but i want them too lol

It´s ok, the bean wakes up later and spends 15 minutes trying to get the blanket over Jack without waking him up lol.

Was real busy last week and inspiration finally stuck lol! Mb I should draw Reaper with some Jack beans too. Don’t want to leave them out.

This is from the anime Nichijou I think?

(Also thanks to everyone who’s been real nice to me lol! The messies and tags and stuff!! Uuhh! I’m terrible at this but plz belive me lol! Thank you so much! I’m trying to get over myself! And you have helped me a lot! <3)

One More Confession

I promised @numinoceur soft kisses BECAUSE BAE IS TOO GOOD TO ME and keeps drawing me the happiest, softest Promptis. This wasn’t what I set out to write, initially, but the idea stuck and here we go. I… actually probably like this enough to post on AO3. (also: everyone lives canon divergence is always nice)


Noctis knows, as the damn crown prince of Lucis, he has to be careful.

His dad does his best to keep him shielded from the public eye. Most of the newspapers are under the influence of the crown, to keep them from reporting on him. The seedier tabloids are afraid of the wrath of King Regis—or, rather, they appreciate the money that’s tossed their way. A little bribery pays off, and as such, Noct’s happy enough to live a relatively low-key life, for a prince.

Of course, as much as he tries to keep the image up, he’s got a best friend who sorely tests Noct’s self-control. It’d been okay, at first, when their transgressions had involved skipping class occasionally, or spending way too much money at the arcade. But then Noctis had realized just how much he liked looking at his best friend. Weird dreams had followed, and they’d caught each other staring, had exchanged flustered, flushed looks, and then one day Prompto had gotten brave—

Now, instead of cutting class, they’re spending stolen moments in the back of the schoolyard during lunch breaks, sharing bites of the lunches Ignis packs them, stealing kisses when nobody’s looking. And nobody ever is looking. Noct’s pretty sure there’s rumours about them, but as long as they’re simply that, rumours, he can live with it.

It’s not Noct’s fault, really. Prompto’s just so kissable. They’ve kept this secret for a while now. It has to be a secret. Noct’s the crown prince, and even though the whole political marriage thing is only necessary in times of war – and Lucis and the Empire have been at peace for some time now, miraculously – Noctis hasn’t even started to think about how to tell his dad, hey, I’m kissing a boy.

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oh my god i've been looking for maxis match afrotextured hairs forever now and i'm SO glad to have stumbled upon your simblr! your hairs are gorgeous, thank you for taking time to make these. the quality is so good on most of them that they look professionally made. i just downloaded s4 studio a few weeks ago with the goal to teach myself to make hairs, but it's been too difficult so i'm glad your hairs exist lol. s4s is now for painting recolors and attempting furniture instead. 1/2

omgggggggg, who gave you permission to have me smiling like this so early in the morning lmao! This is the nicest message. Thank you so much! I want you to keep working on making hair! We need more and more and more haha. You’re anon right now, but I hope you’ll give me a chance to interact with you in the future <3 !

I’m shook, I touched a bts album for the first time today. It was an amazing experience. But I was too broke to buy it :’) I will probably get one for my birthday, but which one of the four versions is the best ? I’m talking about ‘Love yourself’ ughhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m probably going to wait until black Friday happens lol I want to buy all of them #broke student problems #walt mart is amazing #they actually sell BTS’ albums #I finally got to touch bts’ albums

Hey sorry for the lack of new pages in English, I’m too lazy to translate them lol but I started to feel bad cuz when I don’t post in English people from other countries can’t read too, and I don’t want to let you waiting such a long time to update. So don’t worry I’ll post all the new pages here and I will contact someone to read the pages and correct any grammar mistake before I post it hahaha

Kisses and thanks for the patience

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Suddenly I'm invested in The Legion lol Katie said she would probably get involved with their shenanigans. Imagine them meeting her and being "Oh, so you're THE Lena Luthor" and being in awe because she has done so much, not only for earth but for every single being in the universe. Lex and Lillian wanted to keep aliens out of earth? Well, Lena made sure even the ones allergic to lead would be welcome again! I'm so proud of her and Imma need Brainiac or/& Saturn Girl saying something to her!


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I know they're private couple but I want Tay & Joe pictures 😥😥😥😥 I miss them

I definitely respect their decision to be private, and if they don’t want to be seen together then I hope they won’t be but I do miss them too! Even though they were very small and very blurry lol, the polaroids of them in the reputation magazines were nice to see 💕 That’s probably the most we’ll get for a long while!


@igglemouse It’s some kind of alien dance I’m guessing!

Heart is rather demanding! Probably best to let her have her turn than clean up an accident lol

@nervous—subject She is super adorable! I ❤️Heart.

@mdianasanders I think so too :) She was absolutely adorable. Who wouldn’t want a cute little alien as heir?

@storybooksimblr They’re going to be best friends forever! As kids and older, they’ll be very important to one another. I just love them because they’re cute, and they’ve bonded over their similar interests and personalities, and they’re just cute kids.

Yes they are! Both girls have at least one brother, so they should know how silly boys can be.

Another Get To Know Tag!

I was tagged by @curledlife thank you love <3<3!

1ST RULE: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

@multikpopworld @aqustx @midgthe4footwonder @nikkutz @pastafairydinosaur @snoqlax @princeyugs @blueberrybins @heonielo (you don’t have to if you don’t want to ofc<3)

2ND RULE: Fill in the catgories

APPEARANCE: Long wavy brown hair (I recently cut my hair so now I have bangs lol but I am gonna grow them out again). I am quite tall - between 5′9 and 5′10 but it’s been a while since I measured my height. I have brown eyes, nothing too special about them lool. I have a birthmark on my left calf.. is that something worth noting? Idk. I’ve been told I have resting bitch face but I promise I’m not that mean. I also have a bump on my nose because I fell on my face as a child lmao. 

PERSONALITY: I tend to be really shy and introverted. I don’t really talk much to people unless they talk first (I am working on it tho lol). I try to be as open minded as possible to other people’s opinions and feelings. I am sometimes way too sensitive tho tbhhhh and it’s annoying. I’m not much of a morning person although I wish I was because I would love to wake up earlier than I usually do lol. A lot of my friends tell me I am funny but I feel like my humor is realllly dry and a lot of people hate it lol. I tend to be super passionate about things tho and it does become hindering sometimes ;-;

ABILITY: Uhhhhhh in all honesty, I am not extraordinarily good at anything?? I am decent at editing videos and I’m okay at sound editing.. I’m quite good at memorizing songs quickly if that counts as an ability? idk

HOBBIES: Listening to music, spending time with friends/family, reading (although I’ve kinda grown away from it), watching music videos, editing videos, photoshopping, photography, learning about other cultures (could that be a hobby? lmao idk), watching kdramas, scrolling through Tumblr and Twitter ig??, playing tennis, playing video games.. that’s about it I think

EXPERIENCES: Going to Las Vegas with my family was always a fun experience.. Although we went quite a few times lol. Also every concert I’ve gone to has been a good one ^^ Going to the beach is fun I really don’t know what to put here tbh

MY LIFE:  Honestlyyyyy, my life is so boring that it’s almost depressing lmao. I am a college student who chose to save money by continuing to live with her parents. I spend most of my time watching youtube or just shows in general. I don’t really do much?

RELATIONSHIPS:  When it comes to relationships with my family it’s pretty good, although we tend to get on each others nerves sometimes lol. My friends and I are getting along quite well recently. And as for romantically my boyfriend and I are doing really well although we are half way across the world from each other :((

RANDOM STUFF: I don’t really have much to say lool.. I really want to make new friends tbh so if you ever want to talk or just need someone to listen, I am here <3 But… yeah that’s about it

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Heya Kitty, I just wanted to say that I actually really love your trapper! I kinda grew my muse for Trapper because of your blog so,,,, Anyway, I hope you're doing well Kitty!

thank u!! it’s nice to see another evan roleplay blog. ive always really wanted to start a blog for him but im way too nervous! until then ill just stalk a bunch of them lol.
thanks for the compliment! i hope you have a wonderful day as well ♡ 🐾



It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!




Hey guys! Just put together a masterpost to make everything easier to find. I will keep this updated as I post new work!

First lineup 

Postcard selfie

Family team bickering comic

Pidge doodle 1

Keith and babi galra

Finished painted designs of everyone with info

Naming babi galra comic

Babi galra bonding request

Keith and Lance request

Pidge and Hunk request

Pidge doodle 2

How pidge loses her leg comic (Blood Warning) 

Shiro and Pidge family bonding comic

Keith and Lance on Keiths space.. motorcycle?

Pidge and Hunk fightin crime

Keith stole a baby comic

Baby galra making friends comic


Pidge ref page

Keith and Lance chillin