but i think this was part carol & co

Wanted (2)

Steve Harrington x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: She just wants to be wanted. More specifically, she wants to be wanted by Steve… Until Billy Hargrove weasels his way into her heart.  

Warnings: language, billy’s a jerk, that’s it for noW

Word Count: 1.5k+


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“Y/n, right?” Billy asks her the following morning before school starts. He’s leaning against the lockers next to hers and she’s grabbing her biology textbook. She glances at him questionably and holds the textbook to her chest. 

“Yeah, who’s askin’?” she bites back, shutting her locker.

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Office Crush

Rating: T

Genre: Fluff and light angst

Word Count: 4385

CW: Alcohol

Summary: Baz has been pining after his boss’ son for ages. Office crushes are just the worst, huh?
Based on “a kiss given to the wrong person” request.

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AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve had some bad writer’s block but I think I’ve kicked it. Hope you all enjoy some pining angsty Baz :D


Most people despise their jobs. I count myself lucky that I mostly enjoy it. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s… disadvantages. One particular disadvantage actually. And he eats far too many cherry scones.

Mage & Associates is a very recent financial firm. It was started by David Mage (definitely not his real last name) and practically exploded. Now they manage the money of companies across the UK. I feel lucky to work here, despite my mother and father’s personal dislike of Mr. Mage. (Some old feud I really don’t care about.) What I didn’t expect was for Mr. Mage to have a loud, obnoxious, devastatingly handsome son.

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idk what this is. lol I kept thinking of what the show will do next and what part of the comic it will be remixed or adapted. asldfjklsaj ofc i could be all wrong with my speculations. Basically these 3 ladies are similar and I just wanna speculate what’s next for them in the show. (first pic is from a youtube video still I found on google.)

So, when Michonne killed the savior with rage, then she later learned she will lose another son, it makes me wonder about comic-Michonne and her plots during the time-jump and after. Idk, it just seems like Michonne is heading toward comic-Michonne’s plot. But it could not, because s8 is not done and she has Rick and Judith. Also some parts were probably already adapted like Tara finding Oceanside and Carol staying at that lil house in s7. 

Then there’s Carol who is following along comic-Michonne’s plots for awhile now and recently there’s a scene of her and Henry that brings up her pain of losing Sophia or child (again).

 I’m so like shook by Michonne killing that savior guy, and Carol with another kid. Idk if it mean anything more later on or not but it makes me wonder. (like Henry could be just there for three episodes.)

Some stuff that seems like Michonne or Carol is heading comic-Michonne’s plot is because during the time-jump and after, comic-Michonne was like asking herself does she deserve happiness (future with Ezekiel) when she doesn’t know how and where her two daughters are. She never really moved on from it.(I think that’s why she was so cold and rough in relationships in the past) She left Kingdom/TF unexpectedly, became a “pirate” and met Oceansiders. I think she really dealt with her pain and grieving of her daughters. It’s all in the Telltale game and it takes place during the time-jump. I do think she’s opening up more and grown more, right now in the comics. (plus her talks with Rick helped her.) I think her experience as a “pirate” helped her.

So, Idk, Carol and Michonne will probably go over their griefs and PTSD in s8B. Like they will mention Andre or Sophia. They probably will ask themselves if they deserve to have happiness. Like these wounds will test them again. Like Michonne being pregnant or dealing with losing her sons. She leaves Rick for alone time-”pirate”? I hope not. And, like Carol opening up on adopting Henry or starting relationship with someone (caryl). 

so do you guys think Michonne’s arc in s8B will be really interesting and angsty. Like there will be a lot focus on her story-wise. I hope so even though it sucks to see her sad and stuff. I wonder if she will like revert back to s3- Michonne or almost like that and we see her dealing with it again. It would be interesting to watch if the writers went there. It seems like it might with Michonne killing the savior in rage. I think it would interesting in a way of like showing her range of her character growth kind of thing.

And I hope so for Carol just cos ..I’m a fan of her as well. I want more Carol and her with TF. There could be some Carick or Carol/Rick/Morgan arc with that they lost a child too. Based on the filming spoilers we have pics of them, but idk where Michonne is at or just not part of that arc or scene.

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Any theories as to why Ezekiel is at Carols house but leaves quickly in episode 10?

I have many. LMAO

I suspect it will be one of 2 things, depending on how they are playing the Carol & Ezekiel thing long-term.

I think EITHER Ezekiel will be there as part of his charm offensive. It may be he regularly visits Carol, and he is trying to woo her as Khary said on TD. I still think the “guitarist who can bring a tear to the eye” may be part of it. 

Ezekiel have have brought the guitarist to tempt Carol, or maybe he’s just hanging out talking to her, trying to win her over. And then Daryl shows up and Ezekiel senses the emotional tension between them, it all gets a tad awkward and Ezekiel leaves cos he realises Carol and Daryl have a deep relationship, and need to be alone.


Ezekiel has turned up to warn Carol that Team Family have been around asking questions and warning her they left Daryl behind. Only for Daryl to turn up and Ezekiel to be embarrassed because Ezekiel lied and had told Daryl he didn’t know Carol, hadn’t seen her or didn’t know where she was.

Either way I think that it’ll be a “woops!” type situation for Ezekiel, and with either case I believe he’s going to cotton on that Daryl is a big part of what Carol was running away from. 

He’ll either be embarrassed because he was hitting on Carol, or embarrassed cos he lied - or a combo of both.

One thing to not though, IF Ezekiel has been hitting on Carol, the fact he “rushes away” when Daryl shows up is a good sign. It’s the like the old “shit, your husband’s home.” It places Daryl in a space as a romantic rival. 

If Ezekiel was hitting on Carol, and Carol was interested, and - for example - Rick showed up, he’d have no reason to run off. He could stay and talk to Rick and he and Carol could be open about their situation.

The fact Ezekiel flees when Daryl shows up show he sees Daryl as someone who would be upset with his relationship or attempted relationship with Carol. And why would that be if Daryl’s interest in Carol was purely platonic?