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OH MY GOD YOU LOVE ACE TONY LET ME LOVE YOU!!!! I've always had this headcanon and I've never really found anyone who would share it. I mean seriously, even in the im1 scene with christine, it's happy who tells him that she's hot. Later it's always Pepper who prepositions to him and makes the kinda sexual comments. It's never him who inniciates anything sexual. But, he is always the one to crave affection and touch in a non-sexual way. Ahh. Will you be maybe ever writing a fic for ace Tony?

You know what? I will write Ace Tony, and I will write him right now. Here you go nonnie:

Tony decided to do it on a Friday evening.

He could see Vision lighting Shabbat candles, a routine the synthezoid had learnt and imbibed from a missing friend and Avenger. The others had stumbled upon Vision following Wanda’s beliefs during the previous December, when he had quietly asked what they would be doing for Hannukah even as everyone was preparing for Christmas. It had sent Steve on a quiet guilt trip of forgetting to ask the young Sokovian woman and a collective effort to share the holidays in an inclusive spread of joy. 

There was not much joy now in the quiet air of the Avengers Compound. It was cold, like the lingering frost of a dying winter’s night. Yet, it was calm, in a way that spoke more of composure than contentment. Rhodey was sitting across Tony, a stylus twirling lazily around the fingers of one hand while the other held an older StarkPad, dark eyes reading through the latest news from his ex-colleagues. Carol was sitting beside Rhodey, leaning against his shoulder with her legs swinging over the arm of the couch, eyes closed and humming an off-key tune. Peter would be due in about an hour or so, his extra classes at school delaying him for the team get together as usual. 

This was his team now, Tony observed as he watched his friends move around him in their own worlds, comfort dripping with every relaxed moment. This was his family, he corrected, as he watched Vision close his eyes in front of the newly lit candles. They were at ease here, in their space. Safe. Comfortable.

In that moment of comfort and safety, Tony decided to do it.

“Hey Rhodes?”

“Hmmm?” Rhodey hummed, not taking his eyes off his pad, one hand now running slow fingers through Carol’s spikes.

“Remember the freshers’ party we first met in?” Tony asked.

“The one where you puked all over me? Yeah Tones,” Rhodey replied with a small chuckle that had Carol quirking a grin too. Tony nodded and took a breath.

“Remember how I tried to get you to sleep with me?”

Carol opened her eyes first and cut a curious look in Tony’s direction. Rhodey tilted his head a bit but didn’t react more than that.


“I, uh,” Tony cleared his throat, “I never wanted to do that.”

Rhodey looked up now and eyed Tony curiously.


“No, I - uh. I never wanted to sleep with you,” Tony clarified, feeling a bit of nervousness creep in but pushed through because he wanted to get it out, “I kind of never wanted to sleep with you. Or anyone.”

Carol stopped swinging her legs and Tony tried to ignore it, but felt it as though somebody had stopped time altogether. He watched Rhodey’s fingers stop twirling the stylus. He heard Vision’s footsteps come around from behind his settee. It all seemed to sound and feel larger than it was.

And the frost still lingered.

“Never?” Rhodey asked and Tony felt his breath stutter in his chest. Jesus, he remembered having said something similar to Bruce during that post-Killian mess but Bruce had gone to sleep mid-talk, so Tony knew that he hadn’t heard a thing. That had been disappointing as well as a relief. Now though, now he knew that somebody had heard it.

“Uh, not really,” Tony said and shrugged, because shrugging always meant that things were okay, right? Apparently not, because nobody believed his shrugs anymore.

He knew the word. It was a pretty simple word to get out, seven letters of freedom. Asexual, that’s all he had to say. Seven letters and he wouldn’t have to go through a long list of times he had not wanted to do something but had believed that he had to or he would not be secure. Not have the power he did if he went through with it. Sex had been a tool to distract in the beginning. Someone saw parts of you that could make you vulnerable? Talk dirty to them. Someone wanted to pick your brains or manipulate you? Let them manipulate you physically instead. Someone gave you too much and you didn’t know how to give back? Give them pleasure in physical terms. He didn’t believe he was being selfless or anything by doing all of that. It was never that. It was for pure self-preservation and sometimes for very selfish reasons, like holding on to people who were too good for him. All he had to do was put aside one letter of his seven-lettered freedom and go through with the act. It would mean nothing, not really, because he could fake it for a few minutes to have something real for a few hours, right? So he had done it for years, hiding the A from his Asexual. 

Now, it was out in the open. The seventh letter to his truth.

“Me too,” he heard a voice from his side and turned to see Vision smiling serenely at him.

“What?” Tony blinked.

“I have never wanted to indulge in sexual activities as well,” Vision explained and offered Tony a mug of hot chocolate Carol had brought in her weird flask when she had dropped in from her mom’s home, “In the words of Mr. Parker, ‘welcome to the club’, Tony.”

“Wait, how come only club members get hot chocolate, hmm?” Carol protested and Tony looked at her in a daze to see her mock-frowning at Vision, “Tony, tell your son to give us some too. This is unfair.”

“What?” Tony repeated and Carol rolled her eyes fondly before jumping up from her seat and coming over to sit near Tony, nudging him to move with her hip.

“Hot chocolate, genius,” she grabbed the mug from Vision and winked at Tony before taking a sip from it.

“I-uh,” Tony cleared his throat and felt his hand shivering a bit but Carol casually placed her own hand over it and squeezed his fingers, “You guys, um, you guys heard me, right?”

“Yeah, we did,” Rhodey quipped and Tony didn’t look up but felt when Rhodey came over to sit beside him, effectively squishing Tony between Carol and himself, “We definitely heard you, Tones.”

“And-uh, you’re–okay–” Tony shut up, not wanting to ask if they still accepted him, if they still saw him as Tony Stark, if they still -

“Dude, you were my best friend when you ‘accidentally’ poured Jack Daniels all over my dress whites -” Rhodey said as he slung an arm over Tony’s shoulder.

“-and my friend when you stole my tampon box and used it to clean your engine parts once,” Carol chimed in with a snort, throwing her arm over Tony’s shoulder too.

“- and when you kept your palladium thing a secret from me -”

“ - and when you essentially told my squad that I have a scrapbook of dick pics of my COs -”

“ - and when you, you know, became a synthezoid daddy,” Rhodey nodded at Vision with a smirk.

“ - so if you think we’re gonna be weird about this of all the things in the world,” Carol concluded with a squeeze of Tony’s shoulder, “then you’re grossly mistaken.”

“Oh” Tony said, for once in his life falling short of words and Rhodey ruffled his hair slightly, snorting when Tony squacked.

“Yeah, genius,” Rhodey grinned and chuckled when Carol laid an exaggerated kiss to Tony’s cheek that had him fake-gagging, “But honestly? Thanks, man.”

“For what? Not sleeping with you?” Tony asked jokingly and blinked to clear the wetness in his eyes.

“For telling us,” Carol knocked her head lightly against Tony’s and took another sip of hot chocolate, “Don’t be a dumbass.”

“Whatever,” Tony quipped, covering up his relief with humor, “I’m still the hottest ass here.”

“You’re some ass, certainly,” Rhodey snorted and groaned exaggeratedly when Tony batted his eyes at him.

They didn’t talk about the past, about all the times Tony had been uncomfortable with his truth or had hidden it for convenience’s sake. They also didn’t talk about the past relationships that now had a new angle to them. They would, Tony knew it, they would talk about it sometime in the future because it was part of knowing one part of the truth. But he also knew that when they did talk about it, whenever that happened, his friends would listen. And still be there, just as they always had been.

Which is why when Peter finally came and snagged a pizza slice off Tony’s plate with a huff of ‘You’re just aces, Mr. Stark, thanks’, they were able to look at each other and dissolve into snorts and giggles much to the poor teen’s confusion.

Tony did it on a Friday evening, and felt a part of him lighten as he felt the frost melt a bit, with candles of a past memory burning softly in the background, reminding him that sometimes even the quiet held a joy of its own.

This was a super fast scribble and I hope I made a decent attempt. I’ll be dragging this hc into another series of mine, so I would be able to dedicate more time and space to it there hopefully. Thank you for loving Ace Tony, nonnie! <3

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Can you please tell how you think or how you wish things would go for Caryl in season 7???! Please!!!

Hi Nonny! Thank You for this lovely message in the inbox! Kay, so I’m not 100% sure on my feelings right now, but I’m going to try my best to answer but this is a “work in progress” of ma feels. There’s the odd spoiler too.

So, yeah, I’m pretty devastated about S6. I’m trying very very hard to forget it’s existence. Not just the actual happenings of S6, but the fact that many of those things were COMPLETELY unnecessary and it felt like the writers were slapping us in the face for the sake of it, but there we go. It HURT. REALLY HURT. ANyways, here we go, I won’t get what I want for S7, but here’s some what I’d LIKE.

A) I want Carol and Daryl to stop being the writers punching bags. For reals. The two characters who have never known happiness, who had terrible lives pre-ZA ……..are the two characters who get the most violence, trauma and upset thrown at them for the past 6 years. Just pls STAHP THIS TORTURE PORN. Leave ma babies alone pls! (and yeah, I AM angry about Daryl’s beating/shoulder).

B) I’d obviously, like to see Daryl escape/be saved from Sanctuary and for him to reunite with Carol. I see Negan brings him on a trip to ASZ so hopefully he’ll find out Carol is gone and we see a reaction. Similarly I hope that Carol finds out Daryl is in trouble, thus prompting her to stop running away from Kingdom and return to help him, and thus highlighting that he’s the one person she’ll stick around for indefinitely and her reason to stay. ASZ housewife act didn’t make her stay ; Morgan telling her to go back won’t just make her stay ; so its got to be something MORE than that which makes her stay- POOKIE!. So, a REUNION. In 7a preferably but who knows what nonsense we are in for this year.

C) I want to see Carol and Daryl TOGETHER. Ya know, in scenes, aware of the others existence, breathing the same air. Both have a lot of healing and talking to do, and there’s nobody better to do that with than each other.

 I want to see Daryl ask Carol to tell him how she’s feeling. I want to see Daryl reassure Carol that she’s a good person and that killing does not define her, but rather proves her worth as a human being who is compassionate for her family and would do ANYTHING for them. I want to see Daryl reassure Carol that’s he’s there for her to listen and I want to see him MAKE her talk because we ain’t got time for sitting around anymore. I want Daryl to let Carol know that she’s his fucking sunshine and he can’t do without her. I want to see Carol let Daryl know that he’s not at fault for the LV, or Denise and still a “man of honour”. I want to see Carol let Daryl know she’s sorry and didn’t mean to shut him out and that she was scared to let him in but now she’s ready to and she wants to be there for him too. I want to see these two adorable little cupcakes, healing from their own self, but doing so TOGETHER and supporting one another with complete understanding, love and adoration.

I’d hope to see both “deal with their shit” as Denise inferred and for them to get on the road to recovery, both physically and mentally. I want Carol to FINALLY tell Daryl about the girls. Sadly I think we’ll get Eastman/Morgan is speshul healer snowflake for that part, but eh well….. Hopefully by the end of 7b we can start to see some of the dynamic of “Prison” Caryl come back where both were clearly at their happiest of the ZA (well, as happy as one can be in their situations), were co-leaders, valued members of a community, able to banter and talk, on the verge of starting something more. My personal hopes as many of you know, are that they’ll settle at the Kingdom together.

D) Aaaand onto the super shippy (probably unrealistic but if I wanna hope I sure will!) stuff!! ; 


During some 7b “bonding time” I want to see them lay next to one another on a bed/sofa talking through things and they fall asleep but wake up all snugglyyy on top of each other, FEELING MORE SAFE THAN THEY HAVE IN YEARS COS DEY IN EACH OTHERS ARMS. 

I NEED to see them smile and even better if this time Daryl is cracking the jokes to make Carol giggle a lil’. A more confident, forward Daryl is something I’ve wanted since FOREVER. A Daryl who isn’t afraid to tell Carol what he’s feeling. A Daryl who makes a move. I want Carol to get some amazing new clothes and for him to shyly compliment her and she also blushes :) 

Of course, as a shipper I want to see them kiss this year ;  do I trust the writers to give us anything remotely close to that? No. I don’t trust them one little bit. I don’t even trust them to not completely mess up this beautiful relationship by separating them again, but all I can do is HOPE.

Ideal first kiss scenario is AWKWARDDD ; just like Norman Reedus wants! BUT it also means everyone gets their wish since we all think differently about who goes for the kiss first and with my version technically BOTH initiate the first kiss in a way!

Kay. so Daryl just GOES FOR IT ; he plants one on her and GOES FOR IT ; dude doesn’t know what’ he’s doing but he’s trying and Carol’s in shock, she doesn’t know what’s happening,she’s totally finding it hard to believe that Daryl actually wants her, so she’s not responding since her head is everywhere. Poor Daryl panicks and thinks he’s being rejected (sobs) and pulls back and frantically starts apologising for what he’s done. Quickly, Carol catches up to the moment and pulls herself together, knows she didn’t want that to stop, so says “Stop!” (yes I got the “stop” bit in there!), steps closer to him and KISSES HIM BACK!, And then smushy smushy kissy kissy adorable times ensue, until Rick’s knocking at the door, they have to rush off and spend the next two days skirting around each other with awkward grins on their faces til they get a moment alone :) And then I think that’d be enough for me, leave the 24/7 Horizontal Mambo party till S8 if you ask me :) 

I’ve rambled on long enough. There are many things I WANT. Who knows what I’ll actually GET. *prayer circle for good stuff and thaaangs!* Aaand now Imma go sob into a cup of tea and read moar fanfiction.

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Any theories as to why Ezekiel is at Carols house but leaves quickly in episode 10?

I have many. LMAO

I suspect it will be one of 2 things, depending on how they are playing the Carol & Ezekiel thing long-term.

I think EITHER Ezekiel will be there as part of his charm offensive. It may be he regularly visits Carol, and he is trying to woo her as Khary said on TD. I still think the “guitarist who can bring a tear to the eye” may be part of it. 

Ezekiel have have brought the guitarist to tempt Carol, or maybe he’s just hanging out talking to her, trying to win her over. And then Daryl shows up and Ezekiel senses the emotional tension between them, it all gets a tad awkward and Ezekiel leaves cos he realises Carol and Daryl have a deep relationship, and need to be alone.


Ezekiel has turned up to warn Carol that Team Family have been around asking questions and warning her they left Daryl behind. Only for Daryl to turn up and Ezekiel to be embarrassed because Ezekiel lied and had told Daryl he didn’t know Carol, hadn’t seen her or didn’t know where she was.

Either way I think that it’ll be a “woops!” type situation for Ezekiel, and with either case I believe he’s going to cotton on that Daryl is a big part of what Carol was running away from. 

He’ll either be embarrassed because he was hitting on Carol, or embarrassed cos he lied - or a combo of both.

One thing to not though, IF Ezekiel has been hitting on Carol, the fact he “rushes away” when Daryl shows up is a good sign. It’s the like the old “shit, your husband’s home.” It places Daryl in a space as a romantic rival. 

If Ezekiel was hitting on Carol, and Carol was interested, and - for example - Rick showed up, he’d have no reason to run off. He could stay and talk to Rick and he and Carol could be open about their situation.

The fact Ezekiel flees when Daryl shows up show he sees Daryl as someone who would be upset with his relationship or attempted relationship with Carol. And why would that be if Daryl’s interest in Carol was purely platonic?