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25 days of klaroline 2016 ♡ day four: new orleans

“caroline, i’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much i want to show it to you. maybe one day you’ll let me.

His light (song-fic)

Summary: Lazy morning, Bucky thinking about the day he met you, he being a dreamy gentleman (Bucky saving you, I’m sure one of the most popular fantasies, but I can’t get enough), ugh basically so much fluff.

A/N: I got inspired by one of my favorite songs “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, so you can blame Elvis for this one, I felt like writing something sweet and romantic, this is the result of listening this song and watching the rain through the window. First time I do a songfic, I hope you like it, is almost Christmas people! (well not really but it feels like that to me), a big hug to everyone! :)  

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2,099

Warnings: none

Y/N: Your name

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He couldn’t express in words how grateful he was for you, that he found you. Bucky never thought he deserved love, not after all the things he did, but here you were in his arms.

For Bucky you were without a doubt the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, you didn’t have superpowers, in fact, most of the time it seemed he was the one who kept you safe even from yourself (being a clumsy person, accidents were normal in your life). But you had a heart of gold and so much love to give, he never understood that, and until now is still a mystery, how someone so amazing like you could exist.

“Bucky…” your sleepy voice brought him back from his daze, he didn’t answered, instead just hug you tightly, holding you close to his chest and kissing the top of your head, with the rhythm of his heartbeat putting you back to sleep. This is how he wanted to spend the rest of his days, he was sure of that.

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In honor of Gemma’s birthday and dressed-down Harry AKA my favorite Harry, I felt he need to celebrate. Also, I always get cheeky with TFLN’s no matter what it’s about so enjoy. X

I am taking requests for one-shot/blurbs, as well as TFLN’s.

Please send them in here. My masterlist is located here.

In which the missus is meeting the family for the first time and Harry’s uncertain about his mustache.

Harry. Missus.




Hazzle Dazzle.

Yes, love…

Do you think Gemma would like an Apple Pumpkin scented candle, or is that too fall-sy? I could find a more winter candle to fit the season.

I really don’t think she’ll mind what season oriented candle you get her, love. But she seems to like the warmer months more so try for a more summer approach.

Of COURSE. See, this is why we date, Styles.

So I can help you pick out candles for my sister?

Harry, I found a Bakery Air candle! I’m getting it for you.

Ha! Thank you, love. x

Oh, Nutcracker smells like a dream. And it fits the season. Maybe she’d like that one.

I’ll give you a nut to crack.

Wait, no. That sounds horrible.

What, you aren’t into that?

We can try it out, baby. I’m up for anything.

Oi, that’s enough out of you.

I’d like to have a girlfriend for my family to meet, thank you.

Speaking of…

I’m nervous.

Didn’t I say the same thing a couple of weeks ago for your Thanksgiving and it turned out just fine?

Well YEAH because you’re funny and charming and can make anyone swoon just by blinking in their direction.

And I’m worried I won’t get a good enough gift for your sister and I will look like a straight up fool.

There’s no way you’d look like a fool, love.




I don’t want to see you stressing about this, pet. From what I’ve told them, they already adore you and it doesn’t matter if you buy her socks for her birthday or not. She’s just happy you’re coming.




There will be cake there tonight, love.

I think I’m going to quit my job and become a candle maker. What do you think? You can be my candle tester.

Would my job literally be to light the candle and smell it?

And fuck me relentlessly while it burns.
You coming home soon?

Christ, Harry. I didn’t mean to get you feeling all broody.

A quickie before the party.

Shave that thing on your face and you have yourself a deal.

Why? Is it really that bad?

No, you look fine but my thighs are chafed.

;) ;) ;)

You’re smiling but you aren’t getting any until you at least trim it.

I think you’re bluffing.

And I think you’re dancing on a fine line on never getting laid again.

You wouldn’t dare.

Or would I? I’m leaving the store right now.

How about when you get back, I rub some cream on your thighs, and I light that Bakery Air candle and I seduce you before the party?

Just, for the love of God, don’t leave any marks on me… I’m still sorry I left that hickey on your chest on Thanksgiving. But in my defense, you show more cleavage than I do when I wear shirts.

How else am I going to make people swoon? ;)

Shut up, I’ll be home in a minute. x

my best selfie is without a doubt this thoughtful pic i took with my gal pal tequila sunrise


I was tagged in some selfie posts recently (like a week ago) by @darklydreamingdahmer & @mvggotwhite (and someone else I am forgetting, sorry) so I’m just gonna compile the posts. My new phone takes strange (I can’t tell if the quality is good or not, lol) pictures so I threw in the red one from a few months ago. I don’t think I have one flattering selfie on this blog currently, so hopefully one of these fulfills that social obligation.

Get to know me tag (and post a selfie).

Are you named after anyone?- Nope.

What is your Favorite drink?- Green Tea, Dr. Pepper, h2o, hot chocolate, hard liquor

What is your favorite animal?- Cats, foxes, bats.

Are you Single or Taken?- Celibate.

How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?- 2/3

How would you describe your fashion sense?- Stuck in the 80s and dressed in the dark. I look more like a Ramirez blogger than a Dahmer one, tbh.

Do you have any pets?- Four male cats.

I tag these pyts: @dahmer-man @northafricangal @lonelakes44 @nnaturalerection @truecrimedaily @improbablypsychoanalyzingyou @asaproofie @grimygore @ginsengstrip1994 @jeffrey-and-the-chocolatefactory @too-true-crime (I have no idea how many people I’m supposed to tag but I know most of you guys take selfies and they’re cute lol)

Suicide Squad (2016)

We can all agree that this was a big hit this year. I think it was the most successful movie of the year. To be honest i was never into action movies and even less into comic books, but i actually liked this movie. I can’t say it was my favorite because some parts were pretty boring. My favorite characters were Harley and the Joker. If they do decide to make a sequel i really hope they do one that revolves around their relationship because it’s really intense and complicated and i wanna see more.

While action movies aren’t my favorite genre this was okay. The plot was kinda boring and like i said one of the things that kept me watching was Harley and Joker’s relationship. I’m not gonna tell you more about the movie because i want you guys to see it. I don’t wanna spoil it. 

I hope you like it and feel free to tell me your opinions. I should give this movie a 6 out of 10. Margot Robbie was phenomenal and i can see why so many people wanted to be her for Halloween. I also think Jared Leto did an amazing job as the Joker. 

Vanity Follows Form (2016)

You must claim a form before you can claim vanity. You must have something to be vain over.

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I love your art so much it hurts. So one of my favorite aus is ghost Laurens but his soul attached to Philip and I feel like that's be a wonderful thing for you to draw and like Philip is the only one that can see him and he just thinks he's a cool uncle and John help pip with girls and stuff and i live for it. PLEASE DRAW THIS I WOULD CRY



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Hi, tell me your fave parallel (httyd)

There are so many beautiful and well-done parallels in the HTTYD world, especially within the two movies. There’s the wonderful parallel of Astrid encouraging Hiccup so he gets the motivation to enter the final storm in HTTYD, then Valka encouraging Hiccup so he gets the motivation to enter the final storm. There’s the parallel of the Kill Ring scene versus Hiccup Confronts Drago/Stoick Saves Hiccup - a really poignant one that is one of my all time favorites, and very in depth and complicated when you look at all the similarities. It’s hard to pick a number one, but I think that the parallel I’ve raved the most about, and keep thinking back on, is the one of Hiccup casting aside his helmet to demonstrate peace. It’s a little thing, but I find it very interesting.

The 16 years old Pink and Blue Princesses

I missed Vivi so much!!!!!! She is always be one of my favorite characters. And I am glad she is the honorable SH. She probably will be SH crew representative during the Reverie (so her job in SH crew is diplomat :P). I always think her weapon (peacock string slasher) is very unique and I like it so much!!!

As for Rebecca…..I don’t really like her. She could became a great character, but unfortunately her potential wasn’t explored (and probably won’t). I kinda blamed her father who made her look very useless during the battle on sunflowers field (why she only allowed to do defensive act). Also, I really hate her canon costume. It was look so open and uncomfortable, so that is why I modified it in this picture.

This picture is kinda like Yin-Yang of the princesses characters. One side is the character I love and the other side is the one I pity.

The Secret Life Of Pets (2016)

I just watched this movie a few days ago because it’s December and since school is basically over i like to watch more movies around this time of year. Even if i’m in my 20′s it’s nice to watch a cartoon every once in a while, it just brings me back to my childhood when i was just a kid playing with dolls haha. I can say that it’s one of my favorite cartoons from the past few years. I watched it in 3D and it was really entertaining. I really liked the way this was put together and New York was to die for ! Much more colorful than the actual New York haha. 

Well the movie is about well…pets. It’s basically the same as Toy Story, the same concept. There are different types of dogs and cats, but i loved them all since i’m a big animal lover. I have two dogs and thinking about getting a third one. The main character of this movie is Max. His owner rescued him from the streets when he was just a puppy and now they do everything together. He loves his owner and is not mean to her like other pets are with their owners in the movie. I really liked this character along with the cat that was his neighbor. I’m not gonna tell anything more about the movie because i want you guys to watch it and tell me your opinions. 

I watched it with my parents when i was home and it a lovely family movie. I think you should watch it because we all need a little colour in our lives and to just forget about all our problems for a while.

Have fun and don’t forget to tell me your opnions :) 

About Me Meme

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Relationship Status: Single as hell

Favorite Color: Yellow

Pets: None. If I wasn’t so allergic, I might consider a cat, but that will never happen.

Last song I listened to: Definitely a Christmas song on the radio on my way home tonight. Silver Bells I think.

Favorite TV show: Right now? Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

First Fandom: I read fic in The X-Files Fandom and quietly obsessed to myself by writing down my many, many, many feelings in a stack of notebooks. The first one I really participated online in was Charmed.

Hobbies: Crafting, cross stitch, house hunting…

Books that I’m currently reading: I just bought one called My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry that I will be starting soon. Also rereading Gatsby at work right now.

Favorite Book: The House on Mango Street, Anne of Green Gables

Worst Thing You’ve ever Eaten/Tasted: Nothing extraordinary is popping out in my memory, which is lucky for me I guess. Once when I was really young, my brother tricked me into eating a carrot covered in ketchup, which was fairly disgusting (not helped by the fact that I truly loathe tomatoes in all forms).

Favorite Place: I don’t know if I can choose. Home, probably, although there are certain roads that haunt me as favorites (a few going into the city, a stretch of I-80 I used to drive in Nevada, a bridge I crossed on my way to and from college, this street I love to walk in my neighborhood…I am really inspired by roads apparently).

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One of my favorite moments of 1x09 is when Mike says to Ginny that he is sorry that her poster boy let her down. I feel like it's been an underrated scene so far. He knows he is Ginny's teenaged idol and someone she looks up to. She was the one who convinced Mike that he needed to go out and play one last time, because he deserved it. Then infortunately it didn't turn out well. And Mike feels sorry not for himself but for Ginny. Adorable human disaster.

yeah i think it was both really?

idk mike’s always been this dominant figure in the game and he’s always known what to do and how to hit the ball and get the runs; so to stand there and not swing??? i think he’d be beating himself up pretty damn badly. even more so when it’s his last bat for the team he actually wants to be on, and where he wants to stay

and when you consider mike’s, “i gave my life to this game,” line, it really drives home that narrative of, this game is everything and he knows, lives and breathes it. to not be able to swing and just stand there… mike would seriously be feeling some heavy shit then

so while i think ginny played a good part of him beating himself up, i think the larger part was himself really

Judith Butler: Your Behavior Creates Your Gender
http://bigthink.com Nobody is born one gender or the other, says the philosopher. "We act and walk and speak and talk in ways that consolidate an impression ...

I had to watch this for a class, but I thought I would share it here also, because I love Judith Butler, but I understand why people might find her writing intimidating if they’re just starting out. 

This video offers an overview of one of her major ideas that I totally agree with (that gender is socially constructed, rather than inherent) in a way that I think may be a little easier for people who have never been introduced to this idea. 

Also, this is one of my favorite things to talk about, so if you don’t get this or want to know, feel free to hmu honestly. 

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-Jane Austen: Who was your first love?
oh… i dont think i have one…………..

-Ray Bradbury: What is your favorite book?

i dont have one since i have read only like 20 books in my life… i’’ll need to read like 500 to decide to call something a favourite

-Charles Darwin: What is your favorite animal?
Dogs, cats and horses or all animals in general…

-Alice Walker: What is your favorite color?
Shades of blue and burgundy

-Kurt Vonnegut: What is your favorite breakfast cereal?
Froot loops but i never eat them because they are so rare here and cost like 10 euros plus unhealthy…

-J.D. Salinger: What was your favorite subject in school?
Biology and Greek philoshophy

-J.K. Rowling: What is your favorite magical creature?
unicorn or pegasus, or pheonix idk omg

-Neil Gaiman: What religion are you?
im officially a christian but im an atheist tbh…

-Oscar Wilde: What is your vice?
nothing i think?

-Julia Child: What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
oh god… so many i cant choose

-Stephen King: What was your last Halloween costume?
whats halloween i live in Greece

-Harper Lee: Who was your childhood best friend?
i dont think i had a best friend

-Brothers Grimm: What is your favorite fairytale?
its actually a real story and my father used to say it to me. Seabiscuit.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald: What is the best party you ever attended?
i hate parties

-George R. R. Martin: Summer or winter?


-Mark Twain: What was your favorite thing to do as a kid?
play hide and seek or other games 

-Edgar Allan Poe: What scares you the most?
losing the people i care about i guess or having a bad life

-Herman Melville: Beach or mountains?

-Roald Dahl: What is your favorite candy?

-Jack Kerouac: Where do you want to travel?
propably everywhere…

I had the idea for this when I sent a request to one of my favorite fanfiction writers! Of course, NaLu is my OTP but I love the idea of some Laxus and Lucy love!

Anyways, this is a one night stand AU with some NSFWish content. I enjoyed writing this so I might write a few more segments if I get the inspiration!

Lucy groaned as she squinted at the bright light infiltrating her sight. Her head pounded, the last thing she remembered was Natsu bringing over double shots of tequila for the both of them. Why did she think it was a good idea to mix every kind of liquor that Mirajane had behind the bar? It was quite the celebration though; they finally were home after spending seven years locked on Tenrou Island.

A body shifted in its sleep beside her and she froze, taking in the scenery for the first time. The bedroom was a mess, clothes were thrown everywhere haphazardly and posters of numerous rock and roll bands covered every inch of wall space. Where am I, Lucy asked herself., trying to piece two and two together. Her eyes widened as they landed on a large black coat trimmed in fur.

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seasons greeting is FUCKING FANTASTIC. A+ characterization all around!

Aww, thank you! I hadn’t reread that one since I wrote it either but just went and did so. (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5420705).

I think my favorite bit of Season’s Greetings is still Hanners and Alana briefly finding themselves back on the same side, for the one and only purpose for which that would ever happen: to jointly annoy the shit out of Frederick Chilton.

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Avalugg is a neat concept, I love my Coffee Table Iceberg tank and I hope the new Aurora Veil+Hail setter Ninetales will give it a bigger place in the world.

Second favorite:
Dewgong evolves from one of the cutest pokemon ever! I don’t even care that its name is pretty lazy, it’s still cute!

Spheal, Seel, and Swinub are all super cute! If i had to pick one I think it’d be Spheal though

Least Favorite:
Jynx, lol. Racist ass pokemon with a terrible design. I’ve never liked it even as a kid. It doesn’t get a picture.

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I love the AA series! I'm glad you like it too! What's your favorite in the Ace Attorney games?

I do, indeed! It’s a great game series and I’m happy to see that it’s still going strong. :)

Gosh, that’s a hard question though…

It’s probably pretty obvious that I ADORE Dual Destinies. I know that one had some mixed reviews with some, but I absolutely loved it (especially the last case). I also really love the third game in the original trilogy. There’s so much I could gush about how much I enjoyed that one from first case to last. (And Mia’s perspective from when she was a fledgling attorney was great. I loved getting the opportunity to see things from her POV for a change.)

But in all honesty, I think my favorite is actually Ace Attorney Investigations 2. I know it hasn’t seen an official release outside of Japan, but they did a translation for it and I’ve watched an LP of it. And just… holy shit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. IT WAS SO GOOD.


I love a good story and interwoven plots—which it had and then some. The characters were memorable. There were SO many twists I never saw coming and just. Jeezus, I can’t even. I’m watching one of the YouTubers I like play it right now, actually (NicoB). He’s about halfway through.