but i wanted to do something for it

*sigh* Where is the line of professionalism between “the customer wants these changes, so I should make them” and “the customer doesn’t know what they’re doing that’s why they paid me to do it, and that change is bad”?

now feels like a good time to remind everyone not to be afraid about confronting me if i say/do something offensive or insensitive! i promise that in almost all cases, it was unintentional and i want to fix it/change my behavior so i can continue to grow into a better person!

illustraice  asked:

i am so,,,,happy. It feels like there's been an art bomb from u and I just,,,,,I'm going to cry I love it so much holy shit.

You know me, I post several things in one day, or one thing in several days haha! I’m glad you are digging it though~! I’ll be back to posting more requests soon so expect some more art bombs dropping soon.  Yeeeeee!

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I’m going to SG 2 weeks from now and I really need the money so I’ve decided to do commissions!!
I’m open for 10 slots as of now! I will update if ever I can do more before going abroad!

Here is my complete commission info! 

Thank you so much for taking an interest and y'all are so amazingggg!!


Naruto + best person to bring home to your parents → Neji Hyuuga

requested by @vtsvro


100 Days of TATINOF → [1/100]

 The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire

my @iwaoiexchange gift for lichi - the prompt was fluffy domestic iwaoi! i hope you like it!!