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They did seem a little off to me. Very off actually. Something just seems peculiar. I'm really glad uv opened it up to discussion bc I think we're a fairly intelligent fandom & we might be able to make sense of it together if we are all allowed to feel comfortable discussing our opinions. That's why respect for anons is key, even if u don't agree with someone. As for me, I get the sense that SOMETHING odd is going on. The avoidance at the upfronts makes no rational sense for promotion (1)

(2) the chemistry bw dd & ga is something anyone in their right mind would want to use & capitalize on as much as humanely possible. The only thing that makes sense to me is that contractually they may have forbidden it. I do wonder if it has something to do with the crown or pm specifically. The man is obviously in her life in some capacity, he showed up to the baftas WITH her. So perhaps this avoidance was done out of respect for that, or out of obligation. It might even be at his insistence.

(3) & in the spirit of open discussion, I have to say it strikes me as odd that dd has pretended the Webby’s didn’t even happen. Not a word of congrats to his friend. Not a pic, link, shout out, or even a word. Yes, It’s only social media, but it is telling. Especially when on the same day GA THANKED him on twitter he made a point to like another female costars tweet, but he ignored GA’s. He couldn’t even LIKE her tweet, but he liked Claire’s? That does mean something to me. I don’t know what

(4) I also appreciate that but willing to open this up to discussion despite the fact that u may not see what others see. I love them together very much, but I have to be honest with myself and my rational mind when I see something that is clearly off or different or telling. I’m glad I can talk about it with others & see what others think.


No problem with talking about it, anon. I’m always amazed and also kind of frustrated, when I genuinely thought everybody was agreeing on something, but I was wrong, and it’s actually a real debate. I don’t think I can convince you, and you’re really not going to convince me, though. This ceremony made Gillian’s year., so what else is there to say? With all due respect, what you’re saying about a contract stopping them from doing joined promotion makes absolutely no sense. 

Such a contract isn’t a joke, if you make it, you respect it. If there was such a contract between them, the two pictures that we’ve seen of them at The Upfronts wouldn’t have existed. And what would be the point on signing a contract like this to show up together an hour later at an awards ceremony? 

About David not answering Gillian’s tweet, when did he even answer her? He never does. Or she has to force him, like we assume she did about the Red Speedo last May when they were together. When he likes a tweet only mentioning Gillian’s name, people lose it on Twitter. He choose not to provoke that kind of reaction, I think we should respect that. 

And again, really, nothing was off at all! They were two invalid idiots on a stage, cute, giddy, and hot a hell as usual. 

Reese’s Emergency Commissions

I unfortunately am in a bit of a bind, and with bills coming up, I need to make a little bit of extra money.

What I’m offering:

Icon Packs for $2 for 20 icons.

Themes starting at $5, more for something more complicated.

Manga coloring starting at $5 and going to $7 for a more complicated piece.

Short stories for $5 for 500 words. $1 per next 100 words.


Writing sample:

“I was like you once. Content with wishing I had more in life. Only I wasn’t really, dreams are always there, always waiting for you to pick them back up or dust them off. It’s then you remember this wasn’t what you wanted to do with your life. Only don’t know where to start you put your dreams aside if not one day one day I’ll pick you back up, only one day and never came reality set in and it was just too much for you to do those dreams they’d have to wait. And then one day you wake up and you do it over and over again despite the thing that was stopping you in the beginning being gone, you’ve fallen so much into the routine that you don’t know where to start your dream. All you know is you’re not content with your life. You wanted to get out you want to do things. So where do you start your asking, the same way you start when you’re young and you starting off: the basics. All dreams take work you can’t just start in the middle and expect everything to work out.”

“So you’re saying I can still follow my dreams. Even though I’m nearly Thirty I’m not too old. I don’t believe you dreams are for the Young.”

Example 2:

It was just supposed to be another ordinary day, well as ordinary a day can be when you’re Spiderman and Deadpool. Today though nothing had gone right. From Tony and Loki discovering his relationship with Deadpool, to now fighting six, no make that seven of his archvillians. There was the Green Goblin, who of course had shown up first, the Rhino, Electro, the Vulture, Doc Ock, Kraven, Mysterio, and Sandman had been the last.

He’d thought that Tony and Loki would have at least been able to help him. But no, they were probably still mad at him for dating Wade Wilson, the-merc-with-the-mouth. Funny though, that the man who was no good for him was right beside him fighting to help him out. And just who was Tony to judge anyway? Tony had fallen for someone who was worse then Wade had ever been, Loki the God of mischief.

Of course they were his parents though, adopting him when his parents had passed and there was no one else to take him in. He loved them both, but they were wrong, Wade was just what he needed, yeah he was older then him and wasn’t the most lawful person in the world, but Wade was the one who understood him, could be just as snarky as he was.

“Yo Spidey gotta get your head in the game. The writer has us outnumbered two against seven, and your spacing. Come on.” Deadpool said without having to say the part about brooding getting him killed. He was right though, Spiderman thought as he did a backflip to get out of the way of a pumpkin bomb being thrown at him only to be rammed from behind and sent flying by the Rhino.

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Yeah I'll come off anon. I'm just wondering why you're saying we're the ones in the Shaladin tags when we're obviously trying to stay away from it.

oh my god, i cant with you nigga, you’re something else.

1. stop. stop defending your dumpster diving buddies ok. most posts about anti shaladin come up in the shaladin tags. wanna know why? because, we share the same name which is

shaladin (ex: anti shaladin, shaladin discourse, pro shaladin, anti sheith, pro sheith, sheith in general.)

2. you can be doing a good job staying away from the tags. but once you mention the words in your posts, they show up regardless. this is why we have BLACKLISTS. if my posts show up in the tags by accident, and trust me i don’t want to get near the dry ass anti tags anyways, there’s blacklisting for a reason. 

3. i think you’re mentioned it before, tumblr having a horrible tagging system. if you didn’t well look at #2 again.

4. you guys don’t stay away from it, you curve it. dont play victim in this shit. you guys like to poke the bear then run instantly when it targets you. you make posts about shaladins, it gets tossed into our tags no matter how much you try to censor it then we reply, you guys flip shit then blame it on us. so tell me, how much are you really avoiding? you must love to fuel fire since yall have been making lists, saying shit and more.

5. to end this off, just lurk before you speak. you’re embarrassing yourself even more. just like how we “end up in the anti tags! oh no!”, you ended up here. why am i not even blocked by you? what was the legit point of this anyways? yes its to defend the post about how posts get mixed up but tell me, what was the worth of this? to make yourself look like a bigger dumbass than before?

dude, im done. go run and beat off to your klance nsfw, complain or do something. i have work to do before my ass has to take more courses next year. yallah.

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I cannot tell you how much I LOVE and use your Movie Hangout Stuff add-on (and so much of your other CC!). I was wondering if you will ever be adding a pt. 2? I adore the counters but always dream of having island counters in the same style!

Thank you for this nonny! Yes I do have some unfinished stuff up my sleeve. I wrote something about unfinished stuff in this post here. I also have a table, more tiled walls, the jukebox, the fridge, stoves and a few other things. Posting a couple of WIPs. Feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you like or want.

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Something I can't stop thinking abt and wanted to share: so, Franziska thinks whipping people is a valid thing to do. And she was raised by Manfred. We know he's terrible and a perfectionist. Idk abt you, but to me it makes sense to think he would physically beat her, maybe even whip her, into perfectionism. That's how he taught her to be perfect from a young age.

Pt. 2 I don’t like to think about it, But it makes sense. Sort of a sad headcanon

oh, gracious. i’ve never thought about it like this before, but you’re right, it does make sense. now i’m sad.

Morning, 23 May 17

*falls onto face* Bleah. Do not want to be awake. Do not want to be a responsible adult. Gonna be a responsible adult shortly, ‘cause gotta deal with rescheduling an appointment because things. That is my adulting thing for today. That and possibly dishes.

And then I’m going to go do something else. Possibly binge watch more. (The Librarians - seasons 1&2, and Leverage in the last week, and now Xena.)

honest question; what is it about anders that makes people want to draw him in female clothes? or skimpy clothes or fishnet stockings or in heels?

the fact that I deeply dislike seeing him like this aside - I’m genuinely interested if there’s a reason behind it, some kind of vibe he gives off or something? 


Toru blog update

[Part 1]

Recently we’ve been rehearsing all the new songs
Until the tour comes, it will be a spree of stuffing my mind with information

It already feels like summer is coming
It is so so hot.
It’s T-shirt and sandals weather, May
What should I do in August?

I want to go to LA again!

[Part 2]

When at Tonikaku HEY’s MV
We had a surprise birthday again for Yudai

Also, here’s something from BOND and TWO AS ONE in L. A
I went to the manager when we shot the MV.

Tonikaku HEY, good morning to you


infodumping about the ocean

Alyanette date for alyanette april!!!

It’s their first date and they’re having a good time!!

(shh i know alya isn’t wearing the miraculous… it’s probably… like in her pocket or something… also i took the bg from a webisode concept art… so its not mine)

That good ol’ “Not sure if romance feelings or intense friendship feelings but don’t want to make it weird if I’m reading the situation incorrectly because whatever it is is too valuable to me to risk” feeling. Sort of like you worry if you do try to pursue something you’ll be like the dog that caught its tail and doesn’t know what to do with it.

Very relatable feelings for edgy on purpose people who unironically wear cloaks, I assure you.

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I’m glad we’re not getting a Season 2 this year

I’ve seen people disappointed about the movie, and wanting a Season 2 in October.

My perspective is… This is the BEST NEWS THAT I HAVE HEARD in this fandom, hallelujah.

The biggest enemy that Yuri on Ice has always had is its own success. When your show is basically printing money in DVD and merchandise sales, you can bet that the higher ups are breathing down your neck. Do more. Do it now. Do it faster. If you find a goose that lays golden eggs, by all means, make that thing lay as fast as it freaking can, and while you’re at it, can you make those eggs any bigger?

I have seen success absoutely ruin amazing shows/series/book series/etc. Over and over and over again.

This is particularly true when the show/series/book series has a strong romantic subplot, as Yuri on Ice does. That’s because often, in order to keep people who are invested in the romance invested, shows tend to do one of two things: 1. Keep people from getting together long after any reasonable person could imagine that they’d be apart, or 2. Add ridiculous drama to keep splitting them apart and then getting them back together.

I trust Kubo and Yamamoto. I don’t for one second trust bean counters. And I absolutely do NOT want to see someone splitting up Yuri and Victor in nonorganic ways just to keep some unnaturally stupid tension. Yuri on Ice was magical because it was made with love–every aspect of it–and every time the show surprised us, it was with how much more love was in the show than we’d ever imagined. But it is hard to manage that fine line between enough internal tension to move the story forward and that love that makes Yuri on Ice utterly magical.

When I heard details about the production, I could sense that love. They traveled to every venue, constructed the story around what was actually possible. The spirit of everywhere they went to pervades each scene. You can line up shots of where they were with anime scenes. The way they constructed characters, their skates, the music for their skates, how it all fits together to tell an overarching story about love in all its forms, something that is utterly compelling and yet lacks villains. Even details like putting the wedding rings on the right hand. This is storytelling at its very damned best, at every level, and I’m on my knees to it.

And you want them to do what they did in years for season 1 in a matter of months? It’s not possible. Not with the site visits. Not with needing to construct characters with respect and love. Not with commissioning music. Kubo was talking on Twitter today about visiting Mexico, and the idea of her taking Leo’s heritage as a Mexican American so seriously, and with such respect, in a time when Mexican-Americans are being absolutely vilified in this country, makes me almost weepy. That is what I want–that love, that respect for what they do.

The very, very worst thing that could happen to Yuri on Ice is for the second season to be made with money in mind rather than love. I would rather have no second season than to see someone push this show to become more “mainstream” (read: toning down the queerness, fuck that), or for them to not have the time to develop a story line that continues season 1 with the mastery and the love that made it so special.

The fact that they’re taking their time is the best thing I could have heard. We can get it fast or we can get it good. There’s plenty of media out there that comes out fast. There’s a reason this one was special. Everyone who wants something fast, well, there’s plenty of crap out there–feel free to be a fan of it.

Have a little patience, and trust the people who brought you this piece of genius, who have every financial incentive to take as much money as possible. If they say you’re not getting a season 2 this year, you better believe that it’s because they can’t do it well.

Two years may sound like an eternity, but a crappy season is the thing that actually lasts forever.


Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 1

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. Now that I’ve finally finished the story, I can get started on them!

This is series 1 with Eos, Havarl, Voeld, and H-047C. Series 2 will cover Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya (feel like it belongs in the lineup).

Prints available at my Society6 store if anyone wants!


A couple of days ago one of my cats got outside and was hit by a car, she’s stable but most likely has a long long way to go… i honestly hate to do this but, with all the meds, tests, samples to send to the lab, special food because she can’t even chew rn and the fact she has to stay at the hospital for days if not weeks, vet bills are piling up incredibly fast, not to mention she’ll probably get surgery later and who knows how much that’ll be… so… i need help and here i am.

i’ll draw virtually anything (if you want something but aren’t sure if i can do it, please feel free to ask) and i don’t mind if all you have to spare is $1, you can pay what you want, i just really want my cat healthy, happy and back home as soon as possible. 

The only conditions for this are: i’ll just draw single character pieces (i may do 2 characters if they’re not full-body, but please ask), and they are just for personal use.

Payment would be to my paypal account, it is: esperanza.mendozabo@gmail.com and i would need you to pay before i start working (sorry, but i just don’t want someone to back off and go away once i already finished a piece)

If you have at least a little bit to spare please consider, and if you can’t, that’s fine too, but please help me spread this

my art blog is @prancing-pixie btw

Stop staring at me with them big ol’ eyes