but i think this looks kinda ok

“I get a cult feeling from BRAND NEW MORNING. The part where they’re standing in two lines with each member in the middle is screaming blood oath and sisterhood to the death. It’s like MM is an underground sorority that every girl wants to join but they don’t know about the dark secrets they have. It makes me kinda sad how some (mostly non-H!P) groups have a feel like this.”

“I really question the politic background of whoever decided to let BRAND NEW MORNING look the way it looks, I mean… black and red, ok, they often use this but… 2 pillars at the beginning… red curtains with 2 of the other pillars in focus, RIGHT HAND in the air WHILE walking in a CROSS position, all military style. WTF were they thinking? Fancy 3rd Reich style, geil? Wasn’t Ai no Gundan questionable enough?”

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Ok, so I just discovered your art and I FREAKING LOVE IT!! I'm hoping to buy some merch on your Redbubble, and I had a question about the stickers. For "Cuddles" and "Baby Angel" do you know if the text bubble and the art are two separated stickers? It kinda looks like they are, but I'm not sure. Thanks! <3

HI OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS SO PRECIOUS I’M CRYING THANK YOU ALOT OMG I CAN’T WRITE UGH AAAA💗💗💗💗💎✨😍😭 I think they’re separated! But i can make the one piece only! Tell me if you want to!

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please consider:

neither Lance or Keith has ever dated anyone.

  • ok ok so when Keith and Lance start dating, both of them think the other has dated 23598 other people before: 
    • Keith thinks Lance is so dang confident, like, that guy has totally dated at least twelve people; just look at the way he flirts!
    • and Lance’s inner monologue goes something like: “jesus christ Keith is so hot I’m not on his level he must have dated way hotter people than me somebody Help”
  • buT THEN the first time they kiss, both boys are thinking “wow, he really isn’t that great of a kisser?”
    • and Lance kinda says so, and Keith’s like “well sorry, I’ve never actually kissed anyone before dude”
    • “WHAT? but…but…but you’re Keith!”
    • “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not so hot at kissing either you know”
    • “That’s because I’ve never kissed anyone either!”
    • “THE HELL?”
  • so neither of them have any experience in anything. are they supposed to lace their fingers together while holding hands or go for the Mitten Hold? when is it acceptable to start sharing a bed? is celebrating a one month anniversary too soon? what counts as PDA?
    • french kissing?? how?? even? does that work???
  • they’re actually The Worst at this
  • one morning Keith gets up and makes this big awesome breakfast in the castle’s kitchen, and when Lance finally drags himself out of bed he’s like “aw, Keith, you made me pancakes? and bacon?? you’re the best, man!”
    • Keith looks up from stuffing his face. “made you breakfast? um…I…didn’t. this is for me.”
  • one of the first times they start really making out and getting into it and shirts start coming off, Keith gets a little brave
    • “Keith, did you just kiss my nipple?
    • “NO. Yeah. Um. Did you not-I mean, was–”
    • “I just didn’t know-”
    • “-was it bad?”
    • “–that was a thing?” and Lance smiles and tips Keith’s chin up to kiss him again and smiles. “but I liked it.” 
  • Allura sees all of this Awkward Boyfriend stuff going on in full glory, and it takes all of her willpower not to sit the boys down and give them some lessons. 
    • Keith finds Allura and Shiro whispering furiously to each other in the hall one day:
    • “They need help, Shiro!”
    • “You can’t just step into their relationship. You have to let them figure–”
    • “–like little baby Glarmo’ai–”
    • “–for themselves–”
    • “–they don’t even know how to hold hands.”
    • Shiro puts his face in his hands. “oh my god I know.”

yes i’m bi i get crushes on both guys and girls!! theyre just different. like yknow when you see a girl and your heart thuds and your face gets hot and you keep looking at her bc of how pretty she is and you keep thinking about her for hours or even days later,,, and then when you see a guy and hes like. your age and kinda ok looking you guess? and you feel compelled to glance at him and you wonder blankly if he’s talking to his friends about you. yknow crushes!!!!

tribute to ronald

“See back in ‘48 was when I heard of this magic place
When the atom bomb crushed a small country in its natural state
Rebuilt itself into a fine little real estate
And reeled in any American chains with exceptional taste”


Ok so, I will go out on a limb and say this: I think the person we saw in these glitches wasn’t the “real” Anti. This guy just stares at us (first gif), looks at us as if he’s in pain and wants us to help him (second gif) and then, when he talks about “true likeness of your soul”, he stares at us again with a face that kinda says “Do you really know Jack that well?”.. What if Jack is NOT Jack? What if Anti took over him after “Say Goodbye” and pretended to be him until now? And the Jack we see in the second gif is trying to ask for help, maybe..?

Also, the thumbnail: there’s Anti in the front and then, hidden behind him, we see Jack! Like, the tables have turned! And for the whole episode, we heard the sentence “I am you but you are not me”.. That is a weird coincidence, I think.. what do you guys think? Am I seeing things? haha

(from “BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS | Detention 返校 - Part 4 (END)”)


Ever since President Annoying Orange von GrabbyHands came into office, there’s been a lot of chatter about Orwell, and 1984, and whether this or that is Orwellian. Amazon was actually sold out of copies of 1984 for a few days after Kellyanne Conway said that falsehoods being spread by the administration were “Alternative Facts.”

So today I want to talk about 1984, what “Orwellian” actually means, and how Orwell explores the impact of language on thought and dissent with NewSpeak in his novel. And, at the end, we will look at how these concepts do and don’t apply to today’s political climate

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EXO Reaction || Coming Home And Seeing Their Girlfriend Topless In Front Of A Mirror, Holding Her Breasts And She Casually Asks Them If they Think Her Boobs Are uneven
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“I’d probably have to check it myself”


“Your breasts are…”
*Laughs because he literally feels weird about the situation*
“Look, I can tell you in bed tonight, ok?”


“Doot, doot, doot~ boner. Doot, doot, doot~”


/ So should I stare at her boobs or will that be impolite /


“I don’t see a difference”


“What are you talking about and why are you shirtless?”


“Well, I think your body looks perfect”


“What did you ask? Sorry, I was kinda lost for a second there”


“I can’t tell from looking”


“Maybe? Or not? I don’t know, breasts are breasts, does it matter?”


“Why are you asking me? Should they be different size or what?”


“Pff, silly. A guy wouldn’t notice any difference”


related to sawasprout comic 🌼 all the little plants in miyuki’s garden

also please see the amazing daiya plants by @narameval!

OK, but you know what else is awesome about Undyne.

She knows how to play music, I mean, she has a piano IN her house, and I don’t think it’s acknowledged that often, since people just look at her badass warrior side and kinda forgets other sides of her personality ( which isn’t too bad BUT YKNOW ) and she probably also plays along while Napstablook practices DJ-ing and Shyren sings and helps them become better since they’re both probably too shy to let other people talk with them in general and I find that the most CUTEST THING EVER I LOVE UNDYNE SO MUCH YOU GUYS OHMYGODD

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I really really love your r76 powerless comic! But I didn't really understand the plot :( Do you maybe have a post where you've explained it? I'm really sorry if I come across as rude

Ok, for the last time: here’s a brief.

  • Gabriel acts weird and looks like he’s kinda sick. He goes on a mission.
  • You can’t eat in the armory - Gabriel hates that.
  • Jack doesn’t understand a shit and acts like a worried wife.
  • Ana is tired of Jack’s shit and Reinhardt doesn’t talk much.
  • Angela knows but doesn’t tell a shit.
  • Gabriel looks fine.
  • Sex scene with socks.
  • Blood.
  • Jack still doesn’t understand a shit, but he thinks Gabriel is fine now, so who cares anymore?
  • McCree has the noisier laugh ever.


Ok but me and my sister came up with something and honestly this made me feel so much better. Think about this , everytime a SW actor die they join the SW universe fully. So nope, Carrie is not really dead , she became one with Leia Organa , she is now in the Sw universe FITE ME ON THIS. SO if you want to see what she’s doing you will have to wait for next year or go re-watch the originals so you can see Carrie aka LEIA. SHE IS ACTUALLY ARGUING WITH TARKIN THO , and Artoo is just beeping excitedly because he is no more alone c;

emoji review : love letter

a good emoji, very nice to look at, she is good and would never hurt a single soul 10/10

shes trying her best, i like the colors, the pink is nice but i personally think it would look cuter with a pink a bit brighter 8/10

yet another emoji Microsoft messed up with the border, very bland, kinda choppy?? 5/10

v small v nice to look at, i like the 3D effect on this one a bit more then the apple one, kinda bulky looking though 8/10

looks like the ‘’change it so it dosent look like you copied meme’’ but theyre copying apple, i like this more then the apple one in every way? very cute and nice 10/10

still kinda bland but not as bad as microsofts, the heart is a free independent women she dont need no envelope, the envelope itself looks nice tho 6/10

envelope? i dont know her, the heart is very big, they tried to shade but failed 4/10

all these emojis are copying eachother they need 2 calm, i like the rounded edges on the envelope, the red is nice 7/10

i dont like this one at all honestly?? the colors arent very pleasing and the borders are too big; 4/10

shes so full of love, the hearts look nice and the envelope dosent look that bad at all ? 7/10

she looks like she had 5 minutes to get ready for work and threw something together, not a good 3d effect, the colors arent that nice 3/10

kinda hurts my eyes???, they tried to shade it but didnt shade the red, not as bad as the other emojidex emojis tho 4/10

‘I ended up looking into MMPI testings. It’s a test that psychologists use to determine what mental illness people might have. It’s a list of 500 questions or something. Whenever we had time to rehearse or improvise, or even in the scenes, I’d just start with those questions. Some of them are basic, and some of them are not. [I’d] see which ones would catch him off guard, how he’d react, and I’d be like, 'OK, I’m gonna go for this tactic now. It’s a lot of trial and error. It’s kinda like when your friend is doing something stupid in a relationship, and you’re just so frustrated. You’re like 'What are you doing? Why?’ I landed upon codependency as the tact to take… It’s like a compulsion, I suppose. When you start looking at it the way an alcoholic is compelled, you know, needs to have a drink. You think of it in those terms, like it’s an actual psychological problem, which codependency actually is’. - Margot on preparing for the role of Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

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what do u think of the new Rodrick for the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie

dude i havent consciously thought about diary of a wimpy kid in like a year

im looking him up rn

why did you send me this ask i thought he would be outrageously hot

he kinda looks like this guy i dated in middle school

i get why theyre having a whole new cast but this is such a downgrade what the fuck

ok for everyones convenience:

old rodrick, from like??? 2011??? or something

i think he wears eyeliner in one scene 7/10 would smash

new rodrick. why/10


If Sherlock was the cuddle/Affectionate drunk-

I should not have let John take him out drinking but “oh no (Y/N) he can watch himself.”


I pause my movie and start to walk to the door, opening it i didnt expect to see a exasperated John and a……ok what the hell am i even seeing.

“Hey (Y/N)”

“Hey John…..what ha-”

“he kinda drank too much and is kinda drunk….by kinda i mean alot and he wont stop huging me and people are looking at us weirdly and he refused to go home so i brought him here.” John says with in one breath. I can tell he doesnt know what to do, especialy when Sherlock is hangong off his arm giggling….giggling? “people are definantly gonna think things about this” i thought while giggling.

“ Alight lay him on the couch.”

“Thank you (Y/n)” says John as he lays Sherlock down, and trying to get his arm from his drunken friends grip.

“No problem.”

“if things get out of hand you have my number. He says while heading out the door. After i shut it i look back at the giggly Sherlock sitting on my couch. "What am i going to do with you Sherlock.” i think as i sit on the floor next to the couch and un pause my movie.

“W-what are you wat-watching.” Asks a drunken sherlock who was trying to sit up but fell back down.

“The Avengers:Age of Ultron.”

“Whats it about?”

“Tony gave Siri a body and it got its period for the first time”


It was silent for a while, untill i felt a hand grab my arm. I look up to see sherlock trying to pull me on the couch.

“sit with me.”

“i can’t.

"but why” he whined….he whined??

“your taking up the whole couch by laying on it Sherl.”

“then lay with me.” He says making me blush.

Startled i was unable to form words and he decided to take advantage of that and pull me up with him. I was tryign to get out of his arms but he just held on tighter, i was close enough to smell the alchohol on his breath.

“thats better.”

“Sherl why.”

“I wanted cuddles” he says as he nuzzles his face into my hair. Well im already here so screw it, Sherlock wins. And with that i fell asleep next to a drunk sherlock who seems too really want affection when drunk.