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Tolkien’s Rejected Villains

For Day 5 of Silmweek, I haven’t got enough time for a full meta, so I thought that I’d talk about some fun evil minions from the weird early versions of the Legendarium. Some of these are quite interesting figures, so I thought that fanfiction writers especially might be interested in rescuing them from the scrap heap, and polishing up some new background characters they don’t have to name. Remember that the early drafts are kind of crazy sometimes and often aren’t canonical to Tolkien’s later writings. It’s pretty great. 

  • Lungorthin was a balrog and Melkor’s Master of the Guard. He spent most of his time in Angband’s throne room, guarding his master. Why does a Vala need to be guarded by a less powerful being? Paranoia I guess. Lungorthin’s claim to fame is that he burns with white flames, rather than red ones like regular Balrogs. Since white flames are hotter than red ones, Lungorthin seems like an extra special kind of evil you should definitely avoid.
  • Langon was the herald of Melkor who was sent to negotiate with the Valar when they besieged Utumno in the Book of Lost Tales. Probably had a great voice.
  • Fankil - a proto-Sauron figure from the early outlines, he was Melkor’s lieutenant and the leader of dark armies in the East (Palisor). After Melkor was imprisoned, Fankil started corrupting the first Men with his Dwarves (who were evil at the time) and goblins, turning them against the elves, and starting the first war between Elves and goblins. In an even earlier version, he and his evil dwarves conquered Palisor. 
  • Fluithin or Ulbandi the Ogress. What’s an Ogre? In the early drafts, a race of cannibal giants. In later versions they don’t appear except in tales, and were probably either a mythological race, or possibly another name for trolls. I prefer to think of ogres as prototype trolls myself. Fluithin is from the earliest drafts, which were pretty weird, and in that version the Ainur had children and behaved more like pagan gods. Fluithin had a child with Morgoth, and that is literally all we know about her.
  • Kosomot/Kalimbo - the earliest version of Gothmog the Balrog, where he was the giant ogre son of Morgoth and Fluithin the Ogress and wasn’t on fire.
  • Tevildo, Prince of Cats. Certified children’s book villain. A great black cat with a collar of gold who ruled a castle full of giant cats. What did Tolkien have against cats anyway? Beren is sent to Tevildo when he’s captured by Melkor, and Huan and Tinúviel defeat Tevildo, free Beren, cast down his castle and turn all his cats regular size. Several rewrites later, Tevildo eventually becomes Sauron. Yes. Sauron was originally a giant magic cat.
Beloved Y/N

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You’re probably stunned to see a letter from me. I don’t write things down unless I have to because let’s face it that’s way too much effort for me to do. But since your now on a completely different brand and I hardly see you I took note from times before we didn’t have the technology (not that I know how to use it) and write to you because there were some things I needed to tell you (trust me this isn’t my first attempt in writing you this note/letter whatever you wanna call it. I guess you could call it my thoughts. Dean’s thought paper perhaps) 

Anyway, I need to get back to the point as to why I decided to write to you this in the first place.Ever since you were drafted to Raw, I feel lost. Not the fun kind of lost, you know when you go to a new place and get lost. That’s fun lost but this is not fun lost. This lost is horrible. I haven’t been functioning since you’ve been gone. I forget things, I forgot that I wasn’t wearing any shoes once. It took me until I was half way down the street to realise. I feel empty. Now as you know because you’ve been my friend for almost a decade I like to simple life but this feeling is horrible. I can’t function properly. I forgot that I have to use a pen to write this thing. Do you know when it all started? When you got drafted. 

I know what your thinking, but Dean I’m a phone call away or Dean you can text or Skype (I’m still trying to work out that thing by the way) But it’s not cutting it. I’m going crazy and yes I know I’m insane but more than normal. You were the only person that could keep me stable and now I don’t even get to see you. Management needs to make some changes because I swear I’ll flip out. They think I’m crazy now but boy if I get my hands on them for doing this I swear I’ll destroy them. 

But then I got thinking because what normal person goes insane because they can’t contact their best friend in the whole entire world. So here comes the serious part. I’ve come to a realisation, you know like the animals do in the cartoon where a light bulb appears above their head. I had one of those. I’m crazy about my best friend. I’m in love with my best friend and I can’t help it. But I’m sure as hell as proud that if my heart was going to switch on for anyone it would be you. I just hope you feel the same way because I believe we could have something magical. Like story worthy. 

I love you Y/N and I hope to all these good in this world that you feel the same way. 

Call me once you’ve read this please, 

I love you darlin 

Dean x 

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I'm not sure if you've already been asked this, but what inspired you to write the rivals series?

It was kind of a mix of things. I really like rivals AUs and when I started writing it there weren’t really any in the YOI fandom plus I thought it’d be really fun to see if I could take a canonically really fluffy and cute relationship and see if I could turn it into a Rivalry which still staying IC as a writing exercise. Then I drafted up a rough plot and umfb was born 

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Can i request a remus x reader where its after a full moon and she's helping him to his dorm with the marauders but her dorm is first so shes about to go in but they all hear the other girls making fun of her (kind of like look at me I'm sandra dee) and they let it slip that she has a crush on remus? Thanks I love your log btw ❤️

Oooooh that seems like a fantastic idea! I’ll start to write the draft for it up after I complete my last request (hopefully won’t be too long thought!) And thank you so much love, I do try my best 😘😘 Wait, could you like further explain by what you meant by her dorm is first? Or do you want me to figure something out aha 💛

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Hey!! I saw a gif post recently of the scene where Scott bites Nogitsune!Stiles and Kira stabs him, and I realized that Kira's katana wasn't covered in blood or anything else. I don't know if this was already talked about or not, but I was just wondering if it meant anything. Thanks in advance!!

I just watched that entire scene just a few days ago and you’re right, there’s no blood or anything.

And i think it goes together with the fact that his body just crumbled and broke into dust instead of collapsing like a normal body would. There’s something to it, i’m sure. 

The question then becomes - did it turn to dust because it had been dead for a really long time and without the fly there was nothing holding it together any more? Or because it wasn’t a “real” body in the first place? Or is the reason simply because Scott bit him and “changed the body”? That didn’t happen with Satomi - she wasn’t an alpha at the time either and simply held Rhys steady using her claws to his back - much in the same way that Peter and Derek did to Jackson actually come to think of it… 

As soon as he was stabbed the fly that was animating him escaped and that was when the body turned to dust. Compare it to what happened to Rhys and it’s a whole other story. His bandaged body was also animated by the fly and when it was driven out his body also fell to the floor, but it didn’t crumble. In fact Noshiko hid it in the wall and Stiles and Malia found it decades later where it looked like it had been decomposing in a normal kind of way.

I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s something strange going on with Stiles and perhaps there’s been more of him throughout time. Lots more. Like Orphan Black more.

I’ve been seeing him next to cyclones all  through my season 2 rewatch. Cyclones in itself is interesting and there might be a connection there but what if it’s a double meaning. Or a meaning plus a clever play on words? cyCLONE.

This image from the 2006 yearbook has been haunting me for ages

Let’s zoom in on number 24 right under that cyclone. And with the lacrosse ball right under it, it looks like an exclamation point. and the word “cyclone” has been cut so it basically says “clone”. 

Home of the Beacon Hills Clones… what if it literally is just that?

That looks an awfully lot like Stiles. but this is the 2006 yearbook. In the episode 2x08 where this is shown the year is 2011 and Stiles is a sophomore and 16 years old. If that is Stiles he might have been at school at the same time as Derek. The fire was six years ago that is true, but what if the stiles in this photo is a sophomore or older then he would have been in high school at the time of the fire. Is this why he remembers it so readily when they first meet Derek? And also why he recognizes him? And could this also explain the comment about “he’s just a few years older than us”. Is it residual memories of a previous clone-body? I know that the pilot script had Derek described as 19 years old, so this is probably way off base, but it amuses me and gives me all kinds of fun fic ideas that i will never turn into anything other than a rough draft. </ramble>

calicokat-teenwolf​ actually touched upon clones in a post the other day as well, so i know i’m not the only one playing with thoughts on this (and that is strangely comforting because sometimes i do think i’m taking things to far. but at least i’m not alone in my madness :))

Callie also mentioned that Lydia added Stiles to that list of Eichen House patients that died by Brunski’s hand ten years ago, which i think is a very good point that could support this.

Then there’s the strange occurrence of Stiles creating a second body that just materialized from the floors at Scott’s house. Is this the work of Stiles? Whenever he “dies” or his body is destroyed beyond repair he somehow just creates a new one. 

And look at nogi!stiles in the background. He’s the one animated and controlled by the fly, and he was also the one to spew out all the bandages, so it’s easy to assume it’s something he wanted to happen. But he looks surprised and scared. 

Stiles’ body has at that point been cut open with a knife and ridden hard by that fly, and the wound is not healing according to Deaton so clearly dead or in the process of dying. Is that what Stiles does when he’s about do die? He clones himself?

It sounds far-fetched i know. Not really sure i believe it myself, but it’s a fun theory to explore. 

And while i’m at it - could this be why he never seems to get hurt? I mean aside from that time when Gerard gave him a beating and he crashed the car in 3x12 we’ve never seen him with any cuts of bruises. Even when his face is slammed into steering wheels, he’s hit by car parts, he tumbles down stairs or is knocked over by berserkers. If he’s a clone or not really in a normal kind of body, that might be why he doesn’t get hurt the way you expect a perfectly normal human to be. 

And he has a strange knowledge of drowning and what it feels like, ref his conversation with Morell. We have Lydia hearing the echo of a mom drowning her baby at the Glen Capri. Stiles was standing right next to her at the time. 

I’m going to quit now before i dig myself too deep into something i can’t get out of. But to answer your question, yes it’s highly suspicious that the host body just crumbled like that and there wasn’t any blood on the sword. Also the sword didn’t shatter this time. That might also be a clue?  

Or I’m just seeing non-existent patterns. Not ruling that one out either :) 

I’m getting published?!

OK guys, I held off on making a post about this for a little bit because I wanted to be more sure that it was going to go through - but it seems as though it’s kind of really happening, so???!

on one of my fics - Where There’s a Wing, There’s a Way, the one with Dean as an engineering student, and Cas as an art student, and they work on a final project together? - I got a comment from a brand shiny new publishing house, asking whether I would like to be part of their first ever anthology. gasps from the audience pls.

I was a bit uncertain at first because - well, fanfic is free, and the idea of monetising something that I’d created freely felt kind of weird. but I was super curious and the idea of technically being a published author was/is pretty damn appealing. that’s not the whole picture of my thought process but I don’t want to bore everyone by spelling out all of my reasoning in this post, so if you’re curious, please ask!

so BASICALLY I said yes, signed a contract, and got going with it! in the past few days I’ve been bouncing a couple of drafts back and forth between me and an editor, which has been fun - my first time working with an editor, which has been super interesting and kind of daunting at first, but also really fun!

the fic will (hopefully) be published as part of an anthology :O what I wanted to ask anyone interested was, do you think I should put a link to this blog - whelvenwings - in the anthology, so that anyone reading my story via ebook can come here? on the one hand, it might be nice for a few new readers to be able to come and see my other writing, and get in on the fruit wars or something, I don’t know. on the other hand, it does open this blog up to a new… genre??… of people, who aren’t necessarily versed in the kind of general “don’t be a dick” etiquette of fandom. I’m on the fence. so what does anyone think?

From Takeuchi Saki's Blog Post - 26\04\2014

Sharing because this part of her post literally moved me.
I feel like the past week was a really crucial one for Saki’s growth.

☆Lessons for Team S’ Final Performance and for the new Team S

I’ve been dancing a lot this week.
And I spent all the time with the new Team S…

I got Sae-san tell me “How small you are!”,
while Jurina-san told me: “Saki-chan, I thought you were in high school!”.
Suzuran-san, who said she’s an extremely shy person, stayed with me all the time, we could talk together with no problems and I found out how much of a kind and funny girl she is!

The Gorisa Children increased in number!!
Mai-san and the draft member Chikako-chan joined us…

Everyone was so invested in the lessons but even so, I had so much fun with them making merry during the breaks.

Lately I’m often together with Ryouha.
We go home together and we talk about many things.
Being of the same generation, I feel like talking so much with her allowed us to get even closer(*≧艸≦)

Everyone barely had any time to match the moves together, they were all doing their very best, and I had the privilege to join them as an under for Milky-san, who was going through a very hard schedule.

When the day of the first performance came, Mieko-san kindly asked the staff to make me watch the Stage, because I worked with them the whole time, so I had the pleasure to watch it with the draft member Chikako-chan.

For some reason I was about to cry ever since the start.
Knowing what was behind Milky’s tears during the intoductions MC and seeing Mieko-san shed even more tears, made my heart become filled with so many emotions…

I kept being with Team S even after the performance finished.
Mieko-san kindly praised me…

I cried when I saw how she wrote about me in her blog that day.
My mom cried loud too.

I don’t know how to express it, but to have been able to properly lend my services in the way it’s originally meant for a Research Student, and to have been recognized for it, gave me such a big feeling of accomplishment…

I talked a lot with Mieko-san, and the words she told me made me gain a lot of confidence and, well…they made me happy.
If I try to think back at it I feel like crying.

I’ll treasure inside my heart all those wonderful things I had the pleasure to be told by a such great senior and I’ll remember them to feel encouraged to keep working hard when I’ll lose heart!!
Ahh, I can’t help but grin!(*´∇`)ノ〜♪

You know how people in the entertainment business often say things about keeping the words told to them for a proposal inside their hearts? That’s exactly how I feel right now (((*≧艸≦)♪♪♪

Milky expressed her gratitude to me countless times.
Despite being so busy, she worked so hard checking on the moves, the positions, the platform movements.
She even got worried about me and told me it was okay for me to go home, but even so I kept being with her.
It would make me happy to know I managed to be of some help for her, even just a tiny bit.
Right after the Stage ended, she immediately came to me, and kindly told me: “Thank you! Thank you so much”.
She asked me to take a pic together, and so we did.

It feels kind of weird…
I couldn’t perform the Stage, and yet I became this happy…

Everyone told me, so many times, “Let’s perform together soon!”, and I’ll keep being constantly prepared, so that whenever they’ll call me, I’ll be ready!!!( ̄0 ̄)/ Ohhhhhh!!

This week was made of days that filled my heart of emotions.