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Uuuuuh! Where do I start from? I have a lot to say about this update.

Ok, first of all: who are the two Blackwatch Agents who attend the mission next to Gabriel and Jesse? Their name are Statilio Riva and Caveira (dog is Barrage), and they are Overwatch Original Characters of two dear friends and talented artists, @replica-004 and @berunov. Why I put them here? Because I thought it was a cute idea, since they actually are Blackwatch agents, and I didn’t want Gabe and Jesse going all alone! I didn’t asked their permission… so I really hope you liked it, girlz! And you too, guys! Definitely check them out on their blogs!!! They’re pretty amazing OCs.

Ok. Looks like the sound in Reaper Gabriel’s head turned into a voice. If you look carefully you should be able to read the words “kill them” in red, from a certain point on. DON’T WORRY, THO!!! What you’re thinking it’s not gonna happen!!! Gabriel won’t kill his agents!!! Also, I’ve decided to cut off the mission in general, so no action, violence or gore at all, here. Sorry.

What’s happening to Gabriel, then? I don’t know, I just thought it was a pretty cool idea put some red in his eyes.
Joking, he’s not… I’m still considering a few options, also thanks to the help of some of you who are sending me thoughts, analysis and suggestions about this comic and Overwatch lore. Really, guys! I would have never expected such an interest for this! I started this comic because I wanted to draw Soldier naked in bed and Gabriel’s mustache, and look where we are now!!! I’m shocked.

Sorry guys, I kinda lied to you. This is not the hurting part I anticipated in the previous update. IT’S THE NEXT ONE. OUGH.

There is something that I wanted to ask you, if you can answer.
If Morrison is “Strike Commander”, what’s actually Gabriel’s grade? Is it correct that Statilio calls him “Captain”?  In PART 2 Athena refers to him as “Commander Reyes”, so basically I can’t figure it out which is the right one to use. I’m ignorant about military things. Mind to help? (write below)

to be continued

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At first Mal was okay, Alina liked him so I thought you know, he's okay. But then he's all bitchy, and he gets all jealous but then it's ok if he kisses Zoya, but if Alina even looks at the Darkling then shame her. And it's like Alina go and be with your sex god, the Darkling and gave cute babies.

Ugh I know. Guys and their double standards like Hello, the Darking is right there, Alina. He would own the bedroom. And when they were so close to getting it on in the first goddamn book.  I was screaming because FUCKING HELL THIS SHIP.

Ride him off into the darkness, dammit. That would be one hell of a ride. And darkling babies would be so cuuute, little Darklets.

Mal reminds me alot of Chaol.  I think that it would have been cooler if Alina ended up with the Darkling or at least Nikolai. It would have been more interesting if their friendship were just that. A friendship. Like Simon Lewis and Clary Fray. Their friendship is goals.

They are interesting and Mal is not. Well, I mean he has the whole amplifier thing going for him but at the end of the third book, even that didn’t work.

The Darkling, has been around for a loooong time. And with his genes his kids would be fucking amazing looking too. I mean hello? He has black hair and slate grey eyes. He is so my type I cannot

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I hope I'm not offending you asking this, but would you give us advice as to how be respectful with guys like you? Like, words that is not OK to use? I've seen a few times you referring to yourself as dwarf but I thought that was disrespectful

this is hugely important, and not offensive whatsoever, I mean I’ve had guys thinking calling me “their midget” was cute and I was not on board with that whatsoever. “midget” shouldn’t utter out of anyones lips, I don’t consider it a slur, but it just shows how vastly uneducated you are when you call me that. It’s like know the difference between a midget versus a dwarf before you even try to insult me bro hahahaha, I mean, first of all I’m Mike but, I do call myself or refer to myself as “dwarf” or “an LP” when needed, but that’s as far as I go, I’m a person, and am a human being amongst all else at the end of the day. 

Tonight I was texting a lady and I said listen I need your help for some illegal activities and she said oh really well I’m game and I said we have to dress up like county workers so you’ll need some very ugly clothes and she said well as long as I can wear cute ones underneath haha and I said it’s ok I’ll bring the ugly clothes and you can change in my van and she said ok sounds good haha and when I met her at the bar and said ok let’s go do this it was revealed that she thought we were just bantering the whole time and did not realize that no I very much needed her to serve as a lookout during my illegal activities around the city and she was emotionally unprepared. Sometimes tone doesn’t come across in texts.

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vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

I’ve ben on team SportaRobbie since 2010. I still remember that at the time there was this really nice fic where Robbie thought Sportacus would only learn to love him if he was a woman and you know… not the villainous mastermind that he is. I think I remember the story having a lot of Cinderella references. But at the end Sportacus caught Robbie crying because of the fact he thought Robbie would only love the disguised him– and Sportacus was like ‘Silly Robbie, trix are for kids I knew it was you all along. Of COURSE I love you for you!’

I mostly remember thinking, back in the day ‘…man, the artist for this story did a great job with using Robbie’s actual factual features and still made him very pretty.’ 

…. Point is, I still think about that story when i see the rise of SportaRobbie every few years.

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LOL Ok so I was just like that anon at first. I thought Jimin was just adorable and that's it. And because of that cute lil face he looked so inncoent. Like...If his girl started squirting, he gon be splashing in the puddles, raincoat & everything. That's how I saw him. But now? BUT NOW???

At first I saw his abs and was like


- Minnie ‘Min 💕


Ok, ok, ok, ok!!!! *huff* GOD BLESS CHERITZ FOR THE X-MAS DLC, OMG!

Haven’t played it, yet…but I saw the picture and that this Unknown Route exists and….and I am already dead even without playing and I could cry because there is so much joy in my heart already and….yeah ok whatever.

I saw this huge ribbon and my first thought: Heh, MC looks like a present :D ….what if….OOOOOH! //////

It’s kinda embarrassing that my first thought is a dirty one after I screamed how fucking cute Unknown is in this picture. Aaaah well~ Merry Christmas everyone!

My favourite thing about the new clip is it changes everything. Like, in the very first scene we see Even in, we thought Even just happened to casually catch Isak’s eye and then we watched as he very nonchalantly looked away like the Cool Kid he is. Whereas now, we know his thought process was probably more along the lines of FUCK omg the cute boy is looking at me fuck FUCK FUCK OK play it cool play it c o o l


more doodles of delinquent!yaku au… this happened somewhere after they finally started getting along!!! cuz they both wanna win the nationals.

Sofa Time

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Request:  Hey Mia! Could you do an imagine where the reader is insecure about herself because she has acne and some really bad scars and stuff. So she doubts why Newt would date her and say that he is in love with her and she starts crying. Then Newt finds her in that state and he feels heartbroken and comforts the reader and just PURE FLUFFFFF

I thought it would be funny if reader lived in the case with newt and one day Jacob queenie and Tina went in with newt and when they saw her sleeping on the couch it scared them and newt had to explain ur His long time friend since childhood, research partner, and help him with the beasts. and he turns a little pink so queenie reads his thought and hears how much he likes her and a really fluff ending where they kiss? It’s ok if your full of requests! Cute newt imagines btw!!

Could you please do an imagine of Newt telling reader how he feels about her? Basically telling each other their true feelings and lots of fluff. <3

Can you please write a reader insert with the prompt: I’m flirting with you; where Newt Scamander is trying to confess his feelings to the reader? But he’s just really bad and awkward and cute about it? It’d be amazing Thank you~

Notes: I didn’t get all your requests to a tee but I tried my best. I had an idea and went with it. Plus I have like 50 requests so I’ve been trying to link some that are similar or I have ideas on how to link them. I hope you enjoy nonetheless!

You had been travelling with Newt sine you graduated from Hogwarts. You were about five years younger than him but it was only five years and neither of you minded. You were helping him manage all the creatures that he had. Newt had been on quite the adventure, you hadn’t really noticed because you were down in the case, but when he came down to let you know what was going on, you were thrilled. Tired though, so you curled up on a sofa and tried to get some sleep. You hadn’t gotten much sleep in the past few days and then Newt being involved in so much action had you very worried. You see, in the long two years you had been travelling with Newt, you’d developed a huge crush on Newt. However, you thought because you had really bad acne that you didn’t deserve Newt. Thankfully you had some powder that you used to cover it up. You’d taken it all off now though, Newt had seen you many times without makeup and when you asked him, he said he didn’t even notice. You were sceptical but decided to leave it. You had finally managed to get comfortable enough to fall in to a deep slumber, and you were very proud of the fact that you never snored. You were laying, very peaceful, an extremely heavy sleeper.

Newt had brought Tina, Queenie and Jacob down in to the case. He trusted that you kept the place neat and tidy, like you always did. When he brought everyone in to the cottage part he saw you sleeping peacefully on the sofa, he smiled.

“Uh Newt? I think you may have an unwanted guest on your couch.” Tina said nervously.

“Y/N? N-no, she’s my um p-partner.” Newt stammered out.

“Oh sweetie! You want to be more! She does too honey, don’t worry.” Queenie said happily. Newt thought he heard a little sigh from Tina but didn’t dwell on it. Queenie had just told him that you felt the same about him. He was beside himself with joy but just didn’t want to show it.

“Shush, don’t wake her. She has been working far too hard.” Newt stressed, waving his arms for effect. Which did nothing, as you stirred.

“Newt?” You said groggily, rubbing your eyes.

“Y/N, I’m sorry to ambush you like this but I’ve brought a few friends down.” Newt said softly.

“No that’s fine, I’m Y/N.” You said smiling at everyone. They smiled back.

“Honey your skin! It’s beautiful!” Queenie gushed rushing over to you. You blushed.

“It has-”

“A few blemishes, but other than that it’s wonderful!” Queenie said smiling. She could see how you felt about your skin but she saw something beautiful.

“Thank you.” You said, smiling. She nodded.

“Anyway, I think Newt has something to say to you!” She said excitedly, pushing everyone else out of the room.

“Well, this is interesting isn’t it?” You asked awkwardly. He nodded.

“So um, there’s been something I’ve b-been wanting you to tell me. I mean me tell me. I mean you. I want to tell you something. A-after spending so much time with myself, I mean yourself, I have been ending, starting I mean, to develop some f-feelings f-for me. You. I have taken quite a fancy to me. You. A fancy for you.” Newt bumbled, making you smile.

“Well that’s a good job isn’t it? Because I’ve developed some feelings for you too.” You replied shyly. “I thought I didn’t deserve you because of my skin.” You rambled nervously.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s absolutely beautiful.” Newt said. You stepped towards him and grabbed his hands. He looked down at them.

“Eyes are up here.” You whispered, smiling. He looked up at you. You leaned in slowly. Newt wanted to be a gentleman and go slow but the moment he’d been waiting for, for so long was right here. He smashed his face on yours. “Ouch!” You said rubbing your nose, laughing softly. You took his cheeks in your hands, “Like this.” You said, pressing your lips together softly. Newt moved his lips on yours and you wrapped your arms around his neck and he pulled you impossibly closer. You heard the shuffling of feet and a few,

“Oh no leave right now.”

But you were too wrapped up in the moment to care. You and Newt were sharing such a pure moment of bliss, you didn’t care who saw.  

I watched Fantastic Beasts again today and here are my thoughts on Newtina

ok first of all, they’re so cute together and wow i can’t wait for the second movie

  • the first time newt meets tina, he runs into her on accident
    • which in my opinion is cute as fuck tbh
    • she’s just there chewing on her hot dog and stalking the second salemers meeting and bam this nerdy british guy bumps into her n she’s like ???? what the hell dude
  • tina continues to watch him when he’s trying to find his niftier in the bank
  • and then, you know, corners him in an alley and basically interrogates him, no big deal
    • and then he points out she has mustard on her lip and i was prepared to ship this oh my gOD
  • then tina drags him to macusa and tries to get him arrested
  • in newt’s words, tina yells at him the length of new york
    • which is actually pretty hilarious
  • she drags him and jacob back to to her apartment
  • drags him and his case back to macusa again and then gets them arrested oops
  • newt seems like he’s talking to tina when he’s being interrogated by graves, he’s always turning in his seat and trying to reassure her that his creatures aren’t dangerous
  • fUCK OK 
    • “i’ll catch you Tina, I’ve got you”
    • put that on my grave honestly
    • its literally the first time newt’s ever made eye contact with someone, and he’s trying to convince tina to jump so she won’t die
    • then there’s like 2 seconds of them looking into each others eyes and BAM THEYRE RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES AND HOLDING HANDS
    • the moment newt probably knew he liked tina, or at least knew he had feelings for her was when she said he loved his swooping evil
  • ok when tina screamed his name after he apparated to fight the obscures broke my heart
  • “newt and i will protect you” this ended me
    • wow he literally says he wouldnt want anyone else investigating him like hmmm that’s suggestive mr scamander
    • newt saying “what?” after tina mentioned leta, it’s like he didn’t remember her because he was thinking about the cutie standing in front of him aghhh

well i probably missed a bunch like the blind pigs club scenes but I’m too lazy to go back and put those in and I’m sure someone has already done this but it’s 1am and I’m running on two 5 hour energy bottles to get ready for finals hA HA HA AHHH so there are probably a bunch of typos n shit but by now I’m probably annoying you so whatever i love these nerds

Got7 Preferences:Things he’d do as your boyfriend/you’d do as a couple.

>>The same preference but with BTS <<

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  • both being very supportive of each other
  • lots of make out sessions
  • a restricted amount of public affection,except for holding hands and hugging
  • small and very thoughtful gestures ,like preparing dinner for the other after a stressful day or filling the bathtub
  • you forcing him to do aegyo
  • him getting jealous easily and that either leading to a fight or an eventful night (yup rough sex)
  • him buying you oversized sweaters because he thinks you look cute all small and comfy
  • movie marathons with ice cream sundaes
  • him always trying to show off/be sexy
  • you showing him fanart because you know how much he likes them
  • you making him laugh when he feels bummed (ha jaebum,get it?ok I’ll stop)

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  • dancing together + close/intimate dancing
  • cheek pinching and him unexpectedly sweeping you off your feet
  • him showing you his appreciation for you by randomly kissing you passionately or cupping your face in his hands and telling you that you’re beautiful
  • lots of joking and play-fighting
  • making playlists for each other
  • tearful embraces when leaving/seeing each other again after being away
  • listening to Chris Brown whilst .. making love (tmi ha)
  • +you buying him tickets to one of Chris’ concerts and him thanking you a million times
  • you taking pictures of him all the time,because I mean look at him how can you not
  • him teasing you for being short

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  • dabbing 24/7
  • pranks 
  • you forcing him to eat more (yes please)
  • always looking fashionable together 
  • jamming out to Wiz Khalifa whilst cleaning and him occasionally even rapping in thai 
  • plenty of dirty jokes
  • neck kisses and lots of hickeys
  • teasing,lots of it (both kind)
  • watching vines and youtube videos together
  • tons of selfies and him making you take photos of him for his Instagram
  • him finding your clumsiness/awkwardness adorable
  • cheeky Bambam 
  • exploring cities together
  • him treating you like a queen

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  • taking a while to feel completely comfortable around you
  • him sending you cute pictures/videos of him when you’re away
  • low-key very protective/possessive 
  • having cute nicknames of each other 
  • star gazing
  • road trips
  • horror movie marathons and kfc (somebody sign me up)
  • late night walks along the beach 
  • photo bombs with coco 
  • lots of pouting and lip biting
  • him touching/slapping your butt every chance he gets

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  • him being savage and roasting people to make you laugh but also because that boy has no chill
  • you helping him with choreographies
  • dinner dates 
  • babysitting everybody’s children and getting compliments on how good parents you make 
  • him playing the piano for you
  • a real gentleman
  • you being obsessed with his butt
  • secret kinks 
  • him making you do aegyo
  • matching necklaces/bracelets

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  • you calling him joy instead of choi (the reason for the nickname is self-explanatory just look at him)
  • sings for you whenever you’re sad/sings you to sleep
  • loads of cuddling feat. coco
  • goofy youngjae
  • using I’m out whenever both of you possibly can and laughing about it afterwards
  • you having a strict no-diet rule for him because he is perfect the way he is
  • both of you clinging to one another 24/7 
  • him also being your best friend
  • ‘’totally accidental and unintentional’’ touching because he’s very shy
  • can also become the total opposite in bed though 
  • always boosting each others self-esteem 

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  • going from wang puppy to daddy jackson real quick
  • caring Jackson that always wants you to eat well and gets you like ten blankets whenever you’re cold
  • him trying to get you into fitness and getting you to work out with him,you stopping after 5 push ups 
  • motivating him when he’s working out:
  • ‘’Slayy Jackson that’s my boyfriend’’
  • ‘’Y/N please stop I can’t concentrate’’
  • ‘’You look so good baby,work it yaas’’
  • Jackson laughs causing his arms to give in and face plants
  • learning languages together
  • you stealing 80% of his hoodies
  • bootylicious couple 
  • him socializing you and encouraging you to try new things


I hope you guys enjoyed reading these preferences as much as I enjoyed writing them.Thanks for reading,have a wonderful day xx

Much love,i.l.

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