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His Name [1]

Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Words: 5.5k
Genre: Angst, Multiple Personality!Au
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is a puzzle with too many missing pieces from his past and too many sides. Somehow, it’s become your job to solve him.
→ Inspired by the Korean Drama - Kill Me Heal Me
Warnings: Topics of mental health, mentions of death and medical disorders. 
Disclaimer: Although this piece of work required lots of in-depth research and was attempted to be as accurate as possible, at the end of the day, I am not a psychologist and this is fanfiction. Specific things may be altered or exaggerated for story-telling purposes. Please take all medical terminologies and procedures with a grain of salt.


His eyes flash open.

“You need us.”
    “We’re only trying to help you.”

He bolts straight up, only to fall off the mattress and onto the hard ground. The thin, cardinal curtains are closed, trickles of sunlight pouring in and painting the unfamiliar room in a hue of crimson. His head is pounding and his eyes are swollen; he doesn’t know where he is or who he is.

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The Truth//Haechan Scenario

Pairing: Reader x Haechan

Word Count: 2031

Plot: Donghyuck invites his best friend Y/N over to hang out with him and the rest of Nct 127. Y/N and Donghyuck both have crushes on each other. They play truth or dare, causing some things to be revealed. 

A/N: This is my first time writing a scenario in over a year and my first time writing one for this blog. It’s definitely not my best and is super cheesy, but I think it’s a good start to help me get back into the groove of things! Hopefully from this point forward, I’ll get used to writing again and create better scenarios. But for now, I hope you all enjoy this cute Donghyuck one! If you do, please feel free to Request! I write scenarios and fake texts for Nct, Got7, Bts, and Exo. Thanks again for reading! (Btw, I know not all of Nct lives in the same dorm, but in this scenario Mark and Donghyuck dorm with 127, just wanted to clarify so no one is confused!)


Taking out your phone, you text Donghyuck to tell him you’ve arrived at the dorms as you’re walking up to the door. Almost as soon as you send the text the door opens and you’re being pulled in Donghyuck’s chest by a really tight hug.

“Y/N!!! I’m so happy to finally see you!” Donghyuck smiles, releasing you from the hug, but still keeping an arm around you while shutting the door.

You feel your heart start to race already and let out a huge smile. “Same! I feel like it’s been so long since they last time we were able to hang out!”

You and Donghyuck have been best friends since before he was even a trainee and you two were practically inseparable. It wasn’t long before you started to develop feelings for him. It was amazing to you how even though he was a very busy idol, he still did his best to make time for you and stay true to himself. Now that the 127 comeback was over, Donghyuck told you he finally had some spare time and invited you over to hang out with him and the guys. Of course, who were you to refuse? Donghyuck leads you into the main room of the dorm and you’re met with a bunch of the guys shouting greetings at you from different spaces of the room.

“Hey guys! It’s nice to see you all again!” You say with a smile, taking a seat next to Donghyuck on the couch.

“Same with you Y/N! Donghyuck has not been able to stop talking about the fact that he finally gets to see you again since you guys first made the plans!” Taeyong replies to you, smiling!

“Hey!” Donghyuck yells back accusingly with a blush while you just laugh, happy to be back in the company of your best friend.

“So, do you guys wanna watch a movie?” Mark suggests, walking over to the TV.

“We always watch movies, let’s do something fun!” Johnny replies.

“Like what?” Doyoung asks.

“I don’t know… how about we play truth or dare?” Johnny smiles.

“Truth or dare? What are we middle schoolers?” Donghyuck questions.

“Come on it’ll be fun!” Yuta says siding with Johnny. Eventually most of the guys agree and you get roped into playing truth or dare with all of the Nct 127 boys. 

“Y/N are you sure you’re ok with this? They’re losers anyway we don’t have to hang out with them if you don’t want too.” Donghyuck says quietly, nudging you with his shoulder.

“Don’t worry it’s fine! I promise I’ll tell you if I get too bored!” You laugh.

“Ok guys, who wants to start?” Johnny asks, sitting down and completing the circle.

“I will! Winwin, truth or dare?” Yuta asks almost immediately after Johnny starts the game.

“Uh… dare.” Winwin replies unsurely. 

“I dare you to go get ice cream with me tomorrow!” Yuta smiles, leaning over to side hug Winwin.

“Come on man, that’s not a real dare!” Johnny objects.

“You don’t get to decided what’s a real dare and what isn’t! Winwin, it’s your turn to ask someone truth or dare.” Yuta argues back.

“Ok, um… Jaehyun, truth or dare?” Winwin asks.


“I dare you to go out into the street with one other member and dance to Whiplash in the weirdest way possible!” Winwin says, causing all of the other members to break into hysterics.

“Winwin! Who knew you could be so evil?” Jaehyun asks laughing. Jaehyun chooses Taeil claiming it’s because he’s the oldest, and you all follow them outside to watch their little show. After that all goes down, Jaehyun asks Mark truth or dare.

“Dare!” Mark answers.

“Why is everyone choosing dare?” Doyoung questions immediately after, but no one seems to care since everyone knows that dares are usually the funniest.

“I dare you to go stand under cold water in the shower with your clothes on for a full minute!” As soon as the words leave Jaehyun’s mouth, Mark gets up with confidence and starts walking to the bathroom. In no time, everyone begins to chant “Mark Lee Mark Lee Mark Lee” as soon as Jaehyun starts the timer. When the timer goes off, Mark immediately runs out to change as everyone starts cheering for him.

Donghyuck leads you to go sit back in the circle, and you lean your head on his shoulder while he absentmindedly plays with your fingers. Even though this is a normal occurrence for you two, it never fails to make your heart race. You wish you two could act like this as a couple and not just best friends. Eventually, everyone settles down again and Mark gets ready to ask someone else truth or dare. 

“Ok, Y/N! Truth or dare!” Your eyes widen as soon as the words come out of Mark’s mouth. Not wanting to humiliate yourself in front of all of the guys, you choose truth. 

“Ok, I’ll go easy on you. Who was your first kiss?” All of the guys including Donghyuck turn to look at you, and you freeze up as you try to think of someone to tell the guys. The truth is, you’ve never had your first kiss and you find it more than a little bit embarrassing considering your age.

“Um… well… I actually haven’t had my first kiss yet…” You answer looking down to the floor, embarrassed. You feel Donghyuck tense up next to you, sensing that Mark’s question made you upset. You’ve always been a little bit shy and a lot of people know about your close friendship with Donghyuck, so for that reason, boys just tended to stay away from you. Of course you wished you could have you first kiss, but you want it to actually mean something and not just be with some random guy out of pity.

“Oh… I’m sorry Y/N I just figured…” Mark starts, but you cut him off saying “No, no its fine. Let’s just continue with the game.” You force a smile onto your face, so embarrassed that all of these guys just found out you haven’t had your first kiss yet. 

You spend the remainder of the game with your head down, too embarrassed to participate properly. You know it isn’t Mark’s fault because he didn’t know, but you just can’t help feeling a little bit self-conscious after your confession. The game continues on for a little bit until the guys get bored and decide to stop.

“So, you wanna hang out in my room for a while? We can watch a movie or play games on my laptop?” Donghyuck asks you obliviously. 

“I don’t know, I think I might go home because it’s getting a little late. Thanks for hanging out with me tonight though, I’m glad I finally got to see you!” You reply, not being able to avoid noticing Donghyuck’s face fall.

“Awe ok, well maybe we can hang out again tomorrow.” Donghyuck says leading you to the door. 

“Yeah maybe. Well, I’ll see you.” You say giving him quick hug while not meeting his eyes and walking out the door.

“Text me!” He yells out after you.

When you return home, the first thing you do is lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling. You know it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but you can’t get over the fact that your best friend who is also your crush of many years knows that you haven’t had your first kiss. He and his band members probably think you’re such a loser now. You don’t know how you’re going to be able to face him for a while. Deciding staying up all-night and reminding yourself of it isn’t the best option, you decide to just go to sleep and hope to feel better in the morning. If you don’t you will just avoid Donghyuck for a while.
It’s been a few days since the whole truth or dare thing, and avoiding Donghyuck has been pretty difficult. You know he deserves an explanation, but you can’t bring yourself to give him one just yet. So you kept avoiding his texts and calls concluding it to be the best option. Knowing that he’s trying to reach you has just made your heart hurt even more, but you know you have to grow up and move on. When your phone calms down and you finally think he’s stopped trying to reach you, you hear a knock at your front door. Without really thinking, you open the door and are met with Donghyuck’s worried expression. Not having any time to react to seeing him at your doorstep, Donghyuck pulls you into a tight hug.

“Y/N, I’ve been so worried! Why haven’t you been answering my calls or texts!”

Too in shock to answer his question properly, you say, “Donghyuck? How are you even allowed to be here right now??”

“That’s not important! What’s important right now is me finding out why you’ve been ignoring me!” He says, walking into your house and shutting your door. He grabs your wrist lightly, causing your heart to speed up a bit, and pulls you over to sit with him on the couch.  “Ok, now talk.” He says, looking into your eyes with a lot of concern.

“I’m just… embarrassed.” You say quietly, looking down at your lap.

“Embarrassed? Is this because of the first kiss thing from the other night? I swear if this is Mark’s fault I will go to him and-“ “It’s not his fault!” You interrupt, cutting him off. “It’s not just because of that.” You pause and take a deep breath preparing yourself for what’s about to come. 

“I like you Donghyuck. I have for years now, and I know you don’t reciprocate my feelings. I thought that you must think I’m some pathetic loser knowing that I still haven’t had my first kiss at our age. So I decided avoiding you was the best option to get over my feelings and embarrassment. I hope we can still be friends after this.” You finish, still refusing to look up from your hands. 

Donghyuck’s hands suddenly reach out to grab yours after his lifts up your chin to force you to look at him.

“What made you think that I don’t reciprocate your feelings?’ Donghyuck asks sincerely while looking into your eyes.

“What?” You question back, shocked at what you’ve just heard.

“Y/N, I’ve liked you for years now too! I thought YOU didn’t like me back so I never confessed. Plus, I figured you deserved better than me since I’m never around because of my busy schedule.” Donghyuck says never breaking the eye contact.

“Donghyuck, I don’t care about your schedule. I never have! You’re all I care about. I’d happily be with you, even if you’re schedule is packed! As long as I’m with you, I’m happy.” You answer smiling.

Donghyuck doesn’t answer at first, but you feel gaze on your lips as he looks up to meet your eyes again. “Y/N… can I…” he trails off, but you just nod, understanding his intentions. 

Slowly, Donghyuck leans in placing his lips hesitantly on yours, wrapping his arm around your waist to pull you closer. Adjusting to the new feeling, you slowly begin to move your lips along with his, following his lead. Once he feels you’re a bit more comfortable, Donghyuck pulls you even closer and starts to kiss you with a bit more force. You reciprocate the force and start to relax into the kiss. Finally having to breathe, you both break apart heavily breathing.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” Donghyuck says, looking at you with a huge smile on his face.

“Same here.” You reply with an even bigger smile.

“Y/N, how would you feel about being my girlfriend?” Donghyuck asks grabbing your hands and looking into your eyes hopefully.

“I would absolutely love to be your girlfriend.” You reply. Donghyuck just smiles as he leans in again giving you your second kiss. You kiss back with anticipation, happy that you were able to have your best friend be your first and second kiss.

Irish Coffee

Hey guys! Long time no see. Working my way back into writing by doing a little drabble or two. For those of you who remember I did a thank you poll when I hit 500 followers and A LOT of people voted to have me try writing outside gajevy…upon another poll the most requested pair was lelu brotp! So here we are. Don’t worry, the gajevy is still strong, but this was a nice little way to get back into the groove. Lots of fun fluff ahead, and maybe a quick appearance by some of our favorite dragonslayers! I hope yall enjoy. As always, leave me a comment, reblog, tag, whatever you want to interact so I know what yall like! Get ready for more fic soon…I have ideas…many, many ideas :)

Pairing: Lelu brotp

Prompt: Sleepover

Length: 1.1k

Irish Coffee

Eighteen hours until the wedding. Levy clutched her stomach, laughing, as she snuggled against the fluffy pillow resting on her best friend. Sweet alcohol tickled her tongue, and she finished the last sip of her drink.

“I miss times like this,” she sighed, “When was our last sleepover?”

“Not since you moved out of Fairy Hills,” Lucy replied. A smile crept across her face as she thought back on countless nights huddled under blankets, watching movies, and joking about books and boys. Those nights were when Lucy realized she’d found a friend to lean on; in good times and bad, she’d always be able to count on Levy. A loud chime came from the microwave, and both girls jumped up from the couch, falling into their designated snack preparation roles like no time had passed. Lucy grabbed the popcorn, adding an extra dusting of salt, while Levy carefully walked back with their drinks. Reaching for her mug, the one covered in constellations, Lucy took a sip of Levy’s latest concoction. Alcohol burned her throat unexpectedly, forcing her to gasp. “What is this?”

“Irish coffee,” Levy giggled, “Gajeel taught me. Once you have a little whiskey in your coffee you’ll never go back to just cream.” Her face was tinged pink by laughter and drink.

Lucy put down her mug and eyed her friend. “I think he’s rubbing off on you a little too much.”

Levy sighed, letting her head fall onto the pillow. “Not tonight he’s not.” A brief moment passed in silence before both girls exploded in laughter, blushing even more. Innuendos went out the door during girls’ night.

“It’s a tradition,” Lucy chided.

“A stupid tradition,” Levy grumbled back, fisting another handful of popcorn into her mouth.

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Crumble For Me -(Harrison Wells/Reader AU)

Imagine this…An AU where STAR Labs is actually STAR Lounge, A Gentleman’s Club. Owner Harrison Wells is elusive and dashing all in one, until a new dancer, down on her luck, shows up looking for a job…

Originally posted by theflash-barryallen

Originally posted by theflash-barryallen

“Harrison Wells, has been considered many things since his move to Central City. A business man, a philanthropist, so when he decided to open up a gentlemen’s club it caused quite a stir.” The spokesperson on the television smiled as she turned in her chair, “Why a strip joint?”

“First…” The camera panned over to a well-dressed man adjusting his glasses on his face. Harrison smiled at the woman next to him, “it’s not a strip joint. It’s an establishment for entertainment.”

“Entertainment that promotes the sexual objectification of women.” She countered quickly.

“Not just women.” He continued smiling as he explained, “As I said we are a place for entertainment for both women and men. For that matter we’re not just about sex appeal. It’s a plus don’t get me wrong, and we mainly employ dancers, but we also have shows.”

“Shows?” Her eyes narrowed on him, “Could you elaborate?”

“We offer special nights bringing in talent, such as burlesque, singers, we’ve even been considering aerial dancing recently. You could consider us a modern day moulin rouge.” He explained coolly.

The interview went on further diving what the infamous STAR Lounge offered. Cisco stared up at the screen behind the bar, “Nice work boss.”

“She was out for blood.” Harry looked at his DJ, “You find someone to replace Lana?”

“Caitlin says she thinks she’s got a prospect.” Cisco looked at him shrugging, “Want me to set up an interview with her?”

Harry grabbed his drink pushing of the bar stool, “Did Snow say what her experience was?”

“Uh…no…” Cisco made a face as Harry turned his back on him beginning to walk away, “She said she had a good feeling about her. She’s usually not wrong.”

Harry stopped taking in a deep breath, “Fine…but we do it my way.”

Early in the afternoon you walked into the STAR Lounge heart thumping against your chest as you clutched your bag strap for dear life. You took a deep breath trying to stay calm. You’d heard good things about this place and hoped they’d hire you.

“Y/N?” You looked to your left at a well-dressed woman walking toward you. She had a pretty smile and soft flowing hair that laid gently against her shoulders, “I’m Caitlin.”

“Oh…” You held out your hand to her, “It’s nice to finally meet you. Thank you for giving me a call.”

“Thank you for coming.” She took your hand giving it a firm shake, “Follow me.”

You let go of her hand walking behind her taking in the view of the place. It was massive for a club. Several stages, massive sound system linked through the entire place…you’d never been in a place like this.

“Take a seat.” Caitlin smiled at you waving to a chair, “Can I get you a drink?”

“No…” You shook your head as you sat down, “thank you.”

“Is this the one?” You turned your head seeing a young man with long hair walking over.

“Yes, Y/N this is Cisco Ramon.”  Caitlin rolled her eyes a little, “He’s our DJ here and will be conducting the interview.”

“DJ? I…thought I’d be having an interview with the boss…” You watched Cisco sit down, “No offense.”

“None taken…” You followed his gaze toward an office that over looked the entire club with darkened windows, “Mr. Wells…is busy. He asked me to conduct the interview.”

“Alright.” You smiled a little, “If that’s what works…then that’s what we do.”

“That’s optimistic of you.” Caitlin smiled a little, “Let’s just start with some questions to get started.

Harry stood at the window looking down at the trio watching you. Lifting the glass to his lips he took a drink watching you carefully. You were young, obviously bright, but behind those eyes there was a secret.

He knew Snow and Cisco wouldn’t pull it out of you, but really that didn’t matter. If you could dance, and do it well then you’d get the job. However, it was rare that someone just walked in off the street looking for a job and didn’t have a story in this line of work.

He shook his head after the fifteen minutes of excruciating talking. Snow always did like to talk and get to know everyone. When he saw Cisco stand up and move to the sound board he knew it was show time.

Caitlin walked you over to the stage no doubt telling you what STAR Lounge was looking for. You nodded as you swept up your hair into a loose ponytail. Harry shook his head, “This isn’t a workout…”

Crossing his arms, he watched you take off your jacket before stepping up to the stage staring at the pole. Did you even know how to do this? He thought to himself as he readied himself for disaster.

Cisco cued up the song they’d talked about earlier. Slow, with a good sensual beat. Hard to dance to without looking like you were trying too hard. He smirked seeing Caitlin glare up at the office.

“Sorry Snow, I’m tired of street trash thinking they’re allowed here.” He muttered to himself as his eyes moved back to you.

You looked the pole up and down letting the beat seep into you. Caitlin had told you they looked for people who made the audience feel like they were up on the stage with you. You rolled you neck shutting your eyes before letting you hand glide up the pole.

Make them want you…You thought to yourself.

Harry watched as you immediately twirled around the pole getting into the groove of the song. Alright so you had rhythm, didn’t make you good. His eyes never left you as you moved around with ease. Then it happened…

It was a simple glance up toward the office, but he was there. On the stage with you. Your small frame moved around his hands as you danced giving him that heavy lidded look. The one that makes a person crumble.

He blinked taking a step back from the window. He turned away taking in a deep breath as he leaned on his desk. It had been a long time since that had happened.

He reached over to his phone texting Cisco, She’s hired.

He slapped his phone against his hand as he turned back around watching you do a final twirl around the pole as the music toned down. Some of your hair had fallen out of the ponytail giving you the look of a ‘good night’.

Sure there were a few things to change…Snow could help you with that, but he had a feeling you’d be exactly what this place needed. That is if that past you hid well didn’t catch up to them first.

“You’ll be live next week.” Cisco told you, “Until then you’ll be here working on a routine.”

You smiled picking up your jacket, “Thank you so much.”

“Follow me.” Caitlin smiled, “I’ll get you in the system and do the paper work. You’re gonna find that we do things differently than most clubs.”

“I can already see that.” You told her, “This place is a lot cleaner then my last job.”

“Where was that again?” Cisco asked you as he locked up the sound board.

“Coast City.” You told him.

“What brought you here? I imagine the beaches there are way nicer.” Cisco smirked a little.

You tensed a little before shrugging, “Honestly, I just needed a change of pace…I heard Central City was the nice city.”

“You’re not wrong.” He laughed a little shaking your hand, “I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Harry sat on the top of his desk sipping his drink when Cisco walked in, “What’d you get?”

Cisco ran a hand through his hair, “Coast City…”

Harry stood up and looked at him, “Call Iris…let’s get her to do her thing. I wanna know what we’re going to be dealing with.”

Jack Maynard - *cough cough* I’m Sick

psychotic-scorpio: Can you write an imagine about Jack getting sick and you having to take care of him, please. Love your writing so much, love. 💜💜

A/N: tbh, I’m not very sure what I’m writing here. I’m trying to get back in my groove. I really hope you like it though. 

Word Count: 1258

Loud coughs could be heard as soon as you entered the Maynard-Pieters household. Kicking off your shoes at the door, you dropped your bag onto the little table shoved against the wall in a corner. You continued further into the house to find Jack sat on the couch in the living room.

“Hey buddy”, you called, sitting down next to him. “How’re you feeling?”

“Oh my god! Thank god you’re here!” he moaned, letting his head roll onto your shoulder.

Rolling your eyes, you lifted his head and turned to face him, inspecting him. You lifted the back of your hand up to his forehead, then moving it down to his neck. “Got yourself a fever too, eh”, you chided him.

His lower lip jutted out, forming into a pout, as his head rolled back onto your shoulder. A barely audible groan left his lips. “Ugh! It hurts (Y/N), my head hurts”, he moaned. “Everything hurts!”

Wrapping your arms around him, you pulled him close to your chest, hugging him tightly. “Have you eaten anything yet?” you asked.

“I don’t want food. I just wanna go to sleep”, his voice was hoarse.

“Love, you gotta have something. How ‘bout I make you some soup, eh?” you tried.

He looked up at you with bright eyes, asking, “Your special soup?”

“Yup!” you responded, chuckling. You stood up to get started on it, but Jack’s hand latched onto yours, keeping you next to him. “Don’t you want your soup, love?”

“But I want you stay with me more”, he whined, gently nestling his head closer to you.

“How ‘bout I make the soup, and then I’ll be back, and we can cuddle all you want”, you proposed.

He nodded happily at the thought, so you quickly got up before he pulled you back in. you headed to the kitchen to get started on the soup, bringing him some pills and glass of warm water while the soup was boiling. Once it was done, you brought it back to him, getting him to sit upright.

“Shit, Jack. I really think you should go to the docs. You can’t even sit straight. You’re too weak”, you voiced your concerns, your arm wrapped around his waist as he rested against you.

“No, I don’t need the doctors. I’ll be fine”, he reasoned. “Besides, I have your special soup”, he grinned cheekily.

A warm smile made its way across your face when you saw the look on his face. Even when he was sick, he still managed to put you in a good mood. Laughing along, you agreed, “Fine, but if it gets worse then I’m taking you to the doctors. No arguments”, you added, seeing the look on his face. You grabbed the remote from the coffee table before getting comfortable in the sofa, letting Jack lean into you.

“Are you kidding me?” you asked, exasperated, but not really surprised to find the TV at the football channel when you turned it on. “Do you boys watch anything else?”

“(Y/N)! It’s football! Even you like it!” he defended. Rolling your eyes, you flipped through the channels, not being able to fine anything you could both agree on. You eventually gave in to him when he played the sick card and settled on a show you could hardly remember the name of.

About halfway through the first episode, Jack had finished his soup, and was now resting comfortably as he snuggled against you. His hand reached for yours, closing his fingers around your hand as your hands met. You sneaked a glance at him, trying to get a read off him. His gaze was directed onto the television, he seemed to be focusing a little too intently. Your fingers closed around his in response. You heard a small release of breath come from Jack. Silence enveloped the pair of you as you tried to be stealth about the glances you were sneaking at him.

The night passed rather quickly, with the pair of you sitting in comfortable silence for the majority of the time as you watched whatever show Jack had chosen. As the final credits rolled for 5th episode you had sat watching, Jack spoke. He turned to you, a yawn escaping his lips, “I’m getting a little tired. You alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine! I should head back home before it gets too late”, you rushed out, a sinking feeling kicking in at the thought that he wanted to get rid of you at only 9pm. You stood up, pushing off the blankets and cushions that surrounded you.

Jack latched on to your arm, chuckling lightly despite the smile not reaching his eyes. “That’s not what I meant, (Y/N). I was kinda hoping you’d stay over?” he trailed off.

His grip on your arm had travelled to your palm, holding your hand snug in his once again. “Oh. You want me stay?” you echoed, your eyes lighting up, relief washing over.

“‘Course I want you to stay. Who else is gonna take care of me, eh?” he joked.

“Well c’mon then. Let’s get you to bed” you offered.

Whining, he argued, “I mean I’m not that tired. Can’t we just watch one more episode?”

On cue, you phone rang. You picked it up before checking that Oli was ringing you. “You still over at Jack’s?” he asked, after the greetings had been out of the way.

“Yeah I’ll be here all night.”

“Good”, he laughed. “Do me a favour will you? Make sure he gets enough sleep. We’re meant to be filming tomorrow. And I haven’t got any other day free this week, so if he wants a video with me, he’s got to be up for it tomorrow.”

“I’ll do my best”, you reasoned, looking over at the boy in question. “You know what he’s like.”

“Yeah, thanks (Y/N). I owe you one. Cheers (Y/N), goodnight!”

“Anytime. Goodnight Oli”, you smiled, hanging up. Turning to Jack, you relayed Oli’s message, “Guess you gotta go to bed if you want a video up this week.”

“But I’m sick (Y/N). Don’t I get any special privileges?”, he pouted.

“Sure you do. But only if you go to bed now”, you bribed. Looking at him, you realised how innocent he looked. He was wrapped in blankets, looking like a little child, as he begged to watch more TV. “I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep how’s that?”

“No. Stay the whole night. Please?” he begged, refusing to get up unless you agreed. And you there was no way you could actually say no to him, especially not now.

“Fine. C’mon then” you said, extending your arm to him, hauling him up. With some miracle, you had convinced him to take a quick warm shower, and got him a pair of clean sweats and hoodie.

The second he got back into room, he collapsed on the bed, lying across you. “There’s no way I’m gonna sleep with you like this.”

“Fine, fine” he said, scrambling over to the empty side.

“See? Isn’t this better” you asked, getting under the covers.

“Hmmm, not quite”, he trailed off. Jack got under the covers with you, his arm snaking around you as he pulled you against him. “This is much better”, he whispered.

Holding back the butterflies, you let yourself snuggle against him. “Yeah, this is nice”, you whispered back, the close proximity having taken its effect on you. As you drifted off to sleep, a calming wave washed over you, helping you fall into a sound slumber.

 A/N: really hope this wasn’t too shitty. And for thank you for not leaving when I went MIA. I promise I’ll slowly get more stuff up soon. Love you all to bits!


zombie apocalypse! au | KANG DANIEL (2)

part one

glad to be back!!

a/n: im sorry i was gone for so long :( this might not be the best because im just trying to get in the groove of writing again

your messages mean a lot to me btw!! <33

  • “drop to your fucking knees” you feel your heartbeat increase and your body goes completely numb
  • your body reacts by throwing your hands up and falling to the ground
  • the cold metal of the gun follows you all the way to the ground but as soon as your knees hit the floor, the cold metal leaves your head making you give a sigh of relief
  • your attacker crouches down so he would be eye to eye with you, “what in the actual hell are you doing, huh? who do you think you are to come into MY store and steal MY food?” your eyes travel up and you come eye to eye with a strong looking man
  • you let out a shaky breath, “i-i was just hungry…”
  • the man gives a sinister laugh, “just hungry? just hungry?” he gets into your face making you recoil back

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Adam Lambert Talks New Song, New Sound, and Those Old ‘American Idol’ Judging Rumors
Adam Lambert photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

“I think there’s been talk that I’m going to be a judge [on American Idol] every year since I’ve been off the show,” chuckles Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, when he’s asked about recent rumors that he’ll be joining his pal and Direct Management roster-mate Katy Perry behind the judges’ table on ABC’s Idol reboot. “I don’t know where this talk comes from! I don’t think I’m going to be a judge on American Idol. But I’m always flattered by the speculation.”

Lambert is forever grateful for his Idol experience (“I owe the show the world,” he says), but the man hardly has time to commit to a regular TV gig right now. Along with his international tour fronting Queen — on which he fills the late, great Freddie Mercury’s mighty-big platform shoes and wins over fans in every city — he’s just released his glam slam of a new solo single, the unsubtly and unapologetically titled “Two Fux.”

Co-written with Trey Campbell, Big Taste, and Lambert’s longtime friends Ferras and Sarah Hudson, the delightfully attitudinal rock ’n’ roll waltz showcases the newly scarlet-haired showman at his sassy, glammy, and occasionally hammy best. It’s hard to imagine Lambert being any more confident than he already was, but on “Two Fux,” he sounds almost superhuman. And he sounds supremely comfortable in his (copiously tattooed) skin. At age 35, after eight years of being in the sometimes unforgiving public eye and five years of holding his own alongside Brian May and Roger Taylor, Lambert has gone from Idol to icon — and the role fits him like, well, those skintight red trousers he wears onstage with Queen every night.

Queen and Adam Lambert perform at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Ariz.. June 23, 2017. (Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Miracle Productions)

On the eve of “Two Fux’s” release, Yahoo Music caught up with Lambert to talk about the bird-flipping, nose-thumbing message behind the single, his feelings about being an LGBTQ role model, today’s scary political climate, Prince, George Michael, and how much the world has changed since that notorious night at the 2009 American Music Awards. Namaste right here and read what he had to say.

YAHOO MUSIC: So the title and message of this song aren’t exactly subtle. What inspired it?

ADAM LAMBERT: As somebody who’s left of center, I’ve always received a bit of a side-eye from certain people. I’m used to it at this point. It can affect you in a certain way — I’ve definitely had my moments, since being in the spotlight, of hearing something and letting it get to me. But I’m in a place lately where I feel much more self-assured, in that I know exactly who and what I am — and I know what I’m not. I think with my last project [2015’s dance-pop effort The Original High], it was about that angst of chasing the original high, chasing after and longing for the unattainable — or what I think that I want. I find myself in this chapter of my life saying, “You know what? I know who I am, and I’m cool with it. And if anybody doesn’t like it, they can f*** off!” [laughs]

You say you used to be more self-conscious and you let things get to you. Can you elaborate?

I think I was more of a people pleaser for a while. I’ve shed a lot of that. I mean, as a performer I’m always going to have a bit of that, but I’m not as concerned with negative opinions now. I just want to do me. It’s just a general feeling of like, “Nah, I’m good. Namaste right here.” I think there were times in the past where I felt unsure if I was really connecting with people, but I’m seeing so many movements percolating now, with this next generation coming up — the conversations that are happening about gender, gender-fluidity, masculinity versus femininity, trans visibility. There is such an amazing awareness right now, and I’m very, very inspired by it. Even though the world is at a breaking point, I feel like this movement that’s happening, to help people understand each other and accept each other, is really inspiring to me. It gives me the hope to just do what I want and speak my mind.

It’s kind of hard to believe that only eight years ago, when you were on American Idol, the fact that you wore “guyliner” was literally front page news. Like, that was shocking to people. A lot has changed since then.

It’s literally an entirely different landscape than it was eight years ago. No one knew if me being openly gay was going to “work” — which was so funny to me, because I was like, “Well, I don’t really have a choice, that’s who I am!” But that was kind of the industry’s raised eyebrow on the whole thing. Now we have out artists that are finding total commercial success. Like me kissing a guy on the f***ing AMAs [in 2009] was like, such a scandal, and I really don’t think it would be now.

You pretty much broke the Internet that night.

People just did not know what to do! I got pulled off of Good Morning America the next day, and they censored the kiss [with male bandmate Tommy Joe Ratliff] on ABC when I got interviewed about it — even though right beforehand, they had been showing Madonna and Britney making out [on the VMAs]. Like, huh? The double standards there were running wild! I just don’t think it would be that way now. No one would care.

Do you think your success has played a part in pushing this movement towards LGBTQ acceptance forward?

Well, I think I’m one of many, many, many pieces. I’m just part of a puzzle. I will say I talk to young artists and meet fans and get messages on social media, and I’ve gotten a handful of really lovely compliments. I talked to a young, up-and-coming, queer hip-hop artist a couple weeks ago. We were chatting online about navigating being gay in the industry, and he said some really nice things. He said, “I was a kid when Idol was on, and I had never seen anybody on TV that was like you — that was clearly gay and was getting praise for what he was doing, not being made fun of. You made me feel like being [gay] would not prevent me from succeeding.” So if that is the case for other people, then I’m really thankful that that inspired them.

What inspiration do you want people to take from “Two Fux”?

I was like, “S***, I wanna lighten the mood up a little bit.” Pop can be very dark lately — even my pop, from my past album, was a little dark — and I think the world is a bit dark right now. So I thought, “Why not bring people a bit of a smile?” I definitely feel like the spirit right now in our country is interesting. There’s definitely a rebelliousness that I’m sensing. Things are tense, and there’s a lot of concern and conflict in our country right now; we’re a bit divided. Even the world’s energy right now is a little nervous. And I feel like [“Two Fux”] is the kind of vibe that hopefully can just help people feel self-assured, but also let them relax a bit and smile, because it’s not taking itself so seriously. It was the right energy that I wanted to share.

When will we hear more new solo music from you, and will it be similar to “Two Fux”?

There’s more songs in the pipeline, put it that way. … I’m sure there will be more music this year… I’m very excited. The project as a whole is leaning back to my glam-rock roots a little bit more. It’s sort of my take on modern rock. The things that I love about my favorite rock stars, people like Freddie [Mercury] and Prince and George Michael — sonically they inspire me, and also their spirit inspires me. They didn’t give two f***s. They did exactly what they wanted to do. They were very individual, and they were very unapologetic. I’m identifying with that right now. So that’s my inspiration behind the project: some of my heroes, and why they were my heroes and how they were my heroes.

We have lost too many rock stars lately. We need more new ones.

I remember thinking to myself when the sad news came down of Prince passing and then George passing, and how not too long before that Michael Jackson had passed away: “Wow, these were the guys that were absolutely who they were.” They didn’t dress like everybody else. They didn’t follow trends. They didn’t edit themselves for people’s benefit. They were very brave to be weird, to be aliens. I’ve always loved expressing myself that way, but I think I felt along the way, over the past nine years, resistance to that. I felt certain members of the music industry maybe going, “Eh, we don’t know if that will work, it’s kind of weird. Is it commercial enough?” I’ve heard that stuff. So I think for me, seeing those iconic rock stars pass away has kind of made me feel like, “You know what? I want to help carry that spirit.” As much as I can, I mean. I’m nowhere near the level of those guys. But I want to carry that vibe. I want to carry that flag of the rebel.

Onstage with Queen, you dedicate “Two Fux” to Freddie Mercury. Did he inspire this song in any way?

I wanted to dedicate it to him because when Freddie would perform live, he really was so free. He did exactly what he wanted. I saw concert footage of him years ago from Montreal, where he’s in a pair of itty-bitty white shorts and no shoes, and he’s just traipsing around the stage — it’s hilarious, actually. It’s like a kid in his bedroom. It’s beautiful to watch footage of Freddie, because he was so wild onstage. That’s the spirit of the song “Two Fux.” Like, I don’t care if you like it; I like it. I’m doing this for me.

Your new song fits really well into Queen’s set; it almost sounds like a lost Queen song. And the audience seems very receptive.

We kind of realized that at the very last minute. When I played it for [Brian May and Roger Taylor], and they said that they liked it, it was like, “Oh, that’s not really a leap stylistically, is it?”

Did your tenure with Queen also affect your move towards a more glam-rock style?

Well, I know from touring with Queen that I’ve found my groove with that classic rock sound, and have found an audience in that world, so that was definitely part of my thinking with the style of this [upcoming music]. But you know, I think people get really hung up on genre — and clearly I never have. I like throwing a bunch of different influences into one song. I like a lot of different types of music. And I think you have to have a lot of different colors to put on a good show. I just want to get back to what I love about music, and the reasons I got into music in the first place. That’s the driving force.

I don’t suppose you care, but is there any concern that this single’s title may prevent it from getting radio or MTV airplay?

I don’t give two f***. [laughs] Streaming services are not censored. That’s all I have to say.

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For when you get in that slump

The dreadful slump. I feel like this happens with everything, reading, writing, playing video games and especially studying. Even though this may not apply to everyone (lucky you honestly) I hope that this list can help someone get inspired to get out of that language studying slump because this is what I usually do!

So for #1: Start small

  • And I mean don’t try and make yourself sit down and study for 2 hours straight (unless that works for you then wow). But if you do that you’re going to just burn yourself out even quicker and looking at a language book or however you study will probably just put you off of studying even more. So I say study in bursts of around 10-20 min and then just increase that time. This goes into my second point..

#2: Listen to music in your target language

  • This makes studying more low-key because it’s more passive studying. Even though you might be doing something else, you’re at least hearing the words being sung and thats better than not hearing the words at all. Hopefully this will kickstart you belting into song and BAM you’re actively studying now by actually singing the words too.

#3: Watch some movies/tv shows

  • This is more active studying because you can either put on subtitles so you’re reading it while you’re watching your favorite movie or change the actual language spoken. Usually I think it’s more beneficial to put on a movie/tv show that you know and then change the language with no subtitles so you’re actively working your brain and you get to watch something fun!

#4: Go back to the basics

  • And sometimes this is just an added step and can be skipped over. But I have a bad habit of trying to start up where I left off and then I get discouraged because I forgot more words than I thought or some simple grammar rules. So I just swallow my pride a bit and then look over the simple stuff.

#5: Study what you like

  • This one might be a bit odd but it works for me, so I hope it works for you too. By this i mean don’t force yourself to study all the different ways to say “to work” or something like that. (At least not yet, remember this is to just get out of the slump). Study things like different holiday names, or types of pastries, song lyrics, quotes, etc. I mean if you like studying the conjugations for “to work” then go ahead if that gets you out of your slump!

So these are some of the things that I do to get back in the groove. Also feel free to add on to this too if you want. I hope this helps! And here’s a gif because I honestly can’t help myself. 

Bonne chance et amusez-vous bien! 

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Scandal Finale Season 7:03

“Day 101”

Everything about this episode was so raw, I loved it. I applaud Shonda and the Scandal Writers because this was definitely a gem of an episode. This is Scandal content I like to see. A Fitz centered episode? In this economy? Praise GOD, cuz only he answered our prayers 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

“Where’s 💋 Olivia?” “#Olitz 4eva”

So we open up with Fitz riding in his SUV heading somewhere(?) and me and him both spotted some Olitz fans with these signs‼️😜💃🏽 hey now! omgggggg that was a moment! Shout out to those two. It was a man and a woman! They the real MVPs! They were representing for us Olitzers 🤗 but Fitz kinda gave a little smile but it was so quick you almost missed it my mans is lowkey sad 😒 and we all know why.

Vermont 😩🤧

Ommmahgawd he walks into the house and it looks warm , it’s really pretty but you can just feel the emptiness. So next Fitz is in bed watching Tv, a news show reporting on how President Grant just came to Vermont and they were wondering if he would be like Jimmy Carter and blossom out of office or fade away like George W. Bush? And then someone said “can you imagine such a charismatic lightning rod figure thriving in a small town, being a regular joe? 👀 and then the black man was like na fuck all that I wanna know about that kiss‼️ lmao leave it to a black person to wanna know some tea! 😂😂 but I’m with him tho. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Olivia sis what’s good? But seriously Fitz definitely won’t fade away, we just not gone even entertain that idea 🙅🏽 don’t ever disrespect Fitzgerald Thomas Grant like that 👊🏽💢

I’m a grown man😎

Fitz woke up and fired everybody lol, he says he has been cared for , for 8 years, he wants this freedom and to be able to do things for himself. Including making turkey sandwiches which are his favorite. And my mans said he gone drive his damn self 😂😂 Fitz was not playing with these folks. In the car while he’s driving he was jamming to Rihanna “Needed Me” but you know ABC so they covered it up with “shake ya groove thang” 😂😂😂 so we at the grocery store , Fitz and Olivia and that front lawn kiss is on every newspaper and magazine. Fitz buys groceries but he didn’t activate his card , lowkey didn’t even know how to swipe it 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️ then he called the card to activate and I’m guessing the woman told him he didn’t sound like how he look or something cuz he was like “sorry to have let you down” lmao aye tell that wanch she can square tf up! 😒 don’t play him like that! And did yal see how the cashier was posing for the pictures 😂 I would have done the same thing, hell get my good side! (Also 👀 I want one of those magazines. )

🙃Cooking with Fitzgerald

Lmao yal Fitz burnt that chicken a couple times before finally getting it right. He had to eat a burger after that first burnt chicken 😂😂 I appreciate this tho because he gets to be domestic and that’s what he wanted to do for a long time. So I’m glad he finally got a chance to. That was really cute to see him like that.🤧 Although he wanted to be domestic with Olivia but I’m not gonna go down that road right now. 🙃

Fit actually went running, and we all know he use to hate that! But looks like he wants to keep in shape, or maybe he’s trying to find things to do to keep his mind off the fact that Olivia ass is not there in Vermont 🤧 👐🏽ik ik , I said I wasn’t gonna go there but let me just say real quick that’s it’s only been 5 minuets into the show and I can already see Fitz is lonely without Olivia. And of course we all know how she’s been doing without him 🤦🏽‍♀️ can yal please just let these two souls be together damn they so miserable without each other. But anyway we see days go by and Fitz is doing this same thing over and over. So tonight he’s watching tv and a young man is getting interviewed. He’s protesting, he’s sleeping underneath a statue of a man who is celebrated as a hero but was a slave owner/ rapist. General Raymond Sist. He raped black slaves he owned and imprisoned his own children. And this young black man wants to know why isn’t it documented? Why as a young black person do we have to celebrate these type of people? 🗣pause. This is one of the moments I applaud the scandal writers. Yes speak this truth! In school we grew up and still til this day they teach about these type of people and always sugar coat the bull shit that they did. I love how they portrayed this moment. If we gotta learn about these people make sure you tell all the things that they did. Including the racist, sexist and misogynistic things. They love erasing history.

So Fitz turns off the tv and opens up a package that Marcus had sent from his belongings. It was a gun 👀 and the way he was acting with it I was like hold up are we finally about to hear/see a flashback to the time he tried to kill himself? My first reaction :Bitchhhhhh hol up‼️ this gun! Is this like a hint of how he tried to kill himself that one time😱😱😱😱 GIRL‼️

Lmao Marcus said fuck Mellie he all in the club in Cuba grinding on a woman 😩😩😩 Marcus is the new Stella do ya hear me 😂😂

Marcus heads to Vermont: Marcus and Fitz are running together and Marcus shows Fitz where his Museum is going to be built, they share a moment. Now we back at the house and on the tv a reporter is talking about Mellie and Fitz was like she might need my help. Marcus tells him that out of respect he needs to wait before he tries to help Mellie, the new President with anything. Because she’s trying to step out of his shadow. Once again the gun is mentioned Marcus says he didn’t know Fitz owned a gun and Fitz tells him it was a gift. And then Marcus brings up Olivia 👀☕️

Marcus wants to know how much is Olivia gonna be featured in Fitz library. Marcus tells Fitz that Olivia worked in his White House, Advised him and Ran his campaign, lived with him and was Americas 1st First Girlfriend. She stood tall in front of the American people and assured them Fitz was good to go when he had got shot. And now she’s the chief of staff to the president that succeeded him. Olivia is Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, Oprah, and Sistah Souljah all in one. Marcus goes on to say “Olivia is important to the people, the world, they care about Olivia. There was a house with Olitz in Christmas lights.” 😜😜😜💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 ayeeeee we lit! Who ship keeps getting mentioned? #Endgame that’s who! And after this conversation I picked up on something Fitz is trying not to think about Olivia, he wasn’t tryna hear what Marcus was saying about her having her own wing in his museum.

Fitz: you’re basically telling me I’ve been reduced to nothing but a man who loved a woman.

Marcus: welcome to the plight of almost every successful woman in the history of mankind.

🗣pause. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 say that shit Marcus! Women have always always always been reduced to just a love interest or her accomplishments have to ride off on a mans! Speak 👏🏽 scandal writers are on 1 with this episode seriously 😏

Bar Scene: “hoods and tiki torches” yes scandal writers 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Marcus was like I need to know where the black people at in case some shit popped off! Also, Fitz isn’t ready to work. And I personally feel like it’s a lack of motivation. Olivia was a big part of his motivation, at least that’s how I see it. And when Fitz was like “I let go”

Me: 🗣you lying. I know you lying, you know you lying , secret service know you lying, hell TOM, wherever his ass at know you Fitzgerald are lying.🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

Lmaooooo I knew they ass was gone get into it‼️Lmaooooo wait! Real quick can I just say that my man Fitz got heart 😜 he threw the first punch lmao and Marcus didn’t back down! Yal I was screaming and laughing at this damn fight 😂😭😂😭🤦🏽‍♀️ but honestly I saw them arguing coming I just didn’t know it would end up in a fight! Lol. I mean they both been bottling up their feelings and it just exploded 💥 but they gone get closer after this, ain nun like a fight between friends lol! Although they did say some harsh shit to each other but it was the truth and it needed to be said.

Fitz was miserable and being lazy and he wasn’t doing Olivia justice unless he give her her own wing and celebrate that bad ass black woman that she is! I don’t care how you feel about Olivia she is a fuckin BOSS and she gets shit done. Her methods are sometimes on the deep end but she be making moves. And Marcus ass wants power and he jumping on anybody bandwagon to get it lol which is fine do you and get it how you live ! Just don’t be a fuck boy 🤷🏽‍♀️ and I like when he said “a black woman held you up” ☕️👀 Yal know Fitz my baby but yesss give my other baby Olivia her fuckin credit! She inspired and made Fitz and that’s no lie. He wanted to be great for her. He wanted to be able to do things but Olivia pushed him to it. 😎 remember the 100th episode.

🗣they not Olitz 😂 soooo I guess Mellie and Marcus were tryna have an Olitz moment with the phone call , lol no. But I will say this you could tell they had things to say but they didn’t. And Although Marcus probably does miss Mellie, he only called her so she could talk him into staying by Fitz Side.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fitz got a Red eye, ain’t no black eye 😭😭 soooo how Rowan sneaked in the house? 🙄😒 where tf was security? Listen if you have not watched this episode go watch it now! The whole time Rowan was talking I was just like “I’m suppose to feel sorry for this bitch? 🗣HA , I don’t!” And let me tell you why. 🗣He is pure grade A Shit! I can not stand his manipulative ass. Now that Olivia is in control he wanna be a caring father? Now all of a sudden he gives a damn about how he raised her? Child please. Where is the worlds smallest violin 🎻 I need it. “The Woman we love is slipping away.” Well damn don’t you think you pushed her to this. Had it not been for Rowan lying and standing in Olivia’s way, making her feel powerless time and time again she wouldn’t be this fuck’d up‼️🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ yal them fake ass crocodile tears *que in Joceline “I cun not I cun not”* it’s crazy how he hated Fitz so damn much but now you in his room begging this man to save your daughter ☕️ I love tears for tea.

So anyway yal know Fitz 😏 he got pumped up and was ready to make some shake all because of Olivia. This is what happened: After Rowan left , Fitz is sitting outside the house in a rocking chair. There were two, I’m guessing the other one was for Olivia 🤧 but I’m not gone start lol. Ok so Marcus pulls up , he gets out and walks to Fitz. Fitz is holding a gun and Marcus is like ummmm what yu doin? Lol Fitz tells him he Father gave him that gun, when he became governor. And he tells him Cyrus once told him that when he wasn’t president anymore and the lights were off of him, he would take that gun and blow his brains out. (Fuck You Cyrus) Marcus is like you’re not gonna do that right? And Fitz is like Na kid I got shit to do 😂 ok fr he was like No. and then he tell Marcus he throws a mean punch and Marcus was like I can barely move my jaw. They laugh and make up. Fitz: Marcus is Olivia Pope everyone’s world or just mine?

😭😭😭🤧 why did that touch me? Like why does this man love for her makes me so emotional? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Tony is one hell of an actor🤗 I legit love him frfr, his portrayal of Fitz needs to go down in History, right along with Kerry’s portrayal of Olivia.

Fitz tells Marcus he needs to go to Washington for a while but before he does he wants to “do some meaningful ” Marcus knew what time it was he was like “I’d be happy to help you with that sir.” and I was like yesssss my boy is back! I knew what that meant, He got some pep in his step! And he ready to go handle business. Fitz and Marcus goes to where the young black man is sleeping underneath the statue. President Fitzgerald Grant encourages him to keep fighting as the young man had just told him he felt like giving up. And so Fitz hugs him and gives him gloves and he thanked him for his service and tells him good luck. And before Fitz leave he was like sir selfie for the gram 🤳🏽 mane I fell out laughing 😂😂😂😂 Fitz threw up the peace sign and everything ✌🏽

🗣pause ok another moment to applaud! Yal remember not to long ago how people were protesting and getting these statues knocked down? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 good job scandal for including this!

Finally Fitz is off to Washington and of course we end up right where we left off on the previous episode where Fitz is at Olivia’s door and she comes out of the elevator and gets SHOOKEN to her core 😜 so next week we will get to see her reaction and hopefully get some tea on what really happened between them and why they asses ain’t been talking because they did not explain how we went from kissing in front of the world to not talking once he landed in Vermont 😒🤦🏽‍♀️ but overall I enjoyed this episode I loved that it was Fitz centered and I love how they were not afraid to step on some toes in this episode! Can’t wait for next week, hope it’s another goodie!

Let me know your thoughts


How to Disappear Completely

-Admin Red

You’re sick and overworked, so PJ decides to take care of you.

a/n- I’m slowly getting back into my writing groove, so hopefully this doesn’t feel as forced.

Now, you weren’t usually one to complain, but damn work sucked these last two weeks. You had assignments out your ass and half your usual team was out sick with the flu. You tried to extend your due dates, explaining to your boss that it’d barely be possible for you to finish even half the work if you put in overtime and took everything home for the weekends. To compensate for the unfavorable conditions, your boss bumped up the totally underprepared trainees to your group in an effort to appease you. Now, you were stuck babysitting five moody jerks who ignored your attempts at showing them the ropes and two more coworkers starting to show signs of the flu.

I’m not here. This isn’t happening. You’d tell yourself, rubbing your eyes.

You hadn’t been this stressed since high school. You were back to your old sleep schedule of about four hours a night if you slept at all. You noticed he effects of sleep deprivation were already kicking in when you realized you were trying to put a hot tea kettle in the fridge that morning.

The one upside was it was now Friday night. You had plans with your best friend and roommate, PJ, to marathon Orange is the New Black (as per your request). You would probably fall asleep before you even got to the second season, but hey, it was just going to be you, Peej, and a crap load of junk food. You’d be able to detox.

As you went to the kitchen to pick out the junk food, PJ set up Netflix in the living room.

Now this is how a team works you thought.

“We are all set up for the show!” PJ said, joining you in the kitchen to get drinks.

“Awesome! So I’m thinking popcorn, pretzels, and plenty of ice cold beers,” you replied.

“Hm. You’re not usually much of a drinker, but alright.” PJ moved the fridge and grabbed the six pack you had picked up on your way home.

“Rough day at work,” you sighed. “Well, the whole week was awful. But at least it’s the weekend! I get to hang out with my fave,” you nudged him, “and not worry about Danny breaking a fourth piece of equipment until Monday. Fucking Danny.”

“He already broke three in a month? Do they even train the trainees?”

“Apparently not.” You started to laugh, but it turned into a series of wet coughs.

“Oh no. No, no, no, no, no! If I get the flu, I’m gonna fight Mark and Gwen for coming in sick. I can not afford to get sick right now.”

PJ put the beers back and filled the kettle with water. “Don’t worry about it. You’ve been working your butt off lately. They can give you a few days off. By the look of it, you could really use some time to rest up. You look exhausted.”

“I can rest when I finish my work,” you groaned. “This stuff will never get done if I’m not there.” You looked around for a box of tissues, which PJ had already snagged from their hiding spot under the bread and bananas. He handed them to you, wincing slightly as you erupted into another fit of coughing

“I mean, I’ve had a runny nose and a headache for a few days, but I thought it was allergies and stress,” you explained, blowing your nose forcefully enough to earn a grimace from PJ.

“You know what, I think it’s time for you to start resting now.” PJ walked back into the living room and turned the TV off, grabbing the comfiest blanket you had brought for the marathon before returning to you. He handed the blanket to you, saying, “I’ll make the tea, you go get in bed.”

“But, PJ-,“ you started

“Nope. Doctor PJ is in the house now. I’m prescribing you copious amounts of tea and plenty of naps.”

“Fine.” You knew you couldn’t sway him when he got like this. He can be such a mother duck to you when you’re sick. Secretly, though, you thought it was absolutely adorable. You thought he was absolutely adorable in general though. Very sweet and caring, too. He’d make a great boyfriend.

Oops. Better not stray into those thoughts again. They’d drive you mad. You shuffled to your room, opting not to turn your bedside lamp on. You preferred to allow the light of the setting sun streaming in through your open windows to show you the way to your bed.

PJ entered a few moments later with two steaming mugs. He set them down on your nightstand, quickly rushing to his room across the hall. He came back in armed with his ukulele.

“Scoot over.”

You obliged and he joined you, leaning up against the headboard right next to you. You decided to take advantage of how close you two were in your small bed by resting your head on PJ’s shoulder, settling right in.

“Any requests?” He inquired, tuning the E string.

“How to Disappear Completely?” Radiohead always relaxed you.

“Of course. Let me just make sure…” He began strumming a few chords, none of which sounded right. “Ah, got it!” he finally said, launching right into the song.

You felt your muscles relax. Lying in bed next to PJ while he sang you to sleep was exactly what you had needed. After that, he played Pyramid Song, which was equally as calming. You were so exhausted from your chaotic week, your eyelids began to droop halfway through the song.

When PJ finished, you were on the verge of falling asleep.

“Y/n?” he whispered.

You were too tired to answer.

Then something unexpected happened. He began to play something you couldn’t quite place. He sang it so softly you could only just make you the words.

“Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can’t help falling in love with you.”

No way. You had mentioned to him a few days ago how much you loved Tyler Josephs ukulele cover of I Can’t Help Falling in Love. You had joked that if someone ever sang that to you, you’d marry them on the spot. And here he was, cuddled up with you singing a love song while he thought you were asleep.

You wondered what to do. The song was rapidly coming to a close. Should you make a move? Or pretend to be asleep? What if he just liked the song too? Maybe this didn’t mean anything.

As the last note resonated into the night, you made a very dumb and very brave decision.


“Oh, you’re still awake..? I, um…”

And then you kissed him. You kissed him as passionately as a sick, overworked sleep-deprived person could. And once he got over the surprise, he kissed back.

It was quiet for a moment.

PJ was the first to break the silence, with a “Wow.”

“I just got you so sick…”

“Then I guess we’ll both have to stay home together.”

He kissed you again, long and slow.

Eventually, you both fell asleep, your head on his shoulder and his head on yours. It wasn’t exactly how you’d imagined it, but you were happy it had worked out in the end.


((hello everybody!! and welcome back to the reverse AU! ♥♥ always a pleasure to have you back. this one is something of a mess, and for that i apologize, but i really wanted to get back into the groove of writing for this AU. love you all so much, enjoy! ♥))

summary: “What did I do?”

“You’re going to have to be a little bit more specific,” Phichit calmly replies, moving around his kitchen to fetch Yuuri a cup of water after the older man takes a seat.

“I sent him a message.” He waits for a moment before continuing, “I sent Victor a message. About coaching him.”

“Wow.” Phichit blinks. “That’s unexpected.”

word count: 1.6k
rating: t
✮read on ao3✮reverse fics✮reverse art
→my personal tumblr→em’s art blog!

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anonymous asked:


An importat note: this will be my seasonal fanfic for december’s holidays! So thank you for it! For this AU, I will be using the show’s timeline and end of season 7. S8 never happened, which means Hyde never got married and Jackie never dated Fez (but she did worked with Christine St. George).

Five years after Chicago, Hyde finds himself too involved in work with his sister and father to the point he doesn’t even notice how little of his friends, the people he once considered his family, he knows now. 

Wanting to change this, Donna calls everyone for a reunion in no other place than freaking Chicago, so the married Kelso can attend without going too far from his pregnant for the second time wife.

Christmas is approaching, Eric and Donna end up inviting him to spend the holidays with them back at the Formans’ in Point Place. But when he hears Jackie is also invited, he thinks maybe it isn’t a good idea after all. 

That night, he walks with her to her hotel, learning she will going back to Point Place to replace her old boss and mentor, Christine St. George, as Wisconsin’s first happy face in the morning.

Knowing this and thinking about how things went between them and the time that has passed, he falls sleep with her on his mind.

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“Home remedies” - h.s. Part 1

Sorry if this is all over the place; I have a lot of emotions right now. 



Not everyone could go home for the holidays. It was always a given growing up, and oftentimes people went away with their families for the holidays. And then during uni years many students were given the gift of coming home to their families for the holidays. But the real world, the working world, was much different and you didn’t even attempt to find a plane ticket to get home this year. 

Not that you had anyone to truly go home to, but you’d had invitations from friends that you turned down. You were a busy girl, and considering Kat had just moved in to your flat while she was looking for her own … you didn’t exactly trust her on her own. 

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Week 2

Sorry this is a little late but Sunday was my birthday so I was out and about instead of posting! This past week was intense but I think I figured out a good system of reviewing things. As per my earlier post - I did see improvement on my practice exam Saturday, but still have a little bit to go so - back to the grind this week! For my birthday I got to go out with some friends, walk with my mom, shop A LOT (I got surgery shoes!!! They are so cute!) and go out to dinner!

What I studied:

Cardio: Shhh don’t tell anyone but cardio is one of my least favorite organ system. Really happy though that I was able to figure out murmurs (a work in progress but still an improvement!) and anti-arrhythmics.   

Respiration: Just the usual suspects. I’m always getting obstructive and restrictive data mixed up and also lung cancers are so weird. Not a lot of pharm videos but omg I definitely needed to revisit them - I understand so many things now! 

Neuro: Maybe it was a bad idea trying to do both Neuro and Psych in two days but…I think I got through the most important things. There’s definitely a long list of Neuro topics on my “catch up” list but overall I’m pretty strong in Neuro so I think it will be ok even if I don’t get to all of them. 

Psych: Good old psych…literally just had to review the Ego defenses, personality disorders, timing of certain things (schizophrenia vs schizophrenifrom vs schizoaffective) and addictions so squeezed it all in between the big guns Neuro stuff. But for real what killed me the most those two days were the 17 (17!!!) sketchy pharm videos I had to do. Oh I died.  

Drugs on drugs: Every organ system has drugs! I’ve basically done about 2 hours of sketchy pharm every afternoon for the corresponding organ system so I can get through all these videos. I suuuck at drugs - there’s too many names! So I need to dedicate this time to remembering them for good.

How I took breaks:

More running: The ultimate soother of my soul. Also still slowly making my way through Kimmy Schmitt - one episode a day. 

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text: Basically my bedtime meditation this week. If you haven’t tried this podcast you must! It’s so so beautiful and has basically been my rock since I got my concussion at the beginning of this year. I did get a little behind this spring so I was playing catch up and now I’m going to read the books while listening. 

The Bachelorette: sorry I’m not sorry that I’m obsessed with this show. But there’s this whole group of us in my class who compete with the weekly predictions and it’s the best. Might be a bit of a distractor but…whatever.

What I learned:

Yes you CAN still have fun while studying for boards: I was a little sad honestly when I realized that I would be deep in study mode when my birthday came around, but this weekend was so wonderful it was as if I wasn’t even studying! I loved all that I was able to do and all the new professional wear I was able to get (did I mention my Dansko surgery shoes…yes? Well too bad because I’m obsessed). 

But not too much fun: The problem with this weekend was that when Monday morning came around I was EXHAUSTED. It took me a while yesterday to get back in the groove of things and feel like I was really focused. I also took a nap for the first time since starting studying - you know it gets bad when I decide to take a nap. Due to this self realization I decided to cancel a trip next weekend to see some college friends. It was never really official - but I wanted to celebrate my birthday with them and thought it wouldn’t be a big deal because I would be taking off the same amount of time as I normally do each weekend. The problem is - it requires traveling and probably staying out late and a bunch of humans packed into a 24 hour period. Just THINKING about it exhausted me. So instead for my last weekend home I’ll be sitting in bed watching TV and hanging with my sister (who comes home from school this week!). 

ATHLETA: Y’all have GOT to go there - they have SO MANY cute clothes that are professional looking but HOLY DAMN THEY ARE COMFORTABLE. Seriously - I’m in love. 

Ice Skates and Icecream

Words: 927
Bruce Banner x Reader
Request: Bruce Banner x reader where the reader is really good and fast when skating and decides to teach him please? Lots of fluffy marshmallow fluff if possible! Please and Thank you very much!” -Anon
This might not be exactly what you wanted, but I tried to make it fluffy!

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!” Bruce Banner laughed. You led him by the hand into giant indoor ice rink.

“It’s going to be fun!” You promised.

“Yeah,” He chuckled. “for you maybe.”

“What sized shoe do you wear?” You rolled your eyes as you came up to the skate rental window.

“Uh, I don’t know.” He shrugged before toeing his shoes off to check. “I usually just try a few pairs on and buy whatever I think fits. These are a…thirteen.”

“Ok, thirteen it is.” You turned around and gave both your shoe sizes to the worker behind the counter. He handed you two pairs of skates and you were on your way. Inside the rink, you helped Bruce put on his skates.

“You know,” He sighed. “It’s not too late for you to change your mind about this.”

“You need to worry less, and laugh more. C’mon.” You glided onto the ice with ease. Bruce followed you cautiously. He inched his blades out one foot at a time.

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Like Them

Yo guys! I warned you I’d be back with oneshots. I’m in a writing groove again, and I have a bunch of ideas to let loose. Prepare yourselves. This is the first of many.

So @alcordraws has been doing amazing stuff about Markiplier’s egos for ages now. Love’em. Go follow’em. Right now.

Anyway, I got a lot of inspiration from them for these oneshots. Their theorized relationship/history between Dark and Host is just enthralling, and led me to believe “Out There” from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame would be a fantastic scene/song for them. So I wrote it.

I also parodied the two halves of the song, though the first half shared by Dark and Host was already so spot-on you might not even notice much of a difference. It’s crazy.

So yeah. If you like the egos, and you like Disney, give this a read! And keep an eye out for more. :D

AO3 Mirror

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Taylor Kitsch will never do a Friday Night Lights movie – and please stop throwing out your cigarettes

In 2006, Taylor Kitsch auditioned for a new TV show called Friday Night Lights by downing two Lone Star beers on camera, giving the now infamous Texas Forever speech, and hoping for the best.

Eleven years on - and six years after the critically acclaimed cult TV series ended - Kitsch only has three words for those rumours about a film reboot.

‘Oh my God,’ he laughs.

‘Oh my God. I’m not doing it. I don’t think it will happen to be honest.

Kitsch has come a long way from those days of Riggins, tall boy beers and Texas but now, at aged 36, he’s finally getting into his groove, working on his directorial debut, a mix of TV and film work - and drive motorbikes across the American plains.

‘I drive motorcycles and I just went through Montana and Wyoming and it just eats me alive when people just throw cigarettes out [their window] when they’re done,’ he tells Metro.co.uk.

‘If you’re camping, everyone wants a fire - but you’ve got to listen to the fire bans! And yet you still see people doing this, and it kills you that people don’t understand the repercussions of that.’

Kitsch’s anger comes as we discuss his new drama Only the Brave, which immortalizes the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who died as they battled the raging Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona on June 30, 2013; the greatest loss of firefighters in a wildfire in eight decades and the greatest loss of firefighters in the United States since the September 11 attacks.

The film is a devastating look at the Prescott Fire Departments hotshots - elite teams of 20 wildland firefighters who battle the most serious fires across the US - and their real life friendships, romances, and family lives of those same brave men.

Miles Teller portrays McDonough, the fire’s lone survivor, along with Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, and Kitsch.

The Yarnell fire was started by lightening, however wild fires have increased in numbers and severity in recent years, and although NASA admits that ‘climate change has increased fire risk in many regions’ there is also a large role played by humans in the risk.

‘I hope there’s a level of consciousness that will be raised with this film, that you can easily start something with just “that”,’ he adds.

‘It only happened three years ago so it felt really raw and we celebrated the third anniversary while we were shooting. You just want to do everything in your power to play these guys honestly.’

‘[This film] couldn’t be more relevant - my hometown a few years ago had a huge wildfire and even this year there’s 100 different wildfires around that area, my best friend had a cabin near there and they got evacuated this summer three times. They’re getting worse - an hour away there was a big one when we were shooting in Albuquerque and you could see the flames from on top of the mountains.’

The Canadian actor stars as Christopher MacKenzie, a 30-year-old California native who had always wanted to be a firefighter, like his father.

He gets emotional and clearly cares about this role when he talks about the prep involved, which included spending time with Mac’s father Mike - ‘we still text back and forth’ - and hanging out with McDonaugh.

‘I had the best source in McDonaugh, his roommate and the only survivor,’ he says.

‘So we would hang out and have a beer and he’d tell me these amazing stories of them going out and just filling in as much as you can - any time you want to get the real info on someone you go to their best friends first, so it was an awesome experience.’

‘You needed to get to know who these guys were, when they’re not in their yellows, who are they and what makes them tick,’ he says.

The cast and crew spent two weeks on a training course before the film began so they could get a feel for how the Hotshots worked - ‘it was a boys club!’ laughs Kitsch - hanging out with each other.

‘We really made the most of the two weeks before filming with the Hotshots, hanging out before and after set. Miles would put basketball games together and everyone would show up,’ he says.

Kitsch says 100% of his scenes were filmed on location, with the crew building a ‘three plus acre set with aluminum trees that they filled with huge propane tanks so they could turn it on and off.’

It sounds terrifying but it’s clear that for Kitsch nothing but getting his hands dirty and getting a real sense for who these men were would do for him.

In the 11 years that Kitsch has been working steadily, he’s appeared alongside names such as Brolin and Bridges, Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson, and Mark Strong.

‘I think any actor will tell you longevity is the most flattering thing you can have,’ says Kitsch when asked about what he’s learning from these men, ‘and when you’re working with the Liam Neeson’s and Josh Brolin’s and the icon Jeff Bridges…one, they haven’t changed which I love.

‘Brolin is Brolin and what you see is what you get, they don’t turn it on, and I’d like to think I don’t either, and so I think that’s the biggest attribute.’

He admits that he was still green when he went to work on X-Men: Origins as Gambit but that working with Hugh Jackman made him realize that ‘work ethic is the most important thing you need to have if you want to stick around.’

That ethic is something Kitsch clearly thrives on as he hasn’t stopped working since.

Up next is his directorial debut, which he says will start shooting on November 27, and which is based on a short film he made in 2014 called Pieces.

‘It took me a couple more years to be happy with where the script is now,” he says, ‘we have 80% of the cast so when I’m done with press we’ll go into pre-production and take a swing.’

He’s got his good friend Peter Berg on board as producer and the two go way back; it was Berg who produced and is therefore responsible for Kitsch starring as Tim Riggins in the cult classic Friday Night Lights.

It’s a friendship that changed his life, and something Kitsch is fully aware of: ‘I wouldn’t be here without Pete.’

Title: ‘To Stalk or Not to Stalk’
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: AkuSai (Axel x  Saïx)
Rating: General (so much fluff)
Word Count: ~2240

Prompt: Red and blue

Summary: No matter where Axel goes on campus, he seems to have a shadow - his own personal stalker. Modern day college AU. 

A/N: Here is my first entry for Akusaimonth2k17! Please enjoy! :)

They say that you can learn a lot about a person by their favorite color. If a person likes the color green, they might tend to enjoy nature more than a person that likes the color orange. There are two colors that are both opposites, and compliment each other - but sometimes, if two people like these colors, there’s a chance they may or may not be well suited for each other. They could be soulmates, or mortal enemies. Or sometimes, they can be both.


“That guy is back again.” Axel Niemand looks over at his friend, Roxas Lumine, who has just informed him of the appearance of his stalker. Well, who he is convinced is his stalker because no matter where they go on campus, he seems to appear. “Try to act casual about it.”

“Me? Casual?” He scoffs, keeping his head down, looking at his notes. “Have you even met me, Roxas?”

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