but i want cable

you: man, why aren’t there any out lgbt professional hockey players? wouldn’t that be so cool? also, watching nhl games on tv costs so much money! i can’t afford to buy an expensive cable plan, but i don’t want to watch games illegally… and gosh, the nhl really sucks in terms of racial diversity…. everyone is so white… i wish there was a way i could enjoy hockey without having to deal with all the problematic issues associated with the nhl…

me, an intellectual:

Now that I’ve used memes to get your attention….

1. The NWHL is super gay!!! The NWHL is partnered with You Can Play, Kourtney Kunichika has a fiancée, and Harrison Browne is the first transgender athlete to play in a professional American sports league! And that’s not even all of them!!

2. Every nwhl game is streamed online completely free! no costs!!! legally!!! the NWHL youtube channel live streams all the games!!

3. Blake Bolden and Kaliya Johnson are both African-American women playing in the NWHL. There are also several Asian-Americans (Kourtney Kunichika included) and the top draft pick from the 2016 draft was a woman of color named Kelsey Koelzer.

4. All the players just genuinely seem nice??? Like they’re supportive and kind with each other all the time! They have meals together! They’re good friends! They bake each other cookies and give them to each other in Bath and Body Works bags with handwritten notes!

tl;dr: the national women’s hockey league does not get enough attention from tumblr and frankly i think that needs to change


A commission for Chelsea! She wanted a fashion sense swap (so formalwear for Will and cozy/casual clothes for Hannibal) with Will at the front of a back-to-front embrace.

The first four images are pretty big, so please right click for full size!

Want to commission me too?

Commentary under the cut! Also available on AO3.

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She is really tall! The tallest out of the group! (Jaleen and Kathy are the shortest LOL) 

things i remember happening in kid gorgeous

‘vancouver, the hollywood of canada!’

‘when they taught us about stranger danger, they said ‘dont talk to any adult you dont know!’… said the adult we dont know’

‘brush your teeth- BAM ORANGE JUICE! thats life, kid!’

‘so i was sitting with my mom, eating a triscut and staring at the ground, so i did what any sensible person would do and said ‘youve ever seen a ghost?’ and she said yes. she said that when i was young, there was a small girl who would walk in the hall in front of my room and evaporate. after my mom said this, my dad yelled ‘LETS CHANGE THE SUBJECT!’ and i know dads do that, like when they dont like how boring a conversation is, but it sounds like he murdered the girl.’

‘i was watching old tv shows, because im asexual’ *i fucking kid you not he said this, im still debating if that was ironic or not*

‘you know, police sirens nowadays are kind of? funky in a way? they sound like *mimicking modern police sirens for 40 seconds* its so weird! it sounds like theres a dj on that police car, or maybe its like 2 police cars having a conversation. but old police cars sound like *mimicking old police car sirens for 50 seconds* its like an old gay cat dying slowly.’

‘i want everyone to like me, its the worst. my wife says its like walking with someone whos running for the mayor of nothing.’

‘i was at best buy, but i didnt seriously buy anything but i didnt want to be rude so i ended up buying a cable cord i didnt need. i walk to the checkout, the cashier looks at me and says ‘do you have a best buy members card?’ and i said ‘ha! i wish!’ and my wife said ‘jesus christ’ OUTLOUD, walked over to the tvs and stood there.’

when john said miles in one of his skits, one of the audience members yelled out ‘its KILOMETERS!’ so john just got really tired and said ‘i cant… change things. like, in america we have donald trump, here you have rob ford.’ and for like, 5 minutes, he mocked the audience member like ‘oh? tim hortons? dont you mean *in a ridiculous accent* DUNKIN DONUTS???’ and the whole rest of the show he kept on referencing that

‘everytime i walk into a room, i have to bend down and say ‘knock knock! can i come in?’ i physically have to SAY knock knock.’

*Season 2 Spoilers Ahead*

Read the following at your own risk:

Am I the only one confused as to why Carlos didn’t just deliver a whopping FUCK YOU to his mom and left with Lidia? Like it’s still not registering to me that his mom would actually hold a gun to her son’s head & run the risk of not only killing him, but also losing his trust forever - all in order to force Lidia to get an abortion. It just seems counter-intuitive. Surely I can’t be the only one questioning the whole scenario.

Tired student (aka me)

tomorrow (Friday 20 Oct) I go in for surgery – it’s elective, by my choice and request and not because there’s anything bad going on. Just getting my uterus and ovaries and fallopian tubes taken out, since I’ve got no plans to ever use them, I don’t want to menstruate ever again, and I plan  to stay on testosterone basically forever. 

(I wish I could, like, rehome them to a trans sister who wants organs to make estrogen… but since I’m 38, I doubt they’d be great reproductive specimens anyway??? but still if uterus and ovaries transplants were A Thing…)

I ought to be home tomorrow night, or the day after if I feel particularly lousy. I will accept things such as funny screenshots, cute animal pictures, and puns as well wishes.

anonymous asked:

To the Beach!

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to watch episode 8 (I don’t have cable but I have canadian netflix) before I wrote this prompt. Thank you for the prompt, I always appreciate it! This is not entirely Jughead and Betty. I felt like I needed an interaction between Jughead and Joaquin because of that last episode.

It was a Thursday afternoon and four people sat in a circle in the student lounge of Riverdale High. Kevin Keller,  sat in a chair, staring at his phone and texting rapidly and giving his phone a goofy grin. In the chair next to him Archie Andrews, sat holding his guitar, but not playing, while staring at a wall on the other side of the room. Betty Cooper sat on the sofa, face buried in her Chemistry textbook, occasionally blowing loose strands of honey hair out of her face with frustration, while her boyfriend, Jughead Jones, sprawled with his long legs over her lap, reread To Kill a Mockingbird for probably the millionth time. Their silence was interrupted by a single loud clap. The sound came from a classy, perfectly coiffed, midnight haired girl in designer clothes. Veronica Lodge had arrived.

 Veronica placed a perfectly manicured hand on her slim hip, surveying each of her friends closely.

“We’re going to the beach on Saturday.” She declared. Archie looked at her and shrugged slightly.

“I don’t know if I’m up for it.” He sighed

“Well Archiekins, it was a statement not a choice. You’ve been brooding for so long you’re about to put Jughead out of business. You’re not going to get over Valerie by moping all the time.”

He winced slightly. Valerie had broken up with him two weeks ago, she had said she needed to focus on her music.

“V, I have to study, exams are next week!” Betty objected, Veronica turned to face her, rolling her dark eyes, in a way that was somehow still classy.

“B, you’ve been studying basically nonstop since September, you can take a day off. And that day off is going to be Saturday.” She turned her body to face the redhead who had started to pack up his guitar “Archiekins, you’re driving.”

“I don’t do beaches.” she whirled around to the raven haired boy who had finally spoken, he quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Well, Holden Caulfield, did you miss when I said it wasn’t a choice?”

She finally turned to face the only person who hadn’t spoken. Kevin simply raised his hands in mock surrender. Veronica turned on her heel to walk to her next class, before tossing her dark hair over her shoulder to look back and say one last thing,

“You can bring lover boy if you want.”


Saturday finally came and everyone piled into Veronica’s Rover, Archie behind the wheel. Everyone had gotten a chuckle out of Joaquin, who showed up in his leather jacket and a pair of neon green swim trunks. Veronica was in charge of the playlist, causing Jughead to roll his eyes on more than one occasion, but he couldn’t be too upset with Betty in a swimsuit curled at his side. Way too many bass heavy dance songs later, they had finally arrived. Veronica set up the umbrella, emblazoned with images of watermelon that Veronica had defended as “very summer!” Archie the towels and blankets, and Joaquin the cooler, as Kevin and Betty dragged Jughead into the water. Betty stopped suddenly, popping onto her toes to tug off Jughead’s beanie and toss it at Archie. He mumbled in mild discomfort before she grabbed him by the hand and tugged him into the lukewarm ocean. Veronica and Archie soon followed, Veronica testing out the water as Archie barreled in, diving headfirst. Jughead chuckled at the scene before he felt a torrent of water smack his chest.

“Did you splash me on purpose, Elizabeth Cooper?” Jughead mock glared at her.

“What if I did, Forsythe?” she said innocently, with a glint in her eye.

“That’s it, you’re going DOWN!” Jughead scooped up his girlfriend and began to wade deeper into the water, his girlfriend clutching at him and squealing. After they reached a point where the water was past Jughead’s navel, he flung his girlfriend into the water.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Mr. Jones” Betty said mischievously, wading towards him. He was trying desperately not to drool at the sight of her beautiful body in that tiny blue swimsuit. He smirked at her, only to suddenly have a face full of water.

“A splash war? Really, Bets?”

The splash war ensued for several minutes, progressively getting closer and closer to their friends, Veronica screeching as she got splashed, Archie laughing at her misfortune only seconds before getting a face full of salt water himself. Jughead dove under the water as Betty tried to splash him again, coming up nearly pressed against her. Instead of splashing her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, smiling down at the giggling, out of breath woman before him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bounced onto her tippy toes, creating ripples in the water around them as they kissed. Kevin let out a wolf whistle as Betty pulled back. Jughead’s pupils had blown and his hair was a mess. Betty couldn’t get enough of the sight. After a few moments of staring intensely, Betty broke the silence,

“At least I’m not the one ruining our moment this time.” They both chuckled.

“One sec love, I’m going to go get a drink.” He kissed the tip of her dripping wet nose before wading to the beach. He winced as his feet hit the hot sand. He noticed Joaquin was still sitting on the beach, texting.

Jughead grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler, chugging a few gulps before flopping down on the green beach towel under the umbrella.

“Water’s nice.” He commented, looking at the other boy. Joaquin didn’t look up from his phone as he responded,

“I’m not a big swimmer.” Jughead shrugged,


A brief awkward silence ensued. Jughead took a few more sips of the cool water before trying again. He stared at the scene in the water, Veronica on Archie’s shoulders and Betty on Kevin’s, both trying to push each other into the water, all four laughing.

“Kevin is a good dude.” Joaquin looked up at his phone finally, taking in Jughead for a moment before nodding slowly. Jughead continued.

“You can get out you know. You’re young, and if I talk to my dad, they might let you out.”

“What if I don’t want out?” The response made Jughead shake his head. As he stood, he looked at Joaquin one more time,

“If you really care about Kev, you’ll at least consider it. I know what that life does to people. He deserves better, and I don’t know you, but you deserve better too. Everyone does. Just think about it, ok? You know where to find me.”

With that, Jughead dropped his empty water bottle into the trashbag and returned to the waiting arms of his girlfriend.

“What was that about?” Bety’s hand rose to gently caress his face, concern in her blue-green eyes.

“Just family stuff. It’s all good.”  He kissed her forehead, before running and tackling Archie to dunk him under the water.


A few hours later, after a small fire had been made, Betty and Jughead walked hand in hand down the beach, away from their chattering friends.

“I gave Joaquin an out.” Betty stopped, turning in front of her boyfriend to face him.

“Did he take it?” she asked tentatively, worried that he might suddenly clam up. Talking about the Serpents still wasn’t easy for him, even after she had met his father.

“Not exactly. I told him to think about it.” Jughead paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I don’t want him to wind up like my dad. Kevin deserves better than the life my mom had.”

Betty rubbed his arms, both warming and soothing.

“You’re a good guy, Juggie. You tried, he knows you’re there. But the next step is up to him.”

Jughead pulled her into a tight embrace, leaving a lingering kiss on the top of her still wet, blond head.

“Thank you.” He whispered into her hair.

“For what?” she pulled back slightly so that she could see his face, while still staying in his arms.

“Keeping me afloat.” He said simply.

They shared a long, gentle kiss as the first shooting star of the summer fell in the sky above them.

Lamb; Part Two

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday, tally-ho! Tagging our Wyatt Family Specialist @hardcorewwetrash as well as the fearless @toxiicpop and @oraclegazes. Trigger warnings are listed inside. Enjoy!

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Next models complete!

I managed to get these finished in a couple weeks which isn’t bad for my progress so far!

I decided to paint a few characters for my Emperor’s Children to give the completed models a little more flavour and interest before going back to the rank-and-file. I’ll still have plenty of those to work on!

First in line there we have a space marine in Mark II armour wielding a thunder hammer. This one’s not exactly a character per se, but still a unique model compared to the rest of the force. I think it could still be used as a sergeant or bodyguard for a character of some sort. It’s part of the Mark II Command set from Forge World. The other model it came with was a standard bearer, which is what I wanted more, but this model came with that anyways. It’s still cool I think! Gave me some use of the Emperor’s Children Mark II Shoulders as well. The hardest thing about this model was the thunder hammer arms. I couldn’t quite get them to line up properly! So I had to leave both wrists slightly off alignment and just fill in the gaps that were left. I think that worked pretty well! I also added the crest from Burning of Prospero to add a bit of interest. I know I’m not using those crests for sergeants so I have a few extra to use elsewhere. I also gave it a sidearm just to represent that it’s still carrying a bolt pistol.

Next is the Chaplain Kurtha Sedd from Betrayal at Calth. I knew I wanted to try converting this model a little just so that it doesn’t look identical to everyone else’s Kurtha Sedd. Since the pose is so static there isn’t a whole lot of room for conversions. However, the head swap was easy to do! I just gave him one of the Emperor’s Children heads from Forge World with one of the plumes. You get three in the set so rather than use the plumes for sergeants (since I’ll probably make 6 and that would be too many) I decided to leave the plumes for special characters like this. Unfortunately this model still has some massive gaps on the cape, but I decided I would rather paint it in a sub-assembly and leave the back off until after it was all painted. I’m a stickler for trying to paint all of the hard to reach areas even if they’re not totally visible, but the trade off is I can’t ever fill that gap. All well! Speaking of hidden details, I did also bother to freehand on the left shoulder for the Emperor’s Children iconography, even if it’s mostly covered by the cape now. I kind of wanted that look anyway! I also wanted to give the chaplain a volkite charger instead of the plasma pistol. It’s one of the few characters that can take one and I think they’re cool! Also changes things up a bit from the standard model.

Finally there’s the Apothecary in Mark IV armour from Forge World as well. This model was kept pretty well the same that it came with the exception of another volkite charger. Randomly apothecaries are one of the other few characters that can take one so I figured why not! Little more interesting than the standard bolt pistol. There’s something about the pose of the arm though that’s twisting the gun a little too much for my liking, however. The bolt pistol that was there was already at an angle but I guess replacing it with the longer gun just exaggerated that, making it more noticeable. The hardest thing about painting this model was simply deciding what colours to paint all the apothecary gadgets and bottles and wires and other doodads! I almost forgot to paint one of the wires on the arm! I think I’m good with the colours I picked though. I didn’t want to use too many different colours because I figured it would make it look like a pack of skittles. When trying to figure out how to paint one of the types of cable I couldn’t think of a colour I wanted to use but then I thought about hazard stripes! That way the colour isn’t too bold and I get some practice painting chevrons if I ever need to paint Iron Warriors!

Thanks for checking these out! I notice now how much work can still be done cleaning up resin models compared to the plastic. Next time I might spend even more time tying to make all the surfaces totally smooth. I wanted to do another group shot of my completed Emperor’s Children out of the display case but there’s getting to be too many to do that easily now! So I just took a new picture in the case.

Hope to see you for the next ones. I think I’ll paint a few more of the Mark III marines to even out their completion, and then we’ll go from there. Until next time!