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OMG I just wanted to thank you for making that post abt the vlive because you must have put so much time into it. AHH~ it made my dayy and it just made jikook sail even further for meee <3 thank you so much ily

I am reaaaalllllly happy you enjoyed it. It indeed took some time but if my followers take the time to send me an ask, It is only natural to put some effort when answering. Right right ^^

AND you also made my day so I think you deserve a hug or even BETTER, a JIKOOK HUG COMPILATION
Because if you ship Jikook you can enjoy:

The front hugs: 

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The side hugs: 

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The back hugs (that jungkook seems to love)

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The laying down hug:

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The imma squeeze you hugs: 

1-The jimini way (So precious)

2-The EXTRA kookie way …

Thanks for the ask ^^

How to start an ask blog

I already answered this question, but my tips were pretty short so for the 20k I decided to take the time to write all the tips that I learned. So I hope that I will help the new ask blogs!

If you don’t know me, hello I’m Sarah and I started this blog in June/July 2016 when there were only 3 ask blogs and the other 3 were inactive, yep. It’s been now 8 months than I run this blog so hopefully this will help you! (ofc my tips are good for not only bts ask blogs!).

Also it’s just tips and things that I noticed so you don’t have to follow everything!

Warning: very long

1. Chara Design

*Chara design is really important, it’s the first thing that people will see. Since tumblr users scroll down really fast, they need to recognize the member really quickly. So before starting your blog I think you should take your time to sit down and to create the chara design. Try different things and see what is the best for you! A quick way to do it is to mix their personalities with their real life features! But don’t worry, you will surely change your design after a couple of months, but it’s a great beginning to have a design in mind!

*Color palette is also really important. I don’t like to whitewash but do what you want. If you don’t like to whitewash like me I think that this VLIVE  really shows their beautiful skins♥. But again you will change it for sure later, I often change my color palette tbh. It won’t be perfect, and it can’t be perfect so don’t be too pressured by this!

2. AUs (Alternate universe, other professions, ships & OCs)

1. Alternate universe

My ask blog isn’t an AU so I don’t know everything about this. But I’ll try my best to give you all my advices. 

I think that AUs are really funny and really great (for ex witch au etc). And a good way to create one is to ask yourself some really simple questions who will help you to develop this universe and to keep it consistent.
For example: Where are they? Do they like were they live? The mood of the place? Specificities of the place/universe? Do this place affect their appareance? In which way? Do they have the same age? How the universe interacts with them? etc….

2. Other professions

It’s basically the same than 1. but with different questions: Where do they work? With who? Do they work a lot? How are the customers? Do they like their job? How involved are they in this job? Are they good at it? Someone ocasionally helps them? etc…

3. Ships

Ships are part of the AU because in your universe, the ship is canon (which is not the case irl). It’s also the same than 1. and 2.: How is the relationship? Do they have habits? (things they do often etc..), How the members interact with the ship? Things they love about each other? Things they hate? Where do they live? etc…

4. OCs

I only saw a few ask blogs including OCs but they exist so I have to talk about them eheh. (oc x member, doesn’t me it’s a romantic relationship tho)

If you want to create this type of blog, be ready because it’s going to be really difficult. The thing with Ocs is that it will take time to your followers to like your OCs because they don’t know them. You should introduce the OC in your first post: How do they know each other? (member and the oc), Age? Type of relationship? Interactions with the other members? Do they know the other members?  Reasons why the member likes your OC etc…

*obviously you don’t have to answer to all the questions!^^^^

3. The start of your blog & tips

1. Make an introduction! 

It’s basically just a post saying “hello i exist plz send me asks ty”. You can maybe tag other art blogs to bring some of their followers on your blog so you can starts somewhere! If it’s an AU, introduce it a lil bit. Don’t be too pressured by this post. You will hate it later trust me, just draw something cute, introduce the theme of your blog and that’s all!

2. Don’t answer directly to the ask

By that I mean don’t answer in this lil box (?) here

And here’s why:

  • The quality is better when you upload your drawings in the picture post (idk how it’s called??), plus it takes more time to load (at least for me?)
  • But the major reason is because of this:

When someone reblogs an ask, it will cut/hide the pictures a bit. Which is really not good. If you write some texts it might be hided because of this, and the tumblr user will have to click on it to read everything. But the majority won’t click on it. I did this myself, and I’m glad that an anon told me about this! 

So what I do now is that I took a screenshot of the ask, I save it and upload it in the picture post (still don’t know how it’s called ugh).


  • Clarity is key guys! I see a lot of beautiful artworks who aren’t clear, so we don’t understand what’s going on! :^((. Tumblr users scroll down really fast, if they don’t understand something or if they have to take the time to understand it, they will keep scrolling. 
  • So don’t explain all the story in one or two pics (or maybe it’s just really short but wtv). There will have a lot of informations in one pic and it’s not good at all :^((
  • Don’t be afraid to SHOW things. Show what’s going on. Yoongi is watching Jhope’s body roll for 5 minutes on Youtube? In an other picture, zoom on his laptop to make it clear: “yes Yoongi is a J-Hope trash, look at his laptop”. That’s why my comics are 6-9 pictures long. I make sure that everything is understandable. 

4. I don’t get attention, why? :^(

OK this is a really complicated topic, but I get this question pretty often. I won’t talk about the lack of reblogs or anything like that.

In this section I will talk about things ask blogs don’t talk, so here we go.

  • For some reason,people reaaaally don’t talk about this topic in the drawing or writing community (in the kpop fandom). But ayy let’s talk about this: Depending on the member, you will get more or less notes. That’s sad but true. The maknae line is more popular and the hyung line is less popular. So if you choose to create a blog centered on only one member and he’s not really popular, you will get less notes. Be aware of that.
  • Same for ships. Some ships are more popular! And some are less popular.
  • (for this one please don’t be offended ;<;)

After working on this blog for a while, I realized something. Maybe you noticed it, but I don’t answer questions like “what’s your fav color”, “do you like this instrument?, “do you like that?” etc… It’s because…it’s not the most interesting questions in the world. Let’s say you answer and say “blue”. Well yea, the drawing can be amazing, but the content isn’t really interesting. It’s blue, well ok. So if you only answer this kind of asks, there’s chances that people might not be really interested.

Again, I’m not here to tell you how to run your blog! If you like to answer to this, keep going bro!

  • An other thing that I noticed. Comics are always prefered to illustrations. Because it’s a story. The illustration can be amazing, but it’s an illustration. People really enjoy comics because it’s a story and it can be funny, and angsty or idk. My asks are stories. It’s not a direct answer, it’s a story that answer to the question. But again, if you don’t like to make comics, don’t do it :^DDD It’s just something that I realized! 

SO I FINALY FINISHED IT!!! It was long and it took me so much time omg. I hope this will help you♥♥

BTS reaction: you having a habit of biting your lips, making them bleed

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He’d scold you so much omg. He’d try to make you stop whenever he saw you biting your lip, in hopes that he could help you break your habit. Jin does not approve.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He wouldn’t worry too much, I don’t think. Like, everyone bites their lips. So he wouldn’t mind, until you start bleeding. He’ll then scold you while wiping the blood away. So, like, he wouldn’t care up until the very moment he sees blood. Every single time. Boy does not learn that it ends up in blood most of the time.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He’d be like Yoongi at first, but he will eventually learn that you’ll pretty much always end up bleeding. And then he’ll turn into Jin, and scold you and tell you to stop every time he catches you biting your lips, even if they aren’t bleeding yet.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He would just do some research on the best ways to break habits, and then go from there. He’d scold you in the beginning, but once he notices that that doesn’t work, he’ll try to find other ways to make you stop. Because a habit that makes you bleed is a bad habit.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’d be worried, but wouldn’t do much about it. He wouldn’t know how to approach the subject, and would figure that it can’t be as bad as it seems if you keep on doing it. He’d still try to subtly stop you though. And he’d sit you down to talk about it if he thought it went too far.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Well, given how much he licks his lips, they would probably be falling apart if he didn’t use lip balm. So I feel like if there’s one member who would just leave you be, it’d be him. He definitely wouldn’t want to kiss you if there’s blood all over your lips though.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He would be the one to hide how worried he is. Like, he’d want to be like Jin, but he’d end up like Jimin. But, I do think he’d tease you a bit in an attempt to make you stop, by saying how he won’t kiss you if your lips are all chapped up from how much you bit them.

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Hello! For a prompt: CS kids keeps wanting to walk around the house naked, or take their clothes off. I know it sounds weird, but some kids do this and I remember my mom used to zip up my sister's onesie backwards because she always wanted to take it off, lol! Thank you so much for writing these, you're awesome! :)

OMG this is adorable! And yes, some kids definitely do this. My mom still tells the story on occasion of how she used to let toddler!me do a lap of the house after taking me out of the bath because I LOVED it.

“They’re little exhibionists!” Killian lamented as the twins took off in a run.

Emma had just gotten them out of the bath, which meant that it was what the three-year-olds called “Nakie Time.” Emma had long since topped fighting with them and had taken to letting them make one round of the upstairs before getting them into their pajamas.

“They’re not,” Emma assured him as she fished around in the leftover suds for the kids’ tub toys. One by one she removed the rubber ducks and floating pirate ships. “It’s just a phase; they’ll grow out of it.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because I did.”

Killian gaped at her. Then a grin slowly spread across his face as he waggled his eyebrows at her. “You used to have Nakie Time?”

“I don’t remember it or anything but it was written up in my social services file as an observation from my first family,” she shrugged. “Even then, no one thought anything of it. It was just a childhood quirk.”

Grin still on his lips, Killian eyed his wife up and down. “Shame you grew out of it.”

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Hello Apticho! I had a question that I've just come to realize is plaguing me, and would be great if I could hear how you dealt with it as well. I recently created my own OC, but I guess I never really took the time to deconstruct what my character would consist of, i.e. Favorite foods, appearance, age, height, an intricate personality- and for me personally that's why I respect your OC's to a fault because of how much work goes into bringing them to life! Anyways I'd love to hear your stance!

thank you OMG TTTT______TTTT yall make me so happy by supporting me w/ my ocs and stuff QQ

character development is really like a snowball effect!! once you keep developing them, they get more and more detailed and filled with more character!! its kind of hard to illustrate my thought process, but first start out with bigger themes that will eventually diverge into smaller things. i usually like starting out with their role in the story and conflicts in terms of the plot and other characters. eventually this trickle diagram will merge with other characters if you connect them!!

all in all, just spend a lot of time thinking about your ocs. after time, they will become more and more alive after you give them a lot of thought. personalities and characteristics will eventually fall into place as you see fit ^^!!!

since drawing takes more time, writing DEFINITELY helps also. i took a creative writing class this spring semester and spent the majority of my time writing about my ocs. little did i know, i had grounded a plot for all of them. they felt more alive to me than ever before.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SWEET MESSAGE BTW QQ i didnt kno how to reply at first and just kept rereading it bc it made me so happy…

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OMG YOUR SCOUT IS ADORABLY AMAZING I COULD JUST KISS HIM!!! (and your hands cuz omg the art <3<3<3)

Anybody seen my phone? I got an ask to answer.

Seriously, though: Thank you so much Anon! I’m so happy you like my art and took the time to write me :) I’m still making a face like Scout in the first panel tbh :D

sorry for not being able to answer them individually this time ;; 

your asks always brighten my days!

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The marathon begins.

Just finished up with my first visit to Dr. Ellis. She was great. She talked a lot about the difficulties of transition and gave me the outline on my first steps with HRT.

So right now a somewhat low dose of estradiol and spironolactone with blood tests scheduled in six weeks. Then a follow up visit a week later to adjust dosages based on the bloodwork results.

OMG this is really happening!!

Im so happy and relieved I can’t stand it!!

She did spend a lot of time informing me what HRT won’t do. Which makes sense. Don’t want to set too high of expectations.

But still the starting line has been crossed. In the marathon that is transition I’ve only taken the first few strides. I know there is still so much farther to go.

But at least Im in the event not looking and wishing I had what it took to join up like so many other brave transwomen and transmen.

So that in itself in one little victory.

The pic was taken in the doctors office. Lots of compliments on my skirt!

Now off to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. Which ought to be interesting.


Ed made these Japanese aubergine thingies the other day from one of his new recipe books but he also made these chilli rice noodles and I took them for lunch thinking they’d be cool to have but omg 😭 my tongue is on fire! So much chilli! So much ginger!

Usually Ed tends to make things to other’s tastes but it seems like with the Polynesian cooking he’s cooking more to his own (which I suppose is fair since he likes the food so much) but omg - did not expect!

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sjdksj i lovE taegimin my fave headcanon is bratty tae who keeps flirting with jk/hobi the whole day and when yoonmin finally get him to themselves he gets tied up and gagged and they take turns teasing him and making him cum for every time they felt jealous and tae is crying and shaking from the overstimulation and then jimin fucks him raw while yoongi is in his mouth and when he cums he pinches his nose and tae has never felt in so much ecstasy in his life and the aftercare is super soft too🙄

yes omg tae would totally be the type to provoke yoonmin to get this exact reaction like he knows how much it winds them both up to watch him flirt with the other members (and the rest of bts know it too so whenever tae starts flirting with them they just roll their eyes and make plans to be out of the dorms later that day)

also i love the idea of yoonmin being so petty and keeping track of how many times tae flirts with someone else so they can give him the exact number of punishments 

and then afterwards yoonmin being so gentle and careful with tae and they all snuggle as tae falls asleep

irritated yoongi

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possessive jimin

Originally posted by queen-kimiko

and tae who knows exactly what he’s doing~

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Birthday Asks!!

tysm for taking the time to wish me happy bday!!! 

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baeksoo - domestic soft established baeksoo (damn your baeksoo really makes me million things for them for such a long time i've been sighing sadly when i'm visiting baeksoo tag on tumblr but you, my baeksoo hero, you make this place a much brighter and happy sanctuary for me, a much deprived baeksoo shipperslashtrash :'))

this is such a sweet message and i’m so sorry it took me like a month to fill your request, omg. i hope you like this!  ♡

“Do we toss it in the air and spin it around now?” Baekhyun asks, staring at the just-stirred pizza dough in the mixing bowl.

Kyungsoo laughs. “No, we’re kneading it,” he says. “Here, I’ll show you.”

He sprinkles flour on the cutting board, then scrapes all the dough from the bowl and drops it onto the stick-resistant surface. He rolls it around a bit to form it into a ball, sprinkles more flour, and starts working the dough, demonstrating how to stretch it with the heel of his palm and then roll it back.

When he says, “Now do what I just did,” and steps a bit to the side to let Baekhyun give it a try, Baekhyun just stares at the ball of dough a little skeptically. “What?”

“I wasn’t paying attention,” Baekhyun says with a sheepish smile. “Sorry. I was just… watching your hands and I got distracted. They’re nice hands,” Baekhyun adds. “I appreciate them.”

Kyungsoo raises his eyebrows, caught between amusement and exasperation.

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Hey I'm curious what are some of your Kankuro headcannons? Like what does he do when he's not doing shinobi stuff or what kinds of jokes make him wheeze, or what gets to him and makes him cry? Pls and thank you! 🙏😘

i have finally replied omg it took me so long i’m so sorry

i’m also sorry i’m so bad at headcanons i hope you are not disappointed

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years, i offer you this garbage

Originally posted by mychemicalkaneki


-being a shinobi is pretty time-consuming, so Kankuro probably doesn’t have much time to himself. in the rare instances he does, he probably spends it looking for more parts for his puppets, kabuki paint, etc. (and i think @sunagakures and i discussed this months and months ago but…are there random puppet stores in Suna? cause puppetry is a big thing there so there must be right? there needs to be. i need Kank dragging his siblings there and geeking out gIVE IT TO ME). and listen, idk if they even have these things in…wherever Naruto is supposed to be…. but hear me out fam: nerd Kankuro. i love @doodlingleluke‘s art about nerd Kankuro. (please go check it out omg) Kank is such a dweeb sometimes, you know it, don’t lie to yourself. rose you’re a dweeb too you hypocrite (he totally plays video games with Shikadai). on the rare occasion that one or both of his siblings are free when he is though, he’ll drop everything to spend time with them to bond and all that jazz~

-Kankuro is a memelord don’t you dare think otherwise. he is also the king of puns. someone can tell him a really thought-out joke and he’s just kind of “ha. that’s nice.” but you reference a meme??? or throw out a pun?????? he’s wheezing someone help him he can’t stop laughing are you ok dorky child however, he will only do this when he’s around people he’s comfortable with (like his siblings) because he has An Image™ to uphold

-Kankuro doesn’t cry easily and when he does cry he doesn’t outright sob or anything, he just…gets kinda teary eyed and quietly cries to himself. he gets a little sentimental sometimes when his siblings do something nice for him and he’s definitely upset if something happens to Gaara or Temari. no one will be able to convince me that he didn’t go off to be alone and cry when Gaara died. def cried when Temari gave birth (cause i mean his mom died during childbirth what if that happens to his sister he’s a worried little jellybean save him). overall he just doesn’t cry often, but his siblings get him in the feels sometimes.



-he’s actually a pretty good cook. Temari wasn’t the best at it when they were younger so he just kinda took over. but as they got older Gaara and Temari wanted to help out so he taught them some stuff (they definitely took a cooking class together before Temari moved to Konoha)


these are just my opinion so feel free to disagree, but i hope you enjoyed them

thank you so much for asking~

shsl heir komaeda for gummyfang!!