but i wanted to do this so

Burning Low. Sometimes you gotta let yourself feel things. 

Yo this is the one and only time I’ll ever draw angst goodbye forever friends.

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Idk if this is an unpopular opinion but I miss when people on my dash posted for themselves rather than for Taylor? Like yeah I get it that we all want to be noticed but all of my dash - literally all of it - are of people reblogging themselves 6 times over.

You know what I keep saying I want in my life. And I still agree I want in my life. A concept: Taylor Swift having a tumblr that isn’t a fandom tumblr. But a blog for her interests. We’d get poetry, we’d get cute animal photos, we’d get art and poetry she enjoys. That is 100% the type of content I want to see from her. Kinda like how Lorde uses her tumblr.  



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I swore I knew the melody (that I heard you singing) - Chapter 1 - rileynoah, salamadersaurus_rex - Supergirl (TV 2015) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Word Count: 7003 (and counting)
Relationships: Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer, Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor, Winn Schott Jr./Jack Spheer
Additional Tags: trans!Winn, nb!Vasquez, Slow Burn, Alternate Universe - High School
Summary: Maggie Sawyer is new to National City East High. On her first day, she runs into Alex Danvers - star of the East High Wildcats - and the girl she happened to kiss on New Years Eve.


The High School Musical AU that no-one asked for, but we all deserve.

we did it fam. @salamadersaurus-rex and I finally did it.


//Ooc: First of I want to say: Sorry for being inactive so often and so long but life is really overwhelming for me and it’s really hard for me to stay motivated for longer than an hour honestly. I really can’t tell if I’ll ever be getting back into this, I really can’t.

This once was my safe space, a place where I didn’t feel like an alien on earth. But I’ve more or less ruined it for myself as I started to see it as something I had to do, it became a chore. Naturally I stopped doing the chore since I hate doing things I get pressured in. Even if it’s by my own hand. I learned to say no and I won’t let it be taken away from me anymore. I don’t want to live a life in which I do things because I think I have to and not because I want to. Hopefully you are able to understand this.

I’ve had so so much fun with all of you here, even though I was too scared to talk to most of you.. I like so many people on here but my anxiety won’t let me talk to you and it makes so sad that you never even knew how cool I think you are haha.. I hope I don’t creep any of you out tho..

I am so so grateful that I got to meet such wonderful people on here, I wish I could talk to you guys more.

So I’ll be tagging a few of you here just to thank you for everything really. Even if we didn’t talk, just know that I appreciated your existence. (Sorry if I forget any of you, I know I could have just not tagged anyone but I want you to actually feel like I’m talking to you. Aah.. does this make sense? I’m so bad at explaining myself)

Thank you to all of you who made my time here a bit more enjoyable:

@nekkei @lordgeales @kingofgayandsalt @kingofmikasass @monophagia @lestkarrkingofeurope @angel-shindo @asura-the-black @balefulvengeance @brassboundvalkyrie @bloodthirstylacus @broken-little-seraph @childoflegend @ciityguard @cinnabunyoichi @contractedloyalty @crowleyeusfordo @crusaderce @darkheroclone @impaler-prince @defyingseraphim @hisashiburii @dusk-hero @elyon-kurae  @eusfordprincess @fallenangelmikaela @ferid-trash-bathory @yoichisaohomo @heavenlyseraphim @human-s @im-yuu-from-the-future @itslacus @justicesided @kuroheishi @kylucx @lacusthebae @lendmeyourpower @lacusvamp @mika–ela @mika-hyakuya @mikaelashindovampireprince @minalikesyou @moonlit-theft @oathsealed @ofichinose @papashinyashindo @phasingmeadxw @poenitet @preciousprincessyu @pretty-eyes-and-thigh-highs @red-head-courage @toru-mikami @resoluteseraph @renesimmvampire @rigr-stafford @sassyshinoahiiragi @sassyhiiragisergeant @selfxloathingxvamp @shin-nyaa @shinyabyakkomaru @singingnamanari @snipec @tatsu-rose-bathory @thefifthprogenitor @theunwantedson @thunders-shadow @vampiric-crusader @vampiriic @yourfriendlyneighborhoodgrape @yuu–chan

The Owari no Seraph fandom was always a welcoming place for me. While I know that a lot of hate travelled through it too, I personally never got hit by any of it. It makes me sick to see how so many kindhearted people get attacked because they like something different or interpret things in another way.

If anyone is wondering, I’ll still be online and you can talk to me and all that but I won’t post anything on this blog anymore.

I want to speak out a big thank you to everyone who was willing to talk to me, who followed me, who liked my posts, who encouraged me and who rped with me. I love all of you and I am so thankful that I was able to have this sort of experience.

So before I go, I also want to say sorry to those of you that never got answers on asks, etc. It’s nothing personal, it was just me, not able to deal with so much… attention? I hope you get what I mean haha..

And lastly, I want to utter a wish to all of you who are still here: Please let the hate end. This place was meant to be full of love, a safe space for anyone who didn’t feel secure in the real world, for anyone who needed some time in a different world. Respect each other and spread love instead of hate.

Good luck on your journeys guys. Farewell,


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💀: Show something you drew a long time ago that at the time you were proud of.

this was… 2 years ago. I was really, really proud of this. something happened during those short two years but for no particular reasons Im glad


“I won’t hold back. I’ll give everything. I’ll pay homage by dancing”.

09:08   happy super belated birthday @09kageyama