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can mod bethany shut up about her personal issues? She always brings her shit into things.every day its some new problem

Okay, fuck you. This blog belongs to Mod Bethany, and she puts so much into this blog so she can vent if she wants to. This blog isn’t just for our followers, it’s for us too. Don’t like it, don’t follow. Good riddance.

-Mod Ches

Dear anon, 

Last night I had a mental breakdown because the stress of my upcoming finals got to me. The last straw was when my dog peed on my futon. I put her in her kennel while I cleaned everything up, but she was whining the whole time so I got a noise complaint, at which point I lost it. I spent the next six-ish hours coming to the conclusion that my dog is too high energy for me and maybe I should give her up. Today, I’m exhausted (crying for multiple hours takes effort). For now I’ve decided to keep my dog but keep evaluating if we’re a good match or not. If I can’t take care of her and if she’s not giving me the emotional support I need (she’s an emotional support animal), then the best thing for both of us would be to take her back to the shelter. It’s a tough decision. 


We’ll talk about whatever we want seeing as how it’s our blog and not yours

Mod Marie-Rose

//Indie Gladion blog with a few AU’s for other games here!

I’m on the hunt for new partners since things have stagnated a bit on my end but hey Reblog or like this if you’re a Pokemon RP blog that wants to interact? or if you’re a Persona 5 or Fire emblem blog willing to RP with an AU? Details about those AU’s and stuff are in my verses page!

Thanks in advance!

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so i had a tumblr way back in the day but made a new one bc i wanted to talk about kingsman and some other fandom stuff.... any suggestions on who to follow??

Welcome back, anon! :-)

Keep in mind this is nowhere near an inclusive list, but these are some of the Kingsman blogs I love to see on my dash. I’m certain I’m forgetting some incredible and awesome people, but on short notice: 

For writing: @listentotheshityousay, @deepdarkwaters, @concernedlily, @futuredescending, @annaofaza, @elletromil, @hartwinorlose, @coloursflyaway, @notbrogues, @potentiality-26, @insanereddragon, @violyntfemme, @solarrift, @marginaliana

For gifs and pic sets: @fideliant, @liprouvaire, @phaeleah, @zhivchik, @a-gent-galahad, @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin, @unwinthehart, @becool–mallory 

For art: @port-wind-waves, @kinksman88, @maxkennedy24, @paxdracona, @mizozoh, @hartwinner, @kaciart, @tokikataba

Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. Honestly this is the best fandom I’ve ever been in. We’re glad to have you back!

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hi chey i'm new here and i just wanted to ask what are some of your face blogs on here?

Hello! To start off, welcome! I hope you enjoy everything and have fun on here! Some of my favorite blogs (assuming you meant fave lol) are kinda scattered between being my favorite for the people who run them or just favorite because there so amazing. Here is just a few

@deathbyyoongi @ryeobread @skin-of-potato @fightmejeonkook @sugakookie @the-princejinyoung @jacksons-smile @swervingkpoptrashcan @igotsinning @kimi-mimi-rumi @jungkookfortunekookies @minminyoongi @jinssmile @bubbl3tae @hobibliophile @i-dream-of-joonie @seokvie

These are just a few! Please feel free to check them out or even go through my following! I really hope this helped and please don’t hesitate to ever come talk to me 💕

PSA - New Blog

For those I can’t tag because either Tumblr is a dick and won’t let me or just because my tag lists are now about 200-300 people long and Tumblr will just now allow me to tag that many people, I’ve created a new blog where I’m just going to be reblogging fics that I’ve written. I’ve reblogged all of Fragments and going forward, anything new that I write will be reblogged over there right after I post it. That’s all that will be posted on that blog. If you want to be notified when I’ve written something new, give that blog a follow and turn on post notifications. The URL is @torn-and-frayed-writes 

The Naruto Community definitely became less toxic so I should be enjoying this, but Boruto is just too much.

Naruto’s dead? Boruto is an overpowered god? Sakura is still treated like garbage. I don’t know, it just is not the same series that gave my life meaning and something to keep looking forward to. I just want to remember it as it originally was and keep those times in my heart. 
I’m still keeping this blog alive but only with the Naruto that I know and love.

Introducing Ash!

Hi everyone!

I am here to introduce myself as the new admin of this Fic Exchange! The previous owners graciously passed the “keys” onto me, and I cannot be more excited than to get this started again!

Before the sign ups for Summer Fic Exchange 2017 kick off, though, I wanted to make a post so y’all know you’ll be working with (me!). 

So, my name is Ash, I’m nearly 19 years old. I am a writer, photographer enthusiast, graphic designer, and full time uni student. 

Some of y’all may have seen me around the community before, but all of those who may be new, or may not recognise the name, here’s some things I do here!

@stylesmyth - main blog, username on 1DFF
@stylesmanips - manip, edit blog
@1drooftopawards - sole owner/operator fic awards blog
I also make a ton of banners for people on the site!

If any of you are aware of the awards blog, you’ll know that since 1DFF is down at the moment, I cannot host awards for Spring. I’ve been feeling like I’ve not done anything for the last two months (despite being in uni and doing other various activities away from the community). Then I remembered this wonderful blog, and how fun it was to participate in last year! I messaged one of the previous owners, Ally ( @harryfeatlouis ), and asked if her and the other were planning to do this again. When they said they didn’t really plan to, I came into opportunity to take it on! Ally will still be working on coding/behind the scene things, but as of right now, I am the only main admin working on everything. 

Now, you’re probably asking me: “Ash, just tell us when we can sign up!!”

Sign ups will officially open May 1st! They will close May 14th. 

Any dates after that aren’t set in stone. Since this is my first time doing something like this, I have to see how everyone reacts, if there are enough participants, etc. But I’m hopeful everything will go swimmingly!

If you have any questions for me/about me/about anything, feel free to drop by the inbox! I’m happy to answer anything as best I can!

Hey y’all!

First of all, a big welcome to all of my new followers! Not sure were you are all coming from but I am glad that you are here!

Secondly, because I lead the glamorous life that I do, I am going to be sorting out the blog’s queue tonight (yes, on a Saturday night - don’t judge okay), so if there’s anything in particular you want to see more of just let me know. 


Your friendly neighbourhood art historian

ID #30387

Name: Alex
Age: 18
Country: USA

I want to learn about other peoples cultures. I am Native American and I still have no idea what my culture is sadly. I speak a little German, Swedish, Russian, Navajo and English. Do not be fooled I only know at least three words in those languages, especially English. I’m just looking for foreign peeps to talk with.

Preferences: Anyone and everyone that isn’t sexist, homophobia or racist.

i was tagged by @theperfectdrug (i fuckin love u)

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs

A- age: 16

B- birthplace: boston

C- current time: 11:44am

D- drink you had last: water

E- easiest person to talk to: my imaginary friend (u can come here and fight me)

F- favorite song: godeatgod tbh

G- grossest memory: lets not go there

H- horror yes or no: yes hands down

I- in love?: yea

J- jealous of people?: of course 

K- killed someone?: nah, but i want to

L- love at first sight or walk past again?: love at first sight 

M- middle name: aint got one

N- number of siblings: 2

O- one wish: to be able to be happy

P- person I last called: myself

Q- question you’re always asked: idfk

R- reason to smile: robin lord taylor 

S- song you last sang?: dracula 

T- time you woke up?: 10 am

U- underwear color: navy blue

V- vacation: the uk?

W- worst habit: scratching

X- x-rays?: elbow

Y- your favorite food: tortilla with nutella slathered on it

Z- zodiac sign: libra

I tag @knight-annd-day, @korzkit, @some-what-damag3d, @vampryn, @rotten-aristocrat, @vampycandy, @sophiethespaceghost, @kiddiegrindr, @deathblcw, @mechanical-manson, @cake-n-sodomy, @scissorhands1617, @hellarad1313, @pisztaciafagyi, @chemtrailchild, @kauhukakara, @tasty-bitch-nugget-666, @cr-ptid, @booksandthesmellofregret, @userfriendly2.

About My Tag List

So I regularly get asks about my tag list. As all of you on it know that it is an add yourself type deal and it’s going to stay that way. I get asked often if spots are still available. 

I have changed it so the limit is 200 for each list. Once one list hits 90, the rest of the list will be tagged via my side blog:  @supernatural-jackles-updates

I have 2 new series coming up in the future, plus all the Perfect Drabbles and One Shot Requests that are to be done. 

If you are no longer happy on my tag list, I won’t be mad if you want to take yourself off. NO ONE HAS BEEN REMOVED! 

So if you want to add/take yourself off the list or check where your name is; here is the link:

Jen’s Tag List

my blog’s trifecta aye

found the audio on insta, you can find find where I got it from there

I was about to do another edit for Pride, Brody, and LaSalle but I didn’t want to do another one for them so

also you can tell I didn’t know what to do for the last few seconds bc I planned on making that the shot from the end of Crescent City Part 2 but yeah lmao

Thank you for 9k!!! ♡

I haven’t really been on here much lately, but I wanted to stop by and say thank you for 9,000 followers!! 

It took a while to get here, but I’m so appreciative for all of you who have supported me and my blog over the last year and few months, you’re all incredible and ily all ♡

I’m not sure what to do to celebrate, as I usually do a little gift for every new thousand milestone, so if anyone has any ideas let me know or comment down below!! 

Thank you all again! (=^・^=)


Heidelberg was amazing. If you get the chance, go! I also got my new favorite pin and a great bag that says “alternative facts- you can say what you want but it will be shit” which combines my three favorite things-german, politics, and dragging the trump administration :)

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Hello there, new follower here. Just wanted to tell you I am loving your artwork so far (on both blogs), that being said, my friend had rec'd you to me as a way to get over a bit of writers block, hoping your art would inspire me and oh has it ever! So I am dropping by not only to say hi, but also to ask if you would mind terribly if i wrote a fic or two inspired by some of your lovely work. I understand if your not ok with that but figured can't hurt to ask :)

Thank you so much for these kind words, and of course you can use them for inspiration, a lot of writers do and I’m honored by it <3

Random Thought

How many of you would like it if I just started a new blog for writing requests? I know my followers aren’t the most active people, but it’d still be nice to have some opinions.

And because I actually want answers, I’m going to tag senpais numero uno and numero dos

@dontshootmespence @hanny-bananny What do you guys think?


hi there, dolly here. now this is an important post - at first i wasn’t going to share this information with anyone but i felt like it was the right thing to do. this is lottie, aka. cryonised / identitymend. 

NOW BEFORE YOU UNFOLLOW OR BLOCK ME. please take the time to read this. i admit that things have happened in the past; terrible, horrible things and most have cause me extreme anxiety and just the general feeling of being uncomfortable. however the whole point of this post and blog is to have a new, fresh, clean start. A FRESH SLATE. i’m just tired of it all tbh and no it wasn’t my intention to come across as guilt tripping, nothing like that at all. after a while it does get too much and sometimes you need a break. so I took the day off, thought about things and ended up remaking with a new alias to keep things quiet. 

i don’t want to make people uncomfortable, i want to write, make friends and everything else just like everyone else on here. which is why I want this fresh start to be a good thing, i want people to just put the past in the past and move on. 

now i know some of you won’t want to listen to this or will simply block and ignore me but please hear me out - this is a new start for me and bucky. i want to build up that trust again with people, i want to have fun and just enjoy writing as much as anyone else on here and damn i want to show my love for a character who is super close to my heart. 

i just hope whoever is reading this will forever me and hopefully listen to me and take on board what i’ve said. of course i will do the same to you in situations such as this and i understand it will take some time but i’m hoping it will be worth it in the end. so what i’m trying to say is - i’m sorry.

here’s to a new start.

can u guys recommend me either blogs or sites with decor/style inspiration

lol i need to decorate my new apartment but can’t decide if i want modern or industrial or rustic or mid century modern i CANNOT DECIDE