but i thought some would like solos

Just putting together some of my very excited and also incoherent thoughts abt harvey’s solo music so here goes: I hope there’s LAYERS, like lots of beautiful layers of sound, soaring instrumentals, as many trumpets as he daMN well wants!! i would v much love if there was a sax solo at some point, like that’s not a requirement obvi but i would just diE and i mean that in the BEST way. If he sings about love in any way shape or form u can expect me to cry an ocean of my own tears and then drowN in them. lbr i’m gonna do that regardless of what he’s singing about soooOOOOOooo, ANYWAY. if henri decides that he’s gonna break my damn heart again w some painful as hell music that’s fine because GUESS WHAT??? I LOVE THE PAIN!!!!! AND If he plays any instruments on this, like even the castanets or cowbell or the TRIANGLE i will be g o n e. LIKE GONER THAN GONE!!!!!!! lmao i can’t w8 to die :))))) 

han solo not actually being han’s name could possibly ruin star wars for me. or the canon part of it, anyway. we’ve known han for 40 years. i think the brilliance of the best films is that you never quite know enough about the characters. the mysterious parts of their personalities are something you, as a fan, can determine in your own mind. it’s different when there’s a backstory laid out for you. it’s more….restricted.

i’d like to give this film a chance, i really would. but han solo—my han solo—isn’t defined by some non-harrison ford, bizarre back story disney thought of just to keep the whole “one movie a year” thing going. that’s somewhat a disgrace to the character and the fandom, even if it does turn out to be alright.

it’s different with comics and books and all that. most people either take them or leave them. but the films are, predominantly, what define star wars for a lot of people. it’s not just about the hardcore fans like myself, who do decide to read the comics and the books and the wookieepedia pages just to learn as much about it as we can. it’s about the casual fans, the new fans, the young fans, the fans who only saw one movie and yet are still entirely and truly obsessed.

star wars is, in fact, a family. a family that includes the characters and the places and the stories, too.

please don’t break the family apart, disney. han solo is ours.

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Okay so I'm kind of losing my shit right now. I get Andy wanted to do some solo shit but after two tours one of them being called "the curtain call" (common sense tells you thats last one right?) and I want to say a little around a year he would start focusing on bvb more but the Warped Tour lineup leaked and you know how bvb usually goes? Well nope, it's just Andy Black. *rips eyesockets out screaming*

I thought he was supposed to be done with it for now. Like they’re supposed to be having an album come out this fall and they have done ZERO promo for it. It’s going to completely flop if they don’t start getting people hyped about it.

For some reason unknown to me, I like you very much. A lot, nothing unreasonable, I would say just enough to ensure that at night, alone, I wake up and, unable to fall back asleep, I start to draw you in my thought.

Franz Kafka

Per qualche motivo che ignoro mi piaci moltissimo. Molto, niente di irragionevole, direi quel poco che basta a far si che di notte, da solo, mi svegli e non riuscendo a riaddormentarmi, inizi a sognarti.

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Do you think that there could be a Lemmy tribute album? Like Dio tribute album- fellow musicians cover motorhead songs plus some original previously unreleased songs, something like that. Personally, I can see it happening and i want it to happen! Speaking of unreleased songs, i thought Lemmy solo album could be out after his death, but not so far. There are definitely some materials they can release. Are there any talk about this? Any thoughts?

Yes that would be very cool. No talk about it so far but Im sure its bound to happen one day! I mean its LEMMY for fucksakes, he deserves one. No word on his solo album either, he never got to complete it but hearing what he managed to get would be cool. I also want to know when the cover of “Heroes” will be released, I really want to hear that.. we’ll see!

Your opinions followers?

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this is a trashy ask but,,, I consider myself straight and identify as straight (sorta) but I'm guessing it isn't platonic to want to kiss, hold hands, and cuddle your friends who are ! female ! I love the lgbt community and I feel like having lots of admittedly gay thoughts doesn't make me a part idk help. I've thought I could be bi but always throw it out of my mind like some solo hot potato game of denial because my family are pretty homophobic, and my school would outcast me as well ugh

sexuality is a really complicated thing bud. don’t worry about it, don’t put pressure on it, just you do you. there’s nothing wrong with having these thoughts, and whether you act on them or not is up to you. there’s no rush to figure it out though so take your time and remember to be safe :)

sleepover friday ?

I saved your ass

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Pairing: Johnxreader
Word count: 1,517
Warnings: Some swears
Request: “Hi you freaking amazing writer. I was wondering if I could request a fic where the reader saves John’s ass on a hunt? Maybe in badass Nikita-esc form? Maybe they end up hunting together?“ Hope you like, @ddean

You almost drove through when you saw that black 1967 Impala. Almost. You’d caught wind of a hunt that you thought you would check out. It seems that John Winchester had, too. Unless he was with Dean, he seemed to work solo. You were on the edge of town when you pulled a sharp U-turn. Something told you that you needed to go on this hunt. That you shouldn’t back down. One thing you didn’t do was back down from a fight.

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10 Wild Star Wars Theories (filled with spoilers)

In case you missed the title, this is filled with spoilers about Star Wars Episode VII. Thanks to those who discussed some of these with me.

1. Rey is not a Skywalker.

It is what most people expect, but I think it is too easy. (Kind of like how many thought Luke would be Kylo Ren…but he wasn’t.) I think Abrams has more depth planned. See below.

2. Ben Solo killed Rey’s father as part of becoming Kylo Ren.

Which leads into number 3…

3. Luke is standing next to Rey’s father’s grave at the end of Episode VII.

This is how I imagine it played out. As Luke was training his next generation of Jedi, he came across a man with significant gifts who was already married and had a daughter (named Rey). Luke agrees to train the man, so long as he leaves behind the family. (Jedi cannot get attached, you know.) 

Rey’s dad leaves her with her mother and heads off to train, becoming friends with Ben Solo along the way. Ben’s draw to the dark side leads him to kill Rey’s mother. Rey’s dad then flies off with Rey to Jakku to ensure her safety and anonymity. Rey’s dad confronts Kylo Ren and loses. 

Luke rescues Rey’s dad’s body and brings it with him into hiding, burying him with dignity. Sensing that Rey is coming, Luke hikes to her dad’s grave to pay his respects and tell her the story when she arrives. 

4. Finn’s backstory is insignificant.

I’ve heard a few people trying to connect Finn to Mace Windu or Lando Calrissian. Yeah. No. Jedi are known for not having attachment…so they generally don’t have kids, which means the Jedi that arise and are prevalent in Episodes I-III are born with the gift/midichlorians. Finn was taken from a random family. We will never see them. Forget it. Bigger mysteries to unravel.

5. Poe Dameron is Rey’s uncle.

Poe and Rey never appear on screen together during Episode VII. However, Rey does hear Poe’s name without reaction. It could be Rey does not know her own last name, but it’s more likely she doesn’t know her mother’s maiden name. My guess is that Poe is the younger brother of Rey’s mother. 

6. Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis.

I’m not the only one to think this, but allow me to present my reasoning.

In Episode III, Darth Sidious explains the Sith Tragedy of Darth Plagueis. Plagueis knew how to stop people from dying and create life with midichlorians. Some have guessed it is Darth Plagueis who created/fathered Anakin from the midichlorians. Remember how Shmi Skywalker says there was no father.

Sidious tells Anakin that Plagueis taught his apprentice everything he knew, then the apprentice killed the master. Sidious remarks, “Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.”

Such a remark echoes a biblical quotation: “So also the chief priests, with the scribes and elders, mocked [Jesus], saying, ‘He saved others; he cannot save himself’” (Matthew 27:41-42a, ESV).    

Anakin is more like Jesus in the virgin birth category, but it makes sense that a Sith Lord who can create life with midichlorians could also resurrect life with midichlorians.

7. Darth Plagueis killed Padme.

I recently saw a post speculating that Darth Sidious had killed Padme with the force. It was a compelling argument. The droids attending to Padme as she gave birth could not detect why she was dying. Droids cannot detect the force, so that makes sense. Sidious also has a sinister grin after he tells Darth Vader about the death and Vader yells in pain and hatred.

I know Darth Sidious is a liar and he could very well be lying to Vader, but what if Sidious actually thought Vader did kill Padme with his hate (as he says). Perhaps Sidious could detect the force in the killing, perhaps not. If he could, he probably attributed it to Vader. If he could not, he probably thought it was a childbirth death, such things happen, even in a galaxy far, far away.

But what if it wasn’t Sidious, and it wasn’t Vader. What other being could do such a thing? Only Darth Plagueis. Imagine him taking the life from Padme to resurrect his own. 

Also, think about the time frame of Padme’s death. Dozens, if not hundreds of Jedi had just been killed. With all that midichlorian-infused blood being spilled, what a perfect time for a master-midichlorian-manipulator to rise from the dead. 

8. The Knights of Ren are the younglings Kylo Ren didn’t kill.

Anakin Skywalker murdered dozens of children. Kylo Ren could have had opportunity to do the same in his turn to the dark side, but I imagine he did not go through with it. While the Sith always follow the rule of two - a master and an apprentice - it’s not clear if the First Order are following the rule of two. The lack of the “darth” title to Snoke and Kylo Ren leads me to believe this is the case. 

The younglings Kylo Ren refused to kill have become his followers: the Knights of Ren. This would explain part of his fear that he is not as powerful as Darth Vader, who was able to kill when he was not.

9.  Maz Kanata is a time traveler.

We don’t seem to know who anybody is in Star Wars VII. Rey, Finn, Poe, Snoke, Lor San Tekka, and Maz all have backstories we can’t figure out. But there is one person’s backstory I know: J.J. Abrams. Guess what? He’s a sucker for time travel. Who better to be a time traveler among this group than 1000 year old Maz. Which leads me to number 10: 

10. Maz Kanata is Leia Organa.

They have a few things in common. Most importantly, they both know the force, but are not Jedi. 

One of the questions about Maz is: “How did she get Luke’s lightsaber?” Remember when Luke lost that lightsaber? It was when Vader chopped his hand off in Episode V. Who was on board the ship that picked Luke up right after that? Leia Organa. 

Maz also makes a comment about people’s eyes, saying different people have the same eyes. 

I might be beyond crazy, but I see a similarity. Not only that, but the outfit looks a bit like what General Organa wears in Episode VII. 

So there you have it, few random theories to ponder. I’ll be happy if one of them is correct. What do you think?

Vintage Bros

I just got to the end of Ed Brubaker’s run writing ‘The Winter Soldier’ comics and BRO LET BUCKY BE HAPPY fer cryin’ out loud!!! So, seeing as the canon writers aren’t willing to give Bucky a damn break, guess I’ll have to step up and do something about it. Here’s a vintage trio enjoying some fireworks. (I will add the fireworks some other time.)

Bucky and Peggy are great pals, although when Bucky finds out it was Carter who arranged for Steve to parachute behind enemy lines on a solo rescue mission in a prop helmet I imagine he’d be a little concerned, like, ‘Aww no…I thought you were sensible…now I have to look after two of them and one of them might well shoot me if I try to look after her….I resign, nope, I’m out. End of the line, pal.’ Except they would also team up and pick on Steve, who would then spend a lot of time physically tackling Bucky to stop him spilling the beans on something dumb Steve once did when they were kids (or the other day as it may be) or else slumping and giving in when they bully him into taking a well earned rest and letting someone else take an extra watch for once. 

A theory on the making of The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens was great! However, I felt while I was watching it that there were some very weird choices in there. Clunky and strange dialogue, which is not unusual to the franchise, but still felt oddly out of place. 

So I thought I would relate a theory here not about the lore within Star Wars, but about the actual making of the latest film. 

Obviously spoilers ahead:

When they first revealed that Han and Leia were Ren’s parents, the did it by having Snoke just say it to Ren. He’s just like “The plans are on the Millennium Falcon with your father… HAN SOLO!” and I remember thinking the first time I watched it “Huh… that feels like a really dumb way to reveal this fact. Just having some guy say it? Isn’t there some cooler way to do that?”

Then, at the end, Han says “Take off that mask!” and Ren says “What do you expect to see?” and Han dramatically proclaims “the face of my SON!” and it was a pretty big feeling moment. It was this big emotional impact! I was like “THAT’S where they should have had it happen! What the hell, why didn’t they do that?”

Then, by the 3rd time I’d watched it, I figured it out!

For those of you that don’t know, ADR stands for “Automated Dialogue Replacement,” it basically means dubbing. It’s something you do in film and animation if an actor didn’t talk clearly enough, or maybe there was wind on the mic when it was being filmed, or maybe you need to clear up a quick tiny story point or something like that. You finish up your editing, then have the actor come in and record a couple of lines in the sound studio. It’s a mere fraction of the cost of going back onto location and shooting the scene over again with a new line, so it’s a common way in film to quickly fix small things that need changing either technically or in the story.

Anyway, every single time that a character says something like “han is your dad” or “Ren is our son” or any reference to that exact linkage, it’s ADR.

Every single time.

It’s always framed so that if Leia says it, we see the back of her head. If Snoke says it, he’s animated, so it can be changed relatively quickly and easily. If Ren says it, that’s not a big deal because everything he says is ADR anyway.

Someone somewhere along the line thought it was too confusing or something to only reveal it at the end, so they went back and changed everything in post. Perhaps they thought it was too similar to Empire Strikes Back, maybe they thought they should change the tone from being about a reveal to being about a family thing, we’ll never know. The point is, that’s why the dialogue is so clunky in some places. If you take out every moment where they mention their son, it’s actually pretty okay dialogue that builds up this mystery of what happened to their kid, then there’s a big amazing reveal at the end!

There is only one shot where Leia says “bring back our son” and you see her say it, but she didn’t say “Ren” so if we weren’t told before who their son was, it easily could have played as “wait so who’s her son then??”

The scene where Ren is talking to Vader’s mask could also have been some completely different dialogue. It could have been the dialogue we originally saw in the trailer for example, and we’d never hear the “I’ll finish what you started… grandfather” part.

Anyway, that’s just my guess on it. It all basically boils down to this:

Contemplating Ben Solo

I’ve posted this idea before, but it was as a tangent to a different post, and I thought it’d be interesting to look at it in its own right.

One of the things that boggle me most about “Ben Solo” in Star Wars fandom, is just how arbitrary the characterization is.  

I get that there’s some natural interest in who Kylo Ren was before his fall.  It makes sense that people would be interested in exploring that.  But every version of “Ben Solo” I’ve ever seen seems to be at best a completely original character who just happens to look like Adam Driver.  Just a cookie cutter noble knight sort, MAYBE with a bit of a mischievous sense of humor, who exists to be a suffering victim.  That’s at best.  At worst, he’s Finn in white face paint.

I don’t recognize anything from Kylo Ren in these portrayals.  And I get that it’s kind of difficult to reverse-engineer a monster into a man.  But it’s not like it hasn’t been done in this franchise.

I mean, that’s basically what the Prequels ARE.  George Lucas and the other creative people behind the prequels had to basically reverse engineer the man, the hero, who would become Darth Vader.

And for all of the complaints about the writing, dialogue and performances, I think they actually did a good job.

Anakin Skywalker is a compelling, sympathetic (until he takes to child-murdering, anyway), interesting hero who we can recognize both as Luke and Leia’s father and the faceless monster of the original trilogy.

It works, because we can see Vader’s traits in Anakin.  We can see the pride, the impatience, the arrogance and the temper that would become Vader.  We can see how quiet resentment can explode into fiery anger.  And we recognize Darth Vader’s stillness before strangling the Admiral, or his tense interaction with the Emperor.  We can see how Anakin’s respect for single authority figures who can act as opposed to being bogged down by the democratic process forms the seed of totalitarianism and his eventual allegiance to the Emperor.

And at the same time, we recognize his good traits too.  We see Leia in his righteousness and passion.  We see Luke in his kindness and humor.  Anakin Skywalker makes sense.

We could do the same thing for Ben Solo.  

I mean, let’s start with Kylo Ren.  What can we see about Kylo Ren in the Force Awakens.  We know he’s arrogant.  We know he has explosive anger, that seems particularly violent when his pride is wounded.  We know he’s entitled.  We know that he engages in pointless power struggles with people that should be his allies.  We know that he is prone to dramatic costumes and gestures.

As we’ve seen with Vader and Anakin, the Dark Side doesn’t imbue someone with negative traits.  Those traits were always there.  The Dark Side just enhances them.  Or maybe it doesn’t even do that so much as it strips away the more positive traits that balance them.  I think Lucas looked at Luke and Leia to fill in the blanks for Vader.  I think we can look at Leia and Han to fill in the blanks for Kylo.

So this is how I personally imagine Ben Solo.

I imagine Ben Solo as being a confident, charismatic young man.  I think he’s smart and ambitious, and has a wry sense of humor.  I think he’s never had to struggle for much.  A lot of things come very easy to him: he’s naturally clever, he’s naturally strong, he’s naturally got a shitload of Force potential.  But I don’t think he’s the sort that gets complacent with that.  I think he’s the sort who just uses that as a reason to push harder.

I think he’s theatrical.  He always knows how to make an entrance.  He’s always very well dressed.  He has a grin that is magnetic.

He’s very status conscious.  He’s the son of a Princess and the nephew of the Jedi Master.  Of course he has to conduct himself accordingly.  His appearance and actions reflect onto them.  This means of course that he has to be the very best.  He does well with competition…as long as he’s winning.

I think he’s reasonably friendly, maybe a bit aloof, but absolutely willing to use his status to help his fellows.  If he can put in a good word in his uncle’s ear for a fellow student, he will.  If he gets a bit of a thrill of satisfaction in the process, well, what’s the harm?  He’s a nice guy who’s got a politician’s eye for influence and a scoundrel’s willingness to use it for his friends or subtly against his rivals.

I definitely don’t think he deals well with rivalry.  Or being thwarted.  When another Old Republic nobleman’s kid shows up at the Jedi Order, Ben watches him carefully to see if this will be trouble.  He then offers help, as one of the more experienced students.  He only relaxes when the new student accepts his help, and his seniority.

I do think he was a good man once.  But I think maybe he was always a little restless and unsatisfied, and if he had a voice whispering in his ear sometimes, it was saying “you deserve more than this.  You can take more than this.”  Eventually, I think he listened.

That’s how I imagine Ben Solo.

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Two Things I Know For Sure

“There are two things I know for sure. One, Harrison Ford is the greatest man to grace God’s green Earth. Two, I will never ever get married.” Sixteen year old Dean Winchester eyed over his best friend as he stated these facts that he thought true in his heart. “I mean, Han Solo is the shit. And marriage is a crock of shit fed to us by hypocrites that get divorced every few years anyway.”

Castiel Novak shifted on the couch and kept his eyes trained on the blank television. “I do not argue that Harrison Ford is a very talented actor but I think that stating he is ‘the greatest man’ is a bit of an overstatement. As for marriage, I like to think that maybe I will be a husband some day.”

“Ew, why? Being a husband sucks.”

“How would you know that?”

Dean crossed his arms over his chest and nodded thoughtfully. “Cause I see it all the time on TV.”

“Well I happen to think being a husband is worthwhile. Being able to be bond to someone in a way that is special between only the two of you. It’s a nice thought. I’d like to find someone to make me happy.” Castiel let himself smile softly at the thought of the man of his dreams.

“Yeah, well, my advice would be to find a chick who won’t be a nagging wife.” Dean snorted sarcastically.

Castiel remained quiet as his mind traveled to walking down an aisle toward waiting green eyes.


“There are two things I know for sure. One, Han Solo is the best character in cinematic history. Two, the only thing better than being your best friend is being your husband.” Twenty-four year old Dean Winchester stood tall in his black tuxedo as his green eyes misted over.

A few sniffles came from the crowd that held onto every word spoken through the ceremony.

Castiel gripped tightly to his fiancé’s hands in hopes that maybe he would feel more grounded. But all he could feel was as light as a feather blowing listlessly in the wind. Looking into the same green eyes that had always been his safety net, he remembered the day all those years ago when Castiel had told Dean he always wanted to be a husband.

“Castiel Novak, you are the love of my life. I would be honored if you would allow me to make you my husband. Forever and always, in heaven or hell, as long as we can find each other’s eyes. I love you, angel, and I promise that I will never waste a day that I get to be with you.” Dean’s voice slowly faded as sobs started to choke in the back of his throat.

The ceremony carried on until the priest turned to Castiel and waited for an answer.

A single tear slipped down Cas’ cheek as he gripped Dean’s hands tighter in his own and whispered the words that he had wanted to say since he could remember. “I do.”


Alright guys Andy here, it was my 21st yesterday so I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite pictures from the last year. Some of the people who have followed us from the start would probably remember one or two of these.

I would like to say thank you to everyone for their support with submitting pictures during some of the worst climbing weather we’ve ever seen and thank you to everyone who has followed us and enjoyed our work!

We’re going to be here for a long future sharing pictures and videos with you guys so if you like our work then definitely look forward to OpenCrag for the future. - Andy

turtrussel  asked:

All the NSFW 5's... ho 😁

First time doing oral? I was 16, it was also my first time getting oral. It was all awkward, but still fun

Sex or masturbation? Sex please

How much kissing do you like during sex? lots or none depending on the kind of sex

Are you okay with name calling in bed? Oh yeah I am

Have any roleplaying preferences? not really

Do you prefer giving or receiving oral? I can get off either way, giving or receiving so I’m happy however

Do you like playing with your clit? Hmmmmmm I have never thought about it

Do you enjoy having nipples played with? Yes I do

How many orgasms can you have in a day?  My current record is 12 with a partner, unknown solo

Would you give somebody a sex toy as a gift?  Why did you need some ;)



So, I just finished watching this, which is more an a hour of Yuria, Mion and Juri talking while watching SSA 2015′s Spring Concert (Young Concert and AKB Solo Concert). I never thought it could be this interesting to watch someone watch something you can’t watch X°°D It didn’t feel like it was a whole hour at all! I know this isn’t something someone not knowing the language would feel like watching, but I felt like it was at least worth mentioning.
Anyway, they mostly really just commented some of the performances while watching them (nice to see them feel nostalgic, remember how tense they were etc), but they also talked about several things, going from light talk to serious topics like the future of AKB, their new Teams and positions etc.
Mion talked about how she usually watches AKB concerts as a personal hobby (like during plane flights and such), Juri bragged about “discovering” Jiina before everyone got to know about her with the Election (by the way I feel like Juri’s tension is quite high compared to both Mion and Yuria’s, it was kind of fun to see the nice balance). As for Yuria, for the most part she just went on with the others’ talks (she’s a specialist when it comes to “I know, right?”\”Yeah, that’s true!”\”I feel you” and such XD) but that aside, in regards to members they discovered thanks to this concert, she mentioned once again Meguchan, (Remember? Uh?) she talked about how, startled by her cuteness, she approached her and asked her LINE id (to which Juri commented saying that was basically like hitting on her XD); then she “pushed on” Mion insisting on the ambiguous nature of her relationship with Mogi, saying they love each other and so they should be careful (you know, scandals XD), and she also adds that she loves watching their interactions. Still on the light talk side, she also re-stated her love for Yukirin, saying that every time she appears on screen her heart beats fast (I wonder if she’ll manage to deal with this, being now in the same team with her XD) and, as you can see in one of the screens, she and Mion “had a moment”, when Yuria said she’s happy she’s been in Team 4 :) (Juri feeling left out was super fun XD).
On the serious side, I loved how, after saying that Team B feels like probably the most balanced new Team (having both young promising members and veteran members that can lead the boat) and already has a quite strong color, Yuria talked about wanting to add something different and create a new color.
So I really look forward to that.
In case you don’t know yet, the first performance of the New Team B’s Stage will be held on November 27! Can’t wait :)

halloween week!


Thank You for the Grammy


in 2007, i signed to beggars banquet records.  i was living in dallas, texas in my childhood bedroom at the time, which i had fashioned into a makeshift studio in order to record some of what would end up being my debut album “marry me.”  

the first days of touring my own songs and as “st. vincent” are very vivid.  in early 2007, in anticipation of the release of my record, my (much beloved) agent put me on the road as solo support for jolie holland and midlake.  he saw potential in me, but rightfully, thought i needed to get my live act together. get comfortable playing for people.  get road-tested.  like most of the rest of my career, it was a trial by earth, wind, and fire.  

i was performing solo; just my voice, a guitar through an array of effects pedals, a “stomp board” – a homemade device i made out of a piece of plywood and a contact microphone that i ran through a bass EQ pedal, and a keyboard.  i thought the keyboard looked unmysterious on it’s own, so i designed a lighted wooden enclosure to go around it.  my brother-in-law helped me build it in his garage.  it weighed a gazillion pounds and gave me splinters to carry, and i don’t think anyone was under any illusion that there was anything but a keyboard inside it.  neither the first nor the last in a series of hilariously ill-fated ideas.

january 2007, i borrowed my father’s station wagon and drove 12 hours from dallas to frozen lincoln, nebraska to open for jolie holland (what a voice) at a half-full 150 capacity carpeted club.  i believe the compensation was $250/gig but it could have been as much as $500 – more $ than i’d ever seen for a gig for sure and guaranteed, no less!  in my memory, this midwestern jolie tour dovetailed right into opening the midlake tour.  they were out in support of their excellent record, “the trials of van occupanther” and were the sweetest good texas boys you could ever hope to meet.  the drummer of midlake, mackenzie smith, would later prove to be a great collaborator, playing on actor, strange mercy, and st. vincent.  

on this tour, i’d enlisted my dear friend, jamil, to come and sell merch and help do the long drives.  we’d just played a show in detroit and while we’d been inside, a blizzard had swept through and covered the stationwagon in snow and ice.  it was treacherous.  jamil, who always had some incredible hustle going, hired a homeless man named larry to dig the stationwagon out of the snow.  (in college, he had a gold lexus, stripped it of the good parts, and resold it.  when i asked if he was sad to see it go, he said, “girl, they think they bought a lexus but they bought a corolla.”)  i’ll never forget driving out of bombed out-detroit, apocalyptic at 1 AM.  interstate 94 tense and quiet, jamil trying to make sure we didn’t crash or stall on the icy road.  
i have eaten years of veggie subway sandwiches on highways 10-90, stayed at a super 8 motel behind a kansas federal prison, peed in cups in dressing rooms when there was no bathroom, gotten eaten alive by bedbugs at a cincinnati days inn.  i would not trade a single highway or city or moment or person i met for anything.  i have loved it all.  

i’m very grateful to have received this grammy.  thank you to my producer john congleton, thank you family, thank you friends, thank you to all the incredible musicians involved, thank you managers and agents and publishers and labels and publicists and everyone who works hard at their jobs.  and thank you guys.  thanks for everything.  (via St. Vincent’s Official Newsletter)

I’d just like to say one thing about Tao’s situation. Everyone’s allowed to feel hurt or disappointed, those feelings are very legitimate. But when you experience such feelings, it’s so easy to turn them into anger. What’s harder in that situation, though, is to stop, open your mind, and try to see things from other perspectives, including Tao’s. When you stop and think, you realize that we know nothing about Tao’s thought process, from the moment Kris left to when his dad wrote that letter to the moment he decided to make that solo album, nor do we know anything about the personal struggles he went through. If you genuinely cared about Tao before, I think you should still care enough to open your mind and try not to judge him too quickly. I’m not asking for everyone to be happy about how things turned out, like I said we’re allowed to be disappointed, but it would be great if some people tried harder not to fall into the easy, pessimistic way.

Save Ben Solo

I think it’s interesting that even after all Leia suffered at the hands of Vader, she still believes that there is light in her son. This son, who is trying to be like Vader, she knows he can be saved.

She has set a task for our heroes, bring her son home.

In her mind, since Luke, a Jedi, could not bring him back, it would take someone he loved. She thought that might be Han. But he viewed Han as a disappointment and was then ordered to kill him.

Some argue that it will be Leia who saves him, seeing as how he tried to keep the system she was on from being destroyed. But she had tried when he was a boy and was unable to bring him back from the edge. While he may still feel something akin to affection for her, it was not enough to stop his fall.

As he feels that his family betrayed and disappointed him, it would take someone else to reach him, to hand down a rope so he can climb out of the pit he’s dug for himself.

That leaves Rey, the one person he was, at least in his mind, gentle with, the one he could have killed time and again, the one he offered to train. He has already shown an interest in her, whether it becomes romantic or remains platonic. To put her in an even better position to save our fair prince, she has almost no connection to the events, as far as we know, that drive him into darkness.

Rey cannot save him, at least not on her own. He needs to decide for himself to come back to the light. And to come back, I think he needs to open himself up, to make a connection, to allow himself to feel something other than darkness and pain. Who better to do that with than Rey?

She is his equal, his opposite. Yin and yang in human form. Together, they would balance each other out, and be the perfect Gray Jedi.

On that note, I say Reylo forever and ever and canon. Amen.