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How would junkrat be when discovering he loves someone? Not like a silly crush but I mean L O V E someone to bits? What would he do and such?

Ok hear me out

I honestly see him as a hopeless romantic so it would be so obvious that he’s in love with you. It’s pretty sweet, actually. He’ll try to give you flowers (they somehow burned a bit but they still look good!) and he actually tries to be nicer to everyone. (It creeps everyone out so they hope he asks you out soon)

Honestly, you might end up asking him out! (He’ll think it’s a fancy date so he’ll try wearing a suit. TRY (he wears a shoe over his pegleg too))


“ Where do you think you’re going? “
” I really don’t want you hanging out with them. “
” Where have you been all night? “
” I think it would be a good idea to get tracking devices. “
” I’m putting cameras up all around the house for security. “
” Don’t leave the house with the pocket knife or mase. “
” I think we should get some better security. “
” I’m going to get us a dog for security purposes. “
” You really need to find better friends. “
” I don’t think your friends are really your friends. “
” Okay, call me as soon as you get there. “
” Don’t you dare text and drive! “
” Please don’t text while you’re driving. “
” Is that outfit really appropriate? “
” I think we should go shopping for your new clothes. “
” He careful when you go to walk down the steps. “
” Always knock before going inside. “
” You have the emergency contact list right? “
” Are you skipping school again? You know I’m going to give you a talk. “
” I don’t want you going anywhere with those people. “
” You aren’t aloud out past ten, you know that. “
” Hey, I don’t make the rules around here. “
” You should probably stay home with us tonight. “
” Why don’t you stay home and have some family time? “
” You missed family game night for that? “
” That’s the second time tonight you missed family game night? “
” I can’t believe you’re dissing us for your fake friends. “
” Hey, why don’t you come out and socialize with your family? “
” Look, I’m just worried about you is all. “
” You don’t want me to take you to school? “
” Where are you going? I can give you a ride. “
” You’re not allowed to go out without one of your brothers or sisters. “
” You can go as long as your brother/sister can go too. “
” I put double locks on all the windows in the house. “
” I think we should move to a nicer neighborhood. “
” I do not want you out driving at night. “
” I dont want anyone out while the storm is coming. “
” Remember to stay indoors when the storm comes. “
” We need to go over our fire escape route again. “
” You aren’t supposed to shower during storms, dear. “
” Are you feeling okay? Want me to draw you a bath? “
” You’re sick, just stay home today and rest. “
” I don’t want you to be home alone. “
” Would you like to come to work with me today? “
” Why haven’t you answered any of my calls or texts? “
” You do not ignore me like that again. “
” I can’t believe I’ve been up all night worried sick! “
” No, you could get alcohol poison. “
” I don’t want anyone drinking in this house. “
” What happened to all that money I gave you? “
If I’m a Saint, Then You’re Heaven

Summary: Phil is less than excited to start his Sex in the Bible course, but he can’t bring himself to regret it when he meets a gorgeous angel dressed in all pink by the name of Dan.
Word Count: 11,068
Warnings: Lots of religious talk, homophobia, physical fight, smut
A/N: Hey guys! I wrote this because I was tired of people writing a religious fic where Phil continuously tries to get Dan to sin. So this came out, where they both respect each other despite their religious differences (With a dash of sex at the end). If you’re uncomfortable reading smut then no worries! It’s easy to tell when they’re going to get it on and it ends at the ’-’ and is very close to the end (: Lastly, special thanks to @insanityplaysfics for betaing this for me and giving me this entire idea! Also thank you @phandommother for helping me out with the idea as well and listening to me rant about it :’)
Title Creds: Cement - Citizen
Read it on AO3


Phil didn’t know why he decided to take the class. None of his friends were taking it and it honestly seemed like a lot of shit that Phil didn’t particularly care about, shit that didn’t really help him with his future career in any way. It seemed like a class that had a lot of reading, reading that Phil would probably never do, and let’s be honest, he probably only took the class because it had the word ‘sex’ in the title.

He walked into his Sex in the Bible class five minutes late on his first day.

The teacher didn’t bat an eye. Heads didn’t turn to look at him. Phil just sauntered in and stood at the back of the lecture room with his backpack slung over one shoulder while he scanned the room for a seat. Sometimes he forgot just how uncaring everyone was in university. He could just walk in ten to twenty minutes late and nobody would give a shit. Especially not in a class where there were over one hundred students.

(He didn’t understand why there were so many students in Sex in the Bible. They probably also just took the class because of the word ‘sex’).

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2‌•29 °˖✧ Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ, ʙᴀʙʏ! ✧˖° 2‌•29

i love shiro so much, and i really hope he’s having a nice birthday,,.. floating around in the astral plane,.. :/ hm.   .. pls bring him home and give him bday smooches; ♥


Totally didn’t forget to post the full cosplay  J( ‘ー`)ゞ

I just once again wanted to say that Katsucon 2017 was an unbelievable adventure and experience…. I never want to forget it…. I met so many cool people and..!! Signed autographs! (it was embarassing but.. really cool!) >////< 

This trip was totally meant to be, because even though I tried to be prepared as best as I could, the amount of times where I got extremely lucky in certain situations were scary… (ex. Hammer almost not fitting in the trunk of a car, almost not getting through across the border, having little to no damage done in transportation, having a tremendous amount of help from all of my friends, got to see delicious Genji booty)

Shout out to my BitchBoard™! (in the first picture) Without you, I would have been kicked out of the con for having such a large prop =w=;;
You let me cart my hammer around and Me n Zed even got a shoutout from Reinhardt’s voice actor!! AAAAA!!

″SKELETON HAMMER DOWN!!!” so cool ;o;!!!

Special thanks to @livingzed (Swap Papyrus) and @Suukarin (Human Swap Papyrus) for not only being my two amazing brothers but for being there for me and especially Suu for keeping my stupid hammer in their hotel room….!!!!! I love you guys so much and I really miss you ;o;

Ok i’m done being mushy, enjoy these pictures my friend Sunny took (except the first, that one was given to me!) <3

This is our last chance to negotiate.

I'm going to end this.

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.4]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

Jungkook was one of the only things on your mind for days. He’d kissed you… and then run off. At the end of the game he’d simply smirked at you, sending a wink your way before slinging an arm around Jimin and laughing as Jimin gloated about their victory.

You sighed, pushing your books into your locker. It was Friday and all you wanted to do was call Taehyung and have him bring snacks over to your house for a movie night.

You pushed your locker closed and jumped back at the figure that had been standing behind the door, blocked from your view.

“What the hell! Jungkook you can’t do shit like that,” you said, placing a hand over your heart as you looked at him.

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Theo x Reader

Summery: Theo finally has some fun with his childhood crush

Warnings: Teaseing, 18+ gif under cut

“Hey, you want a ride?” Theo called as he spotted you walking home alone. “Come on, we live right next door it’s not like it’s out of the way.”

He growled to himself when you shyly shook your head and hurried away. He liked to think he’d moved on from pre-school, but here he was, feeling like he was back in first grade. Except now you were hot and didn’t have any building blocks for him to knock over.

He made such an idiot of himself in first grade, tiddling after you, stealing toys and pulling your pigtails in utter desperation to get your attention. He would forever be sat on the naughty step watching other kids play with you, his best friend and neighbour, simply because he’d not wanted to share you.

Theo let his mind run over his most recent daydreams as he stopped at a red light. There was no doubt in his mind you’d be submissive, the scent of complains clouded his head every time he passed you in the corridor, making it hard not to just throw and arm over your shoulder and steer you to an empty class room.

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Negan asking you who you are and you fooling around would include :

(Woooo more prompts! ROFL XD YAY READER FOR BEING WEIRD! and Negan being like o_O Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Negan thinking you’re a tough one and instantly picking you up from the line up to take back to the Sanctuary

-Negan having his men mistreat you but you thinking the whole place is a joke, especially when you hear everyone proclaiming to be “Negan” and just laughing your ass off, confusing everyone

-Negan being impressed by you and one evening having Dwight bring you into one of the nicer rooms, trying to convince you of the lifestyle but your thoughts are somewhere else until your hear him ask “Who are you?”

-You really thinking this whole “Negan” thing is dumb and hesitating between “Your mom” and “Who do you think I am?” and just cracking a smile, making Negan uneasy

-When he asks you again, you come up with something even more brilliant and suddenly you have a flair for the dramatic as you would slowly look away from him and act as if what you were about to say was top secret

-You finally telling him your “secret” by getting closer to him, making him smirk, only for you to channel your inner Batman voice to tell him “I…AM…BATMAN!”

-Negan being completely taken back like never before and his expression could tell it all, making him not know what to say

-Dwight just being mad that you would say such things and try to pull you away to stop only for Negan to show him it’s fine all while still being shocked

-Simon thinking you’re really hilarious and just laughing in his corner, making Negan and Dwight stare at him, only for him to get self conscious and apologize

-Negan grabbing you by your collar and suddenly cracking a smile as he realizes you’re really just trying to brighten up the mood, only to tell you that he’ll offer you the room as it is an honor to have “Batman” among the Saviors

@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

   a series of unfortunate events,
   book the first: the bad beginning.

  • what do you think it is? 
  • it only seems scary because of the mist. 
  • it is a nice day. i’m afraid i have some very bad news for you. 
  • the entire house was engulfed in fire. it burned to the ground. 
  • where will we go? 
  • just how is he related to us exactly?
  • that’s an unusual first name. 
  • what a terrible place! 
  • i don’t want to live there at all!
  • wipe your feet outside so no mud gets indoors. 
  • this room looks like it needs a little work.
  •  perhaps with a bit of your money we could fix it up a little nicer. 
  • i hope you will be very happy here. 
  • have dinner ready by the time they arrive.
  • stay out of our way. none of us knows how to cook. 
  • i wish they were here. i hate it here! i hate this house! i hate our room! i hate having to do all these chores, and i hate him!
  • we have to keep our chin up.
  • it is very difficult to keep one’s chin up when he keeps shoving it down. 
  • we haven’t found any books in this house at all. 
  • i can tell you it concerns a poisonous plant and illegal use of someone’s credit card. 
  • is there anything you desire? 
  • this is a wonderful library! 
  • as long as you keep them in good condition, you are welcome to use any of my books. 
  • it is a pleasure to see young people interested in books. 
  • you seem like very intelligent people. 
  • where is the roast beef? 
  • i am not someone to be trifled with. 
  • put her down immediately, you beast! 
  • perhaps by the time these brats serve us, we will be too drunk to care. 
  • if i were you i would try not to anger him, or he might wreck that pretty little face of yours.
  • you know perfectly well we haven’t any money. 
  • if i know you, you’ll figure out a way to get at that money. 
  • clearly, we cannot stay here any longer. 
  • i would rather take my chances on the streets than live in this terrible place. 
  • who knows what misfortunes would befall us on the streets? 
  • in the meantime, we have to do something about our predicament. 
  • we don’t really have a question. we have a complaint. 
  • we cannot stay with him. 
  • there’s nothing i can do about it. 
  • you’ll do nothing to help us. 
  • aren’t raspberries delicious? 
  • a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be working backstage. 
  • i have such an important role for you. 
  • i would hate to disgrace your good name. 
  • i would prefer it if you would participate voluntarily. 
  • he must be up to something. 
  • killing us would do him no good. 
  • today i don’t think i’ll choose a book on wolves. 
  • make sure she doesn’t eat any dirt. 
  • she wouldn’t help us anyway. 
  • have you found anything in your book yet? 
  • he struck me across the face. 
  • you are to return to the house immediately. 
  • why are you reading that? 
  • the only reason he hasn’t torn you limb from limb is that he hasn’t gotten hold of your money. 
  • what reason will he have to keep you alive after he has your money? 
  • so if i were you, i’d start acting a little nicer. 
  • where did you get that book? 
  • what’s important is that i have found out your plan. 
  • what is my plan, you little runt? 
  • a man like myself can acquire any number of beautiful women. 
  • i’m sure they’ll want to know all about your grand victory over my evil ways. 
  • she’s not the type to run off. 
  • it certainly is strange to find a child missing. 
  • what have you done with her? 
  • for someone who reads so much, you are remarkably unintelligent. 
  • let her go! 
  • we’ll do anything, anything, just don’t harm her. 
  • she is perfectly safe, for now. 
  • i consider her to be a stick behind a stubborn mule. 
  • you will do as i say, to avoid the punishment, and because you want the reward of surviving this experience. 
  • you’re such a lovely girl. 
  • i wouldn’t dispose of you. 
  • you’re a terrible man. 
  • you may have read more books than i have, but it didn’t help you gain the upper hand in this situation.
  • how pleasant that you could join us. 
  • i was just thinking how much i wanted to see your pretty face. 
  • what are you going to do with me? 
  • no monkey business, or i will have to tie you up and let you dangle out of the window. 
  • you must have been terrified. 
  • if we had any kerosene, i could make molotov cocktails with these bottles. 
  • we could break these bottles in half and use them as knives. 
  • we appreciate all you’ve done for us. 
  • break a leg! 
  • this is dreadful nonsense. 
  • i’m afraid this dreadful nonsense is the law.
  • i can’t believe how easily i was tricked. 
  • don’t think you’re so safe. 
  • you are a liar! 
  • send him to jail!
  • he’s an evil man! 
  • did you really mean what you said? 
  • i’ll get my hands on your fortune if it’s the last thing i do. 
  • i’ll kill you and your siblings with my own two hands. 
  • we will miss you very much. 
Elopement - Jason Todd x Reader

Bullets rang around you as you sprinted down a corridor towards a closing metal door. You dove through, rolling to your feet on the other side. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw the men chasing you disappeared behind the closing door. The door sealed behind you.

“I’m in,” you spoke into the comlink as you surveyed the room. Finding a control panel, you attempted to hack the building’s computer system.

A chuckle sounded from the other end of the comlink. “I never doubted you for a second.”

“Sure you didn’t, Lover-boy,” you teased, grinning at the chuckles buzzing in your ear. “How are you doing with the mercenaries?” 

“Oh, we’re having a party out here,” he replied. The faint sound of gunshots echoed through the com. You frowned when you didn’t get another answer.

“Jason?” The panic made your voice crack. Time stopped as you waited for a reply.

“I’m still here, Sweetheart.” You sighed as Jason’s husky voice filled your ear. Even after all this time, your heart still fluttered at the sound. “One of these idiots just shot himself.”

You snickered, finishing your hacking. Sticking a flash drive into the terminal, you started downloading the information. You and Jason had accepted a contract to collect data on Black Mask’s movements through the western part of the United States. The two of you were currently in one of Black Mark’s main warehouses in Las Vegas. “I’ve started the download.”

“Good,” Jason grunted. The sound of a punch came through the com. “I might need your help out here. More mercenaries showed up.”

“I’ll come when I can,” you replied. You hacked into the security cameras to find out where Jason was. When you found him, you winced at the number of new mercenaries attacking Jason. He was holding them off, but you knew he would need your help to take them down. 

The terminal beeped, the download was finished. You took the flash drive out, slipping it safely into your pocket. Taking out your own gun, you shot the terminal to erase your tracks. Once it was destroyed, the sealed door reopened to reveal the men who you had trapped outside. They raised their guns at you.

“Nice to see you again, Boys,” you greeted cheerfully, swinging into action. The men were down in five seconds flat. You sprinted back down the corridor towards a glass window. Shooting out the glass with your gun, you leaped through the window to land a flying kick to one of the mercenaries attacking Jason.

“Hello Sweetheart, it’s nice of you to drop in,” Jason flirted as you joined him in the battle. The two of you fought seamlessly together. 

“I was in the neighborhood,” you mused, punching a mercenary out cold. You flipped over Jason to perform a high kick on another one. 

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Dark Nights (Part 2)

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

Summary: The reader’s night doesn’t exactly go as planned when Dean shows up and he senses trouble…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I wonder who could be at the door?…

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