but i think this one is my favorite one



More progress for that Underonline thing im workin on. These backgrounds are killing me though. Neither one works as one is mood and one is story based but both clash with the character. I’ll figure it out. Blehhh.

It just needs more contrast over all but hey, here’s another work in  progress

This was fun and I havent had much time to paint like this recently. I MUST MAKE THE TIME!!!! UF Undyne’s my favorite character in all of undertale at the moment and im seeing some wicked cool story arcs for her from various other blogs like @undertalebrokenhome. I had been thinking about a UF kids comic of my own but never got too far with it and this blogs got a pretty interesting story developing. Cant wait to see what else comes from there.

I prolly wont have enough time for comics so ill have to stick to individual paints, sketches, and projects like this. 

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Uhm I can't think of a good question so,.. What's your favorite art piece you've done?


I just worked REALLY hard on it!!

I know its not the most liked one but it sure is my personal favorite!

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is it an autistic trait to like make up rules for eating foods and getting upset if I can't follow them? like for example I always eat bags of chips from the smallest to the largest chip and if someone randomly reaches into the bag and takes one out of order I will suddenly get mad for no reason? I'm questioning if I might be on the spectrum and this is just one of my traits that I'm thinking about

heck yeah it is.

my own personal favorite is that i used to have to split my food equally between my left, right, and front teeth, like chew one bite on the left, the next on the right, and the next in front? because i felt bad that people’s front teeth never got to taste any food (anthropomorphizing inanimate objects is also an autistic thing) and because then it was nice and equal and balanced. 

i don’t know why exactly. we are definitely “pattern people”, we crave and enjoy patterns. we also use things like that for stability and predictability in a world that can have unpredictable sensory assaults and unpredictable Weird Allistic Social Rules. 

For this fanfic writer Wednesday, I want to talk about one of my favorite people on this site, and that is @chocolatequeennk. I can’t believe I haven’t made one of these posts about her before. Well, here it is now.

I first started talking to Nancy about a year and a half ago when I read her fic Double Blind. I was instantly captivated by the plot and the characterization, and fell in love immediately. I was still pretty new to the fandom and leaving a signed review of fics was terrifying, but I did it and then decided to check out other fics by this author because I loved her writing style and wanted to see what else she had written for the fandom.

Oh boy, was I in for a treat.

I had been seeing posts about this fic called To Make Much of Time for a few months, but never gave it much thought. It was a WIP, which I actively avoid usually, and had a projected 41 chapters, which seemed far too daunting for my mental state at the time. But one night I was having a really bad night and it was already around midnight, and I decided to start this work in progress.

Thus a relationship was born. Or obsession. Either or.

Holy freaking crap, I fell head over heels for To Make Much of Time, and Nancy hasn’t been able to get rid of me since ;) Tuesdays were my new favorite day of the week, as a new chapter would come out. This fic really helped me get through a rough patch, so I have a deep emotional attachment to it. And it is a fantastic piece of writing. If you’ve never read it, it’s a s2 rewrite where the Doctor and Rose accidentally share a telepathic/empathic connection, and the story follows s2 with tweaks and rewrites to show the Doctor and Rose’s evolving relationship and romance. It’s one of the best fics I’ve ever read. And as an added bonus, through this fic, I also found a wonderful friend.

But 7 days between updates of a fic left me with some time to expand my fanfiction horizons, so I decided to branch out even further to see what else this chocolatequeennk person had written.

Oh boy, was I in for another treat.

I binged everything she ever wrote and I think I spammed her inbox as I slowly made my way through all of her fics.

One of my favorite things about her fic is that a lot of them are parts of series. It amazes me how many different ideas she can have floating around in that magnificent brain of hers and how she’ll interconnect them all. She’ll already have sequels and prequels plotted out to expand these series. She is just so brilliant and talented, it’s so fun to brainstorm with her and watch her think. And everything new she publishes is always amazing.

She is, by trade, a romance author, which I absolutely adore, because she writes the cutest scenes between the Doctor and Rose. Especially when she writes the Doctor and Rose having a telepathic bond (which is a very common theme in her fic, much to my excitement and enjoyment!)

But don’t let that fool you. She can kill you with angst just as easily. My personal favorite angsty story of hers is One Last Touch. Remember that telepathy theme I was talking about? Yeah, she uses it to make Doomsday even more heartbreaking!!

Nancy is also a published novelist, who has written a wonderful 3-book series. The first of which is a re-telling of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy’s point of view; the second is the tale of Georgiana Darcy’s first Season in London; the third is of Kitty Bennet being courted by the new Earl of Lisle and all the drama that surrounds his new Earldom. I bought her books a few months ago and binged them all, twice, and would very much recommend them to everyone. You should especially consider buying them now, because they’re on sale until Friday :) It is quite a bargain for some excellent books.

Not only is Nancy an absolutely fantastic author, she is an excellent proofreader/beta, a wonderful sounding board if I ever need to bounce a fic idea off her head, and more importantly, she’s an amazing friend. She is so supporting and encouraging of everyone, and she is the most positive person I have ever met.

Nancy is such a gift to this fandom, between her fics, her meta posts, and her positivity. I’m so happy to call her a friend. You should check out all of her fics right now (AO3) and just go say hi to this magnificent human being. 

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Tamashii-chan, have you ever played any Sailor Moon game? iirc thee were a few on the SNES/Super Famicom

I played a ton of the Super Famicom ones via Homebrew on the Wii, those are great. I think my favorite is the arcade one though! It’s so pretty and fun to play

Tagged by @yuuyaas  (☆ω☆) Hellu thanks cutie for the tag, I am starstruck.

1. Favorite Anime?

I have a lot, since I finally started getting into seasonal anime a few years back. Haikyuu for one, then Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun, One Punch Man, Noragami, Barakamon, Silver Spoon, Hataraku Maou Sama, Magi Kingdom of Magic, Akatsuki no Yona… Ping Pong… and… wait, I think I wrote a rec list a while back. 

2. Your Worst Anime?

All the ones I dropped because they were set up to seem really solid but had a very flakey and shallow plot… no offence to anyone who likes any of these series, but on my list I have stuff like… Ao no Exorcist, Soul Eater (Which I watched to the end tbh), Shingeki no Kyojin, Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji… Fairy Tail… I just sort of lost interest… maybe I should give them another chance.

3. Do you read the Manga that go with the Anime you watch?

Sometimes, but not always. It’s the same the other way around. If I start with the anime, and the anime is good, and I can’t wait for the next season I’ll go binge the manga lol. 

4. Favorite Genres?

Shounen, comedy, slice of life I guess, but lately I have come to shake my head at Naruto and Bleach. 

5. Least Favorite Genres?

Not a fan of too much gore for the sake of gore, or fanservice with no plot. 

6. Favorite Character?

Hatake Kakashi, Urahara Kisuke, Hirako Shinji, Roy Mustang, Seo Yuzuki… Mikoshiba Mikoto… LOL

7. Least Favorite Character?

Hmmm idk don’t really have one, but I generally really hate characters who are shown to be weak willed and very blindly smitten with some character and not shown much redemption or development later on. Guess that’s the fault of the writer and not the characters themselves, but yeah really hate those kinds. 

8. Qualities you like in a Character?

Backstories, characters who have been through some real shit but their heart is still made of gold and they stand back up again and again and again. 

9. Short or Long anime?

Short and sweet, but if it’s something amazing like hunter x hunter I will watch all of it. Long stuff I just usually go straight to the manga, like Bakuman.

10. Anime or Manga?

Why not both ; )

11. How do you choose the anime you watch?

Recs from people I know who have decent taste, sometimes baited by art style, MAL ratings, and I also tend to flag what I think I’ll be interested in in the coming season.

12. Skip or listen to Intros/Outros?

Skip usually, unless I super like the song or I am busy doing something else anyway.

13. How do you cope if your friends or family don’t like you watching anime?

Lol don’t care. 

14. Do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?

Yep, absolutely. See question 2. It’s not a conscious decision to drop it per se, I just lose interest and always forget to pick it back up, and after a while it’s in the abyss of my dropped series.

15. Who are you tagging to do this?

@sawtsuki @kuro-ken @kiuroo @uta-chan-meganekko @xenaphobiia @koushuu @umbrella-kun@oizumi @haikyuusetters @kokoro4kakashi @owl-in-daylight @sukerokus @ivnnavelazquez @crollalanzaa  and anyone else who wants to do this! 

Not sure if you guys have done this before and ofc it’s not compulsory, just tagging people on the fly, if we haven’t really talked just know that I think you are cool ;p


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Nicknames: Don’t really have one, most of my friends call me by my name (Violette). Occasional “Vio”, “Vi”, “Vivi” or shit like that though

Gender: Female

If I had a cat, I’d call it: I actually have one, named Velvet, but the name was chosen by my parents (I was six). Now I’d call my cat Minerva I think (because I’m a nerd) ^^

Height: I honestly never know that. Somewhere around 1m65 I guess? (and too lazy to translate that in feet)

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw 

Favorite color: Idk, black I guess? Blue & purple too

Time right now: 14:05

Average hours of sleep: I try to have 8, but it often falls to 6

Favorite number: There’s ALWAYS this question and I have no idea what to answer!! Sorry, I don’t have one…

Last thing I googled: “watch doctor who streaming” because Netflix won’t work for some reason

Fictional characters I want as a sibling: (thanks god it’s plural) Harry Potter, Pidge Gunderson, Ginny Weasley, Rey, literally everyone in HP and like a thousand more

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 (except that right now I kinda sleep over it instead of under. Summer. Hot. You know.)

And I tag (omg 20 is a lot):

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Caryl Positivity!

Alright peeps, let’s get our positivity juices flowing again!!

So after calming down from the spoilers this morning, I’ve decided to put a fun twist on what supposedly happens in 7x10, but I need y’all’s help.

My question for you guys is this: Out of the two caryl hugs we’re supposed to get in 7x10, which one will be more intense/intimate/meaningful? Or, which one will be the favorite? 

…basically what do you think the hugs will be like?

Will it be the first one be just like the season 5, where Daryl embraces her completely without question? Or will it be angsty, with Carol not knowing to hug back. 

Will Carol initiate either one? Will there be a forehead kiss? Maybe a kiss on the cheek?

Tell me what you guys think will happen. We’re gonna focus on the good part!

Caryl on peeps!!

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How many Tales games have you played, and which ones?

(in order) Abyss, Xillia, Xillia 2, Zestiria, Symphonia, and currently playing Vesperia

Which one was your favorite and why? Who did you play as? Who was your overworld character?

Tying the Xillias bc I can’t choose between them tbh?? They just…I don’t know. They got me severely hooked on the series and I just…loved the cast in both games so much. I mained Milla in X1, but I main Jude now. And then I mained Ludger in X2. Overworld character was never really static, though. Usually Alvin in X1, though. Mostly Ludger in X2, but I tended to flop around between Alvin, Jude, and Gaius.

Who is your all-time favorite Tales character (any game)?

-inhales deeply- i love ludger will kresnik he deserved so much better and i will do everything in my power to protect him also i love victor goodbye

What are your ships? Your Tales OTP/3/x (pick one)?e?

one???? nah

  • ludger/jude
  • victor/jude
  • ludger (or victor really)/lara 
  • victor/ludger (shamefully runs away)
  • victor/ivar
  • dezel/rose
  • zaveid/lailah
  • rita/estelle
  • eizen/eleanor
  • velvet/magilou/rokurou (TWO GIRLS ONE SAMURAI)

Any BroTPs?

ummm?? i like eizen/zaveid as a brotp. don’t murder me. lol rowen/alvin also is an underrated brotp…maybe not brotp per se but like. awesome dude relationship. …so yeah brotp.

Which fandom(s) are you currently most active in, if any?

tales obviously but since each game is like its own sub-fandom, xillia and berseria for sure

What fandom(s) have you been active in in the past, if any?

i had a YGO blog years ago and i miss that url so much lol

Is there a fandom you wish existed or were still active?


Have you ever cosplayed a Tales character? If so, who?

yeah i cosplayed adult!elle this year at the local con!!

If you were to choose one Tales game and put it into an alternate universe, what would it be?


If you were to crossover one Tales game with another non-Tales series, what would it be?

uhhhh?? i don’t knooooow???

It didn’t really hit until nearly three months later. I’m parking the car in the street, grabbing my groceries from the boot, and making my way up to the house. I’m thinking back to my afternoon with one of the youth girls, and I see my housemates sitting in the lounge watching FRIENDS. It’s only then that it occurs to me - I am living in Australia. I have routines. I have favorite places. I have people. 

I have a home here in Australia. I imagined this for years. I dreamed it and wanted it, yet it always felt like this faraway idea. I never thought it would be reality. And yet, here I am sitting on a lounge, watching one of my housemates exercise while the other eats ice cream. This is a reality, and it’s finally sinking in.

Get To Know Me 😶

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Name/Nicknames: Wendell, and the only nickname I have is a family nickname and I don’t like people other than family knowing it, sorry ;)

Height: 5′10″

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are the best, I’m pretty sure Thomas Sanders is a Hufflepuff and he’s literally one of the most pure and precious human beings ever so yeah.

Favorite Colors: Jade green, yellow, and turquoise 

Go to SSBB character: I’ve never played that one but I have played Melee and I’m pretty sure I just played as Pikachu and spammed Thunder the entire time…woops.

Fictional Character You’d Date: Oh my God, I honestly don’t think I can choose just one, but if I had to it would probably be either Connor Walsh from HTGAWM or Noah from Scream.

Favorite Band or Artist: EFFING SIA ALL THE WAY. That woman is a gem and a musical genius and deserves everything good in the world.

Pet Peeves: Rude people. Like people who have this unnecessary need to be rude and mean and nasty and I’d really love for everyone to just not. :)

When Did I Make This Blog: Tbh I have no idea and I’m too lazy to check but like a minimum of 4 years I would think.

What Do I Post About: Literally the gayest crap I can find 

Do You Get Asks On a Daily Basis: Nope, but I also don’t get on my Tumblr as much as I used to.

Aesthetic: Cat with its face stuck in a shoe. I’m both the cat and the shoe.

I tag: @oh-ethan , @journeyclark, @laina-rhea, @akomaarte, @love-0ver-hate, @sparrows–and–arrows, @speak-with-passion, @rambunctiousyouths, @manicrogue, @ohcaribou, @savedbythe-belle, @infinite-fetus, @warcrafting, @caralarmheart, @daniellecdixon, @lgbtpridenyc, @justovertwenty, @sassy-popcorn, @icanhaspuppeh, and @younggayteenseurope

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Get to know me

Get to know me

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Name/nickname(s): Bogdan, Nicknames include: Booger, Bogs, and Geeky turtleduck

Gender: Cis male 

Height: 5ft 6.2in

Favorite color: rn i like more of like the malachite colours 

Time right now: 7:14

Last Thing I googled: *sigh* tumblr.com

Fictional character I’d like to have as a sibling: amethyst all the way she would be an awesome sister

Number of Blankets I sleep with: 1 but its really big so i can tuck myself into it and protect myself from the imaginary spiders that my brain thinks is there

Favorite artists/bands: sia, alessia cara, but p much the only one i listen to these days is twenty one pilots

Dream vacation: Touring the hawaiian islands, exploring reefs down in australia, or touring all of europe

What I’m wearing right now: Jeans, red shirt, socks

When did I make this blog: 1 and a half year ago

How many blogs do I follow: yikes 1021

What do I post about: Steven Universe mostly after the steven nuke and the squishable meme

Do you get asks on a regular basis: No…  GI VE ME AASKS PEOPLE IM bOrED 

Aesthetic: people laughing and bantering, grass swaying in the wind with sounds of grasshoppers and the ocaisional rattle

I tag: @joshdunhasjoshfun @philipinhoe  @jazzysapphy @shadywinters and @youlooksolovely (You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to)

Get to know me

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Name/nickname: My name’s Phoenix

Gender: nonbinary (I use any pronouns)

Height: friggin’ tiny

Hogwarts house: idk, Ravenclaw maybe?

Favorite color: mauve

Time: afternoon

Last thing I Googled: “that one anime where of you die in the game you die in real life” (I forgot the name of Sword Art Online -_-)

Fictional character you’d want as a sibling: I think Amethyst from Steven Universe would be a cool sibling

How many blankets do you sleep with: a lot. I just pile ‘em on there, then kick them off in my sleep :P

Favorite bands/artists: I don’t have favorite artists, I like specific songs from a bunch of different ones

Dream vacation: a week at home with fast wifi, unlimited snack foods, a bunch of movies, and snow outside

What are you wearing: clothes

When did I make this blog: idk exactly

How many blogs do I follow: a lot

What I reblog/post about: whatever I feel like, memes, Steven Universe stuff, Supernatural stuff, art, whatevs

Do you get asks on a regular basis: I’ll get get the rare anon every now and then, but not usually

Aesthetic: idk

I tag @sarah-ends-with-h, @friendlyagender, @homo-tilaa-kasvi-e, @melancholicseaprince, @firestar13rain,

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Favorite Anime/Manga: BNHA, One Piece, One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Haikyuu!!, Dragon Ball Z, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head haha

Favorite Videogames: The Legend of Zelda series, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Pokemon, Overwatch, Rocket League, Grand Theft Auto V

Favorite Books: I don’t read as many books as I used to when I was younger. But books/series I’ve really enjoyed are Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Goosebumps, The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Outsiders

Favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead, The Flash, Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Voltron, Star Wars Rebels

Last song I listened to: 99 - MOB CHOIR. This has been on repeat since I first listened to it lmao

First Language: English

I tag: @crazytwirlcurls @thathilomgirl @bokunoochako @aurora-beams @leviossah @video-game-giirl @milkshakederbygal @charge-bolt @swiftwidget @bahkugou

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name/nicknames: rachel / rach 

gender: female 

star sign: libra 

height: 5′4 

favorite color: pastel colours..mainly yellow atm 💛 

time: 10:14 a.m. 

hours of sleep: hmm it can be different depending on the day but mainly 6 or 7 I think?? 

last thing i googled: the modules I’ll be studying for my upcoming college course *gets hit with all the nerves* 

# of blankets i sleep with: just the one big blanket! sometimes a second one when it gets cold during winter :) 

favorite artists: honestly bangtan quickly became one of my faves this year but I also really love hozier and ed sheeran… and I’ve been listening to a lot of walking on cars recently 

dream trips: I’ve always wanted to go to Rome since I was little…I absolutely love art and history so it would be amazing … I’d really like to go on a trip across europe with my friends as well :) 

dream job: working in the film industry doing all the cool behind the scenes stuff 

what I’m wearing: a blue string top and grey sweatpants 

when i made this blog: sometime this summer.. maybe around june/july?? 

what i post: bts although I’d like to start posting about some of the other groups and maybe a few dramas I like.. it would still be mainly a bts blog though 

asks on a regular basis: I haven’t sent many asks yet and I haven’t gotten any :)

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Name: mollie

Nickname: my gf calls me babe i guess that counts

Star Sign: virgo

Height: 5′ (small i kno)

Sexual Orientation: very lesbian

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favorite color: blue and purple are both nice

Favorite animal: cats… i love cats

Time right now: 8:36pm

Average hours of sleep: idk but it’s not enough lol

Cat person or dog person: see above (its cats)

Favorite fictional characters: carlos (the light of my life), and wayy too many others to list

Number of blankets I sleep with: one, if it’s really cold then two

Favorite singer/band: too many…,,.

Dream Trip: kinda wanna go on one of those huge roadtrips where u just go everywhere

Dream Job: something to do with making things (im in college for graphic design rn and thats pretty gr8)

When was this blog created: 2014 i think

Current number of followers: 470

What do you post: anything i like, mostly podcasts, cats, and general things i find cool or funny

When did your blog reach its peak: when that one post i made ended up with like 5000 notes somehow and i got a bunch of followers from that

What made you decide to get a tumblr: way back when in like 2012 i was in a hetalia roleplay group on deviantart (what a nerd) and then there was a skype group and then everyone made a tumblr so i did too

Why did you choose your URL: i post a lot of night vale and i love carlos… the x is in there bc perfectimperfection was taken… but it adds to the #aesthetic so its ok

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