but i thought off it myself ok

and anyway i keep to myself on this site, i dont get into any drama and i literally don’t talk to anyone unless they ask me questions. this blog is for me to vent and its the only social media i even post my thoughts on so what compels someone to send a dumb ass ask like that. im edgy? what the fuck does that even mean? why does everyone on the internet use the word edgy to describe people they dont like. its ok if you dont like me but fuck off or come off anon and tell me why don’t be a pussy about it at least. and adding “lmaooooooooo” to the end of it doesn’t make you look like less of a pussy on anon. eat shit 


Now, I’ve justified this to myself in all sorts of ways: it wasn’t a big deal, just a minor betrayal, or we’d outgrown each other, you know, that sort of thing, but let’s face it, I ripped them off. My so-called mates. But Begbie, I couldn’t give a shit about him; and Sick Boy, well, he’d have done the same to me if only he’d thought of it first; and Spud, well, OK, I felt sorry for Spud —he’d never hurt anybody.

Trainspotting dir. Danny Boyle (1996).


Aoi: PO-san. it’s my yellow PO-san. it’s completely original and…. it’s PO-san.
Aoi: I thought, people might say all kinds of stuff to me about it so I asked around and it was ok. they were like “if it’s just some yellow thing wearing red clothes it should be fine”, but I mean, it’s an original PO-san.
Aoi: no, no, that’s not it! it’s not like it’s a rip-off or like I couldn’t be bothered to think of something myself, it’s just that “at the time he was born, there ws already someone who looked a lot like him so I asked for people’s opinions” that’s all. 

I mean, if there was someone similar to yourself sitting next to you, you wouldn’t  be like “YOU’RE COPYING ME!” right? that’s what this is like, isn’t it? ! isn’t it?

Note: Since the bear resembles Winnie the Pooh, Aoi seems to have the need to defend himself (lol). He is saying, it’s not Pooh (プーさん) but PO (ポーさん) so it’s an entirely new and original product that has nothing to do with Winnie the Pooh. 

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ok so, i have a question that has been haunting me ever since easter and it's the fucking worst. i hate myself for thinking of it but i still can't stop thinking about it. i mean it in the nicest possible way when i say that my first thought was to turn to you for answers. please, mother sarah, i'm dying!!! ok here goes: for which of his apostles would jesus bottom?

This is……just to inform all of you that my first thought was Revelation 1:8 and I now have to go drown myself in a baptismal font.

Baby Blues - Jim Kirk

Prompt: can i request a pregnant reader x kirk? - anonymous. (yes, that’s literally the whole request)

Word count: 2,601 (GODDAMN WHAT THE HELL)

Warnings: language, pregnancy, FLUFF

A/N: so there was not much to go off of for this vague request and at first i was like “WHOO FREE REIGN” but then, after writing drafts for 3 entirely different stories, i realized it was so much harder than i thought. but it was interesting! this is super cute and went off the rails very easily but i sorta like it. i just love jim so much and i added enough bones to hold myself over (because he’s still my fav forever). forgive any typos, pls OK WELL ENJOY AND LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

Leonard was hunched over his desk when you walked into his office, the door already wide open. His head was in his hands and his eyes focused on the PADD before him. The room smelled strongly of antiseptic. He didn’t look up as he spoke gruffly, “I’m off-duty.”


He brought his eyes to meet yours at the sound of your voice. His scleras were reddened and the adjacent skin was darkened. His hair stuck up on all ends. As always, he was scowling. “What do you want?”

“I want a drink,” you said, pulling out the chair directly across from him. You fell into it and placed your feet atop his desk, ignoring his clicks of irritation. “But seeing as alcohol is prohibited in my current state, I’ll settle for a nice heart-to-heart with a friend.”

Heart-to-heart,” he snorted, rolling his hazel eyes with an especially sarcastic frown. “Why’d you really come, sweetheart?”

“Needed to get away from Jim.”

He nodded once and leaned back in his seat. “There we go. Did you tell him yet?”

“Nope,” you answered, popping the p. “I don’t plan on it, either.”

He cracked a smirk, the crooked smile causing an uneven creasing of his skin. He looked to be more awake now than when you first walked in. “Are you waitin’ for the baby to tell him?”

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hey. so. i was falling asleep a few hours ago and just as i was dozing off i had the thought that. jeremy essentially vored the squip and i have no idea why but my first thought was to tell you? i hate myself a little bit for even thinking that sentence tbh ok cool just thought u should know stay cool stay chill byebye

YEAH lmao thats a common joke in the fandom. ur first thought was to tell me bc im the King of vore jokes


parring: Peter parker x reader

request: Can you write one where the reader is petrified of spiders and one day Peter’s web shooter went wild and there was web all over the training room. Reader walks in and web gets in her hair and she totally freaks out in hysterics? lol please? 😋 by anon.

a/n: I wrote his 3 times bc i didn’t know how to start this and bc i didn’t like what i wrote so hope this is good?

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

peter’s pov 

I am supposed to be training with Clint today, which is great since we were going to practice my aim. But there was a problem, Y/n is going to be there too.

I’ve had the biggest crush on her since we met, I still remember the first time I laid eyes on her. She was running after Sam with a pillow and accidentally hit me with it.

I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself not today, I needed to impress her, I need to ‘woo her’ as Mr. Stark would say.

But knowing my luck that wouldn’t work and I would mess up, which I already did. On my way to the training room, I saw Y/n and  I ended up hitting my web shooter on the wall when I went to say hi.

Training was great, tiring but great. 

“ok peter let’s see what that web shooter of yours can do?’’  Clint drank from his water bottle, “ sure but something is wrong with it today, it’s acting up” I said as I  shot a string of web, “well it seems fine to me” Clint said. 

Just as I  went to shoot once again my web Shooter went wild and started to shoot webs everywhere and it wasn’t stopping it just kept shooting. 

I somehow managed to turn it off but just when I thought my problems were solved, they managed to get worst. Y/n was standing in front of the door with her hair covered in with the web. 

The worst part of it was that she was horribly scared of spider’s and now she has my web in her hair. Now she’s going to hate you forever Peter good going, I told myself as I walked to Y/n. 

“Omg Omg peter get it out please Peter, get it out of my hair” she started to cry. I took out all of my webs from her hair, “ok Y/n done” I told her and she hugged me tightly. 

She continued to sob, I smoothed her hair in attempts to calm her down, which worked “shh Y/n everything will be fine don’t worry, It’s all gone now” I cooed. 

She looked at me with red puffy eyes “T-Thanks Peter for everything” she said between sobs. 

I smiled at her, promising her that I would keep her safe.

*a few weeks later*

“come on Y/n you can do it”

“no Peter get that thing away from me”  

“don’t insult him Y/n he’s like family to me, well sort of?” he tried to convince you.

“Peter don’t you dare come near me with that, that Spider” you continued to argue. 

“Ok just say Hi to this small guy then I will take it away” you finally agreed. Peter brought the spider close to you, you looked at it, just when you went to say ‘hi’ your eyes went wide. “OMG IS HE EATING A FLY!” you screamed and ran out of the room. 

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Childhood Memories - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

Requested: Hi! I just wanted to ask if you could write a Stiles imagine where the reader (female) and Stiles are togheter and she meets the Sheriff for the first time? And the reader is pretty nervous in the beginning but then becomes comfortable because the sheriff is really nice and he think its amazing that his son have found such an amazing girlfriend? And can the sheriff say something that embarres Stiles but the reader just thinks it’s fun and adorable? Thank you so much, and I love your writings!

Summary: (Y/N) has dinner with Noah Stilinski who shares many embarrassing stories about Stiles, only for Stiles to become embarrassed when he finds out. 

“Stiles, where are you?” I yell in a hushed whisper through my phone as I see the absence of Stiles’ Jeep out the front of his house. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N)! I’m on my way home. I’ll only be like 20 to 30 minutes. Just go and sit down in my room or something. Dad should be there to let you in. Gotta go, love you!” 

“Stiles, don’t you da-” I was cut off by a beep, telling me that Stiles had hung up. “Ok breathe, (Y/N).” I whisper to myself as I knock on the door. I’ve never met Stiles’ dad before and to be honest I was terrified. He was the sheriff after all. I quickly knock on the door begging for it to be over already. After a few seconds the door opens and there stands Stiles’ dad. 

“Hello… and you are?”

“I’m Stiles’ girlfriend. I’m so sorry, I thought he’d be here but he said just to come anyway.”

“Oh, (Y/N)! Come in, come in.” He moves out the way and lets the door fling open. “Have you had anything to eat? I’ve just cooked up some brilliant microwave lasagna.” He jokes. 

“As tempting as that sounds, sir, I’m afraid I filled up on two minute noodles.” I chuckled. 

“Its Noah. You don’t have to call me sir.” He smiles, “Well, would you like a drink?”

“I’ll just have some water, thank you.” He brings me back a glass and I sit down at the table with him as he feasts on his lasagna. 

“So, (Y/N). How did you and Stiles end up together?” 

“I’m surprised he hasn’t told you! He was leaving these notes in my locker that had cute messages just saying things like he hoped I had a nice day or something along those lines and I caught him doing it one day. He completely freaked out and was stuttering and so I actually ended up asking him out.” I giggle, sipping from my glass. 

“Sounds like Stiles. You know, he probably won’t like me telling you this but when he was younger he used to carry this little action figure around and used it to speak to people when he was nervous. Like in a ventriloquist kind of way. Helped him get over his nerves, but obviously not completely. But, I’m happy for him. You seem like quite a nice girl.” 

“That’s adorable! And thank you. Honestly, I was so scared to meet you. I was afraid you might not like me and stuff but now that I’ve met you I realise that anyone with as great of a son as Stiles must be great too.” I smile. “Any other embarrassing stories?” I quickly bring the mood back to a more lighthearted one. 

The front door slams closed and in walks Stiles looking flustered. He walks over and kisses me on the lips before taking his coat off. 

“I’m so sorry, babe. Scott had an issue.” Stiles said bluntly and grabs a can out of the fridge. 

“Hi?” Mr Stilinski says after Stiles walks right by him. 

“Hey dad. Ooh, lasagna.” Stiles hugs his dad and then grabs a mouthful before realising that its cold and spitting it out. 

“It’d be warm if you were home on time.” Noah stated sarcastically. “It’s okay though, (Y/N) and I had some great conversations.” He chuckled. 

“About what? Dad?” Stiles looked almost fearful that I’d been scared off by the stories. 

“Can you show me which action figure it was?” I asked Stiles, giggling. 

“Wha- Dad!”

“It’s ok Stiles, it’s adorable.” I stand up and place my glass in the sink. “Thank you Noah for accompanying me and telling me such amazing stories, but I’m exhausted. And I have story relics to find. Goodnight!” I smile and follow Stiles to his room. 

Hey guys! Sorry, I got this out a lot later than I expected to but I was volunteering all weekend and was sick the last couple of days but I’m back! 

A lil hurt comfort for a friend

This is for @the-sanders-sides bc they have a lovely voice and was responsible for this idea. It’s not my best, (I’m kinda running on fumes atm and this was hard to write for some reason haha) but it is finished! so that’s something.

If someone asks, I can probably edit it to be spoiler free!

Descrip: logxiety, background morince, they watch frozen and it’s real fluffy

Warnings: swears, insecurities

Anxiety had made an art of avoiding Disney night, if he could help it. It started out as movie night, which quickly devolved into musical night, then Disney night. Of course, they still had regular movie night at least once a night, which was fine, since it usually didn’t involve all that… singing, but disney night was hell. Not because of the movies, but because of the company.
The other sides were probably the worst people you could imagine to watch a movie with. Roman, predictably, knew every second by heart, and insisted constantly that “OH! This next bit is my favorite! Anxiety, are you watching? Are you watching it? You better be watching it-”
As if Anxiety didn’t know the movies twice as well as he did, anyways. But even worse was the singing. Constant. Singing. He was nearly convinced that Roman had choreography for every single number from the golden age to now.
Roman was the worst, but Patton was a close second. Patton… was a crier. He was also completely complicit in Romans choreography plot.
Anxiety pulled his legs up onto the couch to avoid getting twirled into by both of them. It was frozen night.
It was definitely Anxieties guilty pleasure musical, one of the ones that he sang to himself when he couldn’t sleep. Unfortunately, Patton caught him watching it. Now they HAD to have a ‘bonding experience’, apparently. They had actually made it all the way to 'Love is an open door’ before Roman actually started dancing.
(He took hans’s part, while Patton took anna’s. Anxiety would never let him live this down.)
Now he was huddled in a corner, hiding in a cave of blankets, trying to see the screen around Roman swinging Patton around the coffee table.
Thank god for Logan, the only not-dancing-idiot in the room. Logan didn’t usually come to these either, or at least he multitasked. (Annoying in its own way, but less so.) Anxiety got the feeling that Patton had given everyone the 'now, we’ve got to try to include him’ talk, which made him a little sick to his stomach.

Trying to ignore the bitter taste in his mouth, he turned to Logan. He was watching the other two dance around the room, a small smile on his face. Anxiety knew from the way he sat up a little every time Roman almost flung Patton across the room, or Patton tripped a little on the carpet, that he was trying to keep them safe, without ruining their fun. His tie was loose, his eyelids drooping. Anxiety pulled the blanket closer around him like a fuzzy fortress.
/conceal don’t feel- holy shit that’s cliche I need to stop./
His could feel his face heating up, and tried to focus back on the movie. It was almost time for the big number. He expected Roman to stay standing, but he flopped down on the other sofa, pulling a giggling Patton down with him. Watching the other two sides curl up next to each other made something deep in his chest start hurting. He ignored it, focusing on the song.

/The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a foot print to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen/

He knew it was cliche. He knew it. But something in him really loved the song. It was… lonely. He could understand that.

/The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside. Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried./

He saw Logan turn to him out of the corner of his eye. By the time he realized he was singing, it was too late. Everyone was looking now. The song went on with out him. He sat petrified on the couch, face turning red.

/conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know./

He really hated dramatic irony.

Logan was the first to speak. “Anxiety-”

Every atom in his body was filled with nope. He was 100% nope.
He shot out of the room like a rocket, nearly tripping on his blanket. He didn’t want to stick around to hear them laughing at him. He locked the door to his room as fast as he could, and collapsed against it.
Anxiety did not sing. It wasn’t his job. If he did sing, it definitely wasn’t disney. It was like, evanescence or something. Not frozen, of all things. He burrowed further into the blanket. Someone knocked on the door.
Logan. Great. They had just started getting along. Now Logan hated him as much as he hated Princey. Probably more. Anxiety wiped his eyes on his sleeve.
“Did I… did we do something wrong?”
Great. Now they thought it was their fault.
“No. Go away.”
He sounded like a child. He heard something move just outside the door, and something put a gentle weight on it, like Logan was sitting on the other side. But sitting on floors was not a thing Logan did. Right?
“Look, I embarrassed myself, ok? You can all make fun of my later, for now just… leave me alone.”
He swallowed as many sobs as he could, waiting for the other side to go away. Just when he thought Logan might be asleep or something, he heard a quiet voice.
“do you want to build a snowman?”
Logan was… singing? His voice was rough, and a little off key, the words too formal for the character.
“Or. Uh, something something… halls…”
Logan cleared his throat awkwardly.
“I’ll- I’ll just go-” Anxiety whipped the door open, causing Logan to fall flat on his back into the room. “Are you making fun of me because I will not hesitate to crush your skull like a watermelon.”
Logan looked up at him, blinking. “I am not.” He said firmly, readjusting his glasses. Anxiety narrowed his eyes. “Then why’d you do it?” Logan looked… pinker than before, but it may have just been the light. “I… came to the consensus that you may have been… vulnerable when you sang. The best way to lessen vulnerability in others is to open up yourself… Was I… was I correct?” Anxiety rubbed the last of his tears off his face with his sleeve, extending the other hand out to help Logan up.
“…..Yeah. Got it in one.”
“I still don’t understand that saying-”
“Shut up and watch the rest of the movie with me.”
“Vocab word?”
“Vocab word.”

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honestly i'm on painkillers right now that have screwed with my head (the simplest things are sending me into fits of laughter it's the best mood) and klance + your sdm au + memes are making me HYSTERICAL right now do you have any more headcanons abt them or your au or just ANYTHING i'm starved pls

OH MY GOD i realise this is a month old ask lakjsdkjklsjgkj but umm okay let me whip up Some Good Content for you

  • lance trying to flirt with keith but getting interrupted by the various bugs that get inside the store
    • lance, leaning on the wall by keith’s cash: what’s cookin good lookin
    • keith, with huge eyes: spider
    • lance: ..youre cooking a spider???? now i’m not one to kinkshame usually but–
    • keith: no i mean there is a massive spider on the wall, right next to you
    • lance: screams so loudly shiro comes running out of the office with coran and allura right behind him, coran wielding a fire extinguisher
    • another time, keith is over in cosmetics bc pidge asked him to cover lance’s break. lance is like not leaving to go on break and is instead saying the worst pickup line in the world
    • lance: hey keith is that your phone in your pocket or are you just happ–
    • keith, pale: oh my god
    • lance: okay admittedly not my best
    • keith, shaking now: no i mean oh my god there is a moth the size of my hand on the gucci shelf
    • lance: screams and jumps into keiths arms and cries but its okay because he’s wearing waterproof makeup
    • keith: cries too because he’s scared of moths (with the exception of mothman, bc that’s his bf)
    • pidge, swatting it away w a broom: for fuck’s sake i have to do everything around here
  • hunk is the friend that both of them go to whenever they’re frustrated
    • keith: GOD he’s just so fucking infuriating does he HAVE to flirt with every single GODDAMN PERSON HE SEES!!! 
    • hunk: you know he’s just doing it to make you jealous because he’s shy and doesn’t know how else to show you he likes you
    • keith: what
    • hunk: he’s trying to make you jealous
    • keith: no the other part
    • hunk: he likes you?
    • keith: ……is that a cryptid…. lance actually liking me…? sounds fake…. i dont know her
    • hunk: are you serious right now
    • and then of course lance has to bitch too
    • lance: you know what that fucking KEITH did today?
    • hunk, sighing: what did he do?
    • lance: he wore those LEATHER STRAP BRACELETS and PUT HIS HAIR IN A BUN
    • hunk: ok and
    • lance: he’s so hot im gonna sweat my makeup off and then immediately fling myself off the roof of this building and die
    • hunk: that seems excessive. here just drink some of my water instead. also, you have that really expensive urban decay setting spray. your makeup isn’t going anywhere
363 Days

Prompt: You and Seth have been broken up for a year. While you’re both traveling your suitcases get switched and he discovers you still have pictures of the two of you and his old t-shirt in yours. Fluff and Smut. @screamersdontdance

I added some Angst as well.

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so, when you start seeing kd as a real couple? It was something specific or...?

I’ve actually thought quite a lot about this. anon, and Ive narrowed it done to 3 series of events. And I should start off by saying that my fetus exol self did not ship kaisoo in the beginning - I was more into se-kai. I remember, when I looked up a graph of all the exo ships (for knowledge), being so shocked and confused as to why there was line connecting jongin to kyungsoo. Because as far I’d known, those two didn’t seem like they’d go together at all. They were complete opposites! So, I left my se-kai life and went to investigate this interesting and strange pairing.

I was a very casual about shipping the two, and didn’t think that much of their interactions. I was very much aware of the cultural differences and the hyped up fanservice groups put on for audiences, so I told myself that it wasn’t that deep. However, I did find it interesting how their “fanservices” were never quite put out there for the audiences to actually see. (And realized that the “behind the scenes pairing” title name was actually, quite… accurate lol)

ok ok I’ll stop rambling now and get on with it. In chronological order these were the things that really stood out to me and had me convinced.

(Long post.)

1. “The Inner Workings Of SM” insider post from 2012

This entire post goes over a lot of topics, but the general overview is SM manipulating media and setting up exo/girl pairings for planned scandals and hype in the future.

Such as:

  • baekhyun + SNSD’s taeyeon
  • kris + SNSD’s yuri
  • luhan + SNSD’S seohyun
  • sehun + f(x)’s krystal (which obviously fell through)
  • jongin + f(x)’s krystal (which came into play)

If I remember correctly, this post was shared in 2014, after Dispatch “leaked” baek-yeon’s “date,” and SM confirmed their “relationship.” But the original post was written all the way back in 2012, so I was fucking wOKE. And, ofc, I was more concerned and with baekhyun and taeyeon’s thing because that was one of main points of the post being shared at the time - so I completely looked over the kxk. But one line really stuck out to me.

“Kai is possibly paired with Krystal, this is being discussed. But due to unknown reasons, Kai doesn’t like couple pairings. Doesn’t like dating.

I remember reading this and just taking a moment, like “huh.” I had a sense of relief(?). I don’t know how to explain it, but it hit me as kind of… reassuring? Like he’s not just going along with everything sm wants; he must be showing some level of resistance to media play - since him not liking the setups must’ve been causing some sort of an issue. It just made me feel a little better ok idk what I’m getting at nvm

I will admit, Kyungsoo came to mind. I read this line and I thought of Kyungsoo being one of those unknown reasons, and I entertained the idea for an hour or two before coming back to Earth and convincing myself that the possibility was just silly talk.

I remember finding this post very confusing, and I was very, very shocked and put-off. lmao not to be dramatic, but it literally felt like everything I’d ever known of exo and all that I had come to like and admire about them had all been fake and a lie. I was upset for a long time, too. (I’ve since gotten over it, but it really taught me not to trust everything sm puts out there. And that Dispatch is easily manipulated, and not a reliable source.)

2. 150531 + k-fan’s analysis + xiuchen’s “jagi” cover-up

The almighty “jagi” moment. It was one thing when I-fans where speculating about this moment back when occurred. We all like to think of the possibilities, but it was the language and culture barrier that had me mostly dismissing this moment at first. But it is an entirely different thing to see a k-fan basically confirm what we i-fans had been trying to figure out. I could really go on and on about this moment, but I’d just be saying all that’s been said in the post I’ve linked above; I’ve talked about several times in the past. So go read the linked post or go through my #jagi moment tag on @kaisoowls and you’ll have all you need to know. You’ll understand why I was and still am shook as fuck about it.

The entire day of 150531, still really sticks out to me - jagi moment, aside. Because their interactions were different that day; more… vivid, for a lack of a better term lol Kyungsoo’s eyes and his smiles looked very soft and warm when he looked at Jongin. His expressions held a lot of affection.

As a nice cherry on top, the OP of the “jagi analysis” even said that jagi is a confirmed thing amoung kfans, so literally… There’s not much else to say about that.

That being said, it’s very understandable why sm would’ve wanted to extinguish this, because rumors of homosexuality within a company can be quite devastating to their business (due to prejudice), so I’m not really surprised that sm would want to try and cover it up and pretend like it’s not anything meaningful or worthwhile. Which leads us onto the Monster showcase, and the birth of xiuchen’s “jagi” moment. (To be clear, I don’t hold anything against xiuchen at all, I’m very aware it was most probably all sm’s doings.)

My friend @dorkdo did an analysis on this a while back, so for a more in depth look into that moment, go read her post here. (would u look at that harman tysm for helping me in my woke journey i owe u)

A post shared by @alvabear94 on Jul 17, 2016 at 1:23am PDT

3. Rumors of a gay couple + KxK confirmation

I’m sure you all remember the madness that ensued after that news company (I’m sorry that name is escaping me atm) threatened to publicly announce and out the gay couple that they had discovered. They literally stated that they were ready for the repercussions and lawsuits - they weren’t fucking around with this shit. All of speculation flooded around everywhere, everyone guessing and trying to figure out how the couple was - and of course, one of the main candidates was kadi.

I wasn’t happy at all about this. I wasn’t excited or looking forward to it as I saw many other kaisoo shippers posting about. I was fucking terrified of that slim possibility of it being kadi, because - realistically - I doubt it would’ve ended well for anyone involved. With the heavy prejudice and discrimination against homosexuality still going on, it would’ve possibly been very damaging for exo, and most importantly, jongin and kyungsoo. I’m sure they would get support, of course the would, but the number of people going against them would be far greater, possibly.

And then, behold. kxk is suddenly “outed” by Dispatch, and sm confirmed their relationship within hours of the scandal’s release. To say I was a little skeptical is kind of an understatement. I really did not believe this news at all when it was released. Especially not after the INNER WORKINGS OF SM post reemerged. Which quite literally stated that sm has had kxk setup for release since 2012. I called bullshit within the first 48hrs. And the circumstances at the time really set it in stone for me; I decided that I would support kadi. I would be logical and realistic about everything further that would ensue - but I would support kadi.

So there you go anon, I’m sorry this post is a million miles long lol

Eyes That Know

Summary: The reader is a rock star with heavy addiction issues.  Sam is a former rocker who has been to rehab and been sober for a number of years.  When the two meet at a party sparks fly and they fall into a romance.  After losing one girlfriend to addiction, Sam can’t do it again and makes the reader choose between him and her drugs.  

Author: revwinchester

Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Adam Milligan, Jimmy Novak, Ruby, Amelia Richardson

Word Count: 5697, including lyrics (which are italicized throughout)

Warnings: talk and use of soft and hard drugs, implied prostitution, cocaine overdose, major character deaths, mention of minor character death, mental illness - specifically addiction, anxiety, and depression, all the angst.  Also, one of the character deaths could be read as suicide - though it’s not intended to be one - and the song lyrics mention the historical suicide of Vincent Van Gogh.

A/N: This ended up being for two challenges and it is the angstiest thing I have ever written.  I cried while I wrote it.  First, @nichelle-my-belle is hosting Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge and my prompt was “if you kill all my demons, my angels might die too.”  I was looking for a song to frame the fic when @thing-you-do-with-that-thing announced the SPN Anti-Valentine’s Challenge and I saw one of the prompts was “Josh Groban - Starry Night,” which is a cover of Don McLean’s “Vincent,” a song I absolutely love.  You can bet I snapped that one up real quick! Click on each of the links to head to youtube for two different versions of the song.  They are so different but each are beautiful in their own right (though, if you’ve never heard it before, I recommend you start with the original).

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Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: Lots of fluff

Fandom: BTS

Word count: 2700

Summary: Is this even ok. It is ok to feel like this…. Those were the questions that were filling my mind when the rain brought me the unexpected burning fire that completely melted me on this wet night.

I am at home. It`s around 11 o` clock and stupid me is still curled up on the sofa, sitting “criss-cross” around hundreds of pillows, with blanket reaching to my neck, with a cup of tea in my hands. I`m watching, probably the 6th episode today, of my favorite romantic drama. The lovely, nicely twisted love story, makes me at ease and the rain that is coloring the city outside, is helping me to relax even more. The candle is softly lighting up the area around the coffee table and it`s smell, is all over the house. I needed this. I needed to just relax and forget about all of my problems, I needed to release all the stress that was building inside. I pressed my lips to the cup and widened my eyes when a dramatic scene came up. –Him reaching out to her, pulling her to his chest… and then there`s the dramatic silence… I`m watching intensely and all I can hear are the soft rain drops falling on my window`s glass, filling the silence perfectly. And there it is … the scene I never get enough of… two hearts coming together, becoming one, with an action we call it, a kiss.
Right when I wanted to take a sip of a nice smelling liquid that I had been holding up to my nose, I notice that the candle`s flame suddenly became so small, that I thought it would blow out at any second. I put my cup on the coffee table and I start to think. Ok, so I didn`t leave any door open, or any…               But then I remember the window in the kitchen which is on the front side of the house. It was probably just the wind…yes, it must be the wind… I tried to convince myself. But I couldn`t prevent weird thoughts to fill my mind. I turned off my TV and started to listen well. I really hope I locked the door, I must be careful because you never really know what will happen when it comes to this city.
Now the sound of rain isn`t that relaxing anymore. I take a deep breath and then I hear weird sounds, sounds of wetness mixing with some kind of rumble. I collect all of my courage and get off the sofa. The noise is getting louder and I freeze at the place. I question myself, what the hell would that be… or who would that be… My heart starts to beat faster, with every sound coming from outside even faster, completely colliding with the rhythm of the rain. I take a few steps forward slowly. Then I hear rumbling of the door handle…ow, shit…what if I really didn`t lock the door. There is the sound of a click, announcing the opening the door. But for me…I just freeze again and don`t know what to do. The door opens slowly, making the fresh spring wind escaping inside and the sound of rain dramatically loud. I fist my hands and prepare myself for whatever is coming.
But then a sweet voice wakes me up from my freighting state.
“Ow….gosh. Jimin! You scared the hell out of me… Are you crazy!!?” I barely say to him because of my shallow breathing. I put one of my hands on the wall for support and the other on my chest. “Ow, sorry… I really didn`t mean to. I just couldn`t wait to see you. How are you my bunny?” he said softly while placing his bag from practice on the floor and slowly coming closer to me. “Wow, did I really scared you that much y/n…” he finally realized how I looked like… like I had just seen a ghost. “You pabo, you should at least call me or something…” I scold him still not able to completely calm down. “I`m so sorry…” he said once again. He came even closer to me. I finally raised myself and looked at him. He is soaked. His hair is sticking to his forehead and his clothes to his body. Little raindrops are falling from his hair tips onto his chest. His lips were little blue and I could see he was trying to stop them from trembling because of the cold. He reached with his hand towards me to pet my cheek. His wet fingertips made sparks on my now burning cheek. I still didn`t recover from before when he called me by sweet nickname and him looking so admirable more than ever, because of the stupid rain and now he even made my skin burn with just one single innocent touch. This isn`t the way your best friend should make you feel. He looks so cold and now I feel bad for scolding him. I placed my hand over his that was laying on my cheek, firstly because if he would touch me any longer, he would burn my skin so bad, that there would be a hole in it, secondly because I wanted to take care of him. He sighed at my touch and slightly closed his eyes: You`re so warm… “. “And you are freezing…” I didn`t realize that my voice was nearly just a whisper. “You wanted to see me that bad? You pabo.” I said quietly while looking down. “Yeah… of course I wanted to see my bunny…” he smiled at me, I couldn’t see his smile, but I could feel it. Ahh, when will he stop calling me that, it`s not healthy for my fast beating heart! “Yea, yea…now come here you soaked sponge…” I playfully tried to loosen up the weird atmosphere. I pulled him into the living room and softly pushed him on the sofa. “Mmm…it smells so nice…” he lifted his cute nose of his to sniff around. I couldn`t help but think how cute he looks, the way he cringed up his nose, the way he is amused about something that I also like. “Mm…OK. Now wait for me here, I `ll be right back.” I quickly ran into my bathroom to take a towel. “OK.” he smiled. When I came into the bathroom, I stopped by the sink, I put my hands on it for support and took a few deep breaths. “Oh Y/N…. what the hell is wrong with you!” I quietly said to myself. “Keep it together for god sake…what has got into you. It`s just Jimin,,,” I shake my head, to get rid of my weird thoughts…but unsuccessfully. I opened my bathroom closet and took one white towel. I took one final look into the mirror, I moved my head side to side and went with my hand through my hair to loosen everything up. In the middle of fixing my hair, I realized what was I doing and for who was I doing it…I quickly stopped the action and gave myself a mind slap. Ahh… Y/N…what the hell!! I walked out of the bathroom back to Jimin. I saw him sitting comfortably on the sofa with the TV remote in his hand and with my cup of tea in his other. He was watching my romantic drama. “Jimin…” he quickly stopped sipping on my tea and looked at me with his puppy eyes, as if I caught him doing something wrong. “Ow…This is what have you been watching…” he said. “ Yeah..you like it?” I said little sarcastly while I started moving closer. He put the cup on the coffee table. “Yeah..why did you started without me?” he said between his smiles. I just grinned sweetly at him and came even closer to where he was sitting. “Where were you?” he looked up at me since I was standing right in front of him. He looks even cuter from this angle. Jimin, do you even have any idea what are you doing to me… With a smile on my face, I took the towel to throw it on his head. “We don`t want you to get sick, don`t we…”  I started to rub the towel against his hair, covering his face in between. I could feel him relax against my touch. Is he enjoying this… “You`re so stupid for going out like that,” I said while taking care of him. “You could just wait until tomorrow when it wouldn`t be raining.”
He stopped my actions by putting his hand around my wrist: “I just really wanted to see you… my little bunny.” I stiffened for a moment when his words reached my ears, I can feel the warmth flood through my whole body. Why does he have such an effect on me? I slightly move my hand back, letting the towel to uncover his face. Then he looked up at me…that look. Wha..t.. he never looked at me like this before, or I just didn`t notice. What is he doing…? Jimin… stop making me feel things I shouldn`t.
I feel so light and I can`t hear the rain anymore, just my fast beating heart, ringing in my ears. His messy hair perfectly framed his soft expression, he softly licked his now rosy plump lips. I just couldn`t help but look at them… I can feel that I am slowly losing control over myself. I am so confused and drunk at the same time. I let my lips to slightly part, I soften the hold on the towel…I am slowly loosing myself. His eyes are shining, just like his shiny wet skin… His skin, he is still wet…!!! He slightly moved his fingers that were touching my wrist and the still cold and moist feeling of them, finally woke me up from my trans. At the realization of the weird moment, that we have had just seconds ago, made me widened my eyes. I quickly looked down, trying to hide my obvious blush. “What`s wrong?” he softly asked. I just shook my head, so that my baby hairs that escaped my messy bun, fell onto my forehead and cheeks. I carefully moved the towel from his head, down to his neck and placed it around his shoulders. But just because I have broken the eye contact, that doesn`t mean that he did. He was still keeping his stare on me, the entire time. I could feel it setting my skin on fire… Ow, god Jimin. “I will go get you some dry clothes. I think you left some here from last time.” I said, trying to cover the guilt, of me secretly not telling him this before, maybe because I have had worn them, like every day. I nervously smiled and ran to my bedroom, to escape the awkward situation. In my bedroom, happened pretty much almost the same scene like the one from my bathroom a few minutes ago. I opened the closed and tried to focus on finding Jimin`s clothes. “Ow my god….!!! Y/n, can you just stop acting like this. You are making a fool out of yourself. It`s Jimin, for the holy land.” I was quietly telling myself. “Just stop, you`re going to make this so awkward, for no reason…Yeah…there is no reason to be awkward, you stupid…” I finally found some sweats and a hoodie. Slightly flustered over myself, I turned around.
And my whole body stiffened at the sight that was in front of me. There he was, sitting on my bed with his elbows on his knees, supporting his head with one hand. He was looking at me with his adoring expression. I just nervously chuckled and fidgeted with his clothes in my hands. He also returned the chuckle and was just sitting on my bed. I couldn`t stand the situation anymore, so I just gently threw the clothes to him and started to walk out of the room. I couldn`t feel more embarrassed. I don`t know how much did he hear, but whatever he did….he shouldn`t. He is my best friend for god`s sake. Suddenly I felt the familiar feeling against my wrist, again. Jimin stopped me on my way out, by grabbing my wrist. He was still sitting on my bed and I was still facing him with my back. I closed my eyes, ready for whatever he is going to say. I know he will tease me for this, like forever. But when he spoke up, I was so surprised by his color of tone, that I had to open my eyes.“Y/n…” he begun. “Why are you running away again?”. Oh no, he probably knows what has been going on in my head since the beginning.“Since I came, you`re acting like this…. always avoiding my eye contact. But I….since I have come…. I was desperate to caught your eyes.” He pulled my hand a little, trying to get me to look at him. But I didn`t know what to do. Should I just tell him, or should I act like I don`t know what is he talking about, should I at least look at him…. I feel so confused. I don`t even know what is going on with me. But because I didn`t give him the answer, he pulled me again, this time harder. He pulled me so hard, that I had to stop myself from falling on him by putting my hands on his shoulders. When I finally looked at him, he smiled…he smiled so bright that I couldn`t help but to smile myself too. Because everything that he feels, I feel too. He placed both hands on my waist, softly stroking my sides in between. “There it is…eyes I never get tired of,” he said still smiling. “Jimin, I….” but he interrupted me. “Yeah, I know that you have been wearing my clothes that I forgot here…Don`t worry, I like seeing you in my clothes.” His words made me blush so I looked away. I didn’t exactly want to tell him that…but I guess it can wait. All of a sudden he spun me around and pushed me down on my bed. I let out high pitched surprised voice which made Jimin laugh. “It`s so cute when my little bunny blushes,” he said while removing a strand of my hair from my face.“It`s my one of my favorite shades of red, ” and his words left me in the stage of “Jimin after effect”. He got so close that I could feel his hair ends leaving little wet marks on my forehead. My mind went blank. I barely preceded that moment when he pulled me on him, I just can`t keep up with his actions….he is driving me crazy!! And I hate to admit, but I secretly like it. “Do you know which shade of red is my favorite?” I just blinked at him, not being able to think straight, let alone to talk. “It`s the color of your lips…” I think he even blushed himself at his words. He lowered his eyes from my shocked stare to my lips. He lowered himself on me.  Our chests were gently touching, my hands were still on his shoulders and when I didn`t push him away after getting closer to me, he brought his face even lower to mine. His eyes were only slightly parted, just like mine and when our noses touched, I closed them. I just feel so warm and fuzzy because of Jimin`s presence and attention. But suddenly I felt the weight on me to slowly remove. I opened my eyes and saw the most adorable, pure, filled with love smile ever in my life. Jimin was supporting his weight on stretched arms looking at me, deep in my heart. He probably knows everything and after he nose kissed me, I also know everything.“Come on…let`s go watch that drama that you were watching earlier,” he got up after he patted my cheek. I melted into a big puddle on my bed, unable of getting up after what had happened. I definitely didn`t expect that… All I wanted is to have a nice day of. To enjoy the peace that the wet rain brought me. But it also brought me the burning fire within my fast beating heart.

Jumped: Part 2

Part 1

After a day of marathon shopping with Oliver, I was ready for a quiet evening at home. I reheated some pasta and curled up on the couch with a book (that I totally intended to read but probably wouldn’t), a glass of wine and my phone. My fingers were itching to pull up the picture from earlier. I wanted to play it cool and pretend like I hadn’t been affected by my celebrity encounter, but I was. And it wasn’t that he was famous (I was pretty sure). It was him, it was this guy who had this presence that I couldn’t describe. The banter on the phone, the blueness of his eyes, the rush of my heart when his fingers brushed mine, these were the things that stuck with me, that had been circling my brain all day.

With a sigh, I gave up my pretense and opened the photo app on my phone. There it was, the selfie. He was right. I did look terrified. My eyes were wide, my lips pale and in a tight line as I stared into the camera. Wow. Thank god he had sent himself the Minnie Mouse picture and not this one. He looked much better in the pic, unsmiling and maybe a little tired but he was a naturally photogenic guy and his blue eyes and the dark stubble on his chin framed a really handsome face.

I switched over to the text message he had sent himself, the infamous Minnie Mouse picture. It was taken four months ago on Halloween at my friend Margot’s annual party. The theme had been Disney but it was not a family friendly party. My mini skirt and fishnet stockings were modest compared to some of the other costumes. There were more slutty princesses than you could count. Oliver had dressed as the priest from The Little Mermaid, complete with a tented shift.

Niall’s number stared at me from the small screen of the phone. I knew I would never call it, one humiliation (okay at least three humiliations) in front of this guy were enough to last a lifetime. But I couldn’t bring myself to delete it. If he were smart, he’d be changing it soon anyway after giving it away to a total stranger. Finally, I gave into my baser instincts and opened his contact. I printed his name (which I had to google for the spelling…and then maybe looked through the images a little) and then added his cropped out face from our selfie. I stared at the face and name, replaying our interactions and wishing with everything I had that I didn’t want to talk to him again.

I was startled out of my daydream by a text alert. Pinching myself to make sure I hadn’t actually fallen asleep and that this wasn’t a dream, I read his name. Text message from Niall Horan. Exiting out of the contact, I pulled open his message and immediately started to giggle.

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Over protective | Justin Foley

<p><p>Your POV.

“Are you fucking serious?”

You look back to see Justin leaning against your bedroom door. His eyes are dark and low and he was drinking a beer and holding onto a half bitten sub.

“I thought only alcoholics drank before 9 am” you chuckle before turning back to stare at your reflection in your floor lengthened mirror.

“I though only whores dressed like that to school” Justin snaps back

You turn to face him “Excuse you?”

“Did Mum shrink your skirt in the wash or something?” He questions

“It’s fine” you say, pulling your skirt down a little “Ok- maybe it’s a little short but I did make this myself”

“Y/N I can literally see your ovaries”

“Oh fuck off Justin” you spit “Now get out. I need to finish getting ready”

“You need to finish making the rest of that skirt” Justin says “And there’s no fucking way I’m letting you wear that to school”

You scoff “Really Justin? Your not my father- you can’t tell me what to do”

“Well guess what. Dads not here so get changed. Now” he demands


“…look” Justin says whilst stepping in further into your room “I’m a guy. I know how males think. Boys will look at you in that and think all sorts of shit”

“Justin I could wear a bin bag to school and boys will stare at my ass- get over it. It’s what they do”

“Change. Now” he demand then exits the room

If you could roll your eyes any further they would surely pop out of your head. So you just gave in and changes into a pair of ripped jeans. You touched up your make up before heading out and into the car with Justin.

*At school*

As soon as you and Justin got out of the car, Jessica was all over him. They we’re kissing and touching and doing all that PDA shit you just didn’t want to see your bother doing. You left them to it and walked into the school grounds alone.

You stopped at your locker when Bryce Walker approached you.

“Hey” you smiled

“Hey. Where’s your brother?” He questioned as it was unusual for you two to be seen without each other. You and Justin we’re pretty close- practically tied to the hip or at least 5 steps away from one another. You had to be close like that- growing up the way you did.

You slam your locker door shut “He’s out there with Jess- making babies”

Bryce laughs a little.

You lower your voice and ask “You for anything for me?”

“You mean weed?” Bryce asks

“Shhh!” You say to hush him as you grab him by his jacket and pull him closer to you “Justin doesn’t know I smoke so..

“Rebel” Bryce smiles. He fishes into his back pocket and grabs my hand. I open my palm and he slips and small plastic bag into it.

“Thank you” you say “Can I pay you back later- I don’t have any money on me”

Bryce tuts “I know we’re friends but I can’t keep giving away this shit for free”

“I’ll get you your money- I promise”

Bryce looks around him before turning back to you. He slowly licks his lips as he moves his body closer to yours. His arm was now above your head and his lips we’re practically on yours. You begin to feel intimidated.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You question

“Just thinking of some others ways you could pay me back”

Your eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“I don’t need your money Y/N. Money I’ve got. You know that” says Bryce

“Yeah, I know” you agree

He uses his other hand and slowly runs it down your back before gently squeezing your bum “Maybe you could give me something else”

You was shocked at what was happening. It was almost surreal. Bryce of all people was coming on to you. He was like a brother to you and now this.

“..Bryce I’m gonna give you 10 seconds to get off me” you warn

“Or what?” Bryce taunts

“Yo!” Justin yells as he approaches the both of you. Bryce let’s go of you so you quickly move from under him. Then the bell rings, making the halls soon clear

“Wanna walk me to English?” Jessica asks you and you nod. She grabs your arm as you walk away from the boys.

*Justin’s POV.*

“I thought I told you to stay away from Y/N” I say- sternly

“Calm your shit Justin” Bryce begins to walk away “We we’re just catching up. We haven’t seen each other in a while”

I follow him.

“Id like to keep things that way” I could begin to feel my body becoming heated with anger. My veins shooting up above my skin and my heart pounding out of my chest.

“Just don’t talk to her. Don’t look at her. Do- don’t even breathe in her direction ok?”

“Woah, woah, woah Justin” Bryce says as he slowly turns around to face me “What happened to what’s yours is mine? I thought we shared everything”

“No-not her” I spit “She’s my sister”

“Okay” Bryce says in surrender “Ill leave her alone. shit”

*Your pov.*

You walked out of Chemistry and was pleasantly suppressed to see Justin waiting for you.

“What’s up?” You ask him as you begin to walk down the halls together

“Earlier with Bryce..

Your tummy tightened at the mention of his name

“He wasn’t bothering you was he? He didn’t hurt you?”

“Justin. It’s Bryce- I can take care of myself around him” you assure him

“Just answer the question” Justin snaps- unable to hide the frustration in his tone.

“No- he didn’t” you lied “Why?”

“Just- just don’t talk to him from now on, okay- promise?” He asks whilst holding out his pinky

You we’re a little confused but locked your pinky into his anyway “Promise”

Then suddenly, he pulls you into a hug. A warm, tight hug. Like the one he gave you at your fathers funeral. Like he didn’t want to lose you.


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i just want a fluffy little!dan and daddy!phil where they are outside for a meeting with their fans and dan is in little space anddddd idk

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 300+

Warnings: anxiety I guess, thumb sucking, uh daddy kink obvs, little!dan, daddy!phil



‘No, no, no, no, Dan. No.’ I bit my lip, trying to hold myself together as I feel the last week of constant meet and greets and YouTube meetings catch up with me. My hand twitches as a girl leaves and I look at Phil, trying to convey with my eyes that I’m slipping. He doesn’t look at me, grabbing the book of the boy in front of him to sign it and conversing vibrantly, I engage but I can tell that I’m acting off.

By the time we were down to the last five people, my thumb nail had been gnawed off, my clothes were ruffled from fidgeting with them, and my head felt heavy and drowsy.

My eyes watered but I held the tears back, I just had to finish up with these last few. I tuned back in from my thoughts to see Phil looking at me expectantly, worry in his eyes, “You ok, Dan?”

I realized my hands were shaking, “Mhm, I’m fine, Da-Phil.” I caught myself just in time and Phil’s eyes flashed with recognition. Phil hurried just slightly with the last girl, but was still sure that she didn’t feel rushed. When she left I turned into Phil’s arm, hand flying to my mouth and face squishing into Phil’s neck. “Sorry, daddy.”

“Don’t be. I’m sorry I didn’t see you slipping sooner.”

“Nothin’ you coulda done anyway.” I reassured him, mind muddled.

“Wanna go back to the hotel, watch some pooh, and cuddle?” I nod into his neck.

My thumb slips from my mouth with a pop, “Can we order pancakes, daddy?”

“Anything you want, baby bear. Gonna take care of you today, how’s that sound?” I hum contentedly.

“Love you, daddy.”

“Love you to the moon and back, sweetheart. Never doubt it.” I smile and melt into him. I was good, I was safe, I was loved.


AHHHH I suck at fluff I’m sorry,,,, I hope this is what you wanted sorry it took so long. :))) love you angels

I lazily turn around to answer my phone that was non stop buzzing. Harry’s still deep sleep with small snores leaves his mouth.

“Hello” I answered. No one talked but I can hear voices from another line. “Hello, anybody’s there?” I ask again. Now Harry slowly opens his eyes look at me , I shake my head and he close his eyes again. I wanted to hang up but then a voice stops me “Mrs styles?” A boy not too old asked me “it’s her” he coughs “I’m mason, Aiden’s friend” “yeah sweetie I know you, is everything alright?” Aiden is our oldest boy. He’s turning 15 this year still act much older than his age. We always trust his words. Tonight he stayed at a friend house, mason’s house so I get worried by mason’s call.

Harry opened his eyes once more this time alarmed. We both now sitting on bed .“there’s something you need to know Mrs styles” now I’m so worried.
Aiden isn’t so outgoing. I don’t know is it because our jobs and spotlight or nah but he’s so shy so it’s rare if he fall in Trouble with others. I look at the clock for first time. It’s 2 am and that makes me even more worried. Harry puts his hand on my shoulder “what’s wrong love?” I shrugged my shoulders in answer to Harry’s question and wait for mason’s answer.

“Aiden isn’t here” he finally said “what you mean?he supposed to sleep over your house” I stand up this time and listen to mason telling me how Aiden like a girl at school and that girl put him and her boyfriend ,that isn’t a stable boy ,in a fight. My heart stops at information. He text me his address and me and Harry were in car with an eye blink.

Harry’s so angry with him and I’m so worried. I don’t know how he thinks with himself with doing this. Apparently they’re in an old warehouse 10 min away from our house. I breathe out with Harry sharply turned in another street “stupid boy” he mumble and pushed gas peddle harder. I don’t know how we gonna find Aiden.
Finally we reached there and Harry hop out of car told me to wait. I sit in car and prey to god my for my little boy safety. Aiden isn’t my biological son but somehow I love him more than my two other children. He’s Harry’s son and his mother is no where around, she left the little boy with his father when he was only two. Finally Harry walked out with Aiden hot on his foot. I hop out embarrassing my boy. I cup his face in my hands checking for any injuries “we got here soon” Harry said still so angry. He sits in car without looking at Aiden.

The whole way home Aiden’s head was low . I know he’s sorry but that won’t ease anything, he doesn’t know what danger he’s been through “are you stupid?” Harry yelled as soon as we walked in house. “Are you out of your mind?” Aiden look at floor with no word left his mouth “Harry , you will wake others” I put my hand on his shoulder. He breathed in to calm down but I know it won’t work “I’ll deal with you tomorrow” he left leaving room still mumbling angry words.

I look at Aiden “ go back to sleep” in told him but he’s still staring at floor. I put my hand on his shoulder and he throws himself in my arms ,tears falling off his eyes. I hold him tight in my arms “it’s ok babe” I kiss his head “I’m sorry mom, I thought it’s a simple fight and gonna be over with two punch” i nod unable to talk. He got us so worried. “I didn’t want to disappoint you, I just wanted to approve myself mom” “we gonna talk tomorrow, go and rest babe” he nods clearing his eyes.

I woke up to make breakfast ready. Aiden was already awake and ready for school in kitchen “morning mom” he mumble “morning darling” Harry steps in kitchen look at Aiden with anger.
Last night when i got back in room we talked about how handle the situation but Harry insisted to punish him the way he remember I wasn’t agree much so we decide to talk with him before deciding.

“Da…” Harry cuts Aiden’s world “go to your room and wait there” he stands up immediately and runs to His room, I sigh “Harry you promised to control your temper” he shakes his head “it’s not easy though” I hold his waist and kiss his lips softly “I know,but you’ll try?” He sighs and nod his head. After I send Darcy and Caleb to school we decided it’s enough for him waiting so we walk to Aiden’s room.

Aiden was sitting on his bed when we entered. I hold Harry’s hand in mine “I hope you know what you’ve been putting yourself in” Harry said straight. Aiden nods “words” Harry snapped “yes dad I know” Harry shakes his head “what did you think with yourself?” Harry shout , I wonder which part of control your temper was hard? He’s so soft but when it comes to kids being in danger or anything,he’ll lose it .

“Aiden, did you know if police was there you would be arrested?” I ask him softly and sit beside him “let alone the police, what if you were injured? Huh baby?” I asked him
“Don’t baby him, he’s man enough for street fights now” Harry snapped and I sigh.

Aiden close his eyes “I tried to prove it” he mumble and Harry laughs “that you can fight? I can fight too, should I go everywhere and hit whoever is in front of me? ” Aiden shakes his head “you don’t understand” he stands up and tears fall down his face again but he tried to hide it “I wanted to show them I can do it myself, I wanted them to know I’m not a baby who ask his famous parents whatever he wants . I wanted them to see I have a personality and they can see me as me” he said without breath. I didn’t know he was through this and never talked to us.

Harry hold his shoulders “you don’t have to do this to show them , because if they want to see they’ll see what a strong person you’re, what a beautiful personality you have. If they can’t see,it’s their loose not you , not everyone can see best things , they should have good taste” Aiden nods , Harry’s words was truly beautiful.

“You know Aiden next time you should talk with us , I don’t want to put yourself in trouble because you don’t feel right, that’s why we’re here, ok?” I told him and he nods “thanks mom and dad. I’m so sorry” Harry hugged him “I know son, I know ” he patted Aiden’s back “ but it doesn’t mean you’re not grounded for two next week” he added.
“Can’t it be one week?” Aiden asked and Harry shakes his head “no, it’s two weeks grounded with no phone” Aiden sighs but didn’t protest.
“Cmon babe , you should eat your breakfast before you’re late for school” I told him as we head downstairs.

I know my family is complicated but as long as we stay together we gonna survive.

Thanks for requesting this and thanks for reading it. I hope you enjoyed.

The things you should have known before dating me

The things you should have known before dating me
1. I will always put your happiness first, because I have a hard time finding my own
2. I will always think that this is the last straw, because I’ve always been afraid of ending up alone
3. I won’t ever feel like I’m enough, because you are so much more than I feel like I could ever be
4. I may not take care of myself, I’m sorry you have to see that
5. I will be too anxious to hang out with your friends most of the time
6. I may also be too depressed to get up off the ground
7. I have problems.
8. I am not ok.
9. I am broken.
10. You did not sign up for this, and I’m afraid one day it’ll scare you away