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I got a question from someone who wishes to remain anon (sorry, I know it’s a nice feature for some of you, but to me it’s nothing but a source of harassment. Sorry.) regarding Hunger Pangs so here we go:

Hi mom! I’ve got a random question about Hunger Pangs but please dont feel like you need to respond if you dont have the spoons. I’ve been reading through your meta tags and I love love LOVE what youre doing and I know you have said that Vlad suffers from depression (I think?) but I was wondering: do you mind if people headcanon him as autistic? A lot of the things you write about him I recognize in myself and it’d mean a lot to have a character in a book from an author I like be like me. Sorry if this is weird. I just thought I’d ask ^^; I’m looking forward to the book regardless I guess I just wanted to know your opinion on how you feel about people headcanoning your work. Thank you in advance, and also if you publish this could you make it anon, ty <3

Hello anon, thank you for the wonderful message. I’m glad you’re looking forward to Hunger Pangs, I am hoping everyone will love reading it as much as I have writing it.

And to answer your question simply: you can headcanon whatever the hell you want. He’s definitely neurodivergent, his mental health is based somewhat on my own (as is his sarcasm, if you couldn’t tell), he’s the victim of hundreds of years of gaslighting and a few other things I can’t talk about without giving away plot, but he’s definitely not neurotupical. But if Vlad is autistic to you, then he’s whatever you want him to be, and that’s all that matters.

If you want him to be non-binary, he’s non binary. If you want him to be trans, he’s trans. I’m not going to stop anyone from headcanoning my characters into whatever works best for them. 

Nathan is often described in what could be seen as very cis masculine terms, but if you headcanon him as trans—more power to you friend, have at it. If you want Ursula to be something more than what I’ve presented her as, go for it. I’m here 100% for your headcanons and interpretations of them if they provide something you need. 

I’ve tried to make the book as diverse as possible, but with this being my first novel I will undoubtedly fall short of a few things, and I can only apologize and promise I’ll continue to do better as we go along. I will say this though, hardly anyone in the book is what I’d define as neurotypical (or able bodied for that matter). High functioning maybe, but when I said I wanted to write a story for me and people like me, I didn’t just mean that in regards to sexuality. 

Anyway, I hope that answers your question. Take care and have a wonderful night :)

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i recently had a dream that dan and phil came to my town for an event thingy. i don't remember why, but before they had to be on stage they asked me to show them around. when we were walking around phil decided to collect weird looking rocks for some reason. so when they were needed for the event they took the rocks back stage and did what they were supposed to do. but the most vivid part of the dream i remember is what dan was wearing. 1 of 2

[he had curly hair, black ripped jeans, and a jumper that resembled his sexual fantasies one except it was all black, and in the middle of it in big gray sparkly letters it said “GAY” the best part was that no one thought anything of it, and it wasn’t a big deal. 2 of 2]

yo this sounds like a great dream and all but i just really want that jumper wtf that sounds cool as hell

I thought okay would find me when I turned away from your eyes, when the size of our hands matched the veins stretching to find commonality. my thoughts used to come easy because I was rehearsing what I wanted to tell you, the clouds would wrap the trees in a floor plan to uncover a bookmark that could save a breath to hold us together once more. I love you is a life sentence written in streams of a visionary addition, but I was still recovering from yesterday’s sadness. my feet can’t run faster than these thoughts, but I swear I’m still trying. we should have danced before we learned that finger painting works best in a broken heart. I need to find out if you’re real, so I press my lips to our past reflections– these are the words that I said to kiss us into life. Sometimes I think I love you, most days I know that I do. It’s not easy to admit these things, I know. It’s easier to break, I know. Is silence more fitting than screaming into your thoughts? I’d break the sky just to see us make it. There’s so much more to this place, but all I’ll ever need is you. If you’re not here by tomorrow, I don’t think I plan to be here either. These days needing you is an understatement. I want things to be alright, even if we’re alone. I need to know, don’t you? This is my love letter to you– forgive me if this ends horribly, I always fuck things up.
—  The Ate & The Bunso
How Shiro found out that Keith and Lance are dating

Kieth had been disappearing for long amounts of time, training probably, and Shiro was starting to get worried. So, he decided to wait outside of Keith’s door to see when he went to bed each night.

He stayed awake the entire night, waiting, but Keith never showed up. I’ll talk to him after team training, Shiro thought. I’ll tell that he doesn’t need to train that much.

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  • Robert: Hurry up! Please!
  • Vic: Robert?
  • Robert: My leg's caught! (Vic starts helping, charity laughs) It's not funny!
  • Charity: Oh, Robert, it is. I mean, how did end up there?
  • Robert: I slipped, obviously. It's stuck.
  • Vic: Right, it just needs a little shove.
  • Robert: (cries out in pain) Argh! Ahh! Get off!
  • Vic: Well, it's out now, thanks to me.
  • Robert: You broken my ankle! (Charity and vic laughing) Are you not hearing me? I said you've broken my ankle!
  • Charity: Oh, come on, she's not broken your ankle.
  • Robert: I'm in agony. What do you know?
  • Charity: There's no bones sticking out, it's not even swollen. It might be a bit red, but you've probably just twisted it.
  • Robert: It really, really hurts. (Vic and Charity laughing!) Stop it! Stop laughing, you pair of shrieking monkeys!
  • Charity: Oh, hey look! (grabs keys) Got them. Thank you. For this, and for this, cos I really needed a laugh.
  • Robert: Just get out!
  • Vic: (mocking him) What about your poorly ankle?
  • Robert: I said get out! Wait, Charity!
  • Charity: No.
  • Robert: What?
  • Charity: No to whatever it is you're gonna ask.
  • Robert: When you were in Dublin, did you... did you see Aaron?
  • Charity: Oh, right, and there was me thinking you might need a lift to the hospital.
  • Robert: Did you see him or not?
  • Charity: Maybe. Maybe not. I'll never tell you. Except about this - I'm gonna tell everybody about this. (laughs and leaves)

I talked to my mom for like 2 hours yesterday about my anxiety and low esteem because she didn’t even know that was a thing but she noticed I wasn’t myself that day, so I just let it all out. And it was nice, because like now she knows what’s going on in my head and she said some stuff I really needed to hear. The biggest thing was about how it could really easily be taken care of if I did therapy. And I have been thinking about it for a while but always thought against it because it might not work or like, what I’m going through isn’t that big of a deal and therapy would be like overkill, and it can be expensive. But I was thinking about it and hopefully some really nice things are going to happen in the future, and so I need to take this time to get better about myself, and I really think all my problems would be solved if I was able to view myself how others viewed me. I wanna let myself like myself!

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Hey bley! Hope you're doing well. Kinda wondering something. Gf asked for a break months ago due to her depression and is considering making it permanent now. I do love her and want her to stay but if she feels like she needs to leave I can't force her. But how do I get over this raging thought that tells me: you'll never find love like this again.

I’ve said this before, but for me, any sort of grief - be it the loss of someone, a breakup, or anything else - is sort of like riding the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disneyland: It’s terrible, overwhelming, and you can only move at one speed. You can’t rush through grief - but you also can’t wallow in it (which, weirdly, is what happened to me at the end of my grief; it was more comfortable for me to keep grieving than it was to move on). Grief just moves at a slow, constant speed until it’s over, and there’s really nothing you can do but deal with it the best you can. It’s a small, terrible world. So yeah: This is going to hurt for a bit. 

Here’s the thing about girls and Life and Destiny and relationships: It’s more simple - and also more complicated - than most people would like to admit.

By that, I mean this: Yes, you will never find a love like that again. You won’t, simply by virtue of the fact that you were two unique people who had something unique together. It’s that simple.

However, it’s also more complicated: Is this woman the only person who’s right for you? Not at all. Will you find a love as good or better than the one you’re just coming out of? Absolutely. She’s not “The One”, because “The One” is actually a lot of people (even if you don’t believe it right now, it’s true).

See what I mean? It’s more simple and more complicated than you realize. And ultimately, more hopeful.

“But wait, Bley” you’re saying to yourself. “Don’t you believe in soulmates? Don’t you believe in Destiny? Don’t you believe that there’s somebody out there for everyone?” Sure I do, boo. Sure I do. But I don’t believe that there’s just ONE soulmate out there for you. That’d be fucking stupid. Do you know how many people live on this planet? Thousands. Maybe even hundreds of thousands (I’m bad at math). The number of people you will never meet is staggering. So why would there be just one person out there for you? That’s dumb. I think that there’s a lot of different people out there who we could all end up with, and whom would be perfect for us all. This girl might have been perfect for you, sure. But she’s not the only one who’s perfect for you, dude! Life isn’t a puzzle, it’s a watch; there’s not just one piece that fits in a specially shaped hole - it’s more like if the teeth match, the wheels turn. 

I think it’s easier for people to just think “oh, this is the person for me” without actually admitting how they got to be with that person. Hindsight has a convenient way of rewriting itself; sure, people like to say things like “it was destiny I met her at that party” and then will completely ignore all the other smaller things that happened later - the little decisions to hang out here and there, the little compromises made along the way, etc etc - and THOSE are what actually brought that relationship into existence.

And that’s the more complicated part; hindsight can make it seem so much like destiny that you were with this last person that you can’t always see how someone else who’s also perfect for you will fit into your life at first. It’s kind of like a great song: A lot of my favorite songs I didn’t really like the first time I heard them - but then as I listened to them more, I started to appreciate the complexities and layers they had, and eventually I loved them so much they became woven into the fabric of my life. People are the same way - nobody wants to marry a three chord pop song. You wanna marry someone with layers, who surprises you and you can keep coming back to over and over and over and over and never get bored by. And is there just ONE song that I really love listening to? No way. I love both Taylor Swift and AC/DC. I love both Slayer and Mozart. You can love all different kinds of music - And that’s how it is with the people we love, the people who end up becoming woven into the very fabric of our lives. They are all different, all unique, but all equally incredible.

So take heart, friend. This breakup will hurt, yes. And you will love this girl forever, to be sure. This was the time in your life that you had this one particular love with this one particular girl. But Life holds other great times in their hand for you. Other great people lie in wait, ready to step out of the wings and onto your stage, creating new relationships and moments you’ll treasure forever. Life is long; there are other songs to sing and women to love. So sit back and suffer this dark ride through your grief as best you can - but know that there is sunshine and happiness on the other side. 

It’s a big beautiful world, after all.

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just need to ramble: yesterday this one guy i only chatted with because he sent me pictures of his dog (he was cute) told me i was a hot guy and it felt just weird? somehow good because i passed and he thought i was looking good but somehow not, because it is difficult for me to take compliments because of past trauma. i wish i could just take the compliment because i rarely pass well enough to get perceived as attractive.

It’s okay to not be able to take compliments, lots of people find it difficult (especially, as you said if theres trauma involved)
I hope you can feel better soon 💙 - Matthew


As Vivienne and Luca stood in the middle of his living room staring at each other, they both thought of how good it was to be together. Even though the years had been long, and there was still much to figure out and discuss, the love they had for one another was still there. Just as strong as it had ever been.

“You should probably go,” Luca said, breaking the silence between them. “But you have my number in case you need me.”

“Yes, I do.”

“And please promise me that you will be careful, Viv. I need some time to figure out what I am going to do and I don’t want him to find out that you know about me being alive or that you’ve been to see me.”

“He won’t. He thinks I am oblivious to pretty much everything.”

“Even so, watch what you say around him and don’t act as is anything is amiss. He will pick up on it and question you about it.”

“Luca, I’ll be fine. Stop worrying so much.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it.”

Smiling at the knowledge that he still cared for her and felt protective of her well being, Vivienne assured him that she would be safe, “I’ve done pretty well on my own up until now. And if you’ll remember, I was always good at keeping a secret.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Then let me worry about myself and you just focus on Trey.”

“I’ll still worry a little,” Luca replied as he stepped closer to her. “Old habits and all that…..”

With Luca standing so close to her, looking at her the way he always used to, Vivienne hesitated only a moment before she leaned in to kiss him. A kiss he immediately returned. And as they stood wrapped in each other’s arms, it seemed to them both that the world was right again. Even with everything going on around them, as long as they had each other, nothing else mattered.

But after a few minutes, Vivienne pulled away from him and repeated that she really should be leaving. She knew Trey would be wondering where she was at and she didn’t want him to realize that she knew Luca was alive. Not until the time was right.

“Be careful, Viv. And call me if you need me, okay?”

“I will. And you be sure to be careful, too. Trey knows you’re coming for him and he will be prepared.”

“Don’t worry about me, I can handle him. I’ll call you when I know exactly what I’m going to do.”

“Alright. Take care of yourself, Luca. I’ll be waiting for your call.”


Save me… part 5

You can read part 1, part 2part 3 and part 4

Castiel was looking at Nick.

“Don’t you recognize me Castiel?” Nick said.


“You remember my name. I really thought she would be a lot stronger.”He looked at you. “But she’s weak.”

You were still lying on the ground. He was right, you were weak. You tried to forget that part of your life so you stopped practicing. You looked up and you saw Nick’s face. He wasn’t there anymore. You couldn’t feel his presence anymore. You got yourself on your knees and just looked down to your hands on the floor. Trying to close everybody around you and gather energy.


“Sam, we need to help them.” You said getting out of the car and running towards Castiel and Y/n.

“Dean?” Sam says walking behind you.

“Hey!” You screamed towards the man in front of Castiel.

“Dean get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.get back,” Castiel said.

You saw Y/N on her knees she was speaking to herself not looking up. She was just looking down.

“Dean, Sam get back,” Castiel said again.

You looked at Castiel and took a step back.

Y/N looked up. Her eyes were white. Her mouth was moving like she was saying something but there was no sound coming out. The man in front of Castiel began looking towards her.

“Let’s see what you can do then.” He said and took a step towards her.

Y/N moved and straight her arm and with her finger, she made the gesture to the man to kneel and he immediately did. Castiel looked at her and went to the man placing his hand on his shoulder. The demon inside left the body. Making the body fall lifeless to the ground.

Y/N was now looking towards Castiel.

“Y/N it’s okay” He said.

Her eyes turn normal and she felt to her knees.

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tonight emmerdale gave fans even more reason to hate rebecca which I never thought was possible. she knew robert was drunk and in a bad place and said she’ll let him sleep it off got him water and left. you’ve just shown what you should of shown months ago. and people wonder why she gets called a rapist? she knows what a drunken man needs and today she proved that. rebecca white has proved she’s nothing but a manipulating cow.

Darcyland Neighbor AUs

So, I’m super nervous and jittery today.  I need something to occupy my thoughts.  

I know I said I wasn’t going to write another word if it wasn’t on my original fic, but I wrote 4k words on that yesterday, so I think I’m okay?  :P  

So send me Darcyland Neighbor AUs and I’ll write you something:  

[Inbox me]: any Darcyland ship and a number:  

  1. “You must be a bad cook when I can smell it through the wall..”
  2. “Your mail accidently came to me…”  
  3. “I can hear your loud sex. Please stop.”  
  4. “I know I look like a burglar, but I promise I’m new here and I locked my keys inside…”  
  5. Pet keeps escaping
  6. “Take your damn holiday lights down, it’s June.”  
  7. Property wars- Your fence is on my land
  8. Neighborhood block captain/Neighborhood troublemaker
  9. “I knew YOU were stealing my newspaper!”  
  10. “Can you keep it down?” 
  11. Snowed in/huddling for warmth
  12. “Did you just land on my balcony?”
  13. “My A/C is out, can I share yours?”
  14. “Okay, I swear I’m not normally this creepy, but I broke my leg and have been spying on all the people across the street from me, and I could have SWORN I saw you kill a man.  Care to explain?”  (Rear Window AU/Disturbia AU)
  15. “No time to explain, but could you pretend to be my S.O when my ex arrives?” 
  16. Welcome Wagon from hell
  17. “You invited me to a pool party down the street from my house, but I’m not so sure you actually live there…oh well, pool party!”  
  18. Car trouble
  19. “I”m pretty sure you’ve been stealing my patio heirloom tomatoes and where I come from, that means war!”  
  20. That old cliche: “New neighbor is a hottie, oh my blob, what do I do?”

I’ll cut it off when I’ve had enough.  ;)  Who knows?  If I like it enough, it might become a full one-shot.  ;)  

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Your hunk blog needs more love so I'm gonna send a prompt request here. Real life instance: guy I used to like in the past used to send me morning texts everyday. One night I showed him a website full of (sorta love) poems and he copy/pasted some out to me without any comments. I wake up in the morning to see, "I've already said everything I needed to say last night. Consider that your morning text."

Bless you! Thanks for sending a prompt in! Honestly, this sounds really cute, and I struggled a bit with the ship for this, but I thought I’d try my hand at some Heith!

The soft press of lips to his temple woke him up slowly, just like it did every morning. Keith grumbled and turned into the heat behind him.

“What time is it?” he murmured into Hunk’s chest.

“Time for breakfast,” Hunk answered, exactly the same way he did every morning.

Keith sighed. “Breakfast is too early.”

“No,” Hunk gently pried Keith off and helped him sit up. “You stay up too late.”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

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Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Revealed To Have Donated Large Sum To Single Mothers In Need

The Green Umbrella Child Fund, a charity dedicated to helping marginalized children in need, revealed that Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan has donated 54 million won (approximately $48,300) to single mothers.

This makes it Kim Dong Wan’s third year in a row donating to The Green Umbrella Child Fund. He made his first donation in January of 2015 and his second donation in June of 2016. The overall amount that he donated to this charity totals 150 million won (approximately $134,000).

Kim Dong Wan said, “I thought about what group of people need help but don’t get much support, and single mothers and their children came to my mind first. I hope that society becomes equal so that there’s no one who is ‘marginalized.‘”

Source: soompi

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Funny story, so one time my parents thought I ran away. But in reality I just accidentally locked myself in the basement.

Lukas: Emil? Emil, are you down here? Answer me- I’m getting

Emil: … I’m here.

Lukas: Bror, what’re you doing down here? It’s stuffy and disgusting.

Emil: I just wanted to be alone, I guess…

Lukas: Listen, I know moving has been hard on you, and I get you need your space- but you know you can always come to me; work with me to help you and let’s lean on each other.

Emil: Lukas… I… Y-You don’t know. You haven’t even said what’s happened- You act like nothing’s happened. … Why did you leave in the first place?

Lukas: W… What? 

Emil: Never mind… I shouldn’t have asked. I wanna stop talking about it, and go upstairs. Okay?

Lukas: … Yeah. 

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Two things. I know Magnus does the Institute wards, but do you think he can just go in whenever he wants? He's like, "High Warlock of Brooklyn/your leader's husband coming through." Also, when Dot was alone with Alec in his office I low key wanted her to say something to him about Magnus like, "I hope you know you're lucky you have him or he loves you so much" or something just so he could know that Magnus talks about him in a loving way to other people.

So first, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it, but now that you mentioned, maybe? I don’t really know how his wards works, like is it supposed to keep just demons away or anything with demon blood? And, since Magnus was the one that made it, he must know a way to past them. But I don’t think he needs it, because, like you said, he’s dating Alec and everyone is probably aware of that, so he must have some kind of “””privilege””” (even more now that Alec is the Head).

About Dot, I do think would be nice to have someone say something like that to Alec, but in that scene in particular I don’t think would be the right moment to. It was a really tense moment and they had to find the mirror before Valentine, so all their attention was directed to it, and I don’t think bringing up their relationship would make much sense. Though I think would be cute if someone did, someone like Catarina *eye emoji*  

the tangerines

i asked her
why she drank
she said she
did it for the
i said, what?
she said, tangerines,
who else is going
to drink for them?
i didn’t know
she said,
need someone,
i am there for them,
they are mine

the nearest
grocery store
was over 10 miles
i thought about
the tangerines sitting there
as we sat at
a long slab of marble
on a stool,
there were limes
she didn’t care
about them

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My mom was just talking to my brother and she was mentioning a job she applied for, and she said, "Yeah, they were asking me questions like, 'Are you a female at birth or man? Do you consider yourself a man, woman, or transgender individual? Are you homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc.' And I thought it was great how they're including everybody!" And my heart just went oof like ma ;') I have high hopes for coming out now. 💞 I just needed to share this awesome thing with someone !!!

Oh cool! Thats really great!

-Mod Sawyer