but i wanted to do something for it

really rough concept stuff for my new character for a campaign! Their name is Hadley Harper and they’re very good and are going to get dragged along on a cryptid hunting adventure

i’m still doing my other dnd campaign, but that’s with a diff group! 

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‘Let me go instead.’ I staggered to my feet. I’d just had the longest day in the history of days. I was ready to fall over. But there was no way I was going to stand by while my two oldest friends got sent into mortal danger. ‘Or at least let me go with them.’

‘Kid,’ Blitz said, his voice cracking. ‘It’s okay.’

My burden, Hearth signed, both hands pushing down on one of his shoulders.

I also kinda want to do something for Halloween, and since I can’t make cc and other simblreen stuff like that, I was thinking I could make a new post template for Halloween day and have posts going all day and also do something like more sim requests or what not if that sounds like a good idea? 

Have we figured out any of the characters and which tarot card they represent? I mean these are my guesses based off what I already know about tarot but I want to hear feedback.

  • Nadia - The High Priestess.
  • Lucio - The Chariot.
  • Portia - Strength
  • Asra - The Hermit
  • Julian - The Hanged Man
  • Muriel - I honestly don’t know maybe Temperence.

⚜️//On and on the ravens flew, even to the misty lakeside manor where THE COUNTESS dwelled. It was said that she felt no warmth, no cold, no joy, and no sorrow.//⚜️

to make up for the dead air a little bit, here’s an idea i had and couldn’t stop thinking about!!

the aspects as imagine dragons songs

space- Polaroid

I am a head case

I am the color of boom

That’s never arriving

time- summer

Only in summertime

Only in summertime

Things will change with time

Only in summertime

light- Amsterdam(?)

But the rain won’t fall for the both of us

The sun won’t shine on the both of us

Believe me when I say

That I wouldn’t have it any other way

void- Hopeless Opus

I’ve got this place

That I’ve filled with empty space

Oh, I’m trying not to face what I’ve done

breath- Thunder

Just a young gun with a quick fuse

I was uptight, wanna let loose

I was dreaming of bigger things

And wanna leave my own life behind

blood- Who We Are

It’s who we are.

Doesn’t matter if we’ve gone too far.

Doesn’t matter if it’s all okay.

Doesn’t matter if it’s not our day.

heart- Hear Me

Leave your shoes at the door, baby

I am all you adore lately

Come with me, and we will run away!

mind- Smoke and Mirrors

Open up my mind!

hope- The Fall

Maybe I’m thinking I should just keep

To the things that I’ve been told

Wait for the colors to turn to gold

rage- Friction

You’re stuck in the middle

Of all irrelevance

And your heart is beating

‘Cause you know that you gotta

Get out of the middle

And rise to the top now

life- I Bet My Life

Oh, I, I bet my life

I bet my life

I bet my life on you

doom- It Comes Back to You

All the things that I could be

I think I learned in therapy.

Am I just a shadow you drew?

A little thank you for my followers and some explanations about my blog.

I am so surprised that people actually follow this silly blog of mine. And so many. I mean heck???!!  Do I even deserve that?

I mean Tumblr is a little hideout for me and from my real life. Things I post reblog on my blog are for keeping me calm and help me to have a little space for myself and my fantasies.

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