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A Quiet Meeting Part I

In which Mezato and Takenaka are magnets for trouble even when they’re not trying to be bc noir always makes me think of gosho aoyama’s universe.

[supposed to take part after the imminent threat on takenaka’s life is dealt with, but the organization that sent it is still active; actual events intentionally vague]

also i hate @bakanohealthy

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anonymous asked:

💭 (-)vv(-) (@dailydunsparce)

Sometimes Boof wonders why Dunny’s eyes are always closed. Is he sleepy a lot? It must be tiring being so nice all the time!


an obvious troll blog: haha i sure am glad i’m ace and don’t think about sex 24/7 like those stupid dirty allogays

y'all: OMG!!! th,is is why…, i HATE ace people!!!!


i drew this for my sister and her boyfriend!! they like juggling a lot

Looking for more blogs to follow!

Hey guys! Would you mind reblogging/liking this if you post/reblog any of the following fandoms/stuff and are either mostly sfw or have a good tagging system? Thanks!

-Fullmetal Alchemist
-My Hero Acadamia/Boku no Hero Acadamia
-Fire Emblem (fates or awakening mostly, since i havent gotten to the other games yet)
-Okami (the game)
-Avatar (ATLA)
-Steven Universe
-Gravity Falls
-Over the Garden Wall
-art tutorials and stuff
-quality content involving small fluffy animals because life is sad sometimes and you need a cat

so uhhh,,, if i wanted to make keith charms, but with keith looking more galra, would people like that or nah 


I’m still on hiatus but I wanted to write this for Reasons and bc I love @relentlesspower

z.edra but not really but also really?? idk what I’m writing actually but it’s kinda short so that all works out anyway! it’s two am and I haven’t edited it but xoxo love u karina hope I got ur syndra right to some degree


    Syndra’s breath is warm on Zed’s neck, her position comfortable, both palms flat around Zed’s back and her own legs resting atop his as they sit together in the distinctly large chair. “I could get used to this,” she murmurs, pressing her lips against Zed’s ear. “You and I, sharing a grand throne.”

    Zed meets Syndra’s affections with his own, wrapping one hand around her waist and tracing her spine with the fingers on the other. “Is that so?” He asks, pressing his face into the crook of her neck. “I was thinking it would be better than this.”

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not to be Overdramatic™️ or anything but can we talk about how lovely the german nt was today??
idk about yall but i fully expected to come into this match and watch chile absolutely wreck our asses but that wasnt the case!!! i know i know we arent the underdogs of our group but !!!!!! i know it was a tie but i dont think it was j u s t a tie
i love these boys and im very proud of them and maybe im overexaggerating and im aware we’re a v imperfect team but i just rlly wanna talk about how happy i am with this team and how excited i am for the younger and lesser known players to rlly come into the spotlight

indirectly tagged by @qserasera so am taking the opportunity to pretend that i exist, for once ;;

Rules: tag 20 as usual i tag no one because i don’t like making people feel Obliged to Do Things but PLEASE DO THIS IF YOU WANT (!!!!)

Nickname: …..jan? i have an old friend who speaks japanese and calls me jan-chan in a semi-joking manner but we don’t talk about that

Zodiac: aquarius | fire rabbit

Height: 178cm

Last thing I googled: Anne Sexton, 1974

Favourite music artist: guess.

Song stuck in my head: i don’t even like it but

Last movie I saw: Kedi, a documentary about the STREET CATS OF ISTANBUL, it was full of cats and kittens and kind human beings and excellent shots of istanbul, basically as great as it sounds *_*

What am I wearing right now: still in my work clothes because this is the kind of person i am

Why did I choose my url: i was a pretentious uni student okay :(

Do I have any other blogs: :)

What did your last relationship teach you: more things are possible than you think. walking holidays are a lot easier with a stick (it’s the downhill bits that are tricky, especially if covered in wet leaves).

Religious or spiritual: nope

Favourite colour: probably still pale blue tbh

Average hours of sleep: close to seven but i keep promising myself to get this up to eight (via methods other than sleeping too long on the weekends)

Lucky number: what is luck

Favourite characters: the same few i always name

How many blankets do I sleep with: one, because i sleep with air-conditioning as that is the only way i can survive this equatorial climate. i’m sorry

Dream job: i can no longer answer this question in a void because i immediately think about whether i will have enough money and enough days of annual leave to feed my travel habit. but if we’re dreaming and practicalities are irrelevant, then i would love to be paid to come up with puzzles. or even be a cryptic crossword setter, except my standards are really low so i would have to set crosswords for beginners. i used to think i would like travel writing but the more i travel the more i’m just “how can you think that your x days in y country qualify you to say anything meaningful about it”, so.