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hi leda! did you see the jethan clip? what do you think?

Unpopular opinion apparently, but I thought it was fun as fuck. 

Aside from Stiles’ FBI bit, that scene was the best part of 6b so far, and it felt like earlier seasons before the show thought it was dark and gritty. They actually had fun with it, and now I really want a show about Jackson and Ethan arguing about everything while classical music plays in the background. Will they ever actually make it to one of the shows they’re constantly buying tickets to? Probably not! But they’re going to keep buying tickets just in case.

(I also fucking love when huge fights are going on and the characters only care about their furniture getting wrecked. That’s one of my favorite tropes and I relate to it so hard when I watch action movies where historic buildings are getting destroyed.)

(I also really fucking love classical music or ballads playing over very violent things, so that scene was targeting my exact demographic.)

Is the relationship a little out of left field? Sure, but it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility. Jackson always seemed just as concerned with being attractive to men as Stiles did, and it makes sense for Danny to have told Ethan, “Dude, you’re a werewolf and my best friend is going through some werewolf shit alone in London. Here’s his number. I’m going to MIT.” 

Also, I can’t wait to write these two bougie assholes into everything. @petals42 and I have already had a grand ole time coming up with fun bits based off this, including:

  • Jackson and Ethan My Fair Lady-ing werewolves who need help, getting them in control, classing them up a bit with lovingly snobby comments, and sending them on their way
  • Super snobby Jackson having to work with FBI Stiles whose life outside of work is a mess, and judging everything about his shitty and cheap apartment and belongings
  • Stiles’ apartment getting wrecked by the monster of the week and Jackson replacing his cheap IKEA stuff with really nice dishes and furniture, not because he’s nice, but because he knows that Stiles will be so fucking pissed about having to take care of them
  • Lydia studying abroad at Oxford, and on Sundays, she meets up with Jackson and Ethan to have brunch and they take the most obnoxiously bougie selfies they possibly can to send to Stiles just to annoy him
  • Sometimes they pop down to Paris to meet Isaac, and he’s bought a bourree specifically for these selfies because he knows how much Stiles will hate it
  • Stiles raising his eyebrows at Jackson, who glares back and says, “I’m bi.” Stiles nods and says, “Cool, me too.”

And one last bit that’s been bugging me: 

No, it’s not the bi Stiles everyone has been hoping for, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing if Colton’s experience with coming out influenced this part of Jackson. Dylan’s anxiety influenced Stiles’ character, they wrote his pillow into the show and everyone thought that was adorable. 

I don’t see it as a slight to his acting abilities, or blurring the line between character and real life. I see it as a nod to what he went through being in the closet while on the show, and how that affected him. I’m sure they talked over everything with him, made sure it was something he wanted to do, and if it gives the guy some closure on a difficult part of his life? Great! The show’s a genuine clusterfuck this season, might as well do one positive thing with it!

(Also this fandom has been insisting that Jackson’s bi as fuck ever since that scene where he was grinding on both Erica and Isaac, so I don’t know what the fuck we’re all complaining about here.)


This is a really random idea I had but I am really proud of it. I’d love to have your feedback on it because I really tried to put my heart and soul into this (like in every other imagines though). I hope you like it xx

Warning : Sensitive subject. Mention of terrorism  ; this isn’t something to joke about and is a serious matter. There actually is a real message through this story so try to read between the lines if you can. This is pure fiction.

Y/N follows her best friend into the crowded airport, he turns around to watch her as they head to the security. “I’m gonna miss you.” She stated as it was time for him to leave. “And what you mean by that is you’re gonna miss my presence or my beers?” Joe joked, making Y/N laugh. “The beers obviously.” She teased, a smirk appearing on her face as Joe shook his head in amusement, pulling her into a hug. “I’ll call you when I get there.” The dark blonde boy said in her ear as he held her tight. “You better.” She replied as they pulled away and Joe walked backwards towards the security. “Miss you already.” Y/N called out to him as he was getting further away, and their eyes met across the airport. “You’re already stuck on my mind.” Joe admitted, sending her a quick wink as he was just about to pass through the gate.

Time suddenly slowed down as everyone in the airport started to scream and run. Y/N tried to understand what was going on but she had no idea until she heard it. The gun fires. She immediately started to walk towards the opposite direction the people were yelling at her to go to. But her eyes fell on him. “Joe!” She yelled out as loud as she could and just as he turned around to look at her, panic evident on his face, she saw it. The guy with the gun. And the next bullet was sent straight to his heart. She tried to move but couldn’t, her feet were basically stuck to the ground. And she watched her best friend getting shot, without being able to move or do anything.

Y/N sat straight up onto the bed, unable to catch her breath as she suddenly felt wide awake. It took her a moment to realize where she actually was and a silhouette was sitting close to her. “Hey, it’s okay. You’re fine, I’m right here.” A familiar voice said, eyes full of worry. She blinked a few times, her breathing still heavy as she finally processed whose she was at. “What happened?” Joe asked, shifting closer as she was slowly calming herself down. She took a deep breath, passing a hand over her head as she realized that it wasn’t real. “Just a bad dream.” Y/N replied, looking up to meet his blue eyes as she sent him a small smile. As she finally could breath properly, her eyebrows came together in a frown as she watched her best friend. “What are you doing here?” She asked, confusion itched across her face. “I heard you calling out my name in your sleep and thought that maybe you were having a wet dream about me so I had to see it.” Joe teased, a smirk showing on his face as she hit his arm playfully. “Get out.” Y/N ordered, kicking him off the bed with her feet as he let out a laugh and escaped the room.

Y/N lied there for a while, trying to fall back to sleep but it was impossible. And she was exhausted. This had happened for the past few days and she couldn’t even have one night of proper sleep. The dream wouldn’t leave her and every time her mind would make her see that scene, she felt paralyzed. And it was in fact, one of her biggest fears, to lose her loved ones, especially her best friend. Because they had that connection, that strong friendship that was maybe more than that. And it meant the world to the both of them. And since they had had a few drinks with their other friends, Joe had offered her to stay the night. Y/N thought that if she knew he was there, it wouldn’t happen and she would be able to sleep but she couldn’t. She never told Joe about this nightmare because his life was involved in it and it was already scaring the shit out of her. He didn’t need to know. And finally after a few hours, she manage to closer her eyes and get some time to rest her tired fragile body.

Y/N walked tiredly into the living room, rubbing her eyes like a child as she noticed Joe behind the counter, serving breakfast to the both of them. “Oh, you’re awake, finally. I have something great to tell you! But first, how are you feeling? Sleep well?” Joe rambled as he moved around the kitchen,glancing over his shoulder at her.  “I’m good, I guess. I’ve known better but it’s fine.” She smiled at him, sitting on one of the stools as he was now facing her properly, the worry from the previous night still evident in his eyes. “Was it the first time?” His curiosity spoke as he handed the different items to her. She thought for a moment before speaking. “Yeah. Anyway, what’s this great thing you have to tell me?” She blurred out, quickly changing the subject. Joe took a moment to analyze her, as if he was trying to figure if she was lying or not and after a minute, a smile appeared on his face as he sat next to her.

“So my manager just called me and told me that I am going to Playlist Live next week. How cool is that?” Joe explained, a huge smile on his face as they ate their breakfast. “That’s amazing! Where is that?” She smiled at him, his excitement being contagious. “Orlando.” Joe replied casually but Y/N froze as some sort of vision flashed her mind. And she almost dropped the mug that was in her hand, feeling like she was in another world.

That when it hit her and it wasn’t a vision. It was a detail that had been appearing in her dream, something that she hadn’t put any attention to until he had said it. “The flight A268 from London to Orlando will land in twenty minutes.” She was suddenly motionless again, just like she was in the dream. And this sentence echoed in her mind over and over again. She tried to convince herself that it wasn’t real, none of it was. That it was just a dream and a coincidence but something felt wrong.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Joe asked, noticing the change in her attitude, putting a gentle had on her shoulder which broke her out of her thoughts. At this moment, she hesitated. She couldn’t tell if it was better for her to keep to herself or to share it with him but as opened her mouth to reply, she couldn’t manage to get the words out so she simply nodded,  smiling up at him. But Joe could tell that something was going and that she didn’t want to talk to him about it. He simply sighed and gave her a smile as he engaged another conversation. He couldn’t force her into telling him so he would wait, for as long as it would take her.

The next days became hectic for Y/N as it only got worse. She was scared to fall asleep and see the scene again, a little more detail adding into it every time and she was terrified to even close her eyes for a second but she had to. She woke up to panic attacks every night and as Joe was around at her flat, his worry only grew more and more. He wanted to know what was happening to her, what that dream was about but she still never talked about it. As Y/N woke up in tears, her whole body shaking, he knew she couldn’t sleep alone, it would only make her panic even more and so he offered to her to stay at his house, until he had to leave. Just so she wouldn’t have to be alone and she gladly accepted his offer.

It was two nights before he had to leave. It was there that she had told him through her panic. Y/N was panicking again, her breathing fast and heavy as Joe was sat close to her, holding her onto him. “We were in the airport and there was a wave of panic. Everyone was running and yelling and I couldn’t find you but then I did. But there was this guy who shot you and I couldn’t move. “ She rambled between her breaths, her voice barely audible but it still got to Joe’s ears as he looked down at her, slightly relieved that she had finally told him but still worried as her body was still shaking. “Joe, I’m terrified. Please, don’t go there.” Y/N admitted, looking up to him as he still had an arm around her. “You won’t be alone, I told Jack what was going on, he’ll take care of you whilst I’m gone.” Joe reassured her, pulling away from to face her properly on the bed.

“I know. But that’s not why I don’t want you to go. What if it really happens and you get hurt?” Y/N stated, tears forming in her eyes but Joe’s eyes went wide. “You want me to stay here because of a dream? Y/N, that’s never going to happen. I can’t let this opportunity slip away just because you have nightmares about it.” He replied, a slight hint of annoyance at her previous words. He couldn’t stay because of such a silly thing. He got that she was feeling terrible because she was scared but she had no right to tell him to stay for her. Even if he loved her to pieces. “I know but-” She started but got cut by Joe. “No, there’s not ‘but’. I’m going, that’s it. I’m sorry but that’s selfish of you to make me want to stay.” He said as Y/N was speechless, feeling the emotions flash her even more. Joe turned his back to her, rolling under the sheets. She never wanted to offend him but she had and she felt like the world was against her.

Two days later, everything was still the same as it had been, except that the small tension between the two friends has waved off pretty quickly. But Y/N still didn’t want Joe to go and he was still determined to. And it was the day he had to leave her but she couldn’t let that happen. Since she had got up early, she decided to do everything to make him later, hoping that if it really happened, it would maybe make a difference. She grabbed his car keys and put them in back pocket, then took his bag and placed it behind the couch so he wouldn’t found it too quickly.

“Y/N, if I miss my flight, you’ll need a talk with my manager.” Joe called out from the bathroom as he was searching for the hidden items that were missing. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She pretended, sat on the couch, playing with the hems of her jumper. Joe soon appeared in the room, a soft look on her. “Where did you put it?” He asked, crossing his arms as he stepped closer. Y/N sighed before getting up and grabbing the bag, handing it to him. “There’s still one thing missing.” He said, his eyes piercing through her soul as she simply rolled her eyes.

Joe stepped closer, only inches from her as he reached for his keys in the back pocket of her jeans, keeping eye contact with her the whole time. And for a second, they weren’t of what was going on. But it wasn’t the first time moments like this had happened between them, far from it. “I hope you haven’t farted on these” He joked, moving his keys in front of her face, ruining the moment. “I actually did, it’s one of my favorite hobbies.” She replied sarcastically, a small mile forming on her lips. “Just like dreaming about your best friend getting shot.” Joe replied but it didn’t make her laugh and he sighed. “You know that people who reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite but that’s not funny.” She admitted, looking down to the floor as she crossed her own arms. “I know, I’m sorry about that. And for getting mad at you the other day, I was too busy being a dick to realize that you just care about me.” He stated, smiling at her as she tried to hide the small blush on her cheeks but he could still see how worried she was. Joe cupped her face with this two hands, allowing her to look up to him. “Hey, I’ll be fine. Nothing is going to happen to me, you don’t have to worry. And Jack will be here in a few, okay?” He explained, putting a piece of her hair behind her ear carefully as their eyes met. He kissed her cheek before pulling her into a hug. “I’ll see you soon, Y/L/N.” Joe whispered in her ear before pulling away and opening the door. “Hopefully, Sugg.” She replied, smiling at him before he was gone and out of her sight.

It had been over 10 minutes since he was gone, Y/N was cleaning his house, soft music paying on the background. It helped her focus on something else than her growing anxiety. Something still felt so wrong. The atmosphere felt weird and suffocating. But then she thought about what Joe had said and maybe it was just her imagination.

As she was checking her phone to change the music, there was a loud noise and the sound of a door opening harshly. She walked back to the living room, expecting to see Jack but to her surprise, it wasn’t. Joe stood there in front of her, a sweat on his forehead and panic on his face. Y/N’s confusion only grew as she watched him. Joe stepped closer hesitantly. “A man shot about fifty people in the airport. They were already evacuating when I got there.” Joe said softly, shock evident on his face as he barely could get the words out properly. Y/N almost felt to the ground as she heard him speak but she was too preoccupied by the fact that she could have lost him. Out of nowhere, Joe crossed the distance between them and connected their lips together in a kiss full of emotion. Y/N didn’t kiss back at first as she was surprised but quickly did when she realized what was happening, trying to hold back the tears mixed of fear and relief. “Why did you do that?” Y/N asked, confused as Joe snaked his arms around her waist. His eyes were glowing and she couldn’t quite define if it was the reflection of the light and tears forming in his eyes. “There is about a million reasons why but life is too short to go through them all and I want to make the most of it before it gets taken away from us.” Joe admitted, brushing his fingers against her cheek as he kissed her temple and hugged her tight, letting her emotions out as he inhaled her warming scent.

Someone knocked on the door and before one of them could move, the door knob was pulled down and allowed their friend Jack to enter the house, letting out a sigh of relief, “Thank god, you’re okay. You’re both okay.”

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Heyyo, if you're still doing polydins I have a request. Polydins x reader, Reader gets busy a lot with work and Anxiety. They constantly forget to eat or only eats a minimum of food before getting busy again. The paladins have to forcibly pull them away from work and make them eat and slow down. (This happens to me and voltron is my safe place lol) it's totally cool if you don't want to, I just need some comfort right now :)

I’ve never tried a polydins x reader before so I hope this is okay and  you feel better with whatever is troubling you <3

You forgot to eat again. Constantly so enthralled with the daily grind of work that the thought of consuming human food barely crosses your mind. It’s not until Shiro is picking you up from the chair and your eyes blur that you realize just how unbarebly long you’ve been at it. Ten, eleven hours now? God it’s a blur of blue screens and tired eyes now.

Hunk is on you in an instant, wrapping a warm blanket and offering you your favorite drink. The hot chocolate is always very sweet when he makes it. With just the perfect number of marshmallows.

It’s snowing outside. Pidge and Lance had gone to the store…some time ago.  You’re not sure when but they should be back soon. Hopefully. You try not to let the anxiety overwhelm you at that thought.

Your little dog hops over. They curl up by your feet to try and comfort you. Their name is Scooby. Naturally it had been Lance’s idea even though technically Keith had bought the dog. *What the heck is a Scooby?* He’d asked. A few episodes later and he was hooked. It was all that popped on your Netflix reccomendations anymore. the thought alone made you smile.

The phone next to you buzzes. it takes a few minutes to register it’s yours. Speak of the devil, the red monster is sending a text.

Shiro told me. Be safe. We love you a lot xo

It’s such a simple gesture, but it brings tears to your eyes. You’re safe here. Warm and loved and taken care of at last. When Pidge and Lance come through the door, arguing over the price of chicken breasts versus chicken legs, the room feels with warmth again. No more loneliness. There’s no reason to throw  yourself so far into your work now, because you have a family. People who love you and always will.

hey y’all, so here is my lame and ugly editing tutorial / normal routine that i do to my screens for my story, or any random edit i do. so i use two programs, gimp and pixlr. i use gimp primarily to blur my background or to apply a lens flare. for pixlr, i use it to resize, add light effect layers, text, and basically other photo editing options like contrast, brightness adjustment, etc. but for this tutorial specifically i’ll be only highlighting how i blur my pictures and add light leaks/layers onto them. :) thought i’d put this out there since there are some that are like me, without photoshop (or reshade) and are wondering how else to get their pics lookin cool n pretty – check out the details below the cut to see how i do it! ;) 
!!if your mobile im so sorry lol!!

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For me the kiss is a bit indifferent. It is really good to see that in Norway it is natural that 2 guys kiss on kiss cam. (In my country it would create a lot of not so happy buzz and maybe even a scandal.) But they always emphesize that it is a role and they are not the same person as Isak and Even and this kind of thing kinda blurrs the line or maybe that was their point to show how ridiculous when fans want them make out all the time. Don't know if I'm making sense tho.

I thought it was really cool that they did it. It shows that they’re comfortable with each other on and off set and that they don’t care about how anyone including fans would react. They could easily have laughed it off and refused too watch though it being any deal at all. I kinda get your point about blurring the line, but it’s not their responsibility to assure delusional fans that they aren’t a couple in real life. Had they refused those same fans would have used that as proof that they’re a couple as well, just hiding it. They obviously had fun and neither did it out of pressure so I’m just happy they’re such good friends and that they can play the roles they do and do stuff like that here in Norway because I know that wouldn’t be possible in many other countries :)

You Had Me At Loki: Chapter 38

‘Prince Loki will survive.’

I heard Frigga let out a gasp of as her right hand reached up to cover her mouth and her left hand grappled and clutched at Odin’s shoulder.  I saw the way Odin’s shoulders slumped down, the tension and anxiety leaving him at the report of his son’s safety.  His arms wet around Frigga, embracing her as he too exhaled evenly and slowly. And I.   I stood there, listening to the words ring out over and over again, holding on to every syllable as I felt tears flood my eyes with relief.  My hands were knotted together in front of me, my feet resisting the urge to dash to his side. 

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Royal Flush: Part 2

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: Fluff angst

Word Count: 1365

Summary: After much convincing you agree to attend your friend Tony’s party, only to be rendered speechless by a new guest, the Prince of Wakanda.

Authors Note: God dammit @imhereforbvcky this has officially transitioned from a drabble series to an actual series. I have a whole story in my head and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna play the whole thing out. Anyway, sorry that part 2 took so long but as you know I couldn’t decide which way to go. Slow burn it is. Hope you like it doll 

Tags: @heismyhunter @shamvictoria11 @capdanrogers

I know it’s been a while so just to remind you where we were in Part 1 

Previously: He looks at you, his attention focused intently on your face, your eyes remain concentrated on the illuminated landscape before you, listening attentively to his words, secretly hoping that he will agree to Starks offer. “However,” he continues, “I must admit… after meeting you, I think I will accept his proposal.” Your heart skips a beat.

Your back stiffens as you straighten up, spinning around to lean back on the railing, your head turning to the side to take in T’Challa’s impassive face, a slight flush darkening his cheeks. You take a deep breath, hoping to steady your voice and hide your excitement, “I think you should… It’d… it’d be nice to see you around more.”

You bite your lip at the smile that starts to pull at his cheeks as he looks down at his hands, resting over the rail. Internally you are warring with yourself on whether or not to go for broke and make it clear exactly how much you wanted him to stay. Say it. Don’t say it. He needs to know. He never has to know. He’ll figure it out eventually… Your head hurts with the volume of the argument taking place in your mind.

“I would…” you blurt, louder than you intended, you clear your throat trying to regain control, well no backing down now, “I would certainly like the opportunity to get to know you better… You should definitely stay.” Your voice drops to a whisper as your eyes flick away from him, your cheeks hot with embarrassment.

His smile widens as his gaze flashes to you. “Is that so?” he teases, sliding closer to you so that your hips were touching. “Yeah… I mean… if that’s what you would want…” you try to retract your bold statement, nervously babbling to counter your decisive language.  

You could feel the heat radiating from him, the mix of his warmth and the cool air causes you to shiver beside him. He immediately pulls back from the railing, quickly shrugging out of his suit jacket. His hand slides softly around your waist as he delicately pulls you forward from the rail, draping the jacket around your shoulders before standing in front of you.

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Strangers in the Night Part 3

Owen x Reader

Summary: Owen and the reader meet at an annual masquerade work party, where Claire drags the reader (her assistant) along, and she ends up meeting Owen. The only problem is she doesn’t know it`s Owen, thanks to those pesky masks.

A/N: I`m so happy at the response for this story! I am so sorry I haven’t been updating quickly, I was on vacation and laptopless (which was horrible) so here is part 3, and I hope you enjoy it guys!

Warning: Swearing

Part 1/ Part 2

“No, it does not have a picture of Cher in it” Owen sighed.

Woman twenty-nine was just like the other twenty-eight: a waste of time.

“Barry, I am never going to find her. All these women came out with the weirdest answers. Elvis, John Cena, Leslie Knope, and Grumpy Cat? I mean, seriously, who the fuck has a picture of Elvis in their bracelet?” Owen vented.

“Owen, man, maybe you need to do this another way, maybe try to ask around. Someone has to know who your mystery woman is,” Barry suggested, as he walked off to check on his girls.

Owen sat at his desk, and begged his brain to remember something about her, anything that would hint at what she did at the park. He racked his memory, but soon grew frustrated, “fuck, where the hell is she?” he slammed his hand on his desk.

“Go home Owen, and don’t mess with my raptor skeleton display,” yelled Barry.

Owen slumped out of his office, and swung onto his bike, just as the sky thundered above. He shook his head at the Central American weather, and sped off to his bungalow.

Y/N was currently heading home in her jeep, reflecting on her day.

It had gone from bad to worse, and after the email incident from Owen; you had barely been able to stop thinking about him.

The truth was that you barely knew him, but that night at the party, you just connected. Tequila may have had a small impact on the spark between you, but if you were completely honest, you just felt like he shared your experiences; it also didn’t hurt that he was the most attractive guy you knew.

Claire had made the day worse by mentioning all the women that were talking about the email, apparently it was the hottest gossip, and all the female workers were going crazy trying to come up with the picture inside your bracelet.

Dear god you wanted your bracelet back, you had even considered asking Claire to tell Owen it was her, just so you could get your beloved jewelry back.

Your jeep sped down the dirt road towards your bungalow, when the heavens opened up, and rain clouded your vision.

“Damn humid rainstorm” you cried.

The jeep made a loud banging sound, and stuttered to a halt.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Why?” you yelled, slamming your hands on the steering wheel.

You jumped out of the jeep, and opened to hood. Maybe you could fix it?

The rain soaked you to the core, and the jeep still sat there stationary, when you saw a light in the distance.

A motorbike pulled up next to you, and someone seriously hated you, because who was riding the bike? Only Owen motherfucking Grady!

“Y/N right? You okay?” asked the man of your constant thoughts.

“Owen! Go! I can deal with this myself” you replied over the loud rainfall.

“No! It`s pouring down, let me take you home and get dry, then we can come back and fix your car” he reasoned, gently tugging your arm towards his bike.

“Fine, but only until the rain subsides” you relent, anxious to be warm and dry, and get away from him at the same time.

You both swing onto his bike, and he revs down the track, the rain blurring your vision, “how the hell can he see?” you think.

You pulled up at his bungalow, and your stomach had butterflies from the thought of being alone with Owen.

He cut off the bike, and you both sprinted into his house, shaking from the cool shower.

“Jesus, that shit is cold” shivered Owen.

“Ugh, I can`t believe my jeep broke down, I thought jeeps were indestructible?” you complained, shaking in the living room.

“Guess not” Owen replied, and began to take off his shirt.

You were frozen in place…his muscles were ridiculous. His abs flexed as his shirt left his body, and you suddenly didn’t feel so cold.

“Is that okay, y/n?” asked Owen, who stared down at you, slightly smirking.

“What?” you whispered, still in awe from his amazing torso.

“I asked if you wanted a dry shirt” he was still smirking at your reaction.

“Oh yes! That would be awesome” you smiled back at him. Cocky bastard.

He walked to what you assumed was his bedroom, and came back with one of his button down shirts, and unfortunately, he was wearing pajama pants, and a white t-shirt.

“Here” he handed you the shirt and pants, “the bathroom is down the hall” he pointed and moved into the kitchen.

You found the bathroom, and were surprised to discover it to be squeaky clean.  Drying off, you collected your thoughts, Owen was really sweet to help you, and let you dry off at his bungalow. Then you remembered that he probably did this for other women, and you shook your head to rush away any Owen-related thoughts, not matter how sweet, and hot he is.

You tried on the pants, and they were way too big, falling down as soon as you pulled them up. Your wets clothes were not an option, so with annoyance, you just used the shirt (it was practically a dress anyway).

You headed out of the bathroom, nervous as hell, and walked into the open living room of the one and only Owen Grady.

“Hey y/n! Is grilled cheese okay? I got hungry, and figured everyone likes grilled cheese” he chuckled, flipping the sandwich on the griddle, yet nearly dropped it all on the floor when his gaze followed up your legs to his shirt on your body.

“Grilled cheese is awesome” you smiled back, “anyway I could dry my clothes?” you asked, holding the dripping heap, and feeling slightly smug at his reaction.

“Oh yeah, washer and dryer is in there” he pointed to a cupboard, and you placed your clothes in the dryer.

It should take forty minutes. Forty minutes before you could head home, and get away from Owen before you do something you regret.

“Food is ready now,” he declared, and you quickly walked back to the kitchen, with a growling stomach.

“Ugh you are awesome!” you moaned, the grilled sandwich you were currently eating was the best ever.

“Woah, we barely know each other, y/n!” laughed Owen, who had already demolished his meal, and was sat next to you on the couch.

“Well, you are a totally amazing grilled cheese maker” you replied before taking another bite.

“I will add that to my boyfriend qualifications” he chuckled.

“Whhaaa?” you choked on your sandwich.

“Oh…no…I didn’t mean we…I mean…” he stammered.

“Oh yeah. Of course…I didn’t mean” you were still choking really.

“You see, I am looking for this girl, I’m sure you saw my email…well today was a massive failure. So many women came to me, and gave me stupid answers about the bracelet my mystery girl lost, and well, I guess I`m just anxious to find her” he declared, looking down at his lap.

“I am sure you will find her,” you mumble back.

You really badly wanted to tell him it was you, but you knew he was a womanizer (according to all the rumors) and yet a part of you wanted to trust him.

“Well, after that depressing speech, how about tequila?” he perked up.

“That`s my poison” you reply, and you both pause, your words bringing back that night.

“Don’t want to keep the lady waiting” he recovers, and his thoughts are confused.

Owen felt that he recognized you when he saw you earlier, you looked familiar, sounded familiar, and your eyes were deep like those of his stranger that night.

He grabbed the shot glasses, and poured out the liquor.

“To rainstorms” he toasted, and you clinked glasses before downing it.

Your throat burned, but eventually the shots kept flowing.

“You know, I fucking hate Hoskins, he thinks he owns the dinosaurs,” you slurred, the tequila taking its full effect.

“Seriously, that asshole! I could punch him every time I see him” he growled, and you hated to admit it, but you were slightly turned on.

“And Claire panders to his demands, making sure InGen has everything they need, and she`s not the one who has to deal with it! I do!” you yelled, and Owen shook his head.

“Oh shit, Claire and I do not get along, especially after that disastrous date!” he yelled, downing another shot.

“Oh hell, I didn’t hear the end of that for months!” you replied, shaking your head, making yourself dizzy.

“Damn, how do you deal with her?” he genuinely asks.

“I love her, but she can get too much sometimes” you admit.

“You know, you should be more than an assistant, you are crazy clever, and hot, and…” he leaned down and captured your lips with his own.

The spark that happened that night came back with a vengeance, and you immediately responded to his kiss.

Your arms looped around his neck, pulling him closer, as he nipped at your lips, and soothed them with his tongue.

His hands ran down your side, and you moaned, causing him to draw back, shifting his lips to your neck.

He pulled away from you, and whispered, “it`s you”

“What?” you questioned, trying to catch your breath.

“From the party, I finally found you” he smiled, relieved.

“No! No! You’re confused, it’s not me” you panicked, and stood up, your head spinning.

“What is my Navy nickname?” he asked, praying he had found you.

“Dinosaur, ironically” you reply quickly, and immediately regret it, and step away from Owen.

“I knew it! Y/N, why didn’t you tell me?” he stands up too.

“I don’t want to talk about it” you yell, and run out of the bungalow, straight into the rain.

“Y/N!” you hear behind you, as you run into the forest, the darkness covering you, and confusing you.

You run for a bit, and in your drunken state, trip over a branch. Falling into a ditch, your ankle screams in pain, and you give up.

How did your life come to this, stuck in a ditch, with a possibly broken ankle, drunk, and tired? It seriously sucked.

You sat for about an hour you estimated, and finally gave up, crying at your failure.

“Y/N?” asked a gruff voice.

To Be Continued…



Request:  Your blog is great! can you do one where tfw and the reader go to Vegas?

Request:  Heyo, do you things you could do something where the reader decides she wants to do something different, and dyes her hair a Pastel pink and doesn’t tell TFW, and they’re shocked because they’ve only every seen her with darker hair… And she’s kinda nervous about it, but TFW almost instantly fall in love with it… (Super cute and fluffy please) thanks so much!! :)

Request:  Ok, it’s still Monday and this request is gonna be really random, but I’m going through a mini emotional crisis and I really need Sam fluff. Can you somehow do an imagine where the reader finds out they’re not the height that they always thought they were and they’re kind of bummed about it but Sam cheers them up and they don’t feel so bad? (Doctors have told me I was 5'9 but I actually found out I’m 5'6 today. Sorry for the long message. Hopefully you can incorporate this into something)

Request: Could you do one where the reader and one of the boys get married in Vegas??? But they both like each other and its just funny and awkward?

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whatarewegoingtodowiththismess  asked:

Hey, I think I've made a mistake. I said this when I switched majors recently from architecture to studio art, stating that I made a mistake majoring in architecture rather than art. Now I am saying I've made another mistake, switching out from architecture to studio art. I thought my passion was art, but I miss architecture. I'm torn. Is architecture art? And what do you say to students who are poor at CAD or Revit? I just don't like working on computers all day but LOVE design/building models.

This might be entirely subjective, but I believe there are certain parts of architecture that falls into the realm of art. To me, art is the expression of a point of view through different techniques and styles. It varies from an understanding of the human condition to an observational stand point.

Architecture is similar to that, where some buildings are a reflection of the context and culture around it, where spaces are sensitive to the user from the architect’s keen observation and application of design. 

But architecture is not art. Architecture is finding elegant solutions to problems. It is balancing needs, requirements with making beautiful spaces through design. It involves spatial awareness, scale, context. 

I love building models too, I love working with my hands, sketching and hand-drawing. But it’s a given as you advance up the years of archi school and also when you go out to work, that we are in the digitised world and computer-aided drawing and modeling programmes are the tools of the trade. In fact, learning to use it well will only help you grow as a designer. 

Go back to the main reason why you like art and architecture, and see if you it coincides with which major is more suited for you. Don’t despair though. I think you’re in a cool position having interest in both art and architecture. Look at Ishigami Junya’s ‘How small? How vast? How architecture grows’ exhibition. He’s one of the many people who blur the lines between architecture and art, of which the outcomes are very thought-provoking. Whichever major you choose, think about what you can envision yourself doing in the future.

Thank higher powers for the age of consent loophole that is held by Oregon. Those crafty bastards.

Warnings for nsfw mention, but nothing actually happens ‘on-screen’ so to speak.

Just for You


Dipper Pines yawned widely while readjusting his position on the pillow he was using to prop himself up. He and his twin sister were on the floor with a deck of cat cards scattered around them. They were fourteen now and spending yet another summer at their Grunkle Stan’s Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls. “…what game are we playing again?”

“…I forgot,” Mabel yawned herself, most of the cards stuck in her long, shaggy hair. Putting a stack of cards down she yawned again. “Do I win?”

“Mabel, why do you have five aces in that hand?” Dipper asked, looking at his own hand and then glaring at his sister. “Are you cheating? You’re cheating, aren’t you!”

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Fic Rec Friday 2/26

Title: symbiosis
Author: murakamism ( @shotgunbreeding​)
Rating: Teen & Up
Pairings: Kagehina
Words / Chapters: 2792 / Oneshot
Summary: Kageyama doesn’t need anyone. He is entirely self-sufficient. And Hinata is an idiot. Kageyama can’t stand him. He can’t stand seeing all that wasted potential, so he uses it for himself.
But then sometimes Hinata smiles at him, or says something stupidly inspiring like promising to defeat him after ten or twenty years, and Kageyama thinks that maybe he doesn’t hate the idiot at all.
Han’s Opinion: I read this fic because it came up on my dash when I was up at 5am this morning because I couldn’t sleep and I’m really glad I did because it was really cute and just !!! I love how in depth it goes and the development is so great aaaaa
AO3 Link

Title: Violet
Author: enchantobio ( @lunakaashi​ )
Rating: Teen & Up
Pairings: Bokuaka with a side of Kuroken, Iwaoi, and Tsukkiyama
Words / Chapters: 41479 / 8
Summary: Akaashi couldn’t see colors, save for one - violet. He sometimes felt a warm feeling in his chest when he thought about how someone out there could only see the world the same way he did.
That is, until he feels the burning of the colors on his cheeks, and the coolness past his fingertips, and he realizes how much of the world was blurred into itself until he saw him.
Han’s Opinion: This is one of those fics that reads so beautifully that I can’t really resist it. The beginning got me so hooked, it’s unreal (maybe I’m just a sucker for prose and expertly crafted descriptions) and this is actually a really nice fic and I just love soulmate aus so !!!
AO3 Link

Title: of the moonless nights
Author: LydiaOfNarnia ( @oikawa-chans)
Rating: Teen & Up
Pairings: Tsukkiyama, Daisuga, Kagehina, Iwaoi
Words / Chapters: 51835 / 9
Summary: Tsukishima Kei ought to have known better than to wander into the woods alone at nightfall; legends of monsters that lurked in the night had long haunted his little village, originating centuries before he was even born. He’d always written these tales off as things of fiction; that is, until the night he comes face to face with a boy with too many freckles and fangs straight out of a monster legend.
Han’s Opinion: I speak from personal experience when I say that Tsukki here is a pretty hard character to write. (If you thought it was easy, well then joke’s on you!) And I think this fic pretty much nails it. It’s hard creating the right balance of witty sarcasm and… ya know actual character things, and this is a great example of when it’s done right. (I’ve seen it done wrong. I’ve seen it done wrong in my own work). Also this is just a really cool AU overall.
AO3 Link

Shine Bright (Michael Clifford Oneshot

The truth was, she was always kind of a bitch. The girl you’d meet on the street after a signing just hanging around, smoking a cigarette. The girl you’d ask for a hit from, taking a drag off her smoke before she ensnared you in it’s claws. But by the time he’d realized that he had been trapped, it was too late. She’d text all the time, yell at you over the phone for the scandals in the papers. Of course Mikey didn’t cheat on her, but she was more inclined to believe the papers than her boyfriend.


“It’s over,” were her exact words, over the phone on a late Friday night. It was as if the spell was broken, he was free. No tears or fears, just a party in his bunk at three a.m. Sad, almost. But not really. The only thing he would miss was the late night sex and drunken cuddling. Someone to hold, someone to keep you warm.


But things don’t always work out. So Michael found himself shoved into an empty booth at the back of a club. Pretending to text and tweet, though only really scrolling through photos and blogs. He couldn’t exactly get up and dance with anyone, for he hadn’t exactly told anyone about the breakup yet. Not even the boys. Just too much drama, fans fighting over the reason, the guys treating him differently just because they think he’d be ‘fragile.’ The truth was, the red-haired boy was fine. If he wasn’t, the boys surely would’ve noticed by now. Ashton would be sitting across from him, trying to make him laugh. And Calum would surely be ordering round after round of beer or even vodka. Luke would’ve tweeted to all the fans by now, thousands of messages streaming in and a hashtag would already be trending worldwide.

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