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I recently did some fanart for the Crunchyroll contest and thought I’d share with you all

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Could you pleasssseee post some family (Jamie/Claire/Brianna or Jamie/Brianna) quotes. I love to read about the family interactions. I have read the scene where Jamie finally meets his daughter but are there more cute/emotional scenes? Thanks in advance and love your blog!

Yes! The first ones that came to mind were Brianna telling Jamie she is pregnant, Brianna giving birth, Jamie taking Brianna hunting and then I thought of Claire making cookies with Jem which turns into Brianna and Jamie too, which is what I’m sharing here. Hope you enjoy!

Jem put his elbows on the table, chin on his fists, following the path of the spoon through the batter with the intent expression of a lion watching an appetizing wildebeest on its way to the water hole. 

“Don’t even think about it,” I said, with a glance at his grubby fingers. “They’ll be done in a few minutes; you can have one then.” 

“But I like ’em raw, Grandma,” he protested. He widened his dark-blue eyes in wordless pleading. 

“You oughtn’t to eat raw things,” I said sternly. “They can make you sick.” 

“You do, Grandma.” He poked a finger at my mouth, where a smudge of brownish batter remained. I cleared my throat and wiped the incriminating evidence on a towel. 

“You’ll spoil your supper,” I said, but with the acuity of any jungle beast, he sensed the weakening of his prey. 

“Promise I won’t. I’ll eat everything!” he said, already reaching for the spoon. 

“Yes, that’s what I’m afraid of,” I said, relinquishing it with some reluctance. “Just a taste, now— leave some for your daddy and grandda.” 

He nodded, wordless, and licked the spoon with a long, slow swipe of the tongue, closing his eyes in ecstasy. 

I found another spoon and set about dropping the cookies onto the tin sheets I used for baking. We ended in a dead heat, the sheets full and the bowl quite empty, just as footsteps came down the hallway toward the door. Recognizing Brianna’s tread, I snatched the empty spoon from Jemmy and rubbed a quick towel across his smudgy mouth. 

Bree stopped in the doorway, her smile turning to a look of suspicion. 

“What are you guys doing?” 

“Making molasses cookies,” I said, lifting the sheets in evidence, before sliding them into the brick oven set in the wall of the fireplace. “Jemmy’s been helping me.” 

One neat red brow arched upward. She glanced from me to Jemmy, who was wearing a look of sublimely unnatural innocence. I gathered my own expression was no more convincing. 

“So I see,” she said dryly. “How much batter did you eat, Jem?” 

“Who, me?” Jemmy said, eyes going wide. 

“Mmm.” She leaned forward, and picked a speck out of his wavy red hair. “What’s this, then?” 

He frowned at it, crossing his eyes slightly in the attempt to focus. 

“A real big louse?” he suggested brightly. “Reckon I got it from Rabbie McLeod.” 

“Rabbie McLeod?” I said, uneasily aware that Rabbie had been curled up on the kitchen settle a few days ago, his unruly black curls flowing into Jemmy’s bright locks as the boys slept, waiting for their fathers. I recalled thinking at the time how charming the little boys looked, curled up head to head, their faces soft with dreaming. 

“Has Rabbie got lice?” Bree demanded, flicking the bit of batter away from her as though it were indeed a loathsome insect. 

“Oh, aye, he’s crawlin’,” Jemmy assured her cheerfully. “His Mam says she’s gonna get his daddy’s razor and shave off ever bit of his hair, him and his brothers and his daddy and his uncle Rufe too. She says they got lice hoppin’ all over their bed. She’s tired of bein’ ate up alive.” Quite casually, he lifted a hand to his head and scratched, fingers raking through his hair in a characteristic gesture I had seen all too often before. 

Bree and I exchanged a brief look of horror, then she seized Jemmy by the shoulders, dragging him over to the window.

“Come here!” 

Sure enough. Exposed to the brilliant light bouncing off the snow, the tender skin behind his ears and on the back of his neck showed the characteristic pinkness caused by scratching for lice, and a quick inspection of his head revealed the worst: tiny nits clinging to the base of the hairs, and a few reddish-brown adult lice, half the size of rice grains, who scrambled madly away into the thickets. Bree caught one and cracked it between her thumbnails, tossing the remains into the fire. 

“Eugh!” She rubbed her hands on her skirt, then pulled off the ribbon that tied back her hair, scratching vigorously. “Have I got them?” she asked anxiously, thrusting the crown of her head toward me. 

I ruffled quickly through the thick mass of auburn and cinnamon, looking for the telltale whitish nits, then stepped back, bending my own head. 

“No, have I?”

The backdoor opened, and Jamie stepped in, looking only mildly surprised to find Brianna picking through my hair like a crazed baboon. Then his head jerked up, sniffing the air. 

“Is something burning?” 

“I got ’em, Grandda!” 

The exclamation reached me together with the scent of singeing molasses. I jerked upright and banged my head on the edge of the dish shelf, hard enough to make me see stars. 

These cleared just in time for me to see Jemmy, standing on tiptoe as he reached into the smoking oven in the wall of the hearth, well over his head. His eyes were squinched shut with concentration, his face turned away from the waves of heat coming off the brick, and he had a towel wound clumsily round the groping hand. 

Jamie reached the boy with two strides, jerking him back by the collar. He reached into the oven bare-handed and yanked out a tin sheet of smoking cookies, flinging the hot sheet away with such force that it struck the wall. Small brown disks flew off and scattered over the floor. 

Adso, who had been perched in the window, helping with the louse hunt, saw what looked like prey and pounced fiercely on a fleeing cookie, which promptly burned his paws. Uttering a startled yowl, he dropped it and raced under the settle. 

Jamie, shaking his scorched fingers and making extremely vulgar remarks in Gaelic, had seized a stick of kindling in his other hand and was poking into the oven, trying to extract the remaining cookie-sheet amid clouds of smoke. 

“What’s going— hey!” 


Roger’s cry coincided with Bree’s. Coming in on Jamie’s heels, Roger’s expression of bewilderment had changed at once to alarm at sight of his offspring crouched on the floor, industriously collecting cookies, and oblivious of the fact that his trailing towel was smoldering in the ashes of the cookfire. 

Roger lunged for Jemmy, colliding with Bree on the same course. The two of them cannoned into Jamie, who had just maneuvered the second sheet of cookies to the edge of the oven. He reeled, staggering off balance, and the sheet clanged into the hearth, scattering lumps of smoking, molasses-scented charcoal. The cauldron, knocked askew, swung and shifted perilously on its hook, splashing soup into the coals and sending up clouds of hissing, savory steam. 

I didn’t know whether to laugh or run out of the door, but settled for snatching up the towel, which had burst into flames, and beating it out on the stone-flagged hearth. 

I stood up, panting, to find that my family had now managed to extricate itself from the fireplace. Roger had a squirming Jemmy in a death grip against his chest, while Bree frisked the child for burns, flames, and broken bones. Jamie, looking rather annoyed, was sucking on a blistered finger, waving smoke away from his face with his free hand. 

“Cold water,” I said, addressing the most immediate exigency. I grasped Jamie by the arm, pulled the finger out of his mouth, and stabbed it into the washbowl. 

“Is Jemmy all right?” I asked, turning to the Happy Families tableau by the window. “Yes, I see he is. Do put him down, Roger, the child has lice.” 

Roger dropped Jemmy like a hot potato, and— in the usual adult reaction to hearing the word “lice”— scratched himself. Jemmy, unaffected by the recent commotion, sat down on the floor and began to eat one of the cookies he had kept clutched in his hand throughout. 

“You’ll spoil your—” Brianna began automatically, then caught sight of the spilled cauldron and the puddled hearth, glanced at me, and shrugged. “Got any more cookies?” she asked Jemmy. Mouth full, he nodded, reached into his shirt, and handed her one. She viewed it critically, but took a bite anyway. 

“Not bad,” she said, through crumbs. “Hm?” She held the remnant out to Roger, who wolfed it one-handed, using the other to poke through Jemmy’s hair.

- A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Stupid ~ Sirius Black

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Hope its what you wanted

You were so angry with him. 

To accuse you of cheating. 

If anyone was to cheat it would be him. 

You were appalled. 

You couldn’t believe him. 

Sirius Orion Black was the biggest idiot in the country! 

“(Y/N)!” James snapped you out of your thoughts, “what’s number seven." 

"Dittany.” You muttered. 

“Are you still pissy about Sirius?” James asked, looking up from his potions work.

“No.” You lied. 

James raised an eyebrow. 

“Yes.” You grumbled, correcting your lie. 

“You need to give it up. Just forget about it. I actually am starting to miss how sickeningly cute you two were." 

"He’s an idiot, James. I didn’t cheat and he knows it. He just wanted attention.” You rolled your eyes at the prospect of making up with Sirius. 

“Have it your way.” James shook his head. 

You two finished your homework in the library and went back to the common room. On the way, Remus joined you. 

“Well, (y/n), I take it by the scowl on your face that you’re still angry with Sirius?" 

You nodded. 

"You should be somewhat proud, he’s still angry with you too. It’s quite annoying actually. One of you needs to apologize so we don’t have to tiptoe around you.” Remus said. 

“I didn’t do anything. He should apologize.” You huffed and quickened your pace so that you would leave the boys behind. 

Later that night Remus was bringing you to a magic room he found. 

“Seriously, (Y/N) the walls are made of gold and there is brilliant paintings and everything inside!” He had hushed to you. 

You, of course, immediately asked to see it and he told you he would take you later that night. 

You two snuck around the corridors after hours until you found the door. But to your dismay, Sirius and James were there too. 

“James, I told you I was taking her tonight! That way the two wouldn’t run into each other and bicker again.” Remus scolded out friend. 

“I don’t bicker.” Sirius scoffed. 

“You do.” You coughed. 



"No I don’t-" 

"Guys! Let’s just go into the room.” James interrupted. 

He opened the door to reveal a dark room. Remus let me and Sirius enter first. And before I knew it, the door had closed and locked behind us. 

“You sniveling little minxes!” You pounded on the door as soon as you realized what had happened. 

“Sorry can’t hear you!” James called. 

“We’ll be back when you guys have enough sense to forgive each other.” Remus shouted, “also, don’t try any spells on the door, they’ll bounce back." 

You and Sirius heard their retreating footsteps. 

"Lumos.” You said, flicking your wrist and emitting a light from the tip of your wand. 

You saw that you were in a broom closet. There was a dinky light that you turned on to reveal a scowling Sirius. 

You two sat in silence for a long time. Eventually standing was getting bothersome and you sat down. He followed shortly after.  Neither of you touched each other. If you did you quickly pulled away but the close quarters was not helpful in the personal space department. 

“They won’t even be able to tell if we apologize.” Sirius grumbled. 

“I know! They’re idiots.” You scoffed. 

You stole a glance at the boy and saw he was looking at you, but like children in primary school, you looked away as soon are you were caught. 

That was all the talking you did. Then you got up and decided to knock the door down with brute force, but it didn’t work and you sat down in defeat. 

“They’ve got us, love” Sirius smirked from his place of the ground. 

You huffed and sat down. 

“Why did you accuse me of something you knew I didn’t do?” You asked abruptly, siting back down.

“Because.” Was his response.

“Because why? Sirius?” You asked quite peeved at his nonchalant demeanor. 

“Because I don’t want to tell you why. I know what I did was wrong, okay. I’m sorry.” He spat, “now you can stay mad at me if you want but i’m not going to tell you everything. You’re going to have to trust me.”

“Just like you trusted me not to cheat?” You raised an eyebrow. 

“Touche.” He smiled in the dim light. 

You continued to sit together in silence after this and finally you decided to say something too. 

“I’m sorry for being a brat about this. I guess I was dramatic too.” You apologized. 

“It’s fine, love. We all do stupid stuff.” He toyed with the bristles on a broom next to him. 

Would this be stupid?” You asked, leaning forward and kissing him. 

The cupboard was already warm from your intermingling body hear, but the kiss went to your toes. Your lips moved in sync as you both forgot about why you were fighting. You heard the lock click from the outside and the door creak open, but you kept kissing Sirius sweetly. 

“Not stupid. Definitely not stupid.” Sirius laughed as you two pulled away. He caressed your cheek gently and whispered, ‘I love you”


Playlist For Imagine.

A/N: I just thought of Peter having a sister to be kinda cute and I decided to write it. So the song choices might not be for everyone since I basically went on YouTube and got 22 random songs, but I hope you at least find them a bit danceable!

You and Penny were in her room, doing homework, since the two of you shared a lot of your classes at Midtown. She was easily your best friend and has been since the school’s production of Grease in freshman year. You had a running joke of reenacting the show when any song came on.

It was getting rather quiet for once until Penny started giggling and turned up the music from her phone. You couldn’t hear it at first, but soon realized that it was You’re The One That I Want from Grease. You looked at her pleadingly, but Penny simply pulled you to your feet. “You gotta do it, Y/N/N! Let’s not forget my terrible rendition of Cha Cha’s dance.” You laughed at the memory. Limbs were everywhere!

Reluctantly, you began dancing with her to the movements the two of you learned in freshman year. It was very spastic and messy since neither of you could remember it well. You twirled into Penny, laughing your head off. The dancing ceased as the two of you tried to calm down.

Homework was forgotten after that. She put her phone on shuffle and the two of you wildly danced to new songs from La La Land or old songs, like Let’s Hear it for the Boy. You thought you might have heard a door open, yet you brushed it off as your imagination.

Your dancing ranged from simply shaking your hips to actual “choreographed” moves, like in Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. Some slow songs came and you and Penny just soulfully sang through all of them.

About ten minutes in, Valerie by Amy Winehouse came on, resulting in poor rendition of her singing and jazzy yet funnily sultry dancing. You actually tried to properly sing along. “Since I’ve come home, well, my body’s been a mess and I miss your ginger hair and the way you like to dress. Why don’t you come on over? Stop making a fool out of me?”

Penny joined in, “Why don’t you come on over, Valerie?” The two of you grabbed hands and danced around the room.

When you looked at the door, you almost screamed when you saw a pair of brown eyes looking back. Penny saw your shock and turned around. “Hey, Petey!” She giggled to her twin.

Peter looked embarrassed about the nickname and looked at you for a second before excusing himself with a barely audible response. His cheeks remained red as he left to retreat into his room. Penny shrugged while lowering the music. “Must have come to complain about the noise,” she reasoned.

“That was odd,” you mentioned as you glanced at his closed door.

“He’s been acting weird for a while now,” Penny explained, “Aunt May says that it’s probably a teenage boy thing.”

Shaking off the weird feeling, you smiled. “Yeah, probably. We should probably finish this.” The afternoon was full of homework with a few jokes here and there. Penny was studious despite her carefree personality. You think it was because of Peter being her twin, since he was very intelligent for a sophomore.

When you were leaving the apartment for dinner at your home, you ran into Peter in the living room. You smiled as you made your way to the door. “I never knew you were a dancer,” he said from the couch after mustering his courage.

Redness flooded your cheeks at the thought. “Oh gosh, how much did you see?”

Chuckling slightly, Peter stood up to face you with a shy smirk. “Only the last song,” he reassured, “It was very good, I mean. I didn’t know you could sing that well.”

“By well, you mean horribly?” You joked, “Thanks, Peter.” The two of you stood there in silence, both with pink cheeks. You checked your phone. “I got to head out or my parents will be worried. See you, Peter.”

Before you could leave, Peter plucked the last of his courage for one daring move. “Are you free this weekend? To see a movie or something with me.”

“That sounds lovely,” you responded with an excited smile, “I’ll text you later and we’ll set up a time?”

“Fine by me,” Peter laughed nervously. Finally, you walked out the door of the apartment and Peter fell on the couch, letting out a sigh of relief. He froze when Penny came back into the room. “Did you just ask Y/N on a date?” She asked with enthusiasm.

“Maybe,” Peter replied before heading back to his room, feeling too shy to discuss his feelings towards you to your best friend, even if she was his sister.

“Get her tiger lilies!” Penny shouted from the living room, “They’re her favorite!” In his room, Peter made a mental note to bring tiger lilies to the movie and shouted back, “Appreciated!”

honestly i never got complimented when i was growing up so this whole deal is Wild…….. like no one ever thought i was good looking, ppl were actively telling me i was ugly from like age 9 - 15

so uh. you guys are really fucking sweet. means a lot to a guy who’s never honestly felt pretty his whole life.

Not How I Planned It (Chenle)

anon:  hello! can i req a fluff chenle? you’ve been crushing on him for a long time and confessed to him! high school au pls 😍😍 thankyou! love your blog!

author: admin momo 

word count: 883 (why do i feel like mine are so long lol)

genre: fluff (i hope)

a/n: idk why this took me awhile to write but i think it came out cute so i hope all of you like it! Lots of love!!! 

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okay I made something to waste time .
 I was inspired by  all the altean lance and galra keith fanarts and edits , so I thought what if they were all not humans , so now we got balmerian hunk , roseling pidge - if you’re wondering what is a roseling don’t worry you didn’t miss anything from the show , it’s cute small flowers creatures from my “rose goddess au “ -
and a cyborg shiro !

hope you like it !


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time


The Christmas Invasion - Behind the Scenes [Part 11]

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s articles in Doctor Who Magazine #365

[Benjamin Cook asking David Christmas-themed questions]

BC: Which gift from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ would you most like to receive this year?

DT: If the pipers piping were Billie Pipers, then obviously I’d go for that. But that would be quite creepy. It’s got to be ladies dancing, hasn’t it? I mean, there’s not really much contest. Five golden rings you could flog, if they were really nice. But I don’t think you’d get much for them.

BC: If there were five of them, they’re unlikely to be top-notch quality.

DT: Well thought through. I mean, all the others would just be irritating, frankly. And dirty. Colley birds? French hens? Yes, you could eat them, but then you’d have to murder them yourself. I don’t want to do that at Christmas. That’s far too much effort. I want a shrink-wrapped turkey from Sainsbury’s. No, ladies dancing - much better. They can come and dance in my Christmas parlour.

BC: What’s the worst Christmas record of all time?

DT: Ooh jings. No, there’ve got to be some terrible ones, haven’t there? Well, anything by Cliff Richard. Mistletoe and Wine? It’s got to be Mistletoe and Wine. That is a heinous piece of work, isn’t it? My mum likes it. She likes everything by Cliff Richard. But she is wrong! It’s saccharine, and repulsive, and when all those kids start singing at the end, you just want to murder. It’s horrible.

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