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for the anon looking for stucky with samnat as a background pairing, Baghdad Waltz by Dreadnought is an awesome read :D (one of my favorites actually)

ah man i need to reread this one 

Baghdad Waltz by Dreadnought

Lieutenant Steve Rogers has done all the right things. Graduated West Point at the top of his class. Earned a coveted spot as an infantry officer. Found the woman of his dreams. Everything is going exactly as planned. That is, until he accepts a platoon leader position for a unit deploying to Iraq, where he’s reunited with the ex-boyfriend he’d rather forget but never could.


Sergeant First Class Barnes thinks he knows war. He lives in a wild cycle of military training, deployments, sex, drinking, and pining for his former best friend and ex-boyfriend, Steve Rogers. But when Lieutenant Rogers is assigned as his platoon leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Sergeant Barnes realizes that he doesn’t know the first thing about what it means to truly fight for something.


“There’s not gonna be any weird shit between you and Rogers, is there? I don’t know what happened between you two and don’t really care, but I definitely don’t need any weird shit on this deployment,” Captain Barton says.

“No, Sir. No weird shit,” Bucky says.

“Good, ‘cause things are gonna get pretty fuckin’ real once we get to Baghdad.”

One corner of Bucky’s mouth curves upward. “Don’t I know it.”

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What do you think of show!Tyrion and book!Tyrion (because lbr they're two completely different characters at this point)?

Hi there!

Sorry for the ridiculously late response… I had not forgotten or deleted, I suppose I needed some time to think about the answer, because Tyrion is not usually that persona I spend much time thinking/talking about. He’s not one of my favorites, book or show.

I’d say he’s one of my least favorites in the books. Yes, I said that. Why?

Poor Tyrion, a dwarf, very very ugly, nobody likes him, nobody appreciates the brilliant political mind he himself thinks he has, his sister and daddy hate him, his hooker girlfriend doesn’t love him, his child wife doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to have sex with him even though he’s super kind to her… in fact, nobody really loves poor Tyrion but his older brother whom he idolizes then completely humiliates with every word he can find… at least he has his wits, right? He’s funny and smart.

Except not as smart as he thinks he is, because he still ends up played by Littlefinger and Onella, convicted for murder after a trial by combat he himself stupidly asks for, then at the other side of the world, banging on the door of a girl with three dragons who’s his last hope, claiming he wants to rape his very own sister.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the complexity of Tyrion, he has some amazing quotes, I love the advice he gives Jon in their first meeting, but god, the man feels sorry for himself!
Sure, he has seen/lived through some shit, the things Tywin and Cersei do/say to him… not cool. It’s just that, Tyrion decides every misfortune that comes his way to ‘people hate me because I’m ugly’ and that’s… Not true. And annoying.

In all fairness, Tywin being disgusted by Tyrion’s drinking and whoring seems… not so strange to me? I think whoring is disgusting too. Not because I think whores are disgusting but because I think men who pay women to give them the joys of you know what are disgusting (same goes for other way around). I have no respect for men who buy women. It’s not just his dwarfism, it’s his behavior that insults, annoys and embarrasses Tywin and… I can see that? Tyrion is a sad excuse for a man at the beginning of A Game of Thrones, and he is right back where he started in Dance, worse off cause he lost Jaime and the Lannister gold support.

Trust Shae? Bring Shae to court? Dumbest thing ever. His treatment of Sansa? Not cool. Things he says to Jaime when Jaime releases him? Ouch, unnecessary. Brilliant mind? Not always.

Sansa is my girl, you all know that. Their wedding night disgusts me. Him feeling sexually attracted to Sansa makes me wanna gag.
Tyrion’s treatment of Sansa in the show… is basically why I can stand him a little better in there. He is honestly very kind of her, doesn’t mock her, looks out for her, doesn’t crawl naked on top of her…

It must be said, however, that the price for all his goodness is boringness and a lack of character depth. Crap! season six was his boring season. Was it thanks to Daenerys? Does this woman turn even Tyrion into boringness? Perhaps. Or perhaps the whitewashing has finally turned him into irrelevance. I was excited when I realized we’d get a Tyrion/Dany meeting, very excited. I was left disappointed. Peter Dinklage spend about eight episodes sipping wine, making very stupid jokes that didn’t even make greydull and misanduller laugh. *eyeroll*.

The show has gotten rid of most of his negative traits, I accepted that, but it also made him so much less fascinating. It made him very easy to like, much much easier to like than book Tyrion. I read somewhere that the show eliminated any kind of repercussions his murder of Tywin and Shae had on his character… I agree. Like I said, I’m cool with that, I’ve accepted it, I don’t care so much about him anyway.. what I cannot accept is two seasons of clumsy dialogue. What even is his purpose now? Serving Dany? Is he really going to be yet another guy who falls head over heels with Stormbrat? Will be be the voice whispering in her ear telling her to hold onto her humanity? The one who keeps her from sinking away in (unavoidable) insanity?

Tyrion confronting the Dornish lady (whose name I’ve kinda forgotten) about Myrcella’s murder and letting it go when Dany tells him ‘that’s enough!’ … What the fuck? R u srs? Book Tyrion, and show Tyrion both loved Myrcella. She was a good kid, gentle soul, absolutely innocent, did not deserve to die. He was RIGHTLY pissed about it. Dany tells him to cut it and… he does?

Never mind, I’ve changed my mind just writing that down. I dislike book Tyrion because, despite the shit he goes through, he still sounds like the privileged guy feeling sorry for himself. God you have no idea how many guys like that I meet on a daily basis… I can’t stand them. But fuck, I’d rather have that Tyrion, independent, wonderfully cynic and interesting than Tyrion-another-tool-in-Dany’s-toolbox-Lannister with his nose still attached.

Blindspot fan profile

Name/Nickname: Laura (the other one lol)

Age: 26

Where are you from:  Australia

When did you jump aboard the Blindspot train: I actually saw the pilot on preview night at San Diego Comic Con in July 2015, so I guess I was technically on the train before it even pulled into the station haha. Though with that said, I don’t think I became properly addicted to the show until about episode 4 or 5.  

Other fandoms you’re in/TV shows you watch: Prison Break and Under The Dome are my two main fandoms. My more current shows are Timeless, Lucifer, Brooklyn 99, Peaky Blinders, Travelers, and Westworld, to name just a few.

Favorite Blindspot characters: Jane. Also Rich. I really just love Rich.

Favorite ships: Definitely Jeller. I also miss Reade/Sarah and Patterson/David.

Favorite episodes: The ones where Jane is appreciated and treated with respect lol. Preferably also ones that have tender Jeller moments…

Favorite whatever you want: Favourite wardrobe item– Jane’s cargo pants. I just love Jane’s practical, badass pants and I will defend them to the death haha

If you were a Blindspot character, who would you be: Honestly, I actually used to identify a fair bit with Allie… until they reduced both her and her uterus to a plot device.

One dead character you would bring back: Mayfair. No hesitation.

One guest star (who has appeared only once) you want to come back: *pounds fists on table* RONDA ROUSEY! RONDA ROUSEY!

One recurring character you’d love to have promoted to regular: Rich, but only if his scenes were in moderation. I wouldn’t want his awesomeness to get old.  

Share a little bit about yourself (don’t be shy): Well, most of my life is spent in the hospital, trying to make sure people don’t die. The rest is a mix of reading, writing, sculpting, binge watching TV shows, spoiling my pampered cat, and either travelling or planning my next travel. I’m hoping to be abroad for all of next year which will be huge and scary and exciting.

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Loke always been one of my favorite characters, and I'm a little pissed that he was reduced to a gag spirit after the GMG arc. But... if you could develop him, his magic, and his relationships, what do you think you'd do? I wanted to see more of the Casanova Spirit

Me toooooo god, I still can’t believe what Mashima did to him. Just shove the dude on a bus when you don’t need him and drag him back for drama, whatever. I don’t care yes I do

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Forgive me if you have been asked already, but what is the meaning behind your URL?

Hey anon! No worries at all. My URL is derived from an old character of mine named Gilly Jones. Her full name is Galadriel Jones. I named her after the title character in the children’s book The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson, which is one of my favorites. Gilly Jones is this sad, strange girl from a sad, strange kingdom where her father is the king pin of some sad, strange mafia. They live in a castle surrounded by a haunted fig orchard. In any case, when I got here, I needed a name, and so I borrowed hers. She’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written, and I still think about her a lot. I kind of miss her and hope very much to get back to her someday. The URL is like a reminder. <3


Ahhh I was hoping you would show up so I could fawn all over you.

First, let me say I’m your biggest fangirl.  I haven’t had enough time lately to keep up with anyone’s writing but finishing your masterlist is right at the top of my pile of things to read.  I literally have a folder full of bookmarks called “To Be Read” and every single one of your pieces that I haven’t read yet are on there because I have this physical need to read every thing you ever write.  You are easily one of my top five favorite writers on this site and I would, without hesitation, buy anything you ever published.  I genuinely think you have the talent and skill to be a published author if that was something you were interested in.

Also, while we are talking about your writing…will I ever be able to read something you’ve written without crying?  I have this feeling that the answer is no except when you write something that is just straight smut and end me anyways because of hidden kinks I have being exposed in it.  You are my go-to whenever anyone asks me for angst recommendations because you do it like no one else.  Every time I know what I’m in for but I go in anyways and then end up ugly sobbing and carrying the story with me for so long afterwards that sometimes I am still bummed out the next day.  I still haven’t been able to read the second part of a certain series because I know the ending isn’t going to be happy and…omfg my heart is already breaking thinking about it…but I love it.  :’)

Finally!  It seems like every time we learn something new about each other we end up twinning.  I remember you said something on your blog about having bottles of wine and champagne in your closet and I was over here on the other side of the world like… “that’s my girl” because same.  Same.  I hope this new adventure in your life treats you well because you deserve it.  When you come back and post more I’m going to be the first one dying because of you…but I’ll love it.  <3

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll write a post about you

Happy 20th, Stargate SG-1

I was thinking about whether or not I should write something, or if I should simply keep on reblogging amazing gifsets and tributes for a little while before going to bed and calling it a day.

But it kept nagging me, and I can’t stand the thought of letting this go without at least having said something. Can’t let this day just slip by.

Of course I had to write something. 

It’s not every day one of your favorite shows turns 20. 

It’s hard for me to pick an absolute favorite show, but I think I’ve got it down to two. Doctor Who is pretty obvious, and most people I know wouldn’t be surprised. I think Stargate SG-1 would actually be a bit weirder for them to hear. But it’s the truth. This gem of a science-fiction action series is one of my favorite shows of all time. 

I don’t remember when I first started to watch Stargate. It’s one of those shows that was always on tv when I was a child. Or at least it feels like that (it still does. Literally every time I turn on the right channel, it’s there). I’m 21, so I wasn’t there from its inception. But my dad was. And he LOVES Stargate. 

I actually think that he showed me the movie first. We both share a love of science fiction (I probably got it from him), and I remember seeing that very very early (we’re talking maybe 6 or 7 years old). I think the subtitle was Danish.

Anyway, my dad usually sat watching reruns, or occasionally the new season, of Stargate SG1 late in the evenings in our living room. I don’t remember why, but I started sneaking down, hiding behind a bookcase, and trying to watch the show along with him. Of course, I was soon discovered, and he asked me to watch it with him. 

It became a Thing. Every other night, I would go down, make some sandwiches (and sometimes there’d be candy!) and pour a glass of milk and sit down in the sofa and watch Stargate SG1. I didn’t really watch it chronologically at first. I popped in whenever I was at my dad’s place and he’d explain to me if anything important had happened. The only moment out of these that I remember clearly enough was when I one day asked “Wait, what happened to Daniel? Who’s the new guy?” and found out that Daniel had died a few episodes prior. My heart was crushed! (I warmed to Jonas though). 

Of course, he came back. Because Daniel always comes back. (Lucky me, to finally find a favorite who always comes back.)

(Seriously though, Daniel was my first fictional crush. Which I’ve never gotten over.)

After a while, my dad started buying the DVDs, and we instead sat down and watched the show chronologically, which I’ve done many times over since. On my own, trying to get friends into it, trying to get my sister to watch it (which took time), etc. We also started watching Stargate Atlantis together, which was on tv on Fridays. Sci-fi Fridays. Even if I later have watched the show over and over, it was still Our Thing.

Which might seem odd to many, but it was very important to me. I’ve had a bit of a complicated relationship with my dad, to say the least. Sometimes I doubt if he’s capable of having an uncomplicated relationship with people (than again, who can do that?). But anyway, those Stargate evenings were, most of the time, a break from that. From arguments, from awkwardness, from temper tantrums. They were just there. And that was so important to me.

Now I’ve talked about one aspect of why this show is my favorite, and it’s a highly subjective reason at that. But it’s one reason of many, even if its very personally important.

I grew up with this show, and through that, I’ve grown up with these characters. More than any other show I’ve ever watched, it feels like I know these characters. They do feel like friends to me, as clichéd as that sounds. Friends and family. Their journeys, friendships and struggles means so much to me, because I’ve connected to them all throughout my life. And I think there are some absolutely wonderful characters on this show.

I think Stargate sets itself apart from other similar sci-fi shows. I mean, it’s not the most diverse (though Sam is an AMAZING female character for this sort of thing). It’s not always the most well-written. But it has such heart. It’s a militaristic show, sure, but at its heart, it’s about friendship and family and learning. It’s a militaristic sci-fi show that has such high hopes for humanity, and for the cooperation between peoples and species. Daniel’s idealism is treated as naive sometimes, but it’s also treated as exactly that - ideal. It has a core message that’s about being kind, about how humanity can learn new things, search for knowledge, and that it is what sets us apart. I love those kind of uplifting stories. And the actors and crew members behind this show put so much effort into it, and it shows. Sam Carter wouldn’t be half the amazing character she is without Amanda Tapping. Teal’c wouldn’t have his charm without Chris Judge.

And of course, the show doesn’t take itself seriously at all. I mean, yes, it can get serious, that’s not what I meant. But it has no problem mocking itself, making fun of itself, playing with expected tropes, playing with stereotypes. It knows so well how to have fun with what it is. It’s self-aware. It wants to make you laugh and it succeeds because they’re laughing along with you. And when it gets serious, you know its because they’ve really earned it. O’Neill has made me laugh and O’Neill has made me cry, and it always felt just as genuin. 

It’s not perfect, but in the end, it does what I think sci-fi does best, and that’s trying to tell us something about ourselves. It told me many things about myself, I know that. And it spawned wonderful spin-offs and audio dramas and books and comics and a fanbase that’s still going strong ten years after the show’s cancellation. Fans who are amazing and kind and who get such a warm welcome from the fantastic actors behind it. 

So, this has been my rambling about why this silly 10 season sci-fi show means so much to me, and yet I feel like I haven’t been able to say even half of the reasons it matters to me. Gotta save that for another time then. I’ve gotten enough sappiness for today. But I can’t help it, I love this show. I love the fans. I love the actors and the spin-offs (don’t know what to think about Origins yet, unsure about the era, but I’m excited for new Stargate stuff, always!). 

Got to finish of by saying that my heart has probably never beat as fast as those two days about a year apart when I got to talk to two of those actors who’s meant so much to me throughout my life, and my face has probably never been so red and I’ve probably never mumbled and rambled as much. But they were super graceful and amazing people, dealing with me, and I love them all the more for it. (My face is just a huge smile in these pictures and it looks WEIRD but I have to deal with it and I will still treasure them SO MUCH)

Thank you, Stargate SG-1. Happy 20th anniversary. 


I was tagged by the lovely @trembling-hands, thanks for the tag, I love these things 💕

Let’s talk about your story! Here’s what you do: 1. how many stories are you writing? 2. What’s your favorite story/favorite post you’ve written? 3. Who do you personally ship in your story? 4: Who do you think has had the most character development in your story (bonus: why) 5. Tag 3 story simblrs that you’ve been reading!

1. At the moment I’m writing one fantasy story: Bloodline, and one legacy (which is half playgame and half story, or something like that): the Branson legacy.

2. Uhm… since I don’t want to pick a favourite between my two currently projects because I love them both, I’ll choose the “favourite post” option. So, my favourite post is Michael and Arizona’s first dance – which is not written at all, but I love the pics and all the atmosphere – and, for the story… I’m really in love with a post that is still in my drafts and that I haven’t published yet (because I need to review it to fix the errors) and it’s a post centered on Rowan, on her feelings, thoughts and such. It’s a very introspective post, I’ve loved writing it.

3. I obviously ship Michael and Arizona because they are the founders of my random legacy challenge. I have also some ships in Bloodline but I can’t say it otherwise I’ll spoil you the plot.

4. I know who will have the most character development in my story, but I really can’t say it because, again, I don’t want to spoil you the plot.

5. I tag more than 3 simblrs: @simwithsparkles @barleycoffee @fatpandasims @recklessims and @xsavannah987x, I love these talented girls and their stories (actually I love everything they do) and I can’t choose only three of them.

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Hey loser❣💕

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I……. cant……. believe…….. so many people think of my blog as of one of their favorites……. When i started i thought i’m gonna make 2 or 3 posts and just leave it all behind and now i’m here?? wow??? my first 100 followers were so unexpected and first 500 were so special and it felt incredible and it still feels incredible every time i see someone followed me 🙈🙈 I am so thankful to everyone! I love you all and i’ll do my best to make your days a lil bit happier! 

If I’m one of your favorite blogs send me “hey loser”

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do you like grease? grease is one of my favorite movies but my dad thinks it's cursed. (you guys please don't start discourse katz has had enough)

never seen it! but i love greasers as an aesthetic… and also the outsiders is one of my fave books. that isn’t what you asked but i wanted to share

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Is it just me or is there generally no love for Tensou Sentai Goseiger?

To be honest, it’s my least favorite Super Sentai series.  

Of course, for me that’s like saying my least favorite chocolate cake or least favorite adorable puppy.  I still enjoy it, it just has problems.  However, one problem it is does not have is the cast.  I mentioned puppies and adorable before and seriously, this is one of the cutest main casts ever!

They are so Precious that GoGo Sentai Boukenger should lock them away for the good of the world! I have zero issues with the casting of this show. 

What I do have an issue with are the villains.  I like good villains in my Super Sentai, villains we can grow to know and stick around.  Think Rio and Mele from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger or Bandora and her gang from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  That’s where Goseiger comes up the weakest. They don’t have a consistent roster of antagonists for more than 15 episodes at a time.  We cycle through three groups of baddies in the course of the series.

Mind you, this can be done well as in the previously mentioned Boukenger.  There we had four different villain groups but they all existed together and we were never sure which ones we would be dealing with at any given time.  They also worked off and something with each other to give us a more complex group of antagonists.

Goseiger, on the other hand only had one villain who lasted the entire show and he was ok, I guess. 

The other problem Goseiger suffered was being sandwiched between two massively popular fan favorite series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.  It’s not really fair to that show that it had such an amazing entry to follow and then got massively overshadowed by it’s own successor in the minds of fandom.

Thanks for the question!

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You talked about using bed blankets for your beds. Could you possibly show us some of your favourites? Have a nice weekend!

I can sort of do that… Many of the ones I use were made by Impishparody and I think were on Black Pearl Sims, and I honestly don’t know where they might be found now. I think there’s archives of BPS stuff somewhere…but I don’t know where. Probably someone who follows me knows, though, so check the replies this might get. :) That said, the one I use most often is this one:

Which is here. It works well with beds that have low or no footboard. Sometimes I have to turn grid-snapping off and shift it around a little if there are bits of footboard that poke through. For beds that have taller footboards, my favorite is this one:

I like that it’s sort of poofy, so it looks more like a comforter/duvet than just a bedspread or blanket. I’m pretty sure that’s one of Impishparody’s. She made both double and single versions of like 10 different styles, and I’m pretty sure that’s one of them.

Another thing I like to do is layer the blankets, since they will snap to an OMSP. I use the shiftable OMSPs, so I’ll put a blanket on the bed itself, then attach a different one to an OMSP, raise it so that the second blanket sits right on top of the first one, and then turn of grid-snapping and place it on top of the bed like so:

So it looks like an extra blanket on top of the bedspread/comforter. It also serves to break up patterns if I feel like it’s needed. Or, conversely, to add pattern, if I’ve used a solid blanket on the bed. I’m pretty sure the solid blanket on top in the above pic is another of Impi’s; that’s the one I most often use to layer, because I can make it so that it hangs off one edge of the bed without it looking stupid on the other side. :)

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5; 11; 58 😘

5: Favourite sex position? Tbh i have no idea. I like being on top tho (which is super weird since i’m a sub, go figure)

11: What does your favourite sexy underwear look like? I don’t think i have a favorite one either because i don’t own a lot of lingerie but most of it is really sexy :’) i have this dark green lacy bra + matching panties and i really like them because it brings out my slytherin pride ahah

58: Booty or Boobs? Ugh tough one. I’m gonna say boobs

Ok, here’s another challenge for you all while I do my cardio. If you name your favorite character and whatever series they’re from, I will tell you what paladin oath I’d think they’d swear and why. I won’t be accepting any anons for this one, because I only want to answer one character per person. So choose wisely.

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what are your five favorite episodes of brooklyn nine nine?

i’ll answer what I THINK are michelle’s favourite episodes

1) Johnny & Dora bc ?? obviously

2) ??

3)  okay i don’t really know but one of my favourite episodes is jimmy jabs: the hitchcock and charles side plot is so damn funny

4) Another one of my favs is boyle-linetti wedding goddamn so much peraltiago chemistry

5) Chasing Amy: get yourself a romance where the friendship factor is large

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I'm new to the Dr. Zone Files show, but I loved the comics when I was a kid. My dad would always buy them for me when they came out. My favorite one, I can't remember the title, was the one where Time Ape got stranded in Victorian England and befriended that blind orphan. I swear, I used to have to read it in my room with the door closed so nobody would see me crying.

Was it called ‘Things that Transcend Time’ by any chance? I think I remember that one….

Time Ape befriending children in various time periods makes my heart soar. He’s such a dad to them!

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oooh for the yoi themed asks: 11, 12, 17? (sorry if someone else beat me to any of them)

11. favorite line of dialogue: oh man this is… a really hard one. i think “when i open up, he meets me where i am” is a really good one, especially with some understanding of the use of the word “fumikomu” in the sentence. it sets a really, really good scene for how yuuri’s and victor’s relationship develops, and it’s also just… important. i’m also very partial to “i’ll show my love to the whole of russia” lmfkshjdf

my actual all-time favorite line of dialogue is ironically from the english dub: “this program is me. victor and i created this program together, and i love it so much it hurts.” josh grelle straight up murdered me in my own home

12. favorite meta: there’s a lot of good meta… idk if i have a favorite?? i mean anything i write i obvs agree with… yuuri and victor getting snowflakes on their rings bc it was snowing the day they met. anything in which victor is smart and well read and/or yuuri is capably landing quad axels. victor comes out in a magazine interview and yuuri saves it and keeps it in his drawer for years.

17. which character are you most like?: im probably yuuri but with victor’s depression and big gay forehead