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just a quick doodad bc I don’t blog about it bc this is a horse blog but I brought the drama to it:

I super support rescue. I also super support responsible breeding and buying of pets and working animals.

I have two rescue horses, a rescue cat, and a dog that came from a breeder.

The first three I was able to adopt because I was happy for them to be pets. I didn’t know anything about their backgrounds, I didn’t know anything about them, and I was happy to rehabilitate them.

I got my dog from a breeder because she’s a service dog prospect, and so I wanted a very specific type of dog, with certain guaranteed physical traits and certain genetic behavioral predispositions. I wanted to be able to guarantee that she was raised and socialized to fit my needs. None of these were things I could guarantee from a rescue dog.

Responsible breeders do not contribute to pet overpopulation. Irresponsible breeders, who are trying to breed for money, who had an oops litter, who do not test their dogs for genetic disease or physical flaws, who do not track bloodlines, who do not plan homes for their puppies, who are not working specifically to improve their breed, who just breed for the funzies, are the ones contributing to pet overpopulation.

Responsible breeders aren’t working to turn a quick buck. They’re working to preserve or improve a breed. Depending on the size of their operation, maybe they’ll have a litter a year, maybe a litter every few years. They’ll usually have a waiting list. They’ll carefully scope out candidates who want a pup, find out what kind of dog they’re looking for, examine all of the puppies’ different traits at an early age, and work to put the pups in the right homes. If there’s a super drivey pup with maybe a tiny physical flaw that means it won’t do well in the show ring, they’ll give it to a working home. If there’s a more low-key pup, they’ll give it to a pet home. If there’s an absolutely perfect puppy, they’ll probably keep it for themselves, to work and show and use to (again) improve the breed. And almost every single one of them will ask that the puppy be returned to them if the new owner can’t keep them. Many of these breeders will remain in contact with the new owners and even showcase the accomplishments of the dogs on their websites as they grow up, to show the quality of animal they are producing. They are invested in the future of these animals.

Badmouthing breeders overall does not help to reduce the number of unwanted pets. Responsible breeders are not the ones whose dogs end up in shelters. And those responsible breeders often do a better job than shelters at keeping dogs in homes. Breeders make prospective owners wait, do their research, and pick them out the right dog for them. Meanwhile, many shelters (my own local shelter included) will let you walk in and adopt a dog on the same day, without so much as a home inspection (unless the dog is a certain breed that they says requires a fence, in which case all that’s required is the fence, and then you’re good to go!). Many shelters are not invested in the future of these animals; as much as they may care, they do not have the resources to track animals that have been adopted, or ensure that they’re succeeding in their new homes, or ensure that they’ve stayed in those homes. Rescues also almost universally perform a pediatric spay, which has been shown more and more to have a negative impact on a dog’s health longterm.

There are shitty shelters just like there are shitty breeders. The problem is not as simple as ‘rescue, don’t buy, while shelter animals die’. As usual, black and white pronouncements are catchy, but unhelpful.

I’ve volunteered a ton in rescue. That’s why so many of my pets are rescues. But I have seen questionable things happen behind closed doors at rescue organizations. I’ve seen animals adopted out to people who couldn’t properly care for them. I’ve seen animals returned after hurting or scaring someone. My own rescue horse has taken years to get to a safe place. I took that on because I accepted the responsibility and I wanted the challenge. Someone with a rosey-eyed view of rescue could have taken him in and been seriously injured.

Rescue does not guarantee a happily ever after story, and breeders are not all assholes out there trying to turn a buck.

Irresponsible breeding, irresponsible rehoming, and irresponsible ownership is the problem. People need to be educated about where their animals come from and how to care for them appropriately. Ignorance is the problem.

Number 513 pt. 4 - Spider-Man

Word count: 2213

Summery:  You want to get away from your life, and joining the avengers might be the only way. You try to prove yourself to Tony Stark, before a young superhero starts to take up your attention.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

A/N: This is the final part of number 513! To me, the reaction from you guys have been insane. This started as a spontaneous idea. I had nothing planned for this, and I really didn’t expect that many people to like it, let alone follow me! So, thank you sooo much!

And feel free to send requests! I write every time I have the time (and when I don’t. I should’ve been making homework, but instead I did this)!. So yeah! Enjoy, and please tell me what you think!

You were back at the tower again, after a rather awkward incident. It was Tony, who had picked you up at the hotel. He had just walked in, without warning. Luckily you and Peter was only kissing, but it was still an awfully long way back to the tower.

“So, have long have you guys been a thing?” Tony asked standing on front of you. He had a very disapproving expression on his face.

“Seriously, Tony? They’re kids, let them be. It was you who sent them to a hotel alone” Natasha said from the couch, not even looking up from her book.

“I’m just very disappointed in you, especially you, y/n. This is something you should tell me” He continued, but Natasha interrupted him, before he could say more. “Tony. She’s not your daughter. She doesn’t have to tell you anything. This was not relevant. And if you really want to know, I encouraged it. And said telling you might be a bad idea, because. Well, look at how you’re acting now” She said with a smile, and looked at him.

Tony just shook his head, and went to the kitchen. “Thank you” Both you and Peter released your breath. “No need for that. But you both owe me one.” She returned her focus to the book.

“Oh, right. Y/n! I should properly tell you, that everyone in the organization is being locked up. They will never see the sunlight again, all thanks to you” Tony returned with a cup of coffee in his hands. He looked calmer now. Maybe he just wanted to know, because he cared. You knew Peter saw him as a kind of father figure, and maybe he just saw Peter as his son too?

“When you say everyone?” You asked. You knew there were others like you. There were kids’ younger than you. There were even some, who was already doubting the organization.  He couldn’t mean all of them?

“Every one of them. Every person who ever killed someone for them are getting locked up. You never have to worry about them anymore” He smiled, as he joined Natasha on the couch. How could he smile? He just said he locked up kids.

“They’re kids. The youngest is 10! You can’t lock up children” The words flew out of your mouth. You could feel the anger rising in you.

“They’re murderers! They killed innocent people. Don’t you think they should be punished for that?” His words hurt you, more than you expected them to. You were starting to respect Tony as a person, but you just lost the little respect you had for him.

“Then you should lock me up too. Because after all, I’m just a murderer, who deserves to be punished” Your voice was colder than ice, and from the corner of your eye, you could see that Peter was surprised by your strong reaction.

“Stop it, y/n. You know you’re not like them. Of course we won’t punish you. You didn’t know better” He tried to keep calm, but you could see frustration in his eyes.

“Oh, so because I helped you, I get a free pass? They’re kids. 32 is 10 years old. Why don’t she get a chance at having a life? Because I’ll gladly take her place. I’ve killed more people than her, so why should she be punished, when I’m not?” You asked harshly.

“What do you want me to do? I can’t save everyone” He sighed. “I wish I could, I really do. Most of them were ready to kill us, before we even found them. I don’t think they wanted us to help” It got harder for him to remain calm, but you couldn’t care less.

“What did you expect? They don’t know you, so you’re the enemy. That’s what we learn. Defend yourself, because everyone wants to kill you. How were they supposed to react? You know, for being a genius, you’re quite stupid” You could see Natasha grabbing the book tighter, and Peter getting more and more uncomfortable, as you spoke.

“And you could’ve done better? You’re a child. You don’t understand how it works. You can’t save everyone” Tony spoke in a harsh tone, only adding fuel to the flame.

“Don’t you dare call me a child! I know exactly how it works. And just for the record, you are not the smartest person in the room” You almost yelled. Peter grabbed wrist, and you turned your head to him. “Maybe you should calm down? Mr. Stark means well” He spoke in a soft voice.

“Calm down? While he gets to play the hero? No! He’s not a hero. His suit is. Without it he’s nothing! Anyone could build a super suit and call themselves a hero” You pulled your arm to yourself, glaring at Peter, before looking back at Tony. “You could at least give them a chance. You worked with me, and I turned out just fine, so why don’t they deserve a chance?”

“If you’re such a hero, why did you kill so many people? Is that what a hero does? Because than you’re right. I’m not a hero by those standards” His face was cold, just like his eyes. The guilt overtook the anger. He was right, you were no better than him. In fact, you were worse.

You didn’t say another word, before turning on your heel and walking towards your room. Maybe the others were better off like they were. If they didn’t understand what they did, they wouldn’t have to live with the feeling of guilt. You didn’t want anyone else to walk around with this soul crushing feeling.

“Was that really necessary? She’s just a child. She cries herself to sleep, whispering apologies. Don’t destroy her” You could distantly hear Natasha say. You didn’t deserve her standing up for you. You didn’t deserve any of it. Not this room, not Peter, not anyone. Maybe this was your punishment?

Everything was quiet for about an hour. No one said a word. You could them walking around, but no one spoke. You wanted to do something, anything, to prove Tony wrong, but you didn’t know what. What could you do?

There was a knock on the door, and no other than Tony walked in. You wanted to yell at him to leave, but the words refused to leave your lips.

“I came to apologize. I went too far, and I’m sorry. You’re right, they’re just kids. They don’t know better. We succeeded with you, and we can do it again. I am going to need your help. I think you might be able to help them more than I can. They know you, so you can bring them here” He sounded so sincere, you almost found it hard to believe.

“What happens then? When they’re here?” You asked. “We do like we did with you. Teach them to be normal. Teach them right from wrong. And I’ll look for their families. Somebody must miss them, and as soon as they’re ready, we’ll help them come home” You couldn’t believe what he was saying. Would he really do that? What had happened in the last hour?


A couple of days passed. The other kids had arrived yesterday, and the first thing to be done, was to take an DNA sample. Two had already gotten their names. You were taking things slow. Taking the time to explain everything, like Peter had done.

This morning Tony had given you some news you weren’t expecting. You parents were coming in just 10 minutes, and you were more nervous than you had ever been. Peter was sitting beside you, holding your hand tightly.

“What if they don’t want me? What if they don’t recognize me? What if they do? What if they expect me to be the same child they lost? I’m not, I can’t be” You looked into the calming brown eyes. “It’ll be okay. Just tell them the whole story. I’ll be here for you, no matter what happens” He assured you.

Your heart was beating faster than usual, and when Tony walked through the door with two familiar faces, everything froze for a minute. It was the faces you had seen in your dreams when you were younger. It was the faces that was in every flashback you had. It was your parents, and you recognized them instantly, and you could see that they did as well with you.

“Iris! Baby. You’re alive” Your mother started crying, as she ran towards you. You could feel the lump in your throat. You wanted nothing more than to let her hug you, but you knew you couldn’t do that yet. You knew it would hurt too much, if they wouldn’t accept you.

“I’m not the same girl, as I was when you last saw me. I don’t want to get my hopes up, before you know everything. I don’t want to join your family, if I have to hide parts of my life. I don’t want to lie to you. I don’t want to live with you, and having you learn it all later, only so you can reject me. So please” They sat down across from you, and you felt Peter giving your hand a gently squeeze.

“I was tortured to 2 years. Then I was trained to be a cold-blooded murderer. When I got here, my name was number 513. The number of people I have killed. I didn’t understand what I doing. It was all I knew. They messed with my brain, and I’ve got a perfect memory. I remember everything that happened in the 2 years. I remember every life I have taken” You started out, before you started to explain everything to them, carefully watching as their expression went from love to horror.

“There are others like me, and I’m trying to help them, so they have a chance of getting a life. A normal one. It’s going to take some time, but hopefully more parents can be reunited with their children” You finished, as you anxiously waited for them to respond. You saw them looking at each other, and they turned to you, you felt your heart sink.

“I’m sorry. For everything. You shouldn’t have been through that. I can see that you’re a wonderful young woman, who just wants to help others. I can tell that you regret what you did, and that you’ve really changed. We just can’t be a part of it. We buried our daughter a long time ago, and I think you died the day we lost you. I’m sorry Iris, but you’re not our daughter anymore. I wanted you to be, I really did, but too much have happened to you, and I don’t think it would work for any of us” Your mother said, tears streaming down her face.

“You’ve grown into a beautiful woman, I think it’s for the best that we go home alone. You’ve been through so much, and we would never be able to understand you. I’m sorry, but we’ll leave now” Your father’s voice cracked as you watched your parents stand up. Tony followed them out, and as soon as they were gone, you felt you heart rip in two.

You knew it would happen, but you had gotten your hopes up. Your parents didn’t want to be a part of your life. It felt worse than not knowing they existed. You started sobbing, and Peter quickly pulled you close to him. His arms held you tight, as your heart was breaking.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, and looked up at Tony. You closed your eyes to clear your vision, and you saw him standing with a comforting smile. You got a hold of yourself, and even though you were still hurting, you were calmer. For the moment, the shock was over. You knew it would come again later, but you also knew that Peter would stay with you the entire night, comforting you.

“I’m sorry. I know this is very sudden, but I’ve signed a document, making me your legal guardian. It’s just formal paperwork, but if you want, we can arrange an adoption” He said calmly. It took a while for the words to sink in.

“You want me? As your child?” You tried to hide the hope in your eyes, but the smile on his lips told you that you didn’t succeed.

“Yes. As much as I hate to admit it, you’ve been like a daughter to me, since I sent you to school. I’ve been so proud every time you made progress. When you yell at me, as angry as I got, I was proud that you had the courage. You’re helping others find their families, so it’s only fair you get one too” The tears were forming in your eyes again. You were grateful for everything he had done for you, but you never expected this.

A couple of months ago, you would never had thought this day would come. Your boyfriend had his arms around you, and someone had just offered to be your family. You couldn’t help but laugh. You broke free from Peter’s arms, and hugged Tony.

“Thank you. I would love a family”

“Class Clown” Part 2

Part 1 Here

I guess its a date. The words echo around your head all day. You don’t know why you’re so affected by him. You’ve been consistently angry with him since sophomore year when you were tutoring him and he made a moaning sound every time you turned the page, and everybody teased and said you had a book fetish for months. Yet the fact that somebody. Anybody. Wanted to go on a date with you? Maybe it wasn’t Jin, but it was the best you could do until then. Maybe he could help you with Jin? But Jin aside, this was a date. Your first date. Or was this just another one of his little games…?

As school ended, V ran over to you as you walked out the front doors. 

“Ready to study?” V grins and links arms with you. You sigh and slip your arm away from his. In the sunlight as you look up at him, the skin under his right eye looks darker now, and more swollen. You’re tempted to ask about it, but his cheery deep voice interrupts your thoughts. “So we’re studying English right?” V grins skipping as you two walk.

“Yeah, how bad are you failing?” You smile watching as he skips and hops over the cracks in the sidewalk like a little kid.

“How bad is a 58?” V grins winking and laughs jumping in a puddle, splashing you. You yelp and drop your books on the concrete.

 “V!” You exclaim and look down at your uniform which is now drenched. You wipe under your eyes to make sure your makeup isn’t running, it isn’t. You look at your books and make sure they’re dry, they are. The only things that got drenched were you and him. You look up at the boy as you pick up your books. He stands in the puddle with his head tilted and a thoughtful look on his face. “W-what?!” You blush as he stares at you, scrutinizing. 

 “You, Y/N.” V says, as though it’s obvious. He sticks his hands in his pockets and keeps walking like nothing happened. You jog and catch up with him. “What?!!!” You whine. 

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hello!! my name is rosa (short for rosalia) and I’m a new studyblr!! I made one since I’ve been wanting to reblog all kinds of helpful school tips but didnt want to mix blog content up for a while now and I figured that I might as well create a studyblr in order to keep organized!! Anyways, to properly introduce myself!

  • my name is rosa!
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  • im an aries (april 15), istj, and slytherin!
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  • i play the flute (part of my school’s marching band and wind symphony) and violin (haven’t touched one in years but i still oddly remember how to play las mañanitas)!!
  • my favorite artists are exo, nct, kard, drake, the weeknd, crown the empire, and coldrain! (i do listen to many other artists though)
  • in regards to what i’d like to major in once i get to that point…i don’t know. biology? psychology? music? who knows? not i.

anyways, that’s it about me for the time being. i’d like to mention some of the blogs that really inspired me and helped me decide to actually make a studyblr, and basically blogs that i like! so here it goes!!

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1st on the Billboard World Album chart, from dominating the Oricon charts to a world tour spanning Europe to South America, an Asia tour that sold out 150,000 tickets. BTS, who is unbelievably entrancing as they break numerous records as an idol group, always make their own music and are artists who direct their own stages. Through the most BTS-like tracks and performances, BTS have forged a world of unexpected idol music, and among those 7 men is Suga, who calmly came from the underground to take the mainstream by storm.

Suga is experiencing his 20s while repeating a pattern of hitting a wall after darting off at his peak, then getting up again and moving forward. Because of this, he didn’t want to miss even one of the moments that flash by. Like this, he filled his sound with the daily life that could fly away at any moment. Instead of the name “BTS’ Suga,” he has put a mixtape out into the world under the name “Agust D” that freely expresses the beauty of one youth’s experience.

Q. After your world tour you had an Asia tour, and I heard that it’s all finished now. Traveling all around the world for nearly 2 years must have been dizzying.
A. I really like it. I’m living the life I dreamed of when I was young. There’s a time difference of around 12 hours in Brazil. It’s fascinating to stand onstage literally halfway around the planet. Even if I sleep a little less, it’s okay.

Q. Even while you’re that busy, you put out a mixtape.
A. I write songs while going back and forth on the airplane, and I worked [on music] back at the hotel room after our concerts are done. Now the second half of the work is almost finished, and today after this interview is over I’ll go back to work more.

Q. What kind of songs are they?
A. It’s full of the kind of tracks that you can’t hear in BTS’ music. In particular, the feeling of the lyrics is very different. I straightforwardly expressed myself in regards to how I think of youth. I also spoke honestly about my own self. I’m the type who likes making material out of things like the reality that I experienced from my late teens to my twenties, my daily life, my conflicts, and my dreams.

Q. It seems like you think deeply about those things, ordinarily.
A. It’s because that’s the time I’m living right now. If you hear the conversations I have with my peers or with my older brother, not having a clear dream has been my biggest worry. I lived this far by fitting into the societal mold, but after becoming an adult and actually facing up to that reality, it’s different than what I thought. Even if you just endlessly search for a job or take entrance examinations, your thoughts become more plentiful.

Q. Then what kind of 20s is the youth named Min Yoongi spending?
A. I think that I’ll only know if I’m living well after a little more time passes, but I can assure you that I’m living a very satisfying life.

Q. Your mixtape is a perfectly self-produced product in that you wrote songs, wrote lyrics, and even produced the tracks. You must want to be a little greedy, and there are many things you want to include, right?
A. Since I’ve done everything on my own from one to ten, my greed seems to be getting a little bigger. I also have the kind of personality where I really can’t abide doing things roughly. I focus on the highest point of completion. In particular, when I made the tracklist, I worried a lot. About how I should put it together for flow and how to clearly convey the stories that I wanted to include. It’s a mixtape I made meticulously as if it were a whole album.

Q. But rather than making a full album, you chose the unique form of a mixtape.
A. The reason is simple. I started with the purpose of trying all the things I wanted to try. While thinking I should just express myself transparently. I wanted to try putting out music that was just made how I thought of it, the direction my heart went. I worked very freely on both the genre and the lyrics.

Q. Is the music that you made freely by yourself that different from the music you’ve worked on as part of BTS?
A. Of course. Like the way that my mixtape came out as “Agust D,” rather than under the name “Suga.”

Q. Even before you did activities with BTS, you did music for a long time. You put out another mixtape before your debut, didn’t you?
A. The thing that I put out at that time is the kind of quality you can’t even listen to. (laughs) My thoughts have changed a lot in the 3 years I’ve been doing activities with BTS. To be honest, I was seriously daunted after debuting as an idol. I was like, “I’m a person who’s been continuously doing music since I was young, but now that I’ve become an idol people are going to look at me differently, right?” But those were all idle thoughts.  No matter how you look at it there are things that have changed, but it seems like I agonized about it and hung this heavy meaning on it for no reason. I was in this severe, serious mode. (laughs) The things that at the time felt as though they were molds that caged me now feel more like a fence. My heart has become more comfortable. I’ve also done away with some of my stubbornness about music. How should I say it? It feels like my outlook has become much wider compared to before.

Q. It seems like you’ve gone through a sort of growth process.
A. Yeah. It seems like that. My self-confidence has become more robust. All of the BTS members are like that. All 7 of us have our own thoughts about things, but we’ve discovered the way to combine them, and our conviction onstage has become stronger. Our musicality, choreography, performance, stage setting, etc. are all individually important, but I think that only if we combine all of those things properly can we make a final product. Since we’re onstage, we unconditionally have to do well. We want to show even more than what’s anticipated by the fans who come to the concert venue to see us perform.

Q. Since you have so much greed toward the stage, it seems like you’d share a lot of discussion about music with your members.
A. We all work individually, and then we consult each other only after organizing the things we’ve made on our own. Because if we always just talk about work then it gets stressful.

Q. From where do you get the inspiration for your work?
A. I put everything in endless memos all the time. the things I think of at any moment, sudden emotions, words that come up into my head unprompted… I write down everything. Sometimes really good ideas come to me 2 or 3 years later while I’m rummaging through things that I wrote down after just staring blankly for a while. I also listen to other musician’s music quite a lot.

Q. Whose music are you mainly listening to these days?
A. I like the lyrics that Lupe Fiasco writes, and recently I’ve been listening to American rapper Desiigner’s new stuff and to rapper YG’s songs. Among Korean artists, there’s a team called XXX, and their songs are really good. Ah, also the vocalist Suran, I first encountered her through her demo album but I really liked it, and now she has worked with me as a featuring on this mixtape.

Q. Since you listen to so much music and like focusing so much on thoughts and emotions, it must be important for you to have time to yourself.
A. Yes, that’s right. It’s an absolutely necessary time for me. There have been times that I’ve sat alone in my recording studio for 10 hours. Although to be honest I was just goofing off for 8 hours and working for 1 hour. (laughs) It’s important for me to have time where I can calmly organize my thoughts in a room by myself. I get overwhelmed if I’m just running around without any of that kind of time.

Q. What’s your favorite line among those that you’ve written while sitting by yourself like that?
A. “Because the dawn is darkest before the sun rises, even in the far future don’t forget the you of now,” from the track ‘Tomorrow.’ I like lyrics with this feeling. Content related to comfort or development. I want to make music that people can easily sympathize with.

Q. Now that we’ve been talking for a while, it’s all talk about music.
A. If you asked me to talk about my other interests… uh, collecting music equipment? buying things like rings and necklaces or bracelets? There’s not much. (laughs)

Q. When I look at BTS’ SNS accounts, it seems like the atmosphere is really cheerful. Suga, you seem more like the quiet type yourself.
A, I can be bright sometimes, but I don’t really like loud things. But in the chatroom with the members, things are always crazy. We’re seriously funny. They take their own ugly photos and upload them, they take each other’s ugly pictures without permission and share them. Yesterday somebody posted a video of Yang Sehyung-ssi’s and it was seriously nuts. There were so many “LOL.” It’s difficult on everybody to work and do activities, but we laugh together and by chatting like this we can support each other and get along well.

Q. You have this team called BTS that shares each other’s joys and sorrows, and you made a mixtape full of the music you wanted to do. As much as you worried, it seems like you’re spending a fruitful 20s.
A. There are still a lot of things left that I want to do. I want to do better. I’ll keep making music for a long time into the future. I’m going to keep clinging to this floor. My 20s will be spent youthfully, and when I reach my 30s and 40s then I’ll spend my time well as befitting a person of that age.

* when they say “greed” it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing, it just means having a strong desire towards one aspect of life
** Yang Sehyung is a popular Korean gagman

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anonymous asked:

You know I remember sometime last year (I think it might've been Hedwig stage door) D saying that ideally he wanted to not perform at Elsie & act mostly as producer. I got a feeling that's at least partly so he could keep *certain* managers in check & maybe not have to involve *certain* companies, or their baggage. But this year he obviously couldn't do much w/ CG stuff & ACS. So ofc m/Ricky/etc took advantage. Hopefully he can eventually reclaim Elsie & make it what he always wanted

Anon, it was clear to me last year that Ricky and that woman ran away with Elsie and tried to make it all about them.  Darren was so passionate and enthusiastic about the first one, and that completely changed last year.   He barely marketed it until the end.

I assume Ricky looked at this as a huge way to make money and somehow wrangled his way into a partnership (I would have to speculate something stipulated in a contract allowed him to do this). Sad for him, he lacks the organization skills to organize this thing properly and that hurt last year in terms of attendance (no notice for a holiday weekend was a major error). And his lack of skills has been apparent this year as well with the website mess and his failure to even simply say, it will all be GA, until 2 hours before tix went on sale.

As for her, we all know what she does. Both years thus far I have had the misfortune of watching her wander and desperately seek attention from the crowd. I do believe her goal is to take all of the attention away from the performers on the stage (not possible as they all outshine her in every way).  It would not shock me if her family was involved financially in some way. And while I am aware that they no longer own the Bowery Presents, they still have some entities under that umbrella and they still have those connections.

What I can say though, speaking from experience, thus far, what has happened on stage has not been impacted.  Both years, I found the festival to be highly entertaining.  And that is a testament to Darren and the amazing talent he has been able to line up.

This year will be interesting.  We all know why Lea is performing.  I am fine with it, she is a talented girl, I look forward to the Battlefield duet (I am hoping for this) but no question Ricky made some deal with her management. That has been clear for months.

Alan of course will be endlessly entertaining. He has been a fav or mine since I first saw him in Cabaret.

I too really hope for Darren that he gets this back. It was his concept that he nurtured. He has used his connections to put together an amazing group of performers to entertain Broadway fans.  It is wonderful for him, it is amazing for Broadway, and it is great for the city.  And hopefully, some day very soon, he will be able to take back full control of it.  And make it the festival he originally envisioned.

I know I say this a lot, but I look forward to the day when the group of them spectacularly fall and are left with nothing.  And have to sit back and watch as Darren continues to rise and exceed all expectations.

1k celebrations!



Wow okay excuse me while I have an emotional breakdown because I literally have NOTHING prepared, ideally I would have loved to organize something awesome to properly give back to y’all but the truth is I reached this milestone while I’m the most busy I’ve been in years probably and I really don’t want to disappoint you all by never tackling the prompts (I mean all I can do is write and I’m a damn slow writer which uhhh doesn’t really work well if you want to please people by writing things for them) BUT this is also the only way I have to do something nice for my followers????????? 

So if y’all don’t mind waiting (AND I MEAN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT SO BEAR WITH ME I’M ON MY KNEES HERE) you can send me prompts and I’ll TRY to write as many drabbles as I can but you all have to be super patient with me because as I said not only am I super busy, I also have the shitbang to think about which is gonna be soon and I’m drowning in anxiety so uhh sorry this followers celebration is me being a mess but ?? that’s all I can do now so I hope you understand and please don’t hesitate to send me prompts and don’t get mad at me if I never get to write yours but please understand that sometimes a writer just doesn’t feel a prompt you feel me my dudes/gals/nonbinary people?? 

Okay so!!!

Send me something from these:


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THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING and I’ll reblog this a couple of times until this Thursday (August 24th) and then I’ll close my mailbox for a couple of days.

TL;DR: I’ll try to write as many drabbles as I can but I can’t promise when I’ll do it; mbf; only Otayuri soz.

Again, thank you for your support, whether you’re someone I talk to regularly or you’re one of my regular anons or even someone who never interacted with me directly.

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I just have a question, what does "REG" stand for and what is "REG culture"? I've never heard of it before so I'd like to know please. Thank you in advance!

REG stands for ‘Reactionary Exclusionist Gatekeepers’.  Here’s a pretty solid definition of them. and here’s what I wrote about them a little while ago.

REGs are all about setting strict standards for who qualifies to belong to the queer club - but they don’t call it ‘queer’ anymore because that’s too inclusionist. A strict REG maintains that people who are genderqueer, nonbinary, fall on the ace spectrum, or otherwise don’t neatly slot into the LGBT acronym ‘don’t count’ as part of the LGBT community. Most REGs aren’t that strict and will begrudgingly let some nb/ace people into the LGBT party, but only if they meet arbitrary standards set by the REG - being gay ‘enough’ or trans ‘enough’.

REGs are the source of the ‘queer is and always has been a slur’ narrative - even though back in real life, the term ‘queer’ is so reclaimed that we have Queer Studies in colleges and ‘We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it’ was an LGBTQIAP* slogan.  The term ‘queer’ is too fuzzy for a REG to be able to exclude people from using it.

REG interests dovetail neatly with those of TERFs and SWERFs because they too like to redefine people against their will and decide what part of the queer pie they get to claim (if any). Together they form a large, nasty group of queer history revisionists who have successfully altered the tumblr social justice scene to near unrecognizability.

When I refer to ‘REG culture’ I’m referring to what REG prevalence has led to: the widespread belief that:

  • it is the job of the public to define what it means to be a member of various groups;
  • (on the other hand, group members do not have the right to define this for themselves); 
  • that the public must vet the qualifications of anyone claiming to be part of any group, and 
  • that if someone is found to be wanting by a public vetting process, it is the job of the public to punish the faker.

In my observation, anti culture is largely cooked in this gatekeeper oven: when you’ve been taught that social justice is all about determining who is worthy of your protection, and you think shipping is all about social justice, of course you’re going to apply the same standards to fandom that you do to sexual and gender identity!  They determine who belongs where and routinely punish anyone that they disapprove of, and demand that any information they want to ‘properly’ judge any individual be made public for their consumption.

tl;dr, antis are what you get when REGs dominate a poorly-organized fandom space full of young people who really want to be woke and unproblematic.

I hope this helps.


So I don’t know if I talked about it on tumblr much since I feel like I’m never around but recently I moved with my roommate @cancerously into a new apartment and were missing a lot of stuff to properly get settled. We’ve set up a wishlist because a couple of people mentioned wanting to get us housewarming gifts. Priority is marked based on what we NEED to finish unpacking but tbh we need/want it all. Organized by price, too! Here’s the link:


Plz love us

I don’t know how many other people really pay attention to this, but while I have a great appreciation for how they kept the “side-mouths” on all the Sonic characters during the transition from 2D to 3D, I feel like… there’s a really thin line between decentered 3D-model mouths that work, and ones that don’t? I think probably Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic ‘06 did it best, because in the CG cutscenes their mouths would often switch sides to whichever was more visible to the camera, but if the camera was facing them head-on their mouths wouldn’t really stray far from the center. Basically their mouth position would move to follow the camera, and as such looked… not natural, but like, it worked? Like they weren’t really trying to keep an #aesthetic, they were just working with whatever looked best. Which meant a lot of diversity in where the mouth would end up on a character’s face:

There are more side-mouths than not, but like, even when they do go to one side or another, they might move upwards to be more visible, only move partway to the side, etc.

But man, in the more recent games I’ve noticed that they want to keep that #side-mouth #aesthetic 110% consistent. You never see their mouths in the middle of their face anymore. In fact there seem to be only two mouth positions - diagonal on the left, and diagonal on the right. It almost looks like they’re working camera angles around where the mouth is “allowed” to be in any given shot, rather than the other way around:

Like, see how their mouths are all in exactly the same spots, regardless of the actual camera angle? Not to mention Knuckles here, these are two adjacent frames in the same shot:

Before when a character’s mouth had to switch sides of the face for the sake of the camera, it would actually slide across their face to the other side, but they’re so determined to keep the side-mouth thing 100% consistent that they just swapped his mouth out between frames. You can see it happen in real time, if you know what you’re watching for.

Like, I get that animating a character whose mouth will constantly be swapping sides of their face on a 3D model is a little more complicated than a character who just has a normal, stationary mouth. Tails, Amy, and Blaze typically don’t have the side-mouth thing going on, for instance. But I loved the way the older 3D games dealt with it, before non-CG cutscenes also started implementing the side-mouth detail. It felt more, I dunno, organic, like they were really taking the time to make sure the character’s expression was being properly rendered at all times, playing to the camera rather than forcing the camera angles to conform. Like notice how the above pictures of Sonic and Rouge are at the same exact angle? That’s what I mean. I don’t want to call it lazy, because again, it’s a lot of work, but it doesn’t have the same charm when it’s so meticulously regulated like this. “No, his mouth can only be in one of these two pre-defined spots. You want to have a camera angle of him talking from behind? Well, just make him awkwardly dip his head and nearly break his neck so that you can still get his mouth on camera!”

Idk. It’s a super petty complaint, I realize, but it also still bugs me.


【Marie Claire September Issue 2016】 BTS Suga’s interview

Q: I heard that BTS have successfully wrapped up the Asia tour, you guys have been going overseas throughout 2 years, you must be really busy.

A: I really enjoy it. Because I’m living the life that I dreamed of when I was young. The time difference between Brazil and Korea is 12 hours. We’re standing on the stage on the opposite side of the world, it’s wonderful and I’m thankful. It’s ok to sleep less.

Q: Even though you’re really busy, you’re releasing a mixtape.

A: I wrote songs on the plane when we’re going away and coming back, and after the concert, I’ll work in the hotel room. It’s nearly done now and after the interview, I’ll go and work on it.

Q: What kind of songs are you writing?

A: You can’t hear the style of these tracks in BTS’ music. Especially the feelings of the lyrics are very different. I expressed more straightforwardly about what I think of youth. The contents about myself are also honestly included in there. I like to include in subject matters such as the reality, goal, conflict, dream that I’ve been experiencing from the late teens until the 20s.

Q: It seems that you usually think deeply about these things.

A: Because it’s the time that I’m living in. As I listened to my friends who are at the same age and my older brother’s stories, what they’re most worried about is that they don’t have a clear dream. Because they’ve been living according to the social framework. When they became an adult and when they’re facing the reality, it’s completely different to what they’re thinking. They’d constantly think more about about getting a job or about entrance examination questions.

Q: So, how is Min Yoongi spending his 20s?

A: I’ll live a bit more to see if it’s going well, but I can guarantee that I’m working hard to live my life to the fullest.   

Q: From writing the lyrics, songs to producing, the mixtape is done completely by yourself. You seem greedy and there are also many elements that you want include, right?

A: I’m getting greedier as I’ve been doing everything. It doesn’t matter what it is, I won’t allow myself to be half-hearted. I really focused on the perfection of the mixtape. Especially when I was making the track list, I thought about it a lot. I thought about how to make the flow, and how to make the stories that I want to convey clearer. The mixtape is made meticulously like an actual album.

Q: You chose to make a mixtape instead of an album.

A: The answer is simple. The purpose of it is to try everything that I want to do, that’s how I started. While trying to express myself transparently, I wanted to make music in the way that I’m thinking and following my own heart. The lyrics are also written freely.

Q: Is the music that you made so freely a lot different to the music that you made as BTS?

A: Yes. That’s why I’m releasing the mixtape as ‘Agust D’ and not my name ‘Suga’.

Q: Before you started to promote under BTS, you’ve been making music for a long time. You’ve had the experience of releasing a mixtape before debut right?

A: What I’ve released back then is the quality that I can’t let people hear it (laughs). My thoughts have changed a lot while promoting under BTS for 3 years. Actually, I was very daunted to debut as an idol. I thought ‘I was someone who just constantly made music, but if I debut as an idol, the others will look at me differently, right?’ But I realized that all of it was vain thoughts. Things will change depending how you do it, it seems that I was in serious agony and attached a burdensome meaning to it. I was always in the mode of strictness, seriousness and earnestness (laughs). The framework that locked myself up at the time, it feels like a fence now. My mind is at ease now. I also took out a bit of my stubbornness towards music. How should I put it? I feel like my vision is a lot broader than before.

Q: It’s like a process of growing up.

A: Yes. It is. My confidence has become a lot more solid. It’s the same with everyone in BTS. You’ll know when you put all the thoughts that 7 members have been thinking, and we’re more confident in performing. The musicality, choreography, performance and stage set, each element is important but I think it’s possible to produce a plausible result when you mix everything together properly in one place. We must do our best as much as on the stage. Our fans who comes to see our performance, I want to show them more than what they’ve been anticipating. 

Q: As much as you’re greedy about the performance, it seems that the members share stories about music.

A: We work individually, we organize what we’ve made and discuss about it when we’re together. It’d stressful if we keep talking about work all the time.

Q: Where do you usually get your inspirations from when you work?

A: I’m constantly writing memos down. The things that I have in mind every moment, the emotions that suddenly hits me, the words that suddenly comes up in my head, I write everything down. I’d be blankly sitting there and browse through the things that I noted down 2 – 3 years ago, good ideas would come to me. I also listen to other musician’s music.

Q: Recently, who do you mainly listen to?

A: I like the lyrics that Lupe Fiasco writes, and recently I like the American rapper Desiigner and I listen to rapper YG’s songs a lot. There’s a Korean duo called XXX, their songs are really great. Ah, when I first heard vocalist Suran-ssi’s demo, I fell for it so I asked her to feature in my mixtape.

Q: You listen to many music, as much as liking to concentrate on your thoughts and feelings, having alone time must be important.

A: Yes, that’s right. I definitely need time for myself. There’s a time when I was sitting in the studio alone for 10 hours. Actually, I’ll be goofing around for 8 hours and work about 1 hours (laughs). It’s important to have the time to organize my thoughts calmly in an empty room. Without those time, I’ll run off (to somewhere) and feel overburdened.

Q: What’s your favorite line that you wrote while sitting there alone?

A: A part from the song ‘Tomorrow’ - because the dawn right before, the sun rises is the darkest. Even in the far future, never forget the you of right now. I like the feeling of these lyrics. The lyrics about comforting and growing up. I want to make the music that people can easily sympathize with.

Q: After talking with you, everything seems to be about music.

A: We can talk about other things that I’m interested in. Um, about collecting music equipment? About buying rings or necklaces/chains and bracelets? There’s nothing special (laughs). 

Q: As I look at BTS’ SNS, the atmosphere is usually pleasant. It seems that Suga is a bit quiet.

A: I have a bright personality but I don’t really like the nosiness. Our Kakaotalk group chat is a mess. We’re really hilarious. We take bizarre photos of ourselves and uploads them, we take ugly photos (of each other) without permission and shares them. Yesterday, the video of Yang Sehyeong was shared and everyone burst out laughing. There were a lot of ‘ㅋㅋㅋ’. We’re tired as we’re working individually and have our own schedules but we laugh like this, we chat and support each other.

Q: BTS is a group that have been through a lot together and also released a mixtape with the music that you want to do. As much as you’ve suffered, it seems that you’re living your 20s fruitfully.

A: There’s a long way to go to achieve the things that I want to achieve. I want to do better. I’ll continue to make music for a long time. I’ll be glued to the floor. Like being young, youthful in my 20s, I’ll live diligently when I’m in my 30s, 40s.


I'm too deep into the twins AU so I'm gonna leave this here and hope my obsession ends

The mansion was absolutely empty aside from Adrien (and Felix, but he rarely comes out of the library that has become his room). No notes, no explanations, nothing.

Until he saw Natalie’s desk.

“Adrien, Felix, your father has gone on a business trip and I went with him to keep his paperwork organized and filed properly. There was a crash in the computer system; all events for the weekend were cancelled. We trust that you can handle yourselves for one weekend.”

A smile tugged at his lips.
A weekend. An entire weekend he had to himself to do whatever he wanted. Nobody telling him he had photo shoots after fencing or modeling after breakfast, he had the power to do whatever he wanted. In fact, he remembered Plagg saying something about him ‘playing with the computer.’ Whatever that meant…

Adrien took his shoes off. The entire hallway was a long stretch of tile leading to a few doors. God, he always wanted to do this; and this wouldn’t be the first thing he wanted to do. He backed up a few feet, before taking off into a run, and sliding down the hall, laughing like a little kid. Why did they tell him not to do this again?
Felix opened the door at the end of the hall (which Adrien was closing in on too quickly for his taste), and didn’t even get the chance to help before his brother went crashing into him and tumbling into a bookshelf.
“Really?” Felix asked, checking to see if anything was injured. “You know, there are reasons we don’t do that in the house.”
Adrien was still laughing, turning himself over so he wasn’t upside down against the bookshelf. “You’ll never guess what happened.”
“Oh my god, Adrien, what did you do.”
“Why did you assume that I did something? For the record, I didn’t.”
“What did you want?”
“We’re alone for a weekend with all plans cancelled.”
Felix didn’t look like he bought it for a second. Adrien huffed, and walked out muttering about how he was no fun-
Felix went speeding down the hall, having to call back to his brother; “Kitchen.” Which could mean a lot, but he understood.
Food- especially the ones they 'weren’t allowed’ to eat.
“Call Nino.” Felix ordered, and even with his height, he had to climb onto the countertop to reach for whatever he was trying to get. “And tell him to bring whatever music he can get his hands on and a whole lot of glow sticks.”
Adrien did as he was told, searching for something (preferably sweet) to eat. “Who else?”
“Who’s that one girl with the freckle under her eyebrow?”
“I think her name is Alya…”
“Call her. And also the pigtail one- can’t remember her name, but her parents own a bakery or something. Tell her to bring food.”
“Anyone else?”
“Not the blonde girl who attacks you.”
Thank god.
“What’re you looking for anyway?” Adrien asked.
Felix let out a triumphant; “ha!” And waved a long, thin, wrapped rectangle in the air.
“Chocolate.” They both said, Adrien grinning and Felix nodding furiously, almost slipping when he was coming down from the counter.

“Yoooooooooooooooo.” Nino called, trying to look over the box of glow sticks. “I’m here. Adrien?”
Adrien came running, taking the box and attempting to help put it down somewhere. “Dino. Great news. I’m alone for the weekend. No rules.”
“What about that guy?” Dino pointed to Felix, who gave a wave in acknowledgement.
“Brother. He’s in on this.”
“Why’d you ask me to bring this stuff?”
“Because,” Adrien bounced on his toes. “Even though it’s not a lot of people, we’re throwing a party.”

By the time Alya and Marinette had shown up, loud music could be heard slightly from the outside of the door. Inside was a completely different story.
Nino was throwing glow sticks everywhere, Felix joining him, and Adrien being the one to pull them in and get them hyped. The twins looked different this way: rather than putting on a perfect image, they were just being kids and having fun. Singing off key, dancing, listening to music, just normal things anyone would do.

Soon enough the party died down, and somehow it was dark outside, but who knows how long they messed around for. Nino was passed out, half off the couch, Adrien somehow completely upside down beside him, Alya on the stairs, Felix somehow managed to get himself to the kitchen and was laying on a countertop, and Marinette was sprawled out on the table.
Felix almost fell coming down once again(this time because his foot was asleep), walking out to see the damage done. Not much, thankfully, but there was gonna be a lot of things to clean up. It could’ve been worse; they could’ve punched a hole into the wall.
“Hey,” he nudged Marinette. “You’re falling asleep on the table. Get up.”
“Huh?” She muttered, supporting herself on her elbows. “Wow, that was insane. You guys know how to rock a party. But, you guys were missing something.”
She hopped down from the table, and pulled her phone out, keeping the volume low enough so the others wouldn’t wake up. “The slow song.” She answered, holding her hand out to him. “And, it’s okay if you say no. I know you guys aren’t big on people in your-”
Felix took her hand.
Soon enough the two were dancing, moving to the soft beat of the music. Marinette slowly moved closer to him, which made Felix want to run for the hills. He hated people in his personal space- he had before, but ever since Plagg came around, it’s been worse.
“What are you doing?” He asked, backing up slightly.
“You’ve got a little…” She narrowed her eyes, rubbing her thumb across his cheek.
Her eyes looked like Ladybug’s.
“I got it.” She smiled, pulling away from him. “A smudge of chocolate or something was on your…” She trailed off. Felix was staring at her, his eyes darting from his brother to her. “Did I do something wro-”
He cut her off completely. He brought her lips to his and pulled her close.
Adrien sat up, real slowly so the blood could return to the rest of his body, and blinked the little white dots away. Wait a minute… Was that… Felix…. And Marinette? His stomach felt sick- not like was going to throw up, but like there was a knot in it, and something about the two of them together just didn’t sit right with him. Why was he feeling this way? There was only one person who could be with another man and make him feel like-
Well, that was unexpected.

anonymous asked:

Seven x mc?

How did they they meet?

Well, canonically, they met through the RFA messenger, but consider this. What if they walked past each other in the aisle as they went to do grocery shopping? They accidentally crash into each other and drop some things they had picked up along the way, so they gather each other’s stuff. A very confused MC finds a bag of Honey Buddha Chips in her bag as they get home again while Seven finds some sort of sweet scented perfume and is a little irritated as well.

Who developed romantic feelings first?

Seven. From the very start he realized “fuck, they’re the one. Like the one.”

Who is their biggest “shipper?”

Yoosung! He’s so excited about them becoming a couple and he always makes remarks whenever they act all lovey-dovey in the chatroom. “Aren’t you already acting like an old married couple?”

When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?

Zen and Yoosung could probably very well tell something was going on between these two. Yoosung arranged a game of truth or dare and everyone was super suspicious about it. “Yoosung, that is a game for teenagers, I am not participating.” BUT JUMIN SHHHH, IT’S GOING TO BE FUN!!! And Jaehee too wanted to refuse, but was convinced to at least sit there and try to play along. Zen dared Seven to kiss MC and when he hesitated he said he was going to do it instead, if Seven refused. In the end MC just did it before it would end in a discussion and the rest of the evening Seven was busy hiding his flushed BRIGHT RED BLUSHING FACE!!!

Who confessed their feelings first?

MC. Seven buried his feelings very deep inside, figuring they’re probably better off without him anyway. It took him off guard when they told him they felt drawn to him.

What was their first official date?

Something cozey and cute. Nothing extravagant and special, just pure, simple and fun. Sitting at home watching TV and cuddling as they ordered pizza!

How do they feel about double dates/group dates?

It depends, honestly. Both of them get along with everyone quite well so that could be fun, but if it were a group date thing with strangers, it would be weird. They like their time alone and privatey.

What do they do in their down time?

they cuddle and take naps!!!!!!!!! CUTE

What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?

Seven is probably such a try hard and is determined to make MC’s parents like him. It’s painful watching him to resist the urge to make stupid puns and you can tell he’s having a hard and difficult time. MC has to encourage him to just relax and maybe their parents will think “what a goof…” but one thing is certain, it’s easy to tell how much he cares about MC.

What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?

Probably Seven being rather secretive about something that has bothered him. He probably got jealous over something really silly, but didn’t speak forward immediately. Instead he was really grumpy and frustrated around MC for quite a while, which had them eventually snap and they ended up saying pretty mean things to each other “Do you not trust me enough to just tell me if something’s wrong? Especially when it’s such a silly thing.” – “Well, if you think my concerns are silly, then why don’t you just look for someone else, since I’m so bad at everything!”

It’s likely they don’t see each other and don’t talk much for a while, but eventually, both Seven and MC eventually can’t handle it anymore. Seven is the one who gives in and gives them a call and when they don’t pick up, he leaves behind a really long message that he needs to see them and he would apologize over the phone, but he really wishes he could talk to them in person, so they meet up and instead of saying sorry, they just immediately hug each other and agree to never fight like that again.

Which one is more easily made jealous?


What is their favourite thing to get to eat?

Lololol, Honey Buddha Chips of course.

Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?

Seven! He loves getting to rest his head on either their lap or their stomach

Are they hand holders?

Much more than hand holders, Seven loves to randomly pick them up for a pIGGY BACK RIDE WHAT A GOOF!!! Go big or go home.

How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?

They don’t wait that long. In fact, even though Seven is the more eager one for it to finally happen, he’s the one that wants to wait, thinking it’s more polite to offer MC more time. He wants it to be special and plans to arrange a romantic ensemble, but in the end, it happens spontaneously when they just start to get intimate more and more, gradually.

Who tops?

They switch tbh. Whatever feels right in the moment.

What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into?

Probably the first mentioned above. All the other fights are over smaller things and handled and talked about pretty quickly, because they know they never want to go through the pain and misery of avoiding each other for days.

Who does the shopping and the cooking?

They go shopping together. Most of the time, they get take out food, but MC loves to cook for Seven, since he otherwise probably wouldn’t eat properly like at all.

Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?

Mh, I believe they both have to have their order in different ways. Seven is more chaotic, so when it comes to a tidy room or folded clothes, MC is probably the one to tidy up, but more than often Seven has things pretty organized, i.e. in shelves and he most likely always knows where he or MC put stuff whenever MC is searching something.

Who proposes?


Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?

I feel like they’d party together, because they have the same circle of friends.

Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?

I would fucking love to say Saeran, tbh! Other than that, maybe Yoosung, since I feel like he might know best what would be to the couple’s liking as he arranges things.

Big Ceremony or Small?


Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  

Hell yeah! A luxurious one, too! Probably a really nice and beautiful crystal blue beach. Thailand or India.

Do they have children? How many?

What if they have little twins too!? And a third younger child as well!


anonymous asked:

You know that ficlet you wrote about Derek and stiles with the medicine and The 'wow your so gorgeous I got to marry you?!' You should write one but roles reversed pls pls pls pls I'll be indebted forever

Derek comes to slowly, stretching out and relishing the warm, sweet scent he’s surrounded by. He realises he can’t pinpoint the smell, or anything more than his own name around the same time he notices there are what look like hundreds of post it notes around him. 

“What,” he croaks out; relieved he can still remember how to form words. Everything feels a little swirly, slow, comfy. Derek is extremely comfortable. It’s hard to get stressed about anything when he feels this relaxed, this warm, and there’s that fucking magic smell in the air.

A pair of brown eyes appear inches from his face, and Derek grins stupidly. Those are pretty eyes. 


“‘Lo,” Derek slurs out, tries to lift a hand to wave, squints. The rest of the face belonging to those nice eyes comes into view and Derek hums, pleased. The man hovering over him is very attractive. He’s got a lovely looking mouth, and a cute upturned nose that Derek wants to rub his own against.

“‘M Derek,” he pronounces, “Who’re you?”

The man’s lips twitch and Derek’s stomach hops around excitedly. He made the man want to laugh, that is a good sign. Derek must be funny.

Keep reading

Kataang Week - Sleep Talking

Aang talked in his sleep.  Katara glanced from her book to look at the lanky man spread out in the bed beside her.  

“Sweetie?” she ventured.

He snorted and murmured something unintelligible.  Katara leaned over to place a kiss on his blue tattoo. The mighty Avatar, she thought, smiling to herself.  More like her goofball husband who muttered nonsense sentences while dreaming and woke up with a spring in his step to go to morning meditation.

She tried to remember if she’d always known he talked in his sleep, or if it was something she noticed only after their marriage.  When Team Avatar traveled together and camped underneath the stars, they all slept separately, and Katara usually slept next to her brother.  With Sokka, Appa, and Momo all to contend with, it was a miracle Katara ever got any sleep.  Their snores must have drowned out any soft whispers from Aang.  She only remembered hearing him yell when the nightmares became too much.

Katara grimaced.  She could still remember how he looked at her those days before the invasion, when he tried to go without sleep and practiced relentlessly—so desperate, so scared, so overwhelmed.  Just a boy carrying the weight of the entire world on his shoulders.  She looked at her husband sleeping soundly next to her. Asleep, he looked a lot like the boy he had been.

Thank the spirits the days of nightmares were behind them.

Although he looked younger when he slept, Aang had clearly grown.  His face was now a little less round and his ears a little less big.  The most striking difference was the dark stubble shadowing his jaw.  Katara rubbed her chin; it scratched a little when he kissed her, but she liked the change. Katara had a sneaking suspicion the idea to grow a beard had come from her brother, but she had always liked Aang’s hair, so she didn’t mind.

She yawned, set her book down on the bedside table, and stretched her legs beneath the blankets.  One of her feet poked out because that particular blanket was wrapped tightly around Aang’s legs. Katara wiggled her toes, chuckled to herself, and reached over to stroke the smooth skin of his scalp.

He blinked sleepily up at her.  Then his face broke into a goofy smile so full of love and adoration that her heart stuttered.

“Hey,” he murmured.

“Hey,” she whispered back.  “Think I could have some of the blankets?”

His eyes widened as he tried to untangle himself and toss the blankets over to her side of the bed.  She laughed as his arm got caught in a fold, and he jerked helplessly against the fabric.

With a few tugs from her side, Katara helped him free his arm.  Most of the blankets were now piled on top of her, and Aang propped himself up to arrange them better around her.  She grabbed his hands and kissed them.

“I’m good now.  I just wanted my feet covered,” she said with a smile.

He ducked his head bashfully and pulled one of the blankets back to his side.  “Sorry about that.  Are you ready to sleep now?”

Katara nodded, and he waved his hand, extinguishing the candles with a single bending move.  Darkness enveloped their bedroom.  She snuggled closer to him, and he tucked his arm securely around her waist.

“Were you dreaming earlier?” she asked.  “You were talking in your sleep.”

“I don’t think so.”  The sound coasted over the shell of her ear, and she shivered. “What did I say?”

Katara interlaced her fingers with his.  “I couldn’t tell.  Most of the time it’s too mumbled to understand.”

She felt the vibrations of his laughter travel through her back.  “I’ll have to work on my enunciation then.”

Maybe she responded; maybe she didn’t.  With his warmth all around her, and the darkness and quiet of the night pressing in, Katara closed her eyes, and she drifted off to sleep in her husband’s arms.

In the middle of the night, she felt him jolt.  They had rolled apart while they slept, but she felt when every muscle in his body tensed.

“Aang?” she whispered.

Deep breathing answered her question.  The part of him that touched her back arched away from her.  Katara leaned up on her elbow and reached for him in the dark.  She accidentally crashed into his face, and her fingers touched damp streaks on his skin.

“Aang, turn on the lights!”

She heard him sniff, and then the candles burst to life. He curled his face back into the pillow and wrapped his arms around his head.  Katara draped herself over his back and hugged his shoulders.  “Sweetie, it was just a dream,” she said soothingly, trailing her lips over his tattoo.  He cringed underneath her before rolling over and hugging her tightly. The tears on his cheeks smeared across her own.

Maybe the days of nightmares weren’t behind them after all.

“It’s okay,” she whispered.  “It’s okay.”

Aang took a deep breath, scrubbed away the tears, and pushed away enough to look at her properly.  He looked lost and tired and so young.

She gave him a small smile and kissed his cheek.  “Want to talk about it?”

He took a few moments to find the right words and organize the dream-thoughts, and Katara waited patiently.  “I dreamed about the past,” he murmured.  The candlelight flickered across his face, giving his pale skin an orange glow.

“I was at the Air Temples when they were attacked. Everything burned.  Everyone was—”  His voice dropped to a whisper, and he shook his head.  “So much pain.  And I—the Avatar State took over me, and I—”

Aang closed his eyes.

Once, several years ago, Aang laid her out on the grass one morning after his meditation and taught her about chakras to help her with bending and healing.  One by one, his hands floating over her, he told her about the pools of energy that flowed through her—what they represented and which emotions blocked each one.  Now, she placed her hand over Aang’s heart where the air chakra resided, the one that dealt with love and was blocked by grief.  

She kissed his forehead sweetly, trying to convey the stab of pain within her own heart in the wake of his distress.  Aang’s air chakra would probably always be turbulent, but she vowed to hold him tightly throughout the storm.  Especially on dark nights like this one, when nightmares plagued them, and their sleep was punctuated by supportive, bittersweet murmurs in the quiet.

“It’s going to be okay,” she breathed against his arrow.

Aang buried his hands in her hair and ran his fingers through it.  “I’m worried about the future.”

“How so?”

“I’m the last, Katara.  And when I’m gone—when the next Avatar has to learn airbending, there won’t be anyone to learn from.  And soon after that, after three cycles, the Avatar won’t even exist anymore.  There won’t be an Air Nation for the Avatar to be born into.  Everything … everything will be gone forever.”

His breath caressed her throat, and she pulled him closer, squeezing as hard as she could.  Her mouth dried; what could she say in the face of such truth?  Although the Air Acolytes adopted the lifestyle wholeheartedly, they could not truly replace the culture Aang lost.  The future he painted struck her painfully—she had always believed in the Avatar, even when the rest of the world stopped believing during Hundred Year War.  She could not imagine a world where that great power suddenly winked out or a world where another little girl couldn’t look up at the stars with hope in her heart that the Avatar would make the world a better place.

She wouldn’t let that future come to pass.

“It won’t turn out like that,” she declared.

Aang tilted his head to look at her properly, his gray eyes questioning.  She smirked at him.  “We’ll just have lots of airbender kids.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle, but the shadows didn’t quite leave his face. “It probably won’t be that simple. You’re a waterbender, but no one else in your family can bend.  And it can work the other way too.  We’ve seen so many different families in our travels—all a mix of benders and nonbenders. It’s hard to predict that kind of thing. We might not have any airbenders at all.”  

Stubborn, Katara refused to cede the point.  She knew how ridiculous that solution sounded in the wake of the seriousness of his concerns, but it was the only solution she had.  “Aunt Wu said I’d have great-grandchildren,” she declared. “Surely some of those descendants will be airbenders.”

This time Aang did laugh. “Oh, Aunt Wu.  Maybe she will be right.  She was right about you marrying a powerful bender, after all.”  His strong arms tightened around her.

Katara pushed back with a mock-shocked expression on her face. “You did listen!  You always denied it, but I knew I heard someone outside the door.  And you acted really weird afterwards.”

Aang dropped his forehead against hers.  “Don’t remind me.  I was an idiot back then.”

She laughed.  “You were. But I love you anyway.”

“I love you too.”  He took a deep breath.  “Thank you, Katara.  For always listening. “

“Of course, sweetie.”  She kissed him.  She was aware they hadn’t actually solved anything.  Sometimes the problems of the past and the future were too large for them to solve on their own, but these nighttime conversations helped them feel better.  They held each other close.  They had each other, and that was the most important thing.

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I didn't really see the post as transphobic? I'm not saying it's not, I just want an explanation cuz I'm a bit lost. When I read it, I thought the person saying that people with female sex organs can have abortions. Because male sex organs can't even produce a baby, that's the only real difference between the biology. I didn't see them as saying all women have those organs in was a generalization. Then again, I'm dumb and can't read things properly. I just want to understand this better, thanks!

The person themselves are a TERF and I did not want them interacting with my post.

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i dont know if i will ever finish this, because i feel like i didnt organize it properly

i mean i have great ideas, but thats all i have right now lmao

i think im going to finish my kyoukai no kanata amv though, i really like that one and i would really want to upload it too haha

,,,, or i might just finish editing my other allen amv,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You cannot properly kiss a fifteen year old girl

Mirror of the Witch debuted this week and all of my very intense feelings reared up as discussion popped up again on tumblr. Since I don’t like jumping into other people’s conversations, I decided to organize my feelings here. 

There appear to be three main themes inside the discussion that I want to address because this essay isn’t letting me sleep at night–outrage and confusion at the age gap, the Wait and See viewing approach, and Noona Romance. 

Age Gap Outrage

I’m going to start with a little story. When I was in college, I had a roommate who would constantly rent movies and drag us into a movie night. One night, she rented Princess of Thieves which is a 2001 made for TV movie staring a fifteen year old Keira Knightly as the daughter of Robin Hoon and Stephen Moyer, who at the time was nearly thirty, as the secret son of King Richard and her love interest. It is a cute romantic adventure with hijinks, love, and thrilling action. 

It came with special features and I love watching how movies are made. The next day, while I was avoiding my class reading, I popped in the dvd and watched the interviews with the cast. It was standard fare, lots of praise for Keira Knightly’s maturity in her performance and jokes about the difficult stunts. I remember being confused at all the male actors constantly praising her maturity and skill as an actress until the interviewer asked Stephen Moyer what was the most difficult part of filming. His response has stuck with me for nearly a decade.

The kissing scene. Because you cannot properly kiss a fifteen year old girl

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