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Are people sending those in bc you aren't updating everyday or something? Need I remind people that before, we could wait weeks to get one? Personally, I consider 2 panels every few days a BLESSING. I'm still not used to it. I'm legit confused, do people really think that just bc she hasn't updated every single day that something is wrong...?

Idk man, I update from monday to friday, what else do you want from me 


Happy birthday, Tom Petty! (October 20, 1950-October 2, 2017)

Part of you we carry and part of you is gone, but we will treasure your legacy and the music and stories you shared with us, forever. As long as your music lives on, so, too, shall you…

Music is probably the only real magic I have encountered in my life. There’s not some trick involved with it. It’s pure and it’s real. And it moves and it heals and it communicates and does all these incredible things. It’s been so good to me that I want to be good to it. I want to make music that’s worth making.

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How about Shawn and whoever is trying to get pregnant and it's kinda not working, like it's early stages but they're still not pregnant and he's all concerned like "but we've fucked like 2 weeks straight and we're still not having a baby" "what if my boys can't swim properly" "I just want a kid hunny, why isn't it working?" . Blurb night is gonna b the best thing, love you luna x

+  Something angsty to do with kids or pregnancy would make my day! Thank you for blurb night Luna, you’re SUCH a gem. Xx

a/n: lil angsty, lil fluffy 

You’re trying to forget the defeated, disappointed face he’d pulled when you’d walked out of the bathroom, pregnancy test screaming a negative. Yet it’s there, in the front of your mind as you lay in the bed you share, his head resting on your stomach.

You’re playing with his hair, twisting the curls through your fingers as the pair of you ignore the TV – lost in something. You know what he’s thinking about, because you’re thinking about it too. Shawn breathes in a sigh. 

“What if we can’t have kids?” he suddenly breaks, head facing away from you so you can’t see the way he pulls his features together at the prospect. “What?” you ask, raising a brow – halting your fingers. 

“I mean – we’ve been trying for so long” and he turns, sitting up, looking down at you as he moves to get closer. “It’s only been 2 weeks Shawn”

“Yeah but-“and he runs his hands over his face, rubbing before you lick your lips and take his hands away so you can see him. “Tell me”  

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So... I feel like I’m missing something. What is step 1/step 2, comlex, comat, and all that jazz? All exams and things or...?

USMLE Step 1: The beast. The monster. The test I wasn’t required to take but did anyway because I want to be competitive for residency. It’s the first board exam for MD students (and DOs like me) taken after you’re finished with preclinical years.

COMLEX Level 1: The bizarre grab bag DO version of Step 1. Manages to be both easier and harder at the same time. Also longer.

Step 2/Level 2: The second version of both exams. Taken sometime after third year. Easier than Step/Level 1.

COMAT: An exam that is specific to a certain specialty. We have COMATs for Psych, OB, Pediatrics, Internal Med, Family Med, Surgery, and EM. DO equivalent to the MD student’s Shelf exams.

DAY 2 (10/20): Favorite Relationship ★ Selfie

relationship/friendship whichever one you wanna call it, Cindy’s awesome

I decided I’m going to have an after-school math boot camp on Tuesdays for students who are too far behind in math to be able to learn the high school curriculum.

I just had a student come by before class to take an assessment, because I wanted to know what he needs to be taught - like many of my students, he is unsure how to do arithmetic with negative numbers, doesn’t conceptually understand what a fraction is, and has memorized the idea of “inverse operations” but will incorrectly apply it to expressions.

I just feel really good and calm about this. I’ve been stressing out for 2 years trying to figure out how I can possibly teach an algebra II curriculum to students who don’t know arithmetic. And the answer is, “you can’t. They need something else first, find a way to give it to them.” I think this might be the right next step, finally.

Supernatural season 13 episode 2

• Hello Prince of Chicken Nuggets


• I still like Lucifer more than I do Mary


• Hello Donatello! I didn’t really miss you but you’re funny so I’ll allow it

• I loved that tattoo scene

• Dean being this broken over Castiel’s death is something I’ve always wanted but I’m incredibly hurt over how he refuses to think about giving Jack a chance

• Uncle Sam to the rescue because Dean’s being a dick (no amount of grieving excuses his behaviour towards Jack)

• I like this Prince of hell just because of the accent

• I hate Lucifer but I still like him more than Mary. I’ll say it as many times as I have to


• Dean can throw a blade

• Splitting up was a bad idea Sammy look what happened to Jack

• hi new Michael

• “You’re hurting my friends!”

• And Dean /STILL/ doesn’t trust Jack? Dean what the shit

• I thought that when Dean walked in to see Jack literally stabbing himself with a kitchen knife that he was going to have a change of heart, but NO the cock is too busy grieving over his husband to notice he’s turning into his own father

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Please tell me more about why you like sheith, I'm very curious to hear the rest of it.

(alright luckily i had the beginning of this saved elsewhere when tumblr just randomly sent it early so imma just begin by pasting. also spoilers for voltron s4 obv) 

the original ask was something like “curious why u like sheith? ive thought abt it and i think i prefer klance”

rubs hands 2gether Thank U for Asking

first of all, thats chill! if klance is ur thing, fuckin go for it my dude, have a great time with that shit. the fandom’s huge and theres tons of content. im all for ppl shippin what they want and im not here to tell someone to ship or not ship something. if u do truly want to know why im a sheith tho, buckle the fuck up cause im awash in sheith feelings at every moment and i got Things 2 say

alright so the main thing with sheith is that it feels real healthy and good. (well it did. things are weird this season bc shiro may or may not be a clone but up until his disappearance at least.) they’re rly good abt checking in with each other to see how the other one’s doing and feeling, and they lean on each other a lot for support. they also treat each other as equals and respect each other’s choices (again, with minor exceptions in the current season). they got that good good hidden backstory together. they got that good good star crossed lovers thing goin on where the universe keeps ripping them apart, fucking them over and tossing them back together more fucked up than before and my dude i Eat That Shit UP. also that good good height difference. the show gives them lots of moments where they’re either alone in a room together havin a private moment or havin an equally private moment in front of the whole fuckin team where fuckin everybody can see them (like the first Hug tm). they’re openly physically intimate with each other (which keith is not with anyone else) and they’re not like. ashamed of that. there’s so much canon content i cry daily. 

here lemme break it down

we know they knew each other in the garrison, and not just like in passing, like acquaintances, but enough that keith was the only person there to see shiro off when the kerberos mission launched. in s1ep1 lance says of shiro “omg that guys my hero” and of keith “you’re my rival” but neither shiro nor keith know who lance even fuckin is. bc presumably they didnt hang out. everyone in the garrison knows who keith and shiro are but they - keith especially it seems like - dont keep track of the other students. also theres this whole fanon thing where shiro and matt were best friends in the garrison and hung out all the time before kerberos, but in s4 when matt greets shiro hes incredibly stiff and awkward and calls him sir and shiro just goes “pidge never gave up on u buddy” which i guess could be a clone thing but could also be him bein like “i totally did give up on u tho, whatever” (and i can totally buy that considering how pidge’s whole personal arc this whole time has been looking for matt and their dad, and while shiro has been supportive of that, he’s also been like hey dude that’s not our top priority as a team). so from that i infer that matt and shiro werent best buds in the garrison, and that he must have spent a lot more of his time with keith bc in s2ep1 keith makes it clear that shiro made a significant impact on his life and that he still thinks about things shiro said to him before kerberos. which we havent seen. bc theyre hiding the pre-kerberos backstory from us and i cry. also their flashbacks in s1ep2 (i think, i dont exactly remember which ep but i think its that one) when they all put on the headsets and we see their fondest memories, shiro’s is the day they were separated and keith’s is the day they found each other again like jesus.

then there’s keith’s first scene in the show. the first thing we see him doing is kicking the shit out of like three garrison guys to rescue shiro. we get that close up of him touching shiro’s unconscious fuckin face and his first line in the whole show is him saying shiro’s name. like shit dude how am i supposed 2 not ship that. the first time keith and lance interact, its lance butting in on that moment and keith being like “who the fuck are u” and its. uncomfortable. we also know that keith has been livin alone in the desert and obsessing over these lion carvings bc he got kicked out of the garrison for basically insubordination sometime after shiro went missing. we get that scene in the shack where keith talks abt feeling lost until shiro showed up and everyone else in the room looking all confused and uncomfortable as these two dudes who clearly already know each other well and have been separated for like a year just stare into each other’s eyes or what the fuck ever. also the scene outside the shack where keith comes and finds shiro and puts a hand on his shoulder and asks him how hes doing - theyre alone for that part. also worth mentioning is that keith has no hesitation touching shiro’s galra tech arm, whereas lance hesitates before shaking his hand. we see a bunch of times that keith is touch averse with almost everyone except shiro, in a way that indicates a degree of prior familiarity and a good understanding of boundaries that keith hasnt had the time or inclination to set up with lance, hunk, pidge, allura, coran etc. also the one time he holds lance when sendack attacks the castle and lance is unconscious, lance sort of blows it off later and basically goes “no homo” when keith brings it up so that was a bummer

i also love some of the Pauses they put into shiro and keith’s dialogue, some of them are just. so choice. like when keith proposes a crazy plan that puts him in danger and shiro just takes a sec, closes his eyes, then goes “alright i’ll back u up, do what u gotta do” like!!!! boi!!!!!! thats good shit. also in s2ep9 during the blade of marmora trial when keith is basically having this nightmare about shiro rejecting him because of his connection to the galra, (which real actual shiro can see because this whole ep was a fuckin fanfiction) and he does that same thing where hes like “shiro… *pause, close eyes for Just a sec* you’re like a brother to me” which! by the way!! i have said the same thing!! to a friend i had a crush on!!! who was straight!!!! and i was a little baby who didnt know i was into girls yet and we used to say we were like sisters bc i? didnt know i?? was gay???? we shared her bed whenever i stayed over and she really did see me as a sister and i would just lie next to her and daydream about touching her boobs,, anyway keith is so relatable there i could yell forever but continuing on,

can we, real quick, talk abt the first time keith flies the black lion? bc in s2ep1 hes not the black paladin yet. real shiro is still around. and keith legit goes up to black, puts a hand on her big ole nose and goes “ur boi is in trouble, we gotta help him” and she goes “yeah dude hop in” like?????????????? thats some fanfic shit again! black Knows! also dont even talk to me abt how many times keith and shiro yell each others names in that ep its unreal. also the trope (that i eat the fuck up every time) of one member of the otp lying trapped and injured somewhere and talking to the other member of the otp thru a helmet comm or whatever and they cant see each other but they can hear each others voices, so they have to keep talking to like reassure each other they’re both still alive and okay?!!! im such a sucker for that shit!!!! ummmmm the fact that shiro keeps reassuring keith that hes fine when theres a gaping glowing wound in his side and hes like visibly in pain, clenching his teeth, eyes closed, groaning, sweat beading on his forehead, the whole fuckin thing?? and josh knocked it outta the park with shiro’s voice in that ep making him sound like he was trying not to sound hurt and exhausted so that keith wouldn’t worry too much like Fuck me up!! smiling thru the pain when keith talks abt how much shiro changed his life and made him a better person??? boi!!!!!

then there are the times when shiro talks abt something happening to him and keith taking over as voltron’s leader, and keith gets all panicked about it like he cant stand the thought of losing shiro again (this happens a bunch of times but the ones that are coming to mind are s2ep1 and s2ep9 bc. again. those are the fanfic episodes). and then he Does lose him again and he’s so clearly grieving, lashing out at the rest of the team, super obviously feeling shiro’s loss more than the others (and lance is a real dick about it a bunch of times which really rubbed me wrong), going out to look for him over and over bc he wants to believe so bad that shiro’s out there somewhere. omg the “please no” when the black lion accepts him that shit Fucked me right up!! he wants to honor shiro’s wishes!! but some part of him knows that’s like admitting that shiro’s gone and isn’t coming back. and then!!!!!! when they find kuron and its just the red lion and the galra ship floating alone in space just like. gently drifting toward each other. keith’s little tired smile there. fuck me up. and then we find out in the next scene that keith has been the only one in shiro (kuron)’s room while he’s recovering and shiro (kuron) hasnt bothered to shave or cut his hair or get dressed yet and he lets keith see him like that and not the rest of the team. fuck. keith looks Exhausted in that scene. hes got bags under his eyes, hes kinda hunched in on himself, arms crossed, like something in him Knows this isnt his boi but he wants to believe it’s him so bad and its. god. its a lot. and Then when hes turning to leave and kuron is like “how many times will u have to save me before this is over” and keith’s face just relaxes into this legitimately genuine smile when he says “as many times as it takes” like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck me

this is where it starts gettin awkward with them bc kuron isnt shiro and he doesnt treat keith the way shiro would but he Tries, like after keith fucks up that one mission and kuron comes and finds him (again, in private) to touch his shoulder and be like “im proud of u boi” when keith clearly Did Not Do A Good Job and keith just looks bummed like “thats. thats not tru” and it Hurts me bc we know real shiro doesnt do fake praise. also kuron orders keith to put himself in danger more than once and doesnt give a shit that keith and the others get hurt because of it which also real shiro would never do - we’ve seen him react when his teammates take hits before, but especially keith, like during the bom trial. then theres s4ep1 where keith sort of drifts away from team voltron in order to do more stuff with the blade of marmora and everyone’s pissed at him but then as hes walking out kuron’s like “you know we’re here for you if you need us” and keith gets that soft smile again like “i know and i cant tell you how much that means to me” and then they do that good good hand clasp that turns into a hug which by the way is a stark contrast to when other people hug keith and they just kinda grab him and he goes all stiff and it takes him a sec or three to put his arms around them if he even does that at all - with shiro they do the hand clasp first and then walk into the hug together and keith buries his face in shiro’s fuckin shoulder and smiles and closes his eyes and i wanna die. and theyve done this twice now which makes me think they probs did it before kerberos too and that also hurts me. 

then theres s4ep6 where keith has gone the whole season feeling like he was a bad leader. it seems like voltron doesnt rly need him and his friends dont need him and shiro doesnt need him and hes been hanging with the bom who have their whole philosophy of not going back to rescue their own guys if it means putting the mission or the rest of the team in danger (which keith already was saying when allura was captured - how very galra of him) and now keith’s having to readjust to that mindset after being part of such a close knit team. so when he sees a way to take that shield down, he just fuckin goes for it. hes started to see himself as expendable. when shiro thinks hes about to die, we get all kinds of flashbacks, the first of which is him and keith alone outside the shack. there are no flashbacks with keith. he just closes his eyes. and shiro (kuron) congratulates him. like obv its before he knows what keith was about to do, but still, thats some fucked up shit. 

now this wasnt rly part of ur question, ie u didnt ask me how i felt abt klance, but i feel like i gotta say: lance just grates on me. im sorry i know lots of people who love him but he just. isnt my cup of tea. and i do think the relationship shown in the show between keith and shiro is a lot more mature and healthy than the one shown between lance and keith. lance has some good moments! but canon lance and fanon lance seem like two entirely different people to me a lot of the time and thats all cool and fine if ur lookin for that, again im not here to stop ppl from having fun, but there are so many good sheith moments in the show and im just glad to see the relationship between two dudes depicted that way regardless of whether it becomes canon or not. also lance in the show is only shown being attracted to girls, and in kinda a skeevy way - like ive met guys who treat me like that and been Very off-put by that kind of behavior. and it would put me off if after all that they got him together with keith. like hes just superficially interested in all these hot girls but keith, who he has very few heartfelt intimate moments with onscreen, is his True Love? like thats,, not good bi rep. i Do rly like the bond hes been building with allura since they switched lions, that seems like its going in a direction that could turn out to be very wholesome and sweet. but again, if klance is ur thing, by all means have a ball.

k that was a lot but tl:dr i like 2 cry and sheith provides me with lots of opportunities to do that,, if u read it all then thank u deeply and truly for ur attention, u probs Understand me as a person a bit better than before lol

Beneath Me

Summary: Ever wanted to read the classic ‘giving head under the desk when someone walks in on you’ for our this handsome fella? Look no further.
Requested by: my thirsty ass. ( gif credit. )
Pairing: Merlin x female Reader
Warnings: This whole thing is basically porn without plot, so entirely NSFW.
Do not read if you’re under the age of 18.
Word Count: 2.4k. I need help.

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i am goimg to sound really stupid, so you can skip this ask...But, i feel very shitty for being aro/ace, nobody loves us, everybody thinks that we are a burden of lgtb and they want us out of it, we steal queer spaces and we are either hypocritical straights or sick people that need medicine, and yet nobody died for being ace/aro so we have nothing to fight for, are just stupid cry babies that want attention and to erase everybody from the lgtb community. I have seen a lot pf positive (1/2)

i follow some positive aro/ace spectrum blogs, but nomatter how much i try to be positive and love being aro/ace, i can’t get mind that i am nothing but a burden and a stupid joke…if everybody hate us , is there anything i can do to so i won’t feel like that? Feel that i am part pf something? Again, i am sorry for sounding stupid, you can skip this ask if you want…(2/2)

Well number one, you don’t sound stupid, don’t worry. What you’re feeling I think is what a lot of a-spec people on tumblr have been feeling over the past little while. A lot of really hateful people have gotten really loud over the last year or two, and a lot of people have been feeling it lately. In fact this is exactly why I made this blog in the first place, to counteract that message as best I could.

So don’t feel bad you feel this way, it’s reasonable considering what people are saying.

One thing that helps is to remember that hateful people are also very loud. But they are not the majority by far. They deliberately artificially inflate their numbers The biggest tactic they have is making multiple side blogs and posting from all of them. Or deleting and remaking to get around blocks. I blocked someone for sending this blog hate not long ago, and they listed 5 or so sideblogs on their sidebar of their main blog, turned out I’d already blocked 4 out of 5 of them for posting hate in a-spec tags. I’ve seen similar stories from other people. 

But in reality, any poll or survey I’ve ever seen shows that the majority of LGBTQ+ people consider a-spec identities to be LGBTQ+ identities. Even surveys that sought out responses from Tumblr. (And the argument we don’t contribute to the communities we’re a part of is honestly offensive.)

It sucks feeling bad and feeling shitty about your orientation. But it’s OK to feel shitty sometimes, you’re not doing wrong feeling that way. I’m glad to hear though you’re following positivity blogs and making an effort to feel more positive. It’s hard. Don’t feel bad that it’s hard. And sometimes you have to hear the same thing a lot before it starts to feel true. So please don’t give up.

It might also help to see if it’s possible for you to spend more time in a-spec spaces in general. There’s a lot of online and offline communities around. And it’s only growing. And a-spec communities will never tell you that your orientation doesn’t matter, or that the issues you’re dealing with don’t exist and you’re exaggerating things (you aren’t). Check to see if there’s meetups in your area, or look around for a good a-spec discord or skype community. I know a few popular blogs on tumblr run some too. Even if you just lurk, it might help you feel better seeing other people talk about the same issues you’re dealing with too.

Finally, don’t feel like you have to listen to or put up with people who are putting down a-spec identities. You’re allowed to block people who post a lot of that stuff. You’re allowed to unfollow people who post it on your dash. Obviously if mutuals or friends are doing it, that makes it trickier, and it’s OK if you don’t want to. But remember too you’re not in the wrong for cutting people out who are effecting your mental health in a negative way.

Hope things get better for you soon. ✿

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Re the pic. Not talking about it any more but want to relate it to how great shippers are. Cait said she’s okay w/ happy/healthy shipping where fans fan w/o digging into personal info. Not only do shippers not dig for info but we keep something like this private for the sake of SC more than anything else. I say we bc you & original anon w/ the pic, Jess-our shipper community-have all kept things private about SC, Tony, when each of you w/ TONS of followers could spread it like wildfire. (P1/2)

(P2/2) In a fandom where drama ensues over nothing I’m sure SC appreciate that. It’s admirable & makes me proud to be in this shipping community.

Such positive and encouraging thoughts, anon. I am truly humbled so a big hug and a giant “thank you.” I am happy to be in good company. We have an amazing community of compassionate, brilliant, talented, creative, snarky, and gracious women here and I can’t ask for anything more. 😀

hiya everyone!! i was tagged by the lovely @starlighttea tysm!! ~ 💕

1. name : Sky

2. nicknames : No nicknames but i’d love a nickname or two!!

3. zodaic sign : aries!!

4. height : 5’7"

5. orientation : trans ace lesbian

6. nationality : american

7. favorite fruit : pears!! Especially the ripened ones they’re the BEST!!

8. favorite season : spring!!

9. favorite book : i rarely read books and i only read something when im heavily interested……

10. favorite movie : Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!

11. favorite scent : Idk really….. SO LONG AS ITS SWEET AND SOFT SCENT i’ll love the scent!!

12. favorite color(s) : blue, pink, and purple

13. favorite animal : frogs!! I love cats too but FROGGIES!!

14. coffee, tea, or hot cocoa : tea is the BEST but hot cocoa is good too!!

15. average hours of sleep : not really enough since I go to sleep late every time….. probably 6 hours…..

16. favorite fictional character : That’s hard when I have favs so many favs!! Ummmm D.Va from overwatch is one i lov D.Va!! ~ 💕

17. number of blankets you sleep with : One

18. dream trip : Massachusetts!! I’d love to visit Boston!! I’ve always traveled to southern states since family lives down there but i’d love to go somewhere new!!

19. blog created : ive had a tumblr since 2014

20. follower count: 335

21. random fact: i draw but never post my drawings im way to anxious to show anyone…..

i tag :

@gayshinx @lesbiansongs @gambangs @shiimada @umbraamethyst @z1egler @cosmic-lattes @poketime1000 @snarlqueen

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#4 forehead touch with FemHumanGodwoken/Fane. :> Also have you ever thought of writing a full fanfiction for dos2? You do have the talent for it, your character interpretations are on-spot. Thank you again for your hard work!

I have actually thought about doing some full-length fanfiction for dos2, but the problem is whether or not I have the time, lol. I really want to write something with my OC and Ifan because they’re my OTP but i don’t know if I’ll have the time right now. Thank you so much for your compliments! They mean a lot to me and I’m really glad you like my writing :D

4. Forehead touches

He hated this, the waiting. He hated that he didn’t know what was going on - that he couldn’t help her. He hated that she was hurt and that there was nothing he could do about it - restoration spells were never his forte. 

He paced outside the small tent that she was being healed in - if you could even call it that. He doubted that this person had enough skill to heal a bruise, much less a severe stab wound.He balled his hands into fists and continued pacing.

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(Part 1) Things have started becoming too much for me to handle lately and I am in desperate need of help. I came out to my family and school as ftm about four months ago and I honestly hate the way its turned out, my family doesn't even try with my preferred pronouns or name not to mention my aunt in transphobic. With my school they will not let me change my name on the register because I do not want to do P.E with the boys (only because I think we shouldn't be split up and do different things

(Part 2) and all of the boys in my year will HATE you if you do something wrong and I get massive anxiety from it.). People come up to me and try to flirt with me really sexually because they found out I am pansexual too, and everyone points out the little things they KNOW give me huge dysphoria like the other day people were pointing out I was wearing girl trousers and that my hair is growing. My “friends” are horrible except for three, they make fun of transgender people TO MY FACE AND THEY
(Part 3) KNOW I AM TRANS. My birthday is coming up in four days and I know everyone will call me my birth name and I just cant stand it, I know I’ll cry today at school and probably have to leave lessons. I cannot start T until I’m 17 and I am only 12 and I cry myself to sleep over it, I cut my legs and I have even wrote a suicide note. I need serious help but I just cant talk to anyone face to face. Thank you for reading this.


Hey bud, you’re going through a lot and it seems like a mountain right now but I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath and a step back and dissect this a bit. So you came out and it didn’t go well, now you’re in the majority when it comes to trans people. There are more of us with negative coming out stories than not and we’ve all survived long enough to be reading this post. Your parents and family and “friends” (emphasis on the quotation marks) may not support you, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on you. It sounds like some of your friends need to be dropped. If someone does something explicitly to hurt you, they are not and never were your friend. They’re just a jerk. Also, if people are being sexually flirtatious with you, you need to tell someone. I know that sounds scary but no one should ever speak to you like that, not when you’re older and definitely not now. Go to a principal or a school counselor and drop some names, tell them what’s happening. Pansexual or not, no one deserves to be sexually harassed. Furthermore remember your age, you’ve just barely started life. This isn’t all it’s going to be. When I was 12 years old I was dangerously binding and self harming and writing my own goodbye notes. I thought I wouldn’t even make it to 15 and now I’m 17 years old and I just put in my referral to start testosterone. Things change, things always change. And the distance between 12 and 17 feels like centuries but it’s nothing once you’re going through it. Those years were awful for me but they still went by so fast and they will for you too. Life never stays in the same place for very long and one day you’ll be older and telling some other 12 year old kid how you survived. Take a deep breath, and keep moving foreword.

- Michael

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I feel as for having a fling. He's leaving in 2 days and we just started speaking properly a few days ago. Can I just speak to him no strings attached and when he leaves he leaves? I feel wrong, I think about kissing him when we leaves even though I'm a Muslim girl. Like i don't want a relationship I don't want to marry him but I just want to do this one thing. Help me :(

Lol…lemme tell you something. There’s no such thing as no strings attached. I tried the whole fling thing sis. I swore up and down that it was just a summer thing, nothing more. 5 whole seasons have passed…still suffering. Never worth it. As tempting as it seems…don’t do it.


Halloween Special Headcannons

Please choose only one character from Naruto and I will answer all of the following topics below. I am opening my inbox only for these Halloween asks and there will only be 10 slots available. If I receive requests that are not for this post or list multiple characters in one ask, they will be deleted.

I wanted to do something fun and different for Halloween so I created this little Halloween list for myself. I am hoping I can get these done before October is over and have them posted alongside my other requests I have sitting in drafts.

1.       Treats. What are their favorite treats? Which ones do they not like?

2.       Tricks. Do they pull pranks? If so, what kind of pranks?

3.       Costumes. What costume would they wear?

4.       Pumpkins. Are they into the pumpkin craze? Do they carve pumpkins?

5.       Fears. What are their worst fears?

6.       Mask. How is their face decorated? Do they wear masks?

7.       Haunted House. What’s their reaction in a Haunted House?

8.       Halloween Night. What are their plans on Halloween?

9.       Ghost. If they died, where would they haunt?

10.     Mystery. What secrets are they hiding?

I will notify you all when all slots are taken and my ask box is closed again.  

anonymous asked:

1 Do you think you will ever write really long fic(like 50k words or more)? becouse I love long ones and you are my favourite snowbaz writer 2 I love the fake relationshipAU , Could you think about writing secret relationshipAU next (If you could I will forgive you the cliffhanger :P ) 3 <3


Thankyou this is so nice! I don’t know if I would ever write something that long, ‘cause I hate having projects that are ongoing for too long especially if people are waiting on me to finish it. I don’t want to do something I might not finish, and I have other writing projects that need my attention. So I doubt I’d ever do anything longer than my other fic Deepest Darkest Secret, which is around 23k.

If I was going to write a secret relationship AU it’d probably just be a oneshot, but I’ll definitely note that down as an idea!!! (I have… a list) (it’s kinda… long)

Love you <3