but i understand almost everything


Todd, you’re not making any sense.

How I study for a big test!

this year is my first one at university, so i think it would be really nice to share with all of you the steps that i follow when i have an importan exam!

first thing that i need to tell you is that is very importan to have enough time to study for your exam because otherwise you are going to be more stressed than normal!

so here i leave you the steps that i follow to study for a big test, i hope you find it helpful!

  1. first of all i read all my notes and then i underline the most importants parts
  2. when i underline everything, i do a list of the most importants topics of the subject (that helps me to have a mental guide of the important things to write down on the exam)
  3.  i read everything over and over again till i fully understand everything!
  4. if there is something i don’t  fully understand i try to ask someone from my class or my teacher
  5. once i understand everything, or almost everything, i do mind maps. In this link you can learn how to mind map :) 
  6. if the subject requires memorize, i use the blank sheet method which involves taking out a blanck sheet and writting down everything you need to know about a topic without looking at your notes. i found this method really useful
  7. once a know everything i make flashcards (only i do it if i need to learn definitions) 
  8. and finally, to revise the topic a just read all my notes, mind maps, flashcards, etc. that i have done 

and that’s everything i do to prepare myself for a big exam! i hope that you find it useful! and remember that exams are important but you also need time for yourself so if you are feeling stressed just relax a little bit, watch your favourie show, talk with some friends, listen to music or just go for a walk!!!

yo serious recommendation though: watch a TV show or movie in a new language!! Doesn’t have to be a foreign one. Netflix has many of my fav shows and movies in French and I’m actually enjoying the French versions a lot more for a bunch of them. I don’t use English subs but you can always use them if you want to listen to a language you don’t understand. Seriously though!! I feel exhausted after bingewatching a few eps, it’s actually using so much of my brain power to keep up with them speaking. And even if you watch a language you don’t understand, you’ll still pick up words and figures of speech and it’s so refreshing!! listening to other languages honestly makes you feel better somehow.

But bi-cultural twins, like

  • having different names for stars and constellations (Leia’s stars have descriptive names, like crown and ship and rose, while Luke’s stars have legendary names, like the Trickster, the Queen, the Wanderer)

  • their definitions of family are different (Leia’s family is small and defined: her parents, her sister Winter, her brother Luke, her husband Han. Luke’s family is big and loose, with of course his aunt and uncle and Leia, but also the never truly known biological parents, the Rogues, Ben and Biggs and Lando.)

  • but meeting in the middle in the sense that family is, for both of them, one of the most important parts of their life, and sharing a devotion to their family

  • defining hard work differently: For Leia it’s intellectual work, planning and organizing, outlining a speech and finishing a draft for a law she wants to propose at 3 AM. For Luke it’s physical work, carrying provisions, repairing droids, checking the converters on his farm.

  • The have different expectations of the government (Leia, who grew up on Alderaan with a funtioning government and people who actually enforced and followed the law, believes in a government that can be positive, that should be positive. Luke, from Tatooine, where there was no real government, where the Hutts ruled and crime was always present and the law didn’t truly exist, just wants there to be something that is not the Hutts or the Empire)

  • related to that: respect, or the lack of it, for authority. Leia grew up on a planet where the authority was benevolent and trusted, she has no problem following an idea. Luke grew up on a planet where the authority was either a crime lord or someone he knew personally, he needs to get a feeling of the person he’s following to trust him/her completely.

  • religion!!! Luke comes from deeply spiritual Tatooine, with a strong belief in the Mother Godess and her children, he grew up on stories about heroes and tricksters and villains, but was never part of an institutionalized religion, as all the worship happend in the slave quarters with a wise woman as the closest thing to a priest. Leia, who comes from Alderaan, where many people like to pride themselve in having ‘outgrown such silly superstitions’, who only knows the church of her planet and for whom religion tends to be something outwardly, something she has to be seen performing, not something that is part of her identity like it is for Luke.

  • Different reactions to medical things. Leia, from rich, clean and advaned Alderaan, for whom pneunomia is easily treatable and an abortion is, not exactly something to advertise, but part of life, meets Luke, to whom pneunomia may well be a death sentence and abortion almost certainly is, because it’s done only in dirty side alleys and even the wise woman usually can’t do anything to save them.

  • Both being naive, but in different ways: Luke is socially awkward, he’s a kid who’s never left his home planet and doesn’t know how the big bad galaxy works. But Leia is a core worlder, who grew up comfortably, who never saw true poverty until she joined the rebellion (Alderaan has programs to help the poor, nobody is left to starve), who was genuily not aware that slavery exists and to whom the ugliest parts of the galaxy are still strange and unknown.

  • Reactions to water: to Leia it’s familiar, it’s positive, it’s home, to Luke it’s nothing short of a miracle.

  • Just. Bi-cultural twins.

Japan Trip 2017 log

I’m back from my Tokyo (and Yokohama) trip AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

This is the first time I managed to go with friends and plan my own trip! Since all the times I’ve been to Japan I’ve only visited the countryside and not Tokyo, I was really excited. It’s like a dream come true!! I wanted to log in my incredible experience somewhere, and leave this as a gesture of gratitude to everyone who helped make this trip possible. To those curious, beware my spastic commentary and plush toys photobombing every now and then

I travelled with @selinawen and @b-sim was very very kind to let us bunk in with her during her stay. We’re very thankful uwu

 Spoilers More under cut (Warning: It’s long)

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because i’m tired of people screaming about how eric was soooooooooooooooo evil and such a huge manipulator for dragging poor dylan into NBK here’s a piece of dylan’s journal talking about going NBK with a girl he liked on 2.2.98.

well well…so much changes… (like existence). I understand almost everything now… so close to my love - [redacted]. The runes have shown it, she has shown it, i have felt it. I know th meaning of each life: To be loved by yer love, & to be happy w. ones self. Only for the gods though(me, [redacted], etc.) The zombies & their society band together & try to destroy what is superior & what they don’t understand & are afraid of. Soon… either ill commit suicide, or ill get w. [redacted] & it will be NBK for us. My happiness. her happiness. NOTHING else matters.

eric mentions NBK on 4.21.98 which was the first time he ever mentions it in his journal. if this was his idea, i really doubt he’d leave that detail out of his writings. 

when I go NBK and people say things like,”oh it was so tragic,” or “oh he is crazy!” or “It was so bloody.” I think so the fuck what…

so can people stop acting like dylan was the poor unfortunate soul who got dragged into eric’s violence and anger. they both are EQUALLY responsible for it and it’s even apparent in the basement tapes that dylan was a willing participant.

take a fucking sip babes

( sorry this post it messy lmao )


5 years ago my first meeting with Eddie !!

Esattamente  5 anni  fa, il 2 febbraio 2012, mi recai al Donmar a Londra per vedere lo spettacolo “Richard II” e per incontrare per la prima volta Eddie.

“Richard II” e’ stato bellissimo, emozionante, da brivido……

Quando sono entrata in platea, ero tra le prime, ho sentito il suono delle campane e profumo di incenso, un atmosfera bellissima, calda e accogliente……

Exactly 5 years ago, on February 2, 2012, I went at the Donmar in London to see the play “Richard II” and for to meet  Eddie the first time..   “Richard II” it was a wonderful, exciting, thrilling … …   When I entered the theater, I was among the first, I heard the sound of bells and incense scent, a beautiful atmosphere, warm and cozy … …

Io e mio marito eravamo seduti in prima fila laterale e lui era li’, a due metri da me, seduto sul trono nel mezzo del palco con gli occhi chiusi e palmi delle mani  rivolte verso l’alto e con lo scettro nella mano sinistra. L’attore che seguivo da piu’ di un anno, alla quale avevo visto realizzare Hick, Birdsong e che si stava preparando per il ruolo di Marius ne I Miserabili  era li’ davanti a me immobile, affascinante e regale, e con una bellezza senza tempo.

Il teatro era molto piccolo, il palco centrale, e noi tutti eravamo seduti  intorno ad esso. Una volta entrati tutti gli spettatori e’ iniziato lo spettacolo.

Eddie era sinuoso e lineare nel suo abito bianco……Tutti gli attori volteggiavano sul palco, correvano, lottavano…ovviamente tutta la mia attenzione era rivolta a lui. Vedere Eddie recitare dal vivo e’ incredibile. l’ho trovato molto disinvolto, libero, ma nello stesso tempo intenso, e passava da una risata isterica al pianto e viceversa, con una disinvoltura  e con un carisma che ben pochi attori giovani hanno. Una delle scene piu’ forti e significative per me e’ stato l il passaggio della corona tra  Riccardo e Bolingbroke, l’immediata reazione di Riccardo che gliela strappa  dalle mani urlando,  riponendosela sul capo,  dondolando disperato, sapendo che stava per perderla per sempre , bellissima……..

My husband and I were sitting in the front row on the side and he was there, a few meters from me, seated on the throne in the middle of the stage with  eyes closed and palms facing upwards and with the sceptre in his left hand. The actor that I followed for over a year, which had seen him make Hick, Birdsong and who was preparing for the role of Marius in Les Miserables was there ahead of me still, fascinating and regal, and with a timeless beauty.

The theater was very small, the central stage, and all of us were sitting around it. Once all the audience was inside the show started. 

Eddie was sinuous and straightforward in his white dress … … All the actors onstage ran, fought … but obviously all my attention was turned to him. See Eddie play live is unbelievable. I found it very casual, free, but at the same time intensive, and passed by hysterical laughter to tears and viceversa, with an ease and with a charisma that very few young actors have. One of the strongest scenes and meaningful for me, it was the passage of the Crown between Richard and Bolingbroke the immediate reaction of Richard who rips off his hands and screaming if puts on his head, and his desperate rocking  knowing that he was about to lose it forever, beautiful …… . beautiful … …

I corridoi laterali alle sedie dove eravamo seduti erano percorsi anche dagli attori durante le scene.

L’intensita’, la grande bravura di tutti gli interpreti e la magistrale regia di Micheal Grandage, ha reso questa tragedia, seppur ambientato in questo piccolo teatro, Grande!!!

Adoro Shakespeare, conosco tutte le commedie e qualche tragedia, ma quando ho saputo che lui interpretava Richard II, non ho esitato e mi sono subito attivata per acquistare i biglietti.

The side aisles to the chairs where we were sitting were also traveled by actors during the scenes. The intensity ’, the great skill of all the performers and the perfect direction by Michael Grandage, has made this tragedy, albeit set in this little theater, Great !!!

I love Shakespeare, I know all the plays and some tragedy, and when I learned that he played Richard II, I didn’t hesitate and I immediately turned to purchase tickets. 

Finito lo spettacolo, entuasiasta, sono uscita fuori nella hall del teatro e ho aspettato tutti gli attori……

Lui e’ arrivato per ultimo, l’ho visto scendere dalle scale, e mi son detta ” Ok” ……

Ho  aspettato che facesse foto e autografi con le ragazze presenti li’, che parlasse con una signora di mezza eta’, e poi si e’ rivolto verso di me…..

 I was excited !! When  the show finished ,  I went outside in the theater lobby and waited for all the actors ……  He was the last, I saw him coming down the stairs, and I said to myself ‘OK’ …… I waited for him to do photos and autographs with the girls present them ’, he spoked  with a lady , and then 'turned to me ….

La prima cosa che e’ evidente a tutte, e che mi sono ritrovata a incrociare nell’ immediato, sono stati i suoi occhi, bellissimi, color verde acqua quasi trasparenti. Ero un po’ imbarazzata, ovviamente, ma dal momento che ho assistito al suo approccio con le altre persone, ero decisamente piu’ rilassata.

L’ho salutato  e gli ho donato  un regalo portato dall’italia a nome delle sue fans, e lui e’ rimasto sbalordito, non se lo aspettava!!! Era molto contento…… Poi  ha preso il libro che avevo in mano di Richard II (Italiano /Inglese) e ha cominciato a sfogliarlo, soddisfatto, e mi ha detto ” the book” , ed io “si, l’ho studiato in italiano ed in inglese in modo da capire quasi tutto”. Poi si e’ rivolto a delle ragazze per farsi dare una penna e a gran sorpresa mi ha fatto una piccola dedica con autografo. Intanto di fronte e noi c’era qualcuno che continuava a fotografare……….Piu’ di una volta si era girato per vedere l’individuo………… Alla fine, quando ha lanciato un altra occhiata interrogativa, gli ho detto che quella persona di fronte e noi era mio marito……Non so cosa sia successo, ma siamo entrambe scoppiati in una grande risata e a sorpresa mi ha abbracciato forte e mi ha fatta girare di fronte a Claudio e ci siamo fatti la foto insieme.  

 On first I crossed  immediately  his eyes, beautiful, green-colored water nearly transparent. I was a little embarrassed, of course, but since I have watched his approach with other people, I was definitely more relaxed.  I just waved, and I donated a gift from Italy on behalf of his fans, and he was amazed, didn’t expect!!! He was very happy … … Then he took the book I was holding of Richard II (Italian\/Inglese) and began to leaf through it, satisfied, and said “the book”, I was like, “Yes, I studied in Italian and in English so I could  understand almost everything.” Then he turned to the girls to get a pen and with big surprise he  did a small dedication with autograph. Meanwhile in front us we had someone who kept taking pictures … … …. more than once had turned to see the strange person … … … … At the end, when it launched a second bad look , I told him that that person in front of us was  my husband … I don’t know what happened, but we are both broke out into a great laugh and a surprise hugged me strong and made me turn opposite to Claudio and we get the whole picture.    

Lui e’ stato splendido, amichevole, gentile e grato per il regalo ricevuto.

Infine gli ho detto di maneggiarlo con cura perche’ il regalo era delicato, e lui con delicatezza lo ha appoggiato sul fondo della scala, e ha continuato a stare ancora li’ con noi per 2 minuti a parlare con altre persone, poi e’ uscito e lo abbiamo visto scomparire.

Ecco questo e’ stato il mio primo incontro di dieci. E’ passato diverso tempo, molti di noi che lo seguono da anni  lo hanno visto crescere professionalmente e  sono orgogliosi di tutto cio’ che e’ riuscito a realizzare. Grazie.

He’s been wonderful, friendly, polite and grateful for the gift received.   Finally told him to handle it carefully because the gift was delicate, and he carefully leaned on the bottom of the ladder, and has continued to stand still there with us for 2 minutes to talk to other people, then got out and we saw it disappear.

This  was my first meeting of ten. It ’s been a long time, many of us who follow him for years have seen him grow professionally and we are proud !!

Dopo il secondo incontro avvenuto dopo qualche mese, decisi di dedicargli il primo blog Italiano/ Inglese su Tumbler, subito dopo su  Twitter e  dal 2016 anche su Instagram. Eddie e’ un grandissimo talento e un deliziosa persona.

After the second meeting took place a few months later, I decided to dedicate the first Italian / English blog on Tumbler, immediately on Twitter and from 2016 also on Instagram. Eddie is a great talent and a  delightful person.


P.S. here’s the actors thanks !!

My top 5 favorite...

1. Camila Karam

She’s just soooo cute! She’s a medicine student in Sao Paulo and a model, too. She uploads videos about her routine as a med student, traveling, make up, studying, etc. I really love her accent and how chearful she is. She doesn’t speak too fast so I can understand almost everything she says without any problem.

2. UniversidadeCapenga

This channel is about things that happen to brazilian university students… in a funny kind of way. Sérgio Ribs, the guy behind this project, is an MBA student from Minas Gerais. I love how Sérgio talks! Even if he talks way too fast, I can still understand most of what he says and if I don’t, he’s so funny I don’t mind going back to figure it out.

3. Fran Guarnieri

She’s one of the first brazilian youtubers I watched and I just love her accent! Fran is a girl that once decided to live alone in order to reduce her commuting time between university, her parent’s house and her job. She created a blog and since then Fran teaches people how to manage their money in order to do the same thing she did: becoming indepent.

4. Débora Aladim

She posts studying tips and also videos about history and writing for students trying to pass the ENEM, a test that brazilian students have to take in order to get into a university. I just discovered her channel and being the nerdy girl I am I already love her!

So, if you want to improve your portuguese listening skills you might want to try some of these channels. Below there are more channels I watch or just discovered :) I really hope this helps you.

Até logo! c:

Secret Love Song - E.D

Summary: You and Ethan have been dating for months now, but he keeps you a secret from the world. Have long can a secret love like this last?

A/N: This is for my king @edjjr0401 and any other male gay followers that I may have! If you guys love it, I might even make it into a series. I hope I did it justice for you all

Another day, another shopping trip. I was currently walking an ‘appropriate distance’ away from my boyfriend, acting like I was only his friend. If only they knew. I felt the anger bottle up inside of me like a overfilled bottle of coke and mentos waiting to explode like some 4th grade science experiment. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. 

Are you okay? Ethan texted me. He was looking at me subtly whilst taking some photos with fans that had stopped the three of us. I rolled my eyes at him and shoved my phone roughly back into my pocket.
“Hi, can I get a photo with you?” a young girl asked politely. I was shocked to say the least. I’ve never been asked for a photo before because, well, I’m not famous? I’m not a youtube and I barely have an instagram account.
“Sure thing, can I ask why though?” I stammer, the curiosity getting the best of me.
“Because you’re Ethan’s best friend” she smiled, so oblivious. Of course I was his ‘best friend’.
“Okay” I fake a smile, shining brightly for the camera.

~ ~ ~ ~

After several hours of being stopped by almost every single teenage girl in existence through every shop we walked into, we finally made it back to the car. I felt honestly exhausted. Having to fake a smile all day and pretending like it wasn’t killing me that the world didn’t know that I was madly in love with Ethan just drained all of the emotions right out of me. I know that it’s 2017 and the LGBT+ community are welcomed and celebrated, but with Ethan and Grayson’s job’s and their 'demographic’, Ethan doesn’t think it would be smart to announce to the world that he’s bisexual because it might hurt his 'fans’. The whole secrecy and keeping behind closed doors has turned me into someone I don’t want to be. The bitter one.
“Are you okay babe?” Ethan whispered as he placed his large hand on my thigh. I immediately pushed it off which caused him to look at me with shock.
“We’re not home yet, someone might see us right” I snap, looking out the window. He sighed underneath his breath and continued driving as Grayson acted like we weren’t having the same argument for the millionth time. The ride home was short and quiet, and it felt like we picked up and elephant or two on the way. As soon as Ethan cut the engine, I opened up my door and jumped outside, slamming the passenger side door behind me. I rummaged through my backpack trying to find my car keys so I could drive myself home instead of spending the night with Ethan and Grayson acting like I wasn’t shattering inside.
“Where are you going” he rushed behind me, fighting to keep up with my anxious pace.
“Home” I huffed. I almost reached my car but Ethan grabbed my shoulder and turned me around before I could unlock it.
“What’s gotten into you, I thought you were staying the night” he said, and I could see the visible pain on his face which crushed me even more. What made this whole situation even messier was it killed Ethan just as much as it killed me. But I just wanted to dance with him in public, and do all the stupid things like hold his hand, and eat ice cream as we walked down by the beach, bumping into each other playfully. I couldn’t live with the secrets anymore, this secret love is tearing me apart.
“I can’t do this anymore Ethan” I sigh, looking down at my hands as I fiddle with my keys.
“What do you mean you can’t do this anymore? I thought we were okay?” he chokes. I looked up at him as his eyes started to glass over as his hands started to shake. I need to get out of here, I can’t handle this. I go to turn, but he rips me back around.
“No, you are not leaving without an explanation. I deserve at least that” he spits.
“You’re right. Look, I can’t do all the secrets anymore. I understand everything and I know we’ve had the same argument almost every month but it’s just. It’s killing me babe. I can’t handle not screaming to the world that you’re mine” I break. He stood there, paralysed by my words. I guess he hadn’t realised how much I was truely struggling with this. We stood there, for what felt like an eternity truely grasping the reality of the situation. I was going to break up with the love of my life.
“Fuck it”. He took a large step forward and cupped my face in his hands as he crashed his lips onto mine. It was messy and passionate, as his kiss drew my breath directly from my lips. I heard a click of a camera, and I’m guessing Ethan did too, but that didn’t stop him at all. One of his hands drifted down to my ass as he gave it a quick squeeze before laughing into the kiss.
“Well, now I feel lonely” Grayson chuckled. We both broke apart and turned to him as he held his camera up high, smiling as he took another shot of us wrapped in each others embrace.
“I think it’s time you came out to the fans E. I don’t think anyone would hate a relationship like this. And if you think about it, can you imagine the videos we could do. I honestly think it’s time” he grinned as he placed the camera down by his side and walked up to their apartment.

~ ~ ~ ~

A couple of weeks have past, and let me tell you, go get yourself a nice drink and some popcorn because you’re in for a rollercoaster! That night Ethan posted one of the photos that Grayson had 'so sneakily’ taken of us onto his instagram, and another onto his twitter with the most heart wrenching caption. ’I’ve always thought of you guys as family, and like family we tell each other everything. I’ve been hiding one of the best things that has ever happened to me for months now and I can’t do it anymore. I hope you learn to love him as much as I do’. After that, there were a couple of days filled with hate comments; my phone number even got leaked which resulted in some harassment but a part of me expected it. I was okay with it all, even though it had Ethan worrying like a mother saying goodbye to their first born child on their first camp. I got a new phone, and the hate comments died down. The boys career didn’t suffer at all, if anything, their follow count grew. I thought it would be a good idea to start up my own social media accounts, and not for my own selfish reasons, but more so give back to their fans. Every once in a while I took a sneaky photo of Ethan or Grayson whilst they were shirtless or working out and posted it saying 'Don’t say I never gave you anything ;)’, and the fan’s loved it. I had multiple people open up to me on twitter saying that mine and Ethan’s relationship helped them come out to their parents and friends and how we changed their lives. And I was even in a few of their videos, answering dirty questions about the boys in which I can tell you, I didn’t hold back. I’ve never been more content and happy with where I am in my life. Life is far too short to hold back and hide things that truely make you happy, and if someone doesn’t want the same things as you and you can’t see them in your future, then it’s time to let them go. Sometimes, you just need to be selfish and put your happiness first, because if you’re suffering and you aren’t okay with the situation, then it’s time for a change.

Tbh if D*ny still wanted to help people (I believe she did in the beginning) she would not have burned that man alive in Kill the Boy (she didn’t care whether he was innocent or not), she would have given Mossador a trial, and she would not have given that speech to the Dothraki about killing her enemies in their iron suits and burning down their houses.

I don’t hate her because she’s entitled (though that’s annoying). I hate her because she solves almost all her problems with violence, has seemingly forgotten what mercy is, and literally said in 7x02 that she would lay siege to KL. She doesn’t want 10s of thousands to die, true, but if they’re perceived as Cersei’s people? Even the smallfolk? Doesn’t care. She’ll starve them out, innocent or not.

I’m glad she has Tyrion and Varys at this point, because the D*ny we have when she has no counsel to check her is nothing short of terrifying.

Meanwhile you have Sansa in the North making sure her people are warm and fed in preparation for winter. The dragon queen is woefully unprepared because she doesn’t know the country she’s trying to conquer. She talks of 300 years of peace- but there were 8 wars under Targaryen rule and Aegon and his sisters killed thousands when they arrived.

There are other points I could make but I don’t understand how people justify her actions. Almost everything that happened to her happened to Sansa as well, and look at the difference between them.

Perception vs Identity

There is a common phrase which floats around in more radical feminist circles, that what matters is not identity but how you are perceived by other people. I wanted to talk about that phrase, because I think it illustrates something very important to my overall position in trans politics as a whole. How I work with analysing a situation. 

Typically this phrase is brought out to discuss socialization, when I was a girl I was perceived as a girl, so I was treated as one. Before I could dress myself, or walk, and certainly before I could say otherwise, I was treated as a girl, and therefore raised as one. I was taught what my family would consider the ways of interacting appropriate for a girl and was trained how to be a woman. It’s not always so conscious as it can sound when written out, many of these things are perceptions and interactions which vary subconsiously for parents, but they still influence how we learn about ourselves and the world around us. This is an important element of perception vs identity, because even as I began to consider myself “more like a guy than a girl really” it didn’t influence the fact others treated me as a girl, in some ways it fuelled that fire more when I would act out beyond what was considered acceptable for a girl and face the social repercussions of that.

There is more to it though, and it is the continuation of that thought which I think separates more of how I interact with the trans community as a gender-critical person than someone who leans further into the mainstream of radical feminism. 

If we would like to take a moment, address my life as if I did not consider myself trans, but were existing in the way that I currently do and prefer to, I am a woman, who passes for a man. When I apply for a job with my male-coded name, I am more likely to be called in for an interview. When they interact with me, assuming I am male, they will be more likely to hire me. When I am out and about, I am more careful with how I interact with children, because I know how cautious people are of men around their children, and that is how I am viewed. I know that people are more likely to move out of my way when walking down the street, and so long as I am reliably passing I can feel safer when it gets dark. Me being a woman, ultimately, does not change any of this. The perception of me as a man in these situations, would overrule my identity as a woman. 

This goes the same both ways, as it affects the way dmab trans people are socialized, that same altering of perception which can come with passing, can have the same effect later in life. It does not change how I was raised, but it does change how I interact now. Passing is a blurry line, and it isn’t so clear to go “it is this way” or “it is that way” because it can influence so much, and is ultimately rather situational. I am well aware that the analysis people use is intended to be a societal one, but the thing is that trans people are in such a wide array of situations, they don’t really societally fit in one spot. A passing person is in a totally different spot than a non-passing one. A “stealth” trans person is in a totally different spot than even a non-”stealth” passing trans person. I’ve seen this first hand in my life and the lives of those around me. 

The only things which will never change are my past and my biology. I can change what I want to but ultimately I am female, the health concerns I need to keep in mind are based on that. Everything societal is relative. 

This is something I would really like to see more honest discussion on from this viewpoint, rather than it always being the shouting match of who is socialized how and is biological distinction valid. This gap in identity and perception provides room to understand a lot in how trans people exist, and also a lot of room to really look at gendered expectations. I think being in this position has given the clearest view possible of many of the differences in how society treats those it views as male or female, because I am the control point. I have seen how things have shifted around me as my space changed, not from a perspective change in how I look at it, but in how it looks at me.

There are elements of life I exist in as male, and there are those I exist in as female, because the standards are different in different spaces. In regular space I might as well be male, but in medical space any influence I had on perception is stripped away. Then it is up to a doctor to take my appearance or my charts, and my input counts for very little. Then I become the woman, the exaggerator, the whiner.  Not the customer who knows what they are looking for or an easily trusted professional I can slip into the skin of in any other environment. So I, like most other trans people, continue to exist in an inbetween space of society, where how I am viewed is fluid, and how others think of me can change constantly. 

My space in society is not so simple as male or female, man or woman. It gets messy, perceptions and existence are not so simple to smoothly place into existing theories not designed to work with them. This is why I persist in finding my own place and making my own thoughts focused on these things, existing systems are not made with us in mind. They didn’t need to be, and they weren’t meant to be. So I make my own space for understanding these things from where I exist. The point being that almost everything hinges on perception, and our existing thoeries don’t follow than line of thought nearly far enough.

It’s been four days since I watched Daredevil Season 2 and I’m still really salty about how Karen told Foggy about seeing Elektra. She chokes out how “there was a woman in his bed” and YOU KNOW HOW THAT SOUNDS KAREN. WHY DID YOU LEAVE OUT HOW AN OLD MAN WAS RIGHT THERE TOO, KAREN?! STICK WAS THE ONE WHO YOU LITERALLY SAW FIRST. DO YOU THINK THEY WERE HAVING A WEIRD OCTOGENARIAN INCLUSIVE FULLY CLOTHED THREESOME?! YOU’RE BETTER THAN THIS KAREN.

Because of her CONVENIENTLY LEAVING OUT THAT INFORMATION Foggy probably thinks Matt has been cheating on their friend (especially because he knows a little bit about how Matt gets with Elektra), heaping on another problem with their friendship. 

If she was like “Hey, so I’m pissed because there was a woman in Matt’s bed. And a rude old man was there too for some reason” maybe Foggy would’ve connected the dots and been all “AW NO GOTTA GO ASK MATT ABOUT HIS CHILDHOOD MENTOR/ABUSER MAYBE BEING BACK IN TOWN”

Matt screwed up a lot but maybe don’t run around implying to one of his only friends in the world that he’s cheating on you without providing all the information. 

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*eats ceramic cat figurine*

I’m poor at English.. So I can’t write long sentences or difficult words… 🐰
but I can understand almost everything you guys say to me :3


Pigging out with my sister is really fun because she loves food and basically, she eats everything. Hahahaha. And so she is one of the people who understand my eating habits. I eat almost everything too. LOLs. Food is life and food connects us all, I believe. And, and, and Bagnet Sisig and Ensaladang Talong go best. I promise.
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STUDYTIP: Take a look, it's in a book

So you always hear the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture.. but how do when you’re not from Korea? Books, shows, music are all great sources.

In Korea I bought a few books (suggested to be around my Korean level), and started reading them. Grammatically I understand almost everything, but constantly write huge lists of the words I don’t know. I can then memorize them in free time, and refer to it if I see it again later in the book. Now this may be the slowest way to read a book.. ever.. but it’s still enjoyable and you thoroughly learn the words. Seeing the words physically is great for memorizing!

Here’s short example:

(Book): 천국에서 만난 다섯사람 (The Five People You Meet in Heaven)

  1. 직원 - employee
  2. 광대 - entertainer
  3. 정비 - maintenance, repair
  4. 부품 - parts
  5. 주머니 - pocket
  6. 지팡이 - cane, stick, wand
  7. 조정 - adjustment, modification
  8. 기름때 묻은 - oily, grimy
  9. 돕밥 - sawdust
  10. 망치 - hammer
  11. 명찰 - name tag
  12. 불다 - to stick, click, adhere
  13. 놀이 공원 - amusement park
  14. 놀이 기구 - amusement park ride
  15. 결국 - finally, eventually

Don’t try to pick a book that’ll be easier rather than harder, and you’ll learn plenty!

  • dad: how come you still haven't started learning slovene?
  • me, trying to balance learning polish, russian, czech and slovak: ya know i already know some basic stuff and understand almost everything i read but i should probably find some grammar online... i'll be right back.

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It's so weird that I'm a fan of Conor since Vegas Girl and I think my English is not that bad for a non-English speaker. I can understand almost everything I read or hear. However, I still can't understand half of the things Conor says. This guy needs subtitles, probably in real life too.




Okay so basically, first of all, Conor has a tendency to talk like the following (from my observations anyways)

-Very quietly, usually murmuring or muttering to the person he’s talking to

-Very fast, typically doing crazy hand/arm movements to emphasize his point

-In one of his weird voices, usually quite fast as well, depending on his character


It’s definitely not your fault in any way, I think especially, coming from someone who’s spoken English her whole life, it’s not easy to understand him. Personally, I very easily can understand him after all this time watching him, at first it was hard. My best friend, who’s also been watching since like 2012, has trouble understanding and I have to translate a lot of what he says for her, even though she speaks fluent English, it’s just hard for her to understand.

I think for the buttercream, especially Jack and Alex, who’ve known Conor for so long, don’t really struggle to understand him, just for knowing him for so long, they’ve just got used to it. As for people who meet him in real life, it’s hard to say really if they’d need it because obviously in public these boys are probably hardly anything like they are on camera; like it’s probably rare to see Conor doing a bunch of dance moves and using one of his high pitch voices we see on camera, though honestly I wouldn’t put it past him if he did do it in public.

For me, it helps if I focus on Conor mainly when he speaks, reading his lips if I really struggle. Especially in I think because when he’s singing, he focuses so much on his vocals and balancing them to hit the right notes, when he’s speaking he doesn’t think at all and just does what comes naturally; which can come out in a bit of a struggle to the ears. 

Also, this was low-key a random inbox post that just came in so hello whoever said this! I love just chatting about these kind of things so like keep sending these it was fun.

April VII | Sehun x OC x Kai

Genre: Arranged Marriage, Angst, Fluff 

Additional Notes: I named the main character, but you can treat it as if it was (y/n). 

Warnings: This chapter contains indications towards sex, but it is not explicit. 

Word Count: 1973

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 

Part 7 

Your father needs to speak to you immediately. Please come right now.

You informed Sehun and told him you’ll be back for lunch.

“Hey mom and dad! How are you? I haven’t seen you guys in weeks.”

“Listen sweetheart, I think you might want to sit down.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Honey, you and Sehun need to get a divorce.”

Your eyebrows furrowed and your mouth slightly parted as if you were going to say something, but no words came out. Get a divorce? After all you’ve been through in the past few months? Although it has been less than a year, you know for a fact that you love Sehun too much to part. After a long pregnant pause, you managed to mutter something.

“W-w-why? why? Nothing’s wrong in our relationship. Is something wrong mom? dad?”

No one said a word.

“Someone please talk.”

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