but i think with these is okay by now

But what if we got this nice, calm, drama free, mutual and respectful love story that just happens exactly the way it’s supposed to be in the background of everything else blowing up left and right. Of course there would be some small hitches because of all the other drama happening around them, but at the end of the day nothing much would change regarding their feelings for each other. 

Wouldn’t that be beautiful and refreshing?

Just them falling slowly in love, respecting each others boundaries every step of the way. Building up this really, really strong emotional bond that nothing could break, ever. It’s not a very physical relationship, it doesn’t have to be, all it takes is a glance and they know it won’t matter that the world is falling to pieces around them.

{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you’d rather adopt than give birth

Monsta X reacting to you prefer adopting kids over having your own. If that makes any sense 🙊

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images being used.

Lee Minhyuk

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Minhyuk: “It’s okay Jagi, we have time to think about this, we doing need to rush into anything right now.”

Yoo Kihyun

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Kihyun: *more stunned you’re taking about having children tbh* “Children? what, now? I mean, maybe we should think about his first… I still have a lot of work to do with Monsta X and I wouldn’t want to be absent from our child’s life if we do decide to have one…” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho: “Honestly Jagi, I don’t blame you, it sounds painful. Let’s look into adoption services when we’re ready, okay?” 

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu: “Well I don’t think we should rush to make any decisions just yet. But that is okay with me, even if you don’t give birth, I will still love our children.” 

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun: “It’s because you don’t want our child to have my DNA, isn’t it? You don’t want our child to turn out an idiot like their Father” *teasing* “But seriously Jagi, that’s okay. We can look into it sometime.” 

Chae Hyungwon

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Hyungwon: “You want to adopt? but we have so much to prepare! We need to start getting things ready now Jagi, we should start looking so we can buy bedroom things and clothes.” 

Lee Jooheon

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Jooheon: “Children? Jagi I can barely look after myself!” *Joking.*

Okay so I just got online and I haven’t read much about analyzing the Kingsman 2 trailer yet.

But I’m just gonna say I think it’s significant that his hair isn’t styled??

Even when he woke up from the coma he styled his hair before anything else, it was slicked back when he was applying what I can only assume was aftershave. harry is super image conscious his hair is also darker and shorter here, more brown and not so blond.

Is this going to be some James Bond ‘I took the opportunity to ‘die’ for a little bit and just enjoy being dead’ bullshit

That room is suspect as hell too look at how it’s all white and padded yet scuffed??

I’m wondering if maybe this is part of the dream sequence we saw in the teaser. We saw the digital butterflies flying in 3d from Harry’s walls and Mr Pickle, even though we know at the very beginning of the movie Harry’s house and the Kingsman base blow up.

The trailer JUST came out like an hour ago so I haven’t had time to sit down and thoroughly comb through every frame for thoughts and projections, but I’m pulling out a few things because Harry’s comeback is particularly interesting and they’re giving us strange clues in the trailers

 And I’m leaning toward this shot we see of Harry isn’t legitimate. More like a drug induced dream sequence. With the amount of food shots we see for Poppy (I know she has a diner but bare with me) and the golden bottles in the preview, what if they’re carrying a drug of some kind? Eggsy would be a test for it in some capacity, where he hallucinates Harry and Harry’s house - I’m guessing - after seeing something hinting at Harry being alive whether it be photos or videos or straight up seeing Harry.

I don’t think Harry’s not in it sincerely or anything, he totally is. But maybe not this specific shot.

Is anyone following me am I talking out my ass here

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Okay so I started binding for the first time today. I used an ace bandage, which I know I'm not supposed to do. During the day I felt intense pain in my chest. When I got home I took it off and now, almost four hours later, my rib still hurts badly. I think I may have fractured a rib, but coming out might put me in more danger. What do I do? Please help. This is urgent. I can barely move from the pain. (Also I am a minor so I cannot go to a hospital myself). Please advise on what I need to do.

Kii says:

Take your ACE bandage and throw it in the garbage. If you’re going to be tempted to use it to bind, don’t have one in your possession.

We have a list of excuses for when you injure yourself binding in our transmasculine resource page, so please go to the hospital.

Kai says:

1. stop binding for now, not even with two sports bras or a tight sports bra. wear just one regular fitting sports bra or other bras

2. if possible, go see a school nurse or sports trainer and maybe explain or say you were wearing two tight sports bras to keep your chest compressed for exercise or something and see if they can help. If you can see a doctor or make up a reason to see a doctor, that might work as well.

3. let your body rest. don’t keep binding, as you could injure yourself further.

4. don’t do intense exercise for a while (ie PE or sports or working out) until you rest up and heal. make up an excuse (period cramps, chest huts, dizzy / lightheaded, hurt your ankle, etc)

Followers, any other excuses you can think of?

Imagine: Having a werewolf son and Derek loving you both

Request: Can you do a Derek Hale imagine where either him or the reader had a child from a previous relationship and the other falls in love with them and the child even more when they see how amazing they are with the child and eventually they to get together? - @julieanncupcake

A/N: Okay, so I wrote this very late at night because I wanted to try and keep a consistent post schedule, but now that I’ve gone through and read this I think I’ll try and focus on quality instead of rushing out posts. 

I am currently re-writing this request because I feel like I haven’t given it the justice is deserves. I’ll put a link Here

Everyone thought she was crazy when she said she wanted a child at 19. But 9 months later they all went quiet on the subject. She didn’t care, and neither did her fiancé. They were in love and now their family was complete with a beautiful baby boy. But no matter how good, or bad things get, everything must stay in balance, and return to the middle.

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You like Hamilton and cartoons I heard and you have pink hair and, ah, I think we would be great friends.

okay but my hair is blue now, is the deal off the table?

also, internet, meet my best furry friend Tuxedo, who’s bowtie is also blue. I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship anymore than my hair color does!

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Sorry it took so long, there you go!

  • Charlotte just… watching Kamui’s coronation at the end of Revelation and… suddenly realizing… If he becomes King of Valla and if she’s his wife then that means…! Kamui and Aqua and the rest of the siblings jump and turn their heads as Charlotte is yelling “I’M QUEEN OF VALLA, BITCHES!!!” out the window at the top of her lungs. “Papa, what has gotten into Mama?”, “Queenliness, Kana. Queenliness.”
  • “Mama, do you think you can become a Lord Wyvern if I transform and you jump on my back?”, “I don’t think this is how it works, dear… *cough*I’malreadyridingadragonprince*cough*”, “What did you say?”, “Nothing, Kana, nothing.”
  • Alternatively: “Okay, now I’m angry! Dear, change into a dragon! We’re gonna Lord Wyvern the shit out of them.”, “Charlotte, I’m pretty sure that’s not how you become a Lord Wyvern.”, “Shut up, I know how to ride dragons and you know it!”
  • Charlotte teaching Kana how to get whatever she wants from boys (super sweet smile, adorable pouting, heartbreaking watering eyes, etc.) and regretting it soon after when she realizes Kana testes it on Kamui to get pretty dresses or earrings… and of course Kamui is unable to say no to his little girl. “No no no no, I’M the one who gets dresses and earrings from HIM!”. Also Kana uses it to get Charlotte to bake her something whenever she feels like her parents have been neglecting her because of their war duties.
  • Kana wearing a white bow in her hair just like her mom’s, except she replaced the jewel in the middle by her dragonstone.
  • Charlotte just… crying happy tears… Not only she managed to marry a prince who happened to become king of a secret kingdom, but she really loves him and she didn’t have to give up her childhood dreams of true love and happy marriage. She still overhears people saying she only married Kamui for his position and money but, even though it broke her heart and filled her with rage before, now she’s just content knowing these are just lies. She knows the nature of her feelings. When she was ready to sacrifice her own happiness to repay everything her parents did for her, happiness still came to her. Now she just can’t wait till the moment she can introduce her husband and daughter to her parents. From now on, everything is gonna be okay.

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Okay so now I'm completely nervous about the whole Touka being pregnant but when did they do it? With Haise? I don't understand and I don't want to believe she is pregnant because honestly- that means we have missed a possible kiss with the two.. and because the pregnancy could add a whole load of stress

If there’s a chance that she’s pregnant, I don’t think she’s pregnant right now. The cover page might be foreshadowing that possibility for the future, like Arima’s art with the red line crossing his neck. 

To be completely honest with you, I don’t mind Touka getting pregnant if that’s what Ishida wants to do. I have nothing against pregnancy, I love babies and i would love to see Touka with a child, a baby is always, always a blessing and it gives you a reason to believe and be strong (*suddenly remembers Hide’s words about Kaneki finding his reason to live very soon shut up mel*)

BUUUUUUT, I don’t want her to get pregnant NOW. I feel like it’s too soon, her relationship with Kaneki is still complicated and confusing, I want them to become friends first, to share time together as friends and build up that relationship so they can start developing romantic feelings for each other, i want a slow build… I don’t want for the baby to be the reason for Kaneki to say “wellp fuck, I guess i love her”, a baby doesn’t fix things, babies are not a magical object that solves all the problems in a relationship and makes everything perfect. If the relationship is complicated since the beginning, a baby won’t fix that. The baby should come when things are okay between them and they feel comfortable with the fact of wanting to have a family together. Now, if she gets pregnant by accident and the baby dies… that’s different.

I just hope someone (yomo) can give Touka the talk and tell her to use protection, condoms are your best friend.

I was looking through SJM’s ToG Pinterest board and I saw that she captioned this picture as Antica. Now that I think about it, what the hell do we even really know about freaking Antica?

Okay, so we all know that it’s the Southern continent’s stronghold. Chaol and Nesryn are going there to Torre Cesme to have his legs healed because of what happened in Queen of Shadows. Looking back at Assassin’s Blade, Celaena left money for Yrene Towers so she could go South to study and become a healer. THEY’RE PROBABLY GONNA MEET THAT IS GONNA BE SO EFFING AWESOME.

And since Torre Cesme is where healers study and Crochans live in hiding as healers, could they possibly be hiding in Antica? Dorian, Manon and the Thirteen are looking for the Crochans and the third wyrdkey, what if they all finally get together? SJM did say that characters from EoS will appear in ToD


SJM did say that she loved writing and exploring this new place and its culture in ToD so that’s why the Chaol novella became an actual installment in the ToG Series. I guess we’ll learn much more about Antica soon enough, let’s theorize in the meantime and lemme just throw this shit out there.

Either way we’re all screwed anyway

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Fe vs Ti

INTP *is being hurt*

Fe: Hey i think it’s my time to shine now

Ti: Not now Fe…

Fe: But I…

Ti: No, shhh

Fe: but…

Ti: Fe it’s really not a good time

Fe: But it’s never a good time

Ti: Just shut up Fe okay?

Fe: okay….

Fe: …

Fe: …

*3 days latter*

Fe: Ti seems to have finaly fallen asleep, it’s my time to shine now, and since I have been hiding for so long, I’m going to give my all!


XXXX: INTP, why are you crying?



Liberty - 10 Shots

Directed by Chris Fisher, written by Denise The and Greg Plageman

“The truth? The truth is a vast thing. I see that now. Just how much truth there is. Where would we even begin? The truth is, you are not very smart. In fact, you’re only the 43rd smartest person in this building.” / “43rd? Okay, did your… your voice tell you that? That’s based on what?” / “Every standardized test you ever took, averaged together, not including your medical boards, which you cheated on. The truth is, you smoke an average of nine cigarettes a week in the parking lot when you think no one’s looking. The truth is that you visit a massage parlor once or twice a month, that you pay for it with crisp $100 bills that you get out of the cash machine at the 7-Eleven across the street. The truth is that you fantasize on online forums about having sex with some of your patients. Though not me… yet. I guess I’m not your type. The truth is, God is 11 years old, that She was born on New Year’s Day, 2002, in Manhattan. The truth is that She’s chosen me, and I don’t know why yet. That for the first time in my life, I’m a little scared about what’s gonna happen. The truth is, I’m stuck here for now, and the only dialogue you need to be worried about is between me and Her, which is why you might want to give me my phone back. Because I’m having an argument. Would you like to know the truth, doctor? About what we’re arguing over? Whether or not I’m gonna kill you.” - Root/Dr. Carmichael

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2D and Murdoc finding out that they have a s/o who's decent at singing and dabbles with a few instruments but they're super duper shy and embarrassed about it??? Your blog brings me so much joy and you write so well!!!!! Thank you for existing and I hope you have a nice day!!!

happy that u exist, too <3 have a pleasant day wherever on the earth you are my boi

Murdoc Niccals:

  • He thinks it’s so sexy and attractive that you can sing.
  • Literally take over 2D’s place, he doesn’t care. Of course 2D wouldn’t agree with it, but he’s not the leader of the band, now is he?
  • You’re kind of embarrassed (okay, super mortified) that he gratifies you when he catches you singing a solid G, since it’s not that big of a feat.
  • He also loves how you can play a bit of the bass- he’d be okay with you picking at El Diablo any time ;)
  • He loves when you sing in the shower- he knows how self conscious about it you are, but you sound so good, anyways.
  • He’ll low key record you singing while you’re sweeping or cooking, just to get your reaction when you notice what he’s up to.


  • He’d be totally pumped that you could sing! If you would want to and if you felt up to it, he’d totally be down to duets of any sort.
  • The fact that you know at least 2 chords on the piano makes him beam with pride. You can sing anything with at least 2 chords… Right? But of course you know more than that. You know how to crank out some tunes, as well.
  • You don’t want him talking about it much, because you not very confident when it comes to these types of things anyways, and you’d rather have it be a personal hobby than a… worldwide one.
  • You will sing to him on occasion- he loves to hear your voice when he’s stressed or sad… Especially if he’s having a rough time falling asleep. He loves how your voice is so sweet and loving when you sing to him.
  • It makes him fall in love with you all over again, truthfully.
  • But if he dared to say that to your face, you’d probably cram a pillow into his mouth out of affection, not spite.

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Thanks, now all I can think about is Danny helping Allura kick Galra ass in the season 2 finale. Danny being super excited when he learns Keith is half galra because they can be halfas together and uggggh

okay yes but lets go F U R T H E R

danny using his ghostly whale on galra ships and fukin with their communications and shit

danny sparring against all the paladins at once for practice

danny bonding with allura and coran because he lost his family too

danny possessing voltron to give them an extra boost in power and unlocking powers early

him and pidge bonding over cool things like videogames and computers!!!!!!

him and hunk chillin out, using recipes they remember from earth

him and keith trading Knife Facts and him accepting keith for being part galra because he didnt choose to become a half ghost either

him and shiro trading tips to get over ptsd because after all these years danny can still see his dead family every time he closes his eyes

just. danny being danny and somehow repairing things as he goes along.

Short Analysis of Gotham’s OST in 3x15 - Nygmobblepot parallels?

To start this off….I’m a huge film music nerd - and Nygmobblepot shipper.

Okay so, I was rewatching this scene from 3x15 right now (where Ed says goodbye to Oswald) and somehow got a very “familiar” feeling during that scene. It turned out to be one short melody that’s part of the OST, it starts at 00:28 of this clip, right while Ed admits how much his friendship with Oswald meant to him, that he cared about Oswald and that he misses him. They then talk about the Riddler persona and Ed finally says bye to Oswald and dumps the pills.

It just sounded like something that I heard in another Gotham scene (one with Ed and Os) before. Therefore, I rewatched some Nygmobblepot scenes and rediscovered this one. It’s about Oswald being emotional over his mother’s death, not knowing how to let go of her. 

Oswald says, “My mother was a saint! The only person who truly cared about me and now she’s gone! And I have nothing left!” to which Ed counters with his “A man with nothing that he loves is a free man.”

Listening to the OST at that point of the scene? Good - because the soundtrack of these two scenes is very similar, almost the same melody.

I have to admit that it’s a very tiny parallel…Oswald letting go of his mother (what he loves) and moving forward…Ed letting go Oswald and moving forward…and relating this to Nygmobblepot is a pretty far-stretched conclusion. Maybe David Russo intended this parallel - maybe it’s just a coincidence or he simply felt like re-using something from an older episode (which isn’t that unusual for soundtracks on tv).

Either way, this “theme” certainly supports the fact that Oswald meant a lot to Ed, romantically or not (but we all know that by now, haha). Hope you enjoyed reading this - and please let me know what you think!


“Okay, fine. I’m not all upset about it, I have been wanting him to come back for years now.” Aidan gave in, “I think I’m mostly just disappointed and hurt. He knew where we were, he could’ve come home at any point, but he didn’t. He waited eight years, Scar. That’s an awful long time when you’re just a kid.”

“I get it, but I just don’t think you should be so aggressive. Hell, I would do anything to have my grandparents back, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a dead relative come back home.” 

“You know passing from old age is completely different. Honestly, I feel like you’re trying to make this about you?”

“No, I’m just saying you should view this from a different perspective. You’re lucky he even decded to come home at all, you know.”


Everyone, say it with me now:



Srsly, if you promise to “always protect” her one more time, I think you’re automatically married. I think that’s how laws work. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure.

and just because you explicitly say “friend” does not make this platonic. The threshold for that kind of relationship is farther away than Krypton’s star system by now

also Lena sacrificed her ex-boyfriend to save Supergirl, kthxbye

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Hey yo what do you think of the new Gorillaz album so far??

I’ve listened to the entire leak and it’s… alright. There are some really excellent tracks on there, but together they don’t hit nearly as hard as the previous albums have, especially PB or DD. It feels like an overcrowded bus of collaborators, when I really wanted more of Damon. I do need to give it a chance to let it grow on me, but right now Humanz is just… okay.