but i think this one is my favorite one

There have been a lot of wonderful Wes Craven tributes popping up since the news of his passing hit on Sunday night, but I think this piece by Matt Ryan is my favorite.

The piece was created for HorrorHound Weekend, where raffle tickets will be available for two prints: one unsigned and one signed by the Nightmare on Elm Street cast in attendance.

All proceeds will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute in Craven’s name. Below you’ll find a statement from HorrorHound’s Trevor Collins with additional details.

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CS + Me

Requested by Anonymous.

This request was a very special one for me because the Anon wanted me to choose my own top 10 CS moments after making the top CS moments as part of the CS friendship project for other people.

This was so very sweet and really touched my heart <3 Thank you Anon for thinking of me :)

So this is actually the 300 word I’m doing for this project (not including the quotes) and so I thought it can be special to do for the 300 one :) 

Now I want to explain a little bit my choices :) It’s not by order (it was hard enough to choose only 10, I could never rank them), except for the first one which is my ultimate favorite on the show. Hook being jealous of Past!Hook is maybe the most genius and hilarious thing they ever came up with lol, it was too damn perfect for me, so this is my number one!

As for the rest of them, I loved jealous Emma too because I love love love jealousy scenes, especially when they come in time of need, for the character and for the viewers too. Emma was about to go to lunch with Neal, Hook decided to step down and let Neal have a shoot with her, all should have gone in the entire opposite direction and then “boom” she sees him with someone else and her true feeling she was trying to conceal go up into the surface. And once it happens Hook’s realizes his promise to Neal is worthless because Emma has her own mind about who she wants to be with, even if she doesn’t want to admit it. So this was a real key point for me. It was also one of the things that made me know for sure that they are canon.

The scarf scene was the first scene that made my heart shiver for them for the first time. I realized I was hooked at that same moment.

The “when I win your heart” scene I chose for the same shiver I just talked about going through my heart when he said it. If you remember, there were promotional pictures for it, but it kinda looked like they are having a regular kinda serious talk there, we had no idea this was about to happen and it was just too much.

I chose the door moment because I think this is the moment we were all waiting for from Emma. I think this is the moment she finally let herself realize how in love she really is. I was so touched by it because we were waiting for so long for her to take down her walls and this is her realizing taking them down was the right choice.

I chose that moment in the sheriff station because it was the first time that I looked at them and saw a couple. They were so damn happy, no one was trying to hide or run away from the excitement. I remember thinking “OMG, they are boyfriend and girlfriend, finally!”

I loved the Neverland kiss, but I think the moment I loved most was that second after. The moment where the impact of the kiss on both of them is showed. I think it was the first time Hook looked liked he belongs to her.

The kiss on 4x03 was my favorite CS kiss so far. There is something about Hook initiating the kisses which is just so powerful and he does it in such a sexy way. He always let her lead up until that moment and truly respected her and her timing, but at that moment he knew he could go in for a kiss and it will be o.k because of the confidence her words gave him. It was an important moment for him to realize how much she truly cares.

As I was making the CS friendship project, I realized that the “don’t you know Emma, it’s you” moment is becoming one of the shippers top CS moments. A lot have requested to include it on their list and I’m not the exception ;) I just think this sentence value even more than an “I love you” because it talks about the infinite of his emotions. And of course there is the way Colin delivered the line and Jen acting with the response that just made that shiver appear once more.

I loved their fourth first meeting (lol, and I love that I can actually say that sentence and it would make sense, best show ever!!!). Colin!Hook, as I like to call him, fell in love with Emma at first sight and she looked more in love than ever. I think it was maybe the best exchange of looks that they had on the show.

So that’s it :) I hope you all like my choices as well :) That’s amazing how everybody can have his/her own favorite ones and we all share the same taste (the CS taste), but can have different sight on things within it. And the variety is so great!!! It’s so hard to choose only some of them.

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

Full “CS + word” list made so far

DIY Marbleized Washer Necklace Tutorial from Alisa Burke.

I think this may be one of my favorite hardware washer DIYs yet. All you need are washers from the hardware store and nail polish. For one of the best archives of DIY hardware store jewelry go here: truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com/tagged/hardware

Parker knows things that others don’t. She’s insane, yes, but completely brilliant. She’s sacrificed her “normalness” for her jobs. People can’t be trusted; she’s known this for a long time. It was this desperate desire for people to understand the longing she knows so well for her brother that made her start stealing.

She’s truly one of the most fascinating characters and one of my favorites. Parker doesn’t bother herself with normalness and despite being hurt by the world; she’ll still do her best to help the others save others.

I think that new marks underestimate her and she loves it. Parker has always been lethal and brilliant and no one besides her team and possibly a few others have ever recognized it. By the time the marks catch up, they’re catching a glimpse of three figures standing, with a lithe blonde in the middle with a razor sharp smile.

Money is her way of proving she’s valuable. She knows that the more she has, the better. It’s a value taught to her from a very young age, even though she doesn’t care to actually buy anything. So she keeps money.

She’s the youngest of the team, but is perhaps one of the strongest. She is the best thief of the world and a mastermind. Parker doesn’t need the team to be an amazing thief, but she needs them to be human.

An Elegy for ‘Hannibal,’ TV’s Most Twisted Love Story

By the way, that is the title from the Wall Street Journal’s article on the finale. As promised, here are a few of my favorite quotes from interviews with Bryan (and one with Hugh) post-season finale. They are Hannigramilicious! ≧◡≦ But in all seriousness, I don’t think there should be a debate on whether Hannigram is canon or not, Bryan Fuller has said it is. End of the debate. I will also be making a post of my favorite excerpts from wonderful reviews of the finale, but this got a bit long so take it as part one. Now onto the quotes!

What’s going through Hannibal’s mind when Will takes them over the cliff?
BRYAN: I think he’s thinking, “Oh s–t, I’m falling!” [Laughs.] No, in seriousness, I think he’s feeling that embrace and that’s the first thing that he’s feeling, and even as he’s plunging into the Atlantic, he’s first and foremost thinking about the man he’s holding onto and the man who’s holding onto him.


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BADLANDS - favorite lyrics from each song

insp. (x)

“In the enchanted forest? Do you think I like dysentery and a 40-year life expectancy? No, no, that’s your world. I like room service and indoor plumbing. You’re welcome to a happy ending in your land. I’ll take one in mine.”

This actually confirms one of my favorite headcanons.  That the standard of living in SB is a lot higher and likely the life expectation a lot greater.


I know I am not the only one who gets this feeling but, you all don’t know how much I love and DIE to draw like parts-and-services. I just hate telling my true feeling about one person or another that I like and love. All I could say is she is one fucking hell of a artist. I do mean it in a good way!! My heart would literally jump every time I get a Tumblr notification from parts-and-services! (Yes, my notifications are on for a couple of followers I know and love. And I think you know who you are. :3) I may be shy around my favorite accounts, but I am not afraid of doing nice things like drawing some fan arts for my favorite followers on here! Uhm…Now I feel embarrassed.. Ó///~///Ò; .. I dunno what else to say.. Well, please follow parts-and-services!! She is literally a sweetheart!! 😄 As always, stay sweet everybody! ~Natalie

anonymous asked:

HEYYYY!! So, I just got introduced to theater months ago... And I just made a tumblr and found your amazing account! I just wanna ask what are the Top 10 musicals that i should watch if I'm really into comedy and romance? And who are your favorite Broadway actors? Thank you so much! Your account is the best! ☺️

I’m really glad you got into theatre! And I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I try each time to make something relatable and funny for my followers. 

I’m sure many people can think of comedic and romantic musicals, but here are some of the ones I know of and like. These are basically a mix of comedy and romance, with some learning towards one more than the other:
1. Legally Blonde
2. Shrek
3. Wicked
4. Seussical
5. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
6. Aladdin
7. Matilda
8. Singin’ in the Rain
9. Hairspray
10. A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
And asking me my favorite anything related to theatre is opening a can of worms! Some of my favorite Broadway actors are Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Samantha Barks, and Norm Lewis. Kind of a Les Mis/Phantom 25th anniversaries theme, but that’s how I first fell in love with theatre so they’ll always have a special place in my heart. They’re the actors I love overall. There are other actors I love because of their excellence in a certain role, such as Andy Mientus, Wallace Smith, Aaron Tveit, Michael Arden, Renee Elise Goldsberry, and Taye Diggs. And of course I have always loved and will always love the queen, Julie Andrews

Thanks so much for the ask! I love talking about theatre! If anyone wants to share their own answers, you can message me. Remember, you’re great!


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Who, across all DA games, is your favorite companion character? -Cullen, Josephine, and Leliana included if one of them is your favorite.


Across all the DA games, ay? Hmmmm…..


I think that Zevran comes into first place, with Dorian or Fenris pulling up a very close second. Zevran and Dorian kinda switch for first depending on my mood xD Alistair has a special place in my heart though because that was my very first play through / romance.

I love love LOVE Morrigan, Isabela, and Cassandra. Also Josephine because sweet beautiful but politically deadly cinnamon roll xD

Thanks for the question! :)

My favorite thing about fandom is being won over.

By headcanons, by characters, by whole fandoms. The characters I love most aren’t the ones that I took an immediate interest in. They’re the ones I didn’t care for at first, or didn’t notice, or didn’t understand, the ones about whom I eventually read just the right story, or meta, or gif set tag flail.

I love that every time I see them after that, I get to think:

I can’t believe I ever doubted you. I’m so glad I was wrong.

anonymous asked:

who likes to play splatoon?

Acacia: Okay, we tried to look that up but couldn’t find anything, and Hank thinks you meant Squidoon. Uncle Dipper says that sometimes things change across dimensions - guessing that’s one of them. So, yeah, we play, but only five and six. They’re the most recent ones. Squids in Space, baby!

Hank: It’s not very realistic, but the black ink ‘wormhole’ mechanic does add an extra challenge in versus battles, not to mention the zero-gravity blob chambers. You do not want to run out of ink to swim through in those. It’s almost worse than getting stuck in enemy colors.

Willow: Sometimes I play, though it’s not my most favorite game. Mostly I let mom take my controller for this one.


My Favorite Synth

I bought another synth, a real classic, I got the monophonic Roland SH-101 sent to me from Japan. Now my rig is full (or is it ever?).

I think the SH-101 is my favorite synth, at least right now. It’s easy to lose hours messing around, and it’s almost hard to render a bad sound with it. I really like the noise modulation, which produce a warm, gritty tone.

The step sequencer is great for a scratch pad and the arpeggiator serves well by looping notes while tweaking parameters and testing different settings.

The SH-101 doesn’t have MIDI but there’s a few workarounds in a common modern rig, e.g. using the MiniBrute, one can convert MIDI (from the DAW) to CV. And by doing this, one can play and even send the MiniBrute’s sequencer/arpeggiator to the SH-101. Also, it’s possible to simply sync the clock from any volca module or drum machine with CV gate out or trigger out like the old TR-606.

On the downside, the LFO rate is shared with the sequencer/arpeggiator speed, although by connection an external clock, internal connections of built-in clocks are cut and detaches the LFO rate from clock speed.

Anyway, it’s a really fun synth to play – instant gratification and all.

I’ve come to prefer several gear, specialized (but limited) with their own characteristics, to my sound palette. I also value analog stuff above digital signal processing (DSP), because the omnipotent DAW and the versatile softsynths can handle digital just fine. And analog needs to be hardware by definition.

The idea is not to expand my rig too much, I wanna push the equipment as far as possible, not just solving the problem by getting a new device. But when the time comes, I will change gear, replace it, one at a time. I think that upgrading and rearranging gear can be inspiring.

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Camsten & Camus double date mini golfing😊

Hey! I love this request! I think I’ve seen one like this already, but mines going to be a bit different! I hope you guys enjoy! Also quick thing, you all can follow my main blog @chloeonice. I’m typing on mobile, so I apologized for the lack of, well, everything. :)


It was a Friday night and Camille and Kirsten sat on the couch eating pizza, watching TV. They were watching Scandal, one of Camilles favorite TV shows.

“I don’t get how this is so interesting,” Kirsten laughed. Camille giggled. The girls both took another slice of pizza from the box in front of them.

“So listen, I have a favor to ask…” Camille said slowly, looking up at Kirsten. Kirsten sighed.

“Alright, what do you want?” Kirsten asked plainly. Camille squeezed her eyes shut, preparing to ask Kirsten to reject her.

“So Linus, asked me on a date,” Camille paused and glanced up to see Kirsten.

“Go on,” Kirsten said, motioning for her to continue.

“So, like I was saying, Linus asked me on a date,” Camille said, “And, I thought I thought it would be awkward if it was just me and him. I told him I would go, if we were with other people, like on a double date. So I, uh, I also kinda told him, we would do it with you. And Cameron. Please don’t be mad!” Kirsten laughed.

“Why would I be mad?” She said with a smile, “Of course I’ll go! It’s just like hanging out with Cameron.”

“But, it’s a date..?” Camille countered.

“It’s not a real date, it’s a fake date! It’s not like I’m actual going out with “Dr. Goodkin” over here,“ Kirsten said. Camille smiled and thanked her, then they decided they should go to bed.

Kirsten woke up the next morning to a blaring alarm, and a put in her stomach. She threw the fluffy white blanket off her and chose out a "professional” looking outfit, that consisted of jeans and a white blouse. She pinned her hair up and walked into her kitchen to make herself breakfast. Just then, she checked her phone to see a text from Cameron telling her to meet at the lab now. Kirsten sighed, grabbed a banana, and walked out the door.

After an eventful day of stitching, Kirsten approached Cameron to talk about their “double date”.

“Hey, earth to Dr. Goodkin,” she said, waving hand in his face, “You and I are going mini golfing with Camille and Linus tonight.”

“Y-you and I-I?” Cameron stuttered. “But that’s like,” He lowered his voice, “a date!” Kirsten laughed.

“Yes it’s a date. But it’s not a real date. It’s just to make Camille happy. Now go home and change so you’re ready for tonight,” Kirsten told him.

“But-” Cameron tried to say,

“Pick me up at seven.” Kirsten said with a wink, as she turned and walked away.

Part II coming soon! There will be fluff 😏

Naturally, having a few Disney Infinity figures has sparked a desire for more, but I don’t know who.

I want some more Disney ones. My brother wants Rapunzel (Tangled is his favorite Disney movie), and I’ll probably get a Moana when the movie comes out (hopefully it’s not a Disney Infinity 4.0 figure)…if I got a Sadness, I would want a Joy, too, but I don’t think I can do that without getting the full pack…eh. We’ll see.

I also need to actually PLAY the game, but that will happen tomorrow and/or Thursday.

For now, I’m just delighting in the fact that the toys can crossover while still matching style. It’s brilliant and delightful. 

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What is Liamma? O_O

Liam Jones x Emma Swan - One of my favorite AU pairings/rare pairs to explore via fic/graphics/headcanons etc. They are also my current icon.

Captain Swan is my OTP of OTP’s, but out of show, in fic and other fun fandomy mediums, I LOVE exploring random ships and how they would interact etc. It’s one of my favorite things ever as a writer because it forces me to think outside of the box and really really get into all the little details of the characters’ personalities and how two characters that have maybe never met would mesh, since the writers haven’t done that for us.

It’s lots of fun and it also makes for finding some pretty couples. :D

Tbh hypnosis tracks on YouTube is like my new favorite thing. Like I think of hypnosis like someone doing mental surgery on my brain and fixing all the bad shit, one by one. Like I just experienced a half hour long body positivity hypnosis, and as someone who is constantly uncomfortable with their body, this is the best I’ve felt about it in a long ass time. Also I know some people hate this but I find being completely controlled just by a voice or a snap of fingers really exhilarating?? I just really like hypnosis ok 10/10 would recommend