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Penultimate Problem?

Okay… Listen I’m really skeptical about a fourth episode… but I just had a thought: Didn’t the cast and crew keep referring to the filming of TFP as “penultimate”?

Penultimate: last but one in a series of things; second to the last

Sorry I’m at work right now so I can’t dig for sources but here’s my contribution to the Tinfoil Hattery. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

*removes hat*


Guess who? It’s me, Star! I have some exciting news for you. Well, first, Marco got kidnapped and I blew up a bunch of stuff, including my wand. And I was super bummed because I thought I was never gonna get to do magic again, but then I got my new wan- My new waaand! Oh, yeah and Marco’s okay. Say hi, Marco

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i immediately thought of you when dan talked about storage but honestly the possibility of them moving just increased by 37%

okay right listen. i know storage has been a joke for a while now and moving was an idea we’ve bounced back and forth even though we had little plausible evidence that it was going to happen other than a really strong collective gut feeling. they’ve been dropping hints, but, this liveshow. was the biggest hint of all. storage is on the agenda

So I was watching NDRV3′s bonus mode on Youtube and DUDE




THEY MADE NEW SPRITES FOR HIM AND EVERYTHING (okay really just changed Hajime’s but whatever).

I was not expecting that. I totally thought they’d leave him out, but I’m happy to be wrong. And now I’m excited for his interactions with the others. Like I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but Chiaki’s here, do you realize they might have a chance to actually talk without Junko or death getting in the way? What about Hajime? They’re separate on the list, so does that mean they can talk to each other too? That would be absolutely awesome.

I thought of a storyline for Elena during season 2 and now it won’t leave my head. Okay, so it starts off with Elena getting paired up with a girl from school. They have to work on a Science project together, about planets or something. Their sort of friends until Elena causally brings up being gay. The other girl gets really awkward and says some insulting things. Like, “that’s super weird that you like girls.” Something along those lines. Elena kinda defends herself, but eventually the girl heads home. Then, later Elena talks to her mom about it and they have a family bonding moment. Elena decides to keep working on the project with the girl, even though her mom is now a little worried.

Eventually, something happens at school where Elena is in the locker room. And some girl decides to like call her out for being gay or yells a slur at her. Elena starts to argue back, but the girl just shoves her into the lockers forcefully. (I know it sounds dark, but sitcoms usually portray these things in a way that makes sense.) Anyway, the Science project girl sees this and steps in to help Elena. There’s a small scuffle, nothing too bad. The Science girl ends up with a black eye. Everyone gets sent to the principles office.

Elena’s mom gets a phone call about the fight and shows up at the school angry. She immediately thinks that Science girl did something to Elena. But Elena cuts her mom off and explains what happened. Elena’s mom is thankful and there’s a sweet moment or something. Eventually, the principle says for everyone to go home and Science girl gets in the car with Elena. Her parents can be working or something like that, doesn’t matter.

When they get to the house Elena and Science girl are sitting on the couch. Elena questions her about why she stepped in to help. The girl kinda brushes her off, maybe makes a joke about always wanting to be in a fist fight. Elena convinces her and she finally explains herself. Basically saying, “When you first told me you were gay it freaked me out. So I picked on you. When I saw someone else doing it and then shoving you it made me realize I was the jerk. So I stepped in.” Elena asks why the “gay thing” freaks her out so much. And she goes quiet and finally says, “Because I never met anyone who was like me before. And you were just so open about it, not ashamed at all. You don’t suppress it.” So Elena kinda stares at her and puts the pieces together. Saying something like, “What do you….oh.,..OH. Okay then.” 

They continue to have a heart to heart about being gay or whatever. They agree to start fresh and be friends, continuing to do their science project. And Elena later tells her mom about what happened. It’s nice and happy.

Side note, later into the season the two of them can have a cute relationship lol. Like, they slowly realize their feelings for each other and cuteness occurs. But that’s a whole other big plot.  

I Didn’t Make It To My Parents

“I’m so sorry, love.” Joe’s voice carried through the phone, and Y/N sighed in response, glancing at the time. “I thought I’d be home by now.”

“No, it’s fine.”

“I promise to catch the next train.”

“As long as you make it tonight. They really want to meet you.” She smiled into the phone, even though she knew he couldn’t see.

“I will. I swear it. I want to meet your parents as well, love. I’m sorry you’ll have to drive alone.”

“Hey, I’ll get to choose whatever song I want.” She teased, and he chuckled back at her.

“There you go, looking at the positives!”

“I’ll see you tonight?”

“Yes. You will. Drive safe, okay?”

“I will. I’ll text you when I get there. Love you.”

“Love you too, Joe.” Y/N hung up the phone, slipping it into her pocket. Glancing at the clock one last time, she picked up her purse and headed out the door, locking it behind her.

Joe looked down at his phone again, frowning as he noticed the time.

She should have texted me by now… He thought to himself, unlocking his phone to see if maybe he had missed a notification. But there was nothing.

“Alright, I think we’re done.” Joe perked up at those words, excitedly packing up his own stuff and waving goodbye as he sprinted out the door. He could make the train if he hurried. He wouldn’t be too late then.

Just as he waved down a cab, his phone began to ring. The caller ID showing the face of who he had been waiting for, except it was odd she would be calling him.

Answering the call, he slide into the car, directing the driver where to go before he brought the phone to his ear.

“Hello, beautiful.”

“Joe.” Her voice sounded off, and there was a lot of background noise, but not the noise of her parents home.


“You need to stay calm.” He felt his grip tighten on his phone.

“That doesn’t ever mean anything good.”

“I didn’t make it to my parents house.”

“Then where are you?”

“The hospital.”

If he had been standing, Joe was sure he would have fallen over. Now that he listened, he could hear the faint sounds of paging in the background, along with the other typical noises of a hospital.

“What happened? Are you okay? Shit, where are you?”

“There was an accident. Uhm, the person was distracted, came into my lane.”

“Oh gods…”

“I’m fine. Kind of. Well, I have a broken arm. And a few fractured ribs. And possibly a new cut on my head. But I’m fine.”

“That doesn’t sound fine, Y/N.”

“I’m alive.”

“Yeah,” Joe sighed, running a hand through his hair. “You are. Thank the gods for that. Are you alone?”

“No, my mum is here.” There was a pause and some muffled talking. “She says she’s still excited to meet you. Just, not so excited about where.”

“Which you still haven’t told me. Besides that you are in the bloody hospital.”


“No, don’t apologize. Just, which one?”

Once Y/N told him which one she was in, Joe figured out his new route and reassured her he would be there soon. They talked for a minute or two longer before he had to hang up, having arrived at the train station.

From the moment they hung up until he walked through her hospital room’s door, Joe was a wreck. But as soon as he laid eyes on Y/N, he felt his entire body sag with relief.


“Joe.” She smiled at him from her spot in the bed, a bandage on her forehead, her arm already casted and in a sling. He crossed the room in three steps, leaning over to kiss her on the lips.

“Never do that again.”

“Didn’t plan on it the first time.”

“I know. But still.” She laughed softly, reaching up to kiss him once more, before there was the sound of a throat clearing.

The couple both snapped their head to the two bodies that had just entered the room. Joe immediately straightened up, although his one hand was linked with Y/N’s good one.

“Hello, dear. How are you feeling?” The older woman smiled softly over at her.

“Better.” She answered, “Now that Joe’s arrived.”

“So you’re Joe.” The other person, an older man, eyed up Joe.

“Babe, these are my parents. Sarah and Grant.”

“Hi.” Joe waved. “Sorry we have to meet here.”

“Yes, it is unfortunate.” Sarah sighed lightly, moving to sit on the other side of her daughters bed. “But at least she’s alright.”

“Weren’t you supposed to be driving with her?” Grant crossed his arms, remaining where he was standing in front of the door. Joe flinched at the words, nodding sheepishly.

“Dad! Don’t do that! Joe,” Y/N tugged at his hand until he looked down at her. “Even if you were with me, things would have been the same. Except you’d be hurt too. That man was distracted, you being with me wouldn’t change that.”

“Exactly.” Sarah agreed, and Joe shot her a thankful look.

“You won’t be driving for a while though.” Grant told his daughter, moving to stand behind his wide.

“Yes, I know.” Y/N rolled her eyes, “You’ve already told me that. But can we talk about something else? I don’t want to think about the accident.”

“Oh I know!” Sarah turned her gaze to Joe, smiling softly at him as he sat down. “How were your meetings, dear?”

“My meetings? Oh, right. They were good.” Joe started to tell them about his meetings. From there they moved on to other topics, allowing the older couple to get to know the young man their daughter was dating.

It wasn’t exactly how Y/N planned on introducing Joe to her parents, but she was grateful that they were able to see just how much he cared for her.

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okay so I get the impression that fox!hux can be super emotional (maybe especially when pregnant??) so now all I can think about is him being left alone for like a single hour, and kylo comes back to find that Hux discovered some sad movie on tv and he's a wreck and Kylo has to reassure him that it's not real, that it's just a movie and they find something happier to watch instead *3*

As soon as Kylo steps over the threshold of their apartment, he hears his fox’s sniffling.

“Hux?” Kylo calls out worriedly, setting his bags down and hurrying into the sitting room. He hopes that nothing terrible has happened to Hux or their unborn pups whilst Kylo has been out. Of all the days to be called into work, Kylo curses, already bracing himself for bad news.

He steps gently into the living room, finding Hux curled up on the sofa with the tv playing a familiar Disney movie.

‘Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end. But in my heart’s a memory. And there you’ll always be.’

As the animated old lady on screen speaks those words, Hux lets out another cry, pulling his blanket further around himself, bringing his knees closer to his chest.

“Oh, Hux,” Kylo coos softly, sitting down on the couch next to the crying fox. “Why the hell are you watching The Fox And The Hound?”

“It has my name in the title!” Hux exclaims, seemingly shocked that Kylo couldn’t figure that out for himself. “She’s leaving Todd in the forest, Kylo! She’s abandoning her fox because she’s worried for him!”

Hux flings himself at Kylo, crying into his chest. His ears droop, though prick for a moment when Kylo kisses the top of his head.

“Shh, sweetheart,” Kylo whispers, smoothing his palm up Hux’s back. “She knows he’ll be safer in his forest home than living next door to those hunters. Keep watching, he’ll even find his mate.”

“But,” Hux sits up, wiping his nose on the tissue in his hand. “What about the hunting dog? The little one he was friends with. Copper. They aren’t enemies, are they? I mean, the hunter and the prey can get along…can’t they, Kylo?”

Kylo smiles, cupping his fox’s wet cheek in his palm before swiping away his messy red hair from his forehead, allowing Kylo to plant a soft kiss in the centre.

“Of course, Hux. The fox and the hound won’t let anything come between them.”

Hux sighs. “Good. I’m glad.”

“Mm. Should we find something else to watch?”

Hux nods, sniffling before grabbing the remote control, looking at it carefully before switching the channels.

“What about this?” He asks, squinting. “The Lion King?”

Kylo grabs the remote, having flashbacks to his childhood, to sitting and sobbing at the death of an animated lion. Somehow, Mufasa always seemed to remind Kylo of his late grandfather…


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okay so for most of my life i’ve thought that i was bi but i’ve been thinking about it recently and i’m realizing that i’m actually a lesbian 

like most of the little attraction that i’ve felt towards boys has felt forced and was probably the result of compulsory heterosexuality and hasn’t really lasted long and i kind of feel stupid realizing it now but i feel like i finally understand myself?? so yeah it would be nice to have u guys’ support

prayer request;;

@faeriekink‘s new baby brother might have to go to an infant hospital for surgery. don’t have many details on that yet but if anyone could keep him in their thoughts and prayers we would appreciate it

also, my dad’s best friend could die any day now due to a very bad cancer he’s been battling with. it’s been very hard for my family, and my dad especially. if anyone would also be willing to pray that duffy has a painless passing (since there’s honestly no chance of recovery realistically at this point. miracles can happen, but…), and that my dad can grieve his friend healthily and be okay in the end, i would appreciate it

@waterboarding i hope you don’t mind me tagging you i just want to get this out there a bit to help ease my mind a little. thank you to everyone in advance;;

Dialogue of Mycroft’s Film Noir

You know I could arrest you?

What for?

Wearing a dress like that.

Would you like me to take it off?

Then I’d really have to press charges.

Press away.

Isn’t that how they got started?


Adam and Eve.

Oh, them.

And that turned out okay.

You think so?  I thought it was supposed to be the begining of all human misery.

Now, what was all that about arresting me?

Well, maybe not arresting you.  I could just keep you under close watch.

Very close.

Shame, I was looking forward to putting myself into the hands of the authorities.

You are?

Finger printing.  Being searched.  Thoroughly.


So, it’s basically as maelstrom of sexual and romantic subtext and Mycroft is really, really, really enjoying.  We ca easily see this as Gatiss watching BBC Sherlock, being very pleased with how chockfull of romantic/sexual subtext it really is.

I think there’s been a parallel between Sherlock and Eve from the begining, as well.

The nightmare that is TFP interrupts this beautiful, sexy love story that we all love so much.  This could be one last obstacle between the audience and canon Johnlock.  

This is an old movie and it has a man and a woman.  Adam and Eve are a man and a woman.  People use the bible to justify their homophobia, ‘It’s Adam And Eve, not Adam and Steve’, is a common phrase that is meant to say that same sex relationships are not meant to be, they are wrong.

So, on some level, romantic and sexy as this old movie is, it must be disrupted. It must be interrupted for us to see the characters change.  For us to see John and Sherlock.

@cupidford @miadifferent (I think you were wondering about the dialogue in Mycroft’s movie)

Pheeeeew!! Finally done!
This homework assignment was generally awesome! Basically, we had to either write a letter to the author about our thoughts on the book OR draw a new cover for it. Me being the quiet drawing kid obviously picked the cover. It was harder than I expected, but luckily, it came out okay! I used as many symbols as possible— i.e. colors, flowers, butterflies, petals, and placement of those things— so yeah! Now I just have to write a paragraph explaining all of it… o^o
Welp!! G'night, then!! Pray that I get this whole project done in time!
(I can’t believe I did the whole project in one day! And the day before it’s due, even! Talk about procrastination!)


Hey beautiful people! I’ve so much to catch up on. I have so much to say. Where do I begin? But I’ll keep it short and say only this: thank you so much and I love you guys. Now…what have I missed out on about our man? I haven’t watched wrestling in monthssss so Lord knows what’s going on. I’m kinda overwhelmed by the thought of catching up…but it’s gotta be done. I hope you’re all okay and 2017’s been great to you so far…so let’s see what it has in store… **me thinking about where I even begin with life**

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You don't need to read this.

Depression and anxiety. Simple concepts, diseases that go nearly hand in hand and are caused by a slight unbalance in a brains chemistry.
Interesting subject, as far as it goes, after all. It’s one of the most notorious killers known to man.
This may seem mildly botched, I’m working on little to no sleep due to a major rise in depressing and self depreciating thoughts.
Now, everyone jokes about depression and suicide. Admit it, you’ve said you’re gonna kill yourself over the silliest little things. We all have. It’s a normal human response nowadays. And while it’s fun and games, and the original subject matter shouldn’t really be considered a joke, people die from suicide nearly every 40 seconds.
Quick anecdote. My experience with suicide hasn’t been very deeply rooted, I don’t have many unhappy or suicidal family members. In fact none that I know of. Even if we anxious beans are good at hiding it usually, more on that later. So I was never exposed to this stuff much as a kid. As a 15 year old today, I have attempted suicide once and considered it more times than I’d like to admit. Don’t tell any of my friends I said that, they’d probably flip if they heard. I don’t think any of them look at my blog anymore so whatever. I’ve learned that pain.. Well pain hurts. It’s not a very good method of relief. Not in my eyes at least.
I’ve learned that even with the proper help you never truly heal, what’s the saying? Hairline cracks in china? Something like that.
No matter what I do I’m going to keep feeling like I’m not worth anyone’s time, is what I’m trying to say. Now back to the facts of suicide.
It’s both a stress and relief to think you’re going to die. People can make huge deals about it and whatever, bit when you’re sitting there carving your wrist into a twisted heart or downing a bottle of pills, washing it back with vodka, you don’t really feel anything. Maybe the feeling you get when you do something selfish. Maybe even relief to know that you won’t be selfish or bothersome again afterwards, and that the world will just keep on trucking without you.
I can’t say much on how it feels to die. I’m still alive after all. I only took two motrin, despite wanting more. I only scratched myself, instead of moving deeper. I’m too scared to take that risk. Always been a pussy.
But what I can say is there’s always someone out there who loves you. No matter what you say or what you think, someone will always contradict you, even here while I’m saying this someone somewhere is going to say “no one could possibly love garbage like me.”
And I’ll be honest. I’ve thought that too. I still feel like people shouldn’t like me, but I know that they do. And that’s the difference. But no matter what someone will continue to adore you and want to be by your side.
People like you for you.
Not your persona.
Not the tough act you put up.
They. Like. YOU

Back to the hiding well thing.
We hide our emotions when we have them. We feel like burdens, and so don’t want to be more cumbersome than normal. So we keep our emotional baggage to ourselves. Or at least most of us do, some of us can talk and get this stuff outta their system without needing to rant over social media. I’m not one of these amazing individuals.
But eventually we feel the effects of holding it all in. These being something akin to loss of emotion, and in turn emotion being too much to handle. Eventually we become empty husks, and if we do feel the rare emotion, be it sadness, anger, even joy, we start to feel pain. More than likely, I mean this is coming from a social outcast who’s had no experience with other people’s true feelings. But it kinda constricts your chest. Your throat swells up, it’s hard to breathe or swallow, and your heart has to beat loudly against your chest to keep blood pumping. I like to think it’s similar to a mini panic attack. Idk why I think that I just do.
Now, you probably think I’m going to mention ways of getting over it or say something motivational, but I’m not gonna. Not cause I don’t want to, but simply because I can’t. I’m not fixed up enough to say anything like that. I’m not motivational enough. Like I said I haven’t had too many bad things with these feelings.
I can say that we all love you no matter who you are. But I can also say that I’m an amazing person and let’s be honest, with the way this rant thing has been going it’s obvious I’m at least a bad influence.
But truthfully, nothing lasts forever. This is normally used in a negative context but think about it this way:if nothing positive lasts forever, why would anything negative?
It’s not like you will feel this way into eternity. You’ll have nice, truly happy moments. Ones you will wish never end. Ones where emotion doesn’t hurt.

Trust me.
All you need to do
Is stay another 40 seconds.
It’s not that long.
Just.. One more drawing. One more drink.
Make excuses. Trust me, forty seconds isn’t a very long time. And I know you can survive it. You’ve survived this long after all.

What’s another 40 seconds?

You have hurt and disappointed me for the last time.
You asked me to have sex with you because you “miss” me.
I wasn’t hurt because you see me as a hole to fill your lust with but rather you never learned anything.
You’re currently dating someone now that you bragged about.
He’s nice, decent and kind hearted
You think it’s okay to have sex with your ex just because he’s “not yet your boyfriend”?

Haven’t you learned anything?
Me leaving you for the first time and me giving you a second chance but you just used me to cheat on someone else.

I thought you changed for the better, yet youre still a lying, filthy cheater.

Yes, no one will be greater than you in my heart because no matter what happen, you will always be my first but from what you did, you’ll never be my last.

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today my mom gave me an entire box of girl scout cookies because she knew i felt like utter shit yesterday and i found out i got a B in a class that i thought i was failing :) fairly well day

i was the anon who said the thing about the cookies and i completely forgot to say that i hope you feel/get better

this was so pure and i love that your mom got you cookies because she knew you didn’t feel well and i’m so proud of you for that B!! thank you for your concern <33 i hope you’re feeling okay now and that you have a wonderful day!!


I’m all about unpopular choices. Which means my OC is a f!sole, and one who is not tough-as-nails. (Danse is pretty and I thought he should have a pretty companion)

Here’s a jumble of Sanctuary pics of my own sole, Molly Winter (okay, so that was her maiden name, she was paranoid to go by her married one. Even so, neither of those are her surname now, so what does it matter?). My friend @sincerelyholls was kind enough to place her into her own fic as her story’s sole survivor (because that’s not who the fic is about). She’s such a doll… my friend, that is, although Molly’s a doll too.