but i try therefore no one can criticize me

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*slides into your askbox* Boss I had a really awful day do you have any disgustingly fluffy recs for me to relax with?

It’s the next day, sorry!  Buuut here we go!

From the Think Tank

Silence is Golden by @velkynkarma
Shiro gets a sore throat and loses his voice.  The rest of the team helps.  ‘Helps’.  Kinda.  They try, and therefore no one can criticize them.

Your Princess is in Another Castle by @velkynkarma
Allura, Coran and Shiro at a diplomacy talk with a local official.  It goes as well as it ever does for them.  More Action than Fluff, maybe, but certainly feel good, and everyone does a good job and looks great while doing it.

Give them Shelter by @bosstoaster (Self tag what up)
The Pals go Exploring.  They find fun stuff. Shiro gets a sweater and a nap.  May genuinely be the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written.

Just What You Want by Bosstoaster
5 times Shiro got hugs from the team.  Some more fluffy than others, all huggy.

The Gravity in Everything by @mumblefox
Drift-fic.  After an intense battle, the Paladins find that their connection doesn’t fade right away.

Goodnight by @ashinan
Sleepytime cuddle fics.  Enough said.  Sheith.

Something Strange by @ashinan
Paranormal Investigators AU, where only Shiro can see them.  Another action fic and it’s definitely spooky in places, but it’s too fun not to include.

 897-A by @butteredonions
To qualify as pilot for Kerberos, anyone with an unsettled Daemon must fill out 897-A.  An exception can be made.  Shiro grapples with what he wants and what he’s willing to do for the people he loves.  A hint of angst, but mostly sweet.

Save the Date by @butteredonions
Hunk finally cracks how to make a calendar that follows Earth’s.  He decides to use his powers for good and not evil.

Young, and in Fields by Verdenal
5 times someone saw Shiro napping on Keith, and one time no one saw Keith napping on Shiro.  Sheith and very cute

For Your Actions are Mine by Wolfsan11
Red Lion and Black Lion perspective on their paladins.  Implied Sheith.  Very interesting POV

Lean on Me by @glass-soldiers
5 times Shiro lets the team lean on him, and one time he leans on them.  A classic.

Mama Holt by GriffinRose
Mama Holt adopts the paladins in Space.  Look into your heart.  You need this.

Collision Course by @winterysomnium
Dads of Mamora AU. Boom.

Can’t Take the Sky from Me by isabeau25
Literal Space Dad.  The only one of it’s kind on here, since in general I’m not fond of the trope, but this one is too cute to exclude.

Surely Someday by 15Strawberries (who I know has a tumblr but isn’t popping up)
Jazz Group AU!  The Pals are students (or former students) at a music secondary school and their jam sessions turn into something more

Convincing Yourself You’re Better Off Alone by Chasing_the_Sterek
Shiro has a nightmare, so Matt cheers him up.  Pre-Shatt

Pride as Family by @browniefox (Who thankfully does have a tumblr so I don’t have to type out those caps, no offense)
The Pals practice with their lions in a unique way

Markings by @eastofthemoon
Based on that gorgeous fanart by @socijsjunkposts that was going around: Team Tattoos!

Chasing Rabbits Chasing Hope by @hufflepirate
Pacific Rim AU!  Again not pure fluff but too interesting not to include.  The Paladins are a unique team, and that means they have unique issues.  Coran talks Shiro through one.

Sleeping in Corners by @hufflepirate
5 Times Hunk found a friend sleeping in an odd place, and one time it was the other way around.  Absolutely precious

SHIRO, PLAY! by @bajillionkittens
Gunther is Shiro’s biggest fan.  A portrait of Gunther’s life and who visited, who stayed and who came back.  Best POV ever.

How to be Anything but Alone by @maternalcube
Keith travels some AUs.  Probably not pure fluff again, but holy crap is it fun

Shadow of our Dreams by KUG
Post S1 sleepover cuddle fic.  I don’t need to say anything else



anonymous asked:

It does kind of suck that what most fans seem to have gotten out of the Altean empire episode is "There's a universe where Alteans are evil! Evil Alteans!" and "Evil Empress Allura" rather than "there is no such thing as good imperialism or good empires". I think some fans have missed something and think it's about "good species" vs "bad species", for some reason, rather than about a rebellion against intergalactic fascist imperialists. I don't know how this happened.

i’m sure there are several factors attributing to fans in general constantly misunderstanding this show (especially the fact that fandom is mostly kids i mean this story is fairly complex even for adult viewers) but like … to me it seems that whenever fandom’s big bloggers are getting worked up over how allura is being ‘mistreated’ or whatever what they’re really trying to do is argue that keith doesn’t like her somehow. all this fandom cares about are ships lmao.

like … no one cares about anything fans of color like myself are genuinely critical about unless it can somehow be used to argue that keith is a terrible romantic match for allura and should therefore be with someone else. it’s ridiculous.

the evil empress thing i picked up from fan art. and i just figured ‘oh i missed something because i don’t remember anything about allura being a tyrant but yeah okay whatever’ THEN i rewatched the episode and! got so frustrated! it’s like fandom really does have its own weird and specific agenda and that’s all it ever really cares about and that’s all it’s trying to protect. it’s so annoying.

anyway, i agree. i thought this episode showed us that alteans were certainly just as capable as the galra to rule the universe. alfor wasn’t a coward, and his people were in no way simply a “lesser” species that ’natural selection’ took out for their weakness. imperialism is never natural – and yes exactly – there is NO such thing as good imperialism. that’s literally all i gathered from this episode. allura was not the reason the other reality’s universe had gone to shit because no one species is all good or bad. tyrants are tyrants, and they can come from anywhere and gain a massive following, depending on the power constructs in place. but there never HAS to be imperialism and so whenever it rises it must be stopped.

that and also the fact that keith doesn’t leave allura’s side since ’the hunted’ and that allura feels comfortable opening up to him again … but hey lol

it bums me out the way this fandom interprets this show because it stands out to me as a series that really tries to break ground in mainstream media and that a lot of research was put into every aspect of it but … what can you do

Although Celidrya has shown great promise as a druid from a young age, that didn’t make her actual studies any easier.  Believe it or not, she was supposed to be trying to turn into a panther. 

(yes, this whole comic was just an excuse to draw a fawn version of the druid travel form).