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I see a lot of hate going from both groups of fans, and I have grown quite accustom to Vriska fans hating Gamzee and Gamzee fans hating Vriska (though the latter being much more intense from my experience).  I know of one person who very passionately loves both, but I’m curious if there are others.


“This family has philosophy. Look at our Belle and our little Samson. They start looking at their mates at school, thinking all they need is some fancy trainers or the latest toy and they’ll be happy. Of course, we know it won’t last. ‘Cause next week there will be something else. And the bottom line is; it counts for nowt. Then they learn what’s really important. Somebody who feeds them, someone who will stick up for them, listen to their worries, praise them when they do well and give them a rollicking when they’re out of line. They learn what love is.”

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i read your tags on the clip with annalise and connor, and i agree with you about their relationship - it's so fascinating. i love their scenes together and the one in 3x14 was no different. they parallel each other almost completely, and it's clear that annalise knows something about connor's past (and i want to know what that is so badly!). no two other characters have a connection quite like they do and i think that's why i like them :)

i know right, their scenes are always so intense and real. she understands him better than he thinks. i thought that line about “since you were a little boy” was so interesting, like what does she know and how does she know bc when did connor open up to her??


“Lamp Shade”

All puns aside, though I love both of these characters, I have a feeling they (or at least my versions of them) wouldn’t quite enjoy each other’s company–hence, this drawing! Plus, it was an excuse to keep drawing nerds in this style.

Art © @ticktocktimepiece 2016

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Heyo! Just wanted to hear your opinion about the topic of FanFiction being classified as regular (being no different) literature as let's say Harry Potter. Do you think the same benefits come to reading a novel like Harry Potter could compare with reading a FanFic (say the ones you write for instance)? I've heard countless arguments, and just wanted to hear your opinion especially you write FanFiction. Anyways, I love your blog and have a wonderful day!!:)

I think the only real differences between fanfiction and published literature is that most fanfiction is unrefined. Fic writers typically start out writing in their early teens, so the stories themselves are not great. Other than that, I don’t think fanfiction is all that different from published books. They both show dedication for the craft, they both are for entertainment purposes, and frankly I’ve read fics that were more interesting than some YA novels. Though, fics do play into some tired tropes and aren’t always as original as someone would like.

I don’t know if I’d classify both as “regular literature” just because fics do borrow characters and settings from the source material, but other than that, there’s not a glaring difference between the two. Writing fics comes with more freedom to do what you want, but writing professionally gives you a sense of how the real world works.

I would say, with my fics specifically, I don’t borrow as much from the source. Mostly just names and character designs. I try to tweak the settings and characters just enough to make them my own without completely making things OOC. I try to write stories that I could potentially publish, so long as I change names and descriptions!

Larries Be Like (MITAM)

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17. (g)A(y).M

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Coldflash prompt: Barry steals Len's parka (based on those photos of Grant wearing the parka lol)

this is a short but sweet one i love it

It was right there. He could just grab it…  But why did he want to?  It certainly wasn’t just because it was Snart’s.  Definitely not.  He was cold, that was all.  And there wasn’t anything else that could keep him warm around at the labs.

Except that was a big lie. Due to the speed force, Barry’s temperature always ran above normal.  He never felt the cold unless it was extreme, so the slightly chilly but otherwise comfortable temperature of STAR Labs never bothered him.  Still, he reasoned with himself, that it was definitely the reason why he wanted to try it on.

That, and it would actually be pretty funny to see Len’s face when he saw Barry wearing his beloved parka.

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