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This blog will be 100% Cheryl's Baby-Free

For my own peace of mind, I would not reblog any post that relates to Cheryl and HER baby. Yep, you read it right HER baby coz I don’t believe Liam is the father. Really don’t care how Cheryl conceived her child (I highly suspect it’s through IVF though) but I believe Liam’s sperm did not fertilize Cheryl’s egg. Sorry for being a bit blunt in there but I just want to make it very clear as to what I believe in.

I have nothing against her baby (and I never had tbqh) so I wish him all the best and I hope he has a fruitful and happy life ahead of him. I’ve always believed that a baby is a blessing to any parent so as much as I’m pissed at Cheryl right now, I congratulate her for having a bundle of joy to cherish and love. But that’s about the positive thoughts I’m willing to extend to her. There’s a saying if you have nothing nice to say at someone then say nothing at all so no comment about her though I’d like to point out she’s a persona non grata in this blog.

I’ve always hope that Cheryl and her baby would not be a talking point in solo Liam’s publicity and will be blacklisted but given that Capitol UK has posted about it (do record labels really post about their artist’s personal life?!) I’m not keeping my hopes up. Which is such a shame coz I feel like they would compete for attention with Liam’s music and Liam himself. I’ve always wished that the publicity surrounding his solo career would center around him and the music he created so I completely resent Cheryl piggybacking on his solo career through her baby in order to gain relevancy.

So that’s about what I have to say on the matter. I’ve really considered to get away from my blog for awhile. I love Liam so much though and I want to be here to support him so I’m staying put but I also have myself to look after too and BG 2.0 stress me out so I’m keeping it off my blog. If the Larries is still persevering with Louis’ version of babygate so can I and I’m going to take this day by day in order to cope with it.

That’s it and back to regular programming for me.


I’ve been thinking about being in a relationship a lot lately.

Like maybe that’s what I need. To be able to put my energy into another person/people and have them challenge me to stay open, vulnerable. To support each other and push each other to more and more heights. To hold me accountable and I them. To help me.

And then I remember A) having a constant makes me uncomfortable (and yet I crave it), B) my depression and anxiety is a huge ass beast that makes me disappear (physically and mentally) for long times, so who the hell wants to deal with that, C) if they can’t keep up with me I leave them behind but if they’re faster than me i get intimidated and shut down, and D) I can’t deal with being hurt when I’m vulnerable so to get to a point where I can start to open up to a romantic relationship would take too long and people tend to give up. So…🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Yuri: Nope, don´t remember, didn´t happen.

or also:

Viktor: We had a dance that night! YOU ASKED ME TO BE YOUR COACH!
Yuri: Nope, don’t remember, didn’t happen.

Sasako…wearing glasses…

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names



just quickly slapped some color on a sketch lolol >_< 

don’t repost / reuse / re-edit.

  • Sarah: You alright babe? While you were sleeping you kept whispering Ryan-
  • Brendon: Gosling, yeah. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling so I dream about him sometimes.
  • Dallon: Dude, what was happening in the dressing room? Sounded like you were moaning Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Gosling? I know, I got a bit carried away he’s such a handsome guy.
  • Zack: Bren...I heard you singing Northern Downpour and sobbing the name Ry-
  • Brendon: Holy shit, can’t a guy just get emotional about his crush Ryan Gosling?? Jesus!
  • TMZ: So tell me about the thing with Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Ross? Yeah, we text sometimes. Actually I ran into him at a Halloween party and I almost didn’t recognize him cause he was wearing a gremlin costu- fuuuuuck.

A serious self indulgent piece I drew for my birthday today (yip yip!!!)
I’ve wanted to do this for months now and I finally sat down and did it. now….Who’s the real winner here??? B)

I want the boys to get a break from being defenders of the universe and take a little vacation at some alien B&B where they can cuddle in bed for hours without worrying about zarkon 

(lance is the big spoon and it makes keith feel safe n loved)

(rub ur butt on his junk keith do it)