydia’s bedside table always has a book on it, marked with her spot. She tries to read a little every night but for the most part does not succeed. It also has a nice candle on it and an old silver clock that was her grandmother’s, and a picture of Stiles and Scott. 
    • Stiles’ bedside table usually has money from his pockets, candy wrappers, mugs, and folders from work that Lydia is always tucking into his second drawer down in an effort to straighten up because “it’s not like you’re going to do work in bed anyways, Stiles!” 
    • It’s also got a picture of him and Lydia at the winter formal sophomore year and another one of Lydia with his dad. 
  • Stealing this from @rememberiloveyou: Lydia, for their anniversary one year, bought a huge wooden slab and painted “I love you” “I know” onto it in beautiful white brushstrokes and very fancy handwriting. It hangs right above their bed and is Stiles’ favorite part of the room. 
    • He had been begging her to let him have a Star Wars poster. This is the compromise. 
  • There’s a little chaise lounge in the corner which is supposed to be for decoration but ends up being where Stiles shoves most of his clothes when he’s too lazy to walk over to their walk-in closet and throw them in the laundry bin. 
  • Lydia’s bureau was a gift from her mother when she moved into her first apartment with Stiles and it is boss
    • Antique, enormous, with a huge, ornate mirror that is her pride and joy. 
    • It has one of those soft, cushy stools. 
    • Her makeup drawers are so organized she wants to cry. It is literally her happy place. 
  • There’s a bunch of blue rugs that stretch across the hardwood floor. Their dog likes to sleep on them. In the winter, Stiles cracks up as Lydia jumps from rug to rug to try to avoid how cold the floor is. 

And then there’s a guest room that is easily the fanciest room of the house and is Lydia’s pride and joy. Stiles didn’t give a rats ass what it looked like so she just sorta went off and made it super decorative and modern. Also, they’ve got a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower because Lydia loves taking baths. 

Okay :D Before your utterly confused, let me explain. 

 Today, March 27, marks the day I first joined tumblr, making this day the first anniversary for my blog. I just want to say, thank you so so much. Through out the year, there have been many ups and downs. I have made many new friends here, i’ve meet great artist, improved my art soooo much, and am blessed to have everyone still here by my side. All of you, all 650+ followers, or people who just stalk me, or people who have found me just now, thank you for being here. I would have never gotten this far without anyone’s help. I seriously can not express my gratitude in words. So much has happened it just makes me so happy :’) 

 As a celebration. I’ll hold a huge art raffle!! ( I SWEAR I’LL ACTUALLY DRAW ART FOR EACH WINNER UNLIKE THE PAST ART RAFFLES )

So ~~ Lets start with the obvious rules :3 

 1. Only two entries per person! One reblog, one like. Please only reblog ONCE.

2. Most people would say “make sure your following me” but i’ll let it slide this time. Anyone can participate! No one needs to follow me ,but its greatly appreciated. 

 3. After I post the winners, I will private message each of them so get what you want drawn ready incase your a winner! ☆ ( If its an OC or a character from an anime/otome game/video game/what ever, make sure to have a ref for me ^^) 

4. No NSFW. I can’t draw it nor am I allowed to owo Like, I can literally draw anything besides NSFW. 

 5. If you read the rules, please reblog this with “clouds” ( with reblog or in tag ) Just gotta make sure no one is just randomly reblogging this ;) 

 Now to the prizes ~ ( Examples will be shown ) 

1st Place ( One winner ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, tons of detail, background + a bonus sketch of anything :D 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

2nd Place ( Two winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, and background. 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

3rd Place ( Two Winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, background

4th Place ( Three Winners ) Half drawing with color, simple shading, and simple background. ( I dont really have a picture to show sorry ;; ) 

 ( Runner ups are added every 100 notes on this post. Runner ups get a colored sketch ) 

 Welp, thats it. If I need to add anything else i’ll be just reblog this post with the missing info. It will end on April 10!! Good luck everyone and again, thank you!!

Still falling for you

Hi guys! Sorry this is a little late but its been an eventful day here! But pleas enjoy this super short in celebration of Jim Kirk’s birthday! I have not done my usual tight editing process because It has been such a quick turn around and I just got back so yeah- enjoy!

Note: I got the gif from google because tumblr was being horrible. So credit to the tag in the image, even though i cant find them on here!

Also huge thanks to @annalisehartmann!

For those who are interested I built it off the back of one of my previous Imagines called ‘Three Nights’ which you can read here!

PROMPT - NONE! It’s Jimbo’s birthday!

PAIRING - Jim Kirk X Reader

WORD COUNT - 2,583 words

SUMMARY -  “I think I’m falling in love with you.”


Still falling for you

The stark white lights of the Enterprise’s hallways assaulted your eyes as you skidded around one of it’s many corners; your standard issued boots barely gripping the freshly polished black floor. The soft squeaking of worn rubber against the slippery surface beneath your heel, doing little to warn passersbys as you ducked wildly to the side; narrowly missing an approaching science officer.

“SORRY!” You cried, your head tilting over your shoulder as your body arched inwards in a defensive stance of the large cardboard box you carried.  

This was one of your most important missions yet as a senior security officer, and to hell were you going to mess it up.

You were approaching your quarters in record time when the small metallic communication device clasped to your waist erupted to life, the shrill tones causing you to flinch in suprise for the uptenth time. Sighing with frustration you slowed your pace significantly, reluctantly shifting the box in your arms dangerously to the side; allowing you to flick the slick lid of the device open.

“Listen here McCoy” You began, your tone one of warning as you struggled to keep your panting to a minimum. The box balanced across your left arm wobbled dangerously as your steps became uneven, a curse quickly dying on your lips. “I know I’m late! I can’t help it! But if you could stop calling me every two seconds then I might just-”

“Jim’s not turned up.”

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Party Crasher (a fic inspired by a friendly anon)

Joker ducked into the first unlocked apartment he could find, just needing a quick place to hide and breathe after robbing his favorite explosives outlet and before he attempted his heist on the nearby First National Bank of Gotham. Harley was not far behind.

A room full of startled faces turned in their direction upon hearing the door slam. If the decorations and cake were any indication, Joker would have said he’d stumbled into someone’s party.

An evil, toothy grin spread across his face, seeing an opportunity to spread a little mayhem before tonight’s rendezvous with his Bat.

“Hello there, kiddos!” he shouted, drawing himself up to his full impressive height. “Let’s get this party started, shall we!?”

Silence, followed by screams. Joker let the familiar sound wash over him until it became…not so familiar somehow.

“Oh my gosh! Is that the Joker!?” a little girl with straight, blonde hair cried in…was that delight? He suddenly realized why the screams had seemed off. They were the sort of ecstatic screams he normally heard from Batman’s adoring public. An especially loud squeal of joy came from a little brown eyed boy in a wheelchair near the back of the dining room. He wore a large crown that read “BIRTHDAY BOY” in big purple and green letters.

Before he could do anything else, a man with glasses in a plaid sweater and khakis pressed into Joker’s personal space.

“Thanks so much for coming on such short notice. Your outfit is spectacular, by the way. You really made me believe the Joker had just barged into our house.” A nervous laugh. “Oh, and I see you’ve brought a Harley with you!” A small wave from his partner in crime. “Not a problem. We’ll have your payment after the party’s over.”

“I’m not-”

“Mr. Joker! Mr. Joker! Can I take a picture with you, please?” the boy in the wheelchair begged excitedly. The starry eyed expression he directed at him reminded Joker of how Birdboy typically looked at Batman.

Oh, how he wanted to. He wanted to pose for every picture these kids asked for, sign autographs, tell them his stories and listen to theirs. Anything at all that they wanted because they were HIS FANS! Those beautiful gems of people that were so few and far between. But…

“As…fun as that sounds, kid, I think I need to g-”

A swift punch to the shoulder by Harley silenced him. He was beginning to wonder if he’d ever get to finish a sentence.

“S’cuse us for a minute, kiddies.”

Some disappointed groans and confused mumbles came in answer as Harley yanked Joker back into the entryway near the front door.

“What do ya think you’re doin’?” Harley snipped in a hushed tone.

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m getting out of here, as planned. We have to be at the bank by 5:15 and it’s already,” he stopped to examine his Tweety Bird watch. “nearly 4:45. We don’t have time for this.”

Harley shook her head, pigtails flying where they may. “No, puddin’. Those kids are your fans and I know how important they are to you. Like that one girl from Uptown you still keep tabs on that gave you the glittery nail polish and candy.

Joker couldn’t help but smirk. “I still don’t know how Leana knew how much I love Tootsie Rolls.”

“You see? Now go in there and spend a quick minute with those kids.”

The villain’s face lit up like it was Christmas and practically sprinted back to the heart of the party.

“Birthday boy!” He called, pointing to the boy. “What’s your name?”

“James!” he replied, eyes still twinkling. He was wearing a grin that could have put Joker himself to shame.

“Well, Jimmy. Howza ‘bout we get you that picture?”

Plenty of hugs and please’s and thank you’s (and a quick piece of cake) later, Joker and Harley knew that they actually had to leave for their appointment at the bank. But before he left, Joker made sure to grab one more big hug from James and conspiratorially whisper to him: “Turn the TV to Channel 6 when I leave.”

The kid nodded as if receiving a secret mission, then smiled again. ”Thank you, Mr. Joker. This was the best present ever.”

“No problem, kid. Happy to meet you.” A gentle swipe of his brown hair. “I’ll be in touch.”

With that, the two were gone.

James quickly rolled himself over to the TV, eager to see whatever it was that Joker had wanted him to see.
“What are you doing, baby?” his mom asked. “You still have guests and presents here.”

”I know, mom, but Joker told me to.”

She smiled, shaking her head and let her son do as he pleased when she heard the door open once more.

“Hey, everyone! Who’s ready to smile!”

The party went silent as everyone looked at the man who had just come in looking a lot like the Joker.

James’ parents glanced at each other before they heard a delighted squeal come from their son.

“Look, everybody! He’s waving!” he cried and the entire room filed in to press around the screen. Sure enough, the man and woman who had been at their party mere minutes earlier were covered in concrete dust and framed by smoke and fire.

“Happy Birthday, James! It was a BLAST!” Joker cried as another explosion sounded behind him.


Warnings: none

Rating: T

Word Count: 672

Despite how the two of you were pretty much against sappy romantic trash, your relationship with Dan couldn’t have been cheesier. Your first date had, luckily, been in the summer time, and you’d met in the park and gone for a walk before going to some new age restaurant (which Dan paid for) for dinner and then walking the streets of London like some movie couple. You’d even stopped by a fountain that night and kissed each other for the first time. You’d never admit you loved the way you had risen to the tips of your toes while his hands had held your waist. It’d only gotten more sugary from there. There had been more park dates, which soon turned into picnic dates. There were the stay-in dates, where you’d drink wine and order pizza and play video games like some sort of nerdy couple you’d only find in cheap fanfiction. There were the super expensive dates for anniversaries that no normal couple would think to remember, but everything the two of you did held so much more significance for those moments most people took for granted. When the two of you went on vacation and Dan asked someone to take a picture of you two, he’d stand behind you and wrap his hands around your waist, chin plopped on her shoulder. You two were always taking pictures, actually. Your Instagram was full of those goofy pictures people took of their s/o pulling them forward while holding hands, or posed candids of you both laughing. Twitter was no better, you’d reply to each others tweets for hours sometimes, making your poor friends comment on how you two disgusted them with your antics. Now, the both of you still exchanged memes and other weird content at all times of the day, but that just didn’t make up for all the over the top shit you did as well.

Phil had it the worst, though. At home, the two of you would forget he was in the room. All three of you would be watching some anime and Phil would look over to see the two of you sharing a kiss or playing with each other’s hair, or some other romantic thing he could barely stomach. As a joke he would say “get a room,” but the two of you knew he meant it secretly. Sometimes Dan would give you playful smacks on the ass, or pull you onto his lap right in front of his best friend. Poor Phil spent most of his time in his room since you’d gotten together, though he found he could still hear the two of you, especially during one of you guys’ more…passionate nights. When Dan had gone on tour, you’d posted sad selfies nearly every day for a month, and spent the rest of the time he was gone posting many of the couply selfies you’d taken together. The things the two of you just said to each other were bad, too. You’d both given each other ridiculous nicknames, and exchanged I love yous far more than a healthy couple needed to, you complimented each other often. Whenever Dan made day in the life videos, he’d just capture moments where you were talking about random nonsense, or film himself walking behind you. He’d had you on the liveshow a couple of times, but you always ended up talking to each other more than interacting with the phans, not that they really minded. You two fell asleep tangled together all the time, drawing warmth from each other even under blankets. Contact was vital for you guys. Hand holding to making love, you needed a physical connection more than anything. Rarely did Dan go anywhere without you by his side, and the same went for you.

All in all, what you and Dan had was special, you made each other incredibly happy. Still, your friends knew it, your family knew it, and the two of you knew it. Your relationship, though sweet, was inexcusably cliche.

A/N: Hey hey guys, I’ve never really put a note after before. But anyway, I know this isn’t the soft core porn I’ve published before, but I really wanted to write about how cute a relationship would be with Dan, and I liked the idea of him having a super cliche one even though he’d probably hate other couples who were super sappy. Hope you enjoyed!

Essays in Existentialism: Twice

I was wondering if we would be able to get more of the “once” universe? Maybe the struggles once they have made this one time thing more than that? Or the dinner with lexa’s dad?

Previously on Once

“That was fun,” Clarke gasped, trying to catch her breath as best she could. Her shoulders relaxed despite pushing against the wall to keep herself up in the small space of the closet. 

“Yeah,” Lexa smirked, barely visible in the dim light. She kissed the thigh next to her lips, wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, kissed Clarke once more between her legs. Clarke gulped and twitched. 

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Fly me to the Moon

A/N: IM text and second to last part! xD 
Summary: It’s Christmas Time and Johan discovers the joys of instant messenger and unexpected surprises (Ft. Johnson Fam)
WordCount: 3313
Taggies: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships 
Warning: Panic attack/ Depressing thoughts

“Bow have you seen my watch?” Dre grumbled, rubbing his empty wrist as he crossed the large, open kitchen. He gently placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder and kissed the side of her face. “I just had it…”

“You mean this one?” She motioned to a black Rolex watch sitting on the counter right next to her cup of coffee. “Or that one.” She pointed, across the kitchen to the living room where another expensive watch sat folded neatly on the coffee table. “Or–”

“No it’s the gold one, the one I wear for my ‘Drop em like it’s hot’ meetings.” Dre smiled cockly, Rainbow arched an eyebrow not sure what he was talking about. “For the meetings where I drop some big news, big news mean a big watch. I gotta assert my dominance in that room.”

“Because your CEO title means nothing if you’re not waving around big, shiny things on your wrist?” She shook her head, sometimes her husband made her wonder what she got herself into. “The point is you leave your watches around all over the house I’m surprised you haven’t lost any until now.”

“No see, that watch is my lunch watch, swap it out when I’m going on lunch outs with the crew. Can’t flash anything too nice but I can’t be watchless.” He scoffed as pointed to the other one across the room. “That’s my, I’m reading don’t bother me watch.” Dre nodded, then motioned to his empty wrist. “I need my ‘Drop em like it’s hot’ watch.”

After a moment of silence Rainbow shook her head and pulled the only conclusion she could think of. “Did you leave it in the bathroom?”

A lightbulb went off in Dre’s head and he pointed at the hallway. “And this is why I married you, we are a team.” He kissed her cheek and bounced up the stairs to retrieve his watch. There were few things in his life which he thought were sacred. His kicks, his watches, and his personal space. Which was why when he bought and designed the house, he had in mind an oasis like master bedroom. Far away from most of the rooms, a little corner of his personal space. So imagine his outrage when he found his master on suite bathroom was crowded with his children and his not-so-welcomed brother in-law. “What are you doing in my bathroom?!”

Junior popped his head out of the many bodies crowding around the vanity and smiled. “Uncle Johan is signing up for facebook and we’re helping him get the best quality profile picture around.” He gave his father an ‘ok’ sign before diving back in. Andre stood there, somewhat bewildered before shaking his head.

“No, no why does it have to be my in bathroom!?” He yelled, another child coming out from the herd and placed her small hand on her hip. Andre casted his eyes down to the youngest daughter of his family.

“Zoey said that the best lightening comes from bathrooms and your bathroom has the best lightening.” Diane shrugged a bit. “Zoey is on a roll in here, you do.not. Want to get in. We’ll call when we’re done.” She smiled and went back to the hustle and bustle.
“No, we need the light in your eyes–wait! And, fluff his hair a little. Ok now hold the phone like, yes!” Zoey’s voice was high and cheerful. “I think we did it…” She pulled away and noticed her father was standing there with his arms wide open in exasperation. “Oh hey daddy.” Zoey smirked, still beaming from her handy work.

“Does anyone mind telling me why the four of you are crowded around in my bathroom like there is a concert going on?” Dre got a glimpse of Johan who wordlessly, walked out of the bathroom and climbed on his bed with his sandals still on. “WOAH WOAH now, not the shoes, JOHAN.” He yelled at him and usually Johan would prattle about something but…he was quiet his eyes glued to his phone more than usual. “…O-K, what’s wrong with him, wait no he’s quiet I don’t want to know.” Dre motioned his children away and retrieved the watch in question from the bathroom. When he returned they were all huddled behind Johan, looking over his shoulder at his phone. “No Dre. Don’t ask. It’s not worth it…”

“Why isn’t he accepting the friend request yet?” Junior frowned, “you think he’s not online yet?”

“No way, I checked his facebook he made a status this morning.” Zoey had thoroughly stalked the guy in question. Johan came back doe eyed and with a sudden interest in social media. Of course she needed the details. “…maybe he’s blinded by how amazing you look with the flower crown filter.”

“Or maybe he doesn’t like you.” Diana crossed her arms and felt a nudge from her twin brother.

“Excuse her, uncle Johan, someone didn’t have their cereal this morning.” He mumbled, “I told you’d be cranky if you didn’t eat first.”

Clearly all his children were invested so Dre was swayed, he was going to pry and pray it wasn’t something he’d regret. “Alright, what are you all talking about?”

“Dad, Johan is trying to slid into the DMs with the guy he met in New York” Andre Jr. wiggled his eyebrow gaining only facepalms and groans from his siblings. “What?”

“What he is trying to say in a less…cringey way, is Johan likes a guy and he doesn’t know how to go about social media flirting.” Zoey smiled, “so we helped him out.”

“Social Media….flirting? Uh huh.” Dre shook his head and his children felt a lecture coming. “You know back in my day, we didn’t ‘slide’ into anyone’s Ims.”


“Whatever” Dre held up his hand, ignoring the fact he was corrected in the slang. “If you liked someone you called them, wrote them letters, took them out on dates. And you did not date someone you didn’t visit. Long distance only worked when you’re dating someone who’s going out to war or if you’re starring in a B rated Hallmark romcom movie.”

His children exchanged looks, “that’s not how romance works now dad. You can date anyone anywhere in the world with a click.”

“HA” Dre sarcastically laughed and clapped his hands together. “I’d hardly call that romantic.”

“Oh coming from the guy who got mom a blender for their anniversary?” Andre Junior shook his head disapprovingly.

Dre dramatically placed a hand to his chest and backed off a bit, “your mother had been dropping hints she was into juicing, my gift was thoughtful and expensive! I am plenty romantic.” There was a silence that came over his children and he felt nothing but judgment. “Don’t you have to be at school, BEAT IT” He shoo’d them out of his room until the only person who remained in his room wasn’t even someone he was legally required to take care of. Dre had some choice words for his annoying brother in-law but something about Johan’s face stopped him. He jumped a bit when Johan suddenly gasped.

“…he’s talking to me… “ Suddenly Johan’s entire world muted and the only thing that mattered was this Facebook messenger.

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Gift Headcanons for 2012 Turts

For a basic or traditional gift he would ask April to get him some of his S/O’s favorite flower and/or sweet treat. The more he gets to know them the more personal the gifts would get. He would try to get her things based on her interests. He would get them gifts for holidays and special occasions, such as an anniversary or her birthday. He would by them a little something if they were feeling down to cheer them up, if he could.

He would actually be somewhat nervous to give his S/O a gift in the beginning, fearing they wouldn’t like it. When he gets over it though, the gifts would be pretty personal from the get go. He would save up enough money for something meaningful, resembling their relationship. Due to some other headcanons I have I think he is actually a pretty creative turtle and a somewhat good artist, considering this I think that once the relationship was far along enough to be comfortable with it, he would give them a picture he had drawn of the two of them. Asking them not to show anyone. Most gifts would be on special occasions or holidays, sometimes he may have something for them on a random day when he’s thinking of them or they’ve had a bad day.

He would go through short periods of time where he gets hyper-focused on an idea of a gift for his S/O. When these hit he has to make it, or at the very least write it down or design it, before he can get back to work. The idea bunny won’t let him be until something is done about it. If the urge comes near a special occasion of holiday he will save it for then, If not he would give it to them as soon as their next date after it arrived or was completed. If it’s small he’ll give it to them asap. He can’t help it, he loves their smile and showering them with his love. He wants to give them the world because that’s what they deserve. He would give them a lot of tech based things or things he engineered, (Ex. April’s music box). He would also cater to their interests the best he could.

This boy, this boy, everyday is a day for presents for his S/O. Drawings of him and his S/O as superheros. Random serenades. Asking April to teach him how to make his S/O’s favorite dessert. Anything. And. Everything. S/O’s getting showered with little presents constantly. He’ll get them bigger things that cater to their interest for holidays and special occasions.

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