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I haven’t felt this personally pissed off in a while. BS like this is why I will always be critical of non-asian (but specifically white) “koreaboos”.

Anyone is allowed to be a fan of kpop. Anyone is allowed to appreciate East Asian fashion and media. Liking BTS and Got7 is fine but you have to respect who that media is made for.

Korean idols are for Korean people. Korean icons of beauty are there for Korean people. Korean fashion and makeup trends are for Korean people. As a Korean-American, do you think I see representation of people who look like me in American media? When I lived in a predominantly white neighborhood I always felt alien for my puffy eyes and rounded nose. My first label was always “Asian”. It didn’t matter the accomplishments I achieved I was always Asian first, the rest secondary. I hated my face and language because of the way it tinted everything as ‘exotic’ and ‘other’ to the people I knew. It was only by embracing Korean music and culture as well as Korean standards of beauty and makeup that I learned to love my distinctly Asian features.

Liking our music is fine. Having crushes on our celebrities is fine. I even think your broken Korean is cute as long as you’ll let me laugh with you and correct your pronunciation. But makeup is crossing a line. Trying to make yourself look like another race is absolutely offensive and it ignores all the people who are born with those features and their experiences with them. There are other (better) ways of showing your love for your favorite celebrities without stepping out of your place as an international fan.

I won’t even touch on the blatant white supremacy coming from the twitter user themself because I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this account is a troll. But I wanted to make a psa that making yourself up to be a “white ulzzang” is contributive of white supremacy. Stealing our features with no regard to our upbringing and history is white supremacy. 

(This twitter also does touch on Japanese cultural appropriation as well but I don’t feel like it’s my place to comment on that)


New icon who dis?

With this news, I wanted to let you all know that I just created an ART ONLY Instagram and Twitter! I’ll be posting a lot more work in progress photos/videos of some of the art that you will see here on Tumblr! 

As for all of my @jociemamacie accounts, these will remain personal, but I will continue to post pictures and videos that pertain to my other interests and hobbies! Such as cosplay, music, video games, and filmmaking. If you’d like, please follow these accounts here!

- twtich

Thank you all so much! Your support means so much to me! :)

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Hey Heidi! I was just wondering how you got into cosplay as a full time job. I love cosplaying myself, but it's hard to keep up with a day job and school. Other than photoshoots, how do you earn a living off of cosplay?

OH MAN. I’ve got some really bad news for you.

I do not make ANY money from cosplay. None. Not even a little bit.

I’ve never been hired by a company to represent a character. I’ve never been hired to make a costume for someone else. I’ve never been paid for an appearance of any type. I’ve sure as hell never been paid for a photoshoot; if anything, I sometimes pay photographers to point their camera at me instead of literally any other cosplayer.

Cosplayers are a dime a dozen, and EVEN IF you get to the point where conventions and big-name photographers want to work with you, almost no one is willing to put money behind it. Why would they? If I start asking for compensation, most events would just laugh and move on to the next candidate, because they either don’t have the budget or they want to spend it on someone WAY more famous than me. Most events and businesses can’t tell the difference between a costume I spent hundreds of hours on vs something that came from Taobao. Most of the time, all they want is a pretty face.

Big ad agencies, the ones with money, don’t usually start caring about you until you have hundreds of thousands of followers, and the goal post is constantly moving. As of writing this (March 2 2017 for posterity) I have ~15k followers on my largest social media account. That’s practically nothing compared to people who make their living off of social media. I know this because my husband does.

I have no personal income whatsoever; I am 100% financially supported by my husband. I’m a starving artist who doesn’t have to starve because someone else pays for all my meals. As embarrassing as that is to admit, I DO NOT want to misrepresent my personal finances AT ALL. My ability to participate in cosplay the way that I do is the result of my financial security, not the source of it.

To be fair, there’s a lot that I *could* be doing differently to monetize my work. Patreon, streaming, selling prints, selling merch, and taking commissions are all options. None of them are particularly lucrative– I have many friends who DO support themselves through cosplay, and almost all of them are struggling to pay their bills.

If you wanna make money in cosplay, be outrageously beautiful and sell lewd photos of your body. That’s it, that’s the magic formula. I’m not gonna moralize on this topic: do it if you want to and don’t do it if you don’t want to. I personally don’t want to.

If you want to live like I do, marry well.

(please don’t take that last line as legitimate advice)

Cat Cosplay Update

Some of you may have noticed that for the first time in the 2 years we’ve been doing this it’s been 2 months without a new costume. I wanted to update everyone on what’s going on.

I love doing Cat Cosplay, and I love that joy that we’ve been able to spread by doing it. But it has become WAY more work that I ever realized it would be when we started our small little fun accounts a few years ago. Up until September I lived by the idea that we could likely do any project, and we have been able to figure things out and get it done despite an oppressive work schedule at my real day job. September we failed at a major build, one I should not have taken on. It didn’t help that my work schedule jumped to 50-60 hrs (it’s been that way for the last couple months so I don’t know if it will change either.)

Regardless failing on that build after a week of 4 hr sleep nights and bringing ourselves to the edge really kicked in my depression and killed my creativity. I’ve struggled with not beating myself up over failing to produce things for you all. I had promised a Loki build years ago and have all the items to make one but couldn’t wrap my mind around the build in time to finish it. I owe another creator a small animal build on an art trade that is 75% done, but I keep trying to perfect it and keep screwing it up. I promised a tutorial for the Zombie cat but couldn’t decide if I should do a strait tutorial using the more expensive materials I used or try to adapt it with foam/cardboard for a cheap “Everyone can make this” build.

I keep second guessing myself, partially starting, beating myself up, and then running out of the very little creative free time that I have in a week.

I’m getting better. I’m pulling myself out of this depression and I’m starting to craft. But I’ve also decided that I am more inspired to work for you all. That doesn’t mean I won’t work with other companies like I have in the past to fund the costs of this blog, but it means that I would rather do builds that you all vote on. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t look at the builds that you all request in our messages or inbox, and most of those are builds we want to do ourselves. So we’re going to give something a try.

I’m going to give in and start a Patrion where people can vote on a monthly build, and we’ll give updates and progress on how we’re doing that build as we make it. We’re going to start with small tiers for just the ability to vote but I was thinking exclusive HD Pictures and if people have other idea’s we’re open to them. I’m terrified of this but I want to give it a shot.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want to Stream on Twitch, if I want to do more content I need to upgrade my computer and crafting setup, and with medical bills stacking up this appears as if my only avenue to attempt to bring the content that people have asked for in the past.




{ I also posted this on my account but wanted to give it personal too :) }

hey ink!,

thank you so much for giving me inspiration! for making me smile as other creators draw you! you were also my first cosplay!

this day was truely amazing and i just wanted to improve my costume so i did and im even happier with the improvment of my costume!

i hope you have a happy birthday and make it the best day ever! stay creative ink! we wont let you down!

WOW! This is ASTOUNDING! Thank you for the drawing AND the amazing cosplays, I’m absolutely speechless ;_____; God I wish I could make cosplays. If I ever make a cosplay I’d definitely dress as the Batter from OFF.

Thank you so much lovely! And props to you, this is badass! <3

Offensive Cosplays

Hey guys, so you guys know I’m not usually one to post drama on here, but something came to my attention recently that isn’t a particularly new concept to this fandom - offensive cosplays. And what I mean is blatantly offensive cosplays, such as dressing as a Nazi officer.  

The main point of this is I want everyone to know that this is not okay. In the slightest. It is grossly offensive and actually illegal to dress this way in many countries because of the connotations it holds. 

Millions of people died under the Nazi regime and the things that they did to other people is inhumane, gross, and disturbing on all accounts. No one should have ever been made to live through that. And cosplaying a Nazi uniform which represents all of those horrific events is absolutely unacceptable. Just don’t do it. If you really need reasons not to do it, I highly recommend watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Night Will Fall, it’s in my opinion a very well done documentary with footage from within concentration camps and while disturbing to watch, it puts gravity to the situation and faces to the millions of people who were brutally killed within these camps.

The reason this came to my attention recently (although I have seen countless others) is recently a Germany cosplayer decided to cosplay an SS army uniform for a convention and continued to post this onto social media. This cosplayer was then told by several people that her cosplay was very offensive. Instead of taking down these pictures or taking responsibility for their actions, they proceeded to claim they were being cyberbullied and handled the situation in a very terrible way which left others feeling resentment towards them. 

If someone does tell you that you are being offensive to them, just stop what you are doing and take a step back and really take into account what you are doing. If you’re going to straight up cosplay a Nazi, though, then just don’t. Don’t do it. You can be historical without donning a Nazi uniform, there are many other options out there.


Emil is my nickname ((from Tos2 ;; he´s Rata))

Hiya guys! I never post original thoughts on here other than reblog crap that has made my head trash lmao. Anyways I’d like to say: IM GOING TO ANIME BOSTON! The 25th of March on Friday a friend and I are definitely going and Saturday is a maybe. However we’ll be cosplaying Hide and as we like to classify him-Badass Kaneki. I’ll be in the Kaneki ken getup and she’ll be my Hide. You can find her post about this on her page ultralivinginadreamworld -we’ll both be live tweeting all day most likely probably her so you can keep up with either me on @srm91098 or with her @XxNutellaChickX
We’ll both be super excited to meet anyone and others as well in cosplay for the anime, if you’re an innocent Kaneki as we tend to say (black hair lol) well check her tumblr blog because your Hide is waiting for you…grrr 😑 but also if you’re gonna cosplay the same as us we’d love to see ya or uta, and touka. We love the shipping! I’ll paste ultralivinginadreamworld ’s similar post to it below in case you can’t find her page. @ultralivinginadreamworld
See ya!
~your badass Kaneki


Her post

“ Hello my beautiful followers! I have an announcement for ya’ll! So my friend and I will be attending Anime Boston on March 26th, that Saturday. We will be cosplaying as Ghoul Kaneki (badass Kaneki as we call him) and Hide! We would think it’d be hella cool if we found an Uta and a human Kaneki (with the blacky blue hair. Before he got the white hair.)
If you cosplay any of those two characters, tell me! I.e the message thingy on here. Lmao. I know for a fact that I want to have a clingy Kaneki for my Hide. We gonna be the cutest of anime boyfriends. xD And badass Kaneki would like an Uta that is either clingy or not. She, the cosplayer, doesn’t care.
If you wanna hang out with us on Saturday but you won’t know where to find us, I’ll be live tweeting! You can follow me on my twitter at XxNutellaChickX (this is my personal account so yea. Lol.)
Can’t wait to see you at Anime Boston! Love ya’ll!! <3 <3


So I’m FREAKING OUT because the Knights at Medieval Times asked if I was twinfools and wanted my autograph!! Most of them are cosplayers it turns out! I wish I had asked for their cosplay accounts but I was too star struck!! Thank you Black and White Knight! Such a cool guy #mideavaltimes

Made with Instagram

“So baby, come light me up and maybe I’ll let you on it
A little bit dangerous, but baby, that’s how I want it
A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body
Cause I’m so into you, into you, into you”

Me as Hinata Shoyo (ig: _coelispex_)

@imgonnawearitasamishtache as Kageyama Tobio (ig: nekuroo_cosplay)

Pics by the super duper talented @ starfleet.boy (ig account)


Pokemon Grunt Tank Top!

• Black and white fabric ( I recommend Jersey Knit, I used Jersey for the white but the black i used a thicker Fleece but i do not recommend because it wasn’t stretchy)
• Basic sewing materials ( I used a sewing machine for this whole thing but you could definitely hand sew it, just would take longer!)

*You could totally add the white strips to a tank top you bought at the store but I got he fabrics on discount so i figured id tackle making it!

• Trace a tank top that fits you well onto the black fabric, front and back
• Sew together sides and shoulders
• TRY ON before you hem, make sure it fits the way you want
• Hem the sleeves and bottom! (don’t hem the neckline, were about to get to that)

*For the next two steps you could probably just paint on the white with fabric paint but i did not, if you were going to paint hem the neck line too!

• Cut a ½ yard (more or less depending on your neck size) by 3 inch sheet out of the white fabric
• Fold strip in half (hot dog style)
• Pin to neckline, make sure to leave about an inch before you pin (I only did front but you could do back too if you so please)
• Sew along edge
• Fold over and sew down so the white is flat against the black

*You could also just paint the X but I’m not huge on fabric paint, i wanted machine washable

X Design
• Repeat long white strips x2 (x4 if you want to do back too, i did)
• Fold in half and sew longways
• Pin down in x form ( I put mine on my dress form to stretch it out, you can just put it on yourself and look in a mirror!)
• Sew down edges

And you’re all done! Tomorrow we tackle the wrist bands and the socks! You can find my cosplay account on Instagram @ Pestermychum!


I thought we were cool. I thought we had a thing here. What happened to Margarita Zone?

I’m absolutely baffled by the love you guys have shown for my closet cosplay of Joseph! So here’s a little something extra - aka two more pics I took yesterday that turned out alright. (aka I want to unlock the cult ending so bad lol). This is my cosplay account, but sometimes I post stuff over at my main blog @deathtableau too since i have more followers there (so that’s why I have pics up on both accounts). 

Have another picture of my Elizabeth cosplay to celebrate the new chapter! I died like 4656748393577 times while reading it. So.. who wants to chat about it? 

Picture by JaWe - Photo&Art (:

Follow our Instagram Account for more cosplay pictures! -> Starhunter Cosplay

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They are all still WIPs but I actually cosplay from Dream Daddy and I’m planning on adding a few more cosplays because I’m TRASH… but consider following me on Instagram if you like my stuff. I have a cosplay account over there under the user voidgoat :)


✂️✂️Don’t lose your way ✂️✂️
So I cosplayed Matoi Ryuko from Kill la Kill for the first time and I had lots of fun! As you can see I was at a convention but soon I’ll be doing a photo shoot. I know her eyes aren’t THAT bright but I thought the colour just suited perfectly taking into account my skin shade.
If you want to see more of my cosplays you can always find me on Instagram as @mizuuya 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Hey is it alright if I base a cosplay off of your altean lance art? As well as repost your art on my instagram


And if you wanted to post my art alongside your cosplay, please can you credit this tumblr and tag my IG account? It’s emily_fay_ <3 Thank you!

I really want to get ‘back’ into the Les Mis fandom - not that I ever left - because I really do love it and I have a surprising amount of free time now that I’m a stay at home dad (he sleeps like 18 hours a day) so I need stuff to do.

So I’m going to work on more art, but also cosplay and fic. If anyone has any fic ideas they’d like to see, hit me up (my favourites are canon era and exr, so, yeah)

I’m also going to create a roleplay account like a fucking loser because I find it fun and it’ll be in the form of videos etc. Think Alex wants to make one too.


Not at all a limited time offer. This is just me being bored and wanting to make you all happy!! Submit a pick of your OC or message me. I’ll draw them!! All I ask for is a like and a reblog to get my art out there. I’ I don’t have a solid art style so if you want you can look through my page and request one!! <3 I’ll draw anything from a fursona (please cut me slack on the anatomy as I’m not a furry and I’m not experienced) or your oc in a nsfw pose. Please request that on my nsfw account, though!! (anything naughty or not suitable for a younger bab to see) request at:  https://momoaala.tumblr.com/

Video for Stefán Submission Guidelines

Ok, so several people like the idea of this video, so I guess I will try to organize it. I’ve never actually organized something before, so bear with me.

I think this video would be about ten minutes long, maybe a little shorter or longer depending on how many people submit some things to me. I don’t want it to be too long, but we will see. 

I can edit the video and post it to my youtube account, so that problem is out of the way. I thought about linking it to my adsense account and using the money it earns to donate to Stefán, but I don’t think it would get enough views to really do much good. SO I won’t do that. :)

ALSO this is tagged: Vid for Stebbi, so follow that for more info.

So, here are the rules!

1. The submission can be a short video clip, preferably less than a minute long (it may be edited to shorten the length of the video), a piece of artwork, or even both. You could even send an audio file, really anything you want that can go into a video. You can cosplay in the video, you can wear your PJ’s…I don’t really care. Also, the quality of the video or artwork does not matter, but please do your best. :)

2. The artwork and/or video needs to be kind and respectful. Stefán and his family are going through a very tough time right now, and they do not need to see or hear anything that is inappropriate or rude. 

3. NO SHIPPING. DO NOT, under ANY circumstances throw in some Sportarobbie, Glatten…anything. None of that. It is not appropriate.

4. No profanities, please. I might have to cut out anything you send if it has any rough language. Stefán’s kids might see this too, and I highly doubt he or his wife would like for them to hear anything bad. Let’s just play it on the safe side, ok? 

5. Send your submissions to this email address: rebekahhale@gmail.com I will review it and decide whether or not to put it into the video (don’t worry, as long as it isn’t inappropriate it will be included :D). Feel free to include your name if you’d like, and please be sure to say that whatever you send says “Vid for Stefán” somewhere in the email. Just so I can organize things a little easier.

6. Everyone is welcome to get in on it! Please do not be afraid to show your lovely face in fear of rejection! Respect is all that I ask for.

7. The DEADLINE is July 31st! So please get your submissions in before then! 

That should be it! Be sure to share this with others to let them in on it, and don’t let anything slip to Stefán! It is a secret! :D If you know someone that is not on tumblr that would like to do this, then let them know! 

If you have any questions, please send me a message or an ask and I will be happy to answer! If for some reason tumblr decides to eat my ask, like it does occasionally, please send me an email instead.

Thank you all! <3