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Monsta X - New MV Thoughts

Ok Ok Ok. 

So I don’t know if it’s just me but the second this MV started playing the only thing I could think is, “Damn. Looks like some BTS shit.” 

Now, I love Monsta X. I really do. I also love BTS. (Multi-fan; sorry).

However, for the first half of this music video all I could do was make mental notes of when their style looked very FAMILIAR. 

The suits, the setting style in some shots, the multiple room thing they had going on, etc. I was pretty much infatuated by how similar it was to a BTS MV for the whole first half. In the second half they started to get a little more original with their outfits and style and shit.


They pull out the cloth chokers. Granted, it was only in one shot, but still! It was like having my conspiracy theory proved right after I developed it! 

All in all, I was really impressed and entertained by the MV. 9/10.

One point lost for originality. 

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ok look i know you're busy but seriously... how hard is it to post a chapter?? you haven't posted in like two weeks and im just so sick of writers posting things with cliffhangers and then not following through. you are seriously the WORST. how about you just don't post things if your not going finish.

Here’s a thought… just don’t read my stuff?

I’m sorry for not posting for so long, I apologize all the time, but school is seriously kicking my ass right now and grades are always going to be a priority for me. So I’m sorry y’all have to wait but I’m not sorry for focusing on school.

One thing I love about this fandom (besides the amazing fan art and fanfics) is that we look/think so in-depth about every single minuscule detail. Like honestly if Sjm said something completely trivial like “Rowan blinked twice” someone would probably find someway to create a theory that ends with the world exploding. And the thing is, it’s a REAL POSSIBILITY. Like Sjm never puts anything in without having some huge plot twist based on it. Sorry for the mini spiel but this strikes me as soo funny and I LOVE IT.

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Ok, so ENTP x INTJ or ENFP x INTJ? Which one is more compactibile? I know both are ok but I found out that INTJs see ENFP like super adorable and fascinating when about their thoughts on ENTP are usually like "they should be more mature". That's the part I don't understand, both ENxP are Ne-dom so way so much hate for Ti-Fe? ;-;

As an INTJ here’s how I think of both types.

ENFP’s are adorable little fluffies that need to be coddled and protected. Death to anyone who looks at them harshly. They’re interesting, different, and I can never quite figure them out, which makes them fascinating and someone I can open up with.

ENTP’s are fun and sarcastic smarties that are extremely fun to compete with. Death to anyone who treats them harshly. They’re amusing, intelligent, and I enjoy irritating them fondly, which makes them patient and accepting, someone I can be myself around.

Because we’re all individuals some INTJ’s will get along better with ENTP’s and some better with ENFP’s, and some with neither or both. I did notice that the INTJ’s that bend more on the brooding and secretive side tend to gravitate to ENFP’s and those that bend more to the blunt and sarcastic towards ENTP’s. Just my observations though.

Sorry this took so long. I hope this helped a bit. :)


ok but what i wanna know is: did the eagle door knocker for ravenclaw tower ask new riddles every single time someone came by? and how did it know a million riddles? or do you think that it just recycled riddles? bc if it recycled riddles i could 100% see some older student selling off answers to like all of the first years or something bc i feel like they’d be the ones who were terrified to get locked out of the tower or wouldn’t want to look too dumb to answer some riddles. 

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Heyyy, for the ask thing,can I request ym(cause I'm obsessed ok?),4 and 8? Thank youuu~

first impression of each other? was it love at first sight?

not quite,, yoongi thought that jimin was really cute, not super attractive but there was still something charming about him that compelled yoongi to want to look after him (even if he was a little rough with him at first). jimin found yoongi (cool and) intimidating especially because of the way he treated him, but he always made an effort to become closer because he really looked up to him.

what do they like best about their partner?

yoongi always says he loves every single thing about jimin but physically, he loves jimin’s eyes whether they’re crinkled up because he’s laughing, or he’s doing his Sexy Camera Gaze™. otherwise he loves jimin’s selflessness and his constant determination to better himself in any and every way possible. jimin loves yoongi’s tummy; also his passion and dedication to music and how he sometimes tries to be all subtle about showing kindness to others.

send a ship and a number ♡

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can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


ok so… imagine everyone but they got a FUCKING haircut.

this started w/ beardbun coran and then I wanted to do Allura w/ short hair… and then i thought “i have the power to make things right” and got rid of keiths disaster of a haircut but im afraid i may have condemned shiro in the process. because. his doesn’t look. right. i have no doubt pidge would have an undercut, and hunk grew out his hair and lance grew out his bangs. 


Ok, ok, ok, ok!!!! *huff* GOD BLESS CHERITZ FOR THE X-MAS DLC, OMG!

Haven’t played it, yet…but I saw the picture and that this Unknown Route exists and….and I am already dead even without playing and I could cry because there is so much joy in my heart already and….yeah ok whatever.

I saw this huge ribbon and my first thought: Heh, MC looks like a present :D ….what if….OOOOOH! //////

It’s kinda embarrassing that my first thought is a dirty one after I screamed how fucking cute Unknown is in this picture. Aaaah well~ Merry Christmas everyone!

hunk: hey have you ever thought who shiros favorite is?

lance: oh hunk. oh my hunky honey bear. you do NOT want to know my thoughts on THAT whole situation

hunk: oh boy. ok I’ll bite, who is shiros favorite?

lance: fine you asked for it. it’s pidge.

hunk: …..huh. I would’ve thought you might have said keith.

lance: oh yeah he is too

hunk: ok you lost me

lance: look the way i see it is, pidge is the favorite the way the baby of the family is always the favorite. Keith is like the eldest son, born to take over the family business or whatever.

hunk: alright….so where do we fall in all of this?

lance: well pidge is first with keith running a close second so while keith may not get more desert at the table or get away with murder like pidge does, he’s given more responsibilities and will ultimately gain more of the inheritance. after him comes allura who’s sort of like the hot girl next door shiro has a crush on but he’s too shy to ever ask out. then it’d be you, the cuddly middle child who’s kind of left to his own devices cause your can obviously take care of yourself, then coran, alluras whacky uncle, then the Lions who are the family pets, then me


lance: the other middle child who’s the obnoxious class clown only there to get a cheap laugh out of the audience and kind of just there to make shiro angry or exasperated and give him more personality otherwise he’ll look boring

hunk: ….lance

lance: but then again I’m not the last one anymore cause now slavs in the picture and HE’S the one who makes shiro angry and annoyed…..although, he is a lot smarter than i am and he brings out an even funnier side of shiro so I’m probably still the least favorite…….what were we talking about again?

hunk getting up and hugging lance from behind: lance you know you can always talk to me about stuff right?

lance trying not to tear up: uh yeah hunky bear i know that why wouldn’t i know that

hunk: us ignored middle children need to stick together

lance: heh yeah

if i could have one wish, it would be to look at Ten’s camera roll because i just know that he has a ton of super cute pictures with himself and Johnny

like cute pictures of them eating food together

pictures of Johnny sleeping and Ten pretending to sleep next to him

pictures where they are just looking at each other and you just know how much they love each other, 

probably a bunch of Johnny spam pics

videos of them dancing or doing something stupid or slightly illegal 

and probably a lot more pictures like the ones they are taking here

sm do us all a favor and please release their pictures