but i think these are the most significant ones

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if it isn't any trouble, do you think you could translate the meaning of Kazui and also Ichika? I've seen like 5 different meanings now.

no problem, I was actually discussing these names with a friend elsewhere

一 勇 - Kazui written in Kanji and this is the correct Kanji that is used on the raws and the transcript by the way because I’ve also seen one name meaning for Kazui in the bleach tags but the post contained the wrong kanji characters.  

has the meanings of ‘One’ / ‘Best [in]’ / ‘first’
means bravery

Meaning: Brave one/Bravest ( lit: Best [in] Bravery so you could say 'best [in]’ + 'bravery’ = bravest)

It’s a fitting name!

苺花 - Ichika

苺 - Strawberry
花 - Flower

Meaning: lit. strawberry flower.

I think what’s most significant here is 'Strawberry’ and I think we can pinpoint reasons Renji and Rukia would give this name to their child.

Both are quite odd/unique names

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You are so well informed and level-headed, so I am going to ask for your honest answer to this question. Do you think that Tom and Taylor will go to the Emmy's together?

Hi anon! I have been holding on to this ask for a while because I wanted to give an elaborate answer. Based on the fact that Taylor has stayed away from his work and just let him do this thing, one could assume probably not. Then again, it’s the Emmys and most people bring their significant others. It’s a big deal and Tom would want to bring someone who supports him. I personally don’t think it would be too soon as that would be three months after they started dating which is enough to me to go public.

Let’s discuss how the media will take it. I want to first say that I disagree a bit with the opinion that if they go together and he doesn’t win, they will blame her. Even if Taylor doesn’t go, there will be tabloids blaming her if he doesn’t win. Tom wasn’t even the front runner for the Emmy before he was with her. Even if he does win, some people will still say it’s only because of Taylor. They can’t win so they might as well just do what they want.

If they don’t go together, there will be many who question their legitimacy as a couple. That they aren’t very serious and etc. Ridiculous headlines saying they aren’t doing well as a couple and etc.

If they do go together, I understand what people are saying that them as a couple could “overshadow” so to speak his nomination. Tom and Taylor are a really hot topic in Hollywood right now and a lot of people are excited to see them out together. The Emmys of course would want them together as it would bring up ratings and etc.

I want to make a point that Taylor herself could say she didn’t want to go to let Tom shine. That is a likely choice. If Taylor doesn’t go, it won’t be be because Tom doesn’t want her too. It will likely be because they together as a couple wanted to avoid the media freak out. If they do go together it won’t be because Taylor “forced” him to take her. An angle I’m sure some delusional fans will try and pull. It will be because Tom wants her with him and doesn’t care what anybody else has to say about it.

My overall opinion: I think it’s 50/50 at this point. It could go either way. Tom has made the subtle point that he really doesn’t care what anybody thinks of his personal life. If they go together, again it will be because he wants her with him. They will do what makes THEM happy. No fan is going to stop them.

What do I think would be the better option media wise? I think it would be better if they went together to avoid the speculation. It would rip off the bandaid. If they want to have a relationship, they will have to get used to these things. Things are starting to calm down with the media and I think them going together would trump the negative perception if they didn’t. I might be in the minority in that opinion but hey. I can also see a situation where they go together but they skip taking red carpet pictures together. All the best.

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Do you have any ideas about what John's hand clench means, what it symbolizes? I saw you mention it in that post about John at the graveyard and I was wondering what it means/what the significance is :)

Hi Nonny!

John only clenches his hand when he’s emotionally compromised, and when it has to do with his relationship with Sherlock. It’s a non-verbal clue to John’s true feelings for Sherlock – he’s psychosomatically associated the pain / tremor  in his hand for his love of Sherlock, since Sherlock is the one that “cured” it. 

This is one of the most amazing acting choices that Martin has instilled into his character; you can ALWAYS tell what John is really thinking when you see his hand clench going nuts. In fact, when Sherlock was leaving him on the tarmac, BOTH of his hands were going. You can clearly see his RIGHT one spasming, while it should be his left, but if you look closely, you can see the fingers on his left hand going wild as well. Poor John.

There’s lots of instances in my blog tag, so check it out!

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Hanzo and Jesse's wedding day yup. Would be a awesome fan fic. Hasn't been done yet ;)

Oooh, a wedding! One of my favourite tropes, alongside its cousin, the Fake Marriage AU.

First, there’s the question of whether or not they would get married at all. I don’t think marriage is of much significance to Jesse, simply because his childhood environment would not exactly have fostered an appreciation for marital bliss. The relationships that appear to matter most to Jesse are those he’s made by choice (i.e. with OW members, if that is what you want to call choice), so my feeling is that the choice to commit to a life and partnership with Hanzo would hold far more meaning for Jesse than any sort of contracted marriage. The ceremony would probably be a pleasant addition he would be just as happy without.

In fact, if anything, Jesse is somewhat of a lone wolf, going by the fact that he left OW and is currently a drifter. By that, I don’t mean he isn’t capable of teamwork, but that solitude comes to him just as naturally as sociability, and he doesn’t concern himself much with the future of a relationship, or the social implications of an arrangement. He also doesn’t exactly play by a conventional book of rules, so I don’t think marriage would really even occur to him.

Now Hanzo is more of a traditionalist. I like to imagine that he had kind parents who were very much in love - this seems to be the case, given young Genji’s outlook on life - and that, therefore, marriage holds an intrinsic depth and value to Hanzo. The formality of the arrangement would also give him the stability and security he so clearly lacks. The only thing tying him to his brother atm is tentative effort on both their parts, and a brittle familial love and longing, so I think that, without a formal acknowledgment, Hanzo could eventually come to question the permanence and legitimacy of his relationship with Jesse (especially considering Jesse is gaijin to him, and he is wary of foreign things).

(Or, just as likely, he could choose to dismiss marriage as fickle and tokenistic, and choose to take control of the fate of their relationship on his own terms rather than legal or sentimental ones, thereby asserting his need for control, but let’s assume otherwise for the sake of wedding planning.)

So the premise is, say, Hanzo offhandedly brings up the possibility of marriage at some point, and Jesse hears the anxiety shoveled under that casual remark, and he hears what their relationship means to Hanzo. So he proposes, and Hanzo agrees, citing practical advantages.

Now here’s where I get to the actual prompt. What’s the wedding service like? Is it a quiet, discreet court affair sneaked in between missions, a testament to the privacy of their intimacy? Is it an understated, elegant ceremony held in the the retaken fortress of Shimada Castle, in keeping with Japanese tradition? Is it a raucous celebration where they invite the entire cast, or do they only invite those dearest to them? I’m rooting for the second one, only because - come on, Hanzo would not pass up the chance to pretty himself up more elaborately than usual. Imagine all that silk and embroidery.

And then. And then, what happens when they’re a few days into the marriage and Jesse realises, wait, they’re married. Hanzo’s his husband. And what happens when Hanzo realises that he has a family again?

So sorry, anon. I went off on an entirely different tangent to what you prompted me with, because I have no impulse control. Feel free to hit me up for more useless rambling on a hc or fic bunny of your choice. Anyone else is free to contribute to/contest my ideas, or use them in a fic, and I might pocket these away for future fic of my own as well.

i’m just not sure what people think was the right move in honduras. okay, the u.s. breaks with international opinion and installs zelaya as president. now what? you have the legislature, the judiciary, and, crucially, the military and security forces of honduras against this man. each of these bodies has went on the record to state zelaya was plotting to not only violate the constitution, but violate what is one of its most historically and culturally significant tenets, owing to its history of dictators. each of these bodies acted together to depose him for that reason. now, a country—the u.s.—that is distrusted to this day in much of south america because of its history of supporting and in some case itself installing brutal dictators in the region has restored this man to power. now what?

Final Fantasy XV was delayed once again and people are pissed. They even held that big event to announce the release date.

But to be honest. The reason they gave for the delay sounded very noble. They wanted to delay the game because they’ve been working on a big day one patch that would have some significant impact on the overall game. But they started thinking, to get this patch you need Internet. And not everyone has internet on their game systems. While most people will get the game and the patch just fine, there will be a minority of people who will play the unpatched version of the game. And so they felt like it was necessary to delay the game so they can include that patch on disc for everyone.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like these guys REALLY care about their game and the consumers. They probably knew that people would be pissed, they know they’ll most likely lose sales. But they’re doing it anyway.

Good on them. It sucks for those who have been waiting for 10 years, but if you’ve actually waited that long 2 extra months shouldn’t feel that bad. And if you’re upset because Square didn’t keep their promise, I understand. But to me their decision sounded reasonable. That’s just me I guess.

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i just spent an hour reading your phanfics and your writing is so good! the way you characterize d&p is so similar to how i imagine they would actually be like in real life and i wanted to ask you a question that popped into my head while reading your fics (don't know why exactly)... do you think their age gap has played a significant role at some point(s) in their relationship?

Yes and no. I don’t particularly think Phil was the most mature 23/24 year old out there, so in a lot of ways I guess my first answer would just be: no. Dan’s the one that had three years of relationship experience. Phil, as far as we know, was never with anyone for any significant amount of time before Dan. Based on the information available to us, it’s pretty clear that it was Dan who did the pursuing right down to initiating the first kiss. So I don’t think those 4/5 years played much of a part in terms of emotional maturity, or relationship experience. 

But I am sure that Phil having had a few years of living at university gave him some practical life experience Dan lacked, and a few extra years to be comfortable with his sexuality and (I generally assume) out to who he wanted to be out to with some measure of acceptance. Disregarding everything that came after the video leak, Phil just seemed very confident in who he was and not particularly needing people’s approval or attention in regard to it. It could be because he repressed it really well, it could be just how he naturally was, but I’m more inclined to think it was something he figured out along the way. Dan has also hit a point where it’s obvious he’s figured out himself, but it took until he was about the same age that Phil was when they met for it to really settle. So in that regard, I’d say Phil had a slight upper edge by being older. 

I think they started basically on a level playing field, though. They are each other’s first adult relationships and it’s almost eight years now. They have taken most major life milestones together so far. Phil lived on his own technically for a year, while Dan was in the university dorms, but they both made it pretty obvious Dan was with him more than he was actually on campus. They’ve gotten their first jobs together, they relocated cities for the first time together, etc. If the age difference played any part, it was that first year and a half. (And maybe briefly later on with how they handled other situations, but mostly in regard to the video leak and that is a very specific and unique scenario.)

(Also, thank you, anon!!) 


Hey guys! As most of you know I’ll be starting college this week, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting on here. So I was thinking, instead of letting this account sit and rot you guys could send me some significant dreams you’ve had! Whether their lucid, vivid, sleep paralysis, out of body, or just a really cool dream, I would love for you all to send them to me with however much detail you want! Feel free to send more than one. I just want to be able to keep this account alive while I’m starting school, so the more the better!

FMLS90: Day 23 - August 23, 2016

Share with us one of your favorite tumblr fitness inspirations. What about them inspires you and how are you applying that to your journey?

@authenticpandas ! Not only is she an awesome runner, who not only lost a significant amount of weight but has maintained it, she is one of the kindest, most encouraging people on here! She really goes out of her way to talk to people and offer both congratulations and encouragement. 

I find Jenni so inspiring because it’s easy to think of this as a solo journey, but she reminds me that we are all in this together, and when we encourage and support each other, we do better ourselves!

Accountability buddies:@fatmaninalittlesuit,  @iamrunspired,@kelseybecomingwhole,@findingmyway33

MyFitnessPal: ErikaWasTaken
Fit chart: Google Doc

BPD friends, how do you guys deal with black and white thinking when it comes to loved ones?  It effects me the most with significant others.  I can go from being completely in love to enraged and questioning everything about the relationship and not being able to feel.  Even know I know this is a symptom and irrational, when I am “in it” I can’t see it that way.  I am always careful not to let myself make any decisions about the relationship while I am in that space but it still makes it really tough for me (and my partners) when I go from love to hate in a snap.  Any suggestions or experiences? 

The significance of this scene to me, is that The Simpsons, as a show, is one of very few things that is a trigger for, to my knowledge, the entire system, ranging from making me Uncomfortable to think about, to giving Bethany nightmares, to, most importantly, sending Jay into full-blown flashbacks.

And this show is the only show I’ve ever seen that shows anything remotely close to how I experience DID, and the main character, as a child, was apparently exposed to The Simpsons when it was age-inappropriate, like we were, in an abusive household, like we had, and disliked at least aspects of it (I’m pretty sure the character he’s referring to is an antagonist and therefore dislikeable by anyone but the fact that that really odd and specific thing that nobody outside has ever understood came up in this show that was already overwhelmingly relatable is really, blowing my mind)

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It's interesting that theon, sansa, and arya, all 3 live for significant periods as someone else (reek, alayne, no one (the most prominent one)) and that going back from that identity to their original names is very VERY important. obv the circumstances are fidd (for sansa and arya it's the only way to be safe for the moment, they're aware of who they are but keep repressing it while for theon it was through torture and forced). still it's v v interesting i think.

well arguably for theon it also was a matter of survival, the moment he embraced it (or pretended to anyway, since in the last couple adwd chapters he basically spends his time trying to convince himself he’s reek - and even when he was supposed to be reek he kept having to remind himself all the time…) he also - well, avoided being tortured DDD: but yeah they definitely have that in common and I REALLY HOPE THE NEXT BOOK COMES OUT SOON AND MAYBE THEY MEET SO WE CAN SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY REALIZE IT *cough* grrm come oooonnn. 

I don’t actually refer to my covers as “remixes” in their YouTube title because a remix technically involves significant retooling of the song structure, whereas my stuff is more like arrangements, at best. 

On the other hand, I think “remix” is the most popular term for covers (8-bit stuff especially) and I’d get way WAY more traffic from YouTube searches if I included something like “8-bit remix” in the titles of my videos. Basically I want a chunk of that Bulby crowd.

I worry if I start calling my stuff remixes that sticklers like myself are going to accuse me of pursuing the lowest-common-denominator (which I acknowledge is stupid but I still live in fear of it). But also I crave validation so the thought that I’m missing out on a potentially much bigger crowd also eats at me.

Any advice?

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♦ How has roleplaying on Tumblr improved since you started out?

the hella sweet munday meme | accepting

I think the most significant, and honestly really great, improvement in Tumblr RP since I first started is the openness to OCs. When I first started, OCs were a god awful taboo and people were just shunning them left and right. Forgetting the simple fact that the muse they’re playing on this site is, in fact, someone’s OC. Just in a popular franchise. Pretty nifty how that works, huh? 

Lately I’ve noticed a huge influx of OC blogs and a big push forward for them. People are really chill about OCs now ( more less ) with the few exceptions. Hopefully one day that elitest mentality will poof and we can all just have fun and do ridiculous things with our blogs.

of all the origins i think duncan and brosca have the most significant and positive relationship

there’s little/no canon material on it but there are so many parallels between duncan’s and brosca’s childhoods, he advocates for them even when they’re not there (”[brosca has] no place among us!” “except as your champion…*sideeye*”), he’s the only one who offers them respect in their origin…i really like that relationship and i feel like of all my wardens, broscas are the ones who like duncan the most

What I Love About You by Me

So, I bought this fill-it-in-yourself book for mine and Lexi’s one year anniversary. Though cliché and seemingly lazy, I’m stoked to give it to her because it really forced me to think about the significant time we’ve shared together. Because there are set lines like “When we are apart, it makes me think about ____________” and “I love to play ____________ with you,” I’m to reminisce over these (soon-to-be) past twelve months and take note of our most memorable and most mundane moments (whoa, check that alliteration!)

It makes me feel over the moon to have been able to emotionally, romantically, and mentally come this far with someone. I can recall the countless times that I told my friends that I had commitment issues, which wasn’t the case at all. I just hadn’t found the right person.

But is there really a right person? Contrary to what Lexi thinks, I do believe that someone can have multiple soulmates considering how many people exist in this world.

Anyway, that isn’t the point. In two days, it will be exactly a year since we set our sights on each other for the very first time. It’s really fun to think about, actually. We were in the middle of what was the beginning of a shitload of icebreakers, and the task was to say your name and act out a movement that personified you. She said her name and did the little cowgirl hop with a lasso above her head. That freaked me out. “This girl is way too southern for me. Ugh. She’s probably from Texas,” I thought. I was right.

And I freaked her out because I put my two index fingers on each side of my head, thinking that I depicted a deer when, to her, I was the devil. She is HELLA Catholic so she thought I was some kind of Satan worshipper. Great first impressions, right? And we had about thirty people in the circle so we had to see each other’s weird movement thirty-ish times. Still don’t know how I fell in love with a southern girl and how she fell in love with someone who doesn’t know how to portray antlers correctly, but here we are.

The rest is history.

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What about Albert einstein?

As a Servant? Yeah, I think he’d make a good addition to the Caster class, given his influence on the field of science and physics. I bet he and Tesla would get along rather well, given they made significant breakthroughs that were essentially a massive gut-punch to the age of mystery and magic. For that matter, J. Robert Oppenheimer would make a good Caster as well, given his work on the Manhattan Project and moniker as “The Father of The Atomic Bomb,” would make him one of the most infamous Servants in history for the lasting effects his creation has had on the world. He would likely have some lines with Einstein, given the latter’s pacifism and how he considered the letter he signed to Roosevelt suggestion the creation of atomic bombs to be the biggest mistake of his life- though he believe there was one justification, that the Germans would’ve made them if the Americans hadn’t.

Hmm, maybe I should make list of possible Servants from WWII. Given some of the great warriors and thinkers that came out of the conflict on either side- the likes of the aforementioned Joe Medicine Crow, “Mad” Jack Churchill, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Audie Murphy, Erwin “The Desert Fox” Rommel, Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Yevdokia Bershanskaya of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment “The Night Witches,” etcetera- there are doubtless a number of potential additions to the Throne of Heroes that are definitely Servant material :D.

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I'm curious, you said you don't see Alexandra Daddario as being his type. But to me, his girlfriends don't really seem to have a type. There might be some physical similarities between them, but I think most of that is eye of the beholder stuff. As for their personalities (what we know of them) they don't seem similar at all. Alex seems to be similar in personality to Jennifer Morrison to me. His current gf doesn't seem like any of the ones that came before.

There is just a vibe I get when I think about them as a couple. Not like a jealous type of vibe…no, it’s more of a “would they really be compatible romantically?” I mean clearly we don’t know enough about any of his past significant others to know exactly what they all have in common. But to me she just doesn’t seem like someone Sebastian would pursue a romantic relationship with. Who knows, they might get on set and absolutely hate each other. 

One thing I’ve learned in my young 24 (almost 25) years of life is to trust my gut instinct. And right now it’s saying that their compatibility may not be the highest. I will mention @wtfmargarita had an anon comment that Alexandra seems more sweetness and light than what Sebastian needs. Which not saying that sweetness is a bad thing, he just doesn’t seem like the type of guy to just want continuous sweetness in his life. She looks like innocence personified in my opinion.