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Hello! Hope you having a good day! Just to ask, if you still do saphael prompts can you do one with Simon as a shadowhunter? Please? It'll make my day!

Hey anon, sorry this took me a while to get to.  It’s not much and I’m really not pleased with the one it turned out but I tried and maybe I will do a follow-up to this, a part two. The idea of shadowhunter Simon didn’t feel right to me personally but yeah I tried. So i hope you like it?

“You’re far from the Institute shadowhunter” The voice startled Simon in the dark alley way.

“Raphael Santiago, didn’t expect to see you here” Simon said and turned to the other man.

Raphael raised his eyebrow, the glow from the street light illuminating his features “you really didn’t expect to find me here, especially after you’ve been lurking around the night children’s territory for the entire night?”

Simon gaped, lost for words as he was back up to the wall by the clan leader of the New York City vampires. “So tell me why you’re here”

Simon opened and closed his mouth several times, searching for the right words or word to be exact, stakeout. Mundanes were turning up dead around the city, vampires were the cause, as head of the Institute Victor Aldetree had appointed Simon to stake out the Hotel DuMort.

“Listen I’m just doing my job, mundanes are disappearing and then turning up drained of blood, you look like a smart guy, do the math” Simon held up his hand in surrender.

“My people are dying out as twice as fast as the mundanes angel, but you don’t see me pointing fingers at you shadowhunters” Raphael snarled, Simon’s eyes focused his fang. “Get out of here”


Simon didn’t know why he laid awake that night and thought of Raphael. His stony expression and dark eyes.

And so Simon returned the next night, he stood in the stillness of the dark night. The only light filtering through came from the twitching street lamp.

“Do you have a death wish?” Simon’s felt Raphael’s breath ghosted over his skin.

“Raphael” Simon squeaked out.

Raphael chuckled lightly at the sound Simon made “you’re the worst shadowhunter ever”

Simon frowed and walked away, it was bad enough that he heard that among the hushed whispers of his peers, a downworlder was throwing it in his face.


Simon didn’t go back to the Hotel DuMort for the stakeout the following night or the following week. He didn’t care that Aldertree bitched none stop.

Simon was strolling around the outside of the Institute as he often did when the air inside felt too thick, hard to breath and he felt like he couldn’t think.

“buenas noches angel”

Raphael Santiago stood before him with a smirk “it’s been a while since I’ve seen you lurking around where you don’t belong”

“I was following orders” Simon mumbled as the vampire drew closer, his heart racing but not out of fear.

Raphael leaned so close to Simon’s ear his lips brushed the skin as he spoke “your shoe laces are untied” he whispered and vanished through the night.


Simon had a love hate relationship with Huntersmoon. He love being around the downworlders. Some of them however, didn’t like a too friendly shadowhunter.

“I’m starting to think that you’re stalking me” That voice, the low accent, the cool and calmness, Simon would anywhere.

“Raphael, amigo, what’s up” Simon grinned and turned to the vampire.

Raphael scrowled at Simon’s cheery expression and turned to the bartender. “One bloody mary and whatever he wants”

“You’re buying me a drink?” Simon asked with a crooked smile.

“Yes, I think I’ll be seeing you around more often, we might as well get to know each other”

Just curious why people are always calling Jace the bad guy and the asshole, when Simon takes every opportunity to complain about how Jace, the abuse, torture, returned to his abuser to save Simon as well as the others, raised by Valentine, thrown out of his home, ostracized by his community, has demon blood, tried to kill himself Wayland doesn’t understand and doesn’t get it and is just a stupid jock and look, Jace, here I am snogging your sister who you think having feelings for makes you a monster because your father told you so while torturing you, and oh yeah, let’s go fight because I’ve decided you’re an asshole, so it gives me an excuse to be a total dick when there’s far more important things going on, like a war, and yeah, isn’t it cute that Simon thinks it’s hilarious to make Jace loose the one thing he has left, his coat…seriously, Jace left the Institute with pretty much just the clothes on his back, we’ve only seen him where that jacket since he moved in with Magnus, so Simon just traded away Jace’s only coat. Hilarious.

Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(YASSSS XD Finally it’s here! YAY for our fave male characters being all confident about being called “Daddy” and being nastyyyy. I tried my best to make them all different :3 PS. I added Carl and Ron’s as I figured some of you might have them as your faves so hope it’s okay but theirs are shorter cause I felt a little awkward…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get an adrenaline rush and just go even faster and harder. He’d chuckle hearing you moan even louder and realizing you just said it accidentally made him feel somewhat even more powerful and would definitely play into it with you. He’d then make sure you’d always call him that way whenever you were together. “Daddy? Is that what I am to you, Y/N? Damn fucking shit I am! Say it again! Daddy wants to hear you say it even louder! So everyone knows who I am!”

Daryl-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and would first think you were trying to say his name. However, with sounds of your moans and the tone you used, he’d soon understand it was out of pure pleasure and seeing your slightly guilty expression after realizing what you just said, just made him want to play into it. “You meant to say Daryl, earlier didn’t you…but it came out as Daddy…Good, because it’s too late to go back now Y/N…”

Rick-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d act all smug and wouldn’t stop teasing you about it. He had never expected for you to say it so suddenly but the instant he heard it, he decided to play along with you. He didn’t even let you time to explain to him it was an accident and just went on at you like he was used to being called like that by you. “Y/N, Daddy didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Why didn’t you say so earlier on! Why did you keep Daddy away from your kinky side like this?”

Merle-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle, feeling immensely satisfied he would just start to go at you even harder. For the longest time, he had been trying to find ways to get you to say it and doing all kinds of things and now that he finally made you do it while you were a moaning mess and without even asking it of you, only made him even more satisfied. “Yes! Fuck, Y/N! That’s how it should’ve been from the start! Say it again! Say Daddy again! Let Daddy hear you say it loud and clear!”

Glenn-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get a little shy and start to chuckle. He knew it was an accident but he wouldn’t ever have expected to make you feel so good that you let that word slip, that it made him smile and laugh. Seeing you all guilty, he’d then start to tease you even more about it and wouldn’t want you to forget what you just said. “Y/N, you called me Daddy…yes you did! Was it that good, that you just had to call me like that? Don’t deny it…Daddy doesn’t like it when you do that…”

Carl-The first time he heard you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be startled and wouldn’t be too sure of what you meant. He wouldn’t hesitate to ask you what did you mean by that and once he understands, he’d start to laugh and tease you about it. “What? Daddy? Are you serious! Y/N, i’m not that old to be called that! But you just said!”

The Governor-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop for a moment, just so he could cup your face and get a good look at you. He’d actually like hearing the word coming out of your mouth and realizing it was an accident only turned him on even more so he’d just want to hear you say it again to his face,as you were all flushed and out of breath. “What did you call me Y/N…I didn’t hear you properly…Say it again…Look at Daddy in the eyes and say it again!”

Abraham-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d chuckle knowing it would make you self conscious and just start to tease you about it. Realizing that you said it accidentally, made him understand he was doing you right and it made him feel all proud about himself and at the same time he just had to make you realize that you couldn’t take back the words you were saying. “Damn Y/N! You like that so much…You started to call me Daddy! Yeah you did! Don’t even deny it…you said it! With no holding back on it too!”

Eugene-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and just start to question you. He’d never expect for you to think of him that way and just got curious about what he did to make you just say that word. He couldn’t deny it turned him on hearing you say it while you were all out of breath but he just had to try and understand what had happened. “Y/N? What do you mean by that? Like Daddy…in the sexual way?…of course that way…I don’t know why i would think of the other…”

Ron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just would stare at you, not understanding your meaning. He’d think you weren’t thinking about him and blurted someone else’s name or something. You’d then explain yourself and he’d just start to chuckle. “Oh I thought you were thinking about someone else…okay as long as it’s me I don’t mind…Yeah I can go with that…Daddy…”

Jesus-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be surprised but slowly he’d feel flattered by it. He hadn’t expected for you to just call him that way in the heat of the moment, that when he heard it, he kinda stopped for a moment to look at you all flushed. He’d then realized what you meant and just couldn’t stop smiling and feeling all proud about himself. “Y/N…did you just called me Daddy? Wow…me…Thanks! I never would’ve thought of myself that way…But since you said it so eagerly I guess I deserve it…”

Dwight-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel all confident about himself and get even rougher with you. He hadn’t ever thought of being called like that but hearing you moan out of pleasure and practically just screaming it, turned him on even more. It made him want to hear you say it over and over again and much more eagerly that he’d start to do whatever he knew you liked and wanted from him. “You called me Daddy didn’t you, Y/N?Well Daddy didn’t hear you right…I want to hear you say it again! So be a good girl and let Daddy hear you!”

Morgan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly weird out by it but he’d learn to appreciate it. It was just really unexpected for him to hear you refer to him like that, that he’d just stop for a moment to look at you to make sure you were fine. As you’d explain to him it was an accident and something common in some relationships, he’d start to chuckle. “Y/N, are you okay? Wh-why did you call me Daddy? Really…People do that…I see, alright…Daddy I am then…”

Shane-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be pleasantly surprised but would act all like he didn’t understand your meaning. He’d realized he was doing you so good that you let the word slip out and feeling so confident about himself, he’d just want to make you admit every fantasies you wanted him to do to you that he’d start to tease you relentlessly until you were practically begging him. “Oh i’m Daddy now…Y/N what did you call me? I don’t think I heard it right…Daddy? Is that what you said…Yeah you did, you said it proudly too…”

Milton-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all flustered but at the same time couldn’t deny that he liked it. Hearing you just moaning it out of pleasure, made him realized he was doing a good job and he’d feel more confident. However, he’d still get shy and would stop just to ask you about it, making sure he heard you right. “Y/N, did you just called me Daddy? Oh, I never thought you had a dirty mind like that…Not that I know of people saying it to be dirty or anything…”

Aaron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly surprised but he just couldn’t stop smiling. He wasn’t ever expecting for you to just say it, that the moment he heard you, he’d stop for a fraction of a second and slowly he’d smirked looking at you. He’d then make you realize your accident and wouldn’t want to stop you from calling him that way. “Y/N, you called me Daddy! You just called me Daddy…You don’t need to apologize for that…I like it…”

Gabriel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be all shocked for a second and wouldn’t know how to handle it. He’d stop for a moment and would nervously ask you about what you meant. As you’d explain to him, he’d then understand you really just said it in the heat of the moment but then would feel so confident about himself he’d actually grow to like it. “Daddy? Y/N…Wh-what do you mean by that…Oh…there’s a sexual meaning to it…I see…Well if it’s you…Then I don’t mind being your Daddy…Daddy Gabriel…”

The Wolf-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d agree with you and make you understand that you should’ve been calling him that way since you were both together. As he heard you, he’d smile and chuckle looking at you so eager and just do you the way he knew it made you ramble on about him. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m the only one you should be calling Daddy from now on! So say it again! Proudly, so everyone know who you belong to…”

Noah-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be genuinely surprised and just wonder what made you say it in the first place. He’d know it was an accident but just would’ve never thought to be able to make you feel so good you’d let it slip that way. “Woah…Y/N, you just called me Daddy…Am I…Am I that good? Awesome…If it makes you happy I don’t mind…”

Simon-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all riled up and would slap your ass in the heat of the moment. He’d understand it was a slip up but hearing you saying it as you were moaning and in such a sweet tone, he’d get kinda drunk off of it and go all crazy over you and would try to get you to say it again as well as making you beg him while calling him that way. “Fuck! Y/N! You know how to get to me don’t you! Yeah you do, you called me Daddy! I like that…So don’t be shy…let me… No let Daddy hear it again!”

Ezekiel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel satisfied and realized he got even more turned on by you. He’d understand that you said it accidentally but hearing you moaning it out loud and seeing how flustered you got after, just made him want to do you even more. He’d want to do anything he knew you liked just to hear you again and to tease you even more about it. “My dear Y/N…I didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Calling me Daddy so eagerly like this…and begging me…Say it again and i’ll do as you wish…”

Benjamin-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop and would just start to chuckle. It surprised him to hear you moan it so loudly and he just didn’t understood what you meant by “Daddy”. He’d ask you about it and as you’d explain, he couldn’t stop laughing and would jokingly tease you about it. “That’s what Daddy means! Wow! Unbelievable…Y/N, I never thought you had such a dirty mind…or thought you’d ever see me that way…”

Caesar-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle to hear you and go even harder at you. He wouldn’t care if you said it accidentally and pulling you by your hair, he would then make sure you’d understand that from now on he’s your “Daddy” and that it was too late to go back on your words. “What did you call me, Y/N? Daddy was it? That’s right…I’m your Daddy…and no one else can have you like this…So say it again!”

Fic: Here Comes Revenge (Negan & Reader) One Shot.

I might turn this into a series of one shots, I’m not sure yet.

Title: Here Comes Revenge

Pairing: Negan & Reader

Summary: Rosita may have tried to kill Negan, but you were the fool who gave her the bullet.

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You had seen Negan beat two of your friends to death, and even then he never showed a hint of true anger. He had laughed, taunted, and threatened, but he was a man in control. But this Negan, whose face was contorted with rage as he roared as loud as thunder? This man was furious and you felt fear like you had never felt it before.

Rosita, slammed onto the ground with a knife pressed to her throat, eyed him defiantly.

You wanted to tell her to look away, to show remorse. Even if she didn’t mean it, at least Negan might show her a small bit of mercy. She remained insolent, uncaring of her fate.

But if there was one thing you had learned about Negan it was that someone was going to pay for her attempt on his life, and it wouldn’t be Rosita.

Rick made Negan angry and Abraham died. Daryl lashed out at Negan and Glenn paid the price. Spencer was lying in a heap at Negan’s feet, and you knew someone else would likely join him.

“This little bad boy made from scratch?” Negan’s bemused voice left you trembling. He was more in control now, more focused, and it was terrifying. “Look at those crimps. This was homemade.”

Your heart began to beat frantically in your chest. Rosita’s rebellious glare never faltered.

“You may be stupid, darlin’, but you showed some real ingenuity here,” it almost sounded like a compliment. Maybe it was, but compliment or not it wasn’t going to save her from Negan’s wrath.

“Arat, move that knife up out on that girl’s face. Lucille’s beautiful, smooth surface is never gonna look the same, so why should yours?” Rosita didn’t flinch. The rest of the Alexandrians gathered sucked in a breath.

“Unless…” Negan said, considering, “Unless you tell me who made this.”

Your heart plummeted to the pit of your stomach.

You knew when Rosita came to you, begging for your help crafting that single bullet, that it had been a terrible idea. You let guilt drive you to accept her demands. She made it clear, she wouldn’t survive long after shooting Negan but she didn’t care. She wanted him dead and that was all that mattered. You couldn’t blame her, everyone wanted to see Negan pay.

But now Negan wasn’t dead and you were all fucked.

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Hey @ribonucleic-velociraptor I’m your secret santa!! I hope you enjoy your gift and I wish you amazingly great holidays!!!

and @soupery I’m like the 100th person to say this but thank you for organizing this event again it really means a lot!! 

How’s Your Throat? (M)

Pairing: Simon Dominic x Reader
Warnings: ???
A/N: I started this months ago for a request but then things went left and I couldn’t write for a good month or so.  Mianhae to whoever requested this story.  I tried, yet failed.

Have you ever been backstage at an AOMG concert?  No?  Well, it is just as crazy as you can imagine.  Someone will end up chasing someone or they’ll be arguing over something stupid and/or irrelevant.  And please whatever you do, do NOT mention the NFL or the Seahawks.  Unless you want to hear Jay go on and on about the strength behind the 12th man.  

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Preference "How they react when they hear you sleep talking"

(Firstly sorry for posting so late, I got busy :( and secondly sorry if some seem similar I just couldn’t find other ways for them to react XD So i really tried my best to make them all different. PS. They’re talking to themselves XD Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d have the reflex to always answer you immediately whether you say something weird or not. However, he’d then realize something off and shift to your side to look at you super closely. He’d then realize his mistake and start laughing to himself. “Fucking shit…Y/N…you’re at it again…talking in your sleep…Here I thought you wanted to keep me company…whatever that doesn’t mean I can’t hug you…”

Daryl-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he wouldn’t be too sure of what was happening. He’d wondered if you were awake and turn to your side of the bed to wave his hand in front of you and spend quite some time inspect you. When he’d realize you were asleep, he’d end up smiling and tuck you in even more. "Seriously, Y/N…what kind of grown up talks to themselves in their sleep…you’re a weird one…but I still love you…”

Rick-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually wake up just to listen to whatever you have to say. Sometimes it made him laugh, even making it hard for him to control it but sometimes it was just sweet it and melted his heart. He’d then just turn over to your side and wouldn’t be able to keep himself from smiling and getting closer to hug you and kiss your cheek. “Even in your sleep you’re sweet Y/N…and you love me so much…I must be lucky to have you…”

Merle-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d end up not sleeping for most of the night. As soon as he’d hear you he’d turn over to check you and grin to himself as he’d get closer to you. He’d start to talk back to you, questioning you about whatever he wants to hear, usually questions about your feelings for him or just about your sexual fantasies. “Oh…so what else do you like about me? Actually no…Y/N…I want you to be real honest here…what’s dirtiest thing you want me to do to you…”

Glenn-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and just try his best to keep it in. He’d find it adorable that you did that in your sleep and would just want to pinch your cheeks but hearing you say weird things would just make him laugh more than anything else. “What the hell Y/N…How can you be as hilarious asleep as you are awake…Great now I can’t sleep because of you…”

Carl-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually be asleep as well. You would usually be both sleep talking to one another and it seemed to always happen when one of you start it. It would make everyone else around laugh and try to join in so you’d both just say weird and regretful things. “Y/N…you’re just jealous…of me…cause of my hat…I see you looking at it…But i’m not giving it sorry…”

The Governor-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d find it adorable and just shift on the bed to get closer to you. He’d listen trying to figure out what was happening in your mind and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling whenever he realizes your having a dream about him. “Even in your dream I love you that much…good…it’s how it should be…”

Abraham-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smirk to himself and try to carry a conversation with you. He knew it could get weird talking to you when you’re asleep but he’d just love it that way. He’d then end up spending most of the night propped up on one arm and just stare at you sleepily. “Goodness Y/N…how can you get this weird in your dreams…I always thought you were a sane person…”

Eugene-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get startled and try to figure what was going on. He’d turn to you but still kept his eyes shut and just start to ramble along with you when your sleep talk just seems natural. However, once it gets weird he’d then just stop and awkwardly just wrap his arm around you. “I should’ve guessed you were asleep…man i’m such weirdo thinking you were talking to me at this hour…”

Ron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d be able smile and laugh. To hear you, it was just another reason for him to feel a little happier and he’d end up whispering nice things about you in hopes you’d end up waking up as well. “I like you Y/N…I like the way you smile at me…the way you look at me…and I like everything else about you…”

Jesus-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up and start to chuckle. He’d get closer to hear you and hug you from behind resting his head on you and sleepily answer back to you only to wake you up. “Yeah…I like you…I like you a lot actually…I mean there’s a reason we’re together…so yeah…oh you’re awake now!”

Dwight-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d slowly wake up smiling and jokingly cup your face as if to talk to you. He’d end up just staring at you, enjoying looking at your lips slightly moving to form words and he’d end up laughing at himself for doing what he was doing. “I’m sorry Y/N…I seem like a freaking weirdo…gosh why am i apologizing, you’re asleep and probably can’t hear me…”

Morgan-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d genuinely think you were awake talking to him and casually just start to answer. Sometimes it can get strangely deep but sometimes he realizes your answers were starting to get weird and that’s when he’d slowly turn to look. “Y/N? Y/N…damn it…again…i’m talking to you in your sleep…why do I keep doing this to myself…”

Shane-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually smile and turn over to you. He’d prop himself on one arm and start to stroke your hair hoping you’ll have a good sleep. However, whenever he realizes you were having a rather dirty dream he’d casually slip his hand under the blanket and into your pants. “Oh Y/N…I know what you need…”

Milton-When he hears you sleep talking, at first he’d tense up thinking you were angry about something as it was late at night but once he realizes you were saying sweet things about him, he’d get flustered. He’d try to stay still as much as he could and just want to listen to everything you have to say. “Y/N…really you think all that of me…even in your sleep you’re so kind…”

Aaron-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t be able to stop. Eventually it would end up waking you frustrated and him grabbing you just for a hug. He’d start to apologize and try to explain what had happen. “I’m sorry Y/N! It’s just really funny what you said! If only you could hear yourself you’d understand!”

Gabriel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d usually seem to wake up whenever you were saying dirty things. He’d get startled and turn away from you, closing his eyes. However, realizing you were mumbling to yourself about him he’d smile and just turn around to get closer for a hug. “You might be saying strange stuff Y/N…but at least it’s about me and not someone else…”

The Wolf-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d wake up in surprise and get up from the bed. He’d go to your side and look at you and start laughing when he realizes you were truly asleep. “What is this?! What kind of person sleeps and talks at the same time! You’re really weird Y/N…”

Noah-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d get a little worried thinking you had a fever or something and would always end up getting up checking your temperature. Once he realizes you’re fine, he’d feel at ease and be able to start laughing. “Well as long as you’re asleep it’s better than you being sick…”

Simon-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to laugh and wouldn’t even want to hide it. He’d sometimes even get up and go get every of his friends who were still awake and just get them to listen to whatever you had to say. “Hey guys! Y/N’s at it again…listen…yeah she’s hilarious even in her dreams…I got lucky like that…”

Ezekiel-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d start to chuckle and wouldn’t be able to resist just wanting to hug you and kissing you all over while trying his best to not just wake you up. “Y/N…You are unbelievable…How can an adult be as lovely and innocent like this…”

Benjamin-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d smile and scoot closer to you to hear you better.  He’d listen to everything you’d have to say and just feel at peace and at ease to hear you that no matter what you were saying he’d be able to fall back to sleep. “It’s good to hear your voice Y/N…I like it…”

Caesar-When he hears you sleep talking, he’d go check on you making sure you were fine and then chuckle realizing you were just asleep. He’d then just kiss you and go back to sleep. “Goodnight Muñeca…You should be asleep and sleeping…not keeping me awake…”

Michonne-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d approach you and wrap her arms around you. She’d be a little worried but hearing you saying silly things she’d smile and kiss your head before going to sleep. “You should be fully asleep at this hour Y/N…not rambling on…about little ridiculous things like this…”

Maggie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually turn to look at you and wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and grinning. It made her laugh to hear you speak so much in her sleep and she’d end up falling asleep to the sound of your voice. “Even in your sleep you make me smile Y/N…if only you knew…”

Andrea-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d usually be sleepy herself and would end up talking to you. She wouldn’t even be sure if your were awake or not and just end up talking to you. “So that’s what I told him…Y/N if you were me..what would you do?”

Jessie-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile to herself and turn to check on your for a while before turning back to sleep. 

Beth-When she hears you sleep talking, she wouldn’t even realize it and just talk to you about everything and anything. She’d open up to you and slowly fall asleep. “Yeah…I don’t like it here…it’s not as comfortable as home used to be…you feel that way too, right Y/N?”

Sasha-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d turn over to you and look at you for a little while. She’d then smile and just get closer and stroke your hair before falling asleep next to you. 

Rosita-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d chuckle and feeling clever she’d start to ask you about your thoughts. She’d want you to tell her the dirt and your views on her and the others around and wouldn’t want to stop. “So what do you think of him? Do you like him? or do you like someone else? Tell me Y/N…:

Enid-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d get startled and wonder what was going on. She’d slowly look over to you and just start to chuckle and go back to sleep.

Tara-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d smile and chuckle. She’d get closer to you and hold you tightly against her and listen to everything you have to say. 

Carol-When she hears you sleep talking, she’d be able to genuinely have a good laugh about it and would have a hard time keeping it in. She’d then calm down and just look over at you ruffle your hair.

Voice-Over (Miniminter x Reader)

Request: Hi! Can you do a Simon imagine where y/n is a beauty youtuber or something like that and he does her voiceover for a video please!

A/N: I don’t really watch makeup videos so I’m sorry it took so long and if it’s not super accurate

Originally posted by ultsdmn

(Y/n) spun lazily in her chair as she scrolled through her contacts looking for one of her YouTuber guy friends that would be up at this hour. She was supposed to have this video out yesterday but there was a problem with the audio when she tried to record with her microphone.

“Hey, Simon?” (Y/n) asked, putting the phone up to her ear.

“Hey, (y/n). What’s up? And why are you up? It’s 4 in the morning.”

“Could ask the same to you, but I was wondering if you could help me with a video really quick.”

“How can I help? I know nothing about makeup.”

“That’s kinda the point.” (Y/n) said laughing. She could hear Simon sighing and rubbing his face. “You don’t have to put makeup on anyone. Don’t worry.”

“Thank God.”

“I’m able to come over right?”



(Y/n) pulled her phone out of her pocket as she pulled into Simon’s driveway. She parked behind Vik’s car and texted Simon that she was there. (Y/n) shut the car door and made her way up the front walk. If she was quiet enough and really listened for it, she could hear some of Simon’s friends recording and yelling over games and pack openings. She cradled her laptop in her arms as the door opened, engulfing her in warmth. She forgot how nervous she got around Simon in person…

“Hey.” Simon said stepping aside and gesturing his arm for her to come inside. “What can I help you with?”

“Okay so my microphone isn’t working and I need to do a voiceover for a video I was supposed to have out yesterday. But-”
“Why didn’t you call me sooner?”

“I thought you’d be busy!”

“Busy doing what? I can make time for you.”

“Stop it! I want you to do the voiceover though. That’s the thing.” (Y/n) said trying to change the subject quickly. Her hands were shaking.

“Oh God. I said I don’t know anything about makeup!” Simon said slouching slightly as he began walking towards the stairs.

“I know! But it’s kind of a thing on YouTube right now for beauty vloggers to have their boyfr - guy friends - do voice overs for their videos.” (Y/n) said catching herself suddenly as she followed Simon to his room. He laughed slightly.

“You were going to say boyfriend.”

“I mean that’s what it usually is. I just don’t- yeah. You know what? Let’s just drop it.” (Y/n) said feeling sudden dejection.

“Sorry,” Simon said sitting down in his chair, reaching out his hand for (y/n)’s laptop. “So I just need to get this straight before I do it. You want me to watch the video and narrate what I think is going on even if I have no real idea?”


“Great casting choice. Let me tell you.” Simon said before taking a drink of water and pressing record. (Y/n) sat down on the edge of Simon’s bed, trying not to laugh at the mocking voice he was using.


Simon pressed the stop button and turned around with a bewildered face. “You look like you just fought in a war.” (Y/n) said laughing.

“I did! How do you do that? It looks so complicated!”

“It’s really not. It just takes practice.”

“What do you want me to do with the audio file?” Simon said breathlessly.

“Can you just email it to me? I gotta edit it and schedule it and that stuff.”
“I gottcha.” Simon said typing on his computer before (y/n) stood up to take her laptop and leave, “Y-you know you can stay. If-if you want.”


“You can stay here.”

“Like for the night or until I finish editing?” (Y/n) asked hesitantly.


“Are you sure?”


(Y/n) was still editing and running through the video even after Simon had gotten into bed. He watched from beside her as she clicked around the screen making sure the audio was synced up before she exported the video, set the thumbnail, and gave the title and description.
She was in the midst of typing ‘Day to Night Look | Miniminter Does My Voiceover’ when Simon interrupted her.

“Wait. Change that.”

“Change what?”

“Instead of miniminter.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing. It’s just that if you want to change it to boyfriend, I wouldn’t complain.”

almondmylkbitch  asked:

Simon dragging Baz into a Lush store, and even though Baz is grumpy about it, he's the one who ends up spending over £100


“Just fuck me up,” Simon whispered under his breath, eyeballing the Sunnyside bath bomb.

Baz just stared at the metal bucket, overflowing with bath bombs covered in gold edible glitter. He tried to gently guide Simon away from the display, but Simon’s feet might as well have been made out of lead. “No, Snow. I draw the line at glitter.”

Simon just glared up at him, jaw set and right hand already defiantly grabbing a Sunnyside and dropping it into their basket.

“I don’t want to fight you today, love,” Simon said, wiping his hand on Baz’s jumper, “but you did promise to let me go to Lush today.”

Baz flicked the side of Simon’s head and shoved the basket at him. They’d been in here less than five minutes and he was already drowning in all these smells.

The sales lady had been far too chipper when they’d entered, there were too many bright colors, and the gigantic blocks of soap with knives stuck in them were making Baz really uncomfortable.

Simon, on the other hand, was living. He loved all the cute little bath melts, and the Valentine’s Day display they had, with cherub-shaped soap bars hanging from the rafters, was ridiculously cute.

He took a picture to send to Agatha since Penny definitely wouldn’t appreciate the aesthetic properly. 

Simon,” Baz snapped, suddenly leaning over Simon’s shoulder and almost making Simon send the display flying. “Quit doing a photoshoot and get what you need. I agreed on 30 minutes.”


I should have known, Simon thought.

Somewhere along the way, Baz had remembered he loved to pamper himself. Like, really loved to pamper himself.

They’d been in there over two hours before Baz was ready to leave. Now, as they ambled their way back to the flat, there was a clear distinction between Simon’s stuff and his boyfriend’s.

Simon looked down at the reasonably-sized bag of goodies in his mittened hand. He got a couple bath bombs, a shower jelly in a nice cherry scent, and the Ocean Salt scrub because it reminded him of the beach he and Baz went to all the time in the summer.

Then, he glanced a look at Baz’s pile, stacked up toward the gloomy sky. Even with his vampiric strength, he looked wobbly under the weight of bath bubblers, lotions, fizzies, scrubs, eyeliners, shampoos, and boxes of every soap the store carried.

“You know, Simon,” Baz said conversationally, his voice muffled underneath a loofa, “I do think you bought too much.”

Simon snorted, winding an arm around Baz’s waist to guide him from falling off the curb. There’d be nothing for it if all his precious goodies ended up tumbling out all over the busy London streets.

Giggling into the pink scarf he had wrapped tight around the lower half of his face, Simon replied, “I think we’re getting a bit confused on who bought what. But I still love you.”

Baz, beginning to teeter up the steps to the front door of their flat building, paused. Simon heard him hum. “I love you, too. But,” he quipped, “I’d love you even more if you opened the fucking door for me.”

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Raphael x Reader

Requested by @onlyharryforever

“Raph!” You yelled and dived for the demon.

“(Y/N) … come on answer me.” Raphael called as he tried to get to you but you jumped back onto the roof with a chuckle.

“Seriously I’m tough, you thought an itty-bitty demon could get me?” You giggled and he rolled his eyes as Simon chuckled behind him.

“What were you thinking!” Raphael snapped and you rolled your eyes.

“Urm saving your life, seriously Raphael if I have to deal with Camille again I will eat Mundanes just to get rid of her.” You sighed dramatically and he rolled his eyes.

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i keep thinking about that scene with magnus and the keris. that look on simon’s face when he heard. i know it’s because he finally gets just how important the keris is to magnus, the same keris he called magnus ‘antique roadshow’ over, that he carelessly used to try to pry open camille’s box, but i think it’s more than that. i think just as much as magnus sees himself in simon - simon sees himself in magnus, too. both their situation and their character. when simon hears about magnus’s low point - it’s shocking because how could someone like magnus, someone so powerful and seemingly above it all but also glib and carefree and /light/ be so full of this dark desperation

‘i always thought you were the energizer bunny of warlocks’ - it’s how i’d describe simon of mundanes and vampires. someone who always has a quick quip and bright smile, someone who shines brightly in the sombre company he keeps. and yet others’ cracks are seen more while simon soldiers on, keeps up his sunny disposition in front of clary and his family, and you only see it when he’s alone. or when he’s listening to magnus’s heartbreaking stories and you see that empathy, that realization and understanding, all over his face

so when his scene happens, i definitely think it’s a throwback to the significance of the keris, but it’s ‘she couldn’t live with the fact that she bore the son of a demon’ that sticks with me, the fear simon has that his mother ultimately won’t be able to handle his being a vampire, that she won’t love him the same, that it could destroy her

  • Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat: No fuck you none of your ships are correct and you and the rest of your shitty little fanbase can go rot in the hell pit you crawled out of you sick bastards who do you think you are messing with our show...
Preference "How they react to you catching them pleasuring themselves" (NSFW)

(More NSFW preferences! Lol for reader always being shook XD and yay for faves being NAAAASSSTYYY FOR US 😏😆,getting THIRSTY and just WANTING TO GET IT ON WITH US!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 I tried my best to make them all different :D PS. I didn’t put the too young characters cause it’s too weird for me…sorry..and YESSS SIMON… Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d slowly look up at you with a devilish grin and feel all smug about it. You were walking in the hall to your room and suddenly heard your name being called from a familiar voice in a low groan. Out of reflex, you thought he was angry and you ran to open the door quickly, only to see him sitting up on your bed naked with the blanket barely covering anything and his hand stroking his cock. As you’d stare at him, he’d chuckle and start to tease you just to get you hot and bothered. “Oh no…Y/N…You caught me fucking red handed…I should be punished for this…So come…Over…Here…and teach me a lesson…or even better…let me fuck your brains out!”

Daryl-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get frustrated and just somehow find a way to deny it. You were supposed to be out on a run for the day but you had come back earlier only to find him in your room and on your bed with his pants barely on. He had his eyes closed and everything but as soon as he heard you walk in, he looked over at you and got angry. He had spent the day thinking you wouldn’t be home so soon that seeing you just there frustrated him more than anything. “Damn it, Y/N! What the hell are you doing here?! Weren’t you supposed to be out?! How can you just walk in like that?! No I-I wasn’t doing anything…It’s not like I needed your help…”

Rick-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get a little shy and try to explain as to why he was doing so. You were both asleep in bed at night, when suddenly you felt the covers shift up and down. It woke you up a little and as you heard your name along with a few curses, you had a little idea of what was happening. You decided to turn to face him and when he felt you shift, he instantly stopped and looking over at you, he’d start to whisper his excuses. “Euh…Y/N…I-I’m sorry, I woke you up…It’s just…I had a…I had a wet dream about you…and it woke me up…and I had to relieve myself…Yeah…”

Merle-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d slow down his pace and practically give you a show before calling you over. You got busy talking to someone for a little while that as Merle waited for you, he got impatient and started to stroke himself. He made it his point to moan out your name so that you just had to cut the conversation short and check out on him. As you did, you only saw him on the couch with his pants around his ankles and a smirk on his face. “Y/N, baby…I need you…Do you like what you see? You want this? If you do then…You’ll have to get closer and help me…I don’t think I can do this on my own…”

Glenn-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d stop and just get all awkward from you seeing him this way. He was thinking about you all day that he just had to touch himself before you’d come back from the run. As he did, never once had the thought of you coming back earlier crossed his mind until he heard the door opening and saw you with a hand over your mouth. Seeing you like that, just made him want to hide and he get his pants back up. “Euh…Y/N…I didn’t think you’d be back this early…I thought you were out with everyone else…So yeah…I was just thinking about you…”

The Governor-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d look back at you lustfully and beg you to help. You were walking to your room and as you heard your name and saw the door almost closed, you simply peered through the crack thinking he was talking to someone until you realized he was alone. You tried to get a closer look but you stumbled on your feet and ended up opening it wide. As he saw you, he just signaled you to closed the door. “Y/N, you’re here…Good…C-close the door…and come closer to me…I need you…Now…”

Abraham-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d chuckle and start to tease you on your reaction. You were walking to go downstairs, when you the heard your name coming from your room. You being oblivious, just answered naturally and opened the door to the room, asking him what was wrong and only then seeing him on the bed with his hand under the blanket. Seeing your expression and thinking about the whole situation, just made him laugh. “Y/N! It’s not the first time you’ve seen me stroke my dick! Come on, I do this when we have sex and you do it to me too, don’t act surprise!”

Eugene-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get embarrassed and try to hide under the blanket. He had spent the day looking at you and seeing the way you were dressed, just made him want you. However, instead of being upfront to you and seeing you spend the day outside being busy, he just decided to take care of himself and walked to his room, not even thinking once you would ever walk to come and get something. “Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing here?! I thought you’d stay outside…Wh-what? No, i’m not doing anything…I-I was about to take a nap…that’s why my pants are off…”

Jesus-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d be surprised but try to recover by acting all innocent. Knowing how polite you were, he thought he was safe in his room and that you wouldn’t ever just barge in. However, as his fun got a little too intense, you heard your name being said repeatedly that you just got worried. You walked over to his room and did exactly the unexpected by opening his door as quickly as you could and surprising him in the process. “Y/N?! H-How can you just walk in like that?! I thought you had manners…Me? I-I wasn’t doing anything…I-I didn’t say your name…why would you think all of that?”

Dwight-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he wouldn’t even have realize you had seen him. He thought you were out for the day and as his mind was running wild on thoughts of doing you, he just had to get in your room. He had decided to get comfortable on your bed and started to stroke himself, all while in reality you were simply brushing your teeth in your bathroom. As you walked back out, you saw him and just gasp, as it took him quite some time before realizing you were there. “Y/N?! How long have you been standing there? Wh-what did you see?…Everything? Then why didn’t you say a word?…You know…I still need your help…”

Morgan-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, you’d both just freeze and look at one another, wide eyed. He had thoughts of doing you early in the morning but as you weren’t there, since you left to go on a run, he just decided to take care of himself. So it was just unexpected for him to see you come back so soon not to mention the fact that you didn’t knock before entering the room. So as he saw you standing by the door, he just didn’t knew what to do. “Y/N? Why…are you back so early…I-I didn’t expect this…Euh…I-I just had other plans but you left earlier…So here I am…”

Shane-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d smirk and just laugh it off. He had thought about you all day that as he came back from the run, he just wanted to fuck you. However, you fell asleep before him and as he didn’t wanted to bother you, he decided to take care of himself while thinking about all the dirty things you did together just to get off even better. Eventually, you heard your name and sleepily turned over to see and as he realized, he just shrugged at you. “Y/N…Did I wake you up? Sorry about that…I wanted you but you fell asleep…So i’m doing it myself…So now you can either keep watching…or you can help…You’re call!”

Milton-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get all flustered and try to hide. He had wanted to do you earlier in the morning but he had been too shy to ask it of you and just let you leave. Feeling frustrated, he just took care of himself not thinking you would ever just walk back. So the instant you did, he nervously and quickly tried to get his pants back up while keeping his gaze away from you. “Y/N?! Wh-why are you back? D-did you forget something? I-I wasn’t doing anything…I’m serious! No…It’s better for you to just stay over there…I’ll get it for you…”

Aaron-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d be shocked and slowly cover himself. It was late at night and he thought you were asleep in your room, he just decided to take care of himself while being as quiet as he could. As he did, you tossed and turned in your bed until you heard your name being called repeatedly. You then decided to run over to his room opening the door in a panic, only to see him pulling the blanket over. “Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing here at this hour? Sh-shouldn’t you be in bed…in your room…Don’t tell me I woke you up…I am so sorry about that…”

Gabriel-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d panic and try to get you out of the room. You were looking for something in his room but as you heard footsteps, you decided to hide in the closet and wait for him to leave. However, instead he just laid on the bed thinking about you and the last time you were together and started to touch himself. You looked at him and figuring out what was happening you gasp, waking him up from his daydream. “Y/N?! What are you doing in here?! Oh god…Wh-what did you see or hear? Don’t tell me a lot!…I’m sorry b-but you have to leave for a moment!”

The Wolf-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d just tell you to come over. He didn’t really care if you’d walk in on him or not, he just felt the need to do it and so he did. He was laying in a sleeping bag in your tent and was just thinking about you the while time. As you walked back in and saw him, he just got happier and signaled you to get closer to him and close the door. “Y/N, finally you’re here! I’ve been waiting for a while…I’m gonna need you’re help here…and you’ll be here for a while…so close the door…”

Noah-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d stop and get nervous trying to explain. As you were asleep, he thought of being discreet and decided to take care of himself in the bathroom. However, as you heard your name being called you woke up and looked for him all over only to finally open the bathroom door to see him there. “Y/N…euh…I-I was thinking about you…but you were asleep…so I just thought of…doing it myself…Sorry…You weren’t supposed to see this…”

Simon-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d show himself to you even more and ask you to help. It was late at night and you still weren’t back, so he just decided to have his fun before getting it on with you. He got in your bed and sliding into your blanket, he started to touch himself. However, as he did, you came back in time and opened the door, only for you to see each other and him starting to tease you by slowly removing the blanket. “Y/N…Have you been staring at me this whole time?…You like what you see? I can show you more if you want to…but you’ll have to come over here…”

Ezekiel-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d nervously chuckle and try to explain the situation. He had never been caught before and was confident in himself enough to do it again, as you were away handling some business outside. However, you had finished earlier and being excited to spend the rest of the day with him, you went over to your room and hadn’t even register him saying your name until you opened the door, making him having to explain. “My dear Y/N! I’m so sorry! I didn’t think you’d get here before so…I had decided to just handle my man problem on my own…Sorry you had to catch me like this…”

Benjamin-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get all awkward and deny what was happening. He had liked you fro a while but was just too shy to confess to you. As it was late at night, he just had the urge to touch himself while thinking about you and as he did he let out your name as well. Walking pass his room, you heard him and being curious, you just opened the door making him panic. “Y/N?! Oh…What are you doing here?…I-I called you? No…No I didn’t…I didn’t say anything…Why would you think that…No i’m not doing anything…”

Caesar-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d keep going at it and just tease you. He didn’t mind if you saw him, besides he was in your room and all. He was just waiting for you as you were still out with friends, in the meanwhile he started to touch himself while thinking about you. As you finally got back, you ended up being more shy than him, making him tease you even more. “Y/N…Oh good you’re back…I missed you Muñeca…Are you blushing? Come on, you’re the one doing the eavesdropping, how can you act all shy…Don’t just stand there…”

Spencer-The moment you caught him pleasuring himself while he was moaning your name, he’d get embarrassed and probably get a drink afterwards. He had his eyes on you for a while but just didn’t knew if he should go for it. So as it was late at night, he decided to get some drinks and as he sat on the couch he started to touch himself while thinking about you. As he did, you wanted to tell him something and just walked into his house without knocking, surprising him. “Y/N?! Wh-what are you doing here?! Shouldn’t you be in your house? C-can you please leave…I-I’m going to need some time…”

Michonne-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d be surprised and would get you to leave the room. She wanted to be with you but as you left for the morning, she had decided to take care of herself while in bed. However, she never expected for you to come back so early from the run and just walk in, that when she saw you she grabbed the blanket to cover herself and walked over to push you out of the room. “Y/N?! You shouldn’t be here! You should be on that run! I’m sorry sweetheart but get out…I’m serious…and next time knock on the door…”

Maggie-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d want to tease you even more and try to get you to help her. She was waiting for to come back from the run the whole day and as it got late, she just got frustrated and went to bed. Unable to sleep and thinking about you, she started to touch herself and as you came back you heard your name and quickly opened the door, asking what was wrong. She chuckled and started to tease you. “Y/N? Oh…There’s nothing wrong…It’s just you weren’t here earlier…but now that you are…you can change all that…”

Andrea-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d look over at you and entice you over. She had a long day and when she came back still not seeing you, she decided to take care of herself. You eventually made your way back and hearing your name, you decided to run to open the door quickly and asked what was wrong, surprising her but later making her chuckle. “Y/N? What? Nothing is wrong with me…Gosh…Don’t stand there and gawk…come over here and help me…”

Jessie-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d get embarrassed and try to find an excuse. She wanted you to do her earlier that day but you had left to help the others with their work. As she was left alone, she decided to take care of herself before getting up. However, you decided to go back to her room as you forgot something and as you did, you saw her. In a panic, she tried to explain. “Y/N! I-I was just thinking…thinking about you…and how…I missed you…I’m so sorry…I didn’t think you’d be back so soon…”

Beth-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d panic and hide herself under the blanket. As she waited for you to come back, she decided to take care of herself while in your bed and just thought about you. However, she didn’t ever heard your footsteps coming back and just went on for a while before realizing you were just standing there. As she finally did, she yelped and pulled the blanket up and got nervous. “Y/N?! Wh-why are you here?! I-I thought you were going to be out longer…I didn’t think you’d be back…”

Sasha-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d just freeze and slowly just pull her pants back up. She didn’t want to bother late at night and thought it was safe to stay in her room, she just decided to take care of herself. However, being nosy you listened closely when you heard your name and ended up in front of her room. Forgetting yourself, you just opened the door and she froze. “Euh…Y/N? What…What are you doing? You’re supposed to be in your own room…not here…”

Rosita-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d get even more frustrated and just ask you to help her. She thought she wasn’t going to see you until the next morning, as you were put so late and had decided to please herself. However, you came back earlier and just wanted to surprise her, so you walked up quietly and opened the door to your room widely and yelled out “Surprise”, making her frustrated. “Oh my god! Y/N?! What is wrong with you?! Oh you thought you were being funny? Well you’re not, i’m just…Let it go…Come over here…”

Tara-The moment you caught her pleasuring herself while she was moaning your name, she’d get all shy and admit it embarrassingly. She didn’t thought of you coming back earlier than usual and just decided to take care of herself. However, you had never actually left the house and were just downstair when suddenly you heard your name. You ran up to your room and opening the door, she started to stutter. “Y-Y/N? You’re here…I-I don’t know how else to put it…I-I was…Doing exactly what it looks like…”


This actually makes me really sad. Like I can’t explain why but it does.

You know he has to care enough about his comments on his videos to disable them. He cares that the people that watch/leave comments don’t really care about what he’s doing or are even remotely interested in his content-which he worked really hard on btw.

If you have ever made a video or tried to, then you know how much time and effort gets put into making one, and for people to just start commenting random shit promoting their channels or just stupid things to get likes, is honestly ridiculous. The comments are for giving feedback to the creator who puts their time and effort into making something they hope people will enjoy.

And to cover up genuine comments with something like: “If you enjoy this channel, then subscribe to me!!!!”
Is just disrespectful.

Just stop.

God, I feel like I could go on about this all night because it just upsets me so much and I don’t even make videos!!!

I really just want to see a change in the YouTube comments. Rant over.

Magnus tries pick up lines attempt 11

Magnus: Will you be my boyfrien

Magnus: I left the D out as you’ll be getting that later 





Alec: Magnus…. we are literally engaged with two children 

“Are you going to Scarborough Fair
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
He once was a true love of mine …”

I was listening to Scarborough Fair yesterday while drawing, and this image came into my head. After BBtBC, we could all use some angsty Star based off of medieval songs involving herbs. Or at least I could ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Anyway, I tried painting…