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Huge theory about last season and such cause yeah no meta for 4x4 right now

Meta time.

I didn’t write meta for this week’s episode, I was bogged down by other things, but to make up for not revealing my thoughts about the episode I have this.

This was something that I had thought about on and off during the previous season and this season as well to be truthful.

So what always really struck me as off about the whole story was how focused it was, see Nogitsune when it was with Lydia claims he wants more and that he is always hungry, like all tricksters, however when one considers the scope of his chaos and mayhem, it was really rather tame and very singular in focus.

Arguments can be made of course that he was trying to take out the most visible threat, but I’m going with something else.

So Nogitsune Evil? I think not, now in the internment camp when Noshiko called nogitsune forth (And he may be her shadow to be honest, that’s a different meta) she did so with a purpose, she wanted revenge and she was given revenge by the nogitsune’s hand, he came with a purpose and sought to fulfil it.

So the theory which could fit the season is the nogitsune was not a big bad at all, how could I even suggest so, it wrecked so much havoc and it killed people and don’t forget Allison.

This is all true, however if we expand our reasoning and consider how much it could have done, and how much it didn’t do, and how cryptic it was to Stiles? We’re trying to save you, why would it even say something like that? Perhaps it meant it.

The Nogitsune from the internment camp came with a purpose, and likely this one did too, perhaps instilled in it by the nematon, which experienced the death of Jennifer by the claw of Peter. So let’s assume for the sake of argument that nogitsune don’t operate by the same type of morals as mortals do, I’m trying to think of an example and all I can come up with is, if you’ve read the Wheel of Time, there are these creatures from the Tower of Ghenji, the Snakes and Foxes, who are outside reality but are universally considered Bad, however you can bargain with them to an extend so long as it operates under certain rules, and it is revealed that they’re simply to foreign to apply the concept of good and bad to.

Arguably the same applies to a millennia old fox spirit, which means the nogitsune could have had a purpose besides hunger, food was a separate issue, Noshiko was the same, he never tried to destroy her (perhaps because he was her shadow), here comes my wild theory.

Maybe the Nogitsune was there to teach and test the main supernatural element.

Substantiation. The nogitsune was inordinately focused on the main “pack”, we have to interpret everything through a game, Go. It was always throwing up moves and trying to see how everyone would react, it gave opportunities to flip the advantage e.g. it left Meredith free to warn them not to come for Lydia, did it think they wouldn’t listen who knows? It would have gotten the Oni anyway. Did it care that the consequences for everyone was the loss of a “stone” no because it has a different perspective.

Consider the scene in Stiles subconscious, he’s playing go with the nogitsune, In all fairness It seems highly unlikely that Stiles could stand against nogi, even if he is extremely bright, go is a game of experience, so that scene was a perfect window into seeing that Stiles was being taught to think in a different way, to see more of the board, his game was chess, a battle, the near present. Go is different Go is about territory, influence, control and life and death, where multiple battles can happen at the same time.

Nogitsune keeps testing everyone, their bonds and their minds, it’s never about the power they have. It is about the mind. Can they think right, can they prepare for what is coming?

I think the game culminates in the illusion not in stiles mind where he disrupts the stones! The disruption of the stones was not a real move. No the real move was realising the Nogistune wasn’t real and they weren’t cornered at all, the nogitsune played a hand that made it seem as though their contested territory died and they had lost the game so Stiles should just end it. Stiles saw through the illusion and told everyone, the fact that Scott and Kira couldn’t believe it, I’ll get to.

So now the nogitsune has lost the advantage now it has to respond, but it’s battling at multiple fronts so it gets cornered and loses.

Now ends the theory with a question. Did they pass the test?

In part, I think Stiles, Lydia and Derek passed the test - substantiation. Stiles realises that the illusion is what it is, he tells everyone else and Lydia believes him, they pass unharmed, and then lead the nogitsune exactly where he had to be, they played the stones that led the nogitsune to his loss.

Derek realised something this season about himself, something important, though he projected it onto Scott, the fact that he never gives up when it comes to those he cares about, that he endures and leads, we can all pretend that the twins followed for Scott pack, but when it came to it they deferred to Derek, they told Derek to get the box to Scott that they would try to hold off the Oni, not that one of them should bring the box to Scott which would have made them look better in Scott’s eyes.

Why do I say Scott, Allison and Kira did not win, Allison took the wrong role when it came down to it, she forgot to think, she forgot to be the tactician and the leader and she lost her life because of it.  

Scott didn’t play with his head either, all plans he took part in were thought of by others, when it came down to it he was brawn, and he didn’t truly believe in Stiles that it was an illusion, this is one of the most important aspects of Scott’s failure, you can’t always be right, but it doesn’t help when you can’t trust and believe in your friends. This is a character flaw we can still see this season.

Kira didn’t understand her mother, or what she was trying to teach her, she rushed forward, and she keeps doing it this season.

Stiles he has learned, he has learned some very important things and Lydia as well. Derek it is hard to say with so little of him.

Stiles has learned to look at the larger picture, I think this shows particularly in his reactions these past two episodes with Malia, there was a significant shift in his demeanour concerning her from just the first two episodes, in episode 401 and 402 he isn’t comfortable with things as they are, in episode 403 we see an odd change which I think MAYBE and I’ve seen this theory floating around, by Sterekmeta, that Stiles realised Malia isn’t all she looks like because of the whole highlighter thing and so decided then and there to start the game, a game of Go, of influence.

 Lydia has learned she has to listen and learn, she’s very clearly trying to come to grips with her abilities, even though her monetary problems seem to also be drowning her, I’m not sure her mother is actually in trouble, I think her mom has simply told her she’s responsible for her own credit card debt, and that coupled with the lake house has her convinced things are worse than ever. I could be wrong.

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