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Secret Love - Simon x Reader

Summary: Please do a Simon x reader where the reader is one of Negan’s wives but Simon is in love with her

Warnings: kind of angst?, drinking

about 1.1k words

hi if you like this please let me know! i have this set up to where i can make it a series, so if you’d like to see that, let me know!!

You sat on the roof of the Sanctuary, feel dangling off the edge as you rested your forearms on the railing. You gave up on trying to look decent today; you gave the tight, black dress your middle finger and opted for jeans and a v-neck top. That’s the only reason you were dangling your legs off the edge. Being one of Negan’s wives wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, especially when you weren’t the girly-girl, submissive personality that all the other wives were.

Truth be told, you didn’t want this life anymore. There was more than one factor making you feel this way, yet you still felt trapped. You were in a rough place when you agreed to being one of Negan’s wives. He took you in, took care of you, and brought you back to your lively, healthy self. But now, six months later, being (mostly) recuperated and ready for action, you couldn’t stand the life you were living.

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The More You Know

Characters: Reader, Cas, Sam, Dean

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Implied sexual content, language, some jokes that probably aren’t that funny (Let me know if I forgot anything…)

Prompts (Both will appear in bold in the fic): “I can’t look into the street without everything changing.” and “The closer I get to feeling, the further that I am feeling from alright.”

A/N: Hey guys, this is my entry for @iwantthedean SoCo Summer Challenge. I have been writing fics all summer and kind of hoping that I would find one that I thought my prompts went well with, but I just couldn’t find that perfect fit. So, instead I decided to make it a part of one of my firsts as a writer. Yes, you heard it here folks, this is my first shot at a Cas x reader fic, so be warned. Let me know what you think, because your feedback could possibly be in the deciding factor of whether or not I continue to write Cas.


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Ugh. You thought to yourself as you peeled your jacket off and tossed it onto the bed. You could smell the sweat that was no doubt glistening on your skin as you walked into the tiny bathroom. You turned the shower on, making sure that it was scalding hot before heading back out to where your duffel occupied one of the chairs at the small table situated in front of the window.

While pulling your things out of the worn black bag, you hear a commotion outside in the parking lot. Being a hunter, you immediately placed a hand on the gun that was settled in the waistband of your jeans and peaked through the blinds.

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New on the job (Spiderman Homecoming au)

Hello everyone Mr.E here and yes I am finally done with the spiderman homecoming au. this has been haunting me to write it these last few weeks and it is done. IT IS DONE AND I AM VERY MUCH TEMPTED TO MAKE THIS A STORY BECAUSE ME AND MY GOOD FRIEND @hains-mae collaborated  on this and Did a lot of world building.

Yes I’ve gone off the deep end if you hadn’t noticed from my drabbles but oh well. I’ve embraced my insanity.

so a few notes on this story. Yes this is loosely based off the spiderman homecoming movie but not completely. Spiderman and Iron man exist in this universe. As of this moment, those are the only two MCUs really in this universe because there’s just not a lot to work with without making this a giant cross over and honestly, i rather keep it smaller and not add every avenger ever. 

Second, for the identity of Iron man, it’s a secret. I’m going back to the original comics where no one knows who Iron Man is and as far as anyone can tell he’s Tony Stark’s bodyguard using a suit tony made for him after being captured and all that jazz. So in this universe, Tony Stark is played by teenager canon Tom (who is human in this version) and Iron Man is his bodyguard. 

Star is MJ from the homecoming because I love her attitude in the movie and it’s really a nice change of pace for writing the magical princess. Seriously it was too much fun in the drabbles and it is too much fun here. also Ferguson is Ned but not ned because hidden plot reason. He’s basically ned the friend and not ned guy in the chair. 

the last thing thing i really need to talk about is the villain in this story. Honestly, I’ve been playing overwatch, I love playing the new character doomfist and I honestly just wanted my own villain with a giant robotic arm so i do what i do best: poorly design my own.  It’s not anyone from Star vs, completely original so there’s no secret identity to figure out there. 

finally the story. This takes place early on in Marco’s career, a few months after being bitten by the spider and he’s trying to prove to the city he is an actual hero like his idol Iron man *Who has some renown at this point* 

That’s it for me. Have an amazing week, i hope you enjoy the story. there is a lot more to it that me and mae came up with and if you like it, let me know. check her tumblr out for some awesome sketches of this au. I Might do more because I had a blast writing this. take care everyone!

notification squad: @artgirllullaby @hipster-rapunzel @nerdymetalhead @minthia-ren @thefandombytes @isolated-frequencies 

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'Let Your Light Shine'

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Wedding Series: Proposal

Harry: “Harry.. Where are we going?” You mumble, following him up another flight of stairs. Seeing as you were doing it in high heels and a short skirt, you had a right to complain.  Stopping in front of a door, you let out a huff of air and finally took a look around. “Why are we at my old flat?” You ask looking up at him. Giving you a cheeky smile he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. “You’ll see in a minute, love.” “Oh no. I’m not putting that on. Last time I did you forgot to direct me and I ran into a wall!” Letting out a smooth chuckle, he came closer and placed a little kiss to your temple. “I promise I will pay attention this time. Please.” Groaning over Harry’s good looks and you incapability to say no to him, you put the cloth over your eyes, praying that he would actually not let you trip or anything.  You heard the key unlock the door and as it swung open you could just smell candle. “Harry! Did you leave candles in here! That’s so dange-” “Oh hush love, its fine.” Finally he lead you to a spot and slowly took of the handkerchief. Rose petals and candles were scattered on the floor, spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’. Finally looking back at Harry you saw him down on one knee and before he could say anything you answered his question. “Yes." 

Louis: You stared at the TV with a smile, the ending credits of 'Love Actually’ rolled down the screen. Standing up, you smiled at your boyfriend. "You want a cuppa? I’m going to make one myself.” You ask, walking over his legs that were resting on the coffee table. “Yeah, but I got it. Go put in another movie.” Thinking nothing of it, you shrugged and walked over to the movie cabinet, browsing over your selection.  Popping in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and earning a groan from Louis, you slowly drank your tea, just the way you like it. Half way though the movie you nearly finished your drink and was about to put it down on the table when something caught your eye. You had used this mug a billion times, you always drank your tea out of it, everyday. For the first time you noticed writing on the the bottom.  Drinking the last bit of the liquid, you stared at the bottom of the cup.  The words 'Marry Me?’ were written on the bottom. Looking over at Louis, you we’re about to ask when you noticed he wasn’t there. “Lou?” You called, getting up from your spot to find him in the kitchen smirking, while holding a red velvet box. “So. Will you?”

Liam: You’re parents 30th wedding anniversary was this week, and to celebrate all of your family got together at your family’s summer home in Florida. So with all of your family surrounding you at all times, it was hard to get moments alone with Liam.  So when you noticed not many people were on the beach, you took that opportunity and flew with it. As you walked along the beach you two casually talked about different things.  Soon you noticed a few of your cousins walking to the water carrying surf boards, none of them wearing body suits of anything.  What also made you curious is the fact that one of them doesn’t even know how to swim. They all turned around at once and flipped their surf boards so the writing on them was facing you.  The words 'Will You Marry Me’ were spelt out on the boards, which made you quickly turn towards Liam. Reaching into his board shorts, he smiled, getting down on one knee. “I love you so much.. Will you marry me?” He asked, pulling out a blue velvet box. Laughing through tears, you smiled and said; “Yes!”

Zayn: He was known for going all out for you.  So when you found out you were going to Paris for your 3 year anniversary, no one thought too much of it because its just Zayn doing whatever he could to make you extra happy. So for your anniversary, he took you to this little french restaurant near your hotel.  When you were finished, he started to walk the opposite way to your hotel.  "Where are we going?“ You giggle, gripping onto his hand. "You’ll see my love.” And before you knew it, you were on top of the Eiffel Tower. “Its beautiful.” You whisper, staring down at the city.  "Yes, you are.“ Shaking your head, you didn’t reply. "I need to ask you something.” He begins, shoving a hand into his pocket. “I love you, and I can’t even imagine my life without you. Not at all. So babe, will you marry me?”

Niall: Neither of you wanted to do anything extravagant that night, so you both stayed in, watching reruns of the newest season of The X Factor. You both had wanted chinese, so you poured the wine  as Niall went to grab the food from the delivery boy.  As you listened to a girl sing some Taylor Swift song, you dug in, noodles hanging out of your mouth. Once you were done, you tried to find the fortune cookies but you couldn’t. “Niall.. where are the cookies?” You ask, digging through the bag the food came in. “Yeah there in the kitchen, I’ll get them.” Taking a sip of wine, you watched the screen and Louis on the show pointed to the singer and ranted on how good they were.  Niall walked back in and placed a cookie in your hand. Smiling bright, he nodded towards the cookie. “Open it, I wanna see what you get.” It had become a ritual between the two of you. You would always read yours out loud to each other.  Shaking your head while smiling, you cracked the cookie and pulled the little paper out. Staring down on it, you were confused.  It wasn’t a normal fortune cookie, it was a handwritten one instead of a typed one. “Say yes to forever.” You read, staring down at the sheet with curiosity.  You looked up to show Niall about it, when you saw he was down on one knee, holding a beautiful ring. “I think you should follow that fortune babe." 

One Direction Preference- He Cheats on his Girlfriend with You Part 1

Requested by- irishloveiscute

*warning there are sex scenes. And also I don’t think any of the guys would do this.

Zayn- You and Zayn knew each other because your parents were friends and one day they decided that all their kids should meet. You and Zayn hit it off right away. You later found out that your apartment is actually really close to Zayn’s house. One day when you were out for a walk you noticed Zayn sitting in his car yelling into the phone. He shoved the phone into his pocket, got out the car and slammed the door.
“Rough day?” You asked as you walked by.
“Just drama.”
“Want to talk about it?” He just shook his head. “Wanna go for a drink?”
“That actually sounds amazing right now.” You guys walked to a nearby bar. You guys walked in, ordered some drinks and sat down.
“Sometimes I wish I never would have tried out for X Factor. Then I would have to deal with all this drama.”
“You still would have to deal with it… It just wouldn’t be in the public eye.” You said as you took a drink. You guys talked for awhile and kept drinking. He moved from his chair and moved into the one next to you. You guys kept talking. He leaned in and kissed you rather harshly. You kissed him back. His hands began to wander and as did yours. You pulled away from him and whispered,
“Let’s take this back to my place.” He didn’t reply he just got up and grabbed your hand. When you walked outside there was a few people who took pictures but Zayn didn’t seem to care. Once back at your apartment it didn’t take long to see where this was going. Zayn kept kissing you until you felt the couch behind your legs. You pulled off Zayn’s shirt and he pulled off yours. He kissed your neck as he massaged your breasts. He pulled them free from the bra and played with your nipples. His mouth moved from your neck down to your breasts. This felt so good. Hie hands tugged at the hem of your stretch pants which caused them to fall to the floor. He stood up and kissed you again. Your shaky hands fumbled with his belt. Once you got it off you undid his pants and pulled them down. You dropped down to your knees and pull off his boxers. He stepped out of his pants and boxers and kicked them off to the side. You gripped his member and began to stroke slowly. You then remember Perrie.
“Zayn?” He looked down at you. “What about Perrie?”
“Fuck her. Look I want you!” At this moment you didn’t care. You then took him in your mouth which cause him to inhale deeply. After a few minutes he pulled you up and pushed you on to the couch. He grabbed your thong and pulled it off. He started teasing you with his fingers as he kissed you some more. He then slowly inserted himself into. He then began to thrust. As the thrusted you would moan out. He started going harder and faster and you could begin to feel you pleasure building up inside you. Just as his thrusts were starting to get sloppy you hit your climax. Not long after he hit his. He laid slightly on top of you panting.
“That was amazing.” He said once he caught his breath. You suddenly felt every guilty. Perrie was really nice and you and her liked each other.
“Are you going to tell Perrie?” You asked.
“What?” He asked as he looked at you confused.
“Are you going to tell your fiancé what happened?” The word fiancé must have hit him because he sat up, pulled on his boxers and his pants.
“Please don’t tell Perrie…” You pleaded. You really liked her and most of the time her and Zayn seemed happy together.
“Don’t worry I won’t tell her.” He said as he stood up and kissed the top of your head. He pulled on his shirt and left.

Liam- You hated that girl that a guys uses to cheat on his girlfriend with but, you loved Liam so much that you would take him any way you could get him. Lately him and Sophia were having some problems and he would come to you every time they fought. You and Sophia used to be friends, best friends actually. It was because of you that they met. Sophia knew that you liked Liam and she went and dated him. The first time you and Liam slept together it was a mistake. You guys were both drunk, but now when it happens your both fully sober. It was about midnight when you were finally going to bed. You had just crawled into bed when there was loud knocking on your door. You climbed out of bed and pulled on an oversized shirt. The knocks kept coming.
“I’m coming! Hold on!” You yelled. You opened the door and Liam was standing there. You stood out of the way and let him in. “What are you doing here Liam?”
He didn’t even answer you. He pushed you against the door and kissed you. You then knew that him and Sophia had, had a fight. From how he was acting it was a really bad one. You brought your hands up and tangled your fingers in his hair. He placed his hands on your bum and lifted slightly. You wrapped your legs around him and he carried you to the bedroom. He tossed you on the bed and pulled of his shirt. He then came over and pulled yours off leaving you naked before him.
“What happened with Sophia?” You asked as he kissed your neck.
“I don’t want to talk about her.” He replied as he took your breasts in his mouth. He nipped lightly causing you gasp. He mouth moved from your breasts, to your stomach then to your sex. He was an expert with his tongue. You squirmed underneath him. You felt as if you were going to explode. He stopped long enough to pull of his pants and boxers. He quickly pushed himself inside of you. No matter how many times you and Liam had sex you could never get used to it. He thrusted hard, harder than usual. It hurt slightly but it also felt good. It didn’t take long for him to reach his climax. Once done he pulled himself out of you and laid next to you. You hated seeing Liam upset. You liked the fact that you made him feel good, even if it meant hurting Sophia.

Win My Heart- Daya Story



She was nervous.

No, that was a huge understatement.

She was terrified. Yeah, that was much better.

Why the fuck did she wanna do this? Was she drunk when she signed up? No she wasn’t. She remembered it clearly. She was perfectly sober. Maybe it was because she wanted to embarrass herself totally in front of the whole freaking America. Yeah, that must be it.

She sighed. She couldn’t turn back now. Her family and friends were in the audience and they were looking for her. They were ready to see her break out of her shell and if she couldn’t do it for herself, she’d do it for them.

“You’re up next.” The stage director told her and she just nodded. She was too afraid to speak.

She followed him to the entrance and waited for him to give her the signal to get on stage. He did and she walked on to the stage. Fast enough so that she didn’t change her mind and run all the way back home.

“Hello.” it was Simon who first spoke to her. He was her biggest fear and one of the reasons she was ready to high tail it to Timbuktu right this instant.

“Hi.” She heard herself answer. Her voice sounded high pitch and nervous. Oh god, she already started the embarrassment. She kept repeating calm down in her head but so far it wasn’t doing shit.

“And what’s your name?” It was Kelly who spoke to her this time and she had to say, it made her way more relaxed. Kelly was nice. She could talk to Kelly.

“My name’s Naya Rivera.” She just said a full sentence without sounding like some poor soul. Good.

“That’s a cute name, chica.” It was Paulina that spoke this time and Naya couldn’t help but grin at the bubbly Latina.

“Thank you.” Naya replied. She realized that there was only one judge that had yet to say something to say something to her. It was the judge who’s opinion she valued the most. It was also the judge who she had a huge crush on. But who didn’t have a huge crush on her? It was normal. Or that’s what Naya told herself.

Demi Lovato was staring at her intensely, like she was trying to figure out Naya’s whole life story just from the few words she had uttered.

“What song are you gonna be singing for us today Naya?” Simon finally broke the silence that had become slightly uncomfortable. And Naya couldn’t be more relieved.

“Well, I’ll be singing Nightingale by the talented Demi Lovato.” Naya said while staring down the judge in question. She didn’t know where this courage came from but she was grateful as hell because she really didn’t know how she was gonna get through the competition if she couldn’t say a good two words while staring at Demi.

The judges were looking at her…weird, Well, all the judges except Demi. She was still staring intensely. The audience members were looking at her weirdly too and frankly she couldn’t blame them. If someone had told her they would be auditioning for an international competition with a powerful Demi Lovato song, she would laugh at them and prepared her mind to see them fail.

But she knew she could do it and it was precisely why she had picked that song. She wanted to wow the judges and more importantly, she wanted to wow Demi. Even if she never made it any further in the competition, a good comment from Demi would make her day. Heck, it would make her fucking life.

“Are you sure about that?” It was Simon who spoke, ever the doubter.

“Very sure.” Naya answered.

Simon looked at her for a moment before nodding and giving the music station the queue to go ahead.

The music started and her confidence packed its bags and caught the next plane. Her palms were sweating and she was gripping the microphone way too tightly. If there was ever a time she was glad for music interludes, it was now.

She gained enough confidence to start the song.

At first, she was soft and low and plain awful. Well, at least it sounded that way to her own ears. Everybody was just staring at her and she felt all of this morning’s breakfast preparing to come out to share some of the spotlight.

But damn it she didn’t come this far to lose her breakfast on stage and go down as one of the worst X Factor auditions in history.

She came for the total opposite. She came to wow the judges and impress at least one of them.

And she did do that and so much more.

The minute she programmed her mind with confidence, explosive notes started making their way from her mouth and the excited clapping from the audience and the extremely loud screams and cheers from her family and friends in the front row pushed her on. When she hit the highest note of the song, all three ladies on the judging panel stood and Naya’s confidence soared through the roof.

When she brought the song to a close, the cheers were on going and as loud as ever and the grin on her face could not be helped.

When everybody finally settled down, it was time for the judges to talk.

“Paulina?” It was Simon who spoke, asking Paulina for her response.

“Amazing chica! Your voice is so powerful. This business is ready for you.” And Naya had never been more relieved in her entire life. Kelly nodded her head in what she assumed was agreement.


“Girl, you blew me away! Where the hell did that voice come from? You were so shy and timid and then you hit the chorus and I had a hard time believe that was the same girl from before. You’re amazingly talented.” Kelly said enthusiastically. And Naya laughed at her facial expressions. She was feeling super giddy right now and she loved the hell out of it.

“Demi.” Naya’s heart stopped when Simon called that name. This was the moment she had been waiting for. If Demi didn’t give her a good comment, she wouldn’t have enough strength to walk off the stage. It was her song after all and if she disapproved, why the hell bother?

There was silence for a while and Naya could literally hear her heart rate speeding up and feel the blood rushing in her ears. Demi finally decided to break the silence.

“You took my song… and you made it 1000 times better. Honey, I know I’m the judge but you are the one who should be teaching me something. Your adorableness before did not prepare me for that mind blowing voice.”

Naya felt like she was about to faint. Did Demi Lovato just call her adorable? And is she giving her a genuine smile right now? She felt like she was on cloud nine. No, scrap that, she was on cloud infinity.

She was so giddy from Demi’s comment that she barely heard Simon say how talented she was and how he couldn’t wait to see more of her because frankly, the only person who’s opinion mattered to her had already spoken and that was all she had wanted.

“Okay, let’s vote now. Shall we?” All the judges nodded. “Paulina?”

“Si, si, si. Yes!” And the audience cheered and her family cheered even louder. She made a mental note to never invite them to another one of these things.


“Absolutely, positively, yes!” And Naya’s relief grew some more at that.


“…Do you even need to ask? It’s a definite yes.” And the smile and wink that came after that had Naya almost tripping over a flat surface. Did Demi just wink at her? She’s pretty sure she just did. Calm down Nay, it was just a wink. Nothing unusual. She tried to tell herself even though her brain was still reeling.

It was all down to Simon now. She really never liked the guy but he was one of the best and a yes from him plus the yes from Demi would probably give her more wings than a thousand red bulls.

“Ms. Rivera, you don’t have four yeses…” Naya’s face dropped. Damn the little imp-

“You have four thousand seven hundred and nine yeses, congratulations.” And before she could even process what the hell was going on her family and friends were surrounding her and screaming in her ears and the disorientation was even more.

Until it all became clear.

She had gotten four yeses.

She started screaming with her friends and she never knew there would be a day when she’d be this happy.

Amongst all the chaos, she caught Demi’s eyes and the twinkle in them melted her heart and then Demi winked at her.

That’s how it had all began.


Okay so here is the first chapter. You guys can message me and tell me if you want me to continue. It’s my first multi chapter story on tumblr so idk, but if y’all want me to continue just say the word and i will :)