but i tried to make it at least somewhat original in the execution

You’re a Thick Girl and You Get Teased While You’re in Public // Seventeen Reaction

Requested: Yes

Can you do reaction for Seventeen dating a thick girl (like big butt & boobs & plump arms & mid-section type thick girl, if you get my drift because some people just don’t understand the term thick) and they get teased in public. Much appreciated :)

Author’s Note: Thank you for requesting and I would like to apologize for taking so long with writing it. I hope it’s what you wanted and if not I’m sorry! Feel free to request some more! I’m out of school, so I am free to write more often. Thank you! Hope you like it. Enjoy! 

Also, I will be visiting this tomorrow to fix any mistakes even though I have edited it multiple time. 


Originally posted by caramelgyu

Seungcheol has been very busy with their recent comeback. Currently, he is practicing with the boys, but later on tonight he promised that the two of us would go out to dinner since we barely have any time alone due to his busy schedule. He would be home in about an hour or so, so I decided that I should start getting ready. I was so consumed with doing my makeup and picking out an outfit that I didn’t notice that Seungcheol was already home until he was knocking on the door frame. “Hey, babe. You ready?” I nodded, “Yep, just in time.” We left the apartment and we soon arrived at the restaurant. We were seated quickly and my eyes began to scan the menu. The waitress came over to take our order. Upon receiving Seungcheol’s order, she turned to me and looked me up and down. “I believe all you need is water and maybe a salad.” I was appalled, but Seungcheol came to my rescue. “I believe she can have whatever she wants and she does not need you to tell her what she can and cannot have to eat.” After the waitress left, Seungcheol was quick to reassure me and tell me that I was beautiful. He was a total sweetheart and made sure to keep my mind off the rude waitress for the rest of the night.


Originally posted by visual-17

The boys were invited to an award ceremony and since our relationship has been public for a while Jeonghan was allowed to invite me to go with him and the boys. I rode with the them, but stayed with their manager who headed inside while the boys walked the carpet. I knew it wouldn’t be long until they would be done and I told Jeonghan that I would meet them at their table. Before heading to meet up with them, I decided to go touch up my makeup before the show started. I was in the bathroom fixing my dress and making sure my makeup was not smudged. There was a group of girls chatting behind me, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I left and the girls continued to follow me. “That dress is cute, but she ruins it with her chubby body. It would look so much cuter on me,” whispered one of the girls, but unfortunately, I heard it loud and clear. “She should have worn a dress that covered her big arms.” My confidence vanished and I scurried back to the boys with a frown on my face. “Babe, what’s the matter?” questioned a worried Jeonghan. “Do you think I should have worn a different dress? One that covered more of my body?” His eyebrows furrowed together as he took my hands in his slightly larger ones. “What made you suddenly question your dress choice? You loved the way it looked on you the other day and before we left.” Shrugging my shoulders, I avoided eye contact with him. “I don’t know. I just overheard some girls saying it didn’t suit me and it would look better on them.” His voice changed and his eyes darkened. “Aish, don’t listen to them. You look perfect and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to keep my hands off of you all night,” A blush quickly washed over my cheeks. “Plus, girls put others down when they’re lacking confidence in themselves, so don’t let them ruin yours.”   


Originally posted by soohuis

I am originally from LA like Joshua, but I never met his family before. So, I flew to America with the boys when they went to film the music video for ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ just so he could finally introduce me to his parents. The boys were going to explore LA while Joshua and I went shopping. I wanted to go shopping because I wanted to get something nice that wasn’t too fancy, but wasn’t something that I would wear everyday. Also, I wanted to wear something that would impress his parents. “Y/N, my parents aren’t going to like you or dislike you because of what you wear.” Joshua said as I drug him into another store. “Hush, Joshua,” My eyes skimmed the racks of dresses until I found a beautiful black spaghetti strap dress. “I’m going to try this on!” I shouted as I headed towards the dressing room. I slipped on the dress and it fell to my mid-thigh and hugged my body perfectly. I walked out to show Joshua, “What do you think? Do you think your parents will like it?” He opened his mouth to respond, but a voice that was higher pitched than his responded. “I don’t think you want to impress his parents in that dress. It doesn’t fit your body type,” I turned around to look at her. “It shows off the plumpness of your body. Kind of revolting if you asked me.” I was speechless, but Joshua didn’t want to start a fight, so he dismissed her and he gently pulled me around to face him. “The dress looks perfect on you and it hugs your body perfectly,” He cupped my face, “My parents will be blown away by your beauty,” Silently, he kissed my lips carefully, “I know I am.”


Originally posted by mkayy-wenjunhoe1777

I was hanging out with my friends and we decided to go out to eat together. Unfortunately, I could probably say that we are not truly friends, more like acquaintances, which explains why they had no problem telling me that I was eating too much and that I was already thick enough. After hearing that, I stopped eating because every bite I took made my stomach twist and turn almost making me vomit. We split our ways and I headed back to the dorm to hang out with Jun and the boys. Later on that night, Mingyu cooked dinner for the boys and he offered me some. “Oh! No thank you.” I smiled slightly while holding up my hands in front of me to stop him from handing me a plate full of his delicious cooking. Jun stopped eating, “What’s wrong? Are you sick? You never pass up Mingyu’s cooking,” He picked up a spoonful of the food off of his plate. “Here, have some of mine.” Once again, I denied the food that Jun was trying to get me to eat. “No, I really don’t want anything to eat.” Shoving the spoon back in my face, “At least have a bite.” As much as I love Jun, my blood began to boil because he was so persistent. With my lips sealed tight he tried once again, but I was pissed at this point because all I could think about was my ‘friends’ comments from earlier. I stood up with so much force it caused my chair to screech across the floor. “Jun! Stop it! Does it look like I need anything else to eat!? I don’t need to gain anymore weight.” I whispered at the end. The boys looked at me with mouths agape and eyes full of shock. Jun was surprised from my sudden outburst and I couldn’t stop the tears of embarrassment from leaking from my eyes. I walked out of the kitchen with Jun following me like a lost puppy asking why I was suddenly so upset about my body. Walking into his shared room, I turned towards him and looked at him with blurry vision, “My friends were commenting on the amount of food I have been eating and how I would become too big if I ate any more than I already did.” A frown consumed his face as he wrapped his arms around me. Rubbing my back comfortably, he told me how perfect he thought my body was and how I needed new friends. “They aren’t your real friends if they talk about you like that. Just get rid of them if all they’re going to do is bring you down instead of encouraging you to be your best or reassure you that you’re perfect just the way you are.” I nodded, “I’m so happy to have you and the boys too because you guys are true friends and you know how to make me feel better.” I kissed him passionately and he soon pulled me back to the kitchen. “Now, let’s go enjoy some good food with real friends.”


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We all know that Hoshi is an amazing dancer. Dancing is his life and it helps him express himself in ways that he never could before. That’s why he took it upon himself to teach me some moves, so we could have something else to bond over. So, here we were in the dance studio with Hoshi showing me moves while I try to execute them. Unfortunately, there were other dancers in the practice room with us, so I felt quite embarrassed since I am not a professional dancer like the rest of them. Even though I could somewhat execute the moves, they did not look the best and the other dancers could tell, but everyone except one person decided not to say anything. “Maybe if you lost some weight, then you would move more fluently and one day you might be a decent dancer.” Hoshi’s face and my face burned bright red, but for different reasons. While my body filled with embarrassment, Hoshi’s filled with anger. “We’re just doing this for fun and her weight or body type has nothing to do with how well she dances. She has very little experience with dancing and she doesn’t dance for hours on end like us, so she’s obviously not a professional. The more she practices the better she’ll get, but for now I don’t want any of you commenting on her weight or how well she dances,” he demanded as he grabbed my hand and drug me out of the room. “Don’t listen to them. The more we practice together the better we’ll get. Plus, it’s just for fun.” Hoshi said reassuringly.


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I first met Wonwoo when I started working at Pledis and that was about two years ago. We began dating after a year of knowing each other. I love my job because even though Wonwoo and the boys are very busy, I am able to see him and spend time with him everyday. Today the boys have a fanmeet and my job is to help make sure the line keeps running smoothly. The fan meet has been going on for a while and I noticed that the boys were slowing running out of water, so I decided to get them some more. There was a pack of water at the bottom of the stairs. I began to gather as many bottles that I could and as I started to leave a fan stopped me. “ Can you either pull your shirt up or buy clothes that fit you.” Other fans around her laughed. “That shirt is a little too small for you chubby body.” I quickly left and didn’t say anything to them, but as I got on the stage and started to distribute the water I knew Wonwoo heard everything since he asked if I was okay. “Don’t let their comments get to your head. They’re young and don’t know how to respect someone because they have a different body type.” I smiled and reassured him it was fine because I could tell he was upset that his fans treated me the way they did, but I was also thankful he checked on me to make sure I was okay.


Originally posted by mushimish

We have been dating for a long time now and we decided not long ago that we would go public with out relationship. Lots of fans were supporting of our relationship, but unfortunately, there were a handful of fans that disliked me and made it their job to try to bring me down. Tonight the boys had a concert and Woozi invited me to come watch. It was about time for the boys to go on, so I bid the boys farewell and wished them luck before I left. The concert was great, but there was a group of girls that kept eyeing me and trying to talk discreetly about me. I tried not to let them ruin the mood, especially since I finally got to see the boys perform for the first time in forever. After the show was over, I went to head back stage, but I was stopped by the same group of girls that sat near me during the concert. “Hey, don’t you think Woozi oppa deserves better than you?” said one of the girls who blocked my path towards the backstage. They didn’t give me a chance to respond before one of the others started talking. “He deserves to have someone healthy and not so chubby like you.” I was shocked that someone would say that to my face. I was used to reading that kind of stuff on the internet, but it was different to hear it being said to your face. I began to stutter because I didn’t know what to say. A familiar voice erupted from behind the group of girls, “Hey! Why are you being so mean to her!?” He was angry. “I’m so tired of everyone mistreating Y/N and commenting about her weight,” Woozi grabbed my hand and began to pull me towards backstage. “She is healthy and beautiful. If anything, it’s me who doesn’t deserve her.” He pulled me towards their room and I could almost see the steam coming out of his ears. “Thanks, Woozi.” I said as I kissed his cheek and caressed his arm that was holding my hand.


Originally posted by 12fools

The boys had a couple days off, so they were quick to decide that we were going to spend them at the beach. Before we left the dorm, I went to the bathroom and threw on my two piece bathing suit, then I slipped my t-shirt back on. We arrived at the beach and the boys mostly scattered to do their own thing, like playing in the water or tanning or even playing a game of volleyball on shore. I decided that I was going to tan while Dokyeom went to play with some of the boys. I stripped my white t-shirt off and stretched my towel out on the sand. I laid down and while I was tanning I watched the boys enjoy their time off. A smile was consuming my face, but soon a frown replaced it. “Hey fatty! Cover up or move please. I don’t want to see that.” said a girl who could pass for a model. I suddenly felt self conscious and sat up and started to pull my shirt over myself to hid my curvy body, but before I could finish Dokyeom appeared next to me and stopped me. He turned to face the girl who was discriminating my weight “Hey! If you don’t want to look at my beautiful girlfriend, then feel free to move somewhere else along the beach,” He grabbed my hand, “She’s not moving just so she could please you.” Once the girl left, I cupped his cheek and lightly kissed him on the lips. “Thank you, Dokyeom.” He flashed me a smile, “No problem, Y/N.”


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My eyes scanned over the many food products that occupied our shopping cart. “I think that’s all we need,” As I was checking over my grocery list that was a mile long, I realized that I was missing something and that something was chocolate. “Shoot! I need to get some chocolate. You know, for that time of the month.” I giggled, “Okay. I’ll start checking out while you run and get that.” Mingyu said as he headed towards the checkout line. Swiftly, I found the isle that held all the chocolate and other sweet stuff. My eyes wondered over all the chocolate and I couldn’t make up my mind what kind I wanted. “Honey, you don’t need anymore chocolate.” came an unknown voice from behind me. I turned around and my eyes fell upon a middle aged woman. “Excuse me?” “I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt for you to lay off on the chocolate. All that sweet stuff goes straight to your butt and thighs and yours are big enough.” I didn’t know what to say or how to react, so I quickly turned on my heel and left the isle without any chocolate in my hand made a beeline straight towards Mingyu checking out. I decided to help him load the bagged groceries back into the cart, so we could get out of the store as soon as possible. “Babe, did you not find any chocolate that you wanted?” I cut my eyes at him warning him to not say anything else while we were in the store. As soon as we stepped foot out into the parking lot Mingyu grabbed my hand to stop me from walking ahead of him towards the car. “Babe, what’s wrong? Why didn’t you get any chocolate just now?” I didn’t respond, so he tried to joke in order to lighten the mood. “You should have gotten some now, so I didn’t have to come back when it’s that time of the month at 2 in the morning because you’re craving something sweet.” I was upset. Not because of his comment, but because of the elders ‘advice’ she gave me. “Well, you don’t have to worry about that. I don’t care if I’m craving it or not. I don’t need anymore sweet stuff.” “What makes you say that?” Sighing, I finally looked him in the eyes, “An older lady stopped me and said I didn’t need anymore and it would all just go to my ass and thighs, then she proceeded to tell me that they were already big enough.” Shaking his head, “Nonsense,” He turned on his feet and headed towards the store. “I’ll be back!” he hollered over his shoulder. Confusion filled my body, “Mingyu! Where are you going?” It was too late, he already disappeared into the store, so I started to load the groceries into the car. Once that was done I climbed into the car and waited for him to return. The door open and a few bags of chocolates were soon laying in my lap. “Here,” he said before kissing one of my cheeks while caressing the other. “Don’t listen to that crazy old lady. I love your thick thighs and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t eat because they don’t like your body type.” He shoved the keys into the ignition and started the car. Grabbing my hand, he started to drive back to the dorm, “You’re beautiful and I don’t want you to change because someone is being rude and can’t keep their mouth shut.”  


Originally posted by mvnghaos

Currently, it was one of the hottest days of the summer and fortunately, the boys had the day off. So, the two of us decided to hang out in the blazing hot sun. Soon, we realized that it was possibly one of our worst ideas. I wiped a few beads of sweat from my forehead and attempted to fan myself with my shirt that clung to my body. “Minghao, it’s so hot. Why did we think this was a good idea?” I questioned. “I don’t know, but that may help us cool off.” He said as he pointed down the street. His slim finger was pointing to an ice cream shop that wasn’t far down the street. My eyes lit up. “Come on, Minghao!” I shouted as I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the shop. A bell ringed and echoed through the shop as we opened the door. The air conditioning slapped me in the face and it felt so good. We reached the counter and a teenage boy asked us what we wanted to order. Minghao order his ice cream first and then the boy turned towards me and asked me for my order. “Um, I will just have a waffle cone vanilla ice cream with an extra scoop.” Nodding his head, he left to fetch our order. He soon arrived back and handed us our ice cream, which I quickly noticed that I had just one scoop. “Excuse me, I asked for an extra scoop.” The waiter looked at my body in disgust. “Trust me, I’m doing you a favor. You don’t need it because it will just go to your ass and thighs and they’re already big enough.” Minghao was quick to react and I could tell he was pissed. “Excuse me, but you do not have the right to comment on someone’s weight nor do you not have the right to not give them their correct order because you think they don’t need it.” He stepped closer to the boy, but I tried to stop him. “Minghao, it’s okay. I don’t-” He stood in front of me protectively and cut me off, “Now, I suggest you go get her what she asked for before I contact your manager.” The boy scurried off, afraid of my boyfriend. “Thanks, Minghao.” “No, problem. Don’t let what he said get to your head. You beautiful and you can eat whatever you want.” I nodded my head proud to call him my boyfriend.


Originally posted by winningwinwin

Seungkwan and I were spending the day in the city. It was hot, so I was wearing a loose t-shirt and some shorts. The shorts were quite short, but they weren’t any shorter compared to the shorts that others were wearing. We were walking down the street deciding what to do. “Why don’t we go into some clothing stores to see what they have?” Seungkwan questioned. I opened my mouth to respond with a voice full of excitement, but someone beat me to it. “While you’re in there, you might want to buy her a pair of shorts that covers her big ass.” The excitement drained from my body after the rude man’s words sunk into my brain. “Excuse me?” I could instantly tell that Seungkwan was pissed. “Why do you think it’s okay to make rude comments about someone’s body? Huh?” He took a step towards the rude man, “I know what it’s like to have someone comment about my weight and bring me down because of my body, so don’t even dare make comments like that ever again, especially when you’re talking about my girlfriend.” He grabbed my hand and began to lead me away towards the store. “C’mon, I don’t want you to be around him anymore and listening to his bullshit,” Wrapping my arm around his bicep and laying my head on his shoulder, I thanked him for sticking up for me. “No need to thank me. I know how it feels to have people think differently about your body and I don’t want you to have to deal with that, especially since you’re so beautiful and you don’t deserve those harsh words.”


Originally posted by wonnhao

Vernon and I have been together for quite a while, but before that we were best friends and he introduced me to his family long before we started dating. Sophia and I clicked instantly and we are literally best friends. With Vernon’s busy schedule I could say that Sophia and I hang out more often than me and him. Right now me and Sophia were at the mall shopping. My eyes scanned the shelf looking at clothes and I picked up a beautiful top and showed a little more skin than usual. I held it up to my body and turned to show Sophia. “Hey, what do you think about this?” Before she could respond, a girl that was scanning the shelf spoke quickly. “You might want to get a size or two bigger because no one wants to see your plump stomach.” I blushed feverishly and put the shirt back on the rack. Sophia tried to convince me to get the shirt, but I refused and we soon left. We later got back to her house and Vernon was there to pick me up. “Hey, let’s head back to the dorm.” I hugged Sophia and bid her farewell, “I’ll talk to you later, Sophia.” I felt more insecure about my body on the way home and I was distracted from what Vernon was saying. He seemed to notice my gloomy mood. “Hey Y/N, Sophia told me what happened today,” He grabbed my hand and gently caressed it. “Don’t worry about what others think about you. You’re so beautiful and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. As long as it makes you happy, then you should be able to show some skin no matter what others think.” I smiled upon hearing his sweet words and squeezed his hand. “Thank you, Vernon. I love that you always know what to say in order to cheer me up.” 


Originally posted by squishteen

Chan and I just graduated high school, so we were celebrating while going out to the nearest carnival just to have fun. I decided to wear a sundress that showed my plump arms and legs. I used to be insecure about my body type, but Chan managed to get me to see the beauty in my body. We were walking around and playing random games and riding random rides just to entertain ourselves. We hopped on one ride and we were squished up next to each other. There were two girls on the same ride sitting across from the two of us and one decided to make a snide comment. “You know, it wouldn’t be such a tight squeeze if you weren’t so chubby.” After hearing that comment, I could feel my insecurities about my weight rush back. Chan decided not to start a fight and didn’t say anything since the ride started, but he swung his arm around my shoulder and began to comfort me while whispering in my ear, “Don’t listen to them. I love you and your body, so please don’t think about your insecurities or about changing anything.” I nodded my head and let her comment fade to the back of my mind because I just wanted to enjoy my time with Chan.


When the Moon Rises

Pairing: Remus X Reader

Prompt: Set in OotP, the reader is currently staying with the rest of the group at Grimmauld Place. Remus continues to struggle with his werewolf condition, even if Sirius was there to support him. You decide to take your gander at helping the poor man.

Warnings: Mentions of scars, and overall sadness from our poor wolf boy Remus.

A/N: I know it’s been a while, but I hope this one is good for you guys! I slightly altered the original prompt to make it more fitting/canon.

Originally posted by blue-bun-21

He was already fidgety the night before the full moon. During dinner, you couldn’t help but notice that Remus was quiet with his head down, barely even touching his food. You couldn’t help but internally sigh. He deserved so much more than this. Suffering every single month for something he had no control over. 

Despite the noisy table filled with Order Members, Harry, his friends, and everyone else who could fit in the place, all you could focus on was him. Everything else just sounded like muffled chatter.

“If you’re not going to eat the soup I’ll take it,” you attempt a joke. “Molly swatted me out of the kitchen last time I tried to get seconds. Said she couldn’t keep up with everyone wanting seconds.”

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Monsta X As Supernatural Beings

You’re right, it did take a while, but it was fun to make! Hope you like it!

Shownu - Cerberus

  • So this one lady kept him underground so he wouldn’t be exposed to the public
    • Underground as in a chamber in an old castle
    • Almost no one visited that place except for eager tourists
    • Claims that they’ve heard some growling noises as they were passing by a restricted area
  • That’s where you strayed from the group and dropped your notebook down there
    • You knew you weren’t supposed to enter, but might as well live the life and figure out what was lurking underneath the castle’s floors
    • So, watching the others around you, you managed to sneak in
  • You noticed the growling getting louder with each step you took
    • And when you finally stepped in, you saw the largest and tallest dog you’ve ever seen
    • It was a Cerberus
    • The three heads that seeked fresh prey, sometimes fight against each other, and the terrifying and intimidating deep-set black eyes that shot fear throuhg your chest
  • You learned that the Cerberus, named Shownu (well at least one of them), used to guard the entrance to the Underworld until Heracles had to bring them to the surface without using any weapons as a part of his Twelve Labours
    • Since then, Hades didn’t want to put him to use anymore considering he was getting weak
  • Because he’s been alone all these years, the Ceberus was cantankerous but underneath that, he was a sweetheart
  • Just count on seeing him when you pass away, that is, if he becomes the guardian again
  • When he used to have his job, he’d welcome the dead but wouldn’t let them out
    • Only bowed to Hades
    • Barely sleeps and if he does, he’ll wake up to the slightest noise
    • Almost never leaves his post until he’s told to
    • Has a habit of eating his food whole; that almost happened to you
    • Used to be arrogant and attacks before thinking– until you kept scolding him and eventually he learned from his mistakes

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SDR2 Boys with a Blackened S/O who killed because Monokuma said he would save their boyfriend if they got away with it.

A bit of a sad one this round. Hope you enjoy!

- Mod Teruteru

Hajime Hinata

- He had looked over all of the evidence again and again.

- He just couldn’t wrap his head around it.

- All evidence no matter how he looked at had been pointing towards you.

- At first when you were accused by (least favorite character), you had refused with a strong argument.

- Why would they want to murder someone?

- Monokuma had given no motive what so ever, so why would you want to kill someone?

- But you all had no choice.

- It was time to vote.

- Hajime himself had voted for the person that accused you.

- But everyone else had voted for you.

- “Okie dokie! Let’s see who was the blackened this time!”

- When the slot machine landed on your face and congratulatory sounds poured out of the speakers, Hajime had noticed that you were crying. Oh wait, so was he.

- “You… got it right! The blackened this time is F/N L/N!”

- “S/O why? Why did you-”

- Hajime was stopped by sudden hard sobbing on your part.

- “I-I *sniff* only w-wanted to save you.”

- “What do you mean?”

- You used your shirt to dry your tears and pointed at the bear.

- “He came to me in private and told me, that if I got away with the murder, he would let both of us survive.”

- Monokuma put a hand up to his chin.

- “Hm? I don’t remember that.”

- Your pupils constricted, a sudden weight of pure despair dropping in your stomach.

- “B-but you said,”

- “Oh yeah! Don’t worry about it! I wasn’t gonna do that anyway! Now it’s time for a very special punishment!”

- No, no, no no nonononono.

- “You mean I killed another human for nothing?”

- “It wasn’t for nothing S/O!”

- Monokuma pulled out his gavel. “Made just for the Ultimate ____!”

- You were both crying.

- “You were tricked!”

- “I didn’t want to kill someone for nothing!”

- The red button came up from the floor.

- “Are you ready?”

- “Please forgive me Hajime!”

- He was reaching out to you.

- “I-I love you S/O!”

- You grabbed each other’s hands.

- “I love you too!”

- “It’s punishment time!”

Nagito Komaeda

- This times trial was very interesting to Nagito.

- The reason for this wasn’t just because he didn’t know the murderer first hand, but it was because no motive had been presented.

- In the past few weeks, Monokuma had never mentioned any kind of kill worthy motive.

- But, a corpse was still found in the kitchen, upside down, laying against the oven.

- He was mumbling to himself, looking around the room for any suspicious looking stances.

- You looked the strangest.

- Your back was straight, your arms were crossed, and your eyes were determined.

- This wasn’t your usual stance.

- You were usually laid back, calm, easy going.

- But it couldn’t be you right?

- You couldn’t have killed someone, could you?

- Maybe you were just determined to find the killer.

- Maybe (least favorite character) had been a closer friend to you than he originally thought.

- Hajime did, at one point, accuse you.

- You argued that you wouldn’t have any reason to murder someone.

- It was a strange argument that lasted a good while, unlike last trial.

- But he was still able to prove you as the murderer.

- When someone had asked you why you killed them, you looked up at Nagito with tears streaming down your face.

- “M-monokuma told me, that I could save someone from being executed from the rest of the group.”

- Your voice was serious and quiet, this wasn’t like you.

- “Please forgive me for this Nagito.”

- You… didn’t want to save him, did you?

- Monokuma let out his same annoying laugh.

- “Well, about that, I wasn’t gonna do that anyway. So there’s no need to worry about it!”

- Heavier tears stained your cheeks.

- “Just say you forgive me! I’ll always be here with you! Please!”

- Nagito gave you a sad, sympathetic smile, right before the button was hit.

- “I forgive you.”

Kazuichi Souda

- Souda wasn’t really participating in this trial.

- He wasn’t accused, he didn’t find any evidence that wasn’t brought up already, he wasn’t even close to the scene of the crime when it occurred.

- But when Hajime had come to the conclusion that you were the murderer?

- He went off like a firecracker.

- “*refutation* Let’s fix up that argument!”

- Everyone turned their heads to look at him.

- “Why the hell would S/O ever want to kill someone? Their sweet and innocent! If anything I’m kind of surprised that no one has tried to kill them!”

- You smiled and teamed up with him.

- “I’m innocent! There was no motive. Don’t you remember?”

- “Yeah! They have no actual reason for killing someone!”

- Both of your overlapping arguing against Hajime had sent the whole courtroom for a loop.

- Even Monokuma was a bit dizzy.

- When you had both slipped up and let Hajime get time to think, he accused you as his final statement before voting time began.

- The votes were all over the place, but most of them had been on you.

- “That’s right! The blackened this time was F/N L/N!”

- Everyone that don’t vote for you, looked at you in confusion.

- Kazuichi looked devastated.

- “S-S/O, w-why would you… and after we just…”

- “Let me explain!” Monokuma bellowed.

- “You see, little miss/sir killer here didn’t want to leave the island in the first place! They were perfectly happy with their life on this island.”

- You looked down at your shoes.

- Everyone else was wondering the same question.

- “Do you wanna know why they were happy? Because they always had their adorable mechanic boyfriend by their side!”

- “But after the trial before this one, they started getting scared. The fact that (character) killed (character) entirely by chance, meant that that could happen to anyone! Including them and their boyfriend!”

- Souda could almost see tears in your eyes.

- “They wanted a way to save both themselves and him. So I gave them one.”

- Everyone could hear your soft sniffles.

- “I told them, that if they could get away with murder, I would spare the shark boy wanna be! But, of course, I wasn’t gonna do that anyway.”

- You ran across the courtroom over to Souda.

You hugged him as tight as you could before saying your goodbye.

- Souda did the same, then watched you get dragged into the sky by a steel collar.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

- Before any accusations were made, Fuyuhiko didn’t really care about this particular class trial.

- He didn’t actually have anything useful right now, so he kind of just watched.

- Until a few simple words awakened the true yakuza inside of him.

- “And that person is F/N L/N.”

- There was a few moments of silence, everyone was looking at you waiting for your response.

- But to their surprise…

- “Just who do you think you are…”

- Everyone turned to the angry voice


- A few people stepped back in fright as Fuyuhiko went off.


- He could yell all he wanted, but that didn’t make the evidence any different.

- And everyone was ready to vote.

- When the monokuma yelled your name and your face was on the plates of the slot machine, Fuyuhiko glued his gaze to the floor.

- “P-please let me explain.”

- Monokuma crossed his arms and huffed.

- “I’ll let it slide, but make it quick!”

- Your steps were smooth and somewhat calculated. When you approached the yakuza, you hugged him.

- “I just wanted to save you.”

- A pang of despair dropped into Kuzuryuu’s gut.

- “The bear told me that if I could murder and get away with it, he would let us both survive.”

- Shrill laughter rang through the court.

- “That little old promise? Well I wasn’t gonna do that anyway!”

- Your grip on Fuyuhiko got tighter.

- “It’s time for a very special punishment for the Ultimate ____, F/N L/N!”

- When the red button was pressed, you let Fuyuhiko go and said your final goodbye.

- The floor disappeared out from under you, and you looked up to see the yakuza jumping in after you.

- Apparently wherever you go, he will follow you.

Ultimate Imposter

- Imposter had to keep up with his Twogami impersonation the best he could during the trial.

- One good slip up could lead to everyone to being suspicious of his real identity.

- But when he heard Hajime’s accusation, he couldn’t help himself.

- “And just what makes you think that?”

- Togami always keeps his cool, what are you doing?

- “There is absolutely no way they are the culprit.”

- When he was sure of something he had evidence, Imposter had nothing.

- “It just seems impossible that someone as innocent as them could commit such a crime.”

- The real Togami wouldn’t say such a thing.

- Which is ultimately why you were the one seen as guilty when voting began.

- “Aw you… got it right! The blackened for this murder was the one and only F/N!”

- You kept your eyes on the voting button. You couldn’t cry in front of your friends.

- “S/O, please tell me. Why did you it?”

- You stayed silent.

- “Since our sassy little killer doesn’t want to talk, I’ll explain!”

- Anger for the teddy bear’s voice boiled inside of you.

- “Ever since the killing game began, F/N was so scared! They couldn’t even leave their room to eat.”

- You held your stomach. What he said was true.

- “But what was able to bring them out of their hiding place? The strong and fearless leader Byakuya Togami.”

- You didn’t take your eyes off the ground.

- “They started getting close with him, and they shared secrets! Very very special secrets.”

- Your pupils constricted. You could feel the stares burning into your skin, and you knew Imposter could feel it too.

- “Buuut that will take too much time to explain! So anyway, poor poor S/O wanted to protect the only one who could really talk to them. So I made them a deal. I said, that if they could get away with murder, I would let them and Richie Rich go unharmed. But, I didn’t feel like doing that anyway.”

- You couldn’t hold back the tears that started flowing.

- “I-I’m s-so sorry Togami. A-all I wanted to do was-”

- Byakuya cut you off.

- “You don’t have to apologise. The fact that you wanted to save someone like me is more than enough to forgive you.”

- You grinned.

- “Please protect everyone while I’m gone.”

- Imposter couldn’t help but break character.

- “I promise.” He laughed. “Everyone will be safe. Even if I don’t have you.”

Gundam Tanaka

- Gundam was feeling confident in this one.

- The killer in this trial seemed to have murdered (least favorite character) by random chance, and their cottage was right next to yours.

- Plus there was no motive, so they would have killed you for no reason.

- So to avenge you and catch your potential murderer, he collected every piece of evidence he could find.

- He was absolutely ready for this trial.

- But as things went on, he noticed you getting quieter little by little.

- And he realized his worry grew in size every time a piece of the puzzle correctly fit into place.

- When voting time came around, Gundam had never felt so sad in his life. You were the murderer.

- He had collected all needed evidence.

- He had talked to everyone.

- His Devas worked extra hard to help.

- He had basically led the trial in Hajime’s place.

- How could he not have seen that?!

- You, on the other hand,couldn’t believe what you were watching.

- It was one stupid mistake.

- If one of the Devas had not found your fingerprints in blood, you would have gotten away with it.

- Your boyfriend had lead the trial that would surely end in your demise.

- You cried.

- You had never felt so betrayed.

- Gundam just watched as heavy tears streamed down your face, Monokuma laughed.

- “So in the end he betrayed his own love! It’s just like that one book about, something or other…”

- You couldn’t stop yourself.

- “Why why why?! I-I only wanted to protect you!”

- You pointed at Monokuma, not taking your eyes off the breeder.

- “He would have let you live! He said he would let you live.”

- Gundam’s makeup dripped. He was crying.

- “Weeellllll, about that. I didn’t feel like actually sparing him, so I just told a little white lie to get the killing started again.”

- “N-no. No no please. I-I don’t want to, I don’t want t-to…”

- You squeezed your eyes shut and cried. You stopped a pair of arms wrapped around you.

- “I cannot express how sorry I am. Please forgive my intense rudeness.”

- Your weeping was reduced to quiet sobs. The execution was close to beginning.

- “I shall bless you with a halo of ice. Once the gods see it they will send you to the garden of lost animals I have been building since I became a breeder. You shall be safe.”

- You could help but laugh.

- “Thank you.”

Nekomaru Nidai

- Ever since the first trial, Nidai had realized how bad he was at the debating things.

- All he really felt like he needed to do was ask questions when he didn’t understand and react appropriately.

- The only time he really participated was when (least favorite character) was murdered.

- But that was only when Hajime had accused you.

- Oh geez it scared everyone.

- “*Refutation* YOUR CLAIMS ARE WEAK.”

- A few people nearly fell over.

- “I don’t know how you got a conclusion like that, but I swear I WILL PROVE YOU WRONG.”

- You were kind of surprised at Nidai.

- He had kept the arguing going for another thirty minutes before Monokuma got bored and forced the voting on you guys.

- No matter what Nidai had said during the argument, everyone still blamed you for the murder.

- You were the murderer, by the way.

- Nidai kept silent until he heard your crying.

- “S-S/O, why?”

- You looked into his eyes. He was crying.

- “You didn’t have to. There wasn’t a motive, w-why would you-”

- Your sobbing suddenly got harder.

- “M-Monokuma said that if I didn’t get caught after killing someone, he would let you off the hook, we would both be alive.”

- “Well about that,”

- You turned your head to look at the bear.

- “I didn’t feel like doing that anyway, the more despair the better you know? Hope you don’t mind!”

- You went silent.

- All you wanted was the execution to begin.

- “S/O. If that’s all you wanted, we could have just stayed here together. I wouldn’t have let anyone hurt you.”

- You smiled.

- “I’m so dumb, I should have known that.”

- “I’m getting bored. It’s execution time!”

- “I’m sorry for this Nidai.”

- Monokuma’s red button came from the ground.

- “There’s no need, I already forgave you.”

Teruteru Hanamura

- Despite his confidence level (which is currently oVER NINE THOUSAAAND) Teruteru wasn’t as good at debating and uncovering secrets as he would like to be.

- All he would do was ask a few questions and make some innuendos when he felt it was needed.

- Keeping his cool was a must if he wanted to keep up with his fresh off the streets city kid act.

- But you knew he absolutely couldn’t when his dear S/O was accused as a murderer.

- “Ya’ll thin’ you ‘ave the right to say dirty stuff li’e dat ‘bout poor S/O?!”

- You were shocked at him.

- You didn’t know he would throw away his persona type thing just to protect you.

- “Poor sweet g’rl/boy li’e dem don’ need people li’e you to just accuse dem outa da blue li’e dat!”

- Everyone was a bit confused with him.

- But come voting time, everyone knew what they had to do.

- You were the blackened, and poor Teruteru was in tears.

- You were just looking at him.

- You were still very confused.

- “Hey Teruteru? Why did you do that?”

- “*Sniff sniff* Y-you answer first.”

- “What do you mean?”

- Teruteru looked at you.

- “Why did you have to go off and kill someone? We could have stayed, we promised we would get off this stupid island together.”

- You sighed.

- “That’s exactly why I killed them.”

- “Huh?”

- You pointed at Monokuma, not taking your eyes off of the chef.

- “He promised me that if I could kill and not get caught, he would let both of us leave and get off this island.”

- Monokuma raised a paw to his chin.

- “Upupupupu! Are you really sure about that? A wise man once said ‘I am a liar after all!’”

- Your chest convulsed, you looked like you were laughing, then tears poured down your cheeks. You collapsed to the ground.

- “S/O!”

- Teruteru ran up to you and lifted your body up.

- “I-I’m sorry. I k-killed someone for no reason now.”

- “It wasn’t for nothing, you wanted to save someone who didn’t deserve to be saved. What you did meant something.”

- You grinned and hugged him.

- “Thank you for everything Teru.”

Meta on Michael Burnham and James Kirk

After seeing the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery and watching how Michael Burnham unwittingly helped bring about the very war she was trying to prevent I couldn’t help but think “There but for Khan, goes James T Kirk.”

The parallels between Michael Burnham’s actions and Kirk’s actions are quite strong. Where they differ is in their reasons and in their outcomes.

In many ways Burnham and Kirk’s backgrounds are also similar and that is where we need to begin. Both of them lost their parents to attacks by the Federations’ enemies, Michael lost both her parents to a Klingon bombing of Doctari Alpha. But then she was taken in as a foster child by Sarek and Amanda. Jim on the other hand lost his father at birth to the Romulan Nero and the attack of the Narada. His childhood after that was much darker than Michael’s. In canon we only have that one scene from the 2009 movie but it is illuminating. First that Kirk’s mother is off planet.

“You get one scratch on that car and I’m going to whip your ass … ”

Second that the man on the phone (Frank he’s called in a deleted clip) threatens Kirk with abuse. Third Kirk drives that car off a cliff into a huge mining pit, only jumping out at the last minute. No ten-year-old child attempts to commit suicide, last minute change of heart or not unless there is a serious and dangerous level of abuse going on at home. And for Winona Kirk to be completely unaware of this is signs of a very distant and absent parent. All of this led to Jim Kirk being a “genius level repeat offender” by the age of 22.

Then Michael and Kirk enter Starfleet. Both of them gain parental figures and mentors there; Captain Georgiou for Michael and Captain, later Admiral Pike for Kirk. It is where they face their greatest fears, that of losing those that they love that their two parallel lives collide.

Michael acted in fear and advocated striking first against the Klingons because that is what worked for the Vulcans. Captain Georgiou thought that it was the Vulcan part of her that was in control here but it was actually the human part. She was faced with her greatest fear, losing her new family to the same enemy that had killed her first one. She said it over and over again.

“I’m trying to protect you.”

When Georgiou wouldn’t listen to her, she mutinied.

“You want to know how I turned on you? I believed saving you and the crew was more important than Starfleet’s principles. Was it logical? Emotional? I don’t know.”

It is after the battle when Georgiou is planning a Kamikaze attack on the Klingon sarcophagus ship that Michael intervenes with another plan. Killing T’Kuvma would make him a martyr, a rallying point for the Klingons. Capturing him alive would shame them and give them a bargaining point as leverage. The plan backfires horribly and everything that Michael feared came to pass because of her. Captain Georgiou was killed by T’Kuvma and in revenge Michael killed T’Kuvma thereby making him the martyr. Her fear and her actions cost her everything but her life.

Kirk on the other hand has already lost his Captaincy and his ship and crew due to his violation of the Prime Directive when Khan attacks the Daystom Conference. Pike’s death sends Kirk careening out of control as much as Michael’s fear did her.

Kirk went to Marcus and practically begged to go after “John Harrison” and kill him. He did so knowing that he was violating not only Starfleet regulations but also Federation law as the Federation Charter explicitly forbade the interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. He also knew that if he got caught war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire would be the result.

Fortunately for all parties involved Spock was able to talk Kirk down off that ledge, much as Captain Georgiou tried to do for Michael. The difference is that Michael’s “family” was still in harm’s way from the Klingons while Kirk knew that “John Harrison” was hiding on Qo’noS.

“He’s got to be hiding there, sir! He knows if we even go near Klingon space, it’d be all-out war. Starfleet can’t go after him, but I can. Please, sir.”

There is no mention in any of Kirk’s speeches about “John Harrison” being any kind of threat to either Starfleet or the Federation. It’s all about Pike.

Now he does change kill to capture thus derailing Marcus’ original plans somewhat. But then he leads his ship into Klingon territory and his away team to Qo’noS to capture Khan and by so doing he puts his crew in danger and almost brings about the destruction of everyone he loves. Just as Michael did when she talked Captain Georgiou into boarding the Klingon vessel to capture T’Kuvma albeit for somewhat different reasons. And this is where their parallel lines diverge. Michael’s path led into dishonour and the death of the one she was most trying to protect. Kirk’s lead into redemption and heroism, all because of the actions of Khan Noonien Singh.

Because it is Khan who saves the lives of Kirk and his away team and by extension Kirk’s ship and crew and ultimately prevents the war that Marcus wanted.

Without Khan’s timely intervention on Qo’noS, Kirk, Spock and Uhura at the very least (we don’t know the fate of the two red shirts) would have been captured, tortured and then executed …

I knew what awaited them on Qo’noS, degradation, torture, slow public death.”

 … the Enterprise would have been discovered and probably destroyed, the Klingons would have declared war on the Federation, Marcus would have lived to enjoy the fruits of his treachery and all of those deaths would have been laid at Jim Kirk’s doorstep or tombstone in this case.

If Marcus’ plan had worked Kirk would have been branded a rogue captain, blinded by the pain at the loss of his mentor, who mutinied and went off on his own mission of revenge and struck first thereby bringing the Klingons into war just like Michael Burnham is held to have done in the original timeline. Kirk’s unthinking recklessness and pain and loss led him to blunder blindly straight into Marcus’s trap. One of the greatest acts of ironies in the movie is that it was the actions of the very man he originally sent out to destroy who prevented the destruction of everything and everyone he held dear and saved him from death or utter ruin.

Ann Rule, friend of Ted Bundy and author of “The Stranger Beside Me”, dies at 83

Ann Rule was best known for her friendship and insight into Ted Bundy. She met Ted in the seventies when they worked at a Suicide Prevention Hotline together. Their friendship continued for years, and she ended up writing a novel about Ted Bundy titled, “The Stranger Beside Me”. Below is a great article from the Washington Post about Ann Rule and Ted Bundy.

Washington Post Article by Justin Wm. Moyer (original here)
The Twisted Friendship of Crime Writer Ann Rule and Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Few journalists are lucky enough to stumble into stories that grab the national consciousness for decades. And when they do, even fewer are lucky enough to know their subjects intimately enough before the news breaks to offer readers not just a scoop, but a kind of dual biography.

Ann Rule, who died Sunday at 83, was one of these. Though she would become a prolific writer — a woman who “reinvented the true crime genre and earned the trust of millions of readers who wanted a new and empathetic perspective on the tragic stories at the heart of her works,” as the president and chief executive officer of Simon and Schuster put it — Rule was just another anonymous writer in Seattle in 1971. A former police officer turned crime reporter on the wrong side of 40 with four children at home and a dissolving marriage, Rule volunteered at suicide crisis hotline one night a week.

There — fortunately and unfortunately — she befriended a young man who would commit dozens of horrific murders a few years later: Ted Bundy. This friendship between a great crime writer and her greatest subject was as unlikely as it was fated: the equivalent of Bob Woodward sharing a schoolyard see-saw with Richard Nixon.

“I liked him immediately,” Rule wrote in “The Stranger Beside Me,” the book about Bundy that brought her fame in 1980, ultimately selling more than 2 million copies. “It would have been hard not to. He brought me a cup of coffee and waved his arm over the awesome banks of phone lines.” Bundy’s first words to Rule: “You think we can handle all this?”

In an era when a mass killing seems to happen every week and David Duchovny stars in a TV series about Charles Manson, Bundy’s notoriety may have faded somewhat. But for a generation raised on true-crime pulp and TV movies about Bundy, he remains the face of serial murder in America — the killer of at least 30 women who was so terrifying because, unlike Manson and many of his ilk, he seemed like a stand-up guy.

”Ted Bundy was a complex man who somewhere along the line went wrong,” a prosecutor of one of his crimes said when Bundy was executed in 1989. ”He killed for the sheer thrill of the act and the challenge of escaping his pursuers. He probably could have done anything in life he set his mind to do, but something happened to him and we still don’t know what it was.”

If it’s rare to hear a district attorney pay a tribute of sorts to a man who beat women to death and sexually assaulted their corpses, it wasn’t for Bundy. People loved him. He volunteered for the Republican Party; with Rule beside him, he convinced people not to kill themselves over the phone; he dated; and he was kind of hot.

Rule, for one, thought he was smokin’.

“His physical attractiveness helped to make him a mythical character, an antihero who continues to intrigue readers, many of whom were not even born when he carried out his horrendous crimes,” Rule wrote in “The Stranger Beside Me.” Even further: “As far as his appeal to women, I can remember thinking that if I were younger and single or if my daughters were older, this would be almost the perfect man,” she wrote.

Yet, down the line, it became clear that Bundy fell far short of Mr. Right.

Beating the streets of the Pacific Northwest for stories, Rule, in 1974, followed the bloody path of a killer who preyed on young women. A witness reported hearing a suspect identify himself as “Ted” and police thought he drove a Volkswagen. Though Rule didn’t think Bundy owned a car, she was concerned that her old friend from the suicide hotline matched a description authorities were circulating, and tipped off an officer she knew.

The ensuing interaction went beyond tragedy into comedy.

“I don’t really think this is anything, but it’s bugging me,” Rule wrote she told police. “… His name is Ted Bundy. B-U-N-D-Y. Call me back. O.K.?”

The officer reported back: “Would you believe [he drives] a 1968 bronze Volkswagen Bug?”

Rule thought the officer was kidding. “Come on … What does he really drive?” she asked.

Officer: “Ann, I’m serious.”

Unfortunately, flooded with leads, police didn’t recognize Rule’s hot tip for what it was. Bundy continued to kill — and Rule continued to be his friend. Even after Bundy was initially arrested for kidnapping in 1975 in Salt Lake City, Rule had lunch with him in Seattle while he was out on bond and bought him a carafe of Chablis.


“When this is all over,” Bundy told Rule, “I’ll take you out to lunch.”

“I knew that he was a prime suspect but that was all I knew at the time,” Rule wrote. “I had no knowledge at all beyond the few innuendos I’d read in the papers.” She asked Bundy if he had read about the missing women — after all, she was writing a book about them. He shrugged the questions off. In early 1976, they hung out again and talked for “five hours,” Rule reported.

“I have to tell you this,” she told Bundy. “I cannot be completely convinced of your innocence.”

Bundy: “That’s O.K.”

It was the last time Rule would see Bundy “as a free man,” she wrote. Bundy was convicted of kidnapping in 1976 and began a prison sentence as authorities in other states tried to build murder cases against him.

Still, Rule corresponded with him. She visited him. She sent him $20 — he paid for a haircut with the money. Then, in 1977, Bundy escaped, was arrested and escaped again. After the second escape, he killed three more women before he was arrested in Florida.

The jig was up. And even as she was being courted by Hollywood, Rule was trying to facilitate Bundy’s confession.

“I tried, literally, to save his life,” Rule wrote. “I began to phone Washington state agencies to try to arrange something that would allow Ted to confess to me, and, through plea bargaining, to be returned to Washington for confinement in a mental hospital.”

It wouldn’t work. Bundy was found guilty of capital murder in Florida in 1979 and sentenced to death.

Rule was on board — sort of.

“I believed that the verdict had been the right verdict, but I wondered if it had been for the wrong reasons,” she wrote. “It had been too swift, too vindictive. Was justice still justice when it manifested itself as it had in the less than six hours of jury deliberation?”

Ten years later, after his execution in the electric chair, she offered a postscript that stood in marked contrast to those who shouted: “Burn, Bundy, burn!”

“At long last, peace Ted,” she wrote. “And peace and love to all the innocents you destroyed.”

And 10 years after she wrote those words, Rule’s fondness for Bundy seemed to have faded.

“People like Ted can fool you completely,” she said in 1999. “I’d been a cop, had all that psychology — but his mask was perfect. I say that long acquaintance can help you know someone. But you can never be really sure. Scary.”

She added: “I felt sick when Ted was executed — but I would not have stopped it if I could. He was going to get out, and he would have killed again and again and again.”

Some Thoughts on Story

By Dean DeBlois

I was asked to write a short essay regarding storytelling [for the Artella audience], and while it’s flattering to think that anyone would want to hear what I have to say on the subject, it also comes with a disclaimer. These are ideas and techniques that resonate with me. They, by no means, represent laws of storytelling. 

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diamond designs!

so, a few things about the diamond designs i have been pondering.

firstly, this might be obvious, but something i’ve noticed about each diamond’s aesthetic; each look seems to represent a distinct “type” of power / authority / status?

blue’s elegant draped robes and throne resembles royalty, specifically indian royalty as someone pointed out, and the walls of her moving throne room shares some of that similar cultural aesthetic.

yellow looks like a powerful, modern business executive (yeah, everyone were right on the money with the 80s business aesthetic), and seems to have both the typical stress and technology associations to go with it. she’s the “important job” kind of powerful, and going along with some theories, might have “worked her way up” rather than being born into it.

to some, rose’s look feels rococo-era european royalty, and i can certainly see that (and the marie antoinette look can certainly be associated with revolution, of course in a very different context)… but to me, a lot of her imagery gives more of a “goddess” feel.

barefoot with a white dress, how she’s oft talked about as this larger-than-life figure, who the crystal gems followed almost, well, religiously.

she has healing powers, there are statues in her honor, and a huge picture above the door to the crystal temple.

also, in how her followers wear a specific symbol (she did originate the star, even if some members took it up after her death), and heck, being dead but not “entirely” dead (obviously her gem is still around, and she “exists” partially as steven) / somehow “reincarnated” is also something of a trope in some religions. 

as a small cross-fandom reference, her simple white dress reminds me a bit of how zelda was (design-wise) intentionally stripped of all her royal regalia and given a simple dress that was white, but carried symbology, in order to make her look more “goddess” than “princess” in skyward sword (she also wore some simple sandals, i believe). 

of course, white is the mystery. i think we can rank the moon base depictions as most accurate in current canon (though i’m sure the others will be explained, which i’ll talk about below), and i think that goes for white as well.

i can’t really associate her with any real-life “form of authority”, but she does look like the quintessential idea we had of the diamonds back in serious steven (appropriately?). 

if i were to make a theory for this design similarity myself, i would go as simple as calling it a wartime look. i like the idea that the diamonds have “superforms”, that might look more like the serious steven depictions, and that would obviously be something to pull out during desperate war. why they look like white is up to interpretation, but if she was the “High leader”, it could be to signify uniformity and strength in her image. 

another idea is that they’re war leader’s helmets (yes, we’re doing another helmet theory, but i do have a point here).  

think about the “standard” quartzes we have seen thus far.

they all have what looks like the same helmet (of course, with one exception, but that would be redundant). 

to me, it makes sense that going into battle, the diamonds would wear similar ones to each other, but naturally more extravagant (and probably weaponized, as they do look awfully spiky and important) than standard-issue quartz helmets. 

in fact, it makes total sense the diamonds would gear up in whatever armor they have for this war. whether they did that by donning physical armor or regenerating is up for interpretation, but it could explain the similar design.

so i think it’s possible that for once, there could be something to a helmet theory, although i didn’t like the old ones any more than you did. if not, my money’s on some kind of “superform” or war-specific regeneration, perhaps in white’s image because she’s supposed to represent the ‘perfect’ diamond or the High leader (or just represents communication and unity between them, as they have vastly different looks and she’s the basic color center of them all). 

that’s about all the diamond design musings i have that are at least somewhat connected (i could probably make a longer post about YD’s design alone, and the gem that looks like YD in the sky arena is a totally different post), i hope these thoughts aren’t too scattered to reply to! 

Honestly, you’re right, this does seem like a better take on the helmet theory, because given the Diamonds are depicted in the murals with very spiky, star-like ‘hair’… well, there’s a very specific spiky headpiece (crowns) that rulers tend to be known for (I’m talking about crowns)

Something I found interesting about the Diamonds is, as strong as the connection between fancy hats and royalty is the popular eye, neither Rose nor Yellow have anything on their head and Blue just wears a simple, unadorned veil. 

But the idea that they each represent different forms of authority- Yellow as a bureaucratic official, Blue as royalty, and Rose as divinity (and there are plenty of historical rulers that have tried to pass themselves off as gods or obtaining their right to rule from gods; Rose has an ethereal quality to her design that Blue and Yellow don’t really, with her extra detailed shading) and White as something we don’t know enough of her behavior to place quite yet.

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anonymous asked:

I love that you ship Westallen, but how can you ship O/F? Supporting O/F is like supporting B/C. The O/F shippers played a huge part in Laurel's death because they pushed for Felicity to replace Laurel as the show's female lead, and I don't want Iris to have the same fate.

Bruh, why you gotta be like that?

I ship wherever the chemistry’s at, and the chemistry is clearly with Westallen, as well as Olicity. I also ship people who are in love with each other, and that’s still Westallen, as well as Olicity. Not only that, but both make the most sense in terms of overall story of each show. I’m a very simple TV viewer. I understand comics are source materials, but I go by what I’m shown on the shows. And the shows have established that Iris is Barry’s lightning rod, and Felicity is Oliver’s light.

And no, supporting Olicity does not, in any way, equal to support for B/C. At least, it doesn’t for me. I can show you better in eight gifs than I can probably try to explain in words. So for a visual explanation, go here. But if you must try to understand why I ship what I ship through words, carry on reading.

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