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warm, calm afternoon


We don’t know what will happen but we’ll always be BIGBANG - GD

You’ve been through a lot since your debut but came out stronger each time. You’ve made names for yourselves individually but nothing can beat how amazing you are as a group of five. VIPs will stand by you until whenever so let’s go for another ten years ❤️


gif/graphic tag game: favorite race of arda (tagged by boromirs)
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I’m constantly amazed by NBC Constantine’s version of Zed Martin. 

She speaks three languages fluently (English, Spanish, and ASL), she is incredibly smart, a fantastic artist, she can defend herself really fucking well, and she cares about people. 

Oh, and she also a psychic with an incredibly cool back story.

I’ll Help You-Seokjin

This took me wayyyy too long but I just wanted this to be perfect for my tumblr crush @tramngo99 , her request was a Seokjin smut where he was the reader’s butler and the reader was his lady with teasing, I think I wrote too much before the actual smut part, but I still quite like my work :), I hope you like it Trâm! (and everyone else who reads this shit)


Being Seokjin’s lady brings along a lot of tension.

Word Count: 2919

Warning: Teasing(I guess) and sex under the moonlight

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I learned a few things last night.

1. I need to start telling people how I’m feeling, without being sorry.
2. Meaningless sex is not fun.
3. I feel like garbage even more now.
4. I really like this guy, that I can never be with.
5. I need to get over him and it’s WAYYYY easier SAID than done.
6. I want and deserve to be loved and cuddled.
7. I need to stop hurting myself every time I feel like shit about myself
8. I need to start saving my money
9. I need to focus on me and me only
10. I need to learn how to control my anger and possibly go back to seeing a therapist.

I feel like shit. I couldn’t stop crying last night. I felt and feel like trash. Ugh. Just a random thought post


Better late than never, right? 

Well, I was tagged by @izziessims to do the favourite place tag so this is my favourite place in the Sims 4. It’s my fave mainly because that’s the sort of place I want to live in in real life and it looks really magical at night when the fireflies come out and the tram turns on it headlights (and that bridge ofc!)

In fact this whole neighbourhood is just so pretty that there’s a part 2 to this post coming up because I took wayyyy too many pictures! 

If anyone else wants to have a go here’s what you need to do;

When someone tags you, take a picture of your favorite place in any sims world (1, 2, 3, 4) and then tell something about it :)