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a couple of my friends are, well, disgusted(?) by jonsa because they grew up believing - and still do believe - that they are siblings. I told them I definitley prefer jonsa over j0nerys (which they also find wrong due to being related) and I got judged haha I don't know how to convince them that jon and sansa share many similiarites and despite being cousins, they compliment eachother in ways that j0nerys simply don't/can't then again, they're nowhere near as obssesed with thrones like us 😜

oh caitlin. sweet summer child. recent jonsa convert. ultimately people like stuff or they don’t and it’s not your job to convince them of ships. shipping is more accidental than anything. you don’t choose what you like/what repulses you.

as for incest, consanguinity =/= incest.  @goodqueenalys has a post about it here. and we also need to remember that in no way were they raised as ‘siblings’. at least not in the way that we would describe ‘siblings’. winterfell was not a house, it was a small town. they were not raised in a nuclear family unit. jon was also seperated because he was a bastard and cat didn’t like him. sansa was a momma’s girl who avoided him because he made her mother uncomfortable. also boys and girls had different activities. if anything, they’re like neighbours. except there’s something more interesting and taboo about it – they think they’re siblings. 

but being raised by the same man means that they share a set of values. that’s why i like jonsa, i like it thematically. though sansa was once the one who wanted to leave the north behind, now she wants to protect it, as does jon. in the books, they share a dream – rebuilding winterfell and filling it with a new generation of children who look like the siblings they lost. in a story about duty and family, i think this is beautiful. this is the sort of compatibility that doesn’t wear off even when lust does. your significant other is your partner for life. downton abbey summed it up well:

“Marriage is a long business. There’s no getting out of it for our kind of people. You will live 40, 50 years with one of these women. Just make sure it’s the right one.”

i also think they would be effective together. i wrote about this in my contribution to the jonsameta roundtable. jon is very focused on the big picture and doing what is right, to his own detriment. sansa is a little more ruthless and realistic. they balance each other out and i think they could help usher in great reforms as king and queen in the north. and all of this would lead to our boy jon snow being happy in the long run. despite everything, they trust each other.

and also let’s not forget that right before sansa showed up jon was basically giving up on saving the world, instead heading south to get warm. then a girl comes around, smiles at him, he wraps his cloak around her (he did!!), works to get him made king, etc. and now our boy cares about the white walkers again. and remember 6.09 when sansa told jon if he lost the botb she would kill herself rather than go back with ramsay, and then jon immediately told melisandre if he died not to bring him back? she gives him a reason to go on and idk as a jon stan first and foremost that’s why i ship it.

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Ash, Do you think we'll get a Richonne wedding this season? If the 100th episode is like a callback to earlier seasons in a flash forward kind of way, I picture the first scene of the premiere to be a parallel to one of the first scenes in the show. The one with Rick and Shane talking in the cop car about relationships and Lori but instead its Rick talking to Daryl maybe Aaron about Michonne and what she means to him. Gimple asked Andy about his first scenes to shoot at the SDCC panel. Hmm...

I can’t really see that happening, tbh. I’m still not even clear on when and how Glenn and Maggie got married, and that was back when they had time to show stuff like that, lol. I think Rick and Michonne have essentially already said their vows (“We’re the ones who live”), and everyone calling 7x12 their honeymoon kind of solidified it for me. So I think any version of a traditional wedding on the show is pretty unlikely. It may be alluded to once we get to the time jump, but that’d probably be the extent of it.

But I would definitely like to see Rick talk to someone else about Michonne, how she’s the greatest love of his life and all that. (Makes me extra wish Glenn was still around. 😞) We’ve heard Andy say it, of course, but to hear Rick actually profess that in-universe? I would die.

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Teen anon again, um, I'm not seeking it out. You guys blow up everything in the communities faces. I could google a picture of Keith as a reference photo and tons of Sheith pics would pop up. Not to mention, lots of teens see this stuff and automatically think it's okay, I shipped Ereri for several years before it hit me how fucked up it was. Lot's of teenagers have been manipulated by people like you to think it's okay to be be an a relationship with an adult and end up getting abused.

I can’t even begin to explain everything wrong with what you just said honestly please just take a step back and think about what you’re saying and how both naive and idiotic it is

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I love the post about how people are freaked out when Bruce smiles but his family is not. People treat my father the same way because they think he's crazy but my siblings are like, "You think he's crazy? —HA— He's the funniest, sweetest, tender bear you'll ever meet!" But he's really only like that with people he's close to. I'm sure Bruce is the same way. He probably goof around with his kids, and smile when they do cute things, and takes picture of them when they think he's checking his phone

This a thousand times!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

Bruce crouching in weird poses just so that he can get that angle and lighting just right as he takes a picture of Damian sitting with Titus outside, and Damian just scowls at him like “FATHER STOP EMBARRASSING ME”. 

And Bruce just frowns in concentration, fiddling with his iPhone. “Give me a second son, I’m just trying to get this angle right here… wait, why isn’t it taking the damn photo. Oh, it’s on video. Just hold that pose Damian…”

Bruce knowing exactly what joke will make every single one of his kids laugh, chuckling whenever they do or say something stupid (we love kids when they do those things), making weird faces at them behind Alfred’s back, giving them his classic “I’m so proud of you” smile before bring them in for a hug or a side-squeeze of the shoulders, or a hair ruffle…



Bruce being a good dad that smiles because his kids are the joys and lights of his life? 

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To your last anon.... the fact that we are in a digital era doesn't mean it's harder to hide your real identity. I think it's easier because you control the narrative. If Taylor proved anything in the last 6 months it's that she knows how to hide. We get the info and the pictures she wants us to have, nothing more. I know the general public wants to believe celebrities are 100% transparent, but that would be insane! Kaylor or not, we should all agree Taylor is a complete mystery.

hello Anon :)

Yes, thank you for this intelligent remark, you’re right :) 

(This is just a joke post tbh. I was just like “what if I had made this comic during another season? what would he have said then?” and then I just laughed coz I couldn’t think of a thing for fall.

But yeah so many people seemed shocked by the idea, for some reason? And my only deduction is that the idea of a toon and a human getting together is a shocking one. If they were the same species, do you think it would be easier to picture? I’m curious. -HG)

ello hiya mates my name is gemma but do feel free to call me gem if you ever bring me biscuits. please do not be fooled by this picture as though i look like it I’m anything but a mysterious lass with great looking hair (at the moment its a ball of fluff). though most of my days are spent in front of a camera pretending to not be thinking about becoming a dog guardian i also run a secret salad pics ig because doing it so on my own causes makes people get their knickers in a twist. i have the connections for the last lost pepes and harley n me grandma both think im a decent human being so do hmu @ floofgalore for 2 hours late replies. all the love x

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I wonder how many devotees you have. There should be a way to tally us. Like jeff's keys.

ahahsldfkja omg, you’re so fucking cute. ohh, i love jeff’s keys. i love to think about him sitting on the bus, getting his dick sucked by some tiny thing, and he’s going through his keys and picturing the face of each boy and smiling like a fucking king.

having a harem of girls is honestly goals. but i’d be very bad at sharing. very bad. except for maybe with @saltandbyrne.

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8) Do you have any “saved” names for future dogs?
not really, I always think of cool names and forget them I have a cat name picked out and kid names picked out but dog names I pick when i get the dog 

21) A useless trick that you love? 

28) Something your dog did recently that made you smile?
Brum was just super sweet just wanted a million cuddles 

74) Share the first picture you saw/took of your dog

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9, 14, 15, and 16 for the yoi ask meme !! :)

14. who would you want to be rink mates with

MILA AND SARA ALL THE WAY. And it’s not just because they’re pretty, I see you side-eyeing me. I feel like Mila would be a blast, and if Sara’s brother wasn’t around she’d also be tons of fun :) They clearly know how to joke and would hopefully make up for the fact that I am not very social by being extremely social

15. who would you want to get turnt with

Unfortunately, not Phichit, because you know there’d be pictures, and it’s best for pictures of me turnt to not get out. I think Viktor and Yuuri would be fun, of course, but I’m a light-switch drunk that goes back and forth between giggling at funny shoe noises and pondering why we exist as a species, which isn’t very exciting to experience. OOH I VOTE MINAKO, you know she’d be a blast. Also Yuuri’s dad, because did you see his picture? Heck yes

16. who would you want to be your coach

Yakov would make me cry. I’d push Viktor over because I can’t take a compliment or criticism well. I think watching Yuuri’s calm savagery would be fun for a while, but oh geez. Hmm. I’d probably need somebody like Minami’s coach to wrangle me and encourage me.

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I would really love to be able to read some of the comics and pictures you and some others make, but I only speak English ;-; do you think there's some way to solve this, like get someone to translate or something?

ooo don’t worry! 

it’s only think crazys ideas!! no more! 

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Update on Rover the fish: Rover is a shy fish so I brought his tank out to my living room to watch Voltron with me and he absolutely loved it. Rover came out of his hiding spot and sat right upfront to get a good view of what was happening. Also I showed him a picture of Rover and said "look that's who you're named after" and he wiggled/danced really fast so I think he likes his name. I'm currently looking for something Rover / Pidge related to put in his tank.

This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.

Camp Camp: Goofy Movie comparison

So, I’ve seen plenty of CC vs. Goofy comparisons, and coincidentally, I found these pictures while I was looking for ‘camp camp max’ screencaps… 

It looks like Max is going off to college, Goofy gets all sentimental while looking at his old toys and Max ultimately indulges him by helping him find his first teddy bear and saying he’ll take it with him (I think that’s what’s going on…?)

Could any of the fine artists gracing the CC fandom, who are currently available (esp. if taking requests), see if this might inspire any ‘redraw’ versions for David & Max? PLEASE?! You can imagine Max (from those wonderful Adoption AUs) going to college and taking his bear with him (I can already think of 2 wonderful fanfics that have given us those teddy-bear origin stories, coincidentally… FIC REC TIME!



Thank you! ^_^

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Besides the title and cover picture, would you say that lust for life contains Lana's most upbeat work? I think most of the songs fall in line with her previous works imo

it does! Summer Bummer itself is the biggest evidence and representation. Get Free is also another good example


Cats. There’s one more hiding around here somewhere, but I can’t find him (he’s actually my roommates’ cat, but still)

In order: Nico, Dove, K.B. Tatertot, and (not pictured) Bryson. K.B. likes to sit on my shoulders and storm watch with me.

Edit: happy late early munday because I keep fucking up the schedule option on the app. I hate Tumblr app.

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I can picture G in that jacket and tiny top and super short shorts/skirts and her tall black boots (with fishnets of course!) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Don't think she will be able to get out of the house if B sees her like that

Of course with the fishnets and boots! You’re so right! I can’t wait to see her put her Gwen spin on her new Blakee jacket. 😍

– M

dozing off.


Confirmed by Joseph’s writer here


On Joseph’s boat, there’s a bed side picture of all the dads. Robert is of course in this photo, but your dadsona is surprised to see that he’s actually smiling, AND he’s wearing non other than Joseph’s sweater.

At the end of the Joseph romance, Robert doesn’t even want to talk to you, not like the other dads.

That’s it. He doesn’t talk to you like the others. He runs off. YOU can’t get say anything to him.

Robert is also the one who tells you how Joseph’s wife is cheating on him, when you first meet him at a bar. (Although he doesn’t tell you that’s Joseph’s wife)

Robert is afraid of emotional intimacy in his own romance.

Robert is really good friends with Mary, he knows they’re both miserable.

You may also have to become friends with Mary to separate the two. Best way to do that is to NOT GO AFTER JOSEPH FIRST. 

 (I think, Robert is actually in love with Joseph, and vice versa, but Joseph is trying too hard to be “the perfect role model/human” that he puts all his time into his kids and wife and local church. Even if he’s not happy with his life. Although this last part is just fan theory)