but i thought i would tell you anyways

Theory for 2x04 and beyond

So everyone is talking about who will be dying on next weeks episode and according to sources it is not only the “changing point” in the season but that it will also be a known character and I’ve seen a lot of speculation that it will be Jocelyn who dies and as someone who read the books I found that theory to be quite absurd but the more that I think about it the more it actually sounds realistic. So my first thought was that it would be Raj consider what was said in the sneak peek “you’re going to end up like that corpse” it seemed plausible until I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen bts photos of Raj from later episodes (please correct me if Im wrong). So anyway back to the theory of Jocelyn’s death, I believe that if it is true it won’t be for long, and also again foreshadowing from the sneak peeks “Alec asking Magnus out” the scene ends with Magnus telling Alec to “go battle his demons” that along side the 2 clips in the trailer for 2x04 of Alec with blood on his hands and of him looking up at a camera with what looks like black eyes, I think Alec will be the one to kill Jocelyn while possessed. It would also explain the clips of Alec stating “I would do anything to take back those 30 seconds” and of Clary telling Jace that she “Cant do this” while in the traditional white for mourning and also of Simon holding Clary as she cries and oh hello not to mention in the synopsis for episode 2x05 Luke is missing so there are a lot of factors that play into it, so many that I think the storyline will bleed into Magnus’ character arc for the season. Out of grief for Clary and guilt for Alec, they will go not only to that creepy woman in 2x05 but also to Magnus in hopes to resurrect Jocelyn in which he tells them “this is dark magic”. But of course Magnus will help them, resurrecting Jocelyn, leading to Magnus eventual being almost arrested by the clave for upsetting the balance of life and “using his magic badly” before Alec saves him giving him the hard decision to either flee with Magnus or being de-runed by the Clave, giving us the “heartbreaking” performance for Matt in 2x10 we were teased about. Wow this was much longer than I intended it to be but oh my am I excited to see what happens Monday!!!

So it’s Negan Smut Week next week and I can’t decide what to write...

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1- Part two of Nerdy Girl and if I did that I was considering making Nerdy Girl a virgin. Maybe.

2- Negan being submissive. I love this idea and have been wanting to write something like this for a while. I guess I enjoy the idea of him being King Dick in front of everyone then controlled by ‘You’ in the bedroom/behind closed doors. If I went for this then what kind of things would you want me to include?

3- Negan/Male reader. I had an idea of a male reader seducing Negan when they were caught together in a hotel room or something along the lines of that.

Anyway I can’t choose because I like them all!! So I thought I’d let you guys decide over the weekend for me to write next week. You can tell me which one you prefer and any ideas you might have on this post, PM me or send an ask. Most popular will be done for @negansmutweek the others I will probably do anyway but not for next week lol. I wish I could write that fast! xoxo

Love Letter #1

Pairings: Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader
Requested by: anon
Warnings: none
A/N: I don’t know if this is what you actually wanted, soo… I’m sorry!😅 I tried to do my best, anyways:) feedbacks would be really appreciated!

My dearest (Y/N),

Alright, I think I know what face you made reading the sender of this correspondence; you were certainly not expecting me to write you, or you were not expecting me to write, or perhaps you were not expecting me at all.

First of all, I’ll tell you I have never - and I say, never - written someone a letter; I’ve always thought this kind of things were created for too-afraid and sickening romantic fools like my sister, for those who have not the balls to go and discuss face-to-face like real men. (Well, obviously, if you live in London and your correspondent is from India, then.. that is another case. I presume one cannot meet the other any time they want, can they? Letters might be useful in these situations.)

But then why I see people so scared to meet someone who stays two-hundreds metres away from them? What’s the problem in that? Could it be possible I am the only one thinking otherwise?

What I mean is - to hide yourself, your feelings, your opinions behind a bloody sheet of paper full of ink always seems to make us… stronger? More confident? Safer? We think no one can hurt us, because what they write (and what we write) are just futile symbols, and those words are not able to come alive, so they won’t devour us, hurt us.

I have always wondered why people thought like that; once I judged them as cowards, now I think I understand why.

Are you confused now? Well, that was my goal. Don’t frighten, I swear I will explain you everything!

It is… a long story, (Y/N).

Well, as you all know, when Evie and I decided to take that train to London months ago, when we arrived here and knew nothing about the city, either its space - its charming buildings, raising so much it seems they touch the sun; its monuments (and, trust me, as I am not much for culture and stuff) - and his story, we had no idea of what it was passing given Starrick’s influence on every section of society. Would you believe me if I told you I was ACTUALLY surprised to discover he had etablishments even in the Parliament?

I joked a lot about liberating this city, taunted Evie with that, but I would have never thought we’d have made it eventually. I often killed Starrick’s henchmen without even knowing why; of course I knew I had a duty and that this city deserved peace, from Whitechapel to Westminster. But I have never thought about what that really meant, never felt the need to dwell on what people were feeling. I was only interested in my enjoyment and my gang’s fame and growth.

I changed my mind, (Y/N). (And I thought I’d have never seen the day).

As you surely remember, yesterday we definitively conquered the last borough left. Westminster was a though one even for me and Evie, and yet we made it. The Blighter’s influence on this city is no longer a preoccupation for us; we just have to be a bit careful so that they won’t search redemption. But judging from how scared they look when we walk past them in the streets, I deeply doubt they will.

Last thing we did was liberating those children in the Red Growler Distillery before Miss Graves invited us for a gang fight, you remember? I asked you to come with us because I know your skills (oh well, I trained you, didn’t I?) and your ability to easily calm urchins while we beated the guards. If it weren’t for you, we’d have risked some innocents’ death. So, firstly I thank you for what you have done.

But I am not writing you thanksgiving, or at least… that is not the main cause.

After the fight, I felt the need to talk to you about… a thing. A fella Rook told me they had to take the children on the train for Clara still had to find a proper place for them, and that you were taking care of them in the meantime.

When I found you in Evie’s cart, I saw you cradling those smallies in your arms and gently touching their cheeks, singing them… a lullaby?

It seemed they were your own children.

That sight left me amazed, I mean it. I cannot express the gentleness you used on them. (And - forgive me for the lack of words in this part; I still can’t help but remember that beautiful scenery.) And your voice, (Y/N)… my ears never heard such an angelic voice.

(I am showing you my sweetest side of my heart, you’re probably the first one to see it.)

I didn’t have the courage to ask you why you didn’t tell me you sing, or to compliment you for your performance, or to tell you… I don’t know, I love you?

Would you be scared of that?

Ah, what a fool.

Forever yours,

Jacob Frye

Post Scriptum: don’t come and check on me, if you intend to.

(Now I understand why people prefer letters to express things, this is what I tried to tell you.)

Meeting Drarry shippers in public

So I was in the Harry Potter section of Hot Topic a couple weeks back looking for more Slytherin stuff (you can never have enough) and there was an EXTREMELY talkative employee stocking the shelves next to me with T-shirts. He noticed I was already wearing a Slytherin t-shirt so I guess he took the hint that I was a slightly obsessive fan. I have no idea. Anyways, naturally he started up a conversation with me.
“So are you a fan, or are you like… you know… a FAN?” He had asked me. And I knew EXACTLY what he meant. So I told him I was the second option (he winked at me) and had a Tumblr dedicated to Harry Potter (I didn’t tell him that my Tumblr was the gayest thing since my birth because I thought that might weird him out. Anyways).
So of course he had to ask me who my favorite fanfiction authors were, which surprised me because I would not have guessed he read fanfiction. This just goes to show how painfully prejudiced I am without even being aware of it. So I said @julietsemophase and saras_girl and his eyes got SO BIG OMG
and he just goes
And I swear he had the biggest smile on his face and it was SO funny to me.
Like here I am in Hot Topic, and this guy has to be in his late 20’s. He’s really genuinely attractive, looks like he works out, long hair, and definitely not my idea of a nerdy Fangirl type. At all. And here he is, flipping out in the middle of the store about gay wizards. It was a truly magical experience. I love making new friends.

Anyway, I can’t remember if anyone else posted about this, so I thought I would take a shot.

I am so bad at capturing the images from the show. If there is a tutorial I can read, I would love it.

However, i noticed this:

You should be wearing the hat

go and solve a crime together. Make him wear the hat!

Actually he should wear the hat as a tribute to me. I’m dead, I’d really appreciate it.

there are a few more times she says it I believe. I know at least once she says “I told you he should have worn the hat”

And then I remembered this:

Is John’s subconscious telling him he should be having sex with Sherlock?

Is “making Sherlock wear the hat” code for “banging Sherlock like a drum”?

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i had this in my drafts for like a week i think idk bc i wanted to edit/fix it but oH Well just take it [x]

Retribution PT4

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AUTHORS NOTE: Okay! So I bet you guys weren’t expecting this! Well I kind of got carried away with the story and if I put everything in just one chapter it would have been so fucking long, so here is PART 4. WITH THE MOST AWAITED SMUT. Once again I will announce, I am an awkward child when it comes to writing smut(even though I still try), so please bear with me if I suck. Anyway, I hope you liked it! Retribution has now come to an end. I will definitely miss doctor Jimin., this was really fun to write tbh. Tell me your thoughts, feelings, reactions & feedback! 

Tick Tock Tick Tock.

“Fuck you.” You hiss at your clock, blaming it for being too loud and being the main reason why you couldn’t fall sleep.

Well, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

It was 2:45 in the morning and the only thought that had been running in your mind for the past 6 hours were how Jimin’s lips felt against yours. How it felt to be in his arms and feel his body against yours. You shut your eyes, almost swearing you could feel him against you again. You grip your sheets tighter, your mind recalling the way his lips moved with yours and how completely addicting he had tasted. You press your legs together, a sudden wave of desire rushing through you and causing you to groan when you realized you weren’t getting relief any time soon.

As embarrassing as it was to admit, you have spent the past 2 hours just listening to the the silent drone of the halls, hoping you could hear the young doctor’s footsteps as he enters his apartment. Yet sadly, the halls were too quiet tonight, meaning the doctor had not returned from the hospital.

You were about to start counting sheep in your head when a sudden call of your name has you sitting up.

Why did that sound like Jimin?

You were going crazy, you decided. You were thinking of the doctor too much and now here you were at 2 in the morning, hallucinating about hearing his voice.

A sudden knock against your flat’s doors has you widening your eyes as you hear your name being called out again. You push your sheets off of you and pad your way into the main room, the sound of the knocks getting louder as his voice echoes behind the door again.

“Please tell me you’re awake.” You hear him murmur, his knocks slowing down as he suddenly sighs.

“You’re probably not.” Comes his low mumble and you hear the rustle of keys as he steps back. You twist the doorknob open, pulling the door back and revealing yourself in the darkness while the bright light of the halls blind you.

Jimin snaps his head back, eyes flushed with relief when he sees you standing awkwardly by your door frame. Your eyes study him, taking in the disheveled look of his hair, the dark circles below his eyes, his shirt filled with wrinkles and his shoes, you realize, were mismatched.

But hell, did he shine. Even when Jimin had looked fucked up, did he fucking look gorgeous. He was too sinfully perfect for his own good.

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Them all being in las vegas and crying at the prices of everything. Also, having to stop everywhere because Oikawa wants a picture of everything.

Having to stop everywhere no matter where they are because Oikawa wants a picture of everything. Iwaizumi secretly takes a bunch of pictures too


Bonus in France:

Iwaizumi and Kyou playing around in a park while Oikawa watches horrified. Kindaichi wants to join in on the fun but doesn’t. Matsukawa takes Kunimi and Yahaba out to get a whole bunch of food. Hanamaki and Watari coming back early armed with baguettes to scare the living the crap out of Oikawa and Kindaichi

Okay so remember when Kubo-sensei said she was going to protect the YOI world and there was going to be no discrimination? Yes? Good. So, since we know this, you know what that means right? No? Well, I’ll tell you.

There may be a slightly higher chance pair skate competing Yuuri and Victor will happen. (if there is a second season to come, which I think there is a 99.9% chance that there is.) Since, there is no discrimination or homophobia in the YOI world no one could tell them that they couldn’t compete or tell them they would have to find other partners.

Anyway, it’s just a thought and my wishful thinking since I love Victuri so much and just want the show to go on forever. I mean there is a chance that the second season won’t be focused on Yuuri and Victor.

fandomsandcats  asked:

Oml I sent this to the wrong person rip. Mk I finally found you) For your Hercules YOI AU: you know those three women that tell Hades of the date when Hercules "dies"? Well maybe those three could be the Otaku Triplets? They're full of information etc / aren't those three women sisters, anyway? Idk just an idea lmao

Hahahah you poor thing!! But now you found me :D <3

THIS IS THE BEST THING!! I was wondering who I’m gonna use fo rhem, and holy yes ! this is so good hahahaha sdhfkgslg

I mean Yuuko and her husband would be Otabek’s adoptive parents and my first thought was too take the triplets for Otabek’s siblings then. BUt they fit so good for the death sisters .. things.. :D

I couldn’t get this thought out of my head when I found out what you wanted, so here is a bonus critical role fic gift that incorporates Scanlan and Polymachina.


Happy late birthday!

Scanlan doesn’t have a soulmate.

this fact has never bothered him, not all that much anyway. So he has no initials on his skin that could tell him who he will love and care for, romantically or familial. He doesn’t care all that much, he has magic to pretend he does if that need arises, though no one cares or ever asks.

He knows most people get them young, somewhere in their early teens or close to it in their respective race’s age category. It’s a mess and he has no idea or want to figure out ages and things for every race. He knows it usually means their soulmate has been born, unless of course a person was born with someone’s initials already on their skin, in which case they were born after their soulmate. Usually that means a few years to a few hours difference between them.

A soulmates initials were also able to disappear, like Scanlans’ had, when the owner of the initials dies. The only mark he ever had since he was a baby had been erased from where it had been written, on his hand, when he lost his mother.

He has no marks, but everyone else does, so he makes jokes about it when he can. The troupe he joins doesn’t judge him, and the ladies he spends time with don’t care so long as he pays, and that’s good enough for him.

He notices something strange one day however, while he puts his hair up in front of a mirror. Beside the bit of charcoal he has that curls near the outside of his left eye, there’s something black above it; near his temple. Identical letters are on both his temples actually, which is strange in itself.

Both of them are the initials ‘VV’, but while one is small flowing script, the other is a bit blocky.

He knows, of course being a well traveled bard, its possible to have more then one soulmate. It’s usually in cases of family members, and different names instead of one person showing up twice. He has no idea what it means to have the same initials twice, even if they are both written differently.

It doesn’t help shit when he finds a 'K’ initial on his neck without a second letter signifying a last name.

The Gods are probably fucking him over with this, but he cant bring himself to care. He can figure it out if he ever meets these people. He isn’t sure he ever will, if they are even real.

It sure explains why the troupe had been looking at him so weird for the past couple of weeks at least. He wonders briefly how long the initials had existed before anyone had even taken notice.

He cant help how befuddled he is years later, when he assumes his soulmate is somewhere around the age of a teenager, the 'VV’s’ both are replaced with a 'Va’ and a ’Ve’. Nothing he has ever read or heard about soulmates ever covered what has just happened.

Three other initials appear soon after the others. The one on his bicep is hard to read, near completely indecipherable, but he manages to figure out its supposed to be a 'GS’. It looks more like a white tattoo then actual letters. One of the others is actually in small gnomish cursive, written on his left leg, so he figures rather quickly that whoever has the initials 'PT’ is also a gnome. Its kind of nice to know that, in a way.

The initials 'TB’ show themselves in large bold letters on his back, colored red instead of the standard black found in most races.

Years from this moment, he wont notice the red mark to be gone from his body until its already to late to say goodbye or try to help the person it belongs to. He will do the next best thing as a way to remember the person though.

His body is a beautiful masterpiece, marked in multiple places with the initials of more then one soulmate. Its frankly ridiculous to him how he could ever find any of them, much less find a way to love and care for them all.

Finding 'PFVMKdRIII’ that flows across his right arm in Common script and just peaks out of his sleeve, a few years after he figures he is finished getting soulmates, sends him into a complete laughing fit that makes him leave the troupe for awhile. He has a noble soulmate and he doesn’t believe that for a second, so he takes time off from being with a group to go at it alone.

His complete lack of conviction in anything currently making sense in his life at that moment means he doesn’t notice the 'KS’ initials in gnomish that finds its way to his chest, right where his tunic splits before the fabric becomes a collar. He wont notice until after a sword is pointed right at it, poised to kill him as he refuses to fight his blood.

Someday Scanlan finds his soulmates, some together, others at different times. There are varying levels of romance to most of them that they all eventually figure out together, even though its less about romance and more to do with being whole together and love, while one is as close to the same familial soulmate relationship he used to have with his mother.

He has soulmates, and he loves all of them. That’s all that really matters, no matter what sort of difference in relationship he has with them.

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If you do prompts or know someone who does can you think of this rilaya prompt: in class vefore the teacher comes everyone is talking and discussing who is the smoothest flirt and everyone just looks at maya while she draws on her arm when she notices everyone looking at her and she denies it but riley mentions some of what she tells her like 'at 5.30 you turn gold ' and everyone notices that they are even more gay than thought and farkle is smug and lucas is just getting the idea

You’re so lucky I have two other prompts and some drawing stuff to do on top of all my homework or this would have been longer and angsty 😂

“It’s Yogi, you guys!”

Sarah turns in her seat to glare at Darby. “Of course you would think Yogi’s the best flirt,” she says. “You’ve been dating the kid since he was born!”

“I have not! And anyway, that’s not why I think so. He just is.”

“Objectively speaking, I believe Darby is correct,” Farkle says. “Who’s to accurately judge who the best flirt is except by verifiable data? Yogi was the first to get a girlfriend, so it must be him.”

“I think it’s Maya.”

The whole class pauses in their debate at Yogi’s words, then turns to stare at Maya, who’s reclined in her seat with a purple marker poised over an intricate design on her left arm. She looks up at the sudden silence and frowns when she sees all eyes on her.


“Maya?” Lucas laughs. “Look, if this is about me and her again, what she does isn’t flirting.”

“What are you guys even talking about?” Maya asks. “No, really, I wasn’t listening. What’s this about me and Lucas?”

“Yogi’s right, but she doesn’t flirt with Lucas,” Dave says, ignoring Maya’s question.

“Flirt? Who do I flirt with?”


Maya freezes. Riley, who’s been unusually silent through the conversation, freezes too.

Maya turns around to face Yogi. “What…are you talking about?”

“I hear some of the things you say to her.” Yogi wiggles his eyebrows.

Maya’s mouth falls open as the class begins murmuring amongst themselves, most agreeing with Yogi, some shaking their heads. They quiet down again when Maya turns to Riley, who’s staring wide-eyed down at the fingers she’s twiddling in her lap, and addresses her directly.

“Riley! I don’t flirt with you, right?” Maya says. “Tell ‘em.”

“Well….” Riley shrugs. “I mean…I can see how some of the things you say can be…interpreted as flirting.”

“What!? How?”

“Well, you did say I look gold once. I think the exact words were, ‘at 5:30, you turn gold.’” She blushes a little at the memory. She’d always thought a lot of the things Maya says to her are romantic, but she’d never thought she meant them that way. At least, not until Yogi pointed it out, too.

“They didn’t know about that,” Maya says, her voice low. “That was an us moment!”

“That sounded pretty romantic too, Maya,” Farkle says. “I mean, sometimes I’m wrong about these things, but….”

“Okay, well…that was one—two—times. That’s not flirting; it’s just…you know, being friendly to my best friend!”

“You also call me a lot of names like honey, sweetie, pumpkin, sunshine….”

“You call me peaches! How is that any different?”

Riley hesitates. “Well, maybe…maybe it’s not,” she says. “Maybe I call you that because I like you as more than a friend.”

And just like that, the classroom is so silent Maya and Riley are both sure everyone else can hear their hearts pounding in their chests.

“I knew it!” Farkle says eventually. “I knew I wasn’t imagining things between you two!”

“Wait a minute,” Lucas says. “What? Riley, you have feelings for Maya?”

“Maybe,” she says. “Well…okay, yes. But nothing has to change!” she adds, turning to Maya. “Our friendship can stay just the way it is.”

“…What if I want it to change?” Maya asks as if choosing her words carefully.

“How would you want it to change?” Riley asks, half afraid Maya will want to distance herself.

“Like this.”

Maya stands up and circles around to the front of Riley’s desk. She lifts Riley’s chin, leans down, and places a chaste kiss on her lips.

Both of them flinch away when they hear a startled yelp and a door slamming from the front of the room. “I need to worry about her now, too?” Cory says. “And in my classroom no less, my sacred space!” He sighs. “I need to start coming in earlier.”

“It’s okay, dad,” Riley laughs. “You know Maya.”

Cory smiles. “I do. I know she’ll treat you right.” He grabs a piece of chalk and writes the day’s lesson on the board: ‘The Stonewall Riots.’

Why I Want an Even Season

Okay so like I don’t need to explain to you all why an Even season would be flipping awesome. But i’m gonna get super close and personal anyway, and tell you all why an Even season isn’t just something we should want, but something we need.

Mental illness is something super common. Most of us will go through a form of it sometime in our lives. it’s normal and it is something we can all get through. But unfortunately when we suffer through these dark times we feel like we are all alone in our feelings, that no one could possibly understand (it’s hard to understand it yourself) and that because you feel this way and nobody talks about it, it makes you feel strange and ashamed for not being ‘normal’ ‘happy’ and less difficult. In fact you begin to accept that there is no way you will ever not feel like this and that it’s impossible to feel good again. 

Especially as a teenager, dealing with a mental illness is the most terrifying, isolating and hardest thing to go through. 

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. It consumed me to the point where I left school in year 7 and was homeschooled until I was brave, strong and hopeful enough to return to school in year 11. It was the scariest thing I had ever done and the worst part is that for 4 years I believed I wasn’t strong enough to live and fight. 

I would have given anything to have a character like Even on tv to show me that I wasn’t alone. To be in his head and feel and see the things that I also felt and know that if he could go to school while suffering like this, than maybe I could too. Maybe I could fight, and smile and love despite the dark times. Maybe I too deserved to live and you know what? Maybe I could. 

Season 3 has already begun introducing us to the fact that no one should be alone. We shouldn’t isolate ourselves and we should tell each other how we feel so we can try to understand the parts of us we thought could never be understood. 

Now it’s season 4′s turn to show us how we can still love ourselves despite the illness that makes us feel worthless. That with the right support from people you love, and treatment and hope and determination from yourself, you can still live a good hopeful life and achieve all of your dreams while showing your illness whose boss. 

I would really love to see Even showing us all that you can still live your life and fight everything that is telling you, you don’t deserve to. I want to see his journey, his thoughts, his dreams and his fears. 

Because I believe we will all see a bit of ourselves in them and be able to learn so much from Even and about the importance of hope and knowing we all deserve to live, love and be happy, despite everything that makes us feel like we don’t. 

We all matter. We all feel. and knowing that doesn’t make us weak. 

It makes us strong.

NCT Dream Reaction when they find out that their bff likes or is in a relationship with another member of NCT Dream

Mark: “Why didn’t you tell me sooner….?” He’d be a bit confused on you not telling him about it sooner but he’s had his suspicions anyway. He already knew you liked them but he was waiting for you to tell him first.

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Donghyuck/Haechan: “Ooooh really? I would have never guessed hahahahahahaha…..yeah I already knew.” “What?! How??” “Uhmm maybe because of the longing looks you give each other out in public….I could be wrong. But I’m not lolololol.” He thinks you guys are so cute and will definitely tease you 99.999999% of the time you two are remotely close together.

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Renjun: “Really?? That’s so cool! I thought there was something going on between you two…..” He would be happy for you two and would definitely support your relationship. He knew you were a great person and would know that that member is definitely a lucky person. 

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Jeno: “I can’t believe it took you this long to tell me!” “You knew?!” “Duh! You’re my best friend! I know everyone you like!” “Oh my god…..*cry*” “Don’t worry! I’ll help you get him *wink wonk*” “Oh no…” He was happy to help. Though it could end badly……

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Jaemin: “AWWWWWW I ALREADY KNEW YOU LIKED HIM LOL” “Aish….” *facepalm* “I’LL HELP YOU ON YOUR QUEST TO STEAL HIS HEART” “Oh my god Jaemin stop.” “LET US SET FORTH!” “….why did I bother telling you?” lolololololol

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Chenle: “I SHIP IT” “BRO ME TOO” “BRO” *far away voice (renjun duh)* “I SHIP IT TOO” *chorus of voices* “BRO” He ships it, Renjun ships it. Everybody ships it to be honest. They just want the ship to sell ㅜㅜ. Everyone will all subtly do things to get you and the member closer together. It’s a mission that was started by Chenle. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, but your crush are involved. 

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Jisung: “I knew already….” “Really?! Why didn’t you say anything?” “Why didn’t you?” “…..Touché.” “So…..when should I rent the suit?” “What suit?” “The suit for your wedding of course!” “Jisung!” “lolololol” He was happy that you finally decided to tell him. He always thought you two would be cute together so he’s happy it finally happened. *he applauds you*

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I hope you like it! lololol -Admin J

  • Me: *about many shows* I live for this show.
  • Friend: Have you ever thought that maybe you'd accomplish a lot more if you didn't get so invested in tv shows?
  • Me: Ohoho my guy, let me tell you how literally dead I would be if I didn't constantly and actively distract myself from my own thoughts with dramatic fiction.
  • ...
  • Me: Anyway so what's cool about season two is

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hello! i am a "social services professional" and i just recently had to make my first call to dcf about some dv going on in a home. the mom was very hurt and upset and sent a mean text and called my crying. it really hurt me to do this action and it hurt me to hurt her. (i don't feel guilt about calling and i could have lost my job if i didn't call) but anyway, i was wondering if you have any thoughts on a situation like this...?

i’ve usually been taught that it’s best practices to inform the person beforehand so they have the opportunity to take control of the situation and make the call themselves (unless there’s a safety reason not to tell the client). it may be a call they never would have made, but faced with the knowledge that SOMEBODY will call, they might decide to do it themselves. it also provides them with the opportunity to make preparations. if, say, there’s a chance a child may be removed from their home, they can make sure a relative has a clean safe home and is available. or if their abuser might get violent, they can get their safety plan together.

it’s also a chance to talk through the process so they can be informed. you can tell them exactly who you’ll be calling, what will likely be done with the information, your further involvement, possible outcomes, confidentiality, etc. that’s also a conversation where you can explain the mandate you have, that not making this call puts your job in jeopardy and makes you liable for civil suits. you can explain the law, so they know what does and does not trigger a mandated report, not to encourage them to hide things from you (though that’s a possibility) but because it’s your ethical duty to make sure they are making informed decisions about their boundaries in a relationship with you.

there’s no getting around the fact that our jobs often take power away from our clients, and the power we take touches on some very primal and bedrock things: where we live, who we love, how we raise our children, our ability to move freely, our bodily determination, how we spend our money, what we do with our time, etc. and there’s no getting around the fact that every time we take that power, it causes a rupture in the relationship. and it should! the anger a client has over having their lives so stunningly interfered with by complete strangers who likely know very little about them and share few experiences, that’s a healthy anger. it’s a necessary anger. the client who does NOT become angry at this is a client who has been interfered with so often that they have learned to go limp, and that’s a far more vulnerable place to be. your client getting angry at you lets you know that they do have the capacity and sense of self worth to stand up for themselves, which is a tremendous boon if they’re the DV victim.

because our jobs take so much power away, we must be extraordinarily transparent and ethical about assuring every other bit of power is restored. you don’t have a choice about calling it in, that’s mandated and it will rupture your relationship, but you can provide in that process as much control as possible in every other venue to show that you mean it when you say “I had no choice but to do this thing,” and that’s not just a social worker lie. your client may learn to never trust you with DV details, but if you’re diligent and consistent in the other aspects of your relationship with them, they may learn they can trust you enough with other issues.

take the anger in stride. it’s appropriate and a sign of good health, and you deserve it. i work with kids, so i often think of it as role modeling. i want these kids to know how to apologize sincerely and tolerate somebody else’s painful emotions or truths, so i will role model that when they’re angry at me. i wouldn’t want to think of it as role modeling with adults without more context, since that can be pretty patronizing, but you have the opportunity to show this client that they can be sincere in their emotional state and you can handle it. they don’t have to lie or hold back or be nice in fear of retaliation, they don’t have to hide the hard stuff and take care of *you* or your feelings. if they know they can be sincere with you even when it won’t be pleasant or might hurt your feelings, then you might get the information about their life and experiences that you really need to offer the right resources.

It’s disturbing how much christianity is obsessed with female virginity. My mom listens to a christian music station and they’re advertising a mother/daughter event where they’ll talk about “modesty” and “saving yourself for god” wtf?….My family is a big on going to church. I never was, but I would go on trips and summer camps through the church. I got to go to NYC & Disneyworld, & I just liked going to summer camp. Anyway, on every single trip or every year at camp, you’d have these 30/40/50 year old men telling teenage girls how “men in other countries think american girls are sluts!” & “On a mission trip to (insert country here), everyone said they thought american girls were easy!”. One dude even said, “I read that the most sexually satisified women are christian women who wait until they were married.” shut the fuck up.


Imagine: Being a Weasley and secretly dating Draco.

(Part 1) (Part 3)

It was your third year, Draco’s fourth, when he finally asked you out. And now there he was, trying to think up a way to inconspicuously ask you to the Yule Ball. 

You see, nobody knew you were together. Not even your twin. Ron would flip and forbid you from ever talking to Draco. But, he couldn’t tell you what to do. You’d probably still talk to him anyway.

Draco was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice everyone leave the dinning hall to go to bed. It wasn’t until you tapped him on the shoulder that he came to.

“Draco, what’s going on? You’ve acted so distant lately.” You were worried, he hadn’t spoken to you for two days.

“I… I want to go with you to the Yule Ball, but then your family would find out.” he sighed. “And I know your brothers hate me, mostly Ron, but still I want to go with you.”

You smiled. “I don’t care what they think, I love you and that’s all that matters.”