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I was too busy to post as they came so here’s some of katsucon for today (feat. @driftingbystars and her boyfriend as Cloud and Aerith)


my album’s here!!!!!!!!!!!


HELLOoo ♡♡♡ i got tagged by @kittyhunnie to do the bias selfie tag !!! thank u !! 💕💕 sooo i actually wanted to do it with sehun only but..,,, his selfies….. sO HERE I AM WITH SEHUN CHANYEOL AND BAEKHYUN !! Hsjsbhaha i kNOow that the fist sehun pic is not rll y matching bu t….. :’’’)))

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Me, Doing College Theatre: “Why do we keep doing all these Weird as Shit™ shows? Wouldn’t we get more butts in seats if we did musicals?”

Me, now, doing Butts-in-Seats-Musicals: “Hokay, please direct me towards the Weird Shit. I would like one Weird Shit Play, please.”

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hi emilia! i just went through everything you have about autistic alec and bpd magnus lol. do you have any, like, slice-of-life headcanons for the two of them? thanks! <3

yes!!!!! and sfdghg i’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them, they’re like. my only reason for living rn

  • alec knows magnus has no emotional permanence so!! he sends him random ‘i love you’ texts or like,, pictures of animals whenever he has the time
  • and he just goes out of his way to let magnus know how wonderful n loved he is!!! he’ll happily validate him all day long and he means every single thing he says. ’you look amazing’, ‘you’re so kind’, etc
  • alec learns how to sense when magnus is spiralling or in need of extra affection and when that happens he’ll go to him & hug him cause he knows that makes him feel better
  • magnus is a known impulse shopper™ and sometimes alec will catch him in the act and be like. magnus do you really need that maybe you shouldn’t get that. and every now and then he manages to convince him but not always
  • sometimes when he’s tired and messes up a potion magnus has to stop himself from crying cause the mood drop is just that bad
  • alec gently plays with magnus’ hands and jewelry when magnus is dissociating cause it helps ground him and alec loves stimming that way
  • alec is mostly nonverbal first thing in the morning so magnus will talk quietly and not expect anything more than a smile in return until he can speak again
  • magnus has figured out what kind of touch is welcome and reassuring for alec when he’s having a meltdown; 1) like i mentioned in an earlier post, the gentle pressure of his hand over alec’s + 2) his hands in alec’s hair
  • and magnus loves stroking alec’s hair too cause he’s constantly craving physical intimacy from him and it’s reassuring for him to know alec needs it too, that he’s not being clingy
  • alec tells magnus he loves it when he’s clingy
  • sometimes magnus will ask alec about archery and listen to him talk about it for ages. and he genuinely enjoys listening to it
  • magnus takes note of all the different ways alec stims and sometimes he will do it with him, eg by rubbing their hands together, to let him know there’s nothing wrong with it and just cause he wants to, and when he sees alec likes it he makes a habit out of it

“I got so angry, after work I immediately went to Starbucks to get a frappuccino” is probably the most sorority thing I’ve said in my life and it’s also probably something Kent Parson has said

lets play a game?

because i almost hit 600 followers and i actually typed my follow forever when i hit 500 followers but my dad closed the tumblr tab when i havent saved it yet and im too lazy too wrote it all over again;“)
sooo i was thinking about a new thing. not a blograte, not a follow forever.

the rules are easy tho:
- reblog this post. (i think this is a must lol or i cant see you)
- you dont have to follow me but a follow would be appreciated:)
- you dont have to be a studyblr also.
- send me and ask with your fav emoji(s) also your name

what i will do:
since i cant answer with pictures via phone, i’ll post it instead and mentioning you (also credits to rightful owner if needed).
i will do a bullet journal pack (like the book, the utensils, the spreads, etc.) of what i think about your name and fav emoji(s) plus a site model icon of what i think about your name too!! (bc i just dang i love looking at those girls/boys theyre hella cute😍) alsoo a quote!!😁☺😊

soo i think thats it??? if this doesnt get note just forget it lmaoo if you dont want to see me playing games around in your dash please block #bilfy plays a game😊

Meet Hania! The fusion of Harvey and @firelara‘s Nadia. They’re laid back, a great hugger and they’re the parent friend of the office. Also, they big.

@ask-alley has been doing fusions for a while and I’ve been dying to do some Harvey fusions for a hot minute. And let’s face it, they’d never want to unfuse.

vetra/ryder as a sleepy item

vetra bleps in her sleep. like sticks the little bit of her tongue out and falls asleep like that. snoring. other than that she sleeps like a rock, ramrod straight, on her back, but with the little blep out.

if its not the cutest damn thing ryders ever seen.

as an item, they take the uncomfortable voyage into heterocarapaced sleeping arrangements. ryder, unable to sleep because vetra is around 50% pointy, 50% lizard, no matter how cute ‘here im bigger than you sleep on my chest’ sounds it doesnt change the fact that one of them is too soft 

entertains herself by kissing the blep. just like right on the mouth. vetra gives a mandible twitch and maybe flares her nose a little but is unresponsive. ryder has dark purple bags under her eyes and vetra’s mouth feels weird in the morning but otherwise there is no evidence of the blep smooching