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HI GUYS!!! So as you may or may not know, I’m doing some college hunting right now and I also have finals/exams coming up soon! Therefore, I’m going to be even busier for a while (probably a couple of weeks, then maybe a break, then another couple of weeks during finals) and am trying to split my time. I want to keep writing a lot, so I’m actually going to be cutting time away from Tumblr so that I can continue spending as much time writing as I used to.

THEREFORE (long explanation lmao sorry), I’m going to be turning off anons for a little while! I’m not sure when it’ll be turned back on but I’ve just realized that I tend to get distracted answering anons and I think this will help me focus on school/writing!

So sorry to all of the lovely anons that I receive! ILY guys and look forward to talking to you more after I have more time! <3 <3 <3 <3

When Will I Stop Feeling Blue: An alternate version of What’s the Use of Feeling, Blue

(I am fully aware of the double meaning of the title and main line but I just wanted to get this out of my head. I didn’t spend a very long time on it afraid.)
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idk if this has been done but how about mc lyric pranking the rfa+v+saeran? can be sfw or nsfw!

Saeran: Little Did You Know by Alex and Sierra 

You: Little did you know...

Saeran: Don’t tell me you ate my ice cream. 

You: How I’m breaking while you fall asleep, Little did you know… 

Saeran: Muffin, what are you talking about? Tell me, please remember no secrets between us 

You: Im still haunted by the memories…. Little did you know I’m trying to pick myself up piece by piece…

Saeran: Look I know I don’t deserve you okay but please tell me how can I help you because (y/n) you helped me pick up my pieces please babe please let me know how to help you… your scaring me…

You: Underneath it all, I’m held captive by the hole inside, Ive been holding back for the fear that you might change your mind…. 

Saeran: Please.. don’t tell my.. my biggest fear is coming true… please.. noo.. lets talk about this when I get home… please..

You: Im ready to forgive you but forgetting is a harder fight 



Saeran: @$#%! HDFGJQN GD^!*@ 

Jumin: Ego by Beyonce 

You: Aw, baby, how you doing? You know I’m gonna cut right to the chase, huh? Some women were made But me, myself? I like to think that I was created For a special purpose, You know? What’s more special than YOU? You feel me?

Jumin: Continue Kitten

You: It’s on, baby let’s get lost, You don’t need to call in to work ‘cause you’re the boss, For real, want you to show me how you feel, I consider myself lucky, that’s a big deal, Why

You: Well, you got the key to my heart, But you ain’t gonna need it, I’d rather you open up my body, And show me secrets you didn’t know was inside, No need for me to lie

Jumin: Keep going my love, you have my full attention *he exits the limo* 

You: It’s too big, Its too wide, its too strong, it won’t fit, its too much, it’s too tough, You got a big ego, such a huge ego, I Love your big ego..

*you hear the door open and then you felt your back lightly hit the couch* 

*You see jumin licking his lips and suddenly you felt his hot breath tickling your neck* 

Now now my kitten, lets see you stroke *grabs your hand and puts it on his crotch* this ego and lets make it fit shall we? 

Seven: Acquainted by The Weekend 

You: Baby you’re no good, caused they warned me bout your type, got me ducking left and right

Seven: You got that right ;)

You: You got me touchin on your body, to say that were in love is dangerous, but seven I’m glad we’re acquainted 


Seven: Oh and if I was you, I would pick a song that we didn’t fuck to :) love you see you in 10 mins!! 

V: Gotta Catch em All - Pokemon Theme Song 

You: I want to be the very best, like no one ever was 

V: Hello my precious angel :) I hope you can accomplish your dreams and be the best in your field! Know I love and support you always! 

You: To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause! 

V:  …… 

You: I will travel across the land, searching far and wide!

V: Teach Pokemon to understand!!!! The power that’s inside!!!! Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me!!!!!!! I know its my destiny!!!!

You: Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) its you and me, I know its my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you’re my best friend!!!!! In a world we must defend, Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true!!!Our courage will pull us through




YOU: POKEEEMOOOON !! I never would of that the amazing, carefree, would know the Pokemon theme song! I never knew you liked those stuff :

V: I like to be a bit mysterious… it goes with me.. Me and Jumin use to battle each other all the time..We still do…. I started with popplio.. he started with Rowlet… 

You: Dont fuck with my litten.

Yoosung: Burn by Usher 

You:  Its going to burn for me to say this but its coming from my heart 

You: It’s been a long time coming, we da been fall apart 

Yoosung: Baby do you need me to call an ambulance!! ARE YOU AT THE APARTMENT A HEART BURN SOUNDS SERIOUS 

You: I really want to work this out but I don’t think you’re gonna change

Yoosung: Have I done something wrong? :( I know you are out of my league, I hear my classmates whispering how can a pathetic guy like me have someone so beautiful as you :( 

You: I think its best we go our separate ways… 

Yoosung: I always dreamed of this day coming.. first… sally left… then Rika… and now you… I… respect your wishes (y/n).. can you please.. just wait till my last class is over? May I have permission to buy you your favorite flowers and food because if this is going to be my last time seeing you, I want to have a good memory of you….

You: *dies* *guilt* *his heart shattered* *your heart is shattering* YOOSUNG IM SORRY IT WAS A JOKE A LYRIC PRANK IM SORRY!!! YOU KNOW IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! IM SORRRY 


Zen: Pullin me Back by Chingy 

You: Every time I try to leave….something keeps pulling me back, Telling me I need you in my life

Zen: What do you mean ‘leave’. Define it and use it in a sentence. 

You: It was meant to be, You were meant for me, So that means we gotta make it work

Zen: I am legit confused. This is worse than an unpolished script. So you want to break my heart but then you want to make it work. We are talking about this when I get home. Im leaving practice right now. Just look at a picture of me and just remember all the good times we have. Please. 

You: It was all good at first, Spending money, going shopping, Eating at the finest restaurants,And then from club hopping

Zen:  So when you think and see a picture of me, all you think is materialistic things! REALLY! Wow, Jaehee was right about you, you were just using me. I’ll help pack your things when I get to my house. Thanks for breaking my heart. 


Zen: *sends winks face selfie* Cute how my acting skills even work on you ;) I love you too baby, don’t ever think about messing with me ;) 

Jaehee: Come and Get It by Selena Gomez 

You: You ain’t gotta worry, its an open invitation 
Jaehee: Did you open my mail? 
You: I’ll be seating right here, real patient, All day all night, I be waiting standby 
Jaehee: Please (y/n) don’t stay up for me, Mr. DickHead has me working over time :( I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me :( 
You: Can’t stop because I love it, hate the way I love you, All day, all night, maybe I’m addicted for life, no lie.
Jaehee: You speak beautiful words hehe *3* thank you for making hell more bearable :) 
You: I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets. I love you much, too much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet.
Jaehee:  What do you mean show me……. 
You: *sends nude* 
*jaehee in the office* 

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RFA+V and Saeran finding out that MC is really protective of their s/o and having to hold them back from trying to beating up someone who talked crap about them. I'm not sorry MC will fite anyone. Even themselves. I will go down with this headcanon


  • Ok, he’s supposed to be the one getting pissed when his director gives him shit???
  • Yet here he is, holding MC back, trying to shut her up so that she doesn’t make things worse for him.
  • “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll apologize, just let me go.”
  • “Sir, you’re lucky to have Zen as part of your cast for this musical. It’s a wonderful production, but I would advise you to treat all of your actors with more respect before it causes a problem.
  • When she turns back around to see the disappointed look on Zen’s face, that’s when she remembers she was supposed to apologize.
  • “Oh yeah, and I’m sorry I tried to punch your face. I hope it helped get my point across, though.”


  • “He called you a what?!?!”
  • “Oh god, MC, please don’t start anything…..!”
  • “No, I’m gonna go give this guy a piece of my mind!!! That’s bullying! God, I hate bullies!”
  • She literally drags Yoosung out of the car and forces him to show her where this asshole might be.
  • “Oh look, the annoying kid’s girlfriend is trying to come to his rescue! What a bunch of freaks! If you have a problem with me, handle it yourself, you fa-”
  • MC’s fist landed hard on his jaw, then she pushed him up against the wall. She’s yelling about respecting others and “people who only have shit to say should keep their goddamn mouths closed!” and Yoosung is freaking out.
  • Yoosung grabs her by the shirt and literally drags her away.
  • “Be assholes to ANYONE again, I dare you! There’s enough of my fist to go around, fellas!”
  • Nobody ever bothered Yoosung again.


  • Okay, all they wanted to do was run to the convenience store for some lunch. The past week, they’d only been able to spend time together at night, assuming that MC wasn’t already asleep by the time Jaehee got home.
  • According to Jumin, the report that Jaehee had submitted to him earlier in the day was “trash” and she’d have to use her lunch break to fix her mistakes.
  • “MC, you know how Mr. Han is. We can have lunch tomorrow.”
  • “Oh, yeah.. That sound’s good, Jaehee.”
  • …….
  • “You realize that Jaehee is the hardest worker that you’ve ever come into contact with, right?!? Having her work for you is more than you could ever ask for and sure as hell more than you deserve!!!”
  • When Jaehee heard the commotion and ran out, Jumin was pushed up against a wall with the front of his shirt balled up in MC’s fist.
  • Jaehee just sort of picked MC up and ran off with her before any of them got any angrier.


  • “Yeah, I did an interview with him a few weeks ago about C&R’s possible cat hotel line, and the guy was awful! Jumin Han is one of the most arrogant bastards I’ve met, and that’s coming from someone who does celebrity interviews for a living.”
  • MC called up A! Celebrity News in a rage, requested she get an interview, and damn it, she was not hanging up until she got one.
  • Jumin came with her to the interview. Before they went on the air, MC had a small amount of time to talk to the interviewer.
  • “Actually, I’m not interested in an interview. I only wanted to confront you concerning what you said about my husband earlier this week.”
  • When MC lunged at him, Jumin grabbed around her middle and told her that he doesn’t care about what some shitty news program has to say about him, so neither should she.
  • Jumin literally carried her outside and threw her into the car to avoid being sued.


  • He took MC to an amusement park, and they’d been playing games for hours. 
  • The guy at the dunk tank was insulting everyone who walked by, calling them “scrawny,” or “weak,” or even shouting “Hey ugly!” at some of them.
  • When he shouted “Hey, little frilly thing in the pink! Think your frail little arms can take me down?” at MC, she was sucked in.
  • She got three goes at it, and every time she missed, the dunkee laughed.
  • “Oh, why don’t you give the boy a try? He’s obviously been working out, what with the juggling and everything! God, the clowns really do get more breaks than us!” He started touching his hair, implying that it was Seven’s red hair that ‘gave him away.’
  • MC’s last ball missed, making her sigh and the man in the tank laugh. “Hey, Maybe you should be getting back to your posse! I think I saw balloon animals and red hair go that way!”


  • MC wasn’t really paying attention, and V literally didn’t see where he was going. 
  • When V bumped into a guy with two waters in his hands, he immediately apologized.
  • “Fucking idiot, watch where you’re going. You fuckin’ blind of something?”
  • None of the water had even spilled?? Why the hell was he so angry?????
  • And he picked on something that V couldn’t control???? oh no.
  • MC took both of the waters from him, dumped them both on top of his head, then threw the cups at his face.
  • V grabbed around MC’s waist, picked her up, and started walking in the opposite direction.
  • “Darling, I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re going somewhere to calm down.”


  • If someone so much as thinks something bad about Saeran, MC is going to kick ass.
  • Saeran waits for her to do some damage before he actually tries to help. 
  • Fights are exciting and she usually wins anyways. What do you want from him????
  • They’re banned from quite a few places because one of them ends up fighting someone almost every time they leave the house.
The Naked Truth

Summary: Reader drops her towel for Bucky when he steals her clothes after a shower. ;)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of nudity, language.

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It’s early on a Sunday morning, around 7AM, and I’m already up and in the living room having breakfast. Which is highly unusual for me, I’m usually never awake before 9AM unless we have a mission. Which today, I do not. No one is down here, which is strange. Steve is the earliest bird we have here, followed closely by Bucky and no one is here.Shrugging, I sit down at the kitchenette, eating my favorite brand of cereal. I’m about halfway through with it when the elevator dings, turning to see who will be joining me, I’m welcomed with a very pleasing sight of Bucky, covered in sweat, in running shorts and a tank top, with his hair in a bun.

‘Oh, fuck me running Mr. Barnes.’ When he sees me, he gives me half a grin.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He come in the kitchen, across from me and going to the fridge, before fishing out the milk.

“Good morning, Buck.” He turns around, setting his own bowl, milk and cereal down.

“You’re not with the others today?” I raise my eyebrow.

“I didn’t even know they went anywhere.” Slightly confused, and a little offended they didn’t tell me anything.

“Yeah, they went on a mission. Shouldn’t be too long they said, they should be back by this afternoon.” Hmm. I’m still not happy with them, but what can you do?Bucky hasn’t been allowed to go on missions yet, seeing as he could lose control and turn into the Winter Soldier again, and we want to avoid as many casualties as we possibly can, so until he finishes the proper training he’s stuck on the compound. He of course doesn’t like it, he feels useless. I don’t know how many times we’ve all had to tell him he’s not. He usually goes on long runs when we leave, as to release some pent up frustrations. I don’t blame him. He just wants to be out there with everyone else, risking his life also.

“No, they didn’t tell me. I don’t know why, maybe they wanted me to spend some time with you.” He shrugs.

“Possibly.” He agrees, and continues to eat his cereal.

“I’m gonna go shower, wanna conserve water?” I wink in his direction when he looks up at me. This type of flirting is normal for us, although it’s never really gone anywhere, unfortunately. He chokes on his cereal and I break out into a fit of laughter.

“I’m just kidding, Barnes. Calm down.” I pat him on the back, and head to my room to shower.


Showering is probably my favorite activity of my everyday life, it’s an escape from reality, relaxing, and an excuse to just let go every worry you have. I tend to let my mind wonder so much, that someone could sneak up on me in the restroom and I’d never even know it. Which, as a matter of fact, is my predicament now. Stepping out of the shower, I realize my clothes are gone.

“FUCK.” Going out into my room, looking, maybe I left them on my bed. No go, of course not. Bucky. Fucking Bucky, of course he did.

“JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!” I hear nothing, of course. It’s not like I was expecting a response. I’m just letting him know I know he took them, and I’m coming for him.Why don’t I just put new clothes on you ask? The bastard put steel locks on my wardrobe, so I can’t change. I’m clad in nothing but a towel, and I’m going to find him. Fuck it, I got no shame.

“James, you better give me my clothes back or I swear to God you’ll be needing a new arm!” Going to the last place I saw him, the kitchen. I don’t get there, however. I see he’s in the living room, watching TV. With my clothes next to him. He knows I see him. He’s freshly showered in jeans and an old U.S. Army T-shirt. He looks good.He turns to me, grinning. He stands up, my clothes under his metal arm.

“New arm, huh? Come on princess, you’re not gonna fight me like that.” Cocky bastard, he thinks he knows me.

“You know what? You’re right. I can’t fight you in a towel.” In a sudden burst of confidence, I drop the towel. Now in my birthday suit. His eyes widen, he gulps and I watch his adam’s apple bulge, before his mouth goes slack. Walking up to him, I grab my clothes from under his arm. He obviously was expecting me to beg, he didn’t think I’d do this. He doesn’t know what to do now. Leaving the room, I sway my hips, making sure my ass gets a good shake on it. For good measure, you know. 

“Thanks Barnes.” With a cheeky grin, I leave. I can hear him grunt in frustration. I barely make it to my room, before he meets me at my door. He comes up to me, trapping my between the door and his body, his hands come up to rest on either side of my face.

“You’re trying to kill me, doll. I’m just a man, (Y/N). You don’t know what you do to me.” He brings his mouth to mine, pressing his surprisingly soft lips against my own.Reaching behind me, I open the door pulling him in with me, his lips never leaving my own.

This was the start of something beautiful.

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Say You Won’t Let Go (L.H.)

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A/N: I didn’t even realize that I had this as a request in my ask, but I was inspired by the song so I already started writing this. To the persont that asked me to write this with Calum, I’m sorry but I thought it’d be nice with Luke. Also, that’s a future reference to people that send me requests. If I have a good idea for the request, I’ll write it. If not, I leave them in my ask as references in case I suddenly get inspiration. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this x

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“It’s just one night out, Y/N. C'mon, we all deserve it…you deserve it,” my friend, Katie, tried persuading me. 

I shook my head from where I was lounging on the couch of our shared apartment. “No, it’s okay. I’m content with staying here. You guys go out and have fun.”

Katie wasn’t having any of it. “Nope. I refuse to allow you to spend your first day of semester break sitting on a couch watching Netflix. You’re coming out with us tonight and we’re gonna get you pissed drunk.”

I sighed. I didn’t want to get pissed drunk and be incredibly hungover tomorrow morning. 

Katie saw my expression and toned down a bit. “Please? You always turn down parties and outings with us since you had to study, but now it’s sem break! You deserve a night out.”

I groaned as she gave me a pout. “Fine, but only this one time.”

She jumped up and cheered. “Yes! Now, go get ready! We have to leave soon.

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Harry Styles is a model and the currently most in-demand face in the fashion industry who might be just a little bit too full of himself and Janey Darling is the photographer that knocks him off his high horse… and subsequently off his feet.

this is the rewrite of my 2016 autumn exchange fic with added scenes. about 8.5k words. slightly nsfw towards the end and if you read this far you might as well…

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Naruto Valentine’s Day cards! Part 1.

Part 2: here

These are all made by me, and some of the puns are mine as well. Really hoping my friends don’t see this because I sent them some in the mail & wanted to surprise them, haha. I just started watching Naruto this year & put it on pause at ep. 200 because I was going back to school after winter break—so no spoilers please!

Also, feel free to use my cards, but it would be nice if you could give me credit ^^; I was spending time making these instead of studying for midterms, haha.

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cabin 3.0

in which y/n is not having anything to do with the boy in her bed

inspired by inthepants’ Cabin Three

I hate summer.

now I know some people would think I’m crazy, but in reality, I’m not. I never do anything productive during the summer; normally I sit on the couch at my parents house and watch tv. all my problems would be solved if they would let me stay at university, instead of with them. all my friends are there, having fun and going to parties without me.

to make up for my laziness, my parents got me a summer job. I was to be a camp counsellor at our local adventure camp for middle schoolers. my parents had sent me the letter of acceptance they had received, after submitting an application without my knowledge. I could probably sue them for forgery, but they would probably win. I just turned twenty last month, technically I was still a minor.

so after the drive home for university, I spent one night at my childhood home. the next morning my parents were shipping me off to the humid jungle where I would be spending each week with a different group of girls.

my dad dropped me off at the office building at 6:30 on a Saturday morning at the end of may. the campers wouldn’t be arriving until Monday, but first, the leaders had to teach me what to do.

I grabbed my duffel out of my dads trunk, and waved as he drove off down the long dirt road that led to the camp, three miles from the nearest seven-eleven. I threw my duffel over my shoulder and walked up to the building just as the sun was starting to peak over the tips of the trees.

inside the office building, I found a lady siting behind an aluminium desk. she was chewing her gum rather loudly attempting to keep herself awake.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m here for the summer as a camp counsellor…?”

I wasn’t sure what to do. the lady stared at me for a few long moments with her eyes half closed.

“find ya name on the papa’ ‘ere,” she talked with a slight jersey accent. she pointed to the paper and looked at me. “you’ll be stayin’ in a cabin with other counsellors for two nights 'fore the campas get 'ere. alright?”

I nodded and looked down at the paper. I would be staying in cabin 3 for the next two nights.

I looked back at the lady behind the desk and decided I wouldn’t be getting any more information out of her. I would find my own way around the camp. I walked out of the buildings and walked along a path to the right of the building. after I had walked for about five minutes, I came to a fork in the trail. thankfully, the trails had been clearly marked, pointing me in the directions towards the cabins.

cabin 3 was the cabin farthest back in my “cabin cluster.” to get to it, I had to walk down a short stone path and the cabin itself couldn’t be seen from the main trail. it had taken me a few minutes to find it.

when I got inside, the first thing I noticed was one of my roommates. he was sprawled across two of the three beds pushed together at the back of the cabin. I couldn’t believe that one human being could take up so much space.

“excuse me,” I dropped my duffel on the only empty bed. “do you really need all three beds?”

he finally seemed to notice I was in the room. he sat up and pushed his curly hair away from his face. the first thing I noticed was his physique. he was tall and broad, which would explain why he was spanning two twin beds. his hands were large and his eyes were green.

“jesus. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” he smirked as he talked in a low, raspy tone.

“it was probably the side you were sleeping on, then.”

“woah, love. don’t get all offensive. I plan on doing some mighty fine things on these beds.”

oh my god.

“alright, well, I’m going to be sleeping on this bed so mind your own business, okay?” I set my duffel down on the bed that only his foot was resting on.

“but what if that’s the bed I wanted to sleep on?” he was still sitting and smirking at me. this guy, I didn’t even know his name, was choosing to pick a fight with me over a bed. this was going to be a long summer.

“oh my god. I’m not in the mood right now. just pick whatever bed you want to sleep on and I will pick one of the others. probably the one that’s farthest away from the one you pick.”

he chose the bed closest to the window. I put my stuff down on the bed shoved against the opposite wall. he told me that we wouldn’t be having another roommate. it was just me and him. he also told me that his name is Harry. God, doesn’t that just sound like a dick name?

we had wasted a good fifteen minutes arguing about the bed situation. after we had come to a somewhat agreement, he had left and gone somewhere; he didn’t tell me.


the leaders of the camp spent the day teaching the counsellors how everything worked. we learned the activity rotation schedule, what time meals were, which cabins had to shower at night and which ones needed to shower in the morning.

Harry was there, messing around with a few of the other guys, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. I was busy making my own friends and learning new things.

the next couple of days passed by quickly. they were filled with mock trials, some of the staffers pretending to be campers so the counsellors could practice being leaders. when I had my mock trial, Harry was one of my campers and he was a total pain in the ass, especially when we got paired in a canoe together. he purposefully tipped us, the one day I was wearing my only white shirt. needless to say, he ruined my shirt and my favourite bralette.

if you think he is a pain during the day, it’s even worse at night. he and I are the only two in our cabin. there is an uneven amount of staffers and we were the odd ones out on whatever list they used when arranging the staffers. someone must have cut out names, stuck them in a hat, and draw randomly. and wouldn’t you know it to be me who gets stuck with the asshat the entire summer.

the staffers were allowed to sleep in their own cabins at night. it was something I was two parts thankful for and two parts mad about. I would spend my entire day with middle school girls, laughing and giggling, and probably talking crap about each other. but then I would come to my cabin at night and Harry would be there. sometimes he would even have another girl with him.

the days turned into weeks that passed by quickly. campers had come and gone, two people had been fired for fucking in the woods, and only one person had gone missing for more than eight hours. I was in the groove of things now, I felt like I could do it in my sleep.

as much as I hated it, I had learned some things about Harry. living with a person could do that to ya. he was very much a player. most nights i would come home and find a different counsellor had used my conditioner and my favourite loofa. I learned that he would send the girl away around three in the morning and then he wouldn’t wake up until I pounded his head with a pillow, swearing that I would tattle to the camp director about the number of girls he’s had over.

it seemed like everywhere I turned, Harry was there. he was behind me in the line at the mess hall, pinching my ass and calling it cute. he was supervisor at the beach during the time I brought my girls swimming, whistling when I pulled my t-shirt over my head. he was using the other washing machine at the laundry. we had ended up screaming at each other about the amount of detergent left and who was going to use it. and despite all this, he was still attractive as hell, with his tan skin, hard jawline, and muscular physique. damn him for being so hatable and so lovable at the same time.

on one particularly warm evening in June, I was looking forward to spending a night at the cabin. I had stayed with my girls for the first few nights, but they were beginning to get on my nerves and I needed a break. hopefully Harry would be gone, doing God knows what, but I just wanted some peace and quiet.

my breathing was laboured as I walked up the steps to the cabin. it had been a long day and all I wanted was a shower. I pushed open the door and was greeted with the sight of a shirtless Harry lying on his bed reading a playboy magazine.

I closed the door harshly, causing him to look at me with a smirk. “hey baby girl.”

I scowled at him and threw my bag on my bed. “don’t call me that.”

please call me that. i love the way it rolls off your tongue.

“Jesus, someone didn’t get fucked today,” he sat up and tossed his magazine to the side. pretty sure if the director found him with that he would be in serious trouble.

“excuse me?!” I had such an attitude.

“lets play a game.”

“I want to take a shower.”

“we can shower when we’re done. now, it’s two truths and a lie. except there’s a twist. if you guess the wrong truth, you have to take off an article of clothing.”

“but that’s not fair! you already don’t have a shirt on.”

“and are you complaining?”

I stayed silent.

“that’s what I thought. alright. I’ll begin.” he readjusted so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. he motioned for me to sit down on mine, facing him. as I sat down, our knees brushed, causing a spark to shoot up my leg. “I once was caught in a traffic jam that was so bad, we had to get out on the side of the road and started walking faster than the cars, or my mum used to call me curly when I was younger, or I’ve had sex too many times to count.”

“ah that’s an easy one. you’ve had sex too many times to count. right?”

“wrong. I’ve had sex 19 times,” he seemed proud. “who the hell would let their mom call them curly?!”

“I think it’s cute!”

“of course you would, princess. now off with your shirt. you guessed wrong.”

I sighed, rolled my eyes, pulled my shirt over my head and sent an internal thanks that I had put my good bra on today.

“my turn,” I looked at him smugly. “and what makes it even better is that you’ve already got your shirt off.”

“let’s just play the game, baby girl.”

I blushed and cleared my throat. I wasn’t used to being so forward. “I once had to pee so bad while we were on a hike that I squatted and wiped myself with a poison ivy leaf, last week I found a hair ball in my mac & cheese, and lastly, I always forget to lock my front door when I leave the house.”

he thought for a moment.

“finding a hair ball in your mac & cheese. there is no way KP would let that happen,” he had a smug look on his face, as if he knew he was right and he knew he was all that.

“sorry fuckboy, it happened,” I crossed my arms over my chest and laughed.

suddenly he stood up. I was sitting on the bed so he towered over me, more so that when I am standing. he inched his face closer to mine and placed his hands on either side of me so that they sank into the mattress. he kept leaning in, causing me to lean back to avoid contact with his skin.

“what did you just call me,” his lips were deviously close to mine as they wrapped around his words.

“f-f-fuckboy,” I stuttered, almost completely lain back on the mattress. he had pushed my legs apart so he could prop his knee between them, balancing himself as he hovered over me.

“call me that one more time,” he growled, “and I swear to God I will take you on this mattress right here right now.”

I stayed silent for a few moments. I didn’t know if I actually wanted him to kiss me or if I wanted to avoid any trouble that would come from getting involved with a person like him. he was always on my mind constantly, usually thinking about how much I hate him. But I realized that at the same time, I couldn’t wait to see him. I realized now that when I would take my girls to the beach, I was hoping he would be there. I was hoping he would be at the cabin alone when I would come back after a long day. I realized that I wanted him to kiss me and that I wanted the chase that came with kissing him.

a smile spread across my lips as i smirked a him.


and we were gone.

lifeisshiny  asked:

Hello lovelies! My birthday is coming up on February 7, can I request a drabble? :) xoxo

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Wishing you a very happy birthday! To celebrate, here’s a little taste of Everlark sweetness, just for you!


Rated G

Winter is hard.

Katniss and I have struggled with the winter since the end of the war. The cold, the dark, the lifelessness. The reminders of people we lost that cruel winter years ago.

Having children changed things, particularly for Katniss. She stopped spending dark days in bed, staring at ghosts, and started playing - taking the kids skating, having snowball fights. I’m not saying winter isn’t still hard. But in Willow, and then again two years ago in Rye, she seems to have found the strength to persevere, in spite of the winter blues. It’s not easy, but she and I both have been able to really live these past few winters, instead of just surviving. Our kids have definitely helped us see winter differently.

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Why I don’t want to see live action Beauty and the Beast:

  • The CGI of the characters is weird 
  • Mrs. Potts haunts my dreams 
  • instead of responsibly adding diversity they make the least logical character gay and put him in a really unhealthy relationship
  • Emma Watson really can’t shake the role of Hermione so I’m just going to spend the movie wondering why she doesn’t use her magic to break the spell 
  • why is it still a musical when i’ve only heard evidence that these actors can’t sing. just…let them act
  • the opportunity for a gorgeous golden dress was squandered for some yellow ass JC Penney nightmare
  • instead of taking chances or reframing the story for a modern audience, they tried to ride the coattails of a movie that’s strong enough to support only itself

Why I’ll probably see it anyway:

  • I’m the worst
  • If i don’t, Mrs. Potts will physically manifest herself into my home and kill me

Naruto Valentine’s Day cards! Part 2.

Part 1: here

These are all made by me, and some of the puns are mine as well. Really hoping my friends don’t see this because I sent them some in the mail & wanted to surprise them, haha. I just started watching Naruto this year & put it on pause at ep. 200 because I was going back to school after winter break—so no spoilers please!

Also, feel free to use my cards, but it would be nice if you could give me credit ^^; I was spending time making these instead of studying for midterms, haha.

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F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S  

I have finally got around to making this ridiculously long list of my favorite products that I use pretty much every day! I gave as much detail as I thought fit for each product and included various pros and cons. I will not provide links since a quick Google search will give you all the information you need on where you can purchase these items. All items are split into categories to make this post more organized. I do not have any affiliate codes or links. I created this list as a way to share my most loved cosmetics and to give honest reviews of drugstore and high-end products. Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Without further acknowledgments, let’s get started:

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I am known as quite the Productive type, so here are some of my tips just for you guys! 

Tip 1: plan ahead 
If you have a planner that is not time managed… Get one that is time managed. Right now I use my bullet journal in an altered way, when I want to spend a day properly getting THINGS DONE. Make sure you know how long you will need for a certain task and be specific in what that task is. 5 pages. A chapter. A certain subject. Now plan it into your time table, and take the time spaciously. Will it take 15 minutes? Plan 20. You will feel more rested and accomplished! ( also don’t forget breaks ) 

Tip 2: sleep.
What? Sleep? Why sleep? Studyblr’s don’t sleep? Let me tell you. If a studyblr is advertising not taking care of your body because that’s hardcore? They are not doing it right. Sleep is essential. Make sure you have 8 hours of sleep, so you have enough energy for the day and start the day EARLY.   

Tip 3: Don’t take hours getting ready 
2 hours to get ready in the morning? You can use that time better. Go from bed straight to the shower so you will be fresh, get yourself some breakfast, chill for a bit and then 10 minutes before you planned to start studying, go grab your stuff and Do the job. 

Tip 4: minimize your distractions 
Don’t put things on your desk that you won’t be using. It’s distraction and you don’t want that. Music with lyrics is a big no go for me. Spotify does some GREAT playlist just for this and also coffitivity.com (available in the appstore too) is a savior. Listen to that with headphones on and you immediately get into that productive state. 

Tip 5: keep track of time 
I have used Pomodoro and those types of apps but they didn’t do the job for me. What I like to do is put the stopwatch of my Iphone next to me and every time I finish a “task” I start a new round. When I go for a break, I stop the stop watch, and in that way at the end of the day, I will see how many hours of real productivity I had and what I can do better next time. 

Tip 6: Social media does not exist
No, not even tumblr while searching the studyblr tag and aspecially not during small breaks. There are apps that won’t let you have access to social media your laptop or phone, but I just use my second iphone with no apps on there so twitter, tumblr, Facebook, non of it is available at the tap and luckily I am not that desperate to go on web to those sites haha! 

And those are the Productivity tips I got for you as if now, Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to fill up my ask box!

Bellamy Blake imagine: In Need Of Your Love

Summary: Back on the Ark Bellamy had cheated on the reader and they broke up. Now she has to face him again and it leads to some unexpected reveals, that make her change her mind on some things. 

 Word count: 3300 

Originally posted by bowergosling

Being on the Earth, walking on the ground, seeing the sun rising every morning, it felt odd and amazing at the same time. Even though I had had pretty good life back on the Ark, being here it finally felt right, I felt free.

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It is gentle hands pushing their hair from their face, soft kisses before breakfast.

Lazy dinners and cuddles on the couch after far too many hours on their feet.

The tightest of hugs when it is all too much.

Whispered declarations of love for only them and the universe to hear.

It is silly sing offs and dancing to match.

Tickle fights and sleepless nights

It is sweet selfies, cliché captions and excessive emojis

Nerd nights and pillow fights.

It is “Take my jacket you’re shivering”

“Come to bed, you can finish that in the morning”

“Have you eaten yet? I made your favourite”

“Are you ok?”

“I know you aren’t ok right now and I’m not going anywhere”

It’s heartfelt creations with no explanations.

It’s one holding the other when the world, or their own mind, breaks their heart.

It’s not just the way their eyes sparkle or how they’re smile lights up the city. That was the inspiration.

When one is alone with their thoughts, they tend to wander. And if we follow the right ones they can lead us to fantasy.

~Tahnee. 2017

Basically I fantasize when alone with my thoughts and these are some recurring topics. Feedback is appreciated.

2016 Fic Masterpost

i’ve been meaning to do this whole 2016 in writing for a while now. and before i get on with it i just wanted to say that.. it has been a bumpy ride for me those past couple of years. i came back to writing after a huge hiatus in 2016 and.. well, writing is challenging, but it made me grow, it made me a part of a fandom after years of inactivity. i’m still not where i used to be, i’m still not where i want to be, but i’m making steps, and it’s what counts.

so thank you, to everyone who supported me, who left kudos and comments, who spent time to read what i created. thank you!! i wouldn’t be where i am now without all of you.



  • fairy lights (tsukkiyama, rated g) - Yamaguchi thinks he’ll be spending Christmas alone this year. But all he has to do is believe in miracles after all.
  • you’re like water but i’ve learned to cup my hands (bokuaka, rated t) - Bokuto and Akaashi break into the school’s swimming pool.
  • of texts and dinosaur documentaries (tsukkiyama, rated t) - Tsukki and Yamaguchi’s day to day texting shenanigans.
  • find what you love and let it kill you (iwaoi, rated m) - Bits and pieces of Hajime and Tooru throughout the years.
  • kiss me apart (bokuaka, rated m) - It is by the end of his second year that Bokuto starts thinking of Akaashi as the sea - beautiful and captivating, crawling gently to Bokuto’s soul, flowing in between his ribs, settling in his bones, kindling its own symphony there.

Drabbles and Ficlets

  • ash sky, blue heart (iwaoi, rated g) - It all comes down to this. They win or they lose, they go to Koushien, or they don’t. (The Seijou vs Shiratorizawa game, set in a baseball au.)
  • gold star (tsukkiyama, rated g) - Tsukishima doesn’t expect a win. So when Yamaguchi serves the winning point at Nationals, it hits him harder than expected.
  • a jersey no. 3 (semishira, rated t) - Shirabu is a good guy. So he doesn’t really get what godly creature he pissed off to get himself into a situation like this.
  • lullaby (tsukkiyama, rated g) - “Tadashi,” Tsukishima mutters almost inaudible but Yamaguchi’s first name catches his attention and he lifts his head, eyes lighting up with a curious abandon, “let’s dance.”
  • the brightest colour (iwaoi, rated t) - Tooru is always beautiful, that is something Hajime finds himself thinking in the most unlikely times.

Tumblr Drabbles


Parents AU drabbles:

Spy AU drabbles:

part 1 / part 2 (iwaoi, rated t/rating may change in the future)

Harry Potter AU:

part 1 / part 2 (tsukkiyama, rated g)

Seijou 4 group journal:

part 1 / part 2 (iwaoi, matsuhana, rated t)

Daiya no Ace

  • firsts (misawa, rated m) - It’s his smile, Miyuki thinks, the thing that first got to him, his smile, his golden eyes and fiery enigma; Sawamura Eijun is a heat of blaring energy with wild pitches and wild soul that sucks him in with nowhere there to run.
  • coffee (misawa, rated t) - A promise that tastes like coffee, sealed on his lips.
  • untitled, tumblr drabble (misawa, rated t) - “I’m sorry I’m late, I–I was doing… stuff,” Eijun says, voice going high and rough, an awkward laugh attached at the end.
Firefly Glow

Feyre hadn’t even been back for a full week and the moment she stepped into the house Mor pounced. After she pulled her mate off of her she begged her to help her with the task of planning Cassian’s birthday. They assumed since the war was over and the bad guys were dead there was nothing to worry about.

Everyone just sort of picked up where they had left off. Rhysand had his mate back, Elain was content with Lucien. Azriel and Mor were warming up to the idea of each other.

But they didn’t realize that I was still broken. I was still awkward and unsure. I hated myself, the things I had done during the war. I couldn’t stand to look into the mirror and remember it all. I still felt the blood on my hands. I still heard the screams in my ears.

And nothing was going to change that. Nothing was going to put me back together and nothing was going to right all the wrongs that had been done.

I was still fae.

I was still a weapon that didn’t know how to be held.

I was still afraid of myself and everyone else around me.

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I can’t get over the fact that the chocobros are wearing Official Custom Couture Royal Livery.

Like, how did that tailor’s appointment even go?

Ignis requests a suit appropriate for meeting foreign dignitaries.

Gladio promises that he is absolutely definitely 100% is going to wear the shirt they make him.

Noctis is like, whatever, I don’t care, can I be fishing now?  Give me wading pants.  I’m a Prince, I do what I want.

Finally Prompto is herded in.  At first he’s uncomfortable.  Hesitant, even.  He’s used to shopping in thrift stores, you know?   But once he calms down, the dam breaks, he pulls out a magazine with some of my favorite fashion photography, and he is like, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT BLACK LEOPARD PRINT SKINNY JEANS.

They get their clothing five days later, and Ignis spends the entire afternoon screaming internally.