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So I was thinking yesterday about that post about people being able to summon Danny (which is glorious- here’s a link because my tablet won’t let me add one to click: kikaiz.tumblr.com/tagged/summoning ) and I wanted to share an idea that came to me

Because this whole idea is great crossover material and it blends into the world of Supernatural so much, I would love to see a Superphantom crossover that includes Sam and Dean summoning Danny. Maybe they’re trying to summon the ‘Ghost King’ that they’ve heard so much about and then they’re surprised when it turns out to be a fifteen-year-old kid (who seems very /alive/). Or maybe they’ve already made friends with Danny and they summon him and he’s like: 

Danny: What’s going on? Do you need help? Is the world ending again?

Dean: Nah man we just need you to settle a bet for us. Do ghosts sleep?

Danny: …And you couldn’t just call because…?

Sam: Dean’s phone got destroyed on a hunt and we lost your number. Sorry.

Danny: Really? You lost my number but you didn’t lose the three pages of Latin instructions on how to summon me? Gimme that.

And then Danny would write his phone number on the top of the page and they’d go out for burgers and pie or something. And also wouldn’t Danny be able to call Sam, Tucker, or Jazz  to summon him back? Yeah idk but this thought amused me and I wanted to share

In regards to Jared Padalecki and Sam

I just need to write this because of all the hate I see lately.

Jared is a wonderful person with nothing but love for those who are kind. Yes, he has called people out (that bartender) for being rude and inconsiderate. And he has every right to speak freely, just as we do. Being famous puts so much judgement and scrutiny on him, but he’s human. He has feelings just like everyone else in this world. Jensen stans that tell Jared to die are idiots. You love Jensen, but you want his best friend to die?! So you love him but want him to spiral into depression over a huge loss in his life? You are incapable of intellectual thought, and I hope that you will not be procreating or voting in the election.

With that said, I now want to address Sam hate. Sam is half of this shows main cast. He was arguably THE main character in season 1 and 2 with his huge story arc. Oh! But half of the Fandom pretends seasons 1-3 don’t exist, because they need castiel and their hopeless ship to enjoy the show. But even then they just bitch about, “Why isn’t it canon?! This is queerbaiting!” And, “Why does Sam have to matter more than Castiel?!” They argue how Sam should not matter so much more to Dean than Castiel does. Well guess what? He does. Sam matters so much more, and you know why? Because that’s what the show writers wanted! If you don’t like it then stop watching! If you hate one of the two main characters then why are you still watching?

Jared does a wonderful job acting, and anyone who cannot see that is probably blinded by jealousy or their ship (destihellers)

Why Sam didn’t give the Samulet back earlier:

I’ve seen a fair few people who think the Samulet reveal was a product of shoddy writing rather than natural development. Some viewers are disappointed that the discovery was accidental, placing emphasis on its function rather than its symbolism. 

Yet others think there were times in past seasons that it could have been brought back and wasn’t, so this reveal seems to be too little too late. Plenty of people are confused or angry that–if Sam had it this whole time–why wouldn’t he have given it back?

I can’t address the first two concerns, but I want to talk about the other two, because I don’t see any inconsistency there. 

I think it’s perfectly realistic that Sam wouldn’t have returned the Amulet before–not because he doesn’t value it or Dean, which is clearly not the case, but for one (or perhaps both) of these reasons.

  • He doesn’t think he deserves to ask Dean to take back that emblem of their brotherhood after the events of the show.
  • Even if he did think highly enough of their relationship that he tried to return it, he just doesn’t believe Dean would want to wear it.

I wanted to address these points one by one with a season-by-season breakdown of Sam’s mental state (and keep in mind that I explain things as Sam admitted to thinking they were, which doesn’t always match up to how they really were). It got long, so I put it under a cut. Detailed breakdown below:

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