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Animagi (Newt x Animagi!Reader)

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Request:  I really love your writing and had a panic attach when I saw requests where open. I was wondering if you could write a fic with newt and an Animagus reader who isn’t self conscious about her abilities? Thanks! - Anon

So, I saw somewhere that the animal of your patronus is also likely to be your animagus

P/A: Patronus animal

Enjoy :)

Oh, warning: trash

You were an animagi.  The idea of being able to transform into an animal was a dream for you, so you went through with the tasks required to become an animagi a little after you had graduated Hogwarts.  Your animagus was a P/A, the same as your patronus.  

You met Newt Scamander while you were at the Ministry of Magic legally registering to become an animagi (Unlike the Marauders).  Newt was there to update the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures on his discoveries so far.  You overheard a bit about his case full of magical creatures, and on his way out you stopped him to ask him about it.  Flushed, Newt told you a little about his creatures.  But you wanted to know more.  So you pulled him to a nearby bench and began asking dozens of questions.

Newt was utterly thrilled someone had taken a fascination with his creatures and beasts.

**Month Later**

Ever since then, you had been travelling with Newt as kind of a co-author of his upcoming book.  You would edit and fix his mistakes after he had written a chapter when he was clearly far too tired to think straight.  Having an extra hand that could also turn into an animal was just what Newt needed.  He loved having you there to help him out with the creatures.  Oh, forgot to mention that he was completely smitten with you.

After roughly three months of this, Newt finally mustered up the courage to quietly and sweetly ask you out on a date.  Of course you said yes.  How could anyone pass on that adorable blushy face?  Pretty soon you two became an official couple.  Kissing, cuddling, and all.  

Your daily routine was typically the same.  Wake up, feed the creatures, feed yourself, relax, feed the creatures, eat dinner, go to bed.  After you had eaten breakfast, you and Newt were quietly sitting in the workshop part of Newt’s case.   Newt was doodling creatures on a scrap piece of paper he found, while you were reading a book.  

Newt was lost in his thoughts, and for some reason he began wondering if you had ever experienced people ridiculing you for your animagus abilities.

“Hey, Y/N?” he said, setting down his pencil and turning to face you.

You looked up from your book and smiled.  “Yes?”

“Have you ever… uh…” He drifted off.

“Newt?  Are you okay?”

Newt snapped back into reality.  “What?  Oh, yes I’m perfectly fine.  I was just curious if… has anyone ever made fun of you for being an animagi?”

You frowned, but then thought for a moment.  “Not that I can recall… I’m quite proud of my abilities, really.”

Newt grinned.  “I’m glad to hear that.  You’re truly amazing, you know that?”

You reached a hand across the small room and ruffled Newt’s curly hair.  “Only because you tell me everyday.”

“Because you are,” Newt replied, taking your hand in his and pressing a kiss to the back of it.

“Aw, you’re very sweet.”

Newt fake-groaned.  “You tell me that everyday,” he said, imitating you.

You chuckled.  “Because you are!  My little sweetheart,” you said cutely yet a bit mockingly and leaned in quickly to peck his lips.

Newt flashed a smile.  “I know.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

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ah, i was wondering if you could list your fav Jealous Kook moments.

I sure can! Have a mentioned I live for Jealous!Kook? Because I do. He just looks like he is going to eat Yoongi up to prove to everyone just who Yoongi belongs to. These arnt necessarily my favs, but more all the times I can recall Jungkook being jealous xD Because why not?

We can start with the ones I’ve listed in a previous ask. This time I’m just going to try linking the pictures instead. 

Hoseok and Yoongi playing around calling each other handsome, when Jungkook walks up looking none too pleased with what is going on. And when Yoongi steps back after Jimin jumps in to play with Hoseok instead, the look Jungkook gives him literally says it all. Yoongi is going to get it when they get home for sure. He even does this little chin nod thing at Yoongi and I just… Yoongi’s face and Jungkook’s face. A silent conversation happened here. (If I had to pick a favorite moment this would be it.)

I mentioned this one in my other ask as well, but Jungkook getting up to get in between Yoongi and Hoseok after they were talking. Jungkook seems to have this thing where he can’t control his face. You can see it in the look he gives Hoseok and Yoongi before getting up to get in between them. (LINK TO VIDEO)

This one was when they were in Japan. Hoseok was originally making a joke/pun to the camera about Osaka. After doing it a few times to just the camera, he turned to look at Yoongi (who was beside him) and started doing the joke to him (which was Hoseok doing motorcycle motions and saying ‘Oh-Sa-Car’). Jungkook was walking behind Yoongi and he moved forward to push Hoseok away after he did the joke a few times in Yoongi’s face. Jungkook pretty much decided that Hobi had a time limit for how long he could be around his Yoongi.

So ya’ll remember when Yoongi and Hoseok were practicing for their duet as Sope? Do ya’ll remember how Jungkook pretty much refused to leave them alone for even a split fuckin second? Do ya’ll also remember how Jungkook’s eyes never left Yoongi? Like at all? Jungkook was pretty much pacing around them like some kind of wild animal and just watching Yoongi. At one point he even tried to be nonchalant about it (which he was already too late in doing, but maybe it crossed his mind a bit late that he was being super obvious) and went to get a glass of water, just to stand there and stare at Yoongi. The video is pretty much Sope ft. Jungkook because he is in literally the whole video. Yes Jungkook, you’re not jealous what so ever. (LINK TO VIDEO)

There was this one moment when they were doing a Vlive, and it’s super small but I thought it was kind of cute, where Yoongi was showing off a little trophy they has and Namjoon kind of reached over to help hold it. Now it’s a tiny little block, and there was really no reason for Namjoon to reach out and hold it too, but Jungkook… Now there was really no reason for him to reach out and hold it either seeing as there was no space to even hold. I think he just wanted to be in the middle of it and make sure no hand holding occurred. He kind did a little head tilt to get a look at where Namjoon’s hand was. Just saying. (I apologize. The gif is way bigger than what I thought it was.)

There was also a moment when they were on Show Champion. I don’t have the before gifs, but I have the after. So the boys are all standing in a line, going left to right: Jungkook, Yoongi, Jin, Jimin, Namjoon, Tae, Hobi. Yoongi sort of went to back hug Jin for just a moment and then moved to stand back the way he was. Jungkook took one glance and then moved to stand in between Yoongi and Jin and wrapped his arms around both of them. The hand he had around Yoongi though kind of wrapped around so his hand was on Yoongi’s chest and you can see Jungkook kind of doing this tapping motion on Yoongi’s chest like a little “Don’t do that.” And Yoongi started reach up for Jungkook’s hand, but then made eye contact with the camera and instead started playing around with Jungkook’s arm. Another of their little silent conversations. (The second gif you can see the ‘tapping’)

I wish I had gifs of the next one. But luckily I have a fancam to share. So everyone has seen the aftermath of this one, but nobody talks about the fuckin look Jungkook gives Yoongi before it. So it was on some award show (don’t quote me on that. I actually don’t remember what event this was haha.) and all of the other idols and everything were gathering together to take one giant group photo. As they were gathering together, Yoongi reaches over and casually puts his hand on another idol (You have to forgive me. I don’t know who it is!) and brings him forward to stand next to him. Jungkook is behind Yoongi when this happens. Jungkook watches as Yoongi’s hand touches the other guy, then snaps his head over to look at Yoongi and just stares down the back of his head. Then Jimin and some other idol are talking and Jungkook casually makes light conversation with them for a moment before going back to look at Yoongi who is cutely hopping up and down to be in the photo. Ya’ll know how it ends though. Jungkook eventually just ends up picking Yoongi up so he can be in the picture. Afterward he kind of hangs around Yoongi for a bit, following where he goes and such. Probably to make sure he doesnt fraternize with anyone else. Jungkook can not control himself I swear. (LINK TO THE VIDEO)

I don’t remember everything for this one, but Jin had his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder and was talking to the camera and just the look Jungkook was giving Yoongi. Yoongi is making a face like he knows what’s going to happen when he gets home.

This one is from when they were doing that anniversary radio show of theirs (Which anniversary I’m not sure) and I don’t remember what was going on, but Yoongi reached out to hold someone’s hand and Jungkook promptly hijacked Yoongi’s hand to hold it himself, and made sure to make eye contact with Yoongi while he did it. I’m actually not sure what was going on during this whole segment (In terms of Yoonkook) because something else was definitely going on. Both Jungkook and Yoongi kind of made face/gestures at each other during this that I think was just flirting… so maybe this wasn’t jealousy but aggressive flirting xD I’m going to let it stay anyway.

I have two more that are just pictures. I have no storyy for them as I havnt seen either of these in action, but I’ll share them anyway hehe

And I hope this list was to your liking hehe~ Send me more asks! I love doing YoonKook lists *-* I have so much to share!

GSNK || Meet the Parents

Fandom: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Meet the Parents
Characters: Umetarou Nozaki, Chiyo Sakura, Mayu Nozaki
Rating: G
Genre: Family/Romance/Comedy
Summary: Chiyo realizes she accidentally took home one of Nozaki’s notebooks on a school night that he happens to be spending at his parents’ home.
Author’s Note: I mistakenly recalled Nozaki’s character info as stating he had a much younger sister, but she’s actually around the same age as Mayu. I already finished writing it and didn’t feel like fixing it when I found out, so, uh, oops.

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River, Heart Phoenix, Milton Nascimento and Lizzie Bravo, July 7th, 1990. 

‘’[…] They wanted to meet Milton, after hearing the beautiful song he had written for River (he saw “The Mosquito Coast” and was very impressed with the young actor’s performance). We communicated via phone and fax to try to find a date that would be suitable for everyone. River was filming, Milton was on a US tour.  

It was finally decided it would be in Atlanta. The day of the concert was July 7th,1990, the place was Piedmont Park and the event at the Atlanta Jazz Series. 

Heart drove, with River sleeping in the back seat. When they arrived, we met outside the hotel, the Wyndham, on Peachtree Avenue or Street. This photo of the 4 of us is from that moment - River looks definitely sleepy!

When we headed back to the hotel entrance, River asked his mother for some money.  It was a really small amount, something like US$5.00.  She asked him didn’t he want some more and he said that was enough. She asked him didn’t he want some more and he said that was enough.  I thought that was so cute: an internationally acclaimed actor, yet he still acted like a little boy beside his mother!


The last time I saw River was here in Rio de Janeiro, at Milton’s house, around June 1992.  Heart prepared a vegetarian feast and my brother and I were invited.  It was a lovely evening, good food and conversation.  River took me by the hand and led me upstairs, where he placed the earphones of his Walkman on my ears and played a new song of his for me to listen and give my opinion. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the song's name. I was flattered that he wanted to show me the song and hear my opinion.


What I remember about River is him being a very beautiful, caring, sweet and kind young man. It was a privilege to meet this very special family.’’

- Lizzie Bravo on River.

Taehyung xReader|Ice Cream Time Is All The Time!

Scenario Request: “What do you mean 3am is too late for an ice cream run? IT’S ALWAYS ICE CREAM TIME IN THIS HOUSE!”

Genre: Waaaay fluffier than I meant it to be…

Word Count: 1728

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My requests are open!

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“Jagi. Psssst Jagi…”

You were rudely awoken from your pleasant dreams by what appeared to be an extremely excitable Taehyung. You groaned and attempted to swat away the hand that was lightly tugging on your shoulder, but he only seized it and began to shake your arm vigorously. “What is it Taehyung?” you asked, rubbing your eyes with the back of your free hand.

“I can’t sleep…”

Now that your eyes were more adjusted you could see that although Taehyung’s hair and clothing were disheveled, his eyes were as wide and bright as ever. Your gaze wandered to the alarm clock that sat on the night table beside the bed; your mouth fell open. “Woah Tae, it’s already three in the morning! Have you slept at all?”

Taehyung seemed to suddenly realise the time as well and his eyes widened. “Oh…no, no I haven’t…”

You watched his bright smile turn into a frown as you sat up. You thought for a moment on what to do, but it was so late your brain came up with nothing. “Well…what do you think we should do? Do you feel tired?”

Taehyung paused for a moment as if he were assessing just how tired he was, before shaking his head. “Nope, not really.” For a moment, the two of you sat in silence, until suddenly Taehyung’s eyes lit up. “Hey, I know what we can do!”

You cocked your head to the side, wondering what had gotten him so excited. “Hey, as long as it lets us go back to sleep I’m down,” you said with a chuckle.

At that Taehyung puffed his cheeks, his eyes wandering as he avoided your gaze. “Weeeelll…it actually may require a little adventuring.” As he caught you rolling your eyes he latched back onto your arm. “C’mon Jagiya I promise it’ll totally be worth it. Pleeeassseeee?”

Taehyung hit you with his bright boxy smile and you suddenly found yourself giving in. “Fine, but I’m not changing out of my pajamas, and I’m taking one of your sweaters too,” you grumbled, tiredly pushing yourself off the bed and stretching.

“Okay!” Taehyung exclaimed excitedly, giggling happily as he tossed one of his sweaters toward you and threw another over his head. You had to run after him toward the front door, barely having enough time to throw on his sweater and your shoes before he grabbed you by the hand and yanked you out into the night.

You shivered as the chilly night air hit you, tousling Taehyung’s hair as he continued to pull you along.  The streets were completely empty apart from the vehicles that would pass every once in awhile. For a while, you two walked in silence, Taehyung glancing around with furrowed brows as if he were looking for something. “I think it’s somewhere around this corner…”

You rolled your eyes at Taehyung’s mumbling. “Taehyung, where are we even-”

“Oh, there it is!” Taehyung suddenly exclaimed, causing you to jump.

He suddenly broke into a run, tugging you along after him. “Hey Tae, slow down, look before you cross the street, Jesus!” Taehyung completely ignored you as he sprinted across the street without bothering to look for cars. As he tugged you along the building he pulled you towards came into view. You had to squint to read the sign. “Taehyung what makes you think this ice cream parlour is gonna be open when it’s going on four in the…” you trailed off as Taehyung finally slowed to a stop outside the door, breathing heavily. Though there were no customers inside, there was an old woman sitting behind the counter, reading glasses perched on the tip of her nose as she read her book. “Why would an old woman like this stay up this early to sell ice cream?” you mumbled under your breath, staring in wide-eyed wonder at the blinking Open sign hanging in the window.

Taehyung shrugged. “I actually asked her about that before. She said that she normally sleeps throughout the day and was always wide awake all night, and decided to do something useful with that time. So, she bought this building and opened up this little ice cream parlour.” As Taehyung’s eyes covered every inch of the building, a smile spread across his face. Not his usual big, bright, boxy smile, though; this one was small…quiet. “She told me she used to sit on this exact street corner every day with her husband when they were young and they’d just…talk and watch all the people walking past…” as Taehyung trailed off the light in his eyes grew again, but this time it had faded from the wild and bright light of the sun to the soft warm glow of burning embers. For a moment, he stared at his feet with the same small smile. Then, he caught you staring at him out of the corner of his eye and his cheeks turned a bright shade of red. “L-let’s just go in…she may be closing soon…” Taehyung shook his head as he wrenched the parlour’s door open and with that, the spell had been broken.

A bell above the parlour’s door emitted a soft, pleasant, ting as you and Tae entered, causing the old woman to look up from her book. The second her eyes landed on Taehyung she gave both of you a warm smile, placing her book on the counter beside her and standing. “Ah Taehyung, welcome back! I see you brought a friend with you this time.”

The old woman’s friendly gaze landed on you and Taehyung hastened to introduce you. “Oh, this is Y/N,” he said, cheerily gesturing to you as you gave a small wave.

The lady raised her eyebrow. “Oh so this is the Y/N I’ve heard so much about…” she leaned over the counter and spoke to you in a low voice. “I must say, Miss, you are just as beautiful as Taehyung described-”

“Okay so, I’ll take butterscotch!” Taehyung suddenly exclaimed, much louder than necessary.

You giggled as the old woman raised her hands in mock surrender, heading over to the dozens of tubs of ice cream placed neatly in the freezer. “Okay okay, so the usual. And what about you dear?” she asked, turning back toward you.

“Oh, I’ll have-”

“-Just vanilla.” The old woman burst into laughter as Taehyung covered his cheeks. “I-I mean I think that’s what they want…” he turned to you with a sheepish smile; you laughed along with the woman and nodded.

The old woman shook her head as she handed Taehyung both ice creams and headed back to her book. “You both can take your ice creams free of charge,” the woman said as Taehyung handed you your ice cream. You opened your mouth to protest, but she cut you off. “No ifs, ands, or buts Miss,” she said, giving you a look over her glasses as she sunk back into her chair and lifted her book.

You nodded shyly and gave the woman a small smile as you and Taehyung left, the bell lightly tinging again as you shut the door behind you. “She’s very sweet,” you said as you watched Taehyung eat his ice cream happily. “How did you find that place?”

Taehyung thought for a moment before responding. “Back before we were dating, I used to find sleeping really hard. I don’t know what it was but as soon as 3am hit I just couldn’t sleep. So, I started taking late night walks to occupy my time, and one night I happened upon her ice cream parlour. After that, I went back almost every night. I rush over there as quick as I can to get some ice cream, and then I take my time walking back, so it’s gone by the time I get back and you and the guys were never the wiser…well I mean now you know but I don’t mind.” Taehyung chuckled as he stopped to cross the street, taking care to look before crossing.

As you both lazily strolled along eating your ice creams, your’s and Taehyung’s hands casually linked together. It took you a long time before you spoke again. “You know Tae, you kind of confuse me sometimes.”

Taehyung had just taken the last bite of his ice cream cone, and he took a moment to swallow before responding. “Really? Why?”

“Because when we left you were running and giggling like a little kid; I even had to tell you to look both ways before crossing the street. But, after you talked to me about that old woman and her husband you suddenly became so calm and mature.”

Taehyung’s thumb rubbed calming circles on the back of your hand as he thought for a moment. “I guess I just find the night really…calming? It’s hard to explain.” Taehyung chuckled to himself and shook his head, looking down to your joined hands with a small smile. “I just find that woman’s story about her husband really…cute…” he trailed off as his eyes trailed up to your face, causing your cheeks to turn a light shade of red. “I really want that to be us someday…” Taehyung froze as he suddenly realized what he had said, causing both of you to stop walking. “Ah I’m sorry, is that a weird thing to say? I know we haven’t been dating for all that long, a-and I don’t mean to creep you out…”

Taehyung trailed off as a wide grin spread across your face, the color of his cheeks suddenly matching yours. “No Taehyung it’s fine. I…I want that too…”

For a moment, the two of you stared at each other in awkward silence. Suddenly Taehyung released your hand as both of his went to his cheeks, the familiar wide, boxy smile spreading across his face as he let out a highly pressurized squeal. “Aish Jagiya, you look so cute when you’re all blushy!” he exclaimed, squeezing both your cheeks.

You rolled your eyes as you moved his hands out of the way. “C’mon nerd, let’s head back. You obviously need some sleep if you’re calling me cute.”

Taehyung chuckled as he placed a soft kiss to your forehead and took your hand back in his. “Okay, whatever you say Jagiya,” he said, rolling his eyes as you both began to walk back home.

Dragon Tales
jongyu, ace!2min, queerplatonic!jongkey ft. aro!key
~10k words / pg-15 / fantasy au, omegaverse

Summary: in which an orphaned dragon brings together a family.

written in a fic exchange for sarah-in-kpopland, to fill the prompts: a smut trope, written without any smut (ie omegaverse) || waking up in another world || something with an aromantic and/or asexual main character

i. The Halfling’s Tale

It was a very cheerful day in the northern Cloud Mountains, with the sun casting a bright and warm golden glow upon the land. The jagged mountains with their high peaks of gray were wreathed in less clouds than usual, the trees swayed gently in a welcome breeze, and the nearby river sparkled in the sunlight as the water danced its way down through the riverbed.

Lee Taemin did not appreciate the lovely vista that surrounded him. He scuffed down the overgrown, abandoned trail with his jaw set and his eyes dark, lost in annoyed memory. He would have preferred the weather to be cold, gray and rainy, for then it would at least have matched his mood.

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((Here’s the mail it never fails-

I’ve purchased keychains from @cloesy before, but that was before the shimmer ones were made! The moment I saw them, I thought “WELP, TIME TO FIX THAT.”

So I got more.

At first there was a little mix-up, but they were incredibly sweet and things got sorted out ASAP. I felt really bad still… So I drew them the thank you. Please check out their store! Word on the street is that octarian charms are being made!))