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things I’m thankful for: the fact that the prompto falls for people so hard so fast but isn’t creepy and entitled about it. he fell for cindy in 3 seconds flat but he never makes any inappropriate comments or moves. he can’t even stand near her without getting too nervous to talk. closest he got to “making a move” was shyly asking if it was ok for his group to call her and trying to snap a pretty picture of her garage during the sunrise for her (with her there? as a gift? dialogue lost me there). but he thought asking to take a pic of her would be inappropriately forward so he didn’t. also, he’s never mad about her not responding to him; he’s honestly happy this pretty girl knows his name and just wants to impress her. that is what a crush is. I love prompto and his big dumb crushes. the developers could have made the scenario creepy and playboy-esque like a lot of games do but they don’t. they make it light and adorable instead. i love it.

Con bits and bobs

Random stuff while I remember it.

Sue said that season five won’t get planned or written until Ben and Martin commit, and made an offhand comment like “when they’re less busy.” It sounded distant. Steven similarly said that he had no idea at all where the next season would go, and hadn’t thought about it yet. He’s busy with Dr. who now and might take a year off when that’s done.

Something about Mary…..first off, Amanda was supposed to be here but cancelled just a few days ago. Bummer. During my pic signing with Steven I asked him if he felt Mary redeemed herself at the end, or was she still morally dubious. This started a fairly long Mary defense, that she shot Sherlock nicely, that if Sherlock was ok with it why wouldn’t we be, that she had more to overcome in her past thus her moving toward to good had more meaning. He was QUITE QUITE serious, and all my Mary is evil hopes died a sad death. She DID ACTUALLY jump in front of that shot, Steven takes that absolutely for granted, so our pondering of bullet speeds etc. were all in vain. He’s still surprised some people don’t like Mary, and is rather defensive of her.


2015 > 2017
175lbs > 105lbs
Tan > no tan

Two summers ago we went to Hawaii, and these “before” pictures are old remnants of that vacation. I don’t even keep them saved to my phone because I was so humiliated by myself; my mom had to send them to me for this. 

I wore that sweater in sweltering heat because I was ashamed of my upper arms. I remember walking back to our resort one afternoon and my inner thighs were sweating and chafing so badly that they bled, which caused me to waddle-walk in a ridiculous way. My family kept asking me what in the world I was doing, but I couldn’t stop because it hurt so badly otherwise – I was embarrassed and in pain. 

I was categorically obese, and the years I spent like that were some of the most unhappy and unhealthy years of my life. I was anxious and depressed, I had abysmal self-esteem, and I had no idea what to do. 

This past year, I changed my entire life. I overhauled my eating habits and I got active. I honed in on personal growth and made big, huge adjustments to my lifestyle and my social circle. I have achieved more than I thought would ever be possible. 

Today I am a significantly happier, healthier, more confident woman. I feel proud of my achievements and I feel more capable as an individual. I have fought hard to get to where I am; this is a battle that never stops, but I am happy to continue. 

If you are wondering if it’s possible: it is. 
If you are tired of being stuck: make the change. 
If you’re in a bad place and you want out: take the reins.


I plan on trying to put a cosplay together of my #1 shark prince, but there is not many very good ref pics of him out there so I had to go and take my own. I thought I would share in case you have similar plans or just want to draw the royal fish~

I mostly snapped features I had not really noted before with the pictures I could already find.

Cupcakes-5x22 fic

A/N: Y’all…I don’t even know where this came from. It’s total and complete ridiculous fluff!!!! Please enjoy!! 

Felicity rushed through the door of the bakery ten minutes before the sign said they closed, the smell of sugar and dough hitting her before she was even fully inside.

“I am definitely in the right place,” she muttered to herself as she headed straight to the counter even though her suddenly growling stomach threatened to derail her mission. Her idea to throw Oliver a surprise birthday party was a good one, of that she was certain, but actually having to plan and organize the event was something else entirely. Luckily Thea had agreed to do the heavy lifting when it came to decorations which left Felicity in charge of food.

“Hi, how can I help you?” the woman behind the counter only looked slightly perturbed at having a customer barge in so close to closing.

“I need cupcakes,” Felicity said enthusiastically, eyes scanning the display case but not seeing anything she liked.

“We can pretty much do whatever,” the woman assured her, catching on that she hadn’t spotted what she wanted.

“Like maybe something chocolate and fudgey with green frosting?” she asked with a hopeful lift of her eyebrows. “But not like grass green or mint green, more like…Green Arrow green.”

The woman laughed, pulling out a pad to write down the order, “Your little boy is into superheroes? How many dozen?”

“Oh no, I don’t…I don’t have a son, little or big.”

“Sorry! Daughter. No reason girls can’t like Green Arrow either.” she said with a grin, leaning in a little closer, “I mean…have you seen the way he fills out those leather pants?”

Felicity felt her face flush as her hands curled tight, lips pressed into a straight line, “I um…I have not noticed. Nope. Never noticed that. Is it a good fit? I mean…sorry, never mind, we were discussing cupcakes for my non existent children.” she trailed off under her breath.

The woman looked at her a little strangely but nodded, “Chocolate fudge with green frosting. Any sort of decoration?”

She was about to say no when a thought crossed her mind, “I don’t suppose you have little arrows or something do you?”

“I have just the thing.”

Felicity watched as she looked through a drawer behind her, before turning back holding a small arrow attached to a toothpick.

“It’s perfect!”

“This will be the first Green Arrow party we’ve done. I might have to take some pics and put it on our instagram. Maybe you could share your own and tag us?”

“That uh…that might not be so easy.” Felicity stammered.

“Yeah, some parents are weird about their kids pictures being put on the internet, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Now how many dozen?”

“I’ll take two dozen,” she said quickly though she knew they’d never eat that many, but if there were leftovers that would not be a problem. Then a thought hit her and she sighed, “You know what, make half of those vanilla. Rene doesn’t like chocolate and Curtis will only eat the icing anyways and–”

“I thought you said you didn’t have kids.”


When I first saw the Escape from Beta Traz episode, the idea of “sharpshooter” Lance stuck with me and I thought it would be really cool if his Bayard could eventually transform in a sniper rifle in S3. So this is my take on it ;)

((BTW: the second pic is totally background sized if you think you want Lance shooting at your desktop folders èvè))

Got7: when you have a collection of their memes

Jaebum:  is highly impressed of the fact that you’ve managed to find so many unflattering pictures of him. Then ofc he’d rage about how you should delete them bc you’re supposed be supportive and not ‘betray’ him like that.

Mark:  his first thought would be that you might have them on your phone for revenge uses. He wouldn’t tell you that he found them, but he’s careful to not piss you off bc he’s scared you’ll show the other members, or the whole world for that matter lmao “I have an image to maintain.”

Jackson:  "I LOOK SHORT EVEN IN MEMES WTF" “WHY IS BAMBAM SO TALL HE’S LITERALLY SITTING DOWN LIKE-” “whoa lmao is that me and mark ;)” “send me those pics for um, reasons.” Insists on taking unflattering snaps of you, but he’s failing since he thinks you can never look bad.

Jinyoung:  he’s snickering and laughing at your collection of the other members memes, but he’s for some reason dead serious when he sees his own derp face staring back at him. Asks why you’re so obsessed with him, but he low key finds this cute and he’s planning on starting his own collection RIP.

Youngjae:  "ahahahahaha why is my mouth so big like am I always smiling??“ “oh nAAOOOO is that my nipple again” Laughs along with you and he won’t take it to heart, only bc he knows his fans probably are the same as you (ahem) and do weird stuff like keeping a million pictures of him (I wonder why they’d do that I ???)

Bambam:  "yo, do I really look like that? Bruh, I don’t understand why I need to call them hyungs when I’m like a foot taller than everybody. Me and gyeom rule got7 from now on.“ He’s cracking up and telling you he doesn’t care that you think they look weird, at least he’s slaying in every picture.

Yugyeom:  is really embarrassed that you went out of your way to find those cringy photos of him, but he’ll laugh at the ones that are funny. Thinks you’re such a dork for always replying with those memes instead of having a conversation, and he’ll probably send back pictures of Chris Brown just to piss you off.

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let’s kick it.

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Anon said: Hii can i request a yuta scenario where he is just cocky af and a fuckboy but ends up being really sweet and you fall for him pls (:🌸

Yes, perfect. 

Pairing: Yuta/Reader

Word Count: 4100+

Summary: The end of the school year is approaching and the only obstacles ahead of you are graduation, prom, and Yuta. 

Senior year tends to be a bittersweet experience for most people, including yourself. You didn’t think it would fly by so fast and it’s all coming to an end after this week. With prom and commencement being the only things ahead of you, the feeling of relaxation is becoming a recurrence for you. You observe the surroundings of your associated student body room and think to yourself, “Hey, I’m probably not going to see any of these people for a very long time or never again!”. For you, it makes things a lot easier.

Going off to college with a clean slate and having the ability to showcase your introduction skills to new peers makes you content. Until you’re brought back to reality that one of your colleagues is coming with you for the ride. Yuta Nakamoto. It is unfair to say that you can’t stand the guy because you two have never properly met but…you can’t stand him. Knowing each other’s names is good enough for you. Having the opportunity to choose from 10 colleges that accepted him and the odds of him choosing the same college as you is highly unlikely. But, Lady Luck thought wrong. You catch him in the middle of the room discussing with fellow classmates on final prom preparations. He always tends to get loud and obnoxious over the smallest of things and today is no different.

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Colin is sneaky...

So Colin Morgan just pulled a Where’s Waldo. Apparently, the dude’s super sneaky at getting in to the Hampstead Theater without being spotted.

My husband and I are in London to see Gloria in a few days, and we decided to go check out the Hampstead Theater early to make sure we knew how to get there and how to pick up our tickets.

We got there a couple of hours before tonight’s showing at 7:30 p.m. And we noticed that there were a few people standing out front of the theater, waiting to grab autographs from the actors. So we decided to stick around for a while and see what there is to see. Because stalking.  

We sat down in the theater lobby, grabbed some cookies, and settled in for some people (person) watching. It was amusing to watch the autograph hounds spot one of the actors. They could see people coming long before I could, so it was pretty exciting to watch them get all excited. They’d rummage around in their bag until they found the picture of the right actor, double-check that their Sharpie was working, and then stop the person to ask them.

Oddly enough, the first person to come along was actually Helena Bonham Carter. So random. Apparently, she was just ambling by the theater with two kids in tow. She was wearing this shabby patchwork brown jacket that looked like it could have come straight out of Harry Potter. Just out for a stroll. If the autograph dude hadn’t recognized her, not sure I would have.

The next person to come by was Kae Alexander, who’s one of the cast members in Gloria. She was rocking some headphones and seemed rather surprised that anyone would stop her.

A bit later was Ellie Kendrick, also in Gloria. She signed several autographs, and then someone asked her to take a pic, but she said, “No, I have to get backstage.”

It was getting to be about an hour before the play at that point, and my husband and I thought that Colin was probably already there. We asked one of the autograph dudes if he’d seen Colin already. He said that yes, someone spotted him going around the back. 

Apparently, there are 3-4 entrances to the theater, and Colin varies his routes depending on what he sees. He comes up out of the tube and gets the lay of the land. Sometimes he skirts around the autograph people up front, heading instead for the back. And then one day earlier this week, he just put his hat down and walked right through them into the front door and they didn’t even notice.

Our boy is a pro.

Side note: The pic that the dude wanted Colin to sign was some random season 1 promo. I wanted to tell him that he’d be better off with the hotness from season 5. Really, any other pic.


Hey guys, I really need your help. My 4 year old niece zoey has brain cancer that we thought she had beat, but it has reoccurred and spread down her spine. She’s having pretty severe symptoms . I was wondering if you guys could help me by taking a pic with a sign that says “Stay Strong Zoey” or “We Love you Super Zoey (she’s a superhero, obviously). She loves Star Wars and Frozen If you’d like to include it in your picture. If you would like to help, also please include the country/state etc etc you’re from. Please please, this would really mean a lot. :) I need these ASAP, as I’m recovering from my own brain surgery and need as much time as I can to work on this, which isn’t a lot because we don’t know how aggressive this is.So please when you can, please email me your pictures to madzebraproductions@gmail.com whenever you can.

SO layout of the pictures

“Say strong Super Zoey!” “We love you Super Zoey!” “You can fight this, Super Zoey!”  From your name, in whatever state or country you’re in. Thank you SOOOO Much guys;

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the second picture he posted though his eyes are so soft and we know he's looking at dan behind the camera and there is so much love i can't breathe

i know!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t actually breathe!!! how does dan even function with that expression turned to him?????? i have always felt like phil doesn’t particularly like to have his photo taken but in this case dan was super persistent bc phil looked so beautiful and it’s dusk and the colors behind him are so beautiful so dan was like pls phil you don’t even have to smile just let me take a pic of you and this photo was the result and phil is just like soft and fond and natural and it’s so apparent in his expression that he would ultimately do anything dan asked him and i feel like i shouldn’t be looking at it :( why do they keep sharing private pics :( we don’t deserve it and my heart fully aches :( :(

I saw this pic and the first thing that came to my mind was “DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK THIS???!!” i mean WTF. I thought that most of the people would understand the show and would understand what its a mental illness and why Hannah kill herself cause THE SHOW EXPLAIN IT VERY CLEAR but i was wrong. I want to take time and answer to this cause people really need to stop.

To get to the point you first need to know that depression is not just being sad, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and if you have it you really need to get help cause you can’t get through it alone. One thing you also need to learn is what  PTSD is. “ Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Most people who experience such events recover from them, but people with PTSD continue to be severely depressed and anxious for months or even years following the event ” remember this two cause i’ll be mention them later.

1-)Hannah didn’t kill herself to prove a point, she did it DUE TO THE BULLYING AND ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER.

 2-)do you think that a girl who was bullied everyday is gonna “stand up for herself”?                                                                                                       When a lot of people start telling you things everyday and start making rumours, you even start to believe them and that thing is lowering your confidence more and more and low confidence + depression is the worst combination ever. Do you really think that a girl could stop the rumours by just “standing  for herself? If Hannah had tried to stop them im pretty sure that wouldn’t have been enough cause PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE RUMOURS AND THEY LOVE SHARING THEM AND TALKING EVEN IF THEYRE NOT REAL AND EVEN IF THE VICTIM SAYS THAT IT AREN’T REAL  THEY WOULD KEEP GOING. Im sure that we all know that standing for yourself isn’t going to do anything. (what really can do is looking for help)

3-) This one was the one that made me write this post “she had a princess complex and she killed herself when she found out life isn’t like that” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Here’s the thing Hannah didn’t have a “princess complex” i think Hannah, well actually we’re (almost all of the people get) excited about moving to another school, so excited to start all over again, and then suddenly this pic goes all over the school and the rumours start. People aren’t supossed to go through bullying, you’re basically telling me that rape is okay and everybody is supossed to be raped cause life is like that?        ACTUALLY, LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT.  NO ONE IS SUPOSSED TO BE RAPED  AND TRY TO LIVE WITH THAT. SO IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY SAYING “WHEN SHE FOUND OUT LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT”

4-) No one cared about her, because they were all too busy bullying her, slut-shaming her and a lot of things. Why would she care about them if they didn’t give a fuck about her??  (im talking about the ones who hurt her not her parents and Clay) Also she didn’t care about her parents or the others one she loved cause remember she was suffering DEPRESSION  aka she was suffering a MENTAL ILLNESS (read the beginning if you forgot what does that mean) and when you have that you don’t care about anything, you don’t think clearly, you just want to stop everything. (quote from her)

 5-) Yes she put Clay through hell, we can’t deny that but we can agree Clay needed to listen the tapes, he was dying to know what happen to her and if he haven’t listened to them, there wasn’t going to be any justice for Hannah. She blame herself for telling him to go away and for letting him go. ACTUALLY she said it very clear that it wasn’t him it was her and all the things that had happened to her.

6-) Justin could have done something and Hannah too, Hannah and Justin were hearing all and I belive they felt like Bryce was raping them and not Jessica in that moment. But lets remember she was inside the room. (I bet that if she would have gone out of the wardrobe Bryce wasn’t going to let her go that easy) Justin was outside the room. He could have perfectly look for help and I think it’s very clear that he could have done something because Jessica doesn’t want to see him ever again. But let’s forget about that cause the 2 of them could have help Jessica. The reason in that tape wasn’t Justin, it was the guilty feeling she felt for not have done something.

7-) SHE WASN’T SELFISH. SHE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She was raped and she tried to look for help but she didn’t find it. If you put yourself in her place for a second maybe you could understand. She didn’t thought about consequences cause she wasn’t in her mind, do you think that a person who thinks normally and doesn’t have any mental illness would kill himself? No.

Thanks god that series like this exist. To make people aware of what it is like to have a mental illness, and you don’t know what is going in someonelse life and what they’re going through. Also for people like you they made “13 reasons why: Beyond the reasons” its on netflix, you should watch it.

Hannah wasn’t a drama queen.

Don’t make yourself into a reason why.

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I'm wondering if you'd comment on this. It's my take on what I see happening in the fandom. I don't mean to speak for anyone or imply what ppl are feeling. It's just my take. Could be totally off. But I think the shock value that Cait posted it when she was thought to not be involved is a big blow. As someone just said, it's a disappointment which is hard to swallow. Sometimes harder than anger. But it's bigger than just this stupid birthday picture--it's how everything comes full circle (p1)

(p2) it’s thinking if she’s involved enough to post this pic instead of Sam posting it maybe she was involved in the whole thing. Which would mean she was in it when fans were so shit on that we still have a stench from almost a year ago. It’s feeling played/manipulated in this stupid game so you question all of her other times when she seemed sincere/grateful for you-like when you specifically raised thousands for her birthday. It’s not just this bday pic. It’s collective…

(p3) seems it’s been built up for a while & the disappointment is the final straw. Its not even about MM. From an outside perspective you seem to have gotten through much more difficult SC moments&came through a SC believer more than ever. It’s not about S/MM/C. This is about fans being tired of the cast/crew of OL pissing on us & expecting us to believe it’s only rain. Right? That’s what makes online chatter so annoying. We’re not crying in a corner bc S/MM. We’re just tired of being pissed on.

I have nothing to add. You said it all so perfectly! This. This. This!!!

Ok so I posted this last night and I realized I gave out the wrong idea.
Left: June 2015
Right: yesterday
I look good in both pictures, but this is about way more than looks. It’s so easy to strive for a “perfect body”. It’s so easy to look at girls and guys on here, twitter, Instagram whatever and be like “I wish I looked like them.” To someone, my left might be “goals” but that’s only because they see what’s on the outside. On the inside? I was so unhealthy and so unhappy. I am not going to go as far as saying I had any sort of eating disorder, but I definitely did not have a healthy relationship with food. I remember being on my “diet” and then checking to see if I could at least squeeze some McDonald fries into my 1200 calories for that day. McDonald’s fries?? 1200 calories?? This was an issue!! Sure, I’d still go out and eat all these fast food foods, but then I’d immediately regret it. I rarely felt good about myself and I felt like I had to run it all off every single day. I wasn’t taking care of my body, I was basically torturing it.
Fast forward to now, I personally think I look better but I also FEEL better! I eat a plant based diet now, mostly whole foods, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel. After eating a cheeseburger I’d be uncomfortably stuffed and feel gross for hours. After eating a plate full of potatoes and broccoli I feel great!
I also lift weights now which is something I never thought I could or would do, but here I am! I never thought that I could go vegan, but here I am! Change is really scary and can be really hard especially if you’re going at it alone. Take it one step at a time and you will be thankful you did.

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Do you do drawings off fics? I read a short fic with Aaron and Robert in a bubble bath and would love to see it in a drawing?

I do! (Pls send me a link for the cuteness! xD) 
Here take a bubble bath robron!

In german the words “Schaumbad” and “Schaumbart” are so similar and i can’t…
It makes me sad that it’s not the case in english…’bubble bath’ and ‘bubble beard’ …meh…but yeah you get the point…right?? x’D 

I eventually thought that this pic is too unrealistic so here is another one

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I feel like the thing about Ereri is that Eren doesn't look like he's that young and Levi doesn't look like he's that old (I showed a bunch of people a pic of Levi and I asked them what they thought Levi's age would be and none of them said anything over 25) and when people ship, they don't take in consideration the age or the age gap because it seems unimportant. Some of the people who ship Ereri ship it because it just makes sense in their heads and not because they think of the age gap

Yeah, I think that might be true. Especially in anime age gaps aren’t often as ‘visible’ as in other forms of media. But I think the part about people not taking the age gap into consideration is what makes people dislike the shippers, because it seems like they just don’t care and feel like it doesn’t matter, when it’s something you should definitely reflect on (like all other kinds of stuff in the media you consume, but you know what I mean). Personally I don’t share that sentiment, because as long as you don’t excuse or defend the age gap as being super healthy or even legal or whatever I assume you know what you’re doing there. What I also think is funny is that I heard it quite some times now, that ereri shippers harassed rivamika shippers for shipping an age gap ship haha