but i thought his face is so close to her in another fancam


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Park Chanyeol x Reader - Fluff

Words: 3.5K

Summary: You were straightforward, maybe a bit too straightforward for people’s taste but that’s what made Chanyeol fall for you. Of course, that straightforwardness caused trouble in every interview. Especially when it came to a certain interview with the question, “Who is somebody you have a crush on right now?”

Chanyeol would be lying if he said he didn’t have feelings for you. It was undeniably obvious to his members and probably everyone in SM Entertainment. Park Chanyeol’s feelings for fellow SM star, (L/n) (F/n). From your cute little smile to your infamous straightforwardness, EXO’s rapper couldn’t help but gravitate towards you. Of course, everyone but you knew about his feelings and honestly, it frustrated him. There was a part of him that wished you would just find out so as to save him from actually confessing but there was another part that wanted to confess to you.

Even worse, the FANS knew about his crush. It was ridiculous how sharp the fans were. Fancams would catch the twinkle in his eyes when you stood next to him or how he would immediately dart his head at the sight of you. He found it insane how fans knew about it but you. But maybe you did know and refused to address it? He wasn’t sure.

Oh, right. Straightforwardness. (L/n) (F/n) was known in the K-Pop community for her straightforward personality.

Funniest (L/n) (F/n) Moments (Part 1) was the video title Chanyeol clicked on in his messy dorm room. He loved watching videos about you. L-O-V-E-D. It was his favorite pastime. Besides, the fans are really good at editing so he wouldn’t have to scour through hundreds of interviews to find one of you being sassy.

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Kim Junmyeon//Green Eyes

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Prompt: You’re not really the jealous type, but you’ve noticed that your boyfriend has been hanging out with a very famous, very pretty and sweet idol lately, and can’t help but feel more than a little jealous. - request from @bomsenpai
Scenario: angst, fluff
Word count: 2,341

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Take You Down (Jr.)

Request: During a JYPNation concert, you’re in the front row and the boys have been like eyeing you for the last few songs. Jr. has a solo (like Chansung’s love u down stage) & he chooses you to come up on stage while he’s performing and he starts to get really flirty, etc. and later meets you backstage. I was thinking you could make it rated, gradually. so at the end it starts to get smutty! maybe perhaps if you wanted to, could a 2pm member maybe make a cameo? anything from you bumping into them backstage to them almost walking in on you and Jr.
Length: 1,580 words
Genre: Fluff/Suggestive

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VIXX @ Toronto KPOP Con 2016 (Fanaccount)

Alright by demand I’m gonna write this sucker out for u guys.

So firstly I was in the front row for this concert and we were way more LITERALLY right against the stage than I thought we would be.  There were only 8 seats in the front row and we took up 3 of them.  I went with my friends @hyukking and @kenperess who are Hyuk and Ken stans, respectively.

This fancam I took gives a good scope of my proximity to the stage:

PLEASE NOTE that we really REALLY were not allowed to film and ppl around me literally got their phones confiscated so i apologize for not filming more…

Alright I’m gonna split this into a few sections which are: talk section things, our interactions with them, and new impressions of the members.

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 160618 ‘All Shook Up’ - Sunggyu

Hi all! Sorry it took so long to write this! I think I was going through after-musical depression. Anyway, I was able to go to Sunggyu’s first performance of ‘All Shook Up’ and I really enjoyed it! It was like a romcom musical and because of the popular Elvis songs, it was quite enjoyable for me. To be honest, I liked this one much more than ‘In the Heights’ but I think it’s cause I relate to this one more. I’m a rock girl at heart and my favorite movie is ‘Grease’ so… Anyway, I didn’t have a great seat since I wasn’t originally planning to go to this showing, so my view wasn’t the best. It was a small theater though so any view was pretty decent. There were lots of fan interaction between the cast and the audience. There were times where some characters walked around the front and there was even a part where Elvis comes down the stairs and serenades and kisses the hand of a lucky fan in the front while teaching another character how to win the ladies over lol.

Let’s just start with the look of everything first. Once again, it’s a pretty small theater so the set was quite small as well. Actually, if you go to the Playbill Facebook page that Infinite’s official twitter tweeted, you can see a condensed version of the first half of the musical. Just that alone can give you a good sense of the set design, costuming and overall acting. I’ve also seen some clips of the original English versions online. It seems to be pretty much the exact same thing except the main character Chad’s name became Elvis in this one lol. The whole goofiness is also kept throughout as well. Anyway, we can’t talk about looks without talking about Gyu. THAT HAIR THO… AM I RIGHT AM I RIGHT. Ugh… I knew that was gonna get to me. Even though I sat in the back, I could see that Gyu was wearing a lot of makeup too lol. You can kinda see how dark they make his eyes in the fancam pics of him leaving the theater. It’s nice seeing him in those leather jackets though. Every time he came out in a new outfit the whole crowd would swoon lol.

Speaking of swooning. Because this is based off ‘The Twelfth Night’ and the main girl character is pretty much swooning over the main guy character the whole time, it seems like the audience really connected with her lol. We would all swoon anytime she touched him or got close to him. I could even feel the hurt radiating off the audience when he would reject her and stuff. I don’t know, I mean all entertainment is supposed to make the audience feel what the artist is doing… but this feeling of sadness and desperate love really hit home for fangirls I think… or maybe that was just me… Aaaanyway, there was so much skinship dude. They even changed some parts from the practice video to add more skinship. Like when Natalie would sing and time was paused, she would kinda outline his butt or cling onto his leg. There were lots of inch-away-from-the-face-talking/singing/staring as well. Oh… everyone brace yourselves. There was also kissing. Two kisses in fact. Two real kisses. I died. Everyone died. I died again. Twice.

Mooooving on, the best thing about musicals is that you can really hear their voices without lots of MR. His voice is so beautiful. I can’t. It really suited the rock theme too. There were lots of silly scenes and Gyu did really well. It’s really hilarious to see him acting out situations we’d never get to see in real life. He really played up the pompous arrogant side the character has. It was very much the bad boy that’s still innocent but you wanna be with kinda style. I really wanna see him in a serious character or like as a true bad guy in his next role. I don’t know, I wanna see what else he can bring to the table. Can I love him anymore? Probably not. But once again, I thought that before seeing him and totally proved myself wrong… again.

I’d have to say that what surprised me is the scale of this show. It was very small. Compared to ‘In the Heights’ and a couple other shows I’ve been to, the theater was small, there wasn’t a lot of merchandise, I haven’t seen any ads besides the ones at the venue or anything. In the big scheme of things, this is a really small production. It just so happens to be a big thing in my, and I’m sure your, life as well lol. Another thing that kinda made my heart hurt (and when I mean kinda I mean my heart was crying enough tears to make a new ocean) was watching Gyu move. I don’t know if it’s just me overreacting and exaggerating but it still looked like he was… not in pain necessarily but maybe had a slight discomfort with his ankle. I’m not sure if it was just my fangirl love for him and his health but he was moving… not normally?? He just didn’t move in the same way that I feel like I’m used to seeing. Maybe it was part of the choreography or maybe that day he tweaked it so it was bad, or maybe I’m making it up in my head, but I hope he really rests on his days off. That boy deserves it. Musical. MC. Normal Infinite activities. This boy has his hands in all the pots right now.

Anyway, I feel like there isn’t too much to say really. The story is great, music is great, sticks to the original pretty well, his voice is ugh, his face is ugh, he’s ugh ugh. I’m sorry, I feel like this isn’t the best fan account I’ve written… If I think of any other details, I’ll definitely let you all know. Or if anyone has any questions please feel free to leave us an ask! Between the facebook vid and the practice vid, they actually give fans a huge peek into the musical! I definitely recommend watching both if you haven’t already!!!

 I wrote a long ass rant about the entire Jin drama and stopped because when I read what I wrote, I notice it was all full of anger/saltiness. I thought ‘Hey, if I’m going to express/show my love and support and appreciation for my ultimate bias, Kim Seokjin, why did I type the cons about being a Jin stan? Why not tell others why I stan Jin from BTS instead of what I didn’t like about being a Jin stan?’ Before I start listing, I want to tell you that being a Jin stan is sad and awesome at the same time. I enjoy being one, will always be one. Here it goes.

  • EatJin: Do I have to say this? EatJin is the best thing that was created. His cheeks when he stuffs food into his mouth. I wouldn’t be surprise when BigHit announces the true form of Jin; a rabbit/hamster.
  • EatJin Live: He interacts with ARMYs. He talks about his story/opinion/rants/complains, LITERALLY ANYTHING. He chose dinner time (In his timezone because that’s where he lives, you that complains about not being to watch him live because your time is early in the morning. He has no choice right?) because that’s when almost everyone in Korea is at home after work/school.
  • Manly Princess: Ya’ll know that he is manly yet delicate at the same time. I find that appealing, handling both sides pretty well.
  • Effortless Visual: Need I say more? With or without makeup, he looks the same. Honey face Kim Seokjin yay Everyone might have different types that’s why they have different biases but no one can argue with me that Jin is a visual not because of his given title but because he really is.
  • Pink is for man (too): Do you ever get annoyed because pink is seen as a feminine color and is never for boys? Jokes on you because my boy Seokjin here doesn’t care whether it is blue or pink. If he likes the color, he likes the color.
  • Pink flip phone: He admitted it is a concept. But it is a good memory. The pink flip phone did justice for all his airport photos.
  • Rose gold iPhone 6: He upgraded from a pink flip phone to a rose gold (which is still pinkish) iPhone.
  • Mario hoe: Have you seen his room back at his old house?
  • His broad shoulders: Everyone might melt over his shoulders but in all honesty I’m not one of them. But damn, when compared to anyone that are wearing the same shirt as him he always wore it better because of his shoulders. If you don’t see it that way I see it, you can say that any clothes suits him or you can just melt from seeing his shoulder.
  • His plump lips: THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME MELT. His lips are really fresh and ripe. I don’t want to say kissable because I don’t intend to kiss him (Keeping a fan and idol relationship here ehem) but they are really something you want to touch or feel. Don’t you ever touch your lips and thought “Ahh .. Jin’s lips might be twice the softness ..” THIS GUY KNOWS HIS LIPS ARE ONE OF HIS STRONG VISUAL POINT TOO.
  • A full package: Husband material, wife material. I’m not trying to make him a woman lmao What I meant is he has the characteristic of both husband and wife. Cooks, enjoys food, takes care of the younger boys, plays with the younger boys etc 
  • His attention to the fans at the airport: He waves to the fans at the airport. I don’t know if you notice this, he gives attention to the fans the most whenever they are at the airport.
  • His vocal: I’m sure you all listened to both his covers at least once just because he posted it that one time. If you all haven’t listen to it yet, get your earphones/headphones ready for his angelic voice ( I Love You / Eomma ) Also, of course ya’ll be judging his vocal because he doesn’t have much lines and still living with one or two lines BUT THAT’S THE REASON WHY YOU CAN’T HEAR HIS VOICE, BECAUSE HE DOESN’T HAVE MUCH LINES IN THEIR SONGS. You want to know how Jin stans live with these little lines? Yea, I wonder too. When he talks, it is soothing. He has that cute voice but at the same time manly? I don’t know how to describe it. 
  • His determination: ARMYs that are sleeping on this man may or may not see this. Yea, he can’t be compared to the other members but damn Kim Seokjin is very determined and is hardworking for him to be here today. Definitely not a dancer, but manages to slay the choreographs. Bangtan is known for having difficult dance moves.
  • His habit of covering his mouth whenever he laughs or hiding any facial expressions that may destroy his visual title stopped: The sentence pretty much explained itself. I find it cute that he does that last time but stopped because he is comfortable with himself in front of the camera which is very good.
  • His cheeks: He may be fit everywhere but it is a smart move to leave his chubby cheeks. I know most of them prefers to not have chubby cheeks but I really find it appealing because it makes him cute. It helps to boost whenever he smiles or pouts.
  • His inside jokes or humor: He has a pretty great humor. He jokes about everything, he makes puns out of his name.
  • The youngest in the family: For anyone who doesn’t know this, I’m telling you now. He is the youngest in the family which explains why he is childish too. Respect this guy for having to be the eldest suddenly and had to take care of 6 other kids.
  • Oldest in Bangtan: Related to the point above. Respect this guy for having to take care of 6 kids suddenly despite being the youngest in his family.
  • Ridiculously cute laugh: Ridiculously cute laugh. Makes my day. Jin stans definitely enjoy this one video name “Jin Laughing Compilation”. I have it downloaded in my laptop and phone.
  • His soft/doe eyes: Even Jin said it himself. He is proud of his eyes because it balances and tone downs his facial causing him to look soft. I really love his eyes, he gives me a warm and comfortable feeling. It is cute too.
  • Jin stans are very loyal: From what I see, Jin stans are really really loyal. Yea, they might change bias once in a while but Jin will be back as a bias in no time. Either that or they stick with Jin. In my case, I don’t really have a bias list. Jin is my UB.
  • The excitement when he post a song cover: I swear, whenever he post a song cover, I get extremely excited and happy. He gets that little in BTS songs and hearing only him sing for even only 2 minutes, I get crazy. ‘I Love You’ and “Eomma’ is still in my playlist because the covers are THAT precious.
  •  High-quality Jin fancams/focus: If you don’t know, finding for a high quality Jin focus is really really really really really hard. Especially for a certain performance (ahem Perfect Man and Baepsae Jin focus where are you) That’s why when I finally found one, I get all crazy. Salute all fansites or fans that gave us high quality focus/fancams of Jin btw
  • PHOTOS OF KIM SEOKJIN: This is one of my personal favorite as a Jin stan. Do not tell me that you don’t agree with me about Jin fansites take absolutely beautiful pictures of him. *Never forget the Beautiful Night of Melon Music Awards which made Cha Moon Nam* I have a few years till entering adulthood which means I’m not an adult yet, I still can have the excuse to cry about how beautiful he was that night to even created a buzz in the internet for just getting out from his car. Honey face Kim Seokjin yay
  • That one time he signed an autograph for a fan near his university: How I wish I was that fan. I couldn’t recall what happened because I read it months ago but it was something that makes you go “Awwww~” I also read someone’s encounter with Jin during a fansign and her bias is Jin too. She was so happy and she said that he is really really really beautiful up close. envyenvyenvy
  • S line body: “Hip line you would envy” “An S line with resilience” Remember Rookie King episode where Jin had to wear a qipao for his punishment? And another time Jin had to wear a shirt that is way too small for him as a punishment for BTS Gayo Track 9?
  • When he did the Photoshop games: I didn’t participate because I don’t have the skills to do it. But I sure know he enjoyed himself playing with the fans and teasing too (the picture of him driving *sigh*)
  • Singing Converse High with Rapmon and J-Hobi: I totally enjoyed myself watching 3 of them performing this song on stage. A little selfish here because again, I’ve always wanted to hear more of Jin’s voice in their song. Also, I’m happy because there is Rapmon and J-Hobi too. I might not have a bias list but Hobi comes in second and Rapmon comes in third.
  • Different shades of brown: I had to include this in because someone mentioned it and it stayed in my head. “Seokjin went through different shades of brown” He looks good in dark hair and am I the only one who isn’t really ehem for him with light colored hair like blonde? Doesn’t matter though, if he changes his hair color to another color other than dark, I can’t do anything but to accept and admire.
  • BLACK HAIR: Absolutely my favorite. You can guess my favorite era was Danger era. His black hair really contrasted with his skin and did a great job bringing out his eye. I swear his eyes was shining every time I see a picture of him in black hair.
  • Blogging about his cooking: I’m not someone who cooks and probably won’t follow whatever he posted but I enjoy seeing him cook and his blogging style really makes me happy.
  • Him blogging or being active on social media: In my au for Jin, if he weren’t an idol, he would be a entertainer on the internet. Again, his blogging style is really good. I think Jin is very active on Twitter together with Jimin and Taehyung (imo). I’m not sure about the others since I don’t usually check Twitter.
  • His aegyo: I can’t miss this one. With a soft face like that, I’ll definitely fall for it. He says he is manly but the aegyo game is strong. *insert Jackson’s ‘cute’*
  • Interaction with members/friends: Of course I won’t get to see how he interacts with the members or friends in real life but photos and videos are enough for me. Ken, Sanduel and Jin yay
  • He smiles when others smirk: During performances, he mostly smiles than smirks. For example Danger. Danger is a sexy song ehehe but instead of smirking, he smiles as if he is performing Just one Day or For You or Good Day or The Stars. You get what I mean??? Of course he do smirks but what I usually see are smiles.

Overall, Jin is a great guy. I could have written more but this has been in my draft for I think 3 or 4 days already? I just left unedited for a few days because I wanted to write more about this. But I really couldn’t write much, there are some things you just can’t put into words. If I ever got the chance, I’ll tell him how great of a guy he is, how glad I am that he is here in BTS and not anywhere else. Bless this boy for being someone that I look forward to seeing the next day on social media. Bless this boy for eating good and doesn’t mind eating in front of the camera like a hungry beast. For being in BTS. 

OTRA - Vienna, 10.06.15

I didn’t have a chance to check Tumblr since the day of the concert, so I may be repeating some things said numerous times already, or get something wrong, I was in the first row next to the part of the catwalk, where boys sit during DFWYB, so it’s perfect to see them up close (some videos are being uploaded on YouTube right now), but really easy to miss out on what is happening when they are on the main stage, or, especially, the end of the catwalk, so feel free to correct me :)

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seoprettae send:

Hi!! Okay, really sorry about this because I know you guys are really busy and as sad as I am about the Korean students missing in the ocean but I needed to submit this so I wouldn’t forget. So sorry if this just clutters up your mailbox.

Okay, first of all, have you guys seen the way Baek looks at Chanyeol? It’s really adorable. He just has so much sincerity and emotion. I mean, it’s the same with Chanyeol, but when Baekhyun stares at Chanyeol, it’s like a whole new level of love. He looks so shy but it’s like he’s been captivated by Chanyeol’s being. You can mostly see Chanyeol looking at Baekhyun like that when he’s singing because it’s obvious he idolizes Baek’s talent. But with Baekhyun, he looks at Chanyeol all the time. When he’s singing, rapping, dancing, or playing an instrument, there’s so much admiration. I’ve also noticed that Baekhyun glances at Chanyeol every time he says something funny, as if saying, “Is he smiling? Is he laughing? Did I make him happy?” which is saying a lot since he’s easily the funniest member. That says a lot about the vulnerability Baekhyun has when Chanyeol’s involved.

And then, I noticed a couple of things during EXO’s China Big Love or Love Big Concert. When the MC asked who each member would like to room with, the camera sweeped over all the members. Maybe it’s because I have ninja eyes or I’m hyper-aware of Baekyeol but I saw Baekhyun slightly-not-so-slightly leaning over to look at Chanyeol’s general direction. And of course, a shipper’s heart can only hyperventilate when her OTP is all up in her face. I was really disappointed to see that Chanyeol picked Sehun (not really cause C h a n h u n ’s totally fine with me) but then Baekhyun stepped up his OTP game when he chose Xiumin. And let me tell you, he was pointing at Xiumin really intensely like saying, “Oh, you have maknae? Well, I have half-fifty hyung.” Also, when Chan/Kai/Soo were doing their punishment with the three having to do push-ups with someone on their back, Baekhyun slightly stepped out. And when the fans were screaming his name, he just had the cutest, shyest smile on. But alas! Chanyeol picked the MC. And this program was during the time when OT12 were promoting “Wolf” so it’s not really possible to say Baekyeol ship was sinking because the cutest moments were so subtle.

So yeah, thank you for reading this nonsense. :) I think what you both are doing is amazing. I’ve never seen such amazing,detailed responses, and it’s nice knowing that people will always be on your side. Thank you once again!! ^^

Let me start off by giving you a thumbs up, because this submission was perfect! 

Chanyeol and Baekhyun approve! I have to agree with every single thing you said. We’ve both noticed the way Baekhyun looks at Chanyeol and how often he does it too, and we can’t help it! It’s all just too cute! To me, it looks like he’s always looking for acceptance from Chanyeol’s side (silly baek, chan practically worships you) and it’s so cute. Like, he wants to put forth a good image for Chanyeol (but sarcastic, whiny, sassy!baek is Chanyeol’s fave! the original baek<3). Like you said, when he cracks a joke he looks his way super often, and then there’s Chanyeol doubling up in laughter. All of a sudden, Baekhyun’s smile brightens. Asfhjdkdldp;e

I loved your insight on EXO’s China Big Love concert thingy. It was good. Much feels. Very perfection. I thank you for reminding me how good that event was for all us Baekyeol shippers. Although, they can both turn any bland, boring event into something fun to watch and lighthearted! That’s just their power~ Thank you for the lovely submission and also for your kind words, really ;-; We’re not worthy!

-admin SFS

Of course now we cannot help ourselves but respond to your perfect submission. Also, as you’ve probably noticed, we resumed our pace in posting. We try to answer every message we’ve gotten so far, so we can finally open our inbox. It’s been a while, and we miss you guys.

But back to your message. I agree as well. Baekhyun generally likes to have a responsive audience, but it’s also like he wants to make sure that especially Chanyeol would enjoy his silliness and witty jokes. And in 98% cases, he gets that. He gets a reaction out of Chanyeol, who usually laughs at everything that comes form Baekhyun’s mouth.

I also agree that Baekhyun is very focused when Chanyeol is talking, singing and rapping. He is very supportive of him too.

We’ve actually talked before about Baekhyun’s vulnerability when it comes to Chanyeol. How Baekhyun would search for him in the crowds, and how he would seem lost on his own at big events (like awards ceremonies for example). How he would react when Chanyeol pays attention to other people and not him. It’s almost like Baekhyun needs Chanyeol to validate himself, and it breaks my heart. There are times though when he tries very hard to come off as almost indifferent, not to mention self-sufficient, which in his case usually means that he would cling to other members (almost like he wants to prove something).

I think when Baekyeol is concerned, Baekhyun looks like he’s gotten a worse deal out of it, but in my opinion it seems this way because he’s not a person, who would easily get close to someone as Chanyeol does. Baekhyun seem to be close with a selected few, pay attention to selected few, meanwhile Chanyeol gets along with everyone. It’s like Baekhyun is elitist of a sort, while Chanyeol arms are open to everyone. And I think it would always stand between them.

Yet… When you really look at Chanyeol and try to observe him and his reactions, it becomes obvious that he not only holds Baekhyun in high regards because of his singing and general talent, but because of the whole package. Chanyeol is always tuned to Baekhyun, always reacting to him, to the things he says, to his jokes and stuff. It’s like they are bound together and they are interdependent, but Chanyeol is better at projecting external persona, while Baekhyun is more of a see-through.

Anyway, Exo’s China Big Love Concert. I need to re-watch it asap, because it seems like I’ve missed a lot. It was the same with Happy Camp. It took fancams for me to realize how many Baekyeol moments it had, and some reading of other people analysis. I’ve always thought that the official broadcast of ECBLC was rather awkward, and that it lacked in Baekyeol moments, but recently I watched this fancam ad I realized how wrong I was. Yes, it’s another thing that debunks the theory of a big fight between them, and Baekyeol being a dead ship, but at the same time it proves that there indeed was certain awkwardness/tension between them.

Last but not least - thank you for your kind words and for loving our blog ♥

-admin MTL