but i think you can see

i just… they pretended that maggie didn’t have a reason to hate valentine’s day? that her bad feelings on the topic weren’t valid? like they could be swept under the rug with a simple “yeah I’m sorry I’ll be happy about it now :)”? and that just feels so inorganic to me, that entire emotional arc was rushed. the turn around and the apology would have made more sense if they stuck with the initial reasons she gave for hating it.

what i would have liked to see instead is her doing up the prom and going all out for alex, and then saying something along the lines of “I don’t think I’ll ever like valentine’s day, but I can do cheesy romance. for you.” THAT is the sort of compromise a relationship like theirs should have, and would have, if the writers weren’t rushing through their scenes to squeeze in excessive heterosexual bullshit.

To Her:

I look at the sunrise and think of you.
I look at the night sky and think of you.
I look at the waves crashing into the shore and think of how you crashed into me.
All the small beautiful things I see around me remind me of you.
And I can’t tell if I’m living in my own nightmare or my own fantasy.
For you will always be beautiful and I will always see you in the small beautiful things.

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Hello Sian, Do you have any predictions/wishes for 7×12 ? :)

Hey, there!

@gizasousa got me thinking about it with this post and I think she was on the right path. 7x12 would be the perfect time for Richonne proclamations of love. We’re already going to be blessed with a Richonne love scene, so I can’t really wish for more than that. However, to hear our OTP say “I love you” for the first time would be amazing.

So, just for fun, I want to see:

- Richonne smiling and laughing

- Richonne holding hands

- Michonne initiating the sex

- Rick undressing Michonne (that shirt of hers is loose for a reason)

- Rick kissing Michonne’s neck

- Michonne giggling

- Michonne undoing Rick’s belt

- Rick kissing Michonne’s tummy

- Richonne hugs

- Nudity

- Full body contact

Any of these things would be wonderful. I won’t survive, but it would still be great.

Thank you! :)

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Your hc's are so good! Can I request one to RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC taking her bra off without taking her shirt off (like from underneath her shirt)? I'm feeling sinful tonight ( ~͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)~

I don’t think they’d have much of a reaction, honestly (´-ω-`);;

Saeran, Jaehee, and V wouldn’t care or just wouldn’t notice (Uhm…V.). Jaehee’s done it enough herself, and Saeran just doesn’t see why he should care. It’s just you taking off your bra with your shirt on. They’re uncomfy, right?

Yoosung would be surprised, kind of like “Whoa! How did you do that?” But that’s it. He’d just be a bit impressed.

Seven would beg you to teach him how you did that, so he could crossdress and shock guys with him being able to do it too. “Imagine the pranks, Mc!!!”

Zen would probably just laugh a bit, not expecting you to be willing to do that in front of him, but whatever. They’re uncomfortable and the two of you were home.

Jumin would be confused. Why did you do that in front of him? Was that appropriate?? But of course he would voice these questions and not keep them hidden, and you’d awkwardly have to answer them.


that the moment McCarthy referred to Lucy as “your wife” was the moment Wyatt realized how deep his feelings for her run and that he wants to move on

because it should have hurt him. it should have brought up Jessica’s face in his mind to hear that word, but all he could see was Lucy and all he could do was think of a way to make sure she really was all right and suddenly it hit him that McCarthy had said “wife” and he wasn’t even thinking about Jessica 

because from that point on, he shows more emotion for her than he has this entire season. the grabbing her and ushering her against the wall as soon as they escape McCarthy. the “i already lost you once. i can not lose you again.” the “if you hurt her–” and the very long goodbye where you could practically SEE how bad he wanted to kiss her and vice versa. 

it hit Lucy a long time ago (1x13 on the staircase to be exact). it just now hit Wyatt. he might not be ready yet but he realizes how deep and real his feelings are now and i can not WAIT to see how that affects his character in season 2 (BECAUSE THERE WILL BE ONE, AMEN.)

“you hear about that new state alchemist? the fiore alchemist is what they’re callin’ ‘em. don’t let the frilly name fool you–you ever seen what happens when you leave weeds alone to grow in a city and they start cracking buildings apart? they do things like that, but…faster. much…much faster.”

“i hear they can do some medicinal somesuch too, but they’re part of the state now–you think bradley cares about some nice garden herbs? nah. not hard to see he’s gearing up for another conflict.”

“there’s rumour that fiore can’t talk–or won’t. they speak in hands, but they had their cousin–that colonel, from the south–to translate, during their exams. you know what they said, to get started?”

“point me at whatever you want gone and move.

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I hand out samples and I constantly get, usually old white men, who ask "ARE YOU SERVING IT WITH VODKA/RUM/ALCOHOL?" And it's like. 1. I'm under 21 so I can't handle alcohol. 2. Uh do you see alcohol near me? Like I don't know if they're joking or not but it's incredibly annoying like. If you don't see it do you think I'm serving it? Pay attention to what's on my cart. I usually have the box the product comes in, on my cart. It's not that hard.

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Is it bad that I like wearing perfume? My girlfriend keeps telling me that only girls should wear perfume and that she won't be able to see me as a man if I keep wearing it, but I don't wear a ton of it or anything. Last time I put it on, she started using my dead name, so I'm really not sure if I should anymore.

Wow, how horribly disrespectful. Your girlfriend dead named you because she doesn’t think men can wear perfume? Leave people like this! Do not let anyone treat you like this. There is no excuse for this. That isn’t love, that’s just awful.

You can wear whatever perfume you like, a little or a lot, it doesn’t make you any less of a man and I can name plenty of women who would compliment you and tell you that you smell GOOD instead of invalidating you.


Ok so this is my venting post, I hope it doesn’t ends up being too long!

So… today was awful. I barely had any sleep last night, i was doing a hw that I didn’t even finished, the teacher didn’t even checked it herself, that was strike two.

I think the thing that really did this day so awful was my Physics class, you see… we have this teacher that, even tho he’ pretty cool and an amazing teacher, he can be… cluelessly cruel.

For example, he always tells me to look at him in the eyes while talking, and not to force them while doing so, for me,
is impossible, i feel eye contact pretty scary unless its someone like my best friend.

Today he got the great idea to make me go to the board in front of everyone and solve an excersice, an exercise about a topic i don’t know, with no notebook… My classmates started laughing at me, and they mocked me between their breath, never taking their eyes of me….

I got terrified, I had to scratch my arm to calm myself a little and avoid crying and getting an anxiety attack in front of everyone, of course they noticed, I scratched so hard my arm was red and I actually bleed a little….

After like 15 minutes of torture the teacher finally let me sit down, and I was trying so hard to not freak out and cry..

If i cried in front of them they would mock at me more…

I couldn’t explain my friends what was going on, they wouldn’t get it at best and they whole mock at me at worst…

My arm still hurts…

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Do you think that the color green is significant for Cersei or Lannisters in general? Or is GRRM just using it because Cersei likes it/looks good in it/it matches her eyes? Also do you think Joanna wore a lot of green?

Sure, I think you could ascribe various meanings to the Lannisters having green eyes. 

  • Green is the color of American money, so (at least for Americans) there’s an immediate association with wealth, reinforcing the idea that the Lannisters are very wealthy through their descriptions.
  • Green eyes are relatively rare in our world, and if Terros mirrors Earth in terms of genetics, that means the Lannisters have a relatively rare eye color, which adds to them being ~special~ and could tie into the importance Tywin puts on blood purity. (Are you thinking about Tywin and Nazis? Cuz I’m thinking about Tywin and Nazis. “Green eyes probably find their roots in areas in and around Germany” [x].)
  • In our world, green eyes aren’t as rare as violet eyes. So the Lannisters are almost the rarest, but not quite. Tywin was almost the most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms, if not for Aerys. Tywin almost made a marriage alliance with House Targ, but not quite. Jaime almost became Rhaegar’s squire, but it didn’t quite work out. Jaime’s almost a decent guy, if not for the attempted child murder and the subjugation of Poland the Riverlands. “Almost but not quite” fits a lot of House Lannister imo
  • Associations with avarice. “the green-eyed monster”
  • Associations with ambition, jealousy, greed. “She dreamt she sat the iron throne, high above them all”
  • Also fertility. “The Lannisters of Casterly Rock were a damnably large and fertile house.” Cersei’s children are a major plot point in the books.
  • There’s other positive meanings for green, like protection, healing, and peace, which may be relevant in or after the War for the Dawn.
  • Probably other symbolism too.

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Do you have any tips for writing a personal assistant to a singer/musician?

Here’s what I could find specifically on musician’s personal assistants:

From what I can tell, being a personal assistant is the same across genres: you do what the person you are assisting requires. You grab coffee, you book appointments, you help them with what they need (and no two days or two jobs look alike) So it’ll be helpful for you as well to see what the day in the life of a musician is, as this will be the schedule the assistant will be following after. 

It will also depend on who your character is. Is the musician someone that asks a lot of people or someone a bit more lowkey? Do they have a busy schedule or are they out of work but keeping the assistant around until “something comes up”? Do they treat their employees kindly or overwork them? Developing your specific characters’ lifestyle will help you to build the job description. Just make sure to read through the actual requirements assistants have had in the past so you have a better idea of the basics that you can then create your specific story around. 

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i’m sorry i get ur talking abt lego joker but removing the harley/joker relationship from its established canon context with a LONG history of him literally being her abuser to joke about them being bffs is?? gross???? and really uncomfortable

Look I get why u wouldn’t like it and I don’t ask you to like it, but here’s my reasoning: DC is known for having different universes where people have different dynamics. Some Batmans are super edgy and some Batmans are goofy and ridiculous. Different worlds have different rules applied to them

I love the world of Lego Batman because its fun and goofy. As an abuse survivor, it’s really validating for me to see this world rewrite Harley and Joker’s relationship into something fun and goofy and platonic not abusive. It’s a different world and I can fully indulge myself in that 

I completely respect you and anyone else whos not comfortable with that, but that doesnt make me gross for thinking differently

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Is it wrong to go into medicine for wanting that prestige/honor and still loving medicine while being a humanitarian? I say all of these things because it applies to me, but I don't think I have ever day dreamed about actually helping patients and yearned for it per say.

Hi anon!

I think this is a question that only you can answer, not me. Just reading the few sentences you have written here, I can tell there are many stories and feelings behind what you’ve said that are not fully expressed here. Only you can really answer what honor and prestige mean to you, what being a humanitarian means to you, and what it means for you to aid others, not just patients. 

It sounds like you like the idea of practicing medicine, of making the right diagnosis and the glamour and respect medicine affords, the cool parts that we all see in House MD or Grey’s Anatomy, but have never considered or experienced what it’s like to make a change in a person’s life at the most personal, one-on-one level. I don’t mean to sound cruel, I’m just making an observation based on the two sentences you wrote. I’m not at all suggesting that you’re some sociopathic Hannibal-esque character who eats kittens and kicks puppies. I’m just saying that you sound like you may not have had that much interaction with medicine as a profession or other service professions yet.

Listen, before I decided on med school, I never ever entertained the idea, period. I didn’t want the white coat, I was sure I would panic and freak out during any and all emergencies. I never imagined myself counseling anyone, diagnosing anything, helping anyone. I didn’t even like the prestige of being called doctor, because growing up, the responsibility and burden of being a doctor made it so my father prioritized his career before his family every day of the week. 

I ultimately chose medicine not necessarily because I thought I was going to be of help to anyone. I empathize with you in that respect because I never contemplated it. I chose medicine because I was going to fucking try and protect people. I never banked on succeeding. But I’d give it a shot. I knew what it felt like to never feel protected, to be sick constantly. So I didn’t know how I’d be of use, but I would try and learn. 

Before pursuing medicine, maybe consider volunteering and shadowing. Get out that there and change peoples lives, and as you do so, consider whether you like that! Also really consider what honor is to you. Is it people agreeing with what you say? Is it the responsibility of being a leader? Think hard, talk to people, get out there and experience some medicine!

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I honestly don't think I can continue watching the show. Like, I'm already at such a bad place mentally that seeing the one thing I had left as a comfort go to shit the way it is is just not something I can handle right now. Besides, if this "Sanvers centric" episode had 4 minutes and 36 seconds of Sanvers, it's not like I'll be missing much (and I can see it on YouTube anyways).

honestly im right there with you anon i cant take this bullshit with my mental state


This is how Mica and I have arranged for scritches. It wasn’t me specifically training this behavior, but a combination of us working together to find something she is comfortable with.

She’ll let absolute strangers pet her like this as long as they do it right. You can see she’s not quite comfortable, though, she’s still alert and looking around. I don’t think she’ll ever be as snuggly or friendly as some cockatiels, but she isn’t mean and she does like scritches. They just have to put on her terms.

I have no idea why she likes to pick the training perch. None of the other birds do it.

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what are some details most people dont notice at first in cars?

I have… at least 10 million of these stored in my brain. Let’s see how many of them I can remember now that you’ve asked me lol

  • (this one is very obvious) but the uneducated audience wouldn’t catch the “For the Birds” reference during the Life is a Highway scene
  • also during that scene there’s a wide shot of Mack on the highway and the cloud formation behind him is in the shape of a hood ornament (I believe a 30′s/40′s Buick?)
  • I think this one is obvious but one of Lightning’s head animators just realized LAST MONTH that the “Top Down truck stop” is an innuendo to a topless bar. It’s been 10 years.
  • Lizzie was dozing off in the BG of the court room scene
  • The (now closed ) Clentrio Motel across from the Cozy Cone was based off of Coral Courts. (do not get me or @radiationstinks talking about Coral Courts we WILL cry.)
  • Flo and Ramone are the only RS residents that live in a house. Everyone else lives at their place of business.
  • Sally’s lisence plate is a reference to her make and model. (301PCE is 301 Porsche)
  • The plants around the cozy cones are 1963/1964 Ford Galaxie taillights.
  •  Sally’s headlights are basically a lie. Her make and model have never had melted headlights, but the concept artists liked them better than the standard headlights that were on her make/model so they put melted headlights on her.
  • Cars was the first Pixar movie to have environment mapping. And damn did they use it well.
  • I THINK (don’t hold me to it) Filmore has a bumper sticker that says “Save 2D animation??
  • Doc’s tires are a little flat throughout the whole fucking movie. Ask me if it bothers me.

I have so many more of these 

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I'm late to the party (as always fml) but chartreuse, crimson, fushia, green & burgundy!! 💖

Better late than never my sweet, thank you for these! :) 

CHARTREUSE - You’re my homie.

CRIMSON - We should collaborate on something.

FUCHSIA - Your blog content is gold. 

GREEN - I think you’re cute.

BURGUNDY - I get excited when I see posts from you.

Where do I even start sandy?! I LOVE YOU, you’re also my homie, one of my first followers and friends on here, and I’ll forever be grateful! Also, Crimson, Green & Burgundy right back at you bb! AND I can’t believe you want to collaborate with me, what should we do? Because the answer is obviously YES! ❤️