but i think thats my fave

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what are some of your fav Overwatch ships (if you have any)

gency is my main fave tbh???? but bunnyribbit and anahardt are v close to my heart, some smaller otps are meirat and meicree, and ana76 and thats all i can think of rn pfff

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First half of Bismuth was good. I love her. My big buff mom. My beautiful fave. The second half??? Cursed

honestly thats how i feel with storm in the room too. a great episode but i never want to think about the ending

Things about the first four episodes of ASOUE that I love

•Lemony walking through the tunnels at the beginning of ep.1 and the signs saying “Montgomery” and “Snicket” and especially “Quagmire” in the background

•Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf

•”This cake has a nice lemony taste.” “I told you to never say that word.”

•”I can touch whatever I want.” *lays hand on Violet’s shoulder*

•”I signed with my left hand. I’m right handed.”

•Sunny is voiced by Tara Strong, aka Timmy Turner on Fairly Oddparents

•It’s exactly how I pictured everything in the books?!

•The first few lines of the first episode are directly from the book.

•A lot of Lemony’s lines are, actually.

•”Based on the books by Lemony Snicket. Teleplay by Daniel Handler.”

•Daniel Handler will appear in three episodes as “Fish Head Salesperson”

•Statue lady

•”John Stewart as Zombie Snowman”

•Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket

•Hook handed man

•”Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender”


•”Oh mother Mary Jesus Joseph Zeus and Hera Nathaniel Hawthorne!”

•They had such a great time with Uncle Monty

•”He tried to kidnap us!” Well buddy if Neil Patrick Harris tried to kidnap me it wouldn’t be kidnapping because I’d go with him willingly.

•After the collision when Poe says “Let me see your left ankle.” Olaf slams his foot on the back of the car, pulls up his pant leg, slowly pulls down his sock, to music that makes it seem like some demented striptease.

•The second time Poe asks to see his ankle the really drawn out and dramatic lick of the handkerchief.

How many seconds in eternity?

I kept thinking about the episode today. This is how I deal with my feelings.

one of my least fave misconceptions is that sherlock only realized he was full on in love with john recently (like in tsot) bc hes a Robot who needed the Switch Flipped to Understand He Has Emotions via a Deduction bc hes a Deduction Machine but thats just…not the case imo. i think he loved john from the start, had an inclining/started to fully understand just HOW MUCH he loved john in tgg/asib, definitely knew by trf but probably in asib, FOR SURE knew in teh, then maybe tried to tamp it down or deny it over the following year of wedding planning but he sure as hell knew by the end of the wedding that his feelings never really went away, nor would they

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LANGST HC (aka me projecting HEAVILY onto my fave) basically lance, despite his bravado, has never, NEVER, really had anyone who's had romantic feelings for him (that he knows of) so he just thinks that no one will ever like him--and if anyone shows interest in him hes PUTTY at their feet bc hes just not used to it, or if someone (coughkeithcough) tries to confess he'll be so CONFUSED like "thats funny dude" and "???? me??? um?? but im just?? me??"


Dunno if this was deliberate but omg one of my fave things about The Get Down is that the young Latinx characters’ Spanish isn’t what many would consider to be “good” Spanish. And I say this as someone who’s self conscious of their own Spanish and who sometimes struggles with not feeling Latinx enough because of that. (Te has americanizado, mi tía me dijo una vez.)

The truth is: language is learned and lost if it is not nourished. And that’s exactly what happens with many Latinx people in the United States, particularly children of immigrants and further generations. And I think that it’s very important to see how diverse Latinx people can be, even if it’s in just one aspect of latinidad - like language and dialect.

Mylene’s Spanish is heavily accented (as in you can tell she’s from New York City, that she mostly speaks Spanish at home, or even that it’s not her first language). Zeke hardly speaks Spanish, as we’ve only heard him understand brief sentences directed at him and him only respond with “sí” - and this is only so far. I don’t even recall Regina speaking Spanish at all! I’m excited to see how else the show incorporates the language in future seasons. 

Then we hear the older Latinx characters speak Spanish more frequently, and with accents and idiomatic expressions only native speakers would really have (I saw this mostly with Francisco’s character). And I think that’s so damn cool! Because it reminds me of my relationships with my family who speak to me entirely in Spanish but I’ll speak Spanglish to! It reminds me of how I speak to my friends, my peers, who are also Latinx but I only speak English to! Isn’t that so fucking cool? 

There’s also the possibility that it’s … not that deep. 

Maybe the writers didn’t dig this deeply into cross-generational differences in Latinx culture and maybe they didn’t deliberately write this into the narrative. But it’s definitely something that I - a Latinx person who is very attentive to this particular language difference within my own culture - picked up on quick. I think that says something.

my fave dialogues from s8 so far:

- “now i feel it BEFORE you hit me” “woah really?”
- then this guy started talking smack!
- why are you dressed like me? get a life dude
- i think ive heard enough… to know that i need to hear it all again
- look at my eyes when im angry! hey! hey!

- im not actually a doctor, i just came here one day for my xray result and my first name is doctor and one thing lead to the other
- A SWORD? thats not how you practice medicine!

- (monotone voice) woohoo.
- “youre not gonna ban your granddaughter from her own skatepark are you?” “man i hope so”
- i still think this is a terrible idea

- “the only prison is this planet” “welcome to the club”
- what? WHAT? WHAAAAT?!

- what if i do something stupid and hes like dang this guy is so stupid
- stab him with a giant srynge of respect
- games bookstore
- not dialogue but the volcano of beach balls is amazing

Idk if anyone watches Gotham, but there’s a boy in one of my major classes who reminds me of Jerome Valeska and ???? It’s so strange like the way he talks and looks and maybe I should be concerned but (crazy as he is) that character really amuses me


50s/grease AU!!!

kayo leads the pink ladies, and is renowned for being the literal toughest girl around. she started her gang as more of a protection against harassment squad than anything else. then theres marion, who used to have a bit of a thing with scott but now she’s sweet on moffie, the nicer one of the group. rich-bitch penny is the last member of the pink ladies. her parents disapprove of her choice of friends, but she’s loyal to her girl gang.

brains is the new kid, come over from england with his adoptive father. despite being absolutely terrified of the thought, he enrolls in the school and is taken in by the pink ladies. he might not be a girl, but if kayo’s not looking out for him, then he’ll be squashed like a bug on the windshield of the tracy boys’ cars.

the tracy brothers make up the t-birds. they’re the sons of the late jeff tracy, and work in his auto shop, building and repairing cars. they all have big dreams that they can’t really make happen in their small town, making them all a bit rebellious.

scott, the eldest, is a few years out of high school and goes to community college to try and get himself educated for a better job and finally get them all out of their hick town. john balances the checkbooks and makes sure the business stays afloat. virgil, is a high school senior and is thoroughly in his rebellious phase, gets caught up in a lot of drag races in and out of school hours. both gordon and alan think he’s really cool and are always begging to let them go with him, but he insists they stay behind.

the pink ladies and the t-birds are close knit gangs, especially given that kayo had been adopted by jeff before he passed away. aaaand, that’s all i got!

this was really just an excuse to draw clothes, lets be real.


elementary rewatch ❖ heroine (8/11)