but i wanted to do it as well

Little context: Since my party was mostly new players and I really wanted to sell them on DnD (Dragon Age Homebrew) being a game where you can do anything, I allowed a lot of seduction in the beginning of the game and I’m regretting it bc now there are almost no NPCs that haven’t had sex with the party. Here are some highlights

Me (DM): You’ve fucked him well enough that he gives you all his tea.

Me: You’ve convinced the pirate to remove his pants. (rolls a d20) He’s pretty well-hung

Me: The 80 year old librarian agrees and takes you to a back room

Our Mage: Does she teach me how to use magic sexually?

Me: Sure

Our Blood Mage (in combat): I’m pretty well off as a male Qunari right?

Me: Yeah? I mean I guess I roll for it now. (Roll a nat 20)

Blood Mage: I drop my pants to intimidate him to leave. (non-nat 20)

Me: I hate you guys.

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Hii, I really love X-men (marvel in general) and I was wondering what kind of mutants the rfa+ V,Saeran and rika (vanderwood if u want) would be, but If you dont know them You can just ignore this if you want, Have fun writing! x

The first bomb begins.


  • For most of Yoosung’s life, he’s been able to understand animals (much to the envy of Saeyoung and Jumin)
  • Because he’s naturally smart, he is pressured to do well in school and behave
  • So, if Yoosung needs some me-time, he goes out to a grassy area and sits and waits for the animals to gather around him
  • More than once he’s actually been caught petting a deer while playing a game on his phone
  • Yoosung’s a Disney Princess


  • She’s got some form of super speed
  • Granted, Jaehee isn’t as fast as some mutants with super speed, but she’s infinitely more efficient
  • While Jaehee does have a lot of control over her powers, if she gets too tired or doesn’t concentrate properly, she’s very likely to crash into walls or hurt herself
  • Thankfully, her speed carries over to her healing as well, so she recovers fast enough that it’s not anything serious


  • Well, naturally, he has an unnatural healing ability
  • It’s interesting that it’s actually a mind based super power as he has to focus and force his body to heal, knowing every cell and what it has to do to heal himself
  • It’s nowhere near as fast as, say, Wolverine, but it’s fast enough that he’s able to recover from a broken bone or sprained ankle within minutes to hours (depending on severity)
  • Some speculate that he has some sort of hypnotic singing voice, but he doesn’t, he’s just a beautiful singer
  • Also, although he doesn’t advertise it, he has had a vision or two of the future in his dreams, but they’re infrequent


  • if he weren’t a mutant, his superpower would be money
  • Jumin’s able to shift his body into diamond and back again
  • He’s able to manipulate this form and create diamond weapons or just straight up diamonds
  • Of course he wishes he could speak to cats, but unfortunately, he’s not so lucky and believe me he has tried to get Yoosung on his employee roster
  • Instead, he has an ability that can make him money and he can use to give people he likes nice things (also, he can spoil Elizabeth)
  • Would totally transform his hand and use the light refraction to play with Elizabeth


  • Omnilingual
  • Aka, he speaks, reads, and understands all languages perfectly
  • Computer code, ancient Egyptian, and Korean all look the same to him
  • Not a super power, but he’s also super smart, and because he got to skip the step of “learning” new languages, he’s able to read a lot of books and how to hack better than anyone else
  • However, sometimes he misses something simple because he doesn’t realize that something is written in two languages for a deliberate reason that hints at the truth


  • He has enhanced senses and the ability to make super sonic blasts
  • So V is very good at knowing his surroundings at all times
  • He can detect anything new or wrong in his immediate area long before he even sees it
  • When V goes blind, he’s still able to see, but it’s different, and he’s not sure he likes it, but it’s interesting
  • The pictures he takes after he goes blind are drastically different in style, the critics say, but they’re still beautiful and his work continues to be adored


  • Twins are often similar, but never the same
  • So while Saeyoung is omnilingual, Saeran isn’t
  • Instead, he’s telekinetic
  • He also has a little telepathy, but it only works with Saeyoung (twin telepathy for the win)
  • As a result, when he gets worked up or really emotional, Saeran loses control and things are either thrown or destroyed
  • When he was first rescued from Rika’s control, he had to be quarantined so that he couldn’t hurt anyone


  • Human taser
  • Basically, he controls electricity and polarities and such
  • Vanderwood, when irritated or pushed, will simply raise his hand and have electricity arc between his fingers as a quiet threat
  • He’s also extremely useful to have around if something electrical breaks, because he can sense if the electricity isn’t passing through part of the machine, or if it’s an electricity problem at all


  • Rika… well, she’s got kind of a Queen Bee type power
  • In that, she produces pheromones that can warp and control a person’s mind
  • Now, people with strong minds or mental based powers, resist her control (such as MC and Saeyoung, Saeran to a lesser extent, and even V, although you wouldn’t know it because he gives into Rika’s will anyways, most of the time)
  • When her powers firsts appeared, her powers only appeared to make people more attracted to her, more drawn in, more interested in making her happy rather than anything else, and she used that to get people to donate money towards good causes
  • One day, someone tried to kill for her, misinterpreting her order, and Rika realized, if she could control people like this, she could change the world
  • Reshape it in a way that nobody would ever be unhappy or want for anything ever again (by taking away their free will)
  • Thus her descent into a power mad, world domination bent, villain


  • MC would be a psychic
  • Probably with some form of ability to telepathically link people’s minds so that everyone can be on the same page
  • But she wouldn’t be strong enough to control or influence people
  • Although, be warned, she does have visions of the past, present, and future, so she could know more about you than you do
  • Not that she would tell you

Please like this if you even somewhat agree that Joan is a Slytherpuff and Sherlock is a Huffleclaw because they’re lowkey a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw respectively but they’re both too softhearted and chaotic good so that’s why they’re sorted into Hufflepuff i’M SO EMOTIONAL

me: *goes on someone’s blog to see if they ship that nasty stuff*

me: *can’t find any ship tags*

me: *goes into show’s main tag*

me: *only finds pictures of my favs, which are apparently their favs too*

me: *also finds one (1) art that is leaning towards a Good™ ship, which is my favorite ship*

me: whats the catch……

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Lmao I'm gonna get hate for this. But about the OC, isn't mystic messenger supposed to be played as if you are in the game? Doesn't having an OC that is not you kind of take away from the otome experience? Well that's my two cents nobody wanted. Ok bye rip blog

lol, why do you think you’re going to get hate for this? 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

On that note, I’m going to respectfully disagree with you. I don’t believe creating an OC character takes away from the otome experience, or any experience for that matter. That’s like saying creating an OC from your favorite show who resides in the same universe as your favorite show takes away from the experience of said show. 

OCs contribute to creating more fan-created content within fandoms, whether it’s Mystic Messenger, YOI, Final Fantasy XIV, etc.It may not necessarily be canon, but, some of the best fiction I have read for Mystic Messenger included OCs and canon-divergent content. 

Anyway, that’s my two cents. ♥

I saw so much of myself in the Rangers this time around

They really were teenagers with attitude this time.

  • In Jason I saw the parental expectations I always struggled with growing up
  • Billy, well I was literally just talking about how my grandfather has Aspergers and I probably do too but my parents never wanted to let me be diagnosed and so I had to learn and create a lot of coping mechanisms 
  • Needless to say I was even more confused (and in denial) about my LGBTQ+ identity at that age than Trini was
  • Kim was holding so much guilt inside for a stupid mean mistake she made that I could relate too, guilt is crushing 
  • I don’t have a direct parallel with Zack but having trouble finding friends and simultaneously needing them to escape from the crushing weight of your responsibilities that you didn’t ask for is familiar

I think this film was really important and the characterizations were so far above what I was expecting (but were almost exactly what I was hoping for). I definitely think everyone that is a fan of Power Rangers and especially those fans who connected with the diverse and quirky identities and personalities of the Rangers as kids should go see it.

I straight up came out of this film feeling more content and whole than I have in so so long simply because I saw other people fighting through so much of what I’ve gone through to save the day. 


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what's going on with got7's win? i haven't been keeping up with the music shows but a lot of people are talking about apologizing to got7 and i was just wondering what's going on :O

They’ve had 4 wins already (Music Bank, M! Countdown, The Show, and Show Champion), but since Jackson has been sick, fans were really hoping to they would win Inkigayo today so Jackson could be there for a win…But we lost Inkigayo today :( It was very close, but everyone is very sad because we wanted Jackson to be up there receiving a trophy ;;

It was a song called “Anymore” by Jungkey feat. Mamamoo’s Weein :( they do very well digitally, which counts a lot on Inkigayo… ;;

* well it’s been cool but i get the feeling somebody wants me to come to bed so i’m gonna do that. gonna lay right on that square boy and nothing’s gonna stop me.

* i also wanna get it out there that skeletons who are nothing but bone are just as aesthetically pleasing as the squishy ones, especially when they’ve got sturdy bones, and you shallow, humancentric asswads can fuck right off with that objectification.

* be nice to rony.

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Hello! I was wondering if you wrote things for Haruka as well. If so, could I have a scenario where she's having a panic attack over the amount of work and pressure that's on her shoulders and it's up to the members of STARISH and Tomochika to help her out?

Smile- Part 1

bold text =actions
italics =dialogues

Haruka: (Its not finishing….no matter how much I work…I’m getting worried now…what should I do..) shakes head I have to finish it now!

–An hour passes–

Haruka: As I thought…its too much! If I don’t finish by the deadline, the President wouldn’t appreciate it. (Stupid Haruka! Why do you always take more than you can? But I can’t help myself…I want to be of as much as help possible.)
Haruka: feels chest tighten and tears well up her eyes (Oh dear…I’m crying…I shouldn’t but..) tears stream down her cheeks and she rubs her eyes, sobbing quietly, her breathing uneven It just…won’t end…I don’t know what to do..
Tomochika: opens door Harukaaaaa~! Woah are you alright?! runs to her side and immediately pulls her into a hug Try to breath Haruka…Shhh I’m here with you…tell me whats wrong her eyes waver, obviously worried
Haruka: gu.. hiccups Tomo-chan…Its not finishing…I…
Tomochika: (Ah, she’s still been working…) Deep breaths!
Haruka: tries to breathe Tomo-chan..the deadline is tomorrow..I’m really worried that I can’t… feels chest tighten and tears in her eyes again
Tomochika: Will you do something for me Haruka?
Haruka: nods
Tomochika: Lie down there for me. Close your eyes and just rest. I will be back in a few minutes! leads her to the cot and pulls the blanket over her
Haruka: Where are you going Tomo-chan?? sits up
Tomochika: rests her palms on Haruka’s shoulder and makes her lie down again Give me fifteen minutes!
Haruka: But…! I need to write the song!!
Tomochika: Please lie down for fifteen minutes. For me, Haruka looks pleadingly at her
Haruka: worry fills her eyes but she nods, resigned Alright Tomo-chan pulls her covers and closes her eyes, exhaling a shaky breath

–At the main room–

Tokiya: So she’s been overworking herself. his gaze shifts downwards
Otoya: stands up I knew something was off! She looked so tired when I saw her for breakfast!
Masato: She had her breakfast late? eyes widen with concern
Tomochika: She had her breakfast after I forced her out of the room. sighs Its just that inspiration isn’t striking her
Ren: Yare yare, don’t you all think we should do something for the little lamb? leans back and eyes his teammates At this rate, she’ll collapse any time soon. The last time she worked too much, she ended up with a fever
Syo: yeah….but what do we do…?
Natsuki: I know!!! beams cheerfully

–They all look at him hopefully–

Natsuki: I’ll bake a cake for Haru-chan!! claps hands excitedly
Natsuki: Eh??? Why not Syo-chan??
Natsuki: looks down ….
Syo: (shit was I too rude?)
Otoya: Natsuki?
Natsuki: jumps onto Syo and catches him in a tight hug You are adorable when angry Syo-chan!!!!! rubs his cheeks against Syo’s
Masato: Cooking is not a bad idea
Tokiya: yes but she had her breakfast late Hijirikawa-san. I’d rather not compromise on her nutrition.
Ren: smirks wolfishly Maybe I know just how to help her~
Masato: Definitely not.
Otoya: Wahh Natsuki!!! Syo’s dying!! He’s dying!!
Ren: sighs you sure know just how to ruin the mood Hijirikawa
Tomochika: claps ATTENTION GUYS!

–The room turns their gaze to Tomo–

Tomochika: clears throat I think I know just how to make her feel better! You all will help, right?
Tokiya: Of course, Shibuya-san
Masato: nods
Otoya: Definitely! Tell us what we should do! looks hopefully at her
Ren: Anything for the little lamb shrugs with a lazy smile
Natsuki: Haiiii! We’re ready~
Syo: raises his hand in a thumbs up as he lies on the floor gu…
Tomochika: smiles That’s the spirit! Now here’s the plan-

I have planned a part 2 for this! Send an ask for it and I shall give you part 2!

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Hey man I really like your stuff.. I do voice acting too, maybe we should collab sometime.

Maybe I’m a weird person for holding this belief, but the words “we should collab sometime” mean the same thing to me as when strangers say “we should hang sometime” - i.e. that nothing’s really going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

I’ve always felt like collaborations should happen because the people involved want to share or accomplish something together, not just doing something for the sake of saying they did it together. Something like “I found this comic and think you’d do really well as ____” or “Did you want to help me out with this skit” is much more direct and has a distinct deadline versus a vague suggestion to ‘do something’ in the variable future.

I apologize if that comes off as brash, but I treat it the same way I treat making ‘dates’ with my friends; I won’t tell them “let’s go see a movie sometime” if I actually want to see a movie, I’ll text them and say “Are you free this Saturday to go see Logan or something”?

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here's a fun story abt aba therapy! i was going to do it, my mom had signed me up, and i fucking knew something was off but i was a newly diagnosed 13 year old and i didn't want to argue. well, i came out as transgender and we were talking to the lady who ran the place and my mom was like hey, he doesn't go by *deadname* and he uses he/him pronouns" and this lady literally fought my mom abt it like she said that it was okay to purposely misgender me bc it would happen in the real world. :)))

Ew ew ew wtf that’s so nasty. I’m glad your mom stuck up for you

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)