but i think they're quite lovely

I love Jane Eyre so much. I love it so much and I’m so happy it’s one of those books I can just return to and fall into again, like the blanket that hangs on the back of your sofa and you can just slip it around you like a cloak before you sit in front of the fireplace as the evening steals over the sky. 

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I see a lot of hate going from both groups of fans, and I have grown quite accustom to Vriska fans hating Gamzee and Gamzee fans hating Vriska (though the latter being much more intense from my experience).  I know of one person who very passionately loves both, but I’m curious if there are others.


“This family has philosophy. Look at our Belle and our little Samson. They start looking at their mates at school, thinking all they need is some fancy trainers or the latest toy and they’ll be happy. Of course, we know it won’t last. ‘Cause next week there will be something else. And the bottom line is; it counts for nowt. Then they learn what’s really important. Somebody who feeds them, someone who will stick up for them, listen to their worries, praise them when they do well and give them a rollicking when they’re out of line. They learn what love is.”

SLW #2: That aha! moment...

If anyone is going to have an aha! moment, it’s got to be Cas, right? Like, really, you just know Sam has spent hours thinking through things and testing his hypotheses inside the confines of his brain, and then sort of subtly seeing if he can hint at Cas that hey, we should be a thing, don’t you think we should be a thing?

You know, Sam touches Cas waaaaay more often than anyone else these days. And what if those touches started to linger a little? Sam musses Cas’s hair, tries to get it to stick up like it used to, maybe, or he doesn’t just squeeze Cas’s shoulder as he walks by, but stays behind him, lets his hand rest there while they talk about a possible hunt. Or maybe he decides he needs to straighten Cas’s tie before they go into the police station as FBI – and he can’t help drawing it out, fussing over Cas’s tie and tucking down the corners of his shirt, straightening his jacket and then his trench coat, all the while watching his own hands because if he looks up at Cas he’ll give it away, and Castiel does the same, watches Sam’s hands with interest, because they’re Sam’s hands, and they’re always doing things, and touching things and oh, ohhh, they’re touching him, now, him, and does that mean Sam wants to do things to Castiel with his hands? Other things, more intimate things?

And when Castiel finally looks up at Sam, feeling the heartbeat of his human vessel like he never has before, galloping like it might burst right out of his chest, he sees Sam quickly glance up, checking in on him like he might bolt, like he is the colt his heart seems to think he is, and it’s not quite a moment of surprise so much as a moment of stillness – of rightness – as Sam’s hands come to rest on his neck and Castiel understands.

the more i think about it idk what i was thinking watching s5. i was legit under the impression kc happens and stefan is forever alone (thanks @ my friends who were really quite vague about it)

when i was halfway through s5 i saw a manip of steroline making out or something in her room and was like “wow how random” and texted my friend asking if they get together and she was like wtf no. i didn’t even consider it could be romantic…. like they were holding hands, cuddling, caressing each other’s cheeks, stefan punched tyler for making caroline sad, caroline was obviously jealous over stefan, and i was like. i was so blind

fast forward 3 years and they’re my #1 otp ever and i cry at least once a day over them

@jeeves-the-consulting-detective @cathawayinspace @kingsmanassemble Aw thank you lovelies!!! 💜💜 I’m sure I’ll absolutely love it XD And we’re already making quite good use of it — my mom has a whole box of LPs from when she was a teenager and she’s so excited to get to listen to them again and honestly it’s really sweet how excited she is 😁

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what's your favorite ship for kaz?

well…i think that it’s quite obvious, judging by how much I post about it

  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  it’s ocelhira and it’s plain to see that i’m ship exclusive with @edenvs  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


“Lamp Shade”

All puns aside, though I love both of these characters, I have a feeling they (or at least my versions of them) wouldn’t quite enjoy each other’s company–hence, this drawing! Plus, it was an excuse to keep drawing nerds in this style.

Art © @ticktocktimepiece 2016

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Larries Be Like (MITAM)

1. Gay Angel
2. Gay Me Down
3. Perfectly Gay
4. Gay for Infinity
5. End of the Straight
6. If I Could Fly
7. Gay Way Down
8. Never Enough (Gay Fanfiction)
9. Gaylivia
10. Gay Aint a Feeling
11. Love You Gay-or-Bi  
12. I Want To Write You a Gay Fanfiction
13. Gaystory
14. Temporary Beard feat. Taylor Swift
15. Walking in on the Gays feat. a very scarred Niall
16. Wolves (But Gay Wolves)
17. (g)A(y).M

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Coldflash prompt: Barry steals Len's parka (based on those photos of Grant wearing the parka lol)

this is a short but sweet one i love it

It was right there. He could just grab it…  But why did he want to?  It certainly wasn’t just because it was Snart’s.  Definitely not.  He was cold, that was all.  And there wasn’t anything else that could keep him warm around at the labs.

Except that was a big lie. Due to the speed force, Barry’s temperature always ran above normal.  He never felt the cold unless it was extreme, so the slightly chilly but otherwise comfortable temperature of STAR Labs never bothered him.  Still, he reasoned with himself, that it was definitely the reason why he wanted to try it on.

That, and it would actually be pretty funny to see Len’s face when he saw Barry wearing his beloved parka.

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